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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1379: 2011 Predictions Show: BOL will be off the rails

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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1379: 2011 Predictions Show: BOL will be off the rails

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It's the annual Buzz Out Loud predictions show, where the team puts their collective analyst heads together and predict the future--well, the next 12 months of the future or so. On this year's show, we've got everything from life on Mars to true holograms (at least in demo form), Apple releasing its own TV, a new social media phenomenon around food, and the impending awesomeness of the WebOS tablet. Oh, and the Singularity arriving. No, seriously. --Molly

This Friday December 31. Anything and the Gonzales. I'm Brian's song I am Hollywood happy new year every line of and allows -- -- know the left me 2000 and favorite color here in the studio again. -- buzz out loud and podcast of indeterminate length it is episode thirteen 78. The annual buzz out loud prediction show him tons don't you might know you've been waiting for. -- Brian mall. Analysts. They give -- their thoughts on the coming year. The most credible prediction analysts. You know some analysts say Ozal -- Enterprise -- and -- day some analysts like to listen to what we have to think for the coming year absolutely. We learn some analysts. And -- yeah we like to colon. A lot of times what we are the analyst -- privileges -- not listener we spend the entire year. Talking every single day about technology trends that mapping that frankly so much I've forgotten more about technology -- can. It and that's not now. But this is the show where we tried to make some crazy prediction to download and -- -- and this is like my fifth. Prediction town and only on -- 300 that's -- -- -- not that bad carried out there was based on to doing just fine it's an LIV now it depends on. How big of Roland you're willing to go out alright -- if you wanna get -- probably but if one of your crazy ones does happen -- -- like that when it totally worth it. Exactly so we kind of broke this out in the three categories -- 33 ways we wanted to talk about predictions that we off dollar. Realistic ones within reason then sun then somebody can just lay out there or just a little. Like a little risque yet we would just -- -- -- unlikely that maybe you'll see it happen from minute to some general claims of what we think we might seem 2000. Lebanon like trends yet out and a bad stuff I found dead and let's get started -- -- first with something that I think is within the realm of possibility. For example. I think prime time and -- -- this prediction actually the Justice Department. Gonna bring the hammer there'll be an antitrust case against. The big -- machine for sure who will get Arty nature it's laid out the top -- -- my. -- -- -- -- -- really haven't even compare notes again we have not they outweighed the way to predictions are working if you're wondering like we basically all come up with a list of like 120. Ideas -- and Anthony at you and we're gonna go around and I don't think they -- -- up. I -- on that tip my hat on Google becomes the Microsoft yeah you this year yeah yeah and the same thing that's totally after the U Berkshire is gonna go after them all your long and can relate the increasingly ridiculously you know identity you actually think the Justice Department can -- and you connect -- they're they're so much noise. From -- competitors that like. They can't seem analyst -- pipeline -- -- again next India for my realistic I guess that's a little bit of a boring and back and it's gonna be like. The solid state drive revolution happens next. And I know I'm gonna nerves as well most computers to -- gonna come with solid state drives on the drive prices are gonna talk dropping everybody's talking about how MacBook Air now and it's. Beautiful I love solid state drive yeah I love it. There -- in my realistic predictions solid state drive models will be offered by every laptop manufactured picture cool -- there'll be very good. And that's those specific -- -- Login via engine needed you really are -- I've arrived at the time I'm with the I have a solid state drive in my machine and I am -- unlike. This freaking life changing and it -- So once that's affordable that run absolutely what the site using your at it -- -- -- -- it is an idea and -- real time personally I like it. Okay on the -- -- -- realistic ones -- within reason -- Apple will not release an iPhone four G or LTE model in 2000 aluminum. -- tell you know there were rumblings about it let the more you look at you think about it. I do not think bill release a next generation network phone yet its mid 2000 and -- could come early 2012. But I'm just gonna say. Not in 2001 -- Agree with you and -- -- I don't think it. At first I thought for sure that they were waiting for LTD go to Verizon met the -- -- thought about it to think -- like a father amount they like to stick with the tried through. But on a related note in my realistic predictions I think a Verizon iPhone will arrive in the summer. And I thought I was -- elastomer announcement of the family junior something but I also think there will decimate -- -- Everest coal. So you think that Android will feel the pain -- yeah I found out Verizon adding of the act when iphones -- throw out to more carriers like having -- infielder. But I -- -- counter prediction and say you -- iPhone on Verizon next year I just liked it got blue. -- hello old I don't you don't let you really -- you are just being a jerk about it -- -- I really don't I think that it I think there's gonna be if it's gonna be some something. But -- -- on what it is yet. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I ended. Up okay -- path to that are. Ha -- look at it I mean I did etc. I didn't do your -- now. I tell you that's years materialistic prediction no Verizon iPhone by on the may have my next realistic prediction with the no. It can no glasses to -- The same one. And next year that sometime near the butt end of next -- the time being no glasses he keep. I am I was gonna put that but I feel it's still another year away. That is the meaning meaning 2012. -- -- well Katzmaier. Overheated TV and wherever at CNET. TV reviews but they think that's another 45 years but I think I agree we need I think 3-D TV sales. Are -- -- be so -- that they're gonna -- that production and start mass production of glasses free 3-D TV lately it will -- around the -- the. Okay well I'll give you guys that I'm gonna I'm gonna agree to disagree on the -- okay should be little okay few verses one. Fast enough you guys who disagree with this one. And -- -- did this month's. Realistic. Internet connected TVs will be the video phone we've been waiting for 2001 inside. -- that's not just 2011. Want now. You'll see more than ever webcams integrated in the TV experience because we saw them as accessories. You gotta be something to upgrade the next gen of TVs to make them compelling. I feel that will see that he has now I'm not saying they're gonna sell like hotcakes but that through the answer now with the Internet connected TV with a web camera that will be the -- that we've been waiting for for years some. -- -- -- -- Yeah I can't -- one area house like Comcast and turn on the web content under a hurricane watch you like okay you -- So this guy personally yeah definitely but some of censure. Does -- -- the academy gimme I think FaceBook is gonna go public. I'll get there get an idea and -- and -- related tip I think Zuckerberg will remain CEO. -- ago but I think that he hasn't built enough momentum that they're not gonna bring in a grown up like Schmidt. I think he's gonna -- the -- respect it but even after that yet. I think that's I would not have said earlier in here a really Anna. That's because also I don't know if this is right to -- but just because he's so much younger. I feel like the young people when. Treating them like that he he feels like it is literally his baby since he was a college student via that he wanna stick around longer and you know I mean I -- -- -- for me and so I mean but I'm sure that public certain and -- that a -- you know laughter from point to like in -- that -- of the perhaps you never know what the person's like true innovation are. True motives are and how much they really care about it from a I know ultra sixty amp winner -- awful when there is money. Good I like -- parent -- that you know any other if you're welcome I got little. Canada based on the back. And I have. Electric vehicle charge stations are gonna -- popping up load -- it's a statement -- thought popping up and they think. -- is your statement if we make it a little more declarative do you feel that. Electric charging stations will let's say I paid every gas they're gonna be like that it. At every gas station they're gonna they're gonna start popping up like the bases and then towards the end of the -- the -- -- be and I. So -- -- just like your local price electronic -- I think you'll be demoralized gotten a patent. -- believe on the cards come here. This is the year of the electric car yet I don't match -- -- coal mine in the next social mass media phenomena. Will center specifically. Around food what you eat where you -- how you eat like you think about -- you -- now I know we already have them difficult to enter it -- know we have them on FaceBook and Twitter on but this is like. The next progression of like what it can be specialized. I feel like this could be. -- Actually genius and so true because geeks. Love food until everybody loves food NL but especially geeks like -- -- there's a huge crossover between geeks and -- you know we talked about. Last week Richard -- show. That the top chef the Science Channel link there's definitely. A marriage -- often -- -- thank you love it. I I am looking forward to that site but -- -- -- and there'll be that service that killer app yet. I know you anyway and I think the iPad you will launch in April I also think that the iPad -- remain a dominant tablet all year. Like as much as battle of hundred of the -- -- in both cases living -- and and the iPad still. Are gonna Dominic that's the DC a different