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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1386: Sex in Space

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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1386: Sex in Space

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On today's show, the importance of studying sex in space (any volunteers?), whether News Corp will try to revive the corpse of MySpace (FrankenSpace?), and we win the orientation-switch choice wars! Hooray! All the iOS 4.3 news you can shake a stick at, plus Sandy Bridge benchmark goodness and Robots 1, Humans 0 (in Jeopardy, anyway). --Molly

So this Thursday January thinks -- -- the eleventh. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I am Donald bell Jim Appel Molly Wood and welcome to know -- -- -- my -- admitted -- -- -- episode thirteen hundred and -- 86. And it multi lingual Internet is and it's international -- well we didn't sound like she's speaking cling on over -- -- -- Esperanto now. I think that we didn't tell -- Manila's multilingual and society mimic those and I pleasantly. What can I plug and about that that everyone where we are still. -- -- -- Tiny little bit of them hit by attack. With the -- feeling about it but the hits just keep on comment does not -- and put them because the tech is coming passing periods though the product announcement announcement thank you boot. Absolutely -- to get things started forests Apple decided to -- out their beta of I OS four point three yesterday. And let me tell you when they do that everyone starts digging around to find everything they can and we literally have about five -- six stories. About it so how polite of them -- to wait until after CR's. Regular -- and I sort -- that what should they so yeah so definitely politeness. And so first up -- four point three obviously there's a few differences between the iPhone version iPad version. The iPhone version looks like it will at least have the personal hot spot option. Meter AT&T -- AT&T and switch it on and I haven't Michael but that's about we know one of the major differences IOs or went real -- now on the iPad side. You have a few new cool things my one that Molly is just yet lets data about what we get our most important -- In headlines Sally knows that so many people are treating the incident like Apple -- fear of -- and online petitions and angry emailers and that every. The. Option the software option for the rotation lock or mute on the iPad while is apparently. A choice is -- now you can actually don't -- catch this -- -- -- -- the last place you like your little button that they probably went and visited. I don't know if you remember us talking about that -- all correlated very. Over and nowhere is -- for some I think -- I'm Brian -- prime time show. And. -- does I don't know why he sets himself up for the kind of thing honestly like you -- why didn't you just make it right in the first place the innovative and it looks even Jupiter in some way up to go back on and we -- I decided. Hinted that you may have your nose that looks rather like we listened we listen to -- are consume our customers with the hand. Donald I would have in this like delighted that time when it was when it happened through amber yeah what -- like I'm not trying to defend it. I like the entire lives of the pilots I've put in the position to defend it I I do think that. Will become more useful feature with iPad to that there is the faith I'm featuring your -- keep that thing quiet -- people trying to -- time you. Yeah this thing is that the mutually drug and even a ball on -- -- -- erase or even when they took it away only if I learn about Netflix Hilliard you know though others found would still happen. I mean it was it would. A poorly implemented mute switch that you couldn't get back yet the original -- territories I always has been -- -- -- We could well enough -- or other -- we -- other things found that I had to privacy rumors of the camera. There's dependent images of the Flickr or the -- that you see in the iPhone that's available on the iPad. I OS four point 3116 thing though is that the image of the shutter the resolution with -- -- four by 768. Which is currently the same resolution as the current iPad like national image file which makes you wonder if they're actually going to include. High resolution display or just a better looking display. Rang with them I would be pretty shocked that they didn't go higher -- -- has so many of those tablets are with us -- mean zoom is. Pattern around 1028 by 810 and a content and ridiculous 1168 by eight handedly funding crazy they're all sixteen by ten super high -- display -- I mean it would just act I would be surprised and -- and who knows I would I -- off the -- they don't have to do a whole lot I mean there's still king in the mountains -- The tablets are concerned and an all already made and are -- are threatening us. Playing at least you -- based on Apple's pixel density -- on the cost -- -- displayed attendants' eyes. Even -- -- is like a recent like among the at least it was too expensive to parties grant to get to those -- though. We'll see about that also another kind of cool sexy