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Tech Culture: Ep. 137: Glasses-free 3D laptops, 20 years of the web, and back-to-school PC buying advice

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Tech Culture: Ep. 137: Glasses-free 3D laptops, 20 years of the web, and back-to-school PC buying advice

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This week we pick the best back-to-school computers, find out when glasses-free laptops are hitting stores, and celebrate the first 20 years of the World Wide Web.

Okay now everybody hello Scott hey you're doing. Good glad to be back actually that we're -- to have effects beyond. If you -- plastic -- is not here and this week just been Julie are not here with totally swapped out you're the only on the release -- never on with the Chris squire of via podcast. -- the center thank you all pro center of the -- my -- now we have got to and just go -- and everybody TJ Allard has been ever for an of course if you're call. TJ was one of my co panelists on the on the cult quiz show was -- -- which 100 I never really -- that just -- -- and then -- value both both little (%expletive) about video games have a very kind of while both the style the an -- best -- -- yes I love the -- VH one style somebody else just post them all again no that's an idol and YouTube versions and re posted HD versions on YouTube excellent fuel and goes -- we're talking about in. I'm gonna -- some -- into that. So so to be a bit of a different show but still kind of the same could revolving on the floor. And -- that's -- I've really got to say did you know that was twenty years ago almost today but not quite. That the world world's first a web site went online that was of cost of course August 6. 1991. When Tim burners -- -- name I'm sure you all know posted the first website. And the world wide web became publicly available -- was only one website you can be linked to anything. I'm I'm I'm gonna show you very quickly. A picture of what that initial web site looked like them but if they get -- you're ready to area. They come now and one -- started both run web welcome. That's not even actually the original version of that nobody bothered to take a screen capture of the first version this is the two years later. But -- -- that. History got award you know archive dot org has been the way back machine yet the way back machine got a version of it. I feel so old because I remember going to my computer clustered and and finding it was -- -- 93 going to the -- You know Mozilla. Was realized with that with -- little -- here I actually have -- cameras as well. -- ultimate death gives nets game -- pre pre Netscape you know I was it was just there was only one web browser. When can use the actual first web browser which -- just one entity from reading about this history of the web and with respect myself here. Actually and it. -- of those them with a contract with -- yes and -- do what's right before I got and then five I think is the the -- shot to there -- -- -- And don't -- take a look like Jon Stewart if you know my life -- disagree with -- And we could get all the negative way na your server I just drives you get -- -- is a drag. Anyway the world that the first web browsers having they put together was called actually I think the world wide web and it was an -- it was an editor and browser at the same time. He could edit the documents actually yeah and and then of course later came a -- and Internet Explorer which is part of windows 95. And -- look where we are now -- -- -- live video and audio over the web in real time it's shocking. -- -- first. Okay if that's not happy two days after retainer went what was the first website. You guys remember visiting -- it -- says Scott got what -- remember what -- earliest Internet memory hunger. Going down this -- Was that I was in the computer clustering college -- must have been 93. And which your browser was I guess it wasn't called Mozilla but it was whatever is before Netscape. Amazon made this an environment. And money and if there's a browser before Netscape and anyway only thing -- members I just went and found college -- Don't like this just prodigy whose -- yeah okay right service yes the an accelerant as Denver which came up last week -- the week before when we were talking about. The top ten Internet properties from 1996 somebody dug up that data and prodigy was on the list actually ill I was a number one. Yet how far we've come -- first effort into that memory -- And first one was just -- mugs yeah playing the mud where I was just actually was playing a -- with the guy who ended up turning himself into a lizard man. Over after Mortal Kombat I don't know why it's remember that but -- -- Tom implements. -- are great for I was -- -- world of web memory going back to Internet