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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1387: The lol j/k defense

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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1387: The lol j/k defense

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Will Courtney Love's lawyers argue that Twitter is just so fun and awesome that she can't be held responsible for defamatory crazy talk she types on it? If so, we're about to go crazy on Twitter. Also, Apple and News Corp may have pushed back their launch date for the Daily, BBC says no to Smart TV fragmentation, and why can't Samsung just give us our dang Froyo already? --Molly

Today is Friday January 14. -- the eleventh. -- -- -- -- On Brian's song I am Hollywood -- -- a buzz out loud is cnet's podcast of indeterminate length that episode thirteen 87. Brian Tong the last show before he -- abandoned -- really. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And I. I've decided officially added that they can no longer milk that the -- exhaust and make our hands and a week MRI -- body -- -- bloom. -- Ever guys are you lobbying and actually we will have -- William Tuesday and Wednesday just programming note. There's no show on Monday and preserving a holiday here only changing your day. That's right and then actually on Friday it is necessary there because I'm thinking that there. Bryant type enemy in a quiet mounting adaptor that going to be a three show that -- three so we next week and left and -- magically pull in some people who want to do this on Friday -- -- I mean just so you now. We'll try to do some extra long shows. We did do that I mean quietly and idiotic thing that in -- an -- -- We did that 55 minute show on Tuesday the day after -- came back I -- and we're like mostly asleep. So that wasn't dollars and worked -- shows summer we're given back exactly what you know we know we've been a -- what we've had vacation we -- yes -- -- going on vacation again and we'll get you -- handles agenda where it will get there and everybody at January's that the little Laura -- in Oregon and most people don't even get back away from February. Death now -- we can barely even early college work and -- that's. Good news as far as I'm concerned in the tech world -- One last keynote hopefully a -- According to news sources familiar with the plans of Apple -- news -- they have -- animated joint decision to push back. Next week's planned launch of the daily which was going to be the iPad only news service. Those of course we only knew that there might be alliance because. There were sources close to the company's -- is that there was going to be -- But now they say that the plans have been tabled for weeks not. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They probably also realize the magnitude of this would be pretty much minimal on the press in on the press builds a little blip on the radar -- they're gonna integrated with the iPad announcement. You're totally right under saint -- a genius -- get into it with India you know next gen iPad and then. Open up let them out Apple tweaked out it's sufficient services to make sure -- by not just -- then and it'll be. A new feature subscriptions coming news at the iTunes store and iPad and then though because the content happening absolutely thank you very much lasers and I'll be here all night. -- day ago they say in fact they do say that the issue Peter Kraft on the Wall Street Journal reports that the issue is not with the app itself but with the new subscription feature of Apple's building -- -- -- I am sure that we can expect another namely by -- Download. Because there will be a new version of the iTunes that uses this new push subscription feature. I would hope that Apple also features five different magazines that are using the subscription model and you know that's the timer everyone's like choice the good stuff yet they take that -- Half an hour chunk of time so I think and now -- -- mid February they're usually is some kind of big announcement right around that secondly yeah I'm gonna say randomness they laid there very great because it gives about a month and a half for the -- to ramp up again look at Matthew and then we'll see that -- an April late march early April like least insane forever -- And unfortunately it does sound like we will -- -- device specific. Content which you know I am not a fan of nothing -- today is reporting them to BBC may also not be a fan of that released some extent. The BBC trust and love that by the way it -- brain trust except. British and therefore play super high -- The BBC trust CDC talks. Has determined that an -- that the BBC will not be building custom maps for device manufacturers who want to add -- player to their smart TV platforms -- some as saying. We're not -- we're not gonna build of an app for everything -- -- we want content to be available across. Can tell -- that I. It's resource hungry on different people -- different platforms are not there is no standard. If you thought there were no you know the urged double standards -- looked all over -- -- problems on the phone world thing about the TV world where now they are copying the phone world. At CES messiah Samsung. Sony LG everyone developing their own ecosystems and apps. There there's nothing that makes these talk to each other even from -- video codecs they support for streaming apps Netflix has been really you know committed to getting there. App platform on every device because they've worked their butt off to make it compatible individually. And tailored to the three devices I think the article mentions over 250 devices have Netflix -- access but the BBC trust is like you know let. We're not gonna do it in the short term. Mean served your people -- -- contents but long term we think this is battered and maybe they're trying to. Force the hand of some of these manufactures that always get on board with some sort of standard. I don't I just don't see the TV world even. Getting close select a specific app platform more standard -- follow. I know I mean it's heartbreaking because you -- big they're not interested in doing it because each one of them is trying to you know without as the you don't ecosystem as well exactly they're all trying to build some giant content