thing. Multi touch gestures. -- forefinger and biting your swiping you can close apps -- like a little. With five fingers can -- in between apps that are open with four finger side to side but you can also pull up the app switcher or the multitasking bar -- the bottom. Which led to speculation. Boy which -- reports the -- the third out there with exclusive information that Apple may be looking to remove. Remove the home button from both the iPad. And the iPhone I don't see that -- -- idea they're gonna not there. I think number one for accessibility reasons they wanted I mean they do so much work for accessibility to make that device as much as it's -- in the -- kind of inherently bad for. Accessibility they do a lot of work to take that button feature -- would be bad especially. For the wood -- teachers in the world it's an out my finger control it requires a lot. Careful hand. Yeah I mean I was stopped guy talk. Quite -- -- right okay good so I'm just saying I don't know of four figure three meter with about -- maybe you didn't think it. It. I think -- -- hazard if I'm gonna go 5050 and get rid of them and I could see it happening in and we did see some tablet and tablet prototype that he has -- just had soft buttons on screen. So -- people are certainly moving in that direction you know it I think it's still one -- -- them. Physical buttons on the side of the device. But I wouldn't be I wouldn't totally be shocked if -- homes -- I can go they still have three US buttons and most Android tablets out there. Well yes these are ideally it would have zero Latin rhetoric piano and also I don't ago. I could see you know do -- the eagle or to buy -- -- iPad and iPhone. I mean come on you're using your -- primarily. Would be anecdotally -- -- to take I would just say it would be -- to take off but I've yet it's -- to it I think that the one button thing it's that thing make it's people like my mom and children to ignite a desolate planet might get confused press the button and I'll know I know I mean really it's. Especially before you know I was partly due in the multitasking really just whatever you need it when -- need them to happen is president and -- environment bank. It would sign -- now be bad for existing users who learn how to use it but. That Apple care about that I think about the children. I'm right about -- I I have to say this kind of element attendant but I is the -- finger like -- the time. And treatment if my I need to move iconic -- now. I'm thinking a lot of frequently pirated to a cat claws and -- its. -- I'll -- yeah of the terminal German website Mac notes reports that's. This could -- a -- do you see a -- you know -- -- all -- -- with the -- comes -- -- the second generation iPad is currently scheduled to debut in the US -- one of the first two Saturdays which could be their April 2 which had just for those you keep -- has never -- about the way. -- -- in April ninth. Which is not has -- is not my guess is that we had split up but anyway behind that date because it doesn't happen any price. About I have to -- it up right Negroponte who really cares that does that tell a little bit with some of reports about them stocking it. Right so now worth airport the spotlight on the starting to ship by a -- and everything for January -- -- here is any indication the announced it right the -- January and they came out that. The first week and again and a march Seattle malignancy those -- that those in the days I've got you know X stuff already for making -- you take vacation time that ads contradicting the. Earlier reports about that we just had -- about the display. -- source for this report. Says that it will -- and a display of course that way USB port and the two cameras. But it does clarify that the retina display won't be as as high. A pixel density -- on the add on for. So that it will and rob -- -- missing -- -- remained and 24. I'll also say the display seems to -- in question you can read -- glacial. Again I don't I mean -- were literally loaded with all the stuff. And -- and just say no Italian trying to -- four point three now from the developer -- we hope to have a first look of some of that I later on today I am today abiding of the day though. Also one little tidbit that's not articles -- for those views saying oh -- I was four point three Apple is removing its compatibility with the iPhone three G and second. IPod Touch generation. Devices so for all you know we're hoping that you don't need to get new hardware we know how Apple plays -- games. You got -- out of move beyond. I doubt Obama can someone to email me and confirm whether in fact -- it is. It is true that my both found not to does not work with my new iPod Touch because that's the -- -- all -- Apple products are leaving my house. -- LEI got it totally have curt Lewis and ridiculous iPod Touch because I like the -- time. And because I have the both on documents like wallets where think they can easily power my stereo but a place that's like around the dot. And it didn't work. -- did not start charging. The to have the little ones are you warning that just said I didn't think that's are not included I don't know a thing happened I didn't try to play any music