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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1375: Happy Holidays, rights-holders! Thanks for ruining everything!
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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1375: Happy Holidays, rights-holders! Thanks for ruining everything!

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On today's show, our cogent analysis of the FCC's Net neutrality regulation adoption (actually, I mean that), with surprisingly little argument. Also, the PlayStation phone and the Nintendo 3DS are planning to spoil our CES parade by announcing their cool gadgets after the big show. And Apple proves that it is Wiki-weak. Plus, our holiday thank you cards go out to those Scrooge-like rights-holders who keep shows off Google TV, Hulu Plus and Netflix off cable-supplied TiVo DVRs, and Google Maps off our Verizon phones. Seriously. Thanks for that. Xoxo. --Molly

Today's Tuesday December 21 point eight cents. And the need to Gonzales Bryant's -- I -- Molly Wood and welcome to buzz out -- to this podcast of indeterminate length it is episode thirteen 75. Yesterday -- ethnic. And really important is another science news what time was around 130 -- knows where earlier -- earlier -- and eleven. With super -- it was it was -- here at the city. And now -- -- anything. I actually had a surprisingly good view with cloudy but they -- they would like with the way and then there are beautifully -- clear view more mysterious really cool that's -- -- -- was really at well I got like a last. The daily reminder you know public about the and -- again technically a disturbingly. Address and now -- pretty off the -- to protect. After I'm all down that only alkaline. They're not -- for the -- that happened today. They -- the -- assay for that last minute Christmas -- just as we were winding down -- December pack in -- without getting ready to go. The -- got -- a bomb -- really knows common yet but they have approved -- the commission voted today and to like about half an hour ago to improve their first ever Internet access. Regulation they approved the so called net neutrality regulations that we have been kind of speculating about in talking about for a few weeks they are as expected the -- -- Light touch regulation. They basically require. Openness. And transparency. From. ISP is about the way that they manage their networks. They prohibits. Discrimination. Of certain types of traffic they -- you should be able to you know get to any website and attach any device to the network. And so on -- -- keyword mobile points here. They also. Say that they have a ban on unreasonable discrimination and eight Clara in genachowski clarified his statement -- that was eventually -- response to like Al Franken. That that that meant that that -- not mean things that -- adopting a ban on unreasonable discrimination but does not mean that we are implicitly approving any pay for priority arrangements involving fast lane. For some companies but -- other -- very specifically said we are not going to allow. You know. AT&T it was like Ed Whitacre AT&T who is originally thing. We want you know Google should pay us that they want to make sure the traffic goes through like the -- and it happened here video -- -- they pay an -- does a red light -- -- -- why that's exactly. There -- no ISP you know Comcast can't say. That Netflix has to pay more to ensure delivery. But they did the FCC did explicitly say that IPs can look into new business plans including tiered pricing. Which is kind of -- with kind of -- -- offer. That users have either. Remember the heavy users and we we've talked about it before it just depends on where they put that tolerance point of usage rate it's high enough where honestly and let. 80% of us don't even -- those caps and then at that that's acceptable that I mean they offer the business accounts bray already know that I know he bought -- This accounts now include and I mean those that's tiered pricing to a certain extent -- it includes a faster speed example almost certainly. Start to applied to caps you know and and include caps and there's no way that they're -- I mean. What it really does the big complaint about this is that what it does this is say only the people who can afford a really good -- -- -- -- have really good Internet floating in it. If anything it increases the potential for the digital divide. We did it all along -- You could argue that the FCC is trying to walk a fine line here -- their time and they don't -- over regulate they don't wanna tell. Publicly traded companies how they can or cannot price their services. But they also want to say look you're not allowed to break the Internet it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They also the fourth thing -- and as expected. Is basically said we're taking a super light. Approach to mobile -- mobile which can keep our eye on -- and -- -- -- and put the put down or make any clean clear cut. Decisions on how they're gonna react to mobile -- unless unless he gets the point where there's you know. Activity that's lets us -- -- -- that he used he said I've had this is what cracked me up any reduction in mobile Internet openness. Would be a cause for concern. Yeah I would be. They will -- so they're not gonna be applying any of the same you know the ban on. And reasonable discrimination and they're not going to they're going to require transparency that's the main thing is that they're gonna whatever that even means right. But they won't have these rules about prohibiting the blocking of lawful content they won't necessarily. And forced like manhunt pay for priority arrangement -- kind of saying like look we don't want the mobile space to do any of that stuff. But. Right now we recognize that there are technical differences fundamental technical differences between the Q. You realize that the name -- -- not because. You noted that the final difference of basic -- being able to deploy the wireless spectrum. And have a more readily available or at least unequal footing -- you know the broadband. Cables that are in the ground. I think that's I mean I think there are technical differences but I think that it's kind of a cop out to say we're gonna -- you know. I think what they've said it's like we're gonna apply the light regulation -- the Internet that is already like widespread and and is kind of on the way out -- we're gonna let. It's good and bad -- they're gonna say we're gonna let the free market determine how wireless broadband will be deployed. But the problem is that free market is kind of arguable when you have -- little cramped though. -- I don't love that part at all and I think that I think you need to have. Similar bans on discrimination in traffic discrimination because we've already seen that the wireless broadband market is proceeding in a way that is. Very often consumer -- their caps are extremely low. They do have -- predicting they absolutely prioritize certain apps over others even to the -- of blocking discovery of apps I mean you know. I know that I go on and on about what Verizon did to the Samsung fascinate that. You can you imagine like if you have an Internet experience where it like you can't find Google Maps because. I mean I literally like if you. If they decide that you know. Being is the pre installed carrier of choice on a particular handset then you go to the market the Android market. -- is just an offshoot of an open source operating system any search for something like Google Maps and you can't find them. And like the rule that they've adopted for wired broadband would stop that from happening. But they've said we're gonna allow that to happen on mobile broadband not -- Arable hamper innovation for all the entrepreneurs that they talked about for -- business in competition I mean that's just. That's not acceptable these -- -- already operating in a way that is totally contrary to what we would like to consider net neutrality and then the FCC was like him. I think what you'll see those because -- it right now there is a barrier to entry because with the forgy and LT networks quickly evolving not only evolving but they really have the -- -- capability. Two rival and be better than what some hard line broadband services offering now. Their price -- it is preventing people from even flirting with the idea of switching over to a wireless broadband service as their main dedicated. And analyze Internet provider and once. It's it's almost like because. FCC has decided not to regulate. Mobile anyway they'll still be able to kind of create that pricing model that prevents people from jumping over to mobile. As their main Internet usage but I feel like once people started actually. Using the wireless services as their main Internet service on utility that's when the FCC would then. Look at mobile more seriously and put in place some of these and regulations -- but I didn't know friendly human -- exactly by then it'll be too late I think that's my point. I agree with you and -- betcha she's taking more of like a wait and see approach to see how this works out with the wired broadband and then it -- -- -- -- -- successful -- works well maybe -- In a -- on the wireless. Yeah I do find it in -- mean we're not here to talk call politics that three people that of that CNET passed it is a 532 vote the three were Democrats the two Republicans. But just. One of dot arguments are reasons that you know of two of the at TC. Members voted against it is because they felt that they wanted to show that corporate or server service providers but they rescind the regulation will impede. Their ability to create new business plans -- expand their roles over the Internet economy now. And it that's not lol why -- the these rules are put in place like they -- there to stifle. Innovation they're they're actually to train treated old level field to. Create innovation rank and -- if that's when your main reasons why you're completely opposed to that's easy rules -- For me myself I don't see that thinking about it to someone who is involved in the everyday happenings about how we use the digital information super highway. The I -- not have very that's a -- party line aren't they like the government shouldn't shouldn't regulate the free market can take care of everything capitalism is working nothing is broken like -- big argument about the Internet with nothing -- broken. And I guess that's true if you are okay with the total lack of competition with a monopolist behavior of the providers. With the fact that most of them are getting into content delivery and therefore like creating a conflict of interest the likes we have never -- You know. -- for an ounce of prevention. Myself especially considering how well deregulation worked out VW like. The banks -- in -- and a and giant corporation to think -- that can mean. I think. Overall about and in terms of these regulations I think when you have -- When nobody is happy. Sometimes that's the -- Red -- when that really hard line groups who want and the FCC to reclassify broadband are furious. That they're taking a slightly more hands off approach and then when the hard line like leave it don't touch anything. -- basically are like. -- -- -- I mean it's not like it will you're trying to walk -- line because the fact is like. It -- -- it is -- rapidly