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Ep. 138: Searching for Ultrabooks, and testing 18-inch gaming laptops: Tech Culture

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Tech Culture: Ep. 138: Searching for Ultrabooks, and testing 18-inch gaming laptops

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This week, we look at two opposite ends of the laptop spectrum, small, thin Ultrabooks (the latest 'new' laptop category), and massive 18-inch gaming monsters.

-- That's it is this is about other computer I believe it's a actual. 1492 -- I'm using right here. I have an interesting I think I ran across this past weekend and that is. On the Atlantic website at habitat for the Atlantic magazine say any writing -- -- -- This densely wrote extensively about the disappearance of what is known as the transatlantic accent but you may know this from. Newsreels and movies the 1930s and forties. And diabetics and has largely disappeared if you think about what old but old time. TV -- little time movie news percentages to sound like a little bit like this and it's it's not a specific regional -- it is actually an accident there was talk to. Radio announces and actors and movie personalities in order to be understandable around the globe. Not just in different parts of the US but also in England I have no idea what -- talking about yes and that's that's that's very close at that that's a little more English but you have the English family connection has. I do whenever I go to the local pizza shop and order my slice of pepperoni pizza I would like -- pepperoni pizza place. I had no legal downloads do have no idea what -- doesn't always has survived in South Park as the voice of the Canadians that's right we created its happy transit actually speak exactly like that mystery Parker -- -- me about my that's the entire time. -- -- -- -- Exacts a worst argument does this weekend I went to go see I went to the operates -- is brigades. I don't close -- -- my im proud binge in New York where they were doing improper 72 -- restraint. And a guy about 2 AM remarked on this exact same thing maybe you saw him. I'm glad runs -- I can't stop it already everyone's been reading these articles -- 2000 the Atlantic where He gracious to mold -- -- whatever happened to -- accent. And -- people wrote in and did some research and they realized that was actually did. -- -- that was taught to actors and announcers it wasn't actually -- like your from the certain area or anything. They they just on a Q and they stop doing that obviously in the fifty's and sixty's they never hear it anymore than you can bring admission -- loaded and all of -- CNET. Introductions -- everything at CNET should be in the sports. Especially the lack of review media breaking news I've got a -- browse W 130 -- Flying in over my lap. The arm -- quite so in our cameras. Just not easy to -- a question for you have you ever seen -- old news real yes okay. Does this now familiar to. Yes we find it more understandable because it's not a particular region lacks. Now I'm just getting. That was a -- point -- the whole thing is like even with you I mean I I I didn't really think you spoke the way you spoke in person that's not gonna let you. What -- you need a few years ago. That's continue to have a brand -- -- all the Thomas tenets of its on the aggregates and went for my interview I didn't know. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Definitely you're generating those those are just -- time. I'm just Kaminsky and I -- apply -- a job with our eyes anyway the actual real news going on besides that's although I think experienced in how the Internet. And YouTube and and the sort of like eternal memory that we have now where nothing ever needs to be deleted or forgotten. Can perpetuate. Languages -- language styles they may otherwise died -- I think that's actually very interesting and that's kind of the in the technology aspect of this but. Was big news this morning -- if you're. I'm sure you're all over this with your legal -- local and global acquiring and our good and if processor in the process of trying to acquire Motorola for twelve point five -- right -- Motorola mobility which is the phone's -- off of the company. What is your take on mr. -- guy. I gotta get the patent com -- -- part about this a rich brown senior editor your -- in the -- at the the -- about that is is will that will that cause a little problem for the other care other manufacturers. Like HTC. And Samsung manufacture. More bomb injured products -- Will there be like a fragmentation issue were like all updates would -- be available for all Motorola brand phones like right off the -- and everybody else trickle down. It's kind of effect an -- that would be unlikely that seamless digital kernel -- -- -- -- Debian or did you just like AT&T is saying that the merger with T-Mobile -- for everyone we know that's not the case. What sort of like when -- actually did make their phone for a little while. You know you could say wow well obviously we're gonna somebody else -- it was a nexus but that was made by HTC in rats that the next one was in the nexus -- is made by Alex Samsung's -- wasn't like. -- by Google themselves is that maybe to their spec. I wonder if time in -- first all of their there are a lot patents that that are tied up and that's that could help with lawsuits but I am. I also wonder in the Google