and legislated even -- a -- probably charge -- where it just doesn't quite have. Yet we're at the dock connector that's not quite the same document work and what it really -- it'll take you three days to get hooked up to charge I had known nothing happened. Anyway that it that's as part of -- up or upgrade cycle Superfund among them shall take a break up before if you -- thinking -- -- -- -- -- We will come back with more. Welcome back to buzz out -- everybody we've just finished up our passel of Apple news. Car or areas story was as a bushel a cornucopia bushel of Apple will be stories. And now -- discarded are rotten core and -- -- on. Two HP news -- I'm telling you I just cannot get over how coming out of CES the product needs to the -- Keeps rolling sometimes -- more attention by doing it after CS because you're not lost in the shuffle now. -- I actually I did think about packets and I make my tablet predictions for CS like HP was likely a better come out there. There web OS Patterson embarrassing for them now I was shocked that they didn't but they didn't I. How are getting a better spotlight coming out in Thinkpads so HP -- Todd Bradley has all but confirmed that eleven -- tablet is going to be unveiled an of an event on February ninth. And promise actually -- kind of -- promised even more web OS. Devices he said basically that was going to be part of you know one piece of the connected experience. Now one thing we thought TS -- kind of a trend with this idea of creating a product ecosystem by the system which eight I don't know. I'll let -- make that inter operate and how -- my toaster oven. Personally I would be deal. In medical but if you think about other stuff that HP make there's no you know you could definitely see them trying to do what -- doing with the tablet and its -- on the inter operate with the TVs. They might literally just you know saying here's the web us -- here's the -- -- tablet used malevolent and here's the level laptop -- -- -- -- TV and the stuff that. Sony's been doing since the beginning this is what they've always been doing that they've always like to make -- their products talk to just themselves -- Nobody which is dangerous have. I don't I'm not -- that that emir on that leads -- down a slippery slope of device specific content of a specific. Interoperability -- sounds like a fruit in Cupertino. To read every airline yes Sony and Apple -- -- thinking that the vertical market. However. I am looking forward most of all -- seeing HP's slate running let us because as you know from mid 2011 prediction show. Affluent I think I do think it's gonna be the top the top contender I think at the top contender because he looked mine. But I mean maybe -- that -- I have like Android overload Andrea fatigue. But I think web OS has -- much potential on tablet I think that's not OS can just -- we'll -- you know we loved it on the Palm -- we were all talking about houses the heart that and a limited but on a web. I mean on a tablet platform case -- now. You will now because we don't look at the -- at CES and the playbook has. I kind of well -- in similar -- and it was hot it was super usable I might warm. A genuine -- that I've had it vetted as get a little yeah you -- -- is that opinion maker Kathy Melanie Hewlett -- payload glove accessories that its tablet that would get a lot of people with burn marks on their and now it. -- -- -- -- -- -- that's okay we'll anyway I think there. Getting elect may enter the story and possibly it's possible to give it that the playbook -- -- looked -- getting comparison because we didn't see much of honeycomb actually inaction. But I gotta say I mean I think that that deck of cards staying the way that the web -- Interface works I am very excited -- -- in the cool. So we'll -- February ninth implement them -- that -- -- but that's block out all knowing all the days I can't think -- get -- hang in there than we have the 3-D S three yes ray we have another date on the road for something -- on June 27 on sale later -- you'll get to later we have what we think might be. Rupert Murdoch. Steve Jobs and happiness general also January 19. My banana they're -- -- -- nightmare that was preventing them every seven -- printing and every seventh and and we have eight feasting and premiere -- it. This is -- -- this is amazing Kelly I. I mean right don't need to feel like -- tech world is back. Like I and a bomber session time over his old -- -- unless your MySpace and. Luo. According to. A -- court official MySpace parent -- group is considering a possible spinoff or sale. Of MySpace just a day after it came next. About half the nameplate that -- -- night -- -- -- the Internet unit's Chief Executive Officer told employees to plan basically for the site's future. And he said we're assembling a number of possibilities including as -- maintenance and merger and in app process has just started. Yeah this is -- is that we've had been expecting I think for -- like you just don't mean they paid a lot her MySpace and and they obviously David again. They -- the old college drive. But I -- vision now and I'm David I'm the candidate. Yet Silva. I mean I feel like they just need to. Like move all the music stuff