ecosystem that involves their own standards for building apps because they wanted to integrate with other hardware that's him and he -- them and the -- -- the -- and tablets and -- You know the Samsung refrigerator and it's like I -- I understand that you want to use all of -- content as a way to further. You know your own platform of devices but it's. It's a disaster for consumers that really is and for content distributors who want who are saying. Hopefully increasingly and loudly saying. I want to build this platform one time and have my content be everywhere because that has been a model of the Internet it's been a model of TV. Right like cable broadcasters put something on air and you can watch it on any damn TV don't have to worry about whether -- in -- -- to. The apart of this one platform and tech analysts say that -- -- at least right now ten different platforms for buildings smart TV coming -- after some. Ten -- which have their own requirements for video format and delivery mechanism exactly. So it's just it'll its a bad situation and I have to say I think people are in out pure thing all the BBC -- But -- had in the ground and they're trying to they're gonna be behind the times can and I can be out out on the other content providers are saying that cannot. You know once you have kids so -- -- but I do hope that. I would like to see more content providers stick to their guns on -- I would like to see somebody like -- thing like you know what no content is universal. Do what you want with your platform failure hardware however you want I don't care make it pretty make it -- making it you know -- -- due back -- that don't. Rely on device specific content -- your products that. -- Also though it now that I read this -- and are more. I'm not okay I'll say I think the BBC -- other companies are doing it right you have who's you have food to you have to -- No no but not not being the vice president but at the same time if you want people to look at your content it's up to use the content deliver. To make it available -- the BBC it's a -- like announcing they're saying they're only. Yellow no that's up to the content distributor yes I think -- -- the content distributed to make it available like that's. You're just bureau allowing them to your allowing the hardware manufactures to dictate the terms of content distribution that's completely turning the model and I I don't say okay you're right I don't I'm just. -- and I don't see the hardware manufactures all ten TV lines. Getting on board with a single platform. It's up to do BBC to go and get it Netflix went and got -- Now you see if they want it they gotta go again I'm just taking that position via now I understand that Korea and Italy -- medical. I I just I think that's gonna in the long term be a disaster for consumers they really -- -- -- that leads to fragmentation. In terms of content delivery is turning it like it that it turned the model on -- and. And the authority got enough that different cable providers provide different channels to different people and had already fragmented enough for a lot of people who can't get certain channels on Comcast's day. Asia and ending getting -- -- be even worse than that label earth and it then getting progressively worse in the third it feels like. I don't know that there's this start to feel like the last. The last walls -- are falling for consumers in terms of -- universal access to content. I'm just saying you take that route if you -- a pretty soon you'll buy a Samsung TV and that's the only place you'll be able to get. Certain content and that it I mean I don't think it's -- tied to the device at the -- dangerous precedent. Yes they actually recover from because -- the problem is -- and I would like the angle that nothing in this title yet they -- the hustle and if that -- -- data. And then it -- Do you play catch up with Netflix -- do you take -- -- that's ultimately in the long term better for consumers. Palestinian immediately address public you know the crown jewels and evolved into -- -- -- well we can afford to take it and they are ten other smaller companies probably not. Probably not. I everybody's trying to jump on the data bandwagon now that the details -- that we didn't get milked over at that time either love it again. Now that the details are out analysts and it. And data. Porn companies like came to -- -- thing I would do some surveys were trying to find out what the impact of the -- and it's gonna be it sounds like change wave is saying it's just a major impact for all US wireless. Service providers. I'm pretty much you know the carrier's. Obviously Verizon here in the US people are pretty happy with it is there's a graph that have need to -- showed up. But I'm just people plans to switch thing to get their ego car if you're somewhat -- -- very or somewhat likely to switch to -- service writer. -- pretty much a low but even target sprint. T-Mobile AT&T. They're looking to switch it doesn't say they're looking to switch specifically. To Verizon for that's that for that crap right there right now if you scroll down a little further there's a lot of different. You know information and data here but the thing though I found in Steen and it's the blue red and black -- a little further down which is directly tied to the impact of the Verizon. IPhone on AT&T may ask those people who are currently using AT&T do you plan to switch to Verizon if and when they begin -- an iPhone. 60% said no. At the time of the survey this is in December prior to the Verizon announcement -- 16% said yes. But then as they -- kind of did more long tail of servings of the -- it showed is that. Among what does it. Among AT among those AT&T subscribers minus which -- -- said they would do it with in the first three months of the iphone's release was edible once it's released how long would it take another. 