yet Mike Agassi away Allen's. -- a first visit a college campuses they -- email this is great. When you plug your name was like -- like half of your Social Security number it's a random string -- like in VA here you know you have this like giant like multi pin terminal connector. Here in -- ethernet and you'd use pine or Eudora or oh yeah that's different snail shells. Yeah it's got it at 70% of the alliance has no idea what we're talking about right now this is this gonna anyway didn't colleague just like -- had no they're there -- no like mail programs the news we dating ourselves -- a -- of -- total -- -- Interest -- speaking of schools got that's actually an excellent point you bring up because it is August and -- it -- going back to school whether it's high school or college and debt. We -- we always get -- emails while laptop should I get. From my regular kid is going -- -- -- go to college and and it's always very generic it's always like. A lot -- go to college while up after again but -- It needs to be good at everything -- pretty affordable and got a lot of stuff battery life super lightweight very inexpensive -- get it every single thing across the board Sarasota on lot specifics we get. But I I'm I'm curious don't want them He likes the -- who benefit -- competitors -- Another bunch of options and you're like is like there was -- locked up that a switch to went forms speed and stamina mode it's -- You want -- like -- most evil when you -- but you features you again I want us. Someone enough. But -- a mutually exclusive can be had either speed or stamina kind of -- exactly you want is just about all. So intent. And it should be less than 500 dollars in -- when nothing at all simply no way you know one half pounds and that when you get and the seventeen inch screen -- that transforms it to you that I feel the excitement and are ideal laptop dream of the -- -- -- generic questions got what Lafferty gimmicky go to school. What's generally the most. Common answer you give. I'd say first of all neat yeah yeah -- gallery has -- does it matter if you want latest flash to -- -- slash Mac. That factor in at all -- that -- When you pretty clearly other -- if your windows. One of those 600 dollar at this point like do it all fourteen ventures like the you know the HP DV six series are like the Dell Inspiron. Are those -- good Solio can -- -- care much about like many the bells and whistles when you're basically a computer. But then if you're -- Apple gets obviously easy united sailing out to the MacBook -- an entry level thirteen inches your safest -- Vs the air right now is as as sexy as the areas -- -- -- human like the storage space. That's a good point -- what -- you people storing and in this I don't do. Listen to notice those libraries -- along with a laptop that's really good for ordering coffee content online and. Did you connect it to you people really rely on cloud storage universally I would like I mean her college -- -- saying like I don't need storage -- -- all that stuff in the cloud. They're very they're probably doing more than we are because you asked me if that's native to that. -- to -- the music streaming the video and Netflix instead of downloading movies but that's native to them like iPhoto which -- -- -- be is built into into a Mac and you're gonna be living with. Works terribly in an offload it to any other in divisive -- a wireless stepping up and -- 64 gigs of photos I do. -- college are not as sure you don't have not -- college night and again this is. He cellphone you sonics and they'll get all the years ago. -- -- in -- last -- so they get there get an air clarify Jose and there are moles I like the idea of the larger hard drive. Do you have any specific advice to people ask you what laptops they get particularly in its count since the camera should at. I know now again out nobody asked -- for any technical college and I know you could. Now I mean I give people enough for back to school nobody business prions that are -- At a typical. The university's Phoenix is typical with that as long as they supply the tools again and yet. I can't call you may never have I the first step that's your column go and apex that's netted it out advanced video equipment -- I don't -- they -- -- part of -- -- -- dating -- even -- on the -- The podcast it's -- fifteen minutes ahead -- I'm. Sorry it does the value of Julian generate a lot of actually are -- -- it. You know they're not if a young -- adds I still dream of going to apex today. I really -- I. -- -- -- I teach at a critical time I get while not an -- people stop to go it seems a lot about this technology stuff what I should I buy on at both Britain has been the phone the phone is like a questions about. I'm always I'm -- the -- guy next to love the evo. Really I'm just waiting for