style would they just take this acquired knowledge in -- aunt and research that Motorola done. And just pass them on all of their handset makers -- they do something like that. I don't know if they'll -- out selling the -- -- this is they'll watch select the flip camera something so key as something to make to make Google's phones better because they're not of their making phones for Apple right I don't at all I swear I didn't -- -- hardware why -- they could pass on announced Samsung HTC and not they would those companies are not gonna turn around and work with Apple. I I -- thing. The strongest the strongest. Parts of this is big and I actually manufacture. The tablet. From the ground up. To compete with the iPad now that's interest they can actually make a tablet specific bigamy can OS specific for the tablet zoom that it -- -- I mean but no -- tablet development doesn't hold only a totally different interface. Also so you use depends at a total unique interface and build a from the ground up to run it -- just a piece of hardware. With DOS on of a totally customize the way they want account Alec HP -- the webos and Apple with -- something specific to the hardware. Doesn't -- the 1939 -- that -- priest announced the Google tablet. It's -- a pilot and hero on better than -- to Google. I thought I. -- an informal Twitter surveyed -- rural areas and outlook will not forget sounds like this is not the first shot fired in this particular dust up. Apple and Microsoft and a consortium of other companies recently spent several billion dollars to get to a bunch of patents from Nortel. That this is not the first sort of -- Pat -- buying sprees that we've seen so Microsoft is up next are who they go well they -- they're the ones who who chipped in with that some other companies stated to get these Nortel patents. Is this going is the Android phone market going to become more. Here's the main differentiator right now is the hardware with -- -- neat to see here's Samson whatever they all use -- even though it's slightly different versions. Are we can see a shift to -- more hardware competitive battleground or more software competitive battleground. Now that now they Google could technically say we make -- hardware and we make the software. You know at least some of the time that's the problem or request. That's good -- an -- or maybe it in typical Google fashion this for Motorola to make more -- books that. Well -- okay look at at what we're here here's a June yeah -- -- medical person. And you and your real person a -- -- that if you're gonna find you. If you're going to look to next year buying a new Android phone would you be more likely to buy -- -- branded ones but you felt there were closely tied into the operating system parent company. Over that now we into your decision -- I'll probably get only an anathema and they accounts -- regular -- She see that I yet Phelan and Sampson feel like. There can be some brand with a -- teasing that wouldn't. Agency immigrant I think the gazette that since July would be great across all the devices I feel like -- I don't know -- moto -- are -- ago accents and a variety of different phones -- -- different screen sizes and different trade -- of battery life -- for tablets so many of them seem to be looking pretty much the same. In terms of screen side is if you're going attendance -- I think it should they should we -- scanners -- Master of presentation is. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But I think the biggest problem people the photon might might and I ask you -- and I -- I went outside of the Fatah. But -- it's on music and it's not Samsung's. Original Motorola Ottawa I forget -- lose right now but. Bomb in a summit to sabotage note that I that's what we want. I know operators. It. But He was like -- -- like -- of the interface is gonna be different if I think it might think in my view Motorola has com. -- there is Motorola's I was I was referring to it as the the moto blur. And -- becoming and are there it's it's an -- to -- idea it's out of Solomon that you may not like the interface because you got used to the sense -- would you know you get the club the -- enemies and everything. And even some in the improvements in -- to the interface and and anything that's a -- a -- -- -- people just get used to something they don't -- have to -- learn. They don't want after -- is when it that's probably -- -- -- popular does Motorola yeah. And four point three inch gingerbread where -- left -- wait and see what happens with the stars -- rhetoric up to this morning. You know it's like who -- envoy and I I just only does is -- fewer if you're a little people about their mom and pops and on mom and pop Motorola. The fact that I felt I -- I love Arizona friend let me know you can't take it -- -- it -- -- -- -- -- I remember back in Baghdad no problem walking in the -- when those little mom and pops out from cellphone accesses the -- I refuse to if I don't buy an online from the carrier on a gold ore carrier retail store I mean. First that intelligently only because into what is to be need to burner will know this thing -- -- and yeah you're right and -- not even a burner but I an idea that I. But an idea -- I -- I originally sat close to include the country's oldest and accessories and there's a lot of -- handmade inching kind of access -- options and online stores that sell them only thing