in -- FaceBook and and excel at the -- but there's something and then pattern -- -- impossible. Create an app platform on base but to go through them something like I mean that there's -- -- to -- music and FaceBook and I think that but not that they aren't. Anywhere near -- -- there's a big campaign about like a month or two ago for for band that relate just Killian MySpace account it it's just XXX exploitative of your music known goes there anymore and -- trying to drive as a band you trying to drag traffic to that paces as we have your stuff is like. Think breaking up -- the you know that girlfriend of what -- to do it to speak to cut has other options out there for you now. -- -- and have them do. At least one and -- analyst has speculated that -- -- new owner isn't on my summer MySpace could be shut down entirely Ellen McCarthy has a pretty good read up. Kind of summarizing all of the all of the -- and -- the men in Big Dig down and and says the united just might actually be. Cheaper and more humane to just Thelma and -- -- -- Wait T that -- might be cheaper and more humane to shut it down although that -- -- likely they're more likely to sell it and keep it alive under some sort of a new parent company. Although that time when -- I mean you know it's like how do you everybody knows that. There may be some sort of face the competitor that appears out of nowhere and and blows it out of the water but it you can't revive a corpse he just we've seen over and over is also has just hard. When a brand gets polluted like that -- -- kind of drug through the mud will get to think on Vienna and even brands and that another tangent is when brands have been around awhile kind of like. Floating around doing okay but never breaking through. Its lake -- -- it hasn't happened yet do the same way about. Great company but like people -- They think -- And how they sign up for -- confine any music they want no matter how much they -- that company that's the look amount of just cross let's look over. Having bad experiences they're just not seen -- company do fantastic get that they can't get -- -- -- it's me. I like RealNetworks is one of -- I mean want to get the stink on -- brand. You just can't he can't he can't help but think but it's a Realnetworks is getting rid of distinctive but you know I think really works the way that it by saying you weren't even close to that that would be pretty -- -- -- I -- SAT mobile equipment stink on its name this week they. There were reports earlier in the week or maybe at the end of last week of kind of all product and -- CES spot. That that T-Mobile is going to drastically T-Mobile UK was drastically cutting its mobile data use -- they were saying -- your fair use allowance. Will now go from three gigs a month to 500 megs without warning either without warning. Literally like it would -- in a week it was announced over the weekend and it's gonna start on February 1. It would be an 83%. Reduction in the amount of data that users were allowed to consume the Crusoe T-Mobile decided okay -- Do we. It's awful lot of -- they did a little bit of a -- turn on the data -- cut the now said -- bill arm at least for current customers or existing ones will get one game. Really yeah -- one. -- are currently in its current existing ones not hasn't tried out is -- -- addressed the new subscribers will get ought to be -- be between one game to three -- that they signed up for it to existing -- until their contracts run out that's only for what -- -- have a year left on your planners though. But that everyone else that. Jumps and I believe they're gonna be locked in a 500. And doesn't wanna listen to a user's actually turned the contract that they entered into back on the company the like look this contract isn't just for your benefit. This is like this cuts both ways we we signed on for this amount of data usage you can just yanking it whenever you feel like it to win. Yet consumer group called -- which with a question mark which which. Companies that -- Said that by failing to give customers thirty days notice of such significant changes T-Mobile would likely be in breach of its own terms and conditions they -- if they insisted on applying the new fair usage caps to existing customers. We believe it's -- postpone implementation into -- customers had thirty days. Written notice of the changes and -- ample opportunity to protect. What I I think that the remaining question that so they have. They have backed down for existing customers. The real question I think is are -- -- -- any new customers will because whoever got there would sign up for a service that a treat with current customers like that and then be. Cap of 500 also the people aren't training people that are up -- -- law will get the 500 -- also though. Although you had that one to three -- planned originally when -- upgrading and it moved over 500. So I mean -- stay with them. Yet watt light really quite -- thing yet -- -- consumers view it now have plenty of time to mount your protests. As -- -- T-Mobile -- -- them think and. We don't know the costs involved because they don't break on the plants but still it sounds like a raw deal either way. I think it is and you know