somebody have now. -- -- -- And it just I mean I've loved it although it had that matter ice -- that that that which it could be in trouble in paradise the -- note note makes use does -- and I'll. I -- my battery tech for the iPhone so that same difference you know exactly like a and you that's the thing. It looks like you make it snagged and things like that -- in the pocket. It's been pretty good for me and it's like -- -- where. I didn't if you came like this wouldn't even know the difference yet -- -- think it's pretty good but you know now it's literally the last six hours -- its -- it once that happened and but it's been like -- it would be -- -- that would -- it Iowa City evil unless you're going you know that you want simplicity simplicity. The iPhone doesn't the iPhone five supposedly cannot make idea oh I didn't have a friend of mine is and I hate to even say this He left his iPhone make its three G -- -- campers something. We had to -- that get new -- He got an iPhone four I did not have the heart talent over the iPhone 500 -- you should nice I think you're already had the phone either already watching a baseball game on it at the restaurant. I I kind did not have the heart to act like you're a football with guys to baseball. -- allow let's. Don't think he's headed stranger as I mean hopefully solid mileage with little football which is usually disappointment. That's a choice of teams implement the level of yes yes -- Good -- and refer winning teams -- How -- you. How now the heavy HBO go -- -- just to take a quick tangent I'm disappointed you and I can do that hard knocks her but it would -- culture of the season. Oh yeah it's ridiculous it's like the jets is not good get a reality show yeah I mean at and it was desolate it was China's successful to Jackson and the whole the whole lockout basically nobody wanted to add additional. Complications to a process -- they're almost wasn't football this -- so. I hope it does come back and then also points out -- a bit of a gripe I have as much as the HBO go catalog is large it is missing certain things like hard -- really hard -- is not on the H -- -- Neither is on what was a -- TV -- and register my enemy. A very short lived Louis CK HBO T He had -- -- Where is it isn't -- yet there's now I mean there's one -- effects. There was one before that those are short -- van Allen and don't know but it's not a complete you know I I I I fooled myself into thinking that the cataloged it feels very complete. Going back to sex in the -- all the main ones but some of those smaller precincts that it is -- a smaller failed -- Jensen and Mac. I understand -- why -- -- do that. Why would they not have their -- it's their own catalog with the guy want on of the of the -- -- Kelly -- Cincinnati -- -- was even expecting after the soprano that is not -- idea not and that's on HBO go either exactly like all -- little ones you kind of forget the big winners there and -- -- Larry Sanders is -- of course Larry Sanders is on Netflix so there's an -- A and then there are also -- running those on and then on dollars and now where there's and his is on Netflix and you -- -- A lack of standards like David when -- was a -- -- this week. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You -- you hello Ed show in its mineral property interests it all so obvious it's the same vein -- as -- has low current my the end zone. And yes -- try so hard very neat little -- include such great painful TV I don't know I just noticed it's too broad. It's -- bureau -- and it is the first episode I tried to watch teens and girl are critical wanted to eat together in the gets stuck trying to get out of affront to the apartment for ten minutes I turned off. -- and has brought all day was that -- He gave up on other -- aren't there yet to go further and I thought I. -- just like. I opened the -- not read beyond the president pages and yet -- it's one of those shows you kind of have to struggle a bit of and I want to have another episode and I can say we not to go on -- are confident kids He can get decent and natural actor and nobody else on it it's like a bunch of student actors and I never drink -- insane things like the best show on TV but but -- turn by them but it is a very very -- -- Oh my point -- is I did one vary and -- are very very. And elected. I I -- any point being on currently represent this week Richard Lewis. They cut him and he's got sitting on his desk next -- -- on the phone Larry David a pristine black MacBook which obviously they don't make anymore because it looks like He was fresh out of the box is in perfect condition. And I was so shocking to tweet about it and but He never used for yet like likely come with as is typically actual -- up from his desk. I don't know I -- and it was under of their shows them how much