changing environment are all kinds of interconnection that that would lead to abuse and I mean and I understand like -- and -- -- -- you know oh it's astonishing the idea of paying more for premium service. Get that that is you know and that's that's the response to the idea that they're gonna have tiered pricing and that potentially could increase the digital divide but here's the thing like the Internet makes people like that. I mean if you if you buy into the idea that the Internet is a right. Then the idea of restricting. The posited the best parts of the Internet to the people who can afford it. Means that you leave people behind as you move into the future and like our broadband infrastructure is already -- week. Compared to much of the rest of the -- that we can't afford to leave. Massive numbers of people behind by giving them what will almost certainly be totally unreasonable and unworkable -- Totally you know useless service when it comes to consuming that most rapidly growing parts of the Internet economy -- being like online video. It's I just think it. You have to you have to give people an even playing field when it comes state when it comes to being a part of really the most revolutionary sort of technology that has happened -- Fire in the industrial revolution -- I I -- I'm gonna do with either I just as I feel like we're. Really we seem to be super skeptical about what those caps will be because the whole I always kind go back to the AT&T sampled their wild when they started changing the pricing models for the iPad and iPhone and no one has complained about that ever since -- happen when they change from their. All you know limitless package to basically like 25 dollars for something like two gigs of mobile data -- everyone was up in arms about that but at the end of the day. You don't hear about it because people realized while I don't use that much data rate on my phone. Yet it's not everything after recent millennia yet as long as the as lot but the problem is -- lot you know no it doesn't it is not. It is not guilt -- the in the -- it's not our right to have the fastest version it's not a right to have the best car but it's a right to have a road. You know it's -- right to have the road to drive on the right to have the telephone line to attach a telephone to you and in my view the Internet is the road and a telephone line. And you can put on whatever what any it -- -- -- want from there. But the fact is what is gonna be offered to the people at the lowest level is not acceptable in terms of keeping America. In parity with the rest of the and it's also finally hard to even. I guess -- -- -- except when the Internet from it from the very start was all completely open for Mac and look what how -- that is like a little heart out and when it was completely open and nobody was trying to method that nobody is and they get this happening -- -- yeah -- -- you know that -- yet. No you're fine you're fine it's okay -- if you're an idiot says hey do I I understand you're getting you stop you know like I -- over -- No but it was open in the first place and that's why it's hard for us to be like. Okay no matter what whether it's from whatever parties deciding what happens with it does the fact that it's getting regulated because now it's -- -- at the point where. It is a high profile utility potentially. A right that we have now every everyone it's it's no longer the Internet it's the Internet with money that's. -- or. Is and pronounce -- in the charity that could that the Internet is in danger of being like open like AOL hidden. So I think that's where sort take content on net neutrality I'm sure we will be talking about that more obviously in the coming it's really interesting to see how that land that the than what kind of conversations -- there's ultimate. I mean I guess they like and it's pretty light touch. And all things considered I would rather steal it and -- in her. At that the Davis you know the slight -- proposed by the FTC. I believe like they can still what is it they can still argue that it's not it's not -- law. Right yeah I mean at least now the the thing that makes this different is that they have had guidance about net neutrality for awhile but it didn't carry the weight of line mpeg one and arguments among the commissioners. Commissioner baker arguing against it was she said look even if we adopt these regulations the Comcast case in the Comcast ruling federal court ruling found that we put up any authority. Do you enforce them so there argument -- like no matter what we do here it's going to be a legal nightmare because now we're gonna have to try to figure out. But genachowski said that he thinks the legal foundation is strong and -- that it will win court challenges. And that for now he doesn't have any plans to reassert broadband authority in -- Spybot and that the -- here. -- -- -- Leo C -- out who -- are right about -- like an actual well exclusive. Information because that's why we're all here. All right check this out -- -- opulent is the exclusive and based on Intel confirmed from multiple sources the PlayStation phone that we've been talking about. Is set to hit shops in April of 2011. Of the phone and the gaming and gaming hand held will be coming that looks like they're gonna be announcing it. At the mobile world congress wants a lot people were hoping maybe we make it's -- -- at CES's room especially with the three yes potentially making an appearance and you're state column by -- and -- -- stage in our hands. But on you know we're gonna wait for mobile world congress and also in a related story a lot of sad about this -- before we jump to an expert though the -- you said I