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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1388: Everybody hates Netflix

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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1388: Everybody hates Netflix

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Our hilarious Internet video of the day is also a disturbingly meta metaphor for what's got to be happening if the FCC would just roll over and approve a Comcast-NBCU merger 4-1, like they did today: walking headlong into the fountain. Hello, content balkanization! What could possibly go wrong? Also in the news, Steve Jobs on medical leave again, get your info off Facebook, for god's sakes, and why everybody hates Netflix. --Molly

Today's Tuesday January 19 when eleven. And -- of himself. I'm Brian -- I'm Molly Wood -- in a buzz out loud in a podcast of indeterminate -- -- that that there. -- 88 Brian Tong as you know and on -- -- Which we are finally. Yet. And back is different in Britain and -- is not -- No he brings a level of rays that brand -- -- -- master note the different kind of treatment informed ignorance that I bring this unique. At that -- -- but bombast that -- -- on bass on all works out of fools that the room. And turns off the other apps though. The wash. And independent think they can benefit thank you chip -- -- at the -- going with Europe actually doesn't that. -- the story the big news that broke yesterday. Was that Apple CEO Steve Jobs is taking medical leave again which I'm sure you've all heard. We know that acts we do know that what. What was. I think most notable about this particular announcement from Apple was that there was no and date. The open ended -- the biggest issue and the fact that it's this is the third time it's happening with it if you can extrapolate this increasing frequency. So no end date on this one and again Apple's being open they open new rule this out on -- market holiday. You mean its kind of sneak it out there on the usual terse two sentence statement I hope to cut to come back to Apple one day soon and leave -- -- Was basically the thing so they're gonna get hammered on their earnings call tonight about okay what's really going -- with Steve because you can't have the number two. Capitalized company on the market and not give us lots of disclosure of what's going on with them right we don't that we don't know lately more than we did a few days ago although there was a story in the New York Times for the was sourced from anonymous insiders here -- there saying. He's been having a hard time -- colds and flu lately and losing more weight despite who knows what he's doing to avoid that I'll be -- a massive you know bulking up diet. And it's not sticking according to the store in the times that's about all we now. Can we do we also know in terms of succession that Tim Cook. The chief operating officer who has taken over day to day operations went up those left in the past there's a great job and data -- Wall Street loves us and yet has he is absolutely study at the home that's. The city to help he's not trying to replace jobs and -- in the -- in that position that would be a problem he's very much were marching with the orders you've got and look at this you know. No one is downgrading Apple on -- it's pretty amazing. Part of it is because the next year is done we've got next next quarter they've got iPhone for Verizon great -- next of that iPad two. After that they'll be a man what a Mac and MacBook refresh for educational market -- -- all I've. -- iPhone five is that's Apple's iPod is due late years as our. Maybe I'm in some developing an iPhone plan -- maybe off the table and opportunity on -- -- -- because those -- Little of it apart I mean because they have to have -- there are scheduled now or not if it's not yet if it's not make it's not happening and -- about having 2011 because. And -- we have holiday season's apples 2011 is done this point doesn't need is there even -- -- leadership right. This is it is the 2012 story what's happening here and maybe twenty -- to -- yeah I mean because. To be on its I was shocked when he came back last time. I would be elaborate Alley my hat if he comes back to this idea that the last we've seen if you don't that was dated he has dated -- and Apple. That's the gut feeling I got -- a lot of and a lot of people are calling affords us. Just do give it to -- Yeah you don't need to be their that it is Steve's main value to this company is that is is is what he says -- -- -- that's his main role is it is what I read from the outside is he doesn't let. Too much democracy make the product complicated and singing in zagging very good from what I can -- -- outside never worked there are never gonna -- building but like I get the feeling -- -- Strip things away and keeps the message on point. And that you can do without data -- And I think it you know as long as he is alive you will be involved with Apple there's -- you know so I imagine that he would -- still -- -- will be around in some sort of emeritus yes not even -- spending more active chairman. Just chairman yeah exactly and so you know and giving ideas and and vetoing things and I think that he will be involved but I I would. I really don't think it's compact it doesn't seem like it and the other issue is very tragic is a very ill man there's no idea. -- 55 and harassment that. The other thing is that the one thing that will be felt in the short term is his presence as the unit