reveal how much of the -- -- Indiana so it it just a weird anachronistic thing for him to have sitting at his desk along at a production black MacBook is like perfect out of the box -- up to find screen grant from the show them that this kind of extra props at the show actually because it's a much more realistic. Saying that Richard Lewis of using or you might be using we have new MacBook yet or newer who knows maybe bought a brand new -- -- -- -- -- -- Speaking of laptops. Who's got my -- than our own special ways talk to the fine folks at Toshiba last week this and they have something cool coming out. Do you remember Scott I know you remember back at CES. Back in January which -- the big technology trade show Scott -- saw this this prototype laptop Toshiba was was working on. And this is important to mention since we went at least -- gently touch on laptops that what we spent a lot of time on it had a fifteen inch screen. There's a 3-D screen that you -- need to Wear glasses to see at particular you'd have to surface display and what it did was it used the web cam. To track the users -- high placement and adjust to the two images on the fly today even if you -- -- head a little -- and still get the treaty via. And it shockingly actually were kinda well infected won the best prototype award at that -- yet. From a content that's the kind of thing that never really you know that we feel lots of -- it seems cool and never comes out. Kinda like that Lenovo. A convertible laptop for this -- -- and all you want mountains which own tablet two years ago and I don't -- -- real products. -- that -- we just thought this wouldn't go anywhere. It turns out Lenovo. I Toshiba is turning this into a real product that comes out like two weeks which is -- a shockingly fast turnaround it is and here I'll Australia frankly -- -- what it looks like. Food what -- any of these things -- -- c'mon. I don't I don't know if you wanna Loral watched through review and our glasses that's what looks like I say -- -- here is -- -- -- this from Seattle who I think greedy. In a first -- was -- exactly with glasses wherever you in fact it's a three S problem that makes it easy yet. If you look over here you can see the web -- -- tracking my eyes. It gets a little outline roaming eyes in my mind and out and that's how it did it that hotels what you -- and that's called the what is -- call. The final product is gonna be called need to cause -- Running cost Leo after 755. And it comes out like August 16 advocates like 16100 bucks or something like that we just which is a lot but I am pretty decent -- -- -- went wrong clicks 1690 -- -- -- a range with 3-D laptops I mean -- About 17100. Shifts got it's -- could CP used got a good graphics card. At 1080. People asking for laptops and laptop with you and or to get a MacBook recommending it and -- -- -- -- -- I like the Mac -- for the battery life at this point that is one of the main reasons why am then we'll just that if you're in school with its high school college has a sort about a peer pressure. And if anyone else has -- that look and you show up with like some 300 dollar. Wal-Mart Gateway special it's it's not gonna look good on on the clot and to say. -- -- -- -- style that include style tips for idea. I mean -- -- technology impaired its and it's -- and it's awfully well built that that aluminum design wouldn't mind one from 2008 and it's still. Feels great but it hasn't quite gotten weirdly keys haven't -- on this -- of laptops and after like about three years of use. Certain things -- offer where routers it'll want key construction wise and so it's a solid. And the Mac but don't he's -- -- yellow. At some point the ones are the letters -- -- anti nausea and -- that every -- gala at Motorola but this this has been. Pretty good it's a petite protected them -- -- -- -- -- military fatigues and critics. If you're pretty polite more than Mac -- got the discrete transistor -- -- -- -- whether that's still like ipads. You how much like ipads give people -- smuggling them into China. To avoid debt paying taxes on them apparently from Hong Kong when Apple corporate tax rate where exactly -- -- -- -- and I'm gonna tell. It's literally just knows certainly people are buying ipads in Hong Kong we -- -- we don't pay the same tax import taxes they do in mainland China. And literally setting up a zip line across like the river that across. Outlook of the that -- went well -- whether they're there there's. Flying across. But they but they smuggled into Shenzhen China by -- -- -- -- and -- in banks in in -- them across the body of water so ingenious -- I don't. I'm getting to get around taxes that the the British imposed on well and the British -- booklet -- -- -- did. But if they feel that Hong Kong has a much freer economic model and and then if