31% with in the first year and I can tell you right now that I'm within that 31% with in the first year -- you know that's where most people going to be be -- -- definitely there's a lot but there is -- a really a surprisingly high churn rate would just projected within the next ninety days for AT&T and T-Mobile ball. And Verizon in -- reprise and defection rate looks surprisingly low. And then yeah I mean between. The 16% said they would switch and the funny papers and -- they weren't sure if they -- Clinton at that that's not seeing number that's 40% your baits right there and get on eighteen T. Com score came out that number is an agreed that Verizon iPhone is likely very bad for AT&T although they think it is probably not bad for Android. And company -- can Alice. Other accord and that they think that at that Android has nothing to fear in the long term from the president on the instinct he said that they I mean comes -- said. That that partly the iphone's penetration had remained relatively unchanged covering -- -- 5% share throughout the year he but I I don't mean -- -- I think the game changes its I think everybody's trying to get you know their little under prediction in their little speculation. And until we see it actually happen then we really don't know how it's gonna effect because once the device like months. Sometimes get a whole little mob that trickle over where you see everyone going like you know maybe -- will switch and a -- at people who said I'm not gonna get the new iPhone. And then their friends are getting it and then they see it and the like you know what I'm gonna go get iPhone in the next week. I think and I think limit on it was a new one has announced that to me is gonna be when you really the game on because I I think you're absolutely right then and there I mean. I would hate it at this point somebody said I think them around if if -- somebody who -- even remotely tech savvy in them around the Verizon for the iPhone and right now I would be like stop. They might stop -- gave your brain into there are still many. Vastly more capable phones that have been announced. The iPhone four is looking long in the tooth and iPhone five is right around the corner I mean there are unbelievable phones coming down the road. Including at and finally do not then no -- you don't need to -- -- and -- is blindly do like. -- on -- right. To be were on his right now is probably the worst time to get you -- because -- -- came out the launch shall start rolling around June or July. All the pupils come around you know first quarter to -- recorded here nine days can do not get a phone right now. And -- is coming up exactly like we just yet we -- at least four. Freaking unbelievable. Devices between the thunderbolt and the Droid by downing intense. An eight tricks. And LG -- you -- -- -- Britain -- a -- and that's probably just four of the 75 the he had announced at mobile world congress in Barcelona in like a month and a half. Yes our advice you do not address get a phone right now now there's no need to take a deep breath. It's not time it is not -- that. Especially as Samsung can't. -- all. Now I have to say that the news came out yesterday that there was an Android update to the Samsung galaxy S line. That was not pro -- and I've never felt happier about having returns -- onto the drawback because. That for some reason the galaxy S line which is perfectly capable of running -- -- Across. Carriers -- -- like one carrier blocking it does not yet have for area. And so then there were rumors that said that Samsung might be strong arming T-Mobile. To prevent and over the air upgrade to pro Leo mainly because they wanted to be able to. -- -- the four G the new vibrant forgy. Which is basically the same as the galaxy S phones -- the vibrant on T-Mobile but is running for -- So in. The track in other -- play however they don't control it pushed people towards new model which is. David I mean when we don't know for sure at the Samsung and -- there was originally this. That this rumor rumor out from someone who appeared to be within the T-Mobile organization who with things amber sampling has not allowed us to -- yet they have been here for 2.2. Because they feel will decrease the value of the upcoming vibrant -- And he said to shine off and bold athletic consumers is not -- T-Mobile is about. So that's the rumor that -- -- ala and Samsung. CNET contacted Samsung for comment and they said well we don't really comment. On rumors or speculation. With regards the -- you update. Something feels it is important to -- Android two point useless for you upgrade available only after we feel that we can give the millions of US Alex yes -- a simple and reliable upgrade experiment. Experience -- did the complexity and unique functionality of each galaxy S device. We're performing additional testing and are working to make the Android 2.2 -- you upgrade available to all US galaxy S owners including Samsung vibrant. As soon as possible. Though the very non -- Not. I mean and and Bonnie Todd says. Part of the reason that Samsung had stopped pushing updates to -- -- the Samsung behold two. After one point six was because their own TouchWiz they think we think. That the TouchWiz interface that they put overlaid on -- with with so complicated that it made updating really hard. And that's you know that's -- -- -- wrinkled like you we may not think about as much because there's all these different skins that are on top of Android itself -- that you need you have to work and I don't have to do. They don't have to do not believe exactly but you know they all wanted to be either. Only experience which they feel is better than the others and they don't -- to do it but in and I'm sure if they were all thought it'd be a lot easier -- these things out and and you really know -- bull crappy who like O Leo we can't really rolled out right now or Kennelly. It's just not -- Well and the problem is that there are there are -- -- about -- that aren't necessarily like. Under an act has had for you for quite some time I'm reaching for but -- -- -- -- now I feel bereft a look at an -- Mayday mayday. But you know that one has -- Blair yeah it does have a custom UI but and and Bonnie says in her article on CNET Bonnie -- that. She thought the TouchWiz. Interface was to blame for the Samsung behold two fiasco when she was really worried. When -- galaxy phones went for an even more customized touch customized TouchWiz UI sampling having confirmed any of that. But whatever it. Whatever the reason -- The those phones are falling behind you and it's not and and it makes people mad because you don't need it you get to the -- or you don't trust them anymore. Yes so. JR Raphael he kind of put it he did some really good