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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1368: Iran is Stux

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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1368: Iran is Stux

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The Stuxnet worm isn't going away anytime soon, Julian Assange says "No" to WikiLeaks Cyber Attacks, and Michael Bay is re-writing the space landing...with Transformers.

This Friday December 10 when. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Bryant's all of the buzz out loud the podcast of indeterminate length episode thirteen sixteen Molly -- out the -- -- personal time off instead we have the lovely. Donald -- -- is Mallory and that's what this president to come back. Thank you for joining us today Acer people love me. I love you too I love being here. It's Friday you really like being here now well I definitely oh I get home like -- -- a second lawful colony at home the fact that the the first law was dead and now Obama. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And see how everything is shaking out on the recently. Air force network operations commander major general Richard Weber for the use for the US. Has issued a cyber control order which is directed at. -- to immediately cease use of any removable media on all system servers and -- machines right residing. On separate which is the Defense Department secret network right. They have similar directives have gone out the other military branch is we need to stop the bleeding now know more leaks and it was it was them. You -- someone not someone. Exit private first class officer Bradley -- he'd downloaded all of those -- -- -- Release the Wiki leaks and put -- on a CD labeled lead guy and no one's gonna stop you from doing that and then. I -- Victoria advocate Justin Bieber flash drive. And now as canola here don't worry. But clearly it right now they're on you know there -- on edge and they're gonna do what they've done is they've done a similar thing like this two years ago when. A worm. Infected their systems and until they cleaned it outs. It was odd -- dubbed operational buckshot -- than the allowed officers and military personnel to. Go back he's in -- little thumb drives and media storage devices and now it now while. The tricky thing without a lot of these computers aren't deliver the aren't connected to the Internet. C and -- transferring files online so that it only way to get files between computers is using media yeah. So I mean what the next step is going to be like. Directing them to use the computers mindful littered -- cannot touch them at all that the. -- -- you know milk choices sources said it's gonna make their job a lot harder. My -- computers are often disconnected from the network -- low bandwidth areas. They're probably using in some cases modems -- -- about low bandwidth these days and the dvd thumb drive that only that like. Efficiency lies when you want a large file well this is also one of the title of his view that this is making sacrifices -- her how. Fast they can perform in the field like as far as actually getting data transit data transferred in getting things up and running and getting that data EM the right computer. After -- slow you down if you're like oh we gotta boot up the 288 modem. You ultimately don't get a local network going between these computers that it's that that hopefully it won't be such a performance -- That's gonna really be an impact how they -- able to operate in the field that. That might not be -- worthy tradeoff depending on. With the. The sacrifice ought to say they're gonna have to -- about a because if you know an officer was basically an able to just suck all the documents you know they have to have just a -- and more secure internal. System itself for someone is basically burn a disk with all those files on and not be cut. Like you know to -- there is search certainly probably like the circle of trust. Within -- so that they wouldn't even assume anyone you know the oath that people take it you know protect -- serve their country not do things like this but. There has to be better security systems in place -- -- -- think that you know if you really feel like here. A whistle blower in the situation in seeing data you're seeing something on on the network your date -- -- funny face that you think is just. Wrong need to see the -- to -- you can find a way bringing. You don't like when you -- at you know not that I'm saying that I've done this but it every -- You know. Organization that we all work or we kind of -- -- learning the ins and -- of not gonna do anything right -- you can what you -- our entire job is about leak information and reporting on it like we've seen it at come every single different way from blur. I mean. There's this other ways are around -- getting information off -- votes mean beyond just getting files transferred to a thumb drive or to feed your habit. I I think good for them may be that this appointment taking them this long to realize how easy it is to get classified information on these computers. For now. No no removable media stores and now that being Italian Media General ban on the -- -- -- CD's the woman apparently knows things there. Public enemy number one. -- -- -- in following more developments from Wiki leaks -- elite hackers are now threatening the British government. So the operation paid payback. -- kind of pushed by the group anonymous. They're planning to bring down the British government web sites if Julian -- is extradited