organizational -- the tetris it just so the cops busted these guys -- -- if districts have pictures of the operation in action. If we -- an island the the United States at different taxation -- -- -- of winding stuff all the time dining hope that this is a little something about mysterious I had they put the the Palin. Yeah there's only ipads. The data. And then. It's a more in in action shots from from. MIC gadget dot -- And everyone reported on that they that that was pretty sure it's confirmed though that we know that there actually shipping act as a not just like showing stock footage in setting like we're making ipads now. And a really animator on knuckle fight exactly in their youth and their dislike and that's to steamers a line you know. Look the popular press so that that comes hot on the heels of the -- Apple Store from a couple we -- of you -- -- -- that actor wisdom was -- couple weeks ago but I do remember. The had a that'll fake Apple Store rarely -- it looked like an Apple Store supports that Apple Store on the front and Apple stores obviously never do it. I think that was pretty but that was pretty funny enough the bite logo. What would you what would you smuggle into the country she couldn't -- which. Account to. Iphone's app lets -- I can't deny it wasn't available yes it phones definitely what people actually import that is -- here from the technology robot dogs. Most everything is available suffered. You know high quality cigars while -- and communities plan Cuba yeah for the good job insurance card isn't it I'm sure someone Strider from their -- on sales -- one. The drug smuggling tunnels under the Mexican border. Or maybe -- -- who needs -- there was always a big deal to let on I'm sure it's real goods and recently -- Missouri a bug is -- -- -- on reforms but the funky like imported video games -- oh yeah oh yeah I -- after getting through yet. But now you can pretty much get them in -- on them from somewhere I just like batteries have been beaten me -- -- import those will matters like the real lithium ion batteries will last forever. It can't pass here because it and the key to cancer. Eat healthy to altos. As a climates that don't -- -- If anemic cancer batteries that's someday people will be zip lining incandescent light -- -- -- leading candidate batteries FT can only get you fluorescent wanna hear you know I've get a very impressive that can happen. Runs all day and online. It did -- against. -- videogames that are gonna jump forward. A lot of the games I think people been talking about the last couple weeks have all been and we talked about some of these with a buddy rush fresh -- last week when you -- has gotten. There all. They're -- downloadable slash online flash you know Xbox Live skits and games -- -- -- -- -- is right now I can -- a -- off the top of my head. And tell me if you ended TJ you're -- games guide to which it has been playing these odds bastion obviously which is the role playing game. It's kind of it's kind of a semi cutesy hack and slash RPG -- like kind of an anime. It's -- because the grounds reforms and -- -- as -- walkers -- floating in the sky and narrator. It's got what is you who like dynamic -- a caller we're likely you know when you do something Meredith says and -- went through the door. I think that the data fell off the edge of the cliff there but he's not done yet and He reappeared. -- it's cool it's not as preservatives says I don't know what that with all the hype is about but from just another one. Everyone's talked about him and that's of a strategy -- I think recently controlling the elements early tries people looks really nice. I don't know -- -- myself I couldn't I could get into it that much and and I've played it and it was a typical Ubisoft game and it's really pretty hot but. It's it's strictly familiar to black and white -- yes yes yes that's -- -- and a guy that -- that -- those both sound like older PC games -- to give him like a fresh yeah that's a good. That that it could take maybe BB modern downloadable games are just sort of instant gratification versions of older games -- At that point there's a -- is insanely twisted shadow that's an excellent I -- -- my reader. That's I tried out this weekend and syndicate who jealously limbo meets I don't know what. That's a problem I have a reminds me of I was missing this whole movement reminds me -- on indie films like around the whole Tarantino the birth of Tarantino and everyone's making their own version and then right silicon the beginning you -- reservoir dogs and these new indie films are kind of fascinating when Miramax is doing and then start -- 20 it's. Pulp fiction meets data and -- -- and -- downloadable games resale it's like limbo meets. You know -- -- -- you know parade you know so and that gets you you got things