I mean again check your data usage like maybe -- finding that you don't use platinum -- but you know like you well. You -- and you will not be as they like to portray you over and over a band with -- you'll be in fact. A user of all of the rich media technology that is coming your way and teacher and I'm sorry that they're moving in a backward direction while we're moving forward but they're gonna have -- -- and you high definition cameras. Hopefully I can but by uploading to the dam -- CNET streaming video -- package -- how rude you'd Jack. He turned you into a hog we apology. I -- make certain that the F this year with any Intel sandy bridge technology that's look like. -- game changer and although it seemed like it now I was surprised that Intel that a keynote that was all about chip architecture that and not like smart phone. But that it turned out that sandy -- -- -- yet. And it's a really important technology in as gonna and it's -- be out there and everything announcing the shots of like that the -- they got developed Cassini but for laptops. And everyone is gonna be crap messing assistance they -- because the performance of system performance is gonna be so much better like dramatically better. Yeah it's a low it's a low power consumer -- I you're getting in some of our benchmark test CNET is actually test pattern -- other computers and it's performing things like more time multi media multitasking. About almost -- compared to -- you know how time. From have some -- brother just laptops in Photoshop three CS three and -- -- seen. Then you look down even -- scroll way down at annual power consumption costs you'll get some of these laptop that -- like. Nineteen dollars seventeen dollars until sandy bridge -- this is again just the white box you know and that for them to test off of five dollars and twenty cents -- time out and and when he 5%. The cost of energy usage yes so then others. Yet definitely check this out in our show notes because CNET labs got their hands on its sandy bridge white box and you know Intel always provide so that numbers. Like they did a bunch of benchmarks at the keynote -- -- has always totally suspect in the daylight to offer suggested benchmarking which CNET labs never takes them up -- Like thank you but no thanks. So we ran them through really. It's a pretty brutal battery of benchmark tests that CNET labs has developed over the years. And they -- they did get I mean. Remarkable results like really pretty surprising a look at the battery drain tests that matter is I admit it let more than double got the best the one -- -- here's the problem now. They just needed that -- getting back -- -- Branson thought without notes and he really had. Bill and I don't take that idea utterly likening the title and other process been like -- Salem and all these different things but -- candidates like. I don't. Know that consumers who other than that the -- -- -- care about the process name. The general integral -- I don't know it was Hillary and Motorola Droid you know I'm getting angry and he's coming in -- repeat arm -- turning into a robot -- you can't have that kind of ad campaign artists. Around us isn't alone in you know not the device also an -- dosing and -- -- -- got a little bit more earned. -- excitement around it if -- if the media feel like you're talking about a murder she wrote episode and the other and the other big deal about sandy bridge -- graphics -- a parent not a go ahead and is graphics performance than ever -- is that as saying that this is changing the game in terms of discrete. Graphics in in terms of graphics GPU processing on chip basically instead of requiring. There are hoping to make dedicated to -- graphics card. Unnecessary for many users though. In our tests they've you know some of them are too hard -- like unreal tournament three they said it did crank out excellent frame rates but they do expect that. Pretty much across the board is that -- sandy bridge machine. Sandy bridge system without a discrete video card would be able to run World of Warcraft portal to some of those really -- processor intensive piece. Again and -- also look at the agreement that insult -- lockdown within -- -- to be able to use Nvidia's graphics technology. With their process and I mean it's only going to get better but the future is very bright that's. Everything up for Nvidia and lot of loose crafted chipmakers is that you don't meet with those digital -- -- any kind of -- of that entire industry it. But that well but we'll see if I mean that the people who needs around the people who now buy -- -- really hardcore video contest that going to be about it and again yet it will I don't. -- I mean I still like they have because they had few they have been doing that because they had to do that I mean if you could really get this kind of GPU performance. On ship. Built and without having this sentiment but I do think it's a pretty good at the huge swipe at them if nothing else for a little bit like yeah look out I -- dealer component. The thing about those -- like -- -- -- in this too much but high end graphics games like first person shooters like World of Warcraft actually does is an. The hasn't half of the