to Sweden and Sweden is. Where I mean he's accused of the crimes -- you know. Its relations with underage with underage girls and one on and that's what they've kind of been pinning this on him but. Wiki -- and -- okay we're done with taking on the sites that where potentially freezing their assets are -- deemed. Like MasterCard and PayPal. Now we're gonna try to go up to -- British government. This is like totally non sequitur. Different they have become -- -- -- like -- Swedish producer -- -- of IKEA. -- -- -- -- furnished. You know it's like a -- -- the kind that insulates it I think cold yeah but it kind of it's got like a worm. I think like the cafeteria that the with me that if -- actually have really gets this -- and it's only pancakes monitor it's an issue Swedish pancakes. So that yeah they were you know. -- just. They're trying to keep this in -- but at the same time. It starts looking like these hackers are actually -- or working poorly you leaks which really isn't the case the working completely independently of weeks as hard to tell whether those are good friends to have or is there like -- to stop you're not helping exactly -- and they're like the Rogue group. That a -- like. Ship bringing your situation -- -- -- right. But the same time -- it's it's there's a lot of misinformation out there right now to -- it's it's hard Howell you know and meet even if it. It's hard to colonize in misinformation to -- that these people are. Working on behalf of Wiki leaks -- any kind Hannibal relation to Wiki leaks and -- But he my wife last night we urge you to contest -- her bank account -- like like. Something seems weird like -- you Wiki -- attacking it and I mean. I think SO and other legitimate concern there was something odd in light that money transfer -- -- accounts from point implement will they be under attack but it's not. It's not really making any -- doing anything to do but -- bad is bad PR for the Wiki -- now that they needed it. Via and I don't think you know threat of taking down Amazon is going to be -- -- that -- The oh well this don't take down PayPal. Will call quality anyway and now we've got and got to be just -- you do. Don't bring PayPal to -- nearly as. Please go now American Internet activists who actually was previously working with actors said they're going after the weakest links because they just wanna see results will probably test -- -- sites and then decide which ones to really go after. So we'll see how that all plays out now in kind of an antitrust and we talk about how all Wiki leaks has been. You know looks like there -- aligned with these hackers -- -- -- himself. Recently distance themselves from the Wiki -- cyber attacks and basically saying that he didn't approve above. His defense attorney purse on a mark Stephens spoke spot news Fox News and he told them that he did not order the attacks -- actually surprised by them. He wasn't happy about the cyber attack because he still believes an openness and free speech and if you know if that was the motive or the ideals that join us on is really pushing for -- to have a group like this that's -- trying to shut people down doesn't really. Help his message any. Yes and it doesn't help his case that people are painting him as a -- -- you know. And cyber attacks have a terrorist like quality to the name of them yeah so -- think and I don't that you're not doing this -- favors it if he could it be. Pictures himself -- Robin Hood like champion of of of truth -- and and transparency. You know anything that paints him more as a terrorist -- not -- And this whole thing has opened up a whole can of federally attacks are not cyber attacks not only is it the anonymous group with an operation paid back any -- all these different sites. With few weeks since themselves while they were trying to find a different home church services like Amazon -- -- in their site. They themselves when they have been attacked by armed groups originated from Russia and China and -- loads going both ways with helix is getting attacked. The people who support Wiki leaks. -- -- -- That took down are -- we know -- -- or just you know took down services rookie -- it's going both weights. Yeah I can -- I can see both sides of this like I can see how the whole -- the thing and him as the spokesperson for it it's like and there's -- and Indian state kind of we don't need all this information -- a lot of this is like. And not in our best interest for to be exposed -- but I can also understand from -- the hacker. Like community -- -- got there -- this guy can be like the the advocate for transparency and enforcing secrets out of the darkness and making things clear it's like I can see the hero quality that. If -- -- two from that hacker went on a community. And wind to rally behind that with the only kind of tools that you have. Though it's it's a tough it's tough situation I mean its -- inflicted. -- it's it's -- because it's not like these hackers really had any. Tight association or relationship to him as a person or even. His mission or -- before but you know you get on an issue like this now it becomes a free speech you know silencing someone's voice. And now and it's something that they wanna jump on it like believe it and now it's -- it's going buck wild. Everyone needs something I believe and it does not ruin my ability to buy holiday gifts from my land my loved ones you should have done that during Black Friday -- This false advertising with -- time I've got him a little too late but also in a more Wiki leaks. And related stuff. With you -- the factors people they still work for which -- -- and did this really agree with the -- -- the company before this whole lot happened -- this is before. The at 250000 documents are released. Com witnesses what is is -- -- Daniel. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- There opening their own kind of launching their own. Leak site called. Openly so it's gonna -- -- little differently. It's designed to accept leaks in a secure and anonymous manner but it won't publish them themselves and that's quite a -- Casper project for -- -- Yeah I totally. So what happens is that -- one of the reasons why would you least that the -- from of this what does -- it it is that they were the group that published some. None of none of the organizations today and ran with the story like the news outlets that with -- actually. They've been varies I from what I can tell they've been pretty sound -- and they haven't received any blame for. Pushing this even further Dimitri making New York Times is one of the -- that Tibetan there only four Alice but it seems like we view Wiki leaks is taking the -- -- Open -- is kind of -- -- it. Change that because if there's like the broker or the middleman what they're gonna -- people -- and whistle blowers are people that's an information to them. They can actually then say okay I want my information to be potentially. Released by these newspaper's web sites are outlets and those web sites and Alex and that it. The look through the you know edit and -- and see how active they are and then decide if they wanna go forward with them or not but -- -- -- sleep doesn't have any responsibility with the actual publishing release information. Until they become targeted at a news statement government demand has a broker that information for under state and you -- in the -- and some pros and hundreds somewhere. Really it yet. -- -- you're really it was like mark my words but you know it. Its its interest in I'm you know I'm sure there's a lot of other Wiki -- if sites and -- that are going to be popular out of the woodwork just because it's become such a big thing I. Care to I don't ever want to be the new whistle blower. Who wants to get the biggest we're gonna have -- leaks any day now and then there. By no. Whether -- -- so we'll see how well received openly says one thing that's seen it or. What India the wonders okay so you're a whistle blower he said -- information out to the press but what if Natal. They don't take it or what if they don't care about it. -- this -- -- lives how quickly -- become jaded with government secrets. Analysis god undoubtedly do -- -- -- affiliates own thigh again it. A lot of Roland Allen. Also on just like a quick update we talked about the Amazon. Book that was put up on Amazon's website. That. At them you know initially looked like it was published in all the -- documents it was not but also the author -- -- The e-book off of Amazon and Amazon themselves said in -- statement we did not remove the title repair by that -- was removed from sale. By the author and down they avoided any denial of service attacks during that during that -- operation payback so. All is well. Everything's back against -- -- evident in Amazon's also the one that totally -- up with unique visibility and sales and services than they did. They did -- this little -- thing is like acting pretty minor compared. Total shut down now Amazon and we've been looking -- the book itself actually was on the the -- -- -- the author he was just basically summarized in making commentary about the differently to actually did not have the official documents in them -- So whatever -- -- that there's a Wiki -- book on Amazon everyone immediately assumed it's all pull this. Is also getting to the heart of that kind of the conflict of free speech and Amazon and can. Double -- sword of like we are totally upholding free speech when it comes to the books that we publish -- book that we sell but. You know in this instance it totally shutting down you'd like our hosting of the Wiki the information. You know we're not exactly -- our best interest her for free speech if you want -- -- that -- EA yet. So you that I don't know we -- -- -- look we're not we're not against free speech but. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- we're gonna take a break will be back talking about -- a little worm we used to talk about cults the accident and nuclear weapons in Iran. We'll figure out what's going on over their accounts if they figured that whole situation now but we -- act in the little -- Molly -- and practically inviting you to join us for the 2010 edition of cnet's holiday help desk that happens every Monday at 1 PM Pacific 4 PM eastern starting November 22. It's where we make you look like a brilliant tech gift -- as we take your live calls and we feel your emails and -- Send us an email right now holiday help desk at cnet.com and along with the rest of cnet's editors will point you to the right product at the right -- Holiday help desk Mondays at 1 PM Pacific time starting November 22 at cnet.com slash life. Welcome back to buzz out loud -- -- joining me in the house with Benito Gonzales makes it on the ones and his. Entries. All right movement -- we're talking stocks net now on this was the worm. That was targeting on Iran's nuclear web sites. And wouldn't web sites that nuclear sites could nickel wow didn't -- -- regular ongoing here either sites now. -- this is an update to what's been happy with it according bot uses. -- the spot the insane Iran's nuclear program it's still in chaos despite its leaders claim mean. They have contain the worm that -- the facilities. So president Mahmoud a money died a minute he said he you know after months of denial that the worm you know it. The heat we need any media can't be like -- that we aren't totally got us but don't worry we're gonna we gonna -- it -- with no longer affecting paths totally done now. Nothing to see here so yes the right now yeah if -- were dead right now American and European experts security web -- they say that the traffic. 