have a little. A bird on your -- Have a friend who actually got that they -- -- repetition. And he said he's and the first of all he's not social and tried of them as a a be a -- -- And he's he also said what what his his initiative and review of the whole thing was -- Mean really. I think I think I can -- really did exactly that's exactly announcement it could be mad because there's no games the -- and that's the -- it's like hey it's a PlayStation -- it controls but there's no demo games on it and -- I like every video -- -- me -- my. Where -- -- -- commander and relatively and a some aspects rumored inside a one gigahertz Qualcomm processor 500 bombings -- one gig of rom. The screen is in the range of three point seven to four point one inches believable -- yes it looks like a mobile congress will be revealing of the and then in addition that Nintendo will be revealing their details. Of the three yes on January the nineteenth. Which is also. -- that's not. Does that mean we're not gonna happen again well I think they're gonna show it off because they -- it -- to the public already but over time out details about specs pricing. -- like true availability. I understand they now know that via. You know that's the yes. They not know that the instant authority has sent. The Nintendo is -- what they wanna have their own events. Remember it's just like just like Apple takes the thunder away from CES last year everyone has fun of the -- iPad when an iPad was Neiman. Announce an Apple did after the ethical and a week later -- make -- -- late may to have a party at the be useful for -- hacking her ongoing either. -- well it really appreciated at least officially the panel beginning at 3-D S on beverage that's when he six. On the gets cheaper mid march release in the states. How. It. That's how honestly only have to do is if we potentially see that device on our CNET stage and does give them give them the -- the end that you. Anyway -- so Nintendo actually not even so PlayStation is doing the mobile world congress being. Nintendo and I have their own party -- guy -- -- their own events they're having a precedent that they're -- Well the full Apple. If you left -- a in that department speaking of Apple actually pool. Adobe Apple has removed. An unofficial iPhone and iPad. -- app. -- yanked it from -- or they -- that earlier today apparently because they said. -- right they don't give reasons they just have a particular way even though all of the information contained in the app which basically does let you. Re look at all this happening -- -- it. -- -- you think it has a body and the value. I mean it's not an Apple of them but it kind of awesome for them to wade in like does the -- as the prevailing -- are starting to be like. How that few percent through the leg get rid of that we can leave them and can make -- -- Dell. And it could I you know what it does still have. You have -- -- American headed out why would they take it back down. We'll look okay why would they take the sat down. Remember that time we had that app that magnetic -- or an app. And like you and -- like yeah whatever they took it down like. I'm I'm so he's that this does the Manhattan or gap that really wasn't -- hardcore anti -- which was it was you know frame to be. It there Apple's reasoning and -- Al writes that all is because. That a large group object Leno was -- objection to the app it was there like a public this is not that this isn't UI but there is -- there was no like. Petition governor brought out -- yet it is just the -- -- the position doesn't matter Apple consulting downloaded they wanna take down they totally -- -- and there's -- that is not. That's ridiculous. I'm gonna go out and my phone and nothing -- it that we QB temper and heard. The can download it right now is weak dot as weak as -- week. That's what. -- can stick it. A -- like had a petition it would take to get them to put it back it and -- Joe Lieberman pup probably called Steve Jobs personally and -- night thinking you New Year's model and here and explain censorship thing on the -- -- -- -- an Apple only number around. What are they gonna didn't. I don't think a quick -- it. If you like then do you love that and when we come back surprising news about windows phones that entails the have been. -- -- -- -- -- -- In the house with miss Molly Wood and Bonita Gonzales. Oh well this -- tells me that there are or Wiki leaked out rendered. Well well they go and also porn. Download it now wouldn't AS AP. And other stories -- Microsoft is now laughter -- being coy about how many people would dispose of it actually sold. According to this recent release a report from Microsoft more than one point five million windows phone seven's. Have been sold to date now. That's actually pretty good but then there was an update to this article palm you know on CNET and it says that -- -- -- primary pupil who covers make them extensively. As is that the number actually represent sales of windows phone seven phones from phone makers to carriers that's technically shipped number. Right that's not a consumer purchase exactly and it wouldn't like. There have been some -- and literally not many. Of -- -- there in stores there in stores. It is interesting blood may say that partly -- the the sales themselves might have been higher. But the phone makers and carriers didn't provide sufficient -- there in the future and it and -- kind of kept everything a little bit down. But there's an interesting report from IDV. Saying that the windows phone seven marketplace is actually ramping up faster. Then Apple did and -- even when it's compared to the iPhone app store. It's time our evening pay you -- -- impassive and