that will start day one yes Tim Cook was -- good job but it's not the same. It's only okay because we always think -- coming back. When we get our in our -- to Steve's not coming back suddenly that state is gonna feel like it's like. Oh absolutely that's what -- change yet feels great when we think Steve on his way back ethical -- -- -- a good job he does do ranked. But that'll be done a different outlook moments like okay this -- we've got. Calendar affecting more Jonathan -- yeah he is kind of that -- other dynamic. And it even though he's more design and you -- potentially put him in charge of your sort of chief creative officer and have -- start presenting yeah. Maybe a little bit more I don't know that I've seen him speak is -- and some stuff on stage we -- has appeared on appeared as somebody asked and he's done you know human hands and I can thing yet. Yeah. I think -- -- -- there one's gonna gonna do with the now if we know what can sell like he -- No one can just think it's a salesman and area is a huge story -- Like you -- when he company even five years out in amicable and yet really don't have to look any farther than Microsoft to see what happens when your visionary depart. And. And Steve Ballmer was in like a perfectly capable like but just capable able to Canada it -- -- -- -- you need doctor knowing they're saying on this -- this in this in this are not what we do you may be an idea as a reason to -- a noted -- his partner the only the return analyzed and I hooked up. -- Yahoo! Dell and Apple. Not helping anybody's got to know one thing I'm after if you don't. Does -- mention their earnings report is today so we will definitely get a better sense of how Android might have affected Apple -- -- leading up to that. That Apple's shares have -- fell as much as -- point 5% on Tuesday in the wake of Steve Jobs news although. It isn't. That bad apparently they down under to be found that it -- -- Xbox yeah exactly. -- -- bill is up year over year of -- up -- on just to any metric. It up over at least the. So you -- an apples on -- -- violent yet you're doing fine if you -- Apple in Vietnam I would -- until late -- -- Not doing fine if you wanna be -- -- that something be nervous about -- but. For God's -- don't learn do the big wow well not -- not learn why they not not -- this is this is worst fittingly huge share my photos what ever if you share -- per week you -- share my mobile number of okay once. -- over the weekend FaceBook announced that it would start allowing third party applications and web sites to request that users share. Both their mobile phone number and address -- this was. -- -- put it nicely inexplicable. When -- heard that this is happening at that it must be a mistake or terrible bug. That let me let me be clear -- if you install scrabble yeah there would be a pop up. And that allow dialogue do you want to allow it to you know do this this this this -- -- -- and moving your house right. Which we all blow right throughout Australia that are currently out I think of it yeah -- really -- -- -- -- -- and scrabble good. The developers of scrabble could harvest your mobile phone number and address from. EU installing -- once again. Yes I opted in but you didn't surface what I was opting into and how it had evolved to be more also why do you -- that. California they say can streamline things like shipping if you're doing a -- Using FaceBook -- -- authentication to a merchant yet to camp does now make it worth doing. What now no absolutely not an even if that is why -- one or two apps do you ever need that for now Apple. Berg but you know and you know apps like that would be getting your phone number. We've been calling he would word him. -- -- -- Could decide the developers can decide if they want to request this information if they decide that it's relevant to their app but you know they don't decide that there are cited problems with unscrupulous app developers there are all kinds of data mining. Organizations out there that would all be only too happy to pay top dollar to app developers whose baby started out arugula and private. Until about federal ministers they see a few million users as they -- buy -- that -- map and let's harvest all that data and then dump move on. Absolutely agree and -- okay so now FaceBook has decided that in -- the feature could be better implemented. After over the weekend everyone -- their collective -- -- -- -- And they have pulled the feature. For now and health and changes are maintained they will be. Making more temporarily disables. It's similar enabling in the next few weeks they wanna make -- make sure the you only share the information when you intensity can basically it is okay you're right it's bundled into the allowed dialog that everyone just click blindly. But it's coming back soon so keep an eye on. As the user we look forward to re enabling this -- rice -- in the next few button. Therefore let's just point you directly to the how to that we are posted here at CNET -- -- showing you how to. Your address and yourself a number from faith but because that is pretty much the only remedy. And the size of that story a few days go about the guy who was. And hacking he was just going to FaceBook profile to figure out things like you know we went to school your pet's name your mother's maiden name -- can kind of get that some of profile. And using that to obtain account accessed through -- recent -- It's so simple. The only antidote here is not even a policy it's an -- -- you