homework. And he basically took out phones that were released in 2009 and 2010. And look out which were upgraded to pro you -- and -- 2010 -- based on the date. A went rodeo was released now so he met he lined up all the manufactures. And when its comes down to this. According over you know his report here when it comes on the should cover upgrades ACC was best buy a long shot with 50%. Of its phones being bumped to -- -- within 2010. Average upgrade time. Is -- 56 days and from the time that earlier was released. Two there HTC phones pretty impressed Motorola comes in second with fifteen point 4% of his Android phones. Having tasted for a Leo before the end of the and of 2010. Samsung came in third place in terms of overall upgrade numbers and average upgrade time upbeat score of eleven point 1% of their of -- -- phones were. Moved -- but. And average -- time was invest in any manufacturer. -- of Motorola's and yes yes -- dulled algae bottom of the barrel and anti U Edmond yes aren't home sorry I would think good value -- Ellen LG and interest -- -- LG and rendered on a and then Sony. He. They've if they just have these -- acts ten pounds and named Nathan and then amber getting variant yeah I mean there is in out. Back -- that argument about whether Samsung is crippling the vibrant because they want the vibrant four G came to get more buzz. There's no question that manufactures are using we talked about -- -- using different versions of Android to differentiate between their online. But if you're selling -- top of the line Smartphone like a galaxy S phone. And you're not upgrading -- pro Leo because you want the next one which is same phone that the -- you know let laid out. We're not we were born -- name and -- last -- consumers' are gonna catch on to that and it's not at nine network. -- and I think us consumers will but not someone like my mom -- my dad. What I will tell them good -- how well that all your mom. I will I will call now we like -- -- India's. This is all you need -- need to get a -- -- And have a big question entered here all of that Heinemann anti interment entered panic -- mullets on will be waiting to take me long term I'm super happy 800 -- the long term monotone I think mom and -- manic -- going to be really happy that -- -- -- make that call. We'll take elaborate array of will be -- Still look at I doubt the Clinton now. In the -- As -- was ending because his allies are the reason I'm like okay it's me. It's clear hey it's me back to -- everybody coupon is moving in on the and IPO that could value the company at fifteen billion dollars now you remember a little while ago made about a month and -- half ago or so they turned away Google. Was planning who's given -- six billion dollar offer -- like you know let's. We think we're worth a lot more than this though. The plans for an initial public offering -- -- at fifteen billion dollars they just raise record 950 million from investors. The blown this thing out the water they really -- they really have fallen and good for them I mean yeah I let you know -- -- stand -- right on the edge of another bubble. And we don't have jumped the gun because we know it can make a lot more -- on IPO. There's -- it makes sense for group on ago. -- there's there's a there's a difference when you're actually bringing in real revenue like they are exact something around like 500 million profit per month. There -- some legislators -- a social network that still has yet to make money off any advertising. -- It's different they have a business model it's totally sure nobody is -- -- -- I'm saying how are they gonna make money. Think they're making money. There I don't get me wrong in their wildly overvalued and we're definitely seeing another tech bubble no question does mark my words on the plan this is a -- But you know I if I was group -- in a bubble. -- we don't -- it in when you're a bubble you don't hear what anyone else's you take that fifteen billion you run you run you run. I wonder when they're gonna be at of their -- big tech Campion along and now it's a double click -- now -- -- group. That rim is expecting to ship a million units of the playbook. Coming just in the first quarter of 2011 actually and they say they're now going head to head. But the 1500000. -- tablets that Motorola is planning to roll out in the first -- it is on tablet wars. Yeah finally on. Labor will launch with the Wi-Fi functionality for their personal -- come -- with three G version enables or push malfunctions and later on dolby obviously going board with the forgy enable playbook for -- sprint and -- they got they got the ducks in -- -- Announced they sell a million of them on and end and yes actually they -- -- -- how can we and we get a price. Yet -- There's still no price of the plane like how crazy is that there's -- lit -- tablet there had a price and have no talent as -- -- -- All of them I I I think basically every tablet at the us had the same price sporting a competitive have had. Which to me of not I think they're all by amendment. All fun and it that's my prediction okay. I'm gonna promise that the -- that's gonna be less because it's smaller and better -- I understand I'm also in play the -- they're gonna be allowing. Heather -- to Blackberry phones so this is not the tethering you you might think of like oh yeah I'd be able to access the phone's Internet connection to use that data pipe and do whatever you want. The Blackberry Playbook is gonna be integrated visibly with an app that talks to a Blackberry Smartphone -- popular phones like. -- -- -- -- that we're so mean we are so mean you're gonna stop we have more Blackberry news later did it -- and they're doing things with and the source but essentially this Blackberry bridge software is gonna enable your playbook while connected nearby. The -- -- like the push notifications and your email can't sell it won't give you the ability to stream Netflix unlimited. You'll be able -- -- amber pandora on it. But down into it isn't it Justine and. Thing it's Canada's trying to create a bridge oh my god I can't believe actually that I didn't -- what I am so bad I. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Blackberry eight oxygen implanted in my brain like that could be reducing negative people do you think the and you don't roll it out all the harm. That we've been put on -- -- everyone is listening from from the company just smiled and went. That's right while we -- debris is definitely I created a free incorporated and that's the name of our software is that it. In and collect them like there is. These utility -- that -- -- or animal. Yeah I think for a simple they're there to thank you expanded. The experience. Of a connected ecosystem -- is connected ecosystem with. It'll mean. I -- -- agreement to lung that's Virgin Mobile. You know I have add that. Amazing forty dollar MiFi plan was amazing you can get your own Mac -- have an unlimited. On Sprint's three G network and you -- in it was no contractor cancellation -- Does this -- server they're gonna be changed it AME James and -- a little bit like going from and limited to five gig cap. And then you will be throttled when he passed that I've gained within the thirty day usage period. The case though yes its its -- they new it was inevitable they were like what is going on -- Kind of not that is likely 97% of the cuts consumers use under five gigs which is probably more likely than not in Q percent will eat around by the twenty gigs and you got that 1% of the data hungry lovers who potentially consuming ten or even hundreds of eggs of their data and so. At least they're not treating a walk up price -- -- your throttling them down -- rank but they're not -- in this this. -- not mean I don't yet it's really five gigs is a lot I think is a lot of up on a Vanilla Ice -- -- -- -- -- especially -- -- -- -- -- can -- It's just not that fast. I mean honestly it's hard to get to five gigs because this is not about bats and Alan Young LLV tests were they blew through the -- -- -- any minute from. I'm more a little bit more data part of the NPD group put out its December annual reports for videogames -- we thought we touched on with a little -- yesterday. Thank you Matt how. Major Nelson over at rexrodt for the RD time to mitigate these numbers may be saying we ran out of -- spot has turned out even if that was true. The Xbox was still by far the video game stand out. For Tony -- and actually this is really interesting. Overall gaming sales this is considered the recession proof industry overall gaming -- shrunk. Apparently somewhat significantly compared to -- The out Microsoft you know on the heels on -- a milling -- accessories. I believe they sold just around eight million units for the year. On Nintendo's. DS systems are portable hand held with her at half the price. Sold more than eight point five million -- year Wii console that seven million so on harbor was doing all right it's just that that. The team handles and it had a they -- a slow year in 2000 and -- remember there's like a period from basically the beginning -- the middle leaders like. -- -- Yeah there are also those games like call of duty that sold like crazy Alia a number of individuals who cannot -- -- warcraft via polity blackout was the top seller implement while linkup is less than two months. Followed by Madden NFL eleven halo reach and new -- Super Mario Brothers for the week here's an existing data point. The -- -- 360 out did the PS3. By 88%. In the US for the holiday season that's gonna her -- that I heard that -- connect. That's all -- -- and that the sounds like no -- in new light -- glad to get it if people want to pick up Xbox yeah. -- remarkable. Yet remarkable numbers. And remarkable rumor coming out of the New York Post. Take that -- -- -- you never know direct their initial habits you never now and says spot. May -- is common spot that's close near to a Sony deal according to music industry sources and they've gained support of at least one of there as well. So that it be. And prudent thing. And -- And it. They would -- it even timeouts products violate Allen's name him right away we don't know what label that night and I. The idea as like that I like little -- -- sex and everything your account interest. We don't even talk about I think and he even do we put our predictions show that it would happen are we always I think that -- -- amen we always thought that was gonna -- so. We'll see we'll see how goes that leaves that on this along that we had to at least address that paid supposedly that are close the deal with Sony nav will -- the end of the day we wanna see the service. Apple comes out ideologies some kind of service like ethnic and bring it truck crossed the -- and minority if he hasn't been testing the waters just did it. Find out for interested Sony for listening to make it ill so he went on again for those who don't know spotted -- is like a streaming music service there are free accounts that have advertising. Or can pay ten dollars -- month for all you can eat without -- -- and -- all you -- Has been getting a -- line Apple's you know takes up. I can't -- they've it would be great to. As South Korean movie director has found a new way to use the iPhone -- -- is the -- the phone to shoot. An entire movie. Now we've heard a lot about the other -- mobile phone film festivals and -- kind of thing -- it's all been short films until now and this guy is in fact an award winning movie director into Korea. He used his phone to shoot an entire. It by a nine and try to pronouncement in the movie but it's at the horror movie -- on unsung. Data -- -- -- yet he said that it's light it's small and it may be eaten it created strange effects. And then the medium -- just that much more kind of interesting especially for activities and like -- -- You know you could ever they did put the English translation of the movie on -- you can read like full of ups and downs. That your Canon has apparently about a man who goes fishing -- as the woman it is only by the way. I'm sure this heat shield that was -- mean here yes we college match -- And treat women with 930 minutes with samples. Also almost the Pentagon has deleted their social media office so. Basically at a time where social media's everywhere need to of kind of their heads that were part of not only educating. -- department on how to use social media capital and how to get their message out they've pretty much. Dissolve the division. The assistant secretary of defense republic -- who's pretty much in charge of you know hiring who is doing this said he's gonna leave it the responsibility of approximately