Android than a hundred and I think that the -- because data in a week some brain. Yet sorry it was ramping up faster than Android did in the Android marketplace and -- actually gotten excellent -- because nobody had heard of. -- -- that all of the of course the development environment was probably a little -- either side do you an -- and also everyone realized like apps are the killer app on iPhone and that's but that's my other than the phone -- -- and -- -- -- at -- hours. -- they did get that Amazon and. The -- -- -- of the times it is impressive how the degree to which it seems to be keeping pace with iPhone app development because it it it. -- -- It seems like whoever wins the long -- will be potentially the one or in the short term will be the -- with the strongest army of app developers behind it you know it if it. Developers are embracing developers developers developers that yeah yeah are embracing Microsoft that means it's time. Also in other Apple related news Apple's announced that -- Apple TV sales will top one million units this week for that little. 99 dollar box that's -- right going after about three month on the market. Images not bad I mean it's not you know like if -- more than you would expect for a hobby not -- for hobby via. Roku which has been around a lot longer is is approaching a million it's almost like a race to a million now between Apple TV and -- group. But what's really interesting is that instead of taking the big hit that everyone kind of expected when Apple TV. The new one was announced -- CES that -- cells actually doubled. Because Apple basically as a rising tide -- about you know an Apple helped bring all this attention and awareness to the category and the -- about -- -- I mean you could argue right. The Apple TV the reason why it's even sold a million units is because there's a lot of people are like oh it's another 99 dollar Apple -- might honestly I -- but then when you start looking like what else is out there and we've been -- by the -- -- -- the Apple TV. The roku on Amazon they have a few different models but they're roku XP -- is eighty dollars at number nine on Amazon's bestselling -- list. -- even did a special. -- have analytical box deals today for that roku XPS and it sold out in like the first hour to. Really and normally don't and I believe it normally -- gold box deals -- there there are good for the whole day. Right well -- I deny that but they think that will. With unquestionably better than Apple always -- -- Apple TV is much more limiting you know the Boxee box is probably the holy Grail in terms of doing all of the things that you wanted to do even though it still have some content and is like 200 some bucks at the broken link to whenever -- can understand. Yeah and a look funny. And it does more than the AppleTV now and it it is -- that whole category this is way stronger. Then anyone I think ever -- expected. Interesting note about Hulu plus on your Tivo it's coming to TiVo's premiere. Pretty soon but Tina says her lengthy yep guaranteed -- says. That it is not going to show up on any of the Tivo devices supplied by cable companies that they've finally managed to get -- cable companies to adopt Tivo. As they're set top box at sudden link -- -- -- namely. But then they -- the red folders. Aren't going to allow Hulu plus on those boxes because of -- place next to cable powered via idea. So it's and that what is it that's also -- services like Netflix from having the same you know from doing the same thing via. Thank you right -- rights holders they let up and even -- when we can't. -- -- -- tell you how much they've screwed -- many little fun things threats from. -- you know media distribution from Boxee boxes -- Apple TVs roku is are actually still limited because of rights holders yet. Google TV Google TV could. But who just a distraction that advocates -- access period even even if you're an iTunes -- getting all the content you want to even be able to purchase in one place and but also they -- rest all the evidence Hulu plus on DVRs there. You can get on -- regular GDR but on the cable even. And Netflix. Neither Netflix Netflix and Apple has yet -- its contract don't allow them to be placed on Tivo that can. And then they have and then by the way although the cable company it can totally be trusted by the way the system is not broken. Have done everything they possibly can to make cable card. Impossible. You understand use and implement for consumers who might want a standalone cable I'm going to send a Christmas card. To the right owners. Same thing you. If you and I think -- -- using. Thanks for not giving -- -- -- -- and for things to turn -- -- -- for slowing -- technological adoption for consumers and take a piled everywhere yet thank you appreciate it -- and it -- your editor -- it. That happy note that read meet other rental there's -- like. -- -- -- -- -- -- You know like we just -- meaningless by victors then I'll pay you. Really I -- pay I will paper Netflix like I knew I will continue to paper -- I would paper Hulu plus. I'll pay for video on demand it has a better selection out a paper leopard cable and apparently it. Like I would have paid almost any amount to just watch the eclipse movie that one night that I wanted to but there was like thirty. Thirty day delay Netflix so that they can how they could beef up their crappy streaming collectors and like you know what Apple. That thirty day delay agreement that you agreed to that is super work it out I have definitely -- the Netflix instant streaming collection is at it. -- -- -- Some of it if it's. Okay my money ball. Men. -- the mushroom cloud parking ticket -- the quick hits. -- -- -- -- Yanks -- of Android 2.3 -- gingerbread coming to the Nexus One that was the original. Google phone kind of like their development bonus though you can expect that you were wondering and -- that on the dark it's -- It is depriving it. Good news of the good news flight speaking Mandarin flight held opened up its beta if you have not tried flight if you could you -- we can often pretty remarkable I mean you'll be amazed at and it's accurate the it is the the software that lets you just drag your finger across the keyboard as demonstrated to help -- video. Do and it just it knows what letters you want. Young to hit. -- you slide a really fast we even did a hack on this of how to get swiped on any Android phones which is then shortly. Broken by the by the developers of the beta because they were -- I guess eventually to release this -- out but yeah it's it's an awesome tech and you gotta get in on that I -- to try it out I am glad that it is. Million -- man Rhode Island but there -- -- -- most you'll use it love it. Wouldn't they won't go back. The FCC has announced that its investigating Mark -- the sudden departure. From HP that drama continues that was he was ousted in the most -- sex scandal ever. The FS EC has declined to comment on exactly what it's looking for but. I mean that departure cost. HP shareholders. Billions of dollars -- like four point oh millions of dollars they estimated exactly so it's not too surprising that they are that they're taken -- and them. -- gotta wonder how that in effect the whole. The rather than -- hire over at Oracle it now. We'll -- was dropped from -- -- -- dropping app downloads from their site next month the average driver ultimately. There's so what Apple's doing is basically direct -- Directing developers -- -- or you know people to. Go to the Mac app sorts coming out in January 6 but this is kind of -- bugaboo for developers actually have hiring teams directly on -- downloads section. On their website. Because a lot of these apps based on the requirements and obviously the restrictions Apple places on the app store when APIs you -- -- of what they're gonna distribute on their app store. On the doesn't jive the same as it does if you just download them -- is now being on their app store itself. The suggesting there -- number one or number four. Clean my iMac which of the system utility is number four on the download list it's a maintenance tool but apparently it may run afoul of some of guidelines. And won't be able to make it into -- app store and there's a lot there's a lot apps like that that I use right now so it's. In your home -- -- to support the developers that have -- your platform for years you're welcome developers thanks so much from the work you've done. Another greeting card that we can build. Either -- developers -- -- a big thank you get with an Apple. Sees the -- I think you're gonna get it yeah let's do it. I wouldn't talk about that yesterday Motorola put out a video red of course has started teasing him there content their honeycomb tablet. That they may be watching and DS frankly we and the video -- boring with a slightly and metabolic everywhere and it's documented -- well. The only reason you more time out because they were like -- smack on other competitors -- -- the beauty of super Sony and if you're gonna lay smack her talk smack about any product that's already on the market at least show your product working and -- don't. Like seriously could they like it goes on and on and on with all these different tablets throughout history like -- Olympic tablet. And then. At the very end it zooms in and -- -- p.s that while in a plug into -- over a cable that they say something about the iPad like it but it's a -- iPhone Mario. It's like a giant iPhone for you to -- -- and a low low smacked. Every other gonna talk about the talk about -- Android now. The galaxy tab which to -- Leo this is what we're trying to do is -- explain to you why we ignored Android OS but Android -- for phone and they also automatically turn. This rubberized. Like satin clock -- and on we're gonna avail at no we're gonna fade to -- the little Motorola logo and we're gonna show us CG -- Friday called it for handing down but we don't -- it we know nothing about the device but we're gonna talk all kinds Mac about it. -- they had noticed a lot tech companies at least typically they'll only show you a little bit of the device or -- have a right to talk smack instead -- -- well before the back of. -- it does seem that that will admit that would in fact make it a teaser. You could -- death by showing up a little bit of the thing. -- -- way cooler gadget news. Ben -- builder of -- rugged and mod it machines galore awesome has created in new PlayStation 3. The is. Totally rugged and meant to be used in Afghanistan can manage anybody -- leopard and entertainment at their treatment and. Not so and it's I mean that right -- this thing could probably it looks like. -- -- time out of nuclear suitcase basically it totally does put its accident PS3 -- the things got a lot. And it looks really officially you could totally need this thing into the and into the tank has point two inch LCD. What -- -- AK built in speakers a TV tuner. In addition of that at least my eighth that's that's -- TV tuner PS3 on the go. It and it's a whole rickets can get at that point Intel TV's -- -- -- at the whole the whole gaming system not just like you and yet. I love it. -- it cost them I want somebody that like Kate we could start applying to raise a bunch of money to put these in the semi mass production and torture. When the listener he gets -- elephant that's -- event had to just masri is what he does -- catch everyone about