28 days there -- sites show that I -- -- still swamped with traffic from -- and other -- Islamic Republican. Obviously -- the political thing based on Iran potentially. Yet belt. Everything that is keeping a monitor on the -- -- -- sister saying Iran is going off the charts. It's like they're actually getting paying more than something like New York City. When it comes to this this virus so it is clearly. Just blitzkrieg. Over there when it comes to that virus infecting everything and there's even report said Blake. When people -- asked what they should waive our right to do about the computer virus. The only lake clear answers just to scrap all of the computers up higher because even if you address some of the problem. The that this virus will get actually -- -- -- back up drives and again at any computer that might be on that network is going to re infect everything else that there. And they're saying that even if that was the possibility that Iran would go back and scrapped all their computers and start over from scratch. -- don't have the money to -- that. A lot of the -- that people that they're working with to get the nuclear program program up and running third party agencies to help them out. And they're not gonna do that now. So is -- and discuss -- -- there if it's also it's brilliant I keep if this really was like a state funded attack unlike Iran has nuclear program. It seemed -- it is totally job like mission accomplished yet. Means worked well it will you hope it's not mission accomplished because technically it can control systems and have the centrifuges spin out of control the actually explode on site. Yeah I mean you know people -- -- her thank you I mean the idea of bringing Iran nuclear program to its knees without hurting anybody. It kind of nano is in the best interest of many. Yet. But that being said it is you don't wanna -- no wanna make anybody angry and you know it's like. Only a minute Johnny but also and if this if this worm is really infecting not just rent nuclear program by computers. All over -- then. Years making a lot of people angry and if people believe that this is a state funded. You now attack on their computers. If it could get ugly they could be retaliation. It is not a good thing. I don't mean -- you know when -- when these when the other experts -- a little to scrap the -- entire infrastructure that. How likely is that gonna happen probably now I mean do I sleep a little better at night thinking that Iran -- nuclear program is probably on hold for a while. You know yes -- probably do you buy it you know it. It's not it's not that easy I'm sure there's the after effects of this aren't going to be -- We know -- that down you also may not be able to sleep well about is I've had use rate. That's you you're gonna tablet I hear that keeps me -- and -- and you I mean you'd eat drink sleep this stuff. So obviously Apple iPad rumors. Always it's clear this isn't exactly minutes coming out of nowhere does not this is bluntly called it the minute the came out with the ads right now it's gonna get a camera next generation yes -- Reuters says. Brace yourself or. Apple prepare for new iPad including models that are about. Half the size of the current tablet computer from we've -- -- -- and on the some new information says it will include front. And back mounted cameras. According to -- by teens. That's that's what we've all said from the start -- I don't know if we all felt that it would honestly have -- -- -- in every -- to get past these days by the time you know. All those tablets come out. Yeah I can see I can see -- in front -- only bad. Why would you do that means -- Apple already has slate device is huge like leverage to be non ticket prices -- -- problem on mobile devices why not to put in everywhere and -- and functionality. And evidence that leads to the fact that there are -- -- potentially. I know we always the case we -- see protective case designs out before the product comes out because over in China I mean they. Really it's not that easy I mean it's not that hard to find knock -- and people inside the factories have all the design. All the design -- I mean they can think -- -- -- over violence they showcase. A little protective case from Mac top sends sends Mac top electronics that features an open unit in the back. Her rearview camera but still features like the volume controls and the opening for the dock connector with -- instinct is down the bottom left hand corner of this case. There's a large -- I know there's the speaker there. But it. There you know that -- mussina. Because of the large size of it now that there could be an SD card slot. Let's just let's just throw down now I mean I don't think. That doesn't theme. It doesn't seem Apple in my county but I had said that before about Apple thing that. They did put a nasty car on the Mac books -- our allow but I mean that's a different form factor and this is on the air to on -- -- change. I mean -- -- you have to places like so beautifully it lands he got like that doesn't make it a look