to do in Denver when you're dead yes yes it's actually engaged in an -- and -- -- It was a little ridiculous. And game unaware of outstanding gains that journey -- -- journey at the that the PS and a few of analysts and that's what I found out that now I had not yet got -- really get that a -- -- two and -- analyst. It was really fun in an interesting and I love -- company Wii's -- show remotely arm or Steve paste things. Remember that I think -- accurate picture at this time. The same company that's behind was behind flow -- -- -- so you know. It's I mean you -- emotional. -- very emotional games and and Jennifer -- deserves at least I'm sorry there is there are a genre of teams called. Email games and I don't I don't know there will be now. Certify that Owen Nolan that there -- at least a little bit better but it's not it's terrible it was they love their their work but. A little touches your inner inner child type gamers. You know don't be afraid to weep when you play this game sort of a game it's a little weird but I am. I got Australia wide open almost Zelda like world the big big advertisers and fail to have soundtrack squeak out a way to know. That's journey -- -- band Atari 2600 that was a good guess -- years playing as. As Steve Perry company and you have to escape the crazy journey fans thank you thank you thank you for -- -- schools that but. Was getting your mission that I had to go find it big open desert lots of stuff you just -- -- no idea why you're wondering to figure things that you see some rise and in handsomely for -- in the united sorry its its chemical. Stuff. When -- puzzle solving the gift triggered of the context underground is actually quite Michael like that life of the -- -- gonna mention was that. And maybe there are other options and other ones you guys can think of but for -- connect to -- that -- I played a reasonably. That and I played this brilliantly fun of you might guess we haven't played it my hands waving yes and and Alitalia this dubious audience at my house. Were all true believers at the end of the night to -- non videogame people like I can -- -- -- connect now. While it's got to connect -- NFL connects its gonna -- it's amazing that it's truly a great party and that game it is intent of the ultimate version of strategic -- -- and it really is a market for ninja Internet. Here there's slicing her gently guide us to go look -- slicing him it's gonna group. It's totally did it to they have so this'll they have the the birds yet for -- But now we don't want interest to do that they're gonna have angry I think you can have Angry Birds for cities. Oh and in an effort is but that and -- and that's a good one that the government is Angry Birds or connect to -- when -- evil evil. The worst thing is not only do I know what you're talking about as I've I I've actually I haven't done that. But I have done some some some -- -- -- playing high school but not in -- outdoor -- T environment I thought. Was environment I don't remember if it's and I've never had that never yeah. -- guided editing that part of the things -- -- I'm gonna do my families away live action Angry Birds here. When you're home alone and we want to join me. The team can't of the corner of programs that Google could you put somebody or -- the pig up the I don't something. That would hit you with good technical. -- -- -- -- -- -- running short time I did -- -- I did when it taking the eight room temperature here -- to. New -- and popular services to see how popular and useful they actually our number one. Google plus they are now saying and everyone keeps asking me about this that that that they're -- 25 million Google plus users. Number one are you guys on Google plus to use it regularly and is this a real number of phone number Alter -- I think it's -- the first. Thirty gig a right so I think it's real the artwork and -- news but it I use it a lot. I'm still trying to figure out why. As you did you mean you just read no you don't -- -- the unions and cross posting and doing the same thing on FaceBook Twitter and -- -- aware of the only really cool thing that who will hangouts. Google busting out -- a once there's a website like it. Total on this GP hang up that's going on and you just jump in the room has been going -- for the update -- aka. Launch the service and and I guess that Michael Dell jumped in the room like all these celebs -- -- -- jumping in. Tech people are coming in an era -- participating in it's just an ongoing. Is it just -- -- video was video solo plus hang out is its ten people can that I know that I'm saying that particular room -- -- via its video and -- one at one point some this camera guy or this weatherman. From a station in my Greenville, South Carolina. Took us life on the air with an odd thing to -- showing off to the people -- -- like and I have my Google puts -- Room here and dangerous as name and -- alleges that. Okay okay just. I change -- on Google plus. -- deviates away. I really having used it I'm I'm I'm signed -- the first day and never went back never I. I've been back only to prove people it's in that seen with added item I've. An ideal if you're gonna look good until later I don't I don't have a circle for you you go cool way to think. I don't really need to prove people it is -- if they want to sound system where. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Did I do get. Like asks do you want this person being years of Sarah and I say no I do not want -- -- reciprocal feel that -- yes. -- idea I. Yet I don't care if it I don't know if they're following me still or doctor says I don't I do not -- -- I -- This is I do not want him in critical if we think. But it's gonna -- you know make it hard that its like its Orkut which -- as Twitter. Every time -- be joined -- announcement. Said -- is -- following you on the Mac in the beginning a widget that. But that's Hulu plus seems to be doing yet like many times somebody might get people to cross pollinate yes -- -- like that got. -- sign up for a receive lots of emails about people who -- you know. At -- -- their circle and the -- always respond ever. I don't know if I ever could I ever responds to -- -- spotted unchecked the feeds. Yes I don't final function for it and actually a golfer than that when I am -- the -- of I don't like I don't like to be with in understanding give Google plus -- owning the entire Internet through its ends. But ideally signing often because I want freedom of -- ago. You know that's I don't want everything funneling through. I don't think the future of international funnel -- -- social profile although it seems like that is indeed where we're going that's -- that's at issue dropping free with Google -- like. You know if if you -- if you if you use the Internet through Google and then you have this profile you can get before but now it's becoming a lot more effort. I don't know I understand the idea and it by -- hard time going to right thing to it. Of that definitely true I -- announced country done the same thing people call -- -- -- radio interviews and seven ago. Googleplex with 25 million people fats than FaceBook did. I'll tell -- a 25 million number is phony or whatever the number is is phony because. Unlike FaceBook we have to go and sign up and degree not fill out a profile. Google if you have Gmail you for Google profile -- of any Google product it's just to check box you check often and you just. Grandfathered into it so there are many many many people who haven't actually set up anything for Google plus pages. Got a note saying you wanna add this to your Gmail and other -- you have it or whatever Dennis that's basically ornament it's a little I -- I added it's a little time got some people on -- but I haven't I didn't even know this I didn't even know you could post it here. I have I have literally not looks to -- other -- put a profile pic. And accept some people don't want him accepting them forever and obviously and I get windows was very -- all my friends were that the Gmail in a January personal information because of the Google profile. Yes it does does He really had to a Chinese -- -- tweet deck. I don't. Given that but it's strange because I wish they would do that but they're still having byes to -- supporting Google Buzz to them. Just don't Google Buzz and just move on to you know. Using Google plus for everything or not link on the other -- weirdly detailed profiles for from -- plus in the beginning I don't know why I was a blank slate -- -- -- some find. It's silly it's it was -- -- -- stunning nine did not avenue follow the strange strange details on myself but what. And remembers his oral -- creative writing history spending time and hash ram for book research like. As things are like just -- into theirs -- -- only is razor blades with for more blades up. So there -- ran a factor -- about me that's an item that I made on God's. Yet Flickr and and that there's. Okay -- -- and and usually circle just so it's somebody who actually a cameo cinema -- goods all right get your circles -- my next but Collins circled it which. And seat and great -- you create your own circles like yeah you can -- you get like a set of like force them like a -- but you don't know -- circle -- if you put you in a circle you won't know it's only had to struggled purely for his organizational benefit. Eric am I the only person has been totally lazy with circles and even bother creating new ones a discount and a it's sort of belongs in here and family and yet and -- so I don't I create new ones and friends. Industry people CN vulnerable -- -- you can you can do -- layman's PR people