sized. I don't think there's -- and it's evident I think -- whatever is bigger and smaller. I think they're gonna keep an -- I would I would agree not that I don't like you -- they'll keep it at five point seven and I didn't put the iPad lots -- -- -- anarchy. Yeah better than now -- camera obvious idea in all that link all that that. -- -- -- still -- development tablet yeah it's carved out such as stranglehold right now. It's gonna be hard for someone within the next year and up -- two years even come close to that market share it's just. And I don't think we're gonna do -- any tablet actually launch even after the after admitting we're gonna see a lot of it's probably gonna be around that April timeframe or leader. When a lot of those even -- in the market I think the thing is gonna home on them and larger or smaller -- That they're gonna stay in that -- but -- just stick to it until. There's a numerical like a number or percentage threat that they see that seven inch is actually take -- -- marketshare than -- react to them. That's relative like much like tell the electable netbook thing we don't believe in netbooks that once the -- it was there that people do care about small laptops that Olson. The new MacBook Air that it's really. -- Apple's version of a MacBook finally was released yeah absolutely but they're not gonna call rate -- -- its tablet they gonna call it. The iPad. Had hidden it's not seven -- physicist and now it's just and -- totally. Like that have Angry Birds on the major console. I thought I all I think console game idea had hundreds on the connector and began -- I like it I had on my my last realistic one. Because you know I don't wanna take up all your time. Netflix will acquire games line up Abu. I'm like well I -- gotta -- that -- out there absolutely I would remain energy needs at that happens. Yeah I have been using it in. Already was -- okay -- -- ahead -- in my have a couple of. There runs on conferences Renton and -- -- -- but I am I think handwriting -- will not merge they will keep it -- separate they'll keep I'll take that that's separate. But -- -- not music that I think it'll be like too confusing people won't take it up and impacting Google will then have to cannery and ultimately. -- may be the way because I think that the class I don't think that consumers ready for the cloud. In the way that they need to be for current -- and you know you're you had a chance to play with that a little more that the youths. Xena and you're like okay how how -- does an excellent the general consumer even -- that you just don't see it and it. And I don't I think it's and I think people are going to look at and does not understand yet it in Munich went right. -- also predicted that -- rim will fold or be -- more likely be -- The Blackberry -- possibly by HTC. Interest that's kinda like if that happens imaging and I think that I mean that sounds to me that sounds like a little bit of -- -- other little -- -- like yeah I like it like it some. And I think Nokia we're -- -- hundred. I've -- that I put that in my -- out there. No doubt. I'm not out there okay needed -- on the back and -- it yeah I just felt like for them to finally give in and just say. Because they've been so religious about like no we're sticking it was sticking with -- we are Symbian VMware you know. For them to finally admit that is ideas out there -- -- -- -- within reason that's within reason act like it. Others are on the -- -- and up okay I gotta get up and humor at a more realistic color. -- really don't happen than the one. -- about hundred dollar -- Totally invalid and not -- LPC but an actual widget netbook and dollars yeah interesting. The Atlanta advocate that the -- of the I think really that's all I have for that my area with. -- Molly will upgrade her vocabulary through at least 2900. Early last mile polity is wrong. I should be when -- an insanity -- -- the real event that's just upload and wow. Aren't. It -- about their prediction. Now Tacoma okay I'll start up. Out there Apple finally released their own TV. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- As usual -- Apple immediately -- experience in it 2000 and now towards the into the air gap probably but. You'll -- into doesn't let them throw down throw down the hammer you raise the crazy more -- anybody. I can't think that Twitter will be bought for eight time no money and men. Flat line like MySpace. Adding Twitter has -- Let's get and I think they're about to be acquired and then -- it's gonna be like. Now I like that -- -- on the island -- that's my -- out there -- -- And how -- at La guns. Maybe if I'd be more specific that it only outlet and I like yeah I like playing a hard like Twitter will be by by a. Moon have it. Movement and way it may have -- a market out it. Twitter will be -- by a. -- who like word press. And non thing -- -- Google in the medium and. -- -- -- -- -- -- The day today and it's become like a server reporting however it by Rupert Murdoch -- certainly not right CNN they'll be bought by a major media tell it becomes more than doubling up yet have a camera it -- I am a candidate B at bat or even like CNN in -- prepared