ugly. -- I can do I do -- I do understand the argument that the camera adapter. Campaign is kind of an ugly fix yeah hard to get pictures on news. Your iPad directly if you don't want to go to your computer. But. Apple doesn't -- that the kind of company that. Deliberately goes out of -- way to open new holes on their products removable media -- there were if that wasn't one to -- I would think probably more like a speaker or something. Back. Or it just to totally ES case but it. The company which is highly likely let -- I could've made it have plastics for fifteen dollars I really want -- -- that did it not -- I've I've made I've made plastic -- this thing but I don't wanna go there but my my previous life repairing speaking though I've I've made. Plastic pieces that look at the same -- audience laughing mapping -- -- brought drive. Anyways I don't -- debunking cases -- I like learning -- it. Alright I'm also another Apple news that this is a little more substantial Apple is look -- To use Intel's graphics for the future Mac books so recently with the sandy bridge processor that Intel will be announcing at CES 2010. Apple's been tested with some of their -- Popular laptop models and -- what this would signals that they're using Intel's integrated graphics chip. It would shift. It would signal a shift away from Nvidia's. Graphic chips which is currently at least on the MacBook on the their MacBook Pro lines they'll have. The processor and then I'll have a discrete graphics card when you wanna go to higher end -- -- It automatically will switch for you which gives you know better performance better graphics but now it looks like they're they're thinking. Is the -- to CNET. On and sources that talk to -- it looks like there. Planning on using the Intel graphics are Intel chips the sandy bridge and integrate graphics on some of the lower end models because. Something like the MacBook Air. The Mac but that's not going to be used as a high intense gaming machine. But they would transition over this. You're playing against each other making -- and help fight it out and then media -- secure that the best technology in the Batman yelled one issue is that -- Currently the sandy bridge chips they don't. Have support for open -- which is software framework that take advantage of its graphic processor unit. To -- certain applications better -- at the moment Nvidia's chipset does that. Sure city bridges the economic governments but they haven't they have -- tools -- -- it's gonna happen. It is that it -- like old what you don't have open -- it's not that I just don't like the name and sounds like a murder she wrote Atkinson. It's handy -- chios and -- -- Lands' End catalog and Imus had found it doesn't sound kick acts. I didn't think -- talk about Angela Lansbury and Zelaya. I do not expect that going incidents to help them. Of it other news we talked up the nexus as with some of Google recently announced and is available at best buy what they they've incorporated to -- is that. An FC -- near field communications but what's. Pretty -- and cool -- we talked about a while ago Google's hot pot which is basically. Their location based. So restaurant business reviews site which is very much -- -- has become -- hit and elements of or square where you checked in and then you also have a rate team. Of like who checked in where okay that's fine but what Google's doing with the nexus -- because it's with a few phones if not one of the only phones in the US that has. -- a near field communication chip in -- right now is are partnering partnering with businesses specifically in Portland. Which they've called out as a tech savvy forward thinking city. And I can tell it is because people have a lot of money there man but -- what they're doing is they're signing them site does is of the special business it. And they're putting this it's this kind of sticker. On the front of their windows and that we can use hold your phone up to it and -- immediately launch. The hot pot app and -- have -- -- review. -- comment and then checked in that uses -- -- field for the collisions of political hot -- called hot pot I know an iPod is really and it's tasty. -- All it's really all the -- -- in the proper care of the neat. Up my mind that somewhere out but yeah I think the stickers as. -- a little bit I'd it'll -- isn't like the idea of Google kind position themselves as me. Restaurant recommendation like I understand going to Google and then passing -- and seeing their meetings that are coming from other sites but the idea of Google and Venus. Reader of things. Arbiter of like. Which places are dead seems a little bit weird like I mentally I think of good looking -- -- transparent. You know these were all BP's angry. At Google one recommending. Yeah and the problem is they have latitude which is their -- and service they have Google Maps and a they have hot pot all three completely differently should be integrated into one thing. -- You know at the same time I actually think is really cool because if I had access to -- and my cities specifically. Was built this kind of -- around like a -- and here it's -- great it's I don't. I don't know it's gonna be -- yet because what percentage of people actually use location based services -- -- -- -- -- We're gonna see a lot of game mechanics -- and some assurance. And equipped with rich and is that we're gonna -- not Google stuff in real life now you can Google every. Art is everywhere should -- like in real life like you've got items -- -- -- their restaurant and yet Google thing ever McDonald's and