just can't put that much on FaceBook you really -- can't trust -- they've proven that that's not gonna change. In any foreseeable -- The so you just have to think about that -- a couple -- an entire set. Of bogus identity nuggets that you put in there they're just your FaceBook facts so at least it's all. You know and false if you really wanna put a number they're putting your -- -- for your front investment richter office. My personal -- did all he can't get I don't know what you do that -- -- -- it. I mean. Now I know -- -- while I'm. It's the OC over share culture and it's just like this don't do it. Now at the but luckily -- a culture of correction now. -- -- time to correct that if you have that information -- IRA quickly before going to the break -- the little warning that -- apocalypse is in fact night. The FCC -- -- Federal Communications Commission is actually expected to approve look. The merger of Comcast. And NBC universal. Today via the unheard of flattening of to the big layers in the broadcast and media business into one that's -- -- -- calls but this happening before his level. Absolutely -- announcing as Huffington Post but that the news that means that the new Comcast will control. An obscene number of media outlets and quoting here. But I agree including the NBC broadcast network numerous cable -- two dozen local NBC and telemundo stations movie studios online video portal. And also of course. Deep physical network that distributes the media content to millions of Americans the Internet and cable -- what could possibly go wrong. But we're talking a lot these days about flattening that structure of producer network station. Cable satellite into fewer layers as an example -- this is flattening the layers and this is gonna be the trend whether we whether we like this implementation of it or not it does give us closer to the content in a sense it just. Doesn't have -- lot of goodies in it but does it get. President of the content as long -- were willing to sign up for the package that includes the content we want as opposed to the Internet package from those other guys that includes other content let's face it we know -- that's part of what is well no I mean this is what content. Like it to it would make it makes perfect sense for them -- -- -- it just really good deal out -- I mean I wanna give the CEO bonus it's brilliant. They're totally familiar with the idea of offering new subscription packages that include certain bundles and law and stone don't want lots of that you don't want ala -- -- weird stuff they have to -- if you want the one if you want the and it already known for example you have to -- -- in the -- sport package that includes lake -- all -- all the time. I can't wait for that to be involved. -- to be part of my Internet and I. No its its pretty shocking -- -- it because. Its its media consolidation on such a grand. -- a grand scale that's the scale of if this was a couple of second or third tier players would have an issue but it's the fact that it is really big operations. On -- read different -- Now -- content creation content distribution and content distribution rights distribution and physical distribution all three -- in -- -- heavily moved and it's why can't recall a deal like that. No I can't think what -- party -- around -- I am really I am shocked I predicted. In it prediction show that this would not be approved and I can I thought it was a gimme. Like the -- it didn't this to concentrating it just seemed too obvious to possibly. Allow. That and tomorrow apparently will will be reporting a yellow eggs are blinded with the real -- -- -- I in the meantime. We're gonna take a quick break and when we come back my head -- we'll never know when. Welcome back to back I'll let everyone I'm Molly Wood here and frankly because prime time as we mentioned is on the beach which were fine with. A lot when you've got a problem and of course it. Have the I would be on the beat -- -- you can go laws all of you who week -- And then you'll be. -- -- with other people. We're fine with it and I'm no other people like him -- I'm fine with it. Until it -- okay I'm not I'm -- I have to admit I checked Twitter really quickly during our break and it turns out that that they came in Washington poses is. Reporting that the -- -- -- And the auto that's NBC universal deal done it -- today's story coming thing. -- -- There we go live -- -- hand basket we got. Netflix and other -- is that. We split the -- Netflix has according to paid content quote and rage to subscribers. By. Bizarrely. It deciding to remove the ability to add to your dvd -- from a mobile device -- you're using your iPad app which used to watch instantly. And you're looking for movies you can now only managed -- watch instantly queue it's not your watch instant. That's not a dvd app and you can't add to your dvd why they would do that we got -- missing something here. I -- -- -- otherwise stable and toward streaming I get that but this doesn't do that in any significant way. It irritates without having a benefit on the other side out yet. -- it absolutely does and the main reason that irritates with no benefit because the streaming media the streaming library isn't even remotely. Big enough or deep enough -- good enough. To replace dvds yet I totally understand and Netflix is trying to get out of the mailing disks model and they are totally embracing streaming but they don't have to deal. Doesn't get them there anyway I -- doing this just as I -- go to