requirements are actually -- to the -- pretty. You know low compared other large scale game like crisis can do and -- more of an all these other experts shooters so those people who are the hardcore guys they're gonna still need -- graphics. I added that that I don't think there is even a piece you write about it and they practiced to a Mac exactly that -- that are locked into. I'm sure that he I mean I think there will still be a market I just think that market overall gets a little bit smaller you know your enemies budget PC -- A hell of a lot more off -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Out of -- -- Carolina. Apparently they -- the forthcoming windows phone seven software update which will bring copy and paste it. And performance enhancements and all those other things we'll also apparently shut the -- -- On the side loading home brew pack. So that the -- that basically had let you side load apps. Without there's something really 99 dollar year's subscription were supposed to get to be able to load apps then and now and it was -- and then nothing and they're no more home room when the. Also Google is pain error -- bounty. Or Chrome bug they what is it that patches sixteen browser bugs and then if the -- whoever gets it will be paid. A nice. Some 3130. Dollars they paid that amount apparently -- paid out our data patched sixteen -- vulnerability is and they paid one researcher. The the totally lead bounty the reader her wine hard core values human -- 73001. -- 33 dollars that anything. It gave its -- if you are really big is near battle to -- that -- -- movement -- the changes that. All you're -- right -- -- hello that it added fat. I it is me I could see them is like a -- catchy though like a check from Google -- -- -- though the number on hand. You know -- let's say that you can't -- to take a picture that -- and I I mean can't. I did not know actually the real story here is I had no idea that Google and and Firefox graphic that big counties provide reporting. But there you know the new business stating that -- Mozilla had -- Firefox by -- to three grand and then Google would like oh yeah would you make it. Previously. Alleged Lin QQ seven. Their highest bug -- Now that the treatment. I'm sorry a -- at heart I want to -- the whole podcast -- I could you know it it would fill out that yeah. I don't it would not be it would not be pretty. I also the -- -- and also from Google they have added Google translate has added conversation mode they updated -- app for Android deflating devices. And now it has basically. Speeds to tax. Translation -- you just speak in real time and then it spits it out in Spanish. Right now it's only English Spanish -- But it's. Though it resident -- text. Thank you speak to it meant that speech text and then at some -- and -- it -- -- that other apps that looks at Texan and translates it on the Somalia. You know. It verbal -- exit back. When it's -- -- -- that so it's like. I am Brian -- RI and Chinese it -- -- -- -- -- McAfee and how awesome would that -- -- like 20% away from the application now in a room. Also on Microsoft's I -- kind of bragging about how they ran out of Xbox 360s in December -- sales -- -- -- Major Nelson is kind of one of their bloggers -- be -- the stuff said that. -- they were out it's a wind. I'm according NPD data that -- such released today. We don't know that's gonna affect the final sales numbers are kind of try to spin it almost like well our numbers aren't as high as we want them to be because we sold out of what we had -- so will -- -- politics out but either way I mean. Microsoft's Xbox sales. Did rate is only season. The only thing that stating only -- -- sold twice that amount but we know we ran out so we -- -- -- had not properties and we ran out other out of pretty remarkable I mean -- -- really rejuvenated that's just as pretty depressing. Eyes as lions were iMac and -- -- -- conducted. -- yet. Janet -- big gadget release. Death march continues -- -- -- seventh. Sony is going to really reveal the first concrete details about the PSP 20. You start the hype Sony has apparently told -- is that the PSP two quote is as powerful as the PlayStation 3 I'll wait till I see it. We assume that there's -- -- and importantly there or maybe it's just gigantic. You know. It could be -- maybe they just need it opt out off some. Inch inch and then generalized. Kind of way down. At a rapid it expected you're having -- 2011 and HD screen twin stick control and possibly phone function. Also boy genius report on this little just yet is -- news and it's not exclusive look. The Blackberry -- Ford -- the Dakota game. I'll take that into the Blackberry to that it had to cut output and a company now devoted to legal and technical name that north Dakota Fanning I guess that's the media outlet that not all the good -- -- -- -- legal -- if quad band phone I -- with the -- -- recording. -- looks like every other you know it's kind of designed applicable it looks like every other black grip on -- we wanna see something different. Yet that we did in all eyeliner I don't think you realize that counselors are honored title to be the fact that -- Dakota -- thank all the cool out of the