yes they mentally. You're -- -- don't know their lame it. -- would -- -- not a comment on the artwork family ADD and just when not if -- -- -- categories that I had had two further points and incorporate -- time. Never one spot a fly now says they have one point four million US uses with -- 175000. Paying customers and that's already. Which is actually pretty good for service the most people consider free. You're not on -- could you use a -- you know that's not your -- -- I I -- on it but I easily confused defuse the free version does it keep sticking ads in I have no I was gonna -- -- ads and in the -- they stick ads in titles the music they stop and plain dead in the middle of an actual song now known of -- lakes hills I'll be -- to a playlist and I'll stop and throw in -- like -- yes and there's. -- okay we'll be on the -- I love it and you love it on the inspired artistic. Almond like it because free version their papers to fevers and yes I won't -- -- to the papers just to me it. -- like Netflix for -- So when you think it that way it's a -- -- Just. Right. So I really like it for the socialist because it -- -- Spot I think that's that's why it's different than rats in those other things. It's the -- kind of FaceBook -- in an excellent taste but -- Eastern Europe as -- -- top talent to enter a village that the playlist that they listen -- and I noticed that their billboards kind of -- I mentioned the last time we discuss these music services -- -- it's -- -- would monitor is all about and you end up with the U kind of it's very it's like rhapsody -- -- it's very social and so we can follow people like that. Now you guys -- I actually have a fit at this -- thirty gate. Press premium account -- not expired yet but will be soon they tell you what the exact restrictions on the free version. I think you can only as of some hours a month only using some X number of times -- -- Internet okay obscures it estrogen. On in I think I think me and -- -- -- -- are like you with the first ten minutes of -- if I got. I am not willing to go any further. Unite your data I'm really given it any fair shake beyond. Beginning to sign up for it -- There's so many music service is now I don't find -- the whole process of all these -- from believes of the sharing music and enjoying music appealing turntable and -- panels others nonsense. And then the on the other I mean I think it's nonsense and then the there. The other part is that. I feel intimidated because I I'll -- and was tweets or FaceBook updates about. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- My music collection my music interest you're gonna find horrible so. I feel like -- I'm fine with that but then if you tell -- -- there's a horrible. A -- of them being considered you're listening to what you share that's probably shares and then you find -- passion -- giant pension. And John Williams -- five others pop ups and listen to you love music and that's fine. But you know that don't -- -- and tell me that and I don't really feel like discovering I do wanna hear about cool new groups and albums. And that's relic reviews for Alex and social discovery but I -- to know everybody's so. I don't know well I guess they'll collect. Well put -- Thank you I'd TJ thank you guys are gonna thank you to practice for being yourself if -- awesome. And we -- -- -- the -- apathy Arabic if a new and what's throughout some plugs you go first in Europe for the music and to get you in -- so really put. Had been due announced -- -- dramatic Indian machine -- Mac dot com certificate backup and the mark with this not for profit while the BCA. In other associations -- you know that's and around doing these days and upon -- who -- is I'm TJ Allard at together to Twitter. I'm G10 group plus at TJ Allard is everywhere at TJ Allard. AOL ARD Ingram if you. I do -- and I'm fine at super box monkey human. Actually I think etc. It attempted to jets got. Genitals is beginning so you'll hear a lot of -- -- -- some sites. That's it and of course you can catcher show all the time that digital media at cnet.com on iTunes something on. -- FaceBook group individual city -- podcast and day bombing and Twitter at Dan Ackerman. I love you all knew that already all right good bye everybody thanks for joining us just for Julie wood -- next week. -- yes sorry guys sorry about Julian there's no Julie love. That practice chat rooms with sand today is that we were so busy chatting -- giving it can't see them there talk like beetle -- only upward of a FaceBook page OS got -- show us what you gonna give way next week. These are -- are the -- Sonic -- -- -- -- twentieth anniversary. Giant figurines. If you like all of those elements and in next -- version is doing alright -- that'll -- at least.

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