Google and. -- that MacDonald recommended it highly on Google that they'll rush right that -- is McDonald's the government right here and look the Google ad says MacDonald. And -- right next -- your search for hamburgers. All right another Google news. Of those -- guys list has been released this is the most popular search terms of 2000 and and the all beautifully put in this nice little data visualization. By Google so -- talked about events. Our high in 2010 we have the World Cup in the Olympics. In Haiti earthquake you can take mine if you can take my if you want to Bonita. The oil spilled Gulf of Mexico obviously that shows that of where the search -- highest ranking and whatnot now also legal -- about the fastest rising queries so that it. Company was -- on. Number one what do you think. -- -- -- Justin Bieber -- fever. Ebert just a -- at number three -- now also wrong get -- I'm gonna do the show about myself -- today is that it's not relent number one -- -- number two just to be retreat needs even knives. I was surprised that the report little hip hop rap artist -- kind of just a copy of every other rap artists like an -- And afraid of -- at number five so there's little breakdown melted -- finally one -- a little Google videos. On the -- with those on Twitter FaceBook -- really low because people don't search that it -- they know where to go. Usually these they can things and it may be depressed for humanity because I realize that come face to face with the fact that like. 99% of the world or -- of America is like searching on Britney Spears is something I'm really just not useful. But this -- -- -- -- may be actually like feel for humanity that we've that this year has been filled with so many kind of like. Weird screwed global tragic events like Haiti and and oil spill -- That was ash cloud over Iceland and might. How this has been crappy year yeah -- know it didn't go to view with searching about exactly how crappy it is then you make nice but I at the same time I mean -- mom. It's -- so what -- what -- the top global events were like kind of stuff that we do you really care about -- -- at least like people like going to the computers and trying to find out about this again I Deanna is that like -- -- covered -- Gallic would have top global events was like. Lindsay Lohan -- you lie right or something like that now that that be horrible -- and yet -- right. Not as depressing quick hits. Are gonna go back in -- this burst -- US video game sales jumped 8% in November this -- data released by and PD. The had a great great holiday season obviously wants by Black Friday. Hardware sales were up Microsoft actually. That they cake with me you know 40% the -- in a -- one point oh sorry with one point 37 million units sold at least from the console side. The Wii was 127 million and surprisingly low PS3 at only 5353000. 530000. And. Outside I'll take over four acres today at best buy is offering a free iPhone 3GS. With contract. This is it into a single thing I think about this why would you be -- by the -- that was actually speaking with the firmware update. 3GS aren't you know -- GS is no longer the brick that it was a few months ago and maybe this thing is running a lot better now. Might not be as bad a deal as they might have been -- -- that. Yeah -- so I mean static appellant that gets something like -- -- your mom. -- how -- he noted that Michael Moore is from a 3GS and I'm gonna be an iPhone. Prefer he. I Canada yet Cameron and here's the contract I'm -- and after years. -- -- Also Google docs -- -- version is now available on the iPad. They -- they recently announced editing Google docs but this is the -- desktop experience. With all the -- alignments. Settings and whatnot so this is. This is pretty sweet for iPad users to check that out. And and Chrome does have a caps lock us that a Chrome Chrome -- Whatever it is the CR 48 yes you can configure the caps lock key. In the settings and actually I as talking with Seth Rosenblatt who has -- India dental care forty -- at his desk. And there's a couple different key configuration you -- -- program and that nearly missing keys that you might feel pinched on -- Has the right now it's like there's the search it's like a surge -- answer to a magnifying glass -- button yeah that's less mechanical -- -- search button. Like you just it would definitely look at you if you're used you to have in Ontario here and read -- integrated into -- so if I think in more. It's more common I think these days you're thinking about. Here's your -- mobile phones the analogy how dedicated search button and caps -- The thing about it is like okay you get -- of the Catholic Poland and just hold down the shift but yeah I think -- your -- that -- the -- -- ship. That's all that's all I'm saying I mean it's when people like getting really mad about it I mean I got mad about the iPad mute switch that you but I say hold Schindler that I -- caps -- Or is that Apple now so I'm on its patents that Michael RI it also spreads as a -- -- tablet has come -- 111 I guess I should be a surprise thoroughly. They have the three G Samsung galaxy tab but -- we bring in one in 2011 on their four G network. Which I'm sure a lot of other actually almost every carrier will -- they. Quote and quote. Four G right tablet. Great you'll have it mean though that fourteen networks won't be available in. One place but. Good on you for having you're -- you competitive edge and I windows phone update in February. Says developer. There not. The -- -- these. Windows phone update maybe you're gonna get