to them and like I got my -- is breaking news lately. Like five hours after Twitter had it lets be honest CNN's majority of news these days -- tools from Twitter comes straight into -- -- it's a perfect marriage totally -- Twitter -- by major media company likely CNN I like that or the New York Times corporation. And land but it will turn out to me like a mistake in the -- peak and then it will be seen as the man -- national. Love it can't do that -- this is this is. Another -- prediction on the fly in the show and I notice it if you really know how did you get -- And the -- video any out there. -- not their predictions have on the case -- unless. I've thought about it uses BD PTVs are gonna they're gonna try to -- -- -- but I think they're gonna fail. So I think holograms are gonna come out in the next -- -- We're gonna try again next model question questions -- that I have to be more. Working part of that do you mean a demo at CES or an actual to sell because you you know that not not not ready for stores like. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- What they're making that -- a prototype is good enough as least as long as it's like a YouTube video on the and it's working and it's really benefit okay okay I like I like the bold statement of the holographic TV like because I think we might do you think gonna die I don't think that. I think that's the. And you don't you don't think they'll still have a life even for gamers and that's only for game because I think the thing about it is three is not going to be ATV it's going to be a feature it's -- going to turn on an add on feature that was you know not personally. But people aren't gonna pick it up on like that for me. Okay. Let's not on the baby -- -- -- give you guys to okay here's a baby one. There will be next here and LCD based candle that are going to give in the and alongside their eating Kendall's come -- and LCD after -- -- The success and the fact that these devices can have better processors and be able to support more than just. Really I'm just saying sand while I -- I wouldn't be surprised they even have an outlet. They will release at least one model alongside marine life that will be an -- -- and well. The remarkable that's out there that's another -- like it. I thing is out there but a little more early banner maybe. Maybe I think -- a practical and I think that AOL and Yahoo! will merge. And adding that those two. Under attack dinosaurs they're gonna come together in each of -- vacated. And it looked like the other they really let's -- -- -- -- viewing mail on revolting content and remote kind of -- -- -- -- -- they're cruising along brain but I think that they if they got together yet. Come to -- -- could do a lot more. You know -- and I think Bartz will be out. Yet adding -- out at Yahoo! pressure and -- -- any ammonia merge. I mean in -- related predictions somewhere along the line that I had I said Yahoo!'s Gannett will be on death watch can regulated to email and search and fantasy sports. And they're doing their own fiction and I know so email and -- as these -- the eyes that the of them totally you know. This happens is what does that -- -- -- out there's Bonita. Haven't science and grow and on -- I have put and put them right evidence that. Evidence of life on Mars -- of all life on Mars though. And I think the -- kinda got to be actual life but some of confinement and less heat and elegance -- -- something new an awful. -- It get. -- this one. Nintendo release a new console to compete and violent incidents when he key -- and this -- 2011. Really we need to Wii two in 2011. I'm -- is -- -- and I actually. I'm -- -- -- but why don't they bone I know that there is this recently -- You -- articles they know we would sell -- and 99 dollars I think like the PS2 is still selling -- -- 99 dollars and doing statement but they'll we. Has has maxed out the need a seventh when he can console it's coming in 2011. Line and that'll. So black hole you've got not just like -- update -- will not an update -- -- council and a new console announced or come out come now. Wouldn't. And I've puts it I can announce the safer rate this yesterday to announce it like them all -- -- but realistically do. And clarifying because you're not getting it credited -- Well this is for 201150000. Dollar thing aperture I think that's that's I've been an -- -- prediction by 600 by into the area yeah. And -- -- announced to come out in 2012 -- right but first. Spring of 2012 -- not that idea really specific. I know they get. I think under consumer backlash against. You know the perceived loss of net neutrality and concerns over conflict of interest that the justice normal step step to. And not approve the Comcast NBC deal. I think like that I have had enough. Consolidation and that about one balances get a -- take up Alan and I know there was such a thing -- too far but I think balance going to be it due for active. -- -- in relation of that it's a little pressure in that. You -- net neutrality is a huge issue -- you know that the Technorati is understand it but if -- media is not the unit and -- love and now like. I think it's because they don't even