aces but had no idea I don't recommend the cases that they did you your phones on the -- clip -- -- you lose I recommend any charging cables because. A lot of them don't pass or intestinal you an exe and have a fire in your house is to save five bucks is not worth pointing out that goes there -- -- -- 'cause the casing is emitted their music commentary I am a former as does a great I thought it working is it ulcers -- -- I -- I -- in this chair my phone it's this here arm. Pretty much it every Thomas sit down and make my case is and break. I say get these generic -- -- Thomas said anonymous phone call elected chair arm it was snapped up by another -- -- as a it's -- drop of thirty books off the bat gets an -- considered using different share. No because these things like. Arms and is now in that and some people leave it in and when I'm dropping I'm not stop and the problem and does that lies not not jazz but -- ourselves. Yet I wanna drop -- on not -- and I. I do an image and there's an interesting anniversary coming up and that is. Back in the late back in 1976 I believe Tuesday a small little noticed a -- in two US copyright law passed. That basically said. After 1978. If you recorded a record then something like 35 years later. Even -- the record company technically -- the master sound recording you could apply to retrieve the copyright of it. And own -- yourself if you're if you're an owner. Those first deadlines are actually coming up in two years that you have to file your intent to get your copyright back. Two years before which would be starting very -- -- now. And some of those albums are darkness on the edge of town by Bruce Springsteen that's -- that deadline one nation or group -- they'll leg -- a whole bunch. If you made a big album 1978 -- after -- looked into the future going -- I can actually get the ownership of this recording -- of the record company on the record companies of course are disputing that reading of the copyright law even though it seems -- clear they're claiming that the artists. Were employees that doesn't work for hire. Although it's hard to imagine. You -- Bruce Springsteen -- quote an employee of the record company when the record companies. As you guys probably -- If they don't paid him record the record you pay for that -- -- half of the money they don't pay your health insurance through a piece of security. Taxes on you anything like that -- the whole legal. Process brewing but one of the reasons why the record companies. Are very not eager to give up these these copyrights because it's the back catalogs and the only things that really sell now. Now that we're all the music sold online in small increments by single -- pirating. So these back catalogs are so much more important than they used to be what it's a funny guess here is -- comedy is means that high I'm that was it about this -- that's unfortunate. Because this is actually very everything went likes music like you do this is very important -- -- eyes I was reading a New York Times article on this. And they had a comment and like that was offensive but but just as wrong -- And they said that. -- C sales sales of music plunged to about six point three billion. From fourteen point six billion per year over the decade ending in 2009 and use the controversial port. In large part because of on authorized downloading music on the Internet especially new releases which -- back catalog more. More valuable I dispute that. I'm -- in music pirating. Has played a big part in the -- in the downgraded music sales but a bigger part is the ala carte. Business model we have now people just -- it. The ninety -- and single iTunes instead having to buy the whole record. An end streaming services likes modify it like pandora like rhapsody. -- -- -- You -- did not find the full album and maybe not buying even similar to streaming are willing and let me ask you a quick question when's the last time you appreciated more than four tracks -- -- helpless and -- that's always been -- totally I mean there are a number of -- does it really goes with the critical demos and a way back and that's that's the problem. Artists are really putting out good quality items you want to purchase the entire alphabet now you and now you don't have to William and even worse you could you stream it which gives the artist even less money to get your very -- example select the whole album now I'm I'm I'm coming out and complete -- the mechanism by four songs at -- level are you -- a year. -- -- about like. 150. -- the -- fifteen that you buy more than one full album a month. Yet while -- -- continues to refuse ask him what no that's. Doesn't matter. It doesn't matter what they've got as a matter well no because certain things aren't easily you can certainly you couldn't just go on iTunes and find that's tricky -- elect a lot of video game looks around and do you can't really -- right all of -- -- iTunes -- -- you before -- -- spotted by -- -- -- you know exactly all right O'Costa soundtracks so possibly He could get those downloads you wooden -- We're -- really Beastie Boys I am -- purchaser I'm I'm I'm a person in the old fashioned sense but aren't digitally. Without full albums and act like the full albums I -- I like them to violate the U weird obscure songs from groups -- -- like LA it's not by subscribers got would you would you just have these in -- comes out of my collection and on