room. Instantly and there's some bad -- on the -- they also there really -- that males look at the new BlackBerry Curve the next generation BlackBerry Curve code named Apollo. And all though and are known -- -- the new Blackberry you know people -- of the Blackberry again. -- -- -- I'm looking relaxed. I'm also -- I do I am looking for -- is that you wanna give a little gadget of the it actually got this -- from Twitter. Apparently breaking news -- to -- IBM's Watson supercomputer won a practice round against jeopardy. Antennae than Brad route where. Reasoning and. Many questions about the capabilities of artificial intelligence but how much by how much doom is an air saying that he'd be ameliorate the he beat -- -- -- test and doesn't say that's just the fact that there we have video of all of the practice round at CNET news and CBS news outcome so go check out an adolescent to serving the same time. Watson -- -- -- -- with 4400 dollars Jennings had 3400 dollars and reiter had 12100. Dollars. Well -- you have in jeopardy questions apparently hit Watson's chips is seen as the human dramas got the data. And think that it was totally weird to watch a supercomputer playing category called -- dig me how. We are hybrid C jeopardy champions cry. China Canada and it really -- jeopardy champions where extremely nervously making a lot of and it took. -- -- I right now I think we can Leo yeah. The Beatles lose a -- and you. This is actually science -- happy ending and this -- and -- -- it's based researcher has published a study at this week in. The -- that the journal of cosmology at special issue all about the mission to Mars and if -- -- is all bases. And net but outbound and disgusting at the mission to Mars including this -- from doctor Ron -- from the brain research laboratory hampered -- A chapter called effects on -- Six online in which he basically says dude it's about time -- NASA you need to be thinking about it. This effect on -- rapid -- it. So it talks about what everything from the social conditions -- astronauts have sex because we all know. If it's available you gotta do it we're just mammals evolved we're just mammal the possibility of a first -- -- -- another planet but -- and the repercussion is that such an infant would be the real first. Martian. Yeah like you know by birth would be in -- martian Ani talked about how over time any children born on Mars would start to adapt. View the of the gravity -- a different light the different atmosphere and after several generations you would actually he says have. Animal feces and bigger bigger bigger eyes or -- -- -- with no people's it and that. It your brain us. -- you're crazy based and open yet hasn't had been saliva -- shards of glass that are implanted in germ right. Can happen. I was literally like PayPal that -- I'm looking through I am on the journal of cosmology dot com. Looking through a study like the clip I don't feel bad about and I'm gonna. The 100 yeah I thought they always say that there aren't any bigger -- -- we -- Clinical babies remain we were actually describe and the renderings that people have said that's not solar based in upper back to information. Within the defense and -- -- -- -- -- like with and we need to be prepared you need to get husbands and wives and has -- you have sex and he studies on it because we're gonna get off the track sooner or later. We're gonna colonize other planet that's gonna happen now and if we all of a sudden -- we can't going to be messy people. It is this -- gets her husband's. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But I did you think and -- Next thing up people up -- Even though -- -- be given -- you know we don't want that to be like infant mortality issue they do you need to study it. Although I gotta admit his write up is kind of -- lately does Sega only now I mean it. We talked all about how astronauts do you have that and we know that because of crazy Lisa Nowak in the shuttle pilot and and the apparent anti government -- I can tell I cannot get anywhere -- and I think that the first original you know a series of -- -- -- kind study on having sex and -- Through the area already do that began with an alien like her -- -- -- Definitely I I know you get you've -- missed the -- -- -- -- it. The feedback. -- listen -- your voicemails. We cleared out of us now but the business. And we're ready to play your Cogent analysis your fascinating that factions and pass -- discussed. And and and your questions that are seemingly apropos of nothing. Andy has treatises on Columbus, Ohio and the word keynote is -- -- Remember keynote is the beginning talked they -- the ultra or the -- You can't have multiple scene. -- you have once keynote and then you have popped. I don't I just. My -- and the time checking. On the shelf life. But how -- the time. I'm glad he calls though she's a -- day you are -- nitpick about words. He doesn't make a great point now don't poker lessons from the state -- -- what what. Please keep it out. The flip design -- -- tolerated and -- it and now they call events they have -- a little -- who. I think we'd have -- and keynotes partly because that's the you know the all the presidents are based on the team