web browser on my iPad to go into my -- it's a minor irritation with out of benefit toward moving their market to a different mentality that doesn't make me think I'm gonna stream -- -- species that -- I don't -- the browser to go work on my -- I thought that it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They got 171000 in the library now for online streaming. An 8000 terrible I'm sorry but come on and -- titles but some good -- -- looking at the newly added it's always a loser list. But -- that -- data de -- -- that Ireland well. And let them impossible to navigate you have to go to third party sites and -- even find what is available on. On Netflix and -- for a company that sold us down the river and that we're going to agree to thirty day release windows thirty day delays. On dvds that are otherwise available at unless there are held down the river. They sold their consumers down there -- they needed an image you bargained for them and they are a far cry monopoly so private -- out there streaming. Catalog and I have seen no evidence that that is paying off. But that's not slowing us down the river that's on themselves down the river they are far from the only option to get basically -- -- I mean unless you think they have -- the war while they're pretty much the only option for that kind of streaming that -- -- I mean they do at least have. Beef and cattle every they only have Hulu you have -- disease -- horrible Nina. But Amazon is in -- with a different kind of a model but it's not yet on event and later hunched over -- really avenue. And -- it's really outstanding but that's another story. While that just changed the playing field -- think we'll get there. -- agreements and Helen and a -- -- -- -- -- now really Comcast. It actually merging -- everything that actually happening at -- being pumped straight out. What does it take to get HBO on Netflix. Money money and -- lots of it. Let's see there is a good scuttlebutt story in the Hollywood reporter and -- -- goodness that indicates that Time Warner and its various divisions. Just dislike the heat Netflix yet also a lot CEO Jeff Fuchs openly hostile as he's described here. -- in the Netflix is reduces the value of content which is not. An unheard of refrain in the -- and and still can't CEO of turner part of Time Warner has warned TV executives -- -- -- about selling Netflix rights to their shows. To think twice. Think life but that's the -- Adams middle monopoly word. But that's not cool we've been telling our suppliers to various -- we buy from into the future Netflix deals are gonna have a significant impact on what we're willing to pay for that programming. Or even did at all. It's really getting to a lot of nasty lines being drawn between these major players. Add this kind of a battle to the Comcast NBC you stuff it's gonna be changing any overhead -- heading into kind of like. I think a temporary but -- but an ice age of frozen choices as they work this out I have no doubt -- -- worked -- in the end in a way that I think most of muscle like because of what we're gonna stay away. But there's something about a very rough couple years ahead that I detect. -- I mean we're gonna have content fragmentation on a pretty and yet unheard of scale it's gonna be device specific I mean as much as I hate the -- coming it will content and undoubtedly be device specific in -- service -- script specific -- -- -- via subscription package. Specific and and and I it is not tell is not fair for me to blame Netflix for the fact that they don't did cut those deals -- do the thirty. Day -- -- ethanol on the content and content providers have not -- have not given them the quid pro -- -- -- Time Warner exacts as a Netflix expects to get and HBO content it would have to raise the price of streaming only currently in a box to at least twenty bucks before the economics makes it which means that they expect to get all the incremental they expect to get the sixteen. The the the twelve additional dollars would -- you would just be -- -- content. You know that they're just pushing everybody more towards piracy again like a all of this really does -- help. May help people -- -- like a good time via presentation is just too much work. It's death death and and yet we have Jeff. -- -- -- -- HBO's senior VP of corporate affairs thing HBO believes in content exclusivity. Especially for high value content that's our rationale for not selling streaming rights to competing subscription service -- so they'll license. For pay as you go like Amazon and iTunes but they say they have. No intention. Of making -- content available for streaming and. They're not in a basket -- it -- -- ala carte. Piece by piece -- it and put it back up played a game won't. And it is so interesting because. The consumer has I think unquestionably said we want streaming. We want Netflix we -- -- yet there -- broad based array of content that is part of my subscription the. I can get anywhere yeah yeah that's their -- and content providers -- just last thing. Now are not willing to take -- in some cases they may be right in some cases there isn't the critical mass and or the business value prop it up but. At the same time you don't survive unless -- willing to take risks risks and adapt. Somebody's gotta be the -- to go out and a -- today. I want to. I'm gonna find a model. We're really gonna CEO Simon in -- at this point what we're hearing a lot of the noise that is the two million dollar an episode show it is not. Going to jibe with