the 100 people the overseas -- there's no like direct it's like. They needed to get hip to what's going on social media but I guess that weren't good enough -- I don't know how beneficial that it's for the pennant on the to have a social media presence and don't want that's up to -- east don't you want a lot of things that you not to be real like. About. -- -- You one in tragedy on recruiting. That is what you really want -- again. It's you know if you have a communications department needs than social media needs to be part of an idea what they're saying is we're just not a death -- -- haven't. Specific office or -- we're just gonna have. It be part of our overall communication strategy -- public from the people who left. Who had been doing social media strategy and panning camera right now there and -- they're not hip to the Internet like we -- -- -- Apollo. We didn't we need frank from Comcast I can imagine that it wherever they are harder job to be the social media guy at the Pentagon tonight well what do you say just -- exactly late. Now what can use it just doesn't government assault -- I would tell you but -- it every -- as I tell you but. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- If I ever becoming official -- for the Pentagon elegantly my bio and I tell human and that the carrier and delicate. The DOJ the Department of Justice is apparently considering an anti trust lawsuit that would block Google from purchasing ITA which is the software the travel software company. That's used by. Pretty much everybody in the airline industry and travel agencies like. Being in orbit and cheap tickets and never video. We told you that Google is planning to buy them everybody. -- -- -- -- -- And now I don't think India at the edges is indeed time has predicted sniffing around them is gonna shut down competitive in -- airline pricing for every other site. This happens it'll fulfill one of our predictions that Google with its antitrust -- yeah definitely so I would like one point on that we make it happen over you and I both but apparently think so but there has one point -- and -- prediction going on. Other councils and I have my -- for 3-D TVs. The glasses free three the only they'll get -- -- if I said that manufacturers that are looking into them and -- -- -- -- in the technology and that we would see them on so many and it. -- the -- may have happened -- now. He we have a tenth of the I'm gonna go back and listen I think guys like it in had to be on -- fine on sale. I will I will boundary line that -- I -- and -- also rewind I'd hate. You are. All right in other. -- That would you do okay. It's literally it's clearly Friday and -- Item five you're not also in a little. And look -- -- Blackberry storm. Three shows up. -- to support -- got access to every single one of blackberries confidential. Lineup for 2011 because they have been given -- the new boldly -- the torch to the here's a look at the Blackberry storm. Touch screen one point two gigahertz processor it's gonna have a little optical track pad. That still haven't seen anything new if there you know what their new OS looks like if you've been -- with a mile on the new devices known has done anything like that rate. I think byline they're saying yeah but -- so -- I haven't seen its please see ethic -- -- believe it and. -- -- yet know if they knew its its continued -- -- the bird touch screen optimize. It is that it does look much nicer it is exciting to see that the storm appears to have. -- -- I mean area for power and light like one point two gigahertz processor and a proximity censor the Internet magnate to -- -- magnetometer. As the magnetometer -- to prevent it from being damaged by maintenance and I don't. And I know I don't know it -- thermometer -- -- federal indictment as they can help puzzlement and I'd like to say that word a lot of via. Three G mobile hot spot though tri band and -- -- -- world phone five megapixel camera. Eight gig storage onboard I -- it actually. It's pretty legit this phone that -- storm for the first time is this is what of the few Blackberry -- I think where Mike and implement its back you know we'll do that. Food -- -- lifted -- Bluetooth gadget. The home of. The Motorola a tricks forgy otherwise known as the savior of -- T -- -- how. Alcohol and -- scanning but it is added this is one of the cooler from the with the and -- exclusive to AT&T. Now Android central's reporting that -- may be coming to AT&T on March 1 who yet. Laptop -- HD dock connector TV. The last thing to their -- in just one more time the laptop -- is an accessory. -- somehow they've managed to fool the entire world -- think learning along with that -- -- his job as an accessory. But it is really -- it has the fingerprint reader to meet the fingerprint readers almost completely unlocking you know that I hate when I'm not mpeg reached down and like -- primitive art and lighter meter. Another site so instead of one incident like the -- -- -- -- interning -- selected you can -- where that fingerprint reader is on hardware. So like sometimes when I'm in the car I wanna change my music or skip the song yeah. Then I don't -- after each night I usually can't they -- know who is and I seen that -- effectively. -- you -- down a second. Precedent. Keep -- RI it probably -- news. X listed China thank you probably can that I can you there's probably a media -- and I'm -- there there I'm hoping that idea button. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- and I am planning to push them and okay first up -- our judgment I am the national garlic. It's Friday. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- A little bit there's this whole brouhaha about are zodiac saint -- easily guessed that everyone on the Internet went. Breezy about they did they would ain't so there's a scientist that almost since its name. -- -- local park local via. So basically it's -- -- -- comments that. Use the -- -- and the tilt on the Earth's axis because it's shifted. It had re map the zodiac calendar. Based on the one that ancient Babylonian made. And so some of us who might have been areas like myself. Would then be shifted over to -- right. Wireless suddenly I was no longer as eminent I -- -- or. Ask you met me there are two fully formed human beings living inside of my body. I could not be more Jenna and -- Slot no that that was what -- in the entire Internet went -- like me with an all these it people onto it like. -- -- wouldn't. It's crazy and -- lowering the -- and this is clearly and I mean I didn't. See anything I mean she -- is that this is -- -- Internet thing -- it totally -- know -- -- quality of fair use. Was that picked up like you zodiac might not you might not be who you think you updated on the road on MSNBC actually. I mean by. I'm not to MSNBC dot com. -- I can't think -- -- -- even created a whole new sign over the UK. Which whoever got to be -- help you get a few years old few -- Though few cues anyway so anybody who got around the -- of their science and up. They said everything is still -- popular sellers is -- Miller called it ridiculous. We've known about this for ages closely -- -- what's coming up it's the planet's. The constellations are measuring device so we're okay yet -- -- -- this was all based on consolation information not planetary science which is and he was mainland. Everyone knows that -- where we get this information super scientific. The zodiac information is based on the planet and a planet not it was getting so bad that I was a lunch line and I heard people talking about it and then someone said. -- you know that it's only affects people who are now born. So if you're already born near the sign your behavior new born that year the new science and listen -- I'm -- -- me. You guys this is -- happening this is a way out of control. This is the -- tried cutting in China main mail few -- The terrible doesn't -- Karen doesn't of -- but that's not even know fees since that's not funny at OP. In other site -- news. -- that pet sized dinosaur was early ancestor T Rex features Thursday. He discovered a small but ferocious dinosaur that lived 230 million years ago named let's try this -- EEO -- romance. It. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But in my -- your face off but it might. You wanna watch out and that IQ will now abandon the other one of those things I need that as a guide a guard dinosaur. A diet does this art art that I don't know look -- -- that -- All come over here -- -- guide you over to the gave a tip a -- that. And I. NASA has set a date. For the orbiters for the discovery space shuttle's final mission now. That the day -- as the end of the manned space program and basically get waiting for discovery did take off in summer. The public July the analysts with analysts summer Molly it is and now NASA has edited again -- -- -- announcement like that -- you doesn't really wanna Marion. Because now they had the third of ongoing tulips elegant instrument glitch and and -- -- weather issues and all these fun things but now they're saying February 24. At 4:50 PM presumably eastern time. It will take off from Florida's Kennedy space why don't we just call this the far mission. We think it earlier today that hint and it never ends and it keeps -- back. This is free is the discovery that our mission and -- -- love -- I hope those don't want -- the program. I wonder if it's not a -- phenomena -- -- an outline now and lots to do -- -- I think. -- long overdue power. Intel pretty much had the best earnings. Report in the last what 56 years since the -- hours since I don't know 1999. They had an outstanding. Year with 43 billion dollars in revenue. Now they are now as a result they're giving. -- usual blunt that's a meticulous snap and they're also paying workers the equivalent of three extra days of work on top of that. In addition every six months employees get a profit sharing based on number of days I mean if you wanna take care. Take care of the people that were previously to do it might yet only that they should they should exactly what you do when you have a -- year you take care of your penalties don't hear about a four times bonus yes no that's pretty. -- off the -- now but. A -- and in the article the bottle pop and I know exactly apparently people are tweeting about it. Intel employees are saying things like champagne earth sparkling cider product and here island aha. Good for you Intel -- at -- -- have waited. Give it back to the people who didn't dancing in the bunny suits again involving totally are made this next story is totally yours and is -- was. We'll be dearly like ice furiously and for the -- the -- Kelly yes okay. Almost two years ago Courtney Love with Steve for defamation over her Twitter messages that made fun of a fashion -- she said that he was a nasty lying -- -- the with a history of dealing cocaine and who had lots -- custody of her child and with guilty of assault and burglary. So receive then this fashion design implement on -- anger. Turned around. I'll and theater for defamation sow doubt -- -- -- about to come into court. And vacate is about to be heard so -- on the court document -- -- -- among the arguments. That Courtney Love defense attorneys are going to include. Did they sort of they Twitter made me do it defense apparently. Love attorneys have their own witnesses including a medical expert who plans to testify that. Loves mental state was not malicious that in fact. Sort of like insanity defense for social media Twitter. With so appealing an addictive for Courtney Love that she had no appreciation of how the comments that she posted would be received by -- it was sort of like and and Internet verbal diarrhea she couldn't how -- -- got social media insanity. Through and suck it up. Like what ever you post on Twitter you're not responsible -- because Twitter is so off of and -- and they you don't even know that people are reading it. Add that its -- -- -- time I remembered I never do it again. Can't ever do it again my dear lord I love the story more than life it's ridiculous this is hilarious that that actually happened that they actually tried to claim that Twitter made her do it because -- spoke -- I feel almost like the hello Jay Kidd fed through -- -- Did it way -- -- about the title right now -- -- stated that. You but he doesn't -- today he is. -- the Al. Jake and others is generating array here where I type in the title this show -- -- Alan part of that. -- I actually get -- we get to your email feedback loop. Right -- -- emails and this -- -- -- but I'm reading it Molly can this notion dock adapter. The solve the