some copy and pays. Coming a bad way for all you windows phone seven folks. Eager to have some update you won't have to wait wrong. You have better multitasking support -- one not on the I like that I like that I like that when they needed okay let's go over to. -- -- -- -- I just went was dug up by our good friend Bonita Gonzales and he basically was -- Hit our pre show. Connect just filed a money order airport now we've talked about how young you can use your hands -- navigate through the X spot in -- based on -- -- has. Definitely wanna take up is video this is using of course our favorite connect -- which we should just -- our gadget section. On the detects the user's hands with the -- -- oh. -- Isn't that it tests -- says hands. Though they say its mapping out his fingertips and now he's showing up he's kind of connected to an interface that's of his photos. Everything everybody wanna buy open sourcing that the drivers for connect right with that we would have the minority report features -- -- now we have it is expanding at this guy understands exactly ID has an under report the robot locomotion group and learning intelligent systems team and Mikey. Now -- The connect. Minority report enabled connect system status is like act all he just -- that picture to the -- like it was garbage. That's really -- Of -- and -- it looking at it though he's no more ridiculous looking. And due jogging -- running your TV -- connect can invite. I don't think that's ridiculous. Now and Mexico right I I still would rather have genome find our holographic TV -- I'm glad -- -- No thanks to Microsoft. We'd like suing people for people rate that aren't they talking about how they -- -- without ever actually although I know yeah I'd go for guys with make if you data gap. Once they start seeing these things and -- are getting excited about the product they're like we actually kind of meant to be a little open Logan. I'm glad -- -- -- the sites use. Well -- -- yeah during -- X now if you guys have had a chance to check out the transformers three trailer. We would implore you to do so we're not gonna do the player likely but we'll play it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I was surprised it's not as Michael Bay blowing stuff up -- at that instead it's Michael Bay rewriting history churn her soul what happens in this trailer on their showing the space -- the and there -- moon and two minutes left. The moon landing at withdraws alternate -- -- -- but I was wrong people to buzz off that Neil Armstrong. And it if you guys recall for those you -- we're alive there was it's when he went 21 minute period of radio and videos out there with like. What's happening well -- -- -- Michael Bay has revealed to us that. There's a reason they -- going there right. Right because they didn't need and actually want to beat Russia to the moon now that was a secondary you know but if -- -- they want to inspect he. Crash that had happened on the dark side of the moon and -- with an alien space -- And it turns out it lives it turns out not only was it alien it was transformer. Alien. I -- which is -- this is there is part of me that's. Glad though that the new conspiracy theory is that going to be that we totally -- the lunar landing -- at -- give that to that give them some credit now it's gonna be that we actually -- go to the moon. But -- is really do you inspect a crash landed transformer on dark -- Yes so bum -- -- found himself. Basically commented about the trailer how realistic it was because it is the first time on the they weren't sure about conditions how other suits would hold up. How far they could travel on the moon's surface and -- are -- that basically that. This would not have been possible. Requisite part of the conspiracy is likely -- analyze how much like coverage that they actually did on of the the lunar walk. And Internet to be like. The only explored the size of like a baseball. And why would you gone to the moon and only walk that far on the moon and got back -- -- ship enough that will be that with. The first time ever -- -- burn it. Unlike temperate autumn hike -- it was like with the they say they they're bought at their seats were water cooled. The environment was 200 -- they they wanted to make sure that their systems -- -- it wasn't. -- you weren't going look at that robot on the -- them pointed. Make -- -- -- eyes on the -- and kill a sol -- you know obviously so that's why wouldn't walk around and this whole idea that Michael Bay. Things that we went to see transformers absolutely true -- Right. Now didn't it just to save my own kind of like buzz kill on this one is that if that. Spaceship had landed on the dark side of the moon of that size and impacted. It would send up like a dust plume and out of the back to the moon that -- just. Lacking now -- and it would been you would not it would not have happened secretly you know you're right. So I do like when -- all and make it happen long time maybe they'll be the -- like it happened prehistoric list. And that the actions that we only if detected it now. I I do like the -- -- -- -- -- I think -- is different for some reason when Michael -- doesn't your -- Michael Bay has him again whether the addition of Buzz -- that title punch of you -- you and yet there's something. A team Michael they makes a great -- -- -- that's pressure. Popular play -- via the at the expense net if you're all yelling did you say play now poplar pike -- -- all right let's go check out -- -- Of the emails -- -- have buzz at cnet.com with the questions comments reactions are