understand it well enough to talk about it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know if -- it. To fundamentally like oversimplify all of it. In theory of the party regulating the party of not regulating and so that's how -- -- partisan but it shouldn't be that way but I do think it's gonna become an increasingly. Important issue because so many people are gonna start to reply rely on wireless broadband. And competition shows no sign of improving people and then streaming video is like the -- guests period of you know the next. Five years probably -- I think the idea of access is gonna become just like crucial. And anytime going to be a huge part of and -- in -- related out their prediction that if I think that -- he will end up reclassify broadband. Who as a utility -- within is that it again after they think they're gonna take these baby steps and China has aptly known fact. And realize -- see the light rain and realize into the light and -- and then okay. And -- I'm all done with my -- out there just are out there and then. I have Umar okay Ireland I think wanted -- -- -- very hard I think Steve Ballmer step aside or be fired. -- and Microsoft gonna go on commuter and I also think that knew that when -- eleven -- see the -- of a major disease. Like maybe about maybe a certain type of cancer. Something like that I mean I feel like we have made so maybe diabetes. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We've made so many medical advances that Tony Allen eleventh going to be the first time with -- and -- just like. Bull I like that -- idea but it's it's not hard to do that the reverse aging in about how. It was a mouse Botox which is material about now and -- might smiley is prediction for the year but think the thing you'll. You know that in my development and that's when it both -- -- if the definition of the singularity is that we will see a computer that smarter than human. Watson on jeopardy pending with immediate gonna seed in February actually has lots aren't involved how Watson -- on jeopardy that when I love. And that's good that's yet -- are those that aren't familiar Watson is the project by IBM. That -- basic computer that competed jeopardy and it will be competing in February 2011 against the top to the top winners. Ken Jennings and it relatives in and out of -- -- -- I think that other -- that means less money that levels -- I think -- the first -- -- -- like you want the blue cloth that's for answers here if there's nothing right claims and trends some general claims 2011 will be the year of -- antsy. Even near the actions title -- and not only just that the vehicles but I think we'll actually see them in practice. Gap in use in stores prop ominous if you wanted to get a little of it and we'll see them airlines burst. And then we'll see them in storefronts. As actual money transactions. By the end of the year -- that's one of my claims of 2001. And thank you. I think one of the major transfer -- 111 will be botnet fears and security -- -- -- kind of mean it was a little bit of money and typing now that we've actually seen. What can happen when these get start lobbing volleys into each other acts and like dot net lately you know anonymous taking on website that they don't like you mean I think this is I think -- eleventh -- -- the year public WWW three you know wars there's going to be at least cyber -- happen in 2001. World wide web war. -- I have. If -- yes kills all -- Gonna be here. Bones going to be Microsoft and -- an iPad and you in the games. Just because of it's the nature of its -- yet and you haven't seen -- yet -- I have yet and I'm on it in it. It'll you know what will not for all I'm not -- -- -- Debbie -- it's price will be the will be a major indicator as well. Yeah but it's gonna be backwards compatible like Alton and -- -- can get real -- will but I think it's gonna be like to 49300 bucks. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm just say it but still and I feel like your productivity and ability -- -- -- -- -- -- You asked cloud I'm pretty ridiculous degree -- -- the -- did you -- -- -- in the -- The -- I just feel like gobbling -- video and a really good you know you're right now it is like hey that's a decent prediction brand -- might not but he -- now now. That -- -- on undermines his -- don't you only when -- -- the knife. In a matter when he gives a particularly in hand -- -- -- -- and New -- we still won't know let him. Sign up. -- -- job I think we'll have yet again that are right. We still get the service we truly want to cut the cord. Not gonna happen 2011. Not gonna happen again and unfortunately as -- as a -- is to say it's not gonna happen -- -- I hate him in reading program. But I think you're currently I mean that said I think that streaming video and streaming content is going to be like the top -- of the year. But mostly it can be fighting about who gets to -- -- and what they get you -- there will be no that magic service that makes that'll work in one and CBS will not put it how. CBS alone only okay okay appetites can tell it my top of any video prediction CBS and -- that Mac. -- -- Good job guys quit and to all