actually. Purchase them. Yes but I'm not and I I don't you know it could just be that once I spend time. Getting used -- water of something like spot by right now. It seems unappealing to me because I have a lot of my own music so I lose myself and analyzed and and I -- I don't know what's telling is that it only get on board that and for other people -- who don't own a lot of music already. Made its different. I mean the point is I -- the greater point is -- it impossible to really make any money -- music -- these days even for big artists because the album sales. Are just got. And a good case in point if you buy this is just if you for instance just if bought a copy of my let's record -- that of high school on Amazon right. Adding -- I have to -- and I. Bet if they did that I suggest. For whatever the 99 and river because I think I probably get me before box which is actually pretty good. However if you -- in one of my thongs on spot by which happens now. It's like a fraction of a penny or any of the streaming service to the artist for the streaming music -- not nearly as much because somebody's not technically buying it the only streaming -- So that's also killed the income from from a recorded music well it's also it's also. Does anybody with with a MacBook -- -- the song so I mean you gotta admit that -- people that I get -- there. They're like -- -- the market with like so many get a regular people have their songs -- when YouTube derivative put up on their FaceBook and MySpace -- totally saw it years ago with iTunes -- you could start. Selling your own music through iTunes fairly easily it's totally just -- -- anybody can get the movie you're now anybody can get Steve always a website and -- all seven song cycle. At a record -- -- -- mean like the greatest artists I've heard thus far that that -- artist of the decade is got to be fifty -- all day. -- All day and that last feature iTunes might -- and think about -- -- let her think about that entire story. Has to be the photo in the New York Times article the had a Bruce Springsteen in 1978 that they have that's -- -- is on the edge of town come looking a lot like Bob Dylan and -- just reminds me that. That really was that the -- girl look at that point. You try to have a really big -- and a -- -- them -- generator to get. There yeah like that's the -- that that they actually candidate and just as memories of light into -- and -- ahead looks nice and big with a big messy hair. V -- T shirt and -- gangly arms like. I can't pull that off. What I would that I could I would look much worsen before the bus encryption -- -- -- -- they've -- around the corner. Or move on of course just to please be aware -- that -- my next record is almost done. And and a real -- I heard -- city digital -- our listeners will be obviously the first Eva. To a sample it exclusively at some point doesn't deliver up to -- activities Israelis are based in a playlist I think I ever got -- -- is it just tackling lives and with a track in the studio. It's just like alive and studio and can often -- is that there's just like anything and I don't more plays a piano let's let's move on and Kaiser is. We have two very important things to to discuss number one is of course the public -- books and super slim laptops and which we have -- and which we don't and the second is. I've got some really cool stuff that I've got a giveaway instant discount and it's eating up our our desks days and I'd love to get to some of our viewers and listeners but we'll see how much we'll see about it was a -- and -- -- hard the questions are. There are questions you're that is when He gives you -- Joseph need to hop in the Chandra detects and participants for our game show. Where where we will all act as as as circuits as avatars for you. Here listener and when you prizes unit that you may Begin now make your presence known in the chat -- these -- -- pick out three want to contestants. In the meantime. And I -- -- there's going to be one FaceBook giveaway for those who are listening line that's right we had -- -- -- a got a total war eleven letters show on. There's gonna -- of what FaceBook for someone -- for people who actually -- this article that just after Kournikova taking care of everybody. I agreed to this article -- people's right athletically people. -- -- There there are dirt to sort of -- into this ultra book discussion and what what that is for the uninitiated Intelsat well. We want to invent a new category of laptops called ultra books that was kind of basically the MacBook Air but they -- not reported box off and make them like. 7080900. Dollars that like 12100. I'm not -- clear they want -- -- the price off okay yeah that's the -- -- can already make you can already make a 12100 dollar super slim laptop like MacBook Air. But you can't make one that's like that with solid state drive a full power CPU and good battery life. For like that you -- 80700 whatever. Monologue and owns the -- -- one that's coming out as an apparent price of the thousand dollars I bet that's a little over what they want those Alter votes today. Now -- of the Intel of course as as Scott wrote about last week is is investing -- -- -- 300 million dollars. In helping PC companies like against Acer Dell or whoever to invent these new -- -- to put into the -- it. Now that's that's that's tricky in and of itself because the fact that they have to publicly