the streaming it just beat the that they don't work the money doesn't come -- so all the gorgeous shows we watch that are incredibly lavish and beautiful. That are you know half an hour or an hour of basically cinema room. They can't be supported. Which is happening and it's -- there's no question I mean there they're doing up to that level but you know let. I'm not paying -- -- I know that they're doing their -- -- -- in -- that -- -- -- -- about a month for basically one channels right right and what -- know -- in the does that -- all the other channels and that the I mean the problem with with the holding your content is that ultimately your content and entertainment it is the the absolute epitome of optional and people can and will -- away from you know they'll say. It's not where it's either not worth it to me to watch at all yet or I have devalue the content. In my mind because it's the epitome of optional to the point where I'll just pirate -- But that's where one of these companies that makes a bold move will force the -- of the others -- happy to see that someone's going to find a way to make it work may be at the million dollars an episode is the cap going forward and we can make that work in streaming. That was gonna show someone else right now these guys are all in leak in these major content providers of traditional high dollar per episode productions -- is willing to break out. And a lot of it is because they can't justify that. The change in revenue it can be a big change in revenue they do that let's face it streaming doesn't pay for what broadcast. Rights. Licensed models did it just doesn't it and it does give it doesn't now. And they have to see way to get you know I think who's gonna lead the charge. As well TV. All without a doubt. Mean we've talked about that's right there's no way it's not so let us show you the way to what is gonna be the answer to all this talk about that Comcast NBC you that's no longer a problem. When you take this model. Which is -- San Diego okay. All of its wealth TVV premier luxury lifestyle entertainment network once you can't be -- anything we've ever heard of the and -- 447 Linear high definition feed you mean it's just gonna playing live is that what it means. All the members on demand titles available on the award winning roku streaming player the first stupid move -- whose government stop that sorry love you. No. It is the first giant step toward true ala carte cable television deliberated just so happened to begin within a -- -- will be ship channel what is this is this idea to start somewhere member HD sunrise. Though. Anglia and remember our New Year's -- or statement HDTV literally going to consist of the one channel where the sun comes up all the time the HD panel that the -- -- -- these scenery channel catalyst. Baby steps -- -- a family friendly educational programming allows roku you boosters to vicariously live in the lap of luxury. From the comfort of their living room and it's three bucks a month whenever I'm totally doing it three bucks a month panorama you can that they -- your -- in the animal you're giving them in the Robb report yeah right -- -- far it writes but at the same stuff. But it's all in high Def on your TV Internet that is needed -- Its way to be. -- me out man. I'm just things well that baby -- and -- how we get there. I let's move onto a little bit of sprint news -- it were mad about everything sprint is apparently raising its prices on post paid data they're charging ten dollars more a month now. For data to help -- that the quote. Exponential growth. A mobile data traffic -- -- -- -- that no one -- that we know of they would use that they were I didn't actually burn -- -- 69 dollar everything plan. Let's just take a look here. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Subsidy on every subscriber. There were of the four G devices required to pay the ten dollar for GT whether you -- forging your market yet -- not right now they're gonna require that everyone just pay ten dollars -- the kind of leveling the playing field between three and four G devices I have patent and yet they have you're the one of the one that Dan has he talks about a TV is simply everything for a hundred bucks now that I guess we'll go to -- 110. The only. How. Can handle everything -- -- with 440 at -- yet they all implant I was governor bucks so that's gonna go to 110 which is unlimited text unlimited direct connect if you're the kind of phone unlimited data. Unlimited talk. The deal. Really -- at 110 will exit -- -- -- the taxes and that's the same as I'm -- on Verizon -- -- only -- 450 on the talk. And the 450 minute and if you only want the 450 minutes then you have a 79 dollar and limit the -- which is actually so pretty but still pretty good. But people not super happy obviously I am but there's still undercutting the market looks like. And and -- are expanding their network and in you know that that network expansion does appear to be happening yet it does cost a lot of -- compliment it's really pricey built. At let's we just have a couple of months -- here's the cricket. We said that the next big thing anti us was connected devices it turns out that real has another word for that -- Ecosystem but that has the same thing. It does the exact same thing with the idea of the tablet the phone and the affected television and all talking to each other same platform same OS similar apps -- we -- this from his -- They rolled that out we sought from -- Samsung also at