episodes of the day today that area on line actually -- night and no room in there it's that you. -- more claims. As an island Canada has the treaty keep as much. And have them -- he is gonna go down and less. The porn industry really that's. All it. Three -- outweigh any it. They know how do we don't want is always the sort of to motivate her of the area drive Centralia port it has not people historically doubling as it unfortunately did it I'm really decide the outcome of the a Blu-ray -- -- dvd war. Now it's -- more than PSE decided that yet but that's you know the porn industry was at the time. -- it was -- -- like -- said they were like eight. ED HD dvd or Blu-ray let the portage to decide but in that situation they actually did not make you need to know him think through -- -- -- the porn and he did. If anything it's going to be virtual reality. I think virtual reality is going to be -- -- augmented reality yeah it'd be a big trend for on eleven hits that the moving in that direction and the porn industry will drive that directed -- now we've seen a little bit that connects had to happen. Having -- porn industry. Is gonna be all about -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The idea I think actually kind of on that having minority report style advertising. Like personalize advertising to -- in stores and and other locations and become a reality because of duplication and facial recognition. Using those two things were combined and as the you know it's just a note and -- -- and it's the -- And while it's pretty densely -- and -- -- if gay stately LB Iranian inherently you'll attendance or video game. We like them we ever thought oh wow thank. In the read out the top your -- basically -- They write with -- teachers having I think -- like that based on an ugly them yeah. It will makes it will do it most time. -- -- -- -- -- I want my idol and so I think. At the end of it at the end of it on Microsoft and yet Microsoft the veto and it has the best. Integration across on the spot -- who little England seven got Windows 7 you -- to connect and an Xbox I think that. Group product is gonna have the best. Integration but it's now. Now Bob or that their entertainment division is the strongest division of the company right now it is and -- started kind -- they have the pieces in place that is a very. Very good prediction thank I'd like him I gotta give props on -- that they -- Allen and now are right not it's not as high. 2011 is my last that claim of the year 2011 will try to be the year the cloud but it will not succeed. And interesting animal on land mine -- I think like the gamers and reading yeah I -- them in our shows you guys -- -- about the cloud with rightfully so when it's done the right away but -- that. Via U I thought that I actually -- as a member you guys are really high on the clown nose count. And -- content. -- -- It has to be deliberately lit up and subtly tell them that we were -- wrong because it. I have about a hack it -- predicted so I had to pull out of my hat and -- out there and when I'm wrong with time -- Iran. You can. You know tell me. I totally I forgot an important one it was more like them could happen to them ending in about -- I think that the web -- -- tablet. Is going to be awesome I think the web OS tablet going to be the earth that one is a theory it iPad alternative because it can be just dvd use. I think that that OS is going to be like absolutely -- mean for the tablet experience. And that's going to be the one that gives the iPad the biggest run for its money like that and that -- it comes back. I like that if this level -- Was an amazing -- it's an amazing I have the right hardware exactly and it didn't have their hardware support HP is like a machine you know I think that I think that tablet in ambient light pretty big deal. So it isn't so that everybody's projections and Apple rumor -- it on and -- at the claim to -- why haven't I have one more prediction and buzz allows gonna kick ass into that little and. -- within a day. You can write holding your mom about -- -- -- -- getting it to three NGOs non acute that I'm pretty good about he. Upon. -- -- -- Acted -- in the -- you're totally right now I should have a huge party for -- when he twelve. A little note saying he'd seen after the 2000 -- -- friends. Let let you read that theater and late show the movie or something yeah and we're a little author of the Apple app and -- -- of -- still good -- CEO Nelson Obama. It levied happy new year and you can you find all of these predictions on our blog BO -- that cnet.com feel free to post your own. In the show notes you can email us your thoughts and predictions buzz at cnet.com. And after the very first year we are headed to Vegas. On January 4 January 3 dinner or abroad -- expert the ads where we will -- Whether some of these predictions -- been unveiled and check out out we'll have we'll have the podcast from there we'll be doing live from the stage. The can tune in live cnet.com slash live -- watchers -- it shows or obviously. That are under my -- So happy new year you've got a guy is like -- eleven.

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