stated -- that means that there's been some push back. And got and I were talking to PC makers they've definitely been very you -- beyond casting bubble -- -- concept because got a few remember. Two years ago over the pushing ultra thin it's an ultra book right and those flopped because those are those you'll -- of the C you'll -- processors. Starting with the Adamo -- around that time and you know -- MacBook Air first came out. A couple years ago and you'll been -- on this ever since and you know thing about ultra books. I think there's two parts I think the MacBook Air becoming -- a mainstream laptop an Apple pushing that to the forefront is making everybody else respond. In kind and and and they're looking at that is the direction of the netbooks are popular and tablets are popular and they start -- 500 they're trying to look at some -- price range. But also I'm wondering. What -- this is also Intel vs arm processors. Arm processors are on in Smartphones -- tablets there rumors they're going to be getting involved in larger laptops. Disposing going to be supported -- windows eight suppose -- windows eight. And a lot of you know -- -- else except for Intel. Might be very happy about the emergence of arm processors Intel's trying to own territory here and named the product ultra book but this what He said. Something like ultra looks a -- existed in fact the Samsung series nine is really an ultra -- I think -- -- three point eight inches thin by their definition the price is the main barrier who knows I mean. It doesn't seem very clear and when I read that prices and is a factor in defining these I think it is one -- -- territory. While there are afraid that now they have and they -- -- -- all of them and have Intel processors -- -- ultra has a MacBook -- Tibet has written Olympus. But I think Intel is hedging its bets that they know Apple can be a little. Touchy and they could say well next year -- -- processes were put in. Oh yeah -- five processes and every always deeper character says they're they're ready for their trying to prepare for that eventuality. That we just got the Samsung rugby covets here nine we just got a series -- -- historian Matthew -- series three that everyone's been talking about but the mother we're twelve point five inch one. It seems like a Korean only import or something well now it's on it's it's that -- -- it's not create or import it -- -- coming out here in the US and and most Cooper I've no idea what this thing -- series three. Is as a laptop line the -- -- releasing it it's in a relatively budget frame. Frame of a price. -- whats weird is that they make sizes range from eleven point six inch all the way up to sixteen inch fifteen point six inch. And -- so it's hard to define what it is but they have an eleven point six and twelve point five inch but won't we got sells for is gonna be some percentage of fifty dollars. And it's got a core I five processor. Four gigs of ram RG -- -- drive and and it's small it's what it's about it's a little under an inch thick and -- and plastic it's all class and okay that's the thing that's a problem in finished doing a better -- Julie is still going to run and that's a big amount of testing this now and now -- -- Well we will be going it. We're actually yes some -- act act and immigrants now write your way. Just kidding -- -- it -- it is a Korean this this one is -- -- is is a version which may not be available in that configuration. Here in the US it's it is a Korean. Configuration and they'll have a different possibly different processor or this -- we're we're determining. On -- since it's so confusing -- -- -- point is you get eleven point six inch one is currently available staples dot com. But the core I three processor for 599 cents -- bottom line thing is. There are 50600 dollar laptops that are pumping out what you said with these four processors much more plasticky. To using a regular hard drive no fancy flash SSD. Would people prefer those parts -- there's not a note to us resentment but it's an ad buckets of fish and eventually you'll see it's a better than a netbook -- that's a real laptop I don't wanna called. I feel I feel a big factor in the whole war between I guess PCs in the MacBook -- the ultralight MacBook Air. Isn't necessarily that -- the the first bill qualities thinness I also think it's the after purchase experience and you buy it at best buy you go home you're like okay you went from windows XP disease that people can contribute is -- -- if you'd like for five years of the problem with windows XP. To Windows 7 -- -- experience. Where do you go to learn about Windows 7. I mean how do you know you know what what you like we had to figure out how to get some of our benchmarks to work on on Windows Vista which carried over to -- -- -- With you know of what 64 bit they don't know and I think that's thing with where Apple -- that you can actually walk into the store you can sit down and they have classes that show you. And even. Even if you hold the store for tech support from nowhere with different brands -- call different places -- would different -- of donors stand to keep bats eat through. It's the whole after purchase experience you feel like when you buy PCs like okay we got you to -- the by. -- -- -- -- Analysts -- -- -- space and an -- Geek Squad tutorial session at least for the -- they make as best buy has similar laptops other vendors. But