CES. This is the this is the thing folks you're gonna they're trying to get the Apple -- to trying to get you to buy into an ecosystem -- Apple and IOS on everything in this case it's typically import. And Lenovo has announced that it will form a whole new business unit focused on mobile Internet and digital home devices -- -- it -- basically its ecosystem. Business unit it'll make tablets Smartphones and devices -- other categories like martini and -- isn't that like IBM and how high did you do it. Okay yeah -- -- -- who did not -- Nokia at the holy Grail for everybody. But you know again device specific -- I mean as we start if it if the ecosystem is connected then that is definitely the road Q. The -- the content. One -- will seem it's this does of the bickering between eleven at the brave -- well -- yet when eleven backward ecosystem that. In other cricket today and -- -- greater has knocked. Angry Birds. Out of the top three spot on the App Store and -- and -- apps are. The App Store -- possible when -- Apple do he made a game called bubble ball of he's fourteen years old and apparently -- bubble ball is so -- that it is actually. Taking Angry Birds don't -- or everybody has had. But on Thursday alone level -- was downloaded 400000. Times. The top paid -- is -- and repaired. But he did this all by himself and yeah it was created by eighteen month -- -- -- dozens of employees. That means fast in its evolution that often it doesn't really it's like -- Rube Goldberg game. Yeah right them. It's like that night on the commercial -- the ball bearing -- Donald car parts and middle symbolically it's just it's just it's fascinating to watch the simplest mechanics right and stick it. Two point presents a voluntary and -- I -- -- actually outsource all or haven't demonstrators -- and but split up -- it's. So we know why these games do well now my idea exactly Ontario really important this is the bigger -- science news. News the reason we love games like Angry Birds and what -- the call what ball something bowl. Bubble Bobble -- -- -- health gonna log into this but -- -- -- we love we love the -- trajectory because basically it. It's basically like. Because at the Wall Street Journal you just get paid to read about weird stuff at three Heath. -- Angry Birds and the instinctive satisfaction that humans derived from the parabolic ballistic trajectory. Look predicting prevalence we'd love all I'll do it we've built to hail -- the three point shot. Holding on to the Foreman showed that they have a hole in one as a -- of shooting where they do these 101000 you are a thousand yards shotgun blast that are on the -- a sniper shooting. Yes that was my -- has done that way it's like to be just love this this this phenomenon with the -- and go up and come down and we know where it's gonna go it's for the chemicals and gambling. In states that I know where it's gonna come down I know where the -- and a with which still has the Dyson in notes as a prediction we look at -- time mastery over science. And the per traveler is a really you know -- -- -- exactly beautiful state. It is on the beautiful meddling with the exception of the archer fish which -- insects -- -- leaves with well aimed at the water no other animal uses parabolic trajectories. Everything else you know archer fish -- in a straight line archer. Is one of -- larger fish are -- cool it's pretty. Now each bullet is the really funny their big about it when that the -- -- that -- -- the day when you want a piece of paper. When you make a -- -- the trash cans that's exactly it -- have you played that game can help gravel up an iPhone or on the iPad boasts favorite talk. Is there it animate them and enter the -- literally like it. While -- -- that these particular headed toward -- aggregate and with the -- -- effect and then there's a fan. And the band -- that's -- that's -- -- -- -- -- go broke through the -- attendants and you can choose various locales such as the airport and the office home was one of the paper in real terms. Sometimes you can view them -- either I need an iPad now -- time for a happy ending. This latest shot in -- end to end all shot and Prada and I hate us for doing this story idea of product had real or thirty or better choices watch -- video -- -- of the story because people near as we can Powell. This -- not and I got tons of email about the we act angry everyone who emailed -- It is a popular. Hello if you -- there walk again cities aren't bonus -- And yes. That appears to be nearly Intel not -- -- mall security footage of a woman taking a header into a fountain at the mall while. Texting on the -- they're reading your email. Go to and order the one thing one thing there that concerned me was. Left leg made -- -- little move. When she got right near I'm just I'm just on the bogus alert here and I'm watching again we. And yay her left -- -- of. Funny little almost like she is another camera and it saw a camera angle when she when you see -- come at it from the side. Though it that the top of the screen if you're watching Hulu and really -- suicide and this is to me the proof. There isn't limited to put drywall though with. Directly. Into -- thing. An -- does get out there walks out like I -- I haven't yet. It's -- when it cat gets messed with their whenever I get it like I got electronic and not enough but -- -- -- he doesn't. And at a -- fault here that it seriously. It's -- the -- -- the back story is this is like apparently shot off a monitor in the security office and and a and the security personnel are -- -- that they're dying so -- the mall it employment office Pinto who was doing this by their voices they got all be have a job the day. This is an outrageous bit of crippled city but -- -- on the YouTube. Daily variety and I -- and I am just saying. I agency goes off then -- and -- -- I have awesome peripheral vision black how do you not think you've got to see it while approaching a wall a forty foot wide water we actually watching video we never -- -- -- -- before Ed Doherty an input why hasn't done water feature and off them. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Also astonishing an -- Our voice mail from today's feedback that. Because last week's super important science news. Was all about the zodiac. And how soon. Every what the whole Internet was concerned that their signs may not actually be there -- -- because of the constellation changes and whatnot. Our caller today. Has an explanation. Or what led. Well actually there's like -- at the zodiac is facility -- people's ideal zodiac and balance violently compilations and then there's -- -- all the tropical only act and at the one that we we all follow and so we are located as a pilot of the also add value with bottled inside there also -- -- it may in the constellations it would not be a case. Because of dietary shift and over the defendant planet's collision can have shifted on them on the time -- -- -- guide is different now but. This -- -- around for a long time at all like not a candidate -- -- what changed. Not -- show. What's. -- what was that -- -- and play again actually what was that. -- I love it now whole -- -- -- but I love it that it. I do it does sound like we're all gonna be okay yeah yeah I got that part real -- -- convincingly -- but several times. Where we're gonna -- okay. Tropical zodiac and that's for BT I love it if it was that it which were fine with by the way refinement BTUs and they might remember from. Quickly -- to the email apparently and -- keeping evidently the ftp. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's a good idea. Via Greenland whose government as far as the whine don't -- with and the flowers and then also there's the issue appointment marked marveling at it has posted what they think is an exclusive look at eight in palm's webos tablet focus coming up on the nine directors planned and more they are having from an amendment -- Permanent. They're told units will start to -- -- -- headquarters in June. And it lets not surprisingly pretty. -- Atlantic as the one I think it's gonna be the killer. And then quickly and you know. We submit that the yes about a certain phone a couple of years ago but Monica and former students now -- -- -- -- -- No that is being done Strickland -- -- -- video and -- this demonstrates a technology that matches active shutter 3-D glasses. But what they glasses less approach -- -- that's happened you ask well. -- -- -- -- -- There's very fast frequencies so that you are thinking that what you mentioned -- this is the traditional way of doing it. Now what's good and that's how he's doing and you wait to read we -- nothing. So do you do you administration this. -- So we're putting -- its that I hear them and -- only on audio he's putting electrodes on his -- that will literally forced his eyes to -- open and close at sixty times the second. Yet this disease including muscle -- through electrical impulse what can possibly around synching it to some kind of apparatus in the HD MIR unit though adding that lives. This guy's eyes are split a fluttering as I was quoted at sixty cycles per second right now you -- -- -- -- that -- -- their quality is amazing as in give me nightmares. This ligament damage had this to themselves when you read the complete -- now. -- What's great about this the graduating almost certainly fatal for at least 10% of the population right -- -- -- that and -- -- the big surge in epileptic seizures and that's important but -- Honestly is that really how it should be done. To get right down to it let's get over queasiness. And say it's the most elegant solution we've ever seen all of -- transfusions -- wireless that's cool I didn't notice that the first thank god you stick goes on your templates. And here you go a flutter. That's the that's abusing the machinery I'm sorry I imagine like walking out of the movie theater at the mall and everybody's eyes just a few hours. Our that's. Almost certainly. You know what I'm upping my prediction of them ultimately failed to 20% put it there is no way of the united -- Yeah -- Of course that football. -- And on that note there's a virulent sometimes approach technology and -- on how its -- just. -- -- this case we would like to caution you against that if you just listen to the show in you have not seen the video I urge you. Hugo and freak yourself right the hell out -- -- watching the YouTube video -- our blog via oil does cnet.com or even -- all of our show notes. And -- and calls up at one and it's excellent sixty think there if you want to -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Right the tropical zodiac we're not taking any goal and emails on the other one would know that one's an email us your nightmare scenarios -- -- -- NBC and Comcast world. But that cnet.com that's the equivalent of do anything about you now. Four to one in his youth. That's -- that means -- gonna get on guns though we'll talk more about living with them. -- --
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