that but now they are really amazing. -- -- you know I it's also amazing. This next story in science news most news. Wow engineering at over the -- that the that the -- Well it is because awesome all right Israeli Air Force sonic booms. -- and -- crocodiles extracts. That's that the headline that's the headline in his running -- making that up. Solid boost -- by Israeli Air Force planes breaking the sound there has stimulated the sex drive of a group of crocodiles on a local farm. So they've started their meeting calls described by the newspaper as the sound of a vehicle break -- handed him. Normally reserved for the spring mating season. Via the -- -- happens in the spring but they but they paying to be able around the crocodile farm. They think that maybe the reptiles were responding to the sonic -- because they thought that they were. Media mating call downright old male. So it's completely -- screwed up there. Meeting. That's the nice things out of normally they'd they'd do in the spring it does notes say that despite the crocodiles -- -- war -- There have been no increase in sexual activity amongst the view which is kind of Obama is talking about it there's the added -- idea. -- have to do the same thing. Exactly sonic booms as crocodile -- -- I love our show awesome I'm grabbing -- yeah. I -- -- method with mania out of our contract bidding I'll. Leave -- right on the money well. Cool. Harry McCracken -- the techno -- -- -- either technology either. That's not what we're gonna ordered it that -- word anyway he has put together pattern guy came up with the number but I kinda Leavitt. 57. Lee -- -- moments of 2010. 57 we are wondering like is -- -- And number line at the Healy Paul its Steve Ballmer showing off all those late -- he is running Windows 7 in his CES keynote. None of which a fierce. None of which Lenovo and of them. Number two -- gaga. Partnering with Polaroid a completely rule at CES 2010. And completely logical -- and a -- -- of Chinese noodles and bamboo. Oracle yet. Need talked about the HTC. That T-Mobile and its -- the early termination policy that they for the Nexus One. So like if you -- -- you can get a -- of both of even he can't cancel your service after. Before your two year contract and then -- had to be a few hundred dollars to T-Mobile and 350 dollars to Google. And on top of the 179 price Revver has wheels off and now -- paid for the phone then you would have paid a total cancellation fee of 729. Dollars. Or 200 dollars more than the un subsidized Nexus One in the first place Australia -- well area. Others other hits double -- the -- still allowed -- -- Apple and -- the of the number five -- the obligatory dumb crook story mean I don't know how many of those we had. Crashing -- even like you know excellent driving in the window like an Apple Store yet because there's they'll have lots of notes about various lawsuits Apple's doing -- -- -- everybody's doing every the failed to Google Buzz lines. Let he among us -- has never let someone else -- top -- property behind at a -- cast the First Amendment act. The -- -- think it's a good list actually it's -- -- that you view is that man Mike is not a Microsoft product name without at least one super with where. That windows phone seven series which lets you easily every time I find myself having to pay anywhere. Windows phone seven phone I've -- parents for at all. The tongue twister -- if Apple wants its TV these Apple -- if -- each -- back a little suiting their beloved aunt and via. It's pretty significantly feel you'll injury -- island. You'll also enjoy it the suspense. And ethnic and -- lets you think we'll see if they can gasoline is yet we'll get like a few moments to guess what it is what is the number one most pirated movie of 2010. And ponds will give you a few moments in the time and then and there on that hearing about now. And today and resort waiting for the -- but if you you are driving your car your on the treadmill in doubt about it he said yes. Shouted out follow. -- avatar around a tile Salmonella that a few iron man's hurt lockers they would now and now it was it was avatar. ABA TA RU as earth though all over the also really interesting when the rest of the list the top ten list because no. No twilight anywhere. None of the other -- in the top ten but the number two most pirated movie with gas. -- -- no idea and it's about them recorded 111000. 111400000. Downloads of -- -- website engrossed with somewhat disappointing forty million dollars domestically -- an agreement in the about them. If that's what other things though like -- really like. Category two -- that -- -- she glory in a Wii but that's little things the life of like a coal movie. Can't really live anymore like where a movie can make money by having a cult following around like an example was like. Heralding Kumar go to like castle. That movie made tons of a dvd sales and -- the -- before the Internet and BitTorrent really that big. A movie like kick -- would have been that kind of movie isn't new but now because of how things have changed and so it's going to be downloaded your likable and even some of the theaters. And retirement -- basically because of the demographic. -- specifically because of the cult movie aimed at geek he then if you're like okay women and men and. So -- -- and only sad thing about that to me is that. It's harder for sequel relevant to come out because of something like that idea you know I think the -- it shows that that that. The rest of the list to -- proves what happens when you make movies that people don't really -- -- Well I don't wanna pay for -- but -- download dynamic template and a three is not the case inception was the third most pirated movie. But like -- -- -- shutter island. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Clash of the titans. Use you -- -- -- -- and I am not that I'm. -- -- and usually the biggest -- and -- -- Scorpion stings a rhythmic -- significantly -- them we don't that I loved it from the trailer today if you get a low end of the credits and now I have the dvd. I have untitled -- having and a minute with a Green -- are not that is -- -- the fact that Hurt Locker and insult. We know that the Hurt Locker was -- that -- the heart laughter may was elevated this that's because that means that they were complaining so much about how the -- -- -- sort of be like elephant and now. Well -- for whatever reason really was torn and a lot even before I mean it that in and that's why they they're going after the specific IP address. Holders who they hope the IP address holders because that when the torrent and so much that they -- they really felt like it killed them them. They'll do -- even uninteresting with mentioned in the article. Shall we shall we -- some of your feedback. This voice mail comes in from our friend Javier he's -- he's. Thinking pondering under its cores like isn't there -- way -- always a way is there a way that around the Google TV blockade. -- -- Google TV and national white -- can just. Make. The Chrome browser on Google TV appears like it's coming from a laptop or it's a computer. Easier way to do that I mean. Is it not possible I -- so we can seek. That the users among many other stuff. Where -- -- look like fox are. Calmer and -- just can't tell it popped -- period and it should be pretty simple. To do that networking deals and -- that. May at Apple. And call her. And it is -- content from. I of course there's a way -- -- technically there's. Obviously technically -- yet technically they could definitely do that the problem is that that puts you squarely in -- especially in the eyes. Of the content holders that are so resistant to this idea and effort went validated they put you squarely into privacy tab or piracy -- I mean it's not as bad as outright pirating Writely can averaging a torrent server adds Google. But if you are Google and your hoping to ever make those deals like the last thing you wanna do is get into a running technological gun battle with what's basically a hack. It's if you just came right out of the gates with the website we don't like it or not thing we like it but it's a business decision if you came right navigate through the browser that can -- all their content. And you're not even willing to make any deals with them you'll never get the chance even in the future -- to make deals with them because you've already -- an average Yang never union in the -- -- now it's -- of the -- what a lot of things and technologically possible and blocked by DR ram or rights deal are right -- -- -- -- money. Basically money you'd be -- days you'd be amazed at the things that are possible but not allowed. Innovation and a -- -- double edged sword again. All right city emails -- the buzz out loud truth I live in North Dakota near Fargo and we're getting AT&T. Three G service soon. -- -- -- -- -- Part of the Verizon Alltel merger Alltel -- divested to AT&T statewide the local -- stores are currently or have just been converted to AT&T source. -- an iPhone displays around to including Wal-Mart. The switch is supposed to happen gender but I have some friends who receive letters -- They will switch in March anyways though I would never even think of switch and AT&T because my Droid to global gets -- -- -- mega bits on Verizon which seems to be. Every where. The point anyways I love the show that's from -- to North Dakota. Night I am I am very that if huge dent. Honestly though that's. A big deal if it's pretty interesting now when you got an of the Connecticut that -- you know or Atlanta. You think those populated by geeks and nothing but geeks usually is -- everywhere couldn't. Let's see we got an. Email from -- and am and here. In the -- names and email aren't from anonymous he says. Have you ever heard of operation -- in 1965 -- Harvard students had the idea of letting a computer range compatible dates. Questionnaires were spread among students the answers punch on IBM card and -- -- coast in 1990 mainframe computers. And the resulting names of compatible individuals were sent declines the system spread to various European countries. And sometime in the late sixty is my mother with waiting at a train station in -- -- Netherlands for a man who had been selected for her by computer. It all worked out very well in 1972 they buried in two years later. And state doesn't think that they that I am among the first generation of people born out of computer facilitated -- -- back -- That's qureia. 05 mama while at school and then they included links to the atom that -- stories about operations. -- -- but like that's like the ultimate. -- -- -- -- -- -- That's awesome now if you would like to read more about operation match or just click on the links to the story that -- today you can form your own informed opinion. And then rate at -- Our blog is below that our email address is buzz at and her phone number as 106162638. Just a little programming at we have one more show for you this year it is tomorrow. -- -- -- -- it'll you know my action I've noticed. Though we only have one more show where we're kinda fits on the court were done in Iowa that will be here tomorrow in studio for the last live but -- -- of the year. There'll be no show on December 23. And then the specialist at the start and a very sporadic. With the I see as tomorrow the -- --
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