they get their own personal skews and they should have sit downs where that -- product -- use. -- -- features on -- I thought they'll come to your house and plug it in the stuff for like a hundred bucks but that's then they embody Apple's. Or for free -- but I don't if you know how to use computer and you know you feel comfortable enough and you -- -- no fuels experience. There are the I think there's -- increasing number of these types of laptops. That pop up in a more affordable range that aren't really called ultra books or anything that they're gonna be good enough for most people in the way that netbooks. Were good enough for most people for a period of time. I at that price is a big factor I think I agree and it being -- -- -- -- cheap price nobody wants to -- a thousand dollars for Mac but there but Apple can. Get that to happen because of the whole design -- construction quality is far better than nearly anything else in that zone and and and you know and it's also you. DOS Randy and the OS of audio or Linux and video card and OS updates or to metal than not media that -- -- you couldn't pick it up and figured out. That's going to dictate that price all over the place and say that that's a thousand dollar -- with cheap but that's -- key if if Microsoft wants to move forward with windows eight. It's gonna be different interface for people that are in the know they know it's gonna be very similar to the mobile front over people who don't pay any attention is just walking as it while windows eight. They're -- -- what I don't wanna learn a whole new OS -- they learned from. You know where where. Where did they get to know from CNET -- -- of albeit -- color is that I learned that and they're gonna have to wait till we learn that's the way it -- -- -- -- learned so that -- gonna -- get -- they want because we're gonna have problems they want. So that's my whole point is that when -- one when it launches where do you go if you wanna be an early adopters the key is to make it easy for people to purchase at the first day. And do what they've been doing all along in May be activated some of the new features I think that is a probably point out is one of the -- right now with Android tablets because. In a new piece of technology like that especially want to open it up and say what can I do with image -- -- iPad. Explaining that. Nobody helps you out with an Android tablet that's because each one is kind -- different bright idea best buy and Michael will you know good luck and and and -- they don't -- urges yes. I think personally my child just can't be afraid of a device don't believe you screwed up we screwed up you reformat everything -- -- -- I just don't know really did not. Whenever anybody does not afraid -- it did I -- equation different but there are ways you can destroy -- -- -- -- all you don't win -- you can restore your iPad you can restore your Android -- to restore -- windows you can lose your -- -- if you if you just -- you don't really have anything on it when I first -- when you first get it. Play with a do whatever I mean get to know the interface to say I spoke through -- I had I you know I I was out I was out with a friend NCs did you know I know you picked up via what are it is easy to putting yourself in -- corner sometimes east -- -- things -- -- experienced this are given a lot of my data all the time this morning to -- my computer. All you don't don't just happen and I am. -- is reset all you define me says the factory that's a recent that a friend I find that and that you can Google. Com not a computer. -- And -- who has the there -- -- as. I got out just couldn't tell -- -- -- are all buying you look at -- when your computer to your computer you look at when your phone please everybody the smart call gel we love our phone number you tell you an -- -- album but He does just telling you -- -- iPod I don't I see him in years. He's like He called like you -- -- at heart and who asked that He was like He could use like. I need to see my emails past three days yet and -- -- phone He couldn't seize emails past three days right other dude you give your phone when. All of you to see -- -- -- like a -- is now about thirty days. And that -- subject I mean it was simple things that He called T-Mobile -- couldn't help I think people on the does not sit down and it is -- it out of it has established Ireland as per client usually because you just sit -- set down a plate -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I I I think it is the pointers making was that I called T mobile's and they couldn't help that's -- -- -- And you're just 111 super quick point that we do have to move on -- -- completely right when He talked about that post purchase environment and that's something it. He -- Apple does well now for -- -- -- Mac App Store. You could just buy apps and downloading straight year MacBook and they're gonna work. On the windows side when you do and a coconut disk or something open and hope it works I mean I don't know. There's no there's no unified group Intel tried to start one -- never really took off Microsoft wants to do one but has no like App Store. In the same way that there is -- easy install is what they -- and even though. That OS and apps remain -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And eighteen X that loaded up all kinds of -- like -- 2033 Dragon Age it is -- five. And -- them all up to