dad they -- DE eight if they'll make you happy Tom. We will. If you if you can work on that particular grammatical construction will have problems -- Talks talks were just talking constantly request -- presentation. I hope we get -- move on to tech lessons knowing that we probably can answer any better. A record crest and gain by -- -- I have a question about the new LG -- super phone that was unveiled at this -- yes. It'll support 1080. -- I wouldn't for a cure -- -- -- Well old world hello I'm dies. That was by the land of -- At present at the good keynote and just thirty seconds. On the dock at our -- but not often that it. But ask your actual question meaning you laid out the biggest barrier there is right which is the touch screen is not quite as good and now than ever in the plant. The Levy accurate for higher end games right and the as powerful as the versus do we want to give people will people possibly wanna play and -- Angry -- and large screen TV with touch controls. Hell yeah absolutely I mean I think -- this -- -- to third parties work like it did get games if they're good games then people gonna play it I didn't think health of the TV he should come with Angry Birds -- They will it take the phone out of the equation they will meet again the fingerprint -- on how then can you imagine the effect it connect camera technology built and Smartphones them. And that's when we have some cool gaming that that'll be kind of culture of -- that's like. I just thought I am I an ironic if the temperature fund got five feet away from exactly and neglect sadly some it's -- fun it's okay and I thought. Hey did they take an old he was already preventing us from making friends -- -- -- enhances. Variety of like how does that even work I don't know how -- -- but that's not so sure making it some as a working on that. -- let's get to the email a very seriously now actually. From Simon and Liverpool the day regarding Google dropping native if -- -- -- supporting -- as a developer and researchers spent the last -- -- getting video to work in a semantic web environment. I can tell you that the lack of the ubiquitous codec across -- -- and a massive headache. Web video is -- shockingly bad state. Not only is there no consensus on what formats -- but the majority of tools do not -- video files and particularly web friendly way. For example they don't prepaid and timing metadata to -- -- into the middle of the video without waiting for it to download. So called pseudo streaming these are all things that I know the CNET TV crew is struggling with all the time. But he says. Simon Says initially I was skeptical of Google's decision to drop -- -- -- but if this -- the way of breaking the Malays and pushing things forward and I think I can live with it. If the industry wasn't so distracted by the various format wars. They might be able to offer better tooling for producing video and easier service -- support for streaming. Where they might not be as personal -- -- -- a form that's good enough for amateur hour and sharing that family videos with these social network if you happen to require something a little more professional. You can switch dates to explore and ask your viewers to download an appropriate -- hacker he's a play in like flash. I think that sounds reasonable. It does -- mobile what would be the -- in not making the web video in the U as a whole just impossible the public but so much more fun. -- -- not possible to publish just thought of possibly you know she's studying the all the different codec. That's fine we've found a lot more reasonable I think -- -- -- -- content and what it predicament has not Amber's fact that. Yeah have a but I I agree that we do need to break the -- logjam and so at least the start yet. It is an elementary start though it's gonna be -- -- let them. And -- have columns for legacy issues too with all the videos aren't and use it for. I think that's -- happens to an entire generation that's made embarrassing videos that are up on YouTube. You can't watch -- all in Mexico still be -- -- ideas that are out there and now you'll still be able to watch them in flash. Create convert a. -- out a test of that throwing out old head is exploding right now because -- -- of this expanding like we said yesterday the relevance of flash for so much longer because that's basically the translation tool that now yet it's just they'll rapid and possibly days to six or you've done which -- which everybody has been doing -- they got their own players no change. It's no big thing they think that dude at CNET has been covering kind of ongoing backlash about that and it's really it is pretty interesting all the various response the prevalence of tech and com for more on that. And from the Hollywood reporter here on Twitter pedophile Peter Fonda apparently found a dead body in a parked car so we're gonna go ahead and go. I guess I needs I need to click the linkage yet. But you can finally -- the story -- -- today if not that story at our blog below about cnet.com. You can own 1061 -- 2638. That's both CNET and email us. At buzz at cnet.com we're back baby. We'll see the -- tomorrow class.
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