charging issue oh and get this goes doctor adapters overcharging issue. But they're both sound that we talked about this yesterday. I -- I -- purchased one discounted. At 985 -- the Toronto area. Check -- lines with regular prices than in any five. Comes in black -- -- and includes black and white adapter rings for the both sound dot. This device simply reroute the power and power boulders are about the US beacons on your iPods and iphones so that charging ten -- smiling. Need. -- -- It makes your blood on your -- thirty pin dock connector into the other thirty pin connector and actually do or might not -- at nada older. -- Mac happy most recent model it and found not to but it does not work it did not charge the iPod Touch because it. -- held -- beautiful. You all and I can't really discuss that aren't that good for you way to make -- cottage industry I've seen one of these devices before and it was for them. An in car -- -- like older iphones and that my old BMW that than with. It -- this thing. He gets a very clever capitalizing on that absolutely ludicrous -- upgrade march but. It. When -- actually been emailed us about why the president and can be still much more often then Android phones because. The iPhone has that universe of accessories they're all based on that standard connector X. Connector that they literally like change how it works. When they feel like it's so all of those supposedly universal devices then later don't work I would actually prefer it. If it was like a totally different -- though that I couldn't tell that it didn't just like. Make me think that somehow I'm a Dunlap and I guess I plug that's been -- now now into the lower the meaning. They didn't. You get the next email. I -- there are now getting. But our revenue and on and that -- was listening to live podcast just -- which extreme on my iPhone and -- guys mention the amount of usage of data due to streaming out -- them. At that moment I decided to check my own usage and -- since the beginning of the month with the constant the F streaming and watching both below and the world for live I've already racked up. Over three gigs of -- -- -- like. I'm never giving up my old unlimited data plan wealthy guys are off them. -- Well I would ever happen to Ali and it do -- do we retire the motorists on effect would happen if I like actually I like the green have. I think the whole thing out China to crack apples and -- I -- we can create a -- -- got an idea all okay. The next emails all of us to remember a while back when a shuttle mission had two -- astronauts who are married to each other. The phone is clip from Wikipedia so it talks about the first rate coupled appliance based the other were Jan Davis and marks the -- they both served at. Mission specialist. Now don't tell me that these two didn't find time to complete. Some scientific experimentation. With a little zero gravity -- -- -- and then they should have shot video. Because I'm sure it was hysterical with no. Friction or gravity. But -- Aggravated cradle of -- don't. He also Greg our enemies -- don't even tried to correct my -- my spelling grammar and the amount they wrote an iMac iPad which is -- impossible look at. -- -- -- But that is that email is an outstanding entree into it -- long -- stand off how we have missed it a Friday it's Friday baby up. You know -- it is -- low. And it in years. Okay I think -- treatment. I don't get another -- right snappy -- from Kansas Redman says so. As I have been seen first started talking on Blackberry messenger. Actually he was my first -- on began in pretty much the only -- popular and there. Since Blackberry messenger that static built three more personal. And real than texting does but it kind of a choppy way to communicate and just doesn't do it from human being beaten them and -- -- -- -- -- You and the other -- are messages are noticed when we're on the phone because the messages don't deliver. He wants to give up his Blackberry and I love mine but the few times it had attacked because Blackberry messenger is -- on -- -- Weird almost like it wasn't tossed into the same person. What I can do England's long -- -- I don't like other messaging programs that that's the only option and they don't. By the way cute and related note when we met we discovered we had the same service provider on file and color bulk purchase almost -- its. It. The top what I like that that the modern initiated the modern problem and I'll have a link -- the premium. Will like can't why can't you just put him on her phone. That's what I think about you end up -- in Atlanta when you know generally -- Yahoo! bureau and that your. And it's gonna change over time him but Ali -- with you -- -- the Yahoo! and if you guys are gonna have blackberries you know there's apps that have the push notifications the. I'm sorry you can't do that three dots when you type but just know that deep down inside the and he does not mean that anything is -- -- trust me there's a lot that you can accomplishment and I. Well I. I had better academically I think I -- -- outlaw it very. Because. -- it is. -- start this thing right here -- violation by itself we should probably are I -- say it. You part of the reason that I have my stupid superfluous iPod iPod Touch it doesn't work with my both -- -- the most recent model. Is it time. You -- but they're than they're worth it him. Yeah I'm and I definitely I would say look at Yahoo! or a month on that pretty much the same sort of my real time communication -- and then. Don't discount texting and handles that you need to learn how to draw some you know. Interest in images with -- -- There is -- lower itself and -- And went back. Then and that's why all that event for well noises -- into the -- does the you think Intel is your own your own and love advice on our blog in the comments below that -- -- I -- -- column about 800. Six Olympic team -- -- you can email us the year shocked. In horror advised that cnet.com to cut and we'll be back at computer level two weeks from today because I know I'm Brian that next week -- -- -- you'll that's right. It'll be done and then happy long weekend everyone and sorry it -- -- if you don't mind. Where you live that we'll be back we'll be back on Tuesday. -- will see you guys and we like.
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