eleven. Runs great super stuff apartment and -- which is crazy graphics are you going to practice is just to -- two Nvidia has fired -- its allies and yet totally. Who are contestants just -- -- -- I have no idea -- How -- you got guys that are rooted as the -- whoever wants to -- -- you just Simon -- and right now that do you have any. Listening to that this not back if it's a case some like -- and -- democratic -- I gotta gotta dance screen got to be given them back comment by -- I had you know hey you -- general meeting at the same problem now. Our story got I got James W is Scott. I'm James W -- it. On. What is it yes it is go if I play -- from the so what does it. Perhaps you have bigger screen -- grab -- -- government is the for a format that they did use W that it and you. -- -- -- -- -- -- SFW. Is Julie -- guys just have James W has got there you go and we have a bonus prize. Four FaceBook. So tune in during the week when you hear the show later. Just go to FaceBook and and leave a comment saying you wanna win the -- -- -- that is and then just it'll take some -- to win that prize which is great. Aren't I have got Scott. Be sure B -- you comment you either -- message on selected message you -- up. -- some way to reach you because sometimes have seen people go get a measure the minute aren't they don't receive -- -- -- Prizes and trying to disorder not this first one is actually actually -- -- -- is another tool bag full of LA -- stuff including. -- you cannot find this anywhere custom -- -- 1940 flashlight which is just plain awesome with the -- But -- to go into -- on it. And they deli meat -- here. Oh -- -- sit upright -- that when you cranked back in the day -- didn't give her favorite color covers on the make the iPhone related opportunities -- the transatlantic accent we got that and I retro -- If you are examining the ascertain the -- dot to a card -- up Los Angeles united bodies. This new game is that your sister and I never heard -- again I'm getting within the nicest of our first question -- Sarah Scott A yeah I just. Okay so Joseph US for your thoughts on its own proposals we don't know god. Are just doesn't. Have to -- -- of books. I'm gonna ask your question -- Intel. The name Intel like many others is actually a contraction what does Intel contraction of what went with two words. The religious and come up -- Intel let's downsized Owen acting means have been what does it mean. -- be able to lean towards a microphone on the -- I can pick up your cricket -- -- it. When you're just out. Leaned forward towards -- -- -- you can hear your thought you wanted to -- first process. Doesn't please tell us what the the thought process is ninety I had right now your questions. The name is -- many others is actually -- contraction of what two words. And your kicking back from the table is that you're signed that you're giving up on deserted -- that is ultimately available shortly by a wonder what the word is. Is what is we're just what is the what you're thinking have you ever seen Who Wants To Be a Millionaire? says that what they talk through what they're thinking what the -- -- to have so far. -- I thought it would be someone -- here in the room without trying to save it. Or lightly observers and -- -- you can you -- -- the one where you're thinking of the Salina. -- -- -- Intel you totally backed -- human -- is also has its debt. By Darren from bailing out his proposal in town because it back to close at -- period closes and even. When we got here -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And in. -- also it -- it. I'd -- drop. You want here. I could not evaluate -- shirts. And that is your that is true -- -- got this next longest job. And I have your choice. I -- gains did He was a PC gamer. You can read your choice of PC games Dragon Age two or don't agency's three both sealed -- drainage is actually very -- -- -- signature edition I wanna tell your views them before. He wants to Dragon Age and wants redundancy what would of the system requirements. Yeah. A lot. A significant Atari -- if if -- have you contact literally like gentlemen and Intel's and that thought that He -- have a gaming PC Williams a mouse but in the meantime a future questions got another Intel question all right. And and since -- -- a fan of of of vintage scifi and pop culture and things and -- things like that you may actually notice. And my time I've holes in my knowledge what -- -- before it's. The company called Intel is actually officially founded Scott -- there was a BBC -- TV show that could certainly featured -- -- electronics company called Intel. What show is that. Which there was a BBC television channel that had an evil a five -- they had an evil electronics company called Intel at the center of it. That is coincidence because the actual Intel was not founded in two years later what was that original show. But hey let's it was a Doctor -- that is an excellent desperate that is actually incorrect acting and just gonna go how did you not you may not others however I'm a saint -- Now although that's like there's a could be aside I showed when we depend on as well as state senator James and Baidu and that's why is getting their question -- -- -- guess I'm kind of Mecca and after it got for bonus I I will enable him to you that. It was -- for it it was the first big break for a very well known actress. They now arguably -- I don't know if