inaccuracies and correctness -- got the -- You know that this -- from -- heat like and I'm a little behind on the podcasts and you want to share his recent experience with faith based book. Censorship this isn't ESP -- censorship we were talking about earlier. The week before the election the fan and I were posting political -- we found. We found -- any to the site. Perhaps not entertain the masses but we haven't come with it because didn't -- off YouTube and later noticed it wasn't there. But by nothing -- believing that maybe the -- my old opponent failed them. Publishing -- my profile. Long story short the identity verification couple -- require prior to restore access to my profile FaceBook he'd gone in. And deleted my stuff near trampling on my ancient rights Clinton quote Egypt writes. And older the nation itself which let older then that the -- -- and all that nation itself and perhaps the very bedrock. That a nation was build upon the writing crazy southern politicians. Jake that's from -- -- Yell no weakness they -- confused -- -- seem worried we're gonna try and see if how much is behind us because now we're getting tons of comments and emails from people -- anything on their comments. It's an ongoing -- it seems like and we need face -- now more than ever. The states. -- -- here's an email from -- New Haven asking us a question and asking us to pontificate. Community. Now I think well here you go sure obviously a web app is released it yet have no Internet connection but obviously we're seen how quickly the networks are all being. I mean Verizon is covering like thirty other -- markets with their LTD -- they flip that switch on already. Sprint's got their -- we're -- is it still in the united Internet you're screwed but proceeded of -- -- lot if you're willing to pay for it. I do think that web apps would potentially have the advantage that they don't have to think about all the different browser configurations in ways that someone is approaching the site -- more standardized -- And that -- deal that might be a little bit more that standardize its innovation might actually help Whittle down the amount of -- information haven't backed. And also like you -- these devices. They're there will there should be. More apps that basically have some sort of -- -- general cloud scene -- trying to there's that's not to be on the realm of you know using toolbox amenable like work offline. Being brought into your mobile phone. They are right. Next you know this is comments about Chrome. From our developer of Barack I just finished to listening -- thirteenth it's six and I wanted to chime in as a web developer and explain why I was excited for the Chrome web store. People thought that we were -- heating unit that you know it was just more of a confusing message from Google to you know -- general consumers -- -- but here are his thoughts. As an indie developer you increase your chances of getting your app or product recognized in the hands of more users true. Understand while not many of the so called apps are taken advantage of it. You do have the ability to create a web app that's install bull in their browser not accessible via -- this is perfect for working with the web app if you are online or offline. Let's face it not every app -- in the universe -- a full fledged web site. Built around it. True now building and its double web -- -- Tyson to the Chrome browser that you cannot just get access to building a regular web application for security reasons. Another point you don't have to spend hours tweaking -- -- -- down pretty removing features to be compatible with -- browsers. And also finally developers get to take advantage of some really cool a -- five. CSS three technologies and emerging and that are just impractical used in regular production environments due to limited number of -- that implement them. Thanks for the great show guys. I didn't give -- another advantage there for apps like web apps web -- apps in that people are used to the idea of Mike. Paying money to subscribe. Apps that and we that they -- not. That happy with doing for web site. Listen in as they might go make some better money off the back in their people are like okay is -- -- -- might pay a monthly fee -- -- get the information -- one. But ya gonna get that -- -- as much on the website where we all accept that website. Free let's be honest this is the first cans of the first -- of the app store like. I'm not really concerned about -- -- this -- is more compelling stuff than I'll be like okay you know all I'll take this little more seriously. Alright guys. Friday. Even if that's -- -- to tell it where where we know that we've done more than our fair share to meet astronauts and show you're not welcome. And -- it -- All of the buzz -- out -- well that's cnet.com is our website -- check out our show notes. Information and read along with us he considers Gmail the buzz at cnet.com. -- sinister computer -- questions -- we -- trying to get even more and more of which. I love. Donald -- with the idea and I love them also calls clearer voice fills the 806 with 663. Really guys try to keep it to thirty seconds and we will -- -- things okay. -- defaults on Twitter Brandon scored -- At Donald at -- three and don't forget some mischievous moments of the year if you guys have any that they hope you do. They get yeah -- time I -- exactly. Tax credits back up -- -- -- Donnelly and out of these fields Miami passed out by the -- Our I'll see you guys have a great weekend -- -- --
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