you've already -- I'll get me out to if you don't a classic preset by you probably know he's not gonna give -- another tipping Scott would pick this one -- your Berry amendment. And I expatriate I -- personally. The vehement in that was -- -- excellent there's also an interesting quite close but not it's not correct a game we did when the fun stuff but when you're you're the -- I'm known as British prisoner odd nobody but it is but no but I love the president and you've got way to go -- -- -- -- you -- after the likes that best. Details like -- what's the answer -- actually 1960 -- eight for Andromeda would Julie Christie a wow ooh that's out there -- a man it's an Intel question okay all right that's a hole in my science fiction and I'll tell you what. I have whose turn is it now it's actually -- -- and and the prize is Scots make -- sonic sculpture. That says the show last weekend not taken out of the box that's -- it looks -- -- not taken out of the -- It giant twentieth anniversary sonic anti figurines any -- CRT monitor of his own face. Those are in a video game. Alright I it looks like someone to win this and Julia I'm gonna give -- your choice of question phenomena by from a -- on on -- you to attend rental -- -- The first topic inch. At night -- put that. The first topic is retail history the second topic is computer viruses which topic question which you. -- That's a fork to wrote I know it's really a disaster -- Retail history or computer -- pick your poison -- states urges -- -- Buren Missouri and its -- program. On which it these are open that you you might you -- -- Which retail what what famous or retail companies sold VTRS -- eighty computer. And a let's hear the I thought process. And the computer from -- What would retail company of -- took what retail chain sold be terrorist -- eighty computer created canceled. And mean. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- because I already know the answer. And I get to answer about why I like evidence. -- -- -- -- at one of -- and make a difference violence. A youngster because it -- V yeah that's it. Give it time for it by immigrants and second was -- Are -- to think yes. -- We believes his system in the show -- benefit just as I mean really. A now -- think of -- gasoline engine and you make it. And mine. And I -- thinking that has -- like dungeons and dragons with the kind of a break the rules on the line. I'd like dungeons and dragons wizards -- -- -- only -- to do I get. Chains that sold its own computer and RadioShack. Hey you got up. To ten DT RSE. Lane diamond I yeah yeah. That's what that does a very good chance how many retail around their. -- -- -- -- What is dominated diet also includes an Ackerman -- when He was a -- yeah it's old but that what are you ready He said at least during our lifetime if there's no end that's what I'm -- -- and why did you have one. And advocate the eighties and we all had a I don't quote know many other commodore sixty finally -- I -- -- that an Apple Vanilla set your body like it those are so popular if -- don't start the amiga 500 it to me it's played games often audio cassette deck. Screens programs run audio -- I was and that's gonna maintaining 1000. Let's talk about this next weekend that the -- I could bring him have a good lesson. And why does not. Andy the -- the -- China I was and other personal relationship maybe it Israel's -- simply just mention that not only one episode of the original -- from the series still exists Russell lost to time. There is however there was -- -- ninety's. I think in the ninety's Renee James on the ways and got to use a -- those -- you wanna dishonor the I'm sorry man I knew it independently and it was -- ever going to I think He was -- -- don't blame someone you know you just. And to present my office and I'd like everything you see is an that was especially. Important in -- certain gonna tell them what they can win of my that's right -- -- -- -- so quick for the music gone extra prize. Upload music backed down because this is worth it -- -- -- underground. There's an -- this is a this is a call of duty promotional T -- That we got -- special promo event they had a couple months ago because -- got the new call of duty Modern Warfare game coming -- -- got the call of duty elite service launching. It's a size large you cannot get this anywhere else look -- cool that looks. But all the different badges and -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- This could -- it is pretty cool one of the cooler but I don't think you're in a bottle and I'm gonna land and disease and as a -- -- -- that -- Scott I went -- I. -- has little I think it's not so -- on FaceBook page. And at least commenting I -- when the call duty -- and then. Next Monday -- will randomly pick a winner using a random number generator. The big -- for FaceBook friends as well equipped to find -- -- -- -- -- had -- would -- the duplicity. Podcast it'll come right up or get it now our. If the leak on the digital city dot cnet.com page nine a -- entering the music that's we have dissect it we may or may not see you next week so women to talk and text -- -- who lives near the city of -- -- -- -- -- all this if you're -- equivalents they would Juli Ackerman things weren't you thinking -- I god. I'm not just content and can get him out like that I'm sorry all follow up --

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