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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1365: New dinosaur discovery: Tongadactyl

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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1365: New dinosaur discovery: Tongadactyl

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On today's show, we follow the Google Chrome announcements live, but we'll have the real wrap-up tomorrow, because wow, did that thing go on and on. In other news today, Julian Assange is arrested but Wikileaks soldiers on; unsurprisingly, the DecorMyEyes guy turns out to be a bona fide sociopath; and whatever you do, do not buy anyone an iPhone or iPad for Christmas--just give them an IOU. Trust Shaw Wu on this one. Plus: Koreaceratops! --Molly

This season December 7 place that's. I did -- himself compress all -- in the last -- Hollywood look at a buzz out -- to this podcast of indeterminate length episode thirteen 165. We're checking in live on the Google Chrome event as it happens because we are just that I by the -- pants of -- the show. It is so far Google -- -- we talked about -- yesterday but they're having an and an event today. In San Francisco where -- unveiling some Chrome related things so far they have told us. I like it right at the where they give you a little recap of what those -- and as he made up. They talk about the browser the Chrome web store and an update on Chrome -- though that will probably be -- and the presentation we will drop in on the video when that happens but if you 888 and he went all long line. It's YouTube dot conference -- room. I'd also like to make announcement that I the you know the rumors of my death are greatly exaggerated. And not funny to them there once again -- funny cool -- -- -- out. Mysteries like on the -- and we're glad you're here in the flashlight thank you are welcome back thank ways and means to be remiss if now we've got three from yesterday. Announcements at DD's. Mobile co operatives and of what they had as a sit down with. But this sorry. Which is threatening Android right -- if they're here are preparing for our pro life announcement Andy Rubin the Android chief. Is out there at. And some other things and gingerbread running on what appeared to be. A Motorola. Android tablet running honey -- Which -- the tablet after gingerbread notes account which is their tat with is their tablet -- -- -- -- still don't understand why they do this why they do one -- flagship piece of hardware that let everyone else be the third of -- version of the and during thing and I still can't understand by integrating -- and Chrome exits and they're so similar. Come and now they'll both have their own app store -- assist -- it. They can meet and I -- -- -- time that. Why why yeah hopefully we'll get a little clarification about that actually incident Google and yeah be nice to know what the strategy is but it definitely -- stipulate a in other two parallel development tracks and -- -- they where it was kind of an -- thing discussion yesterday they talked often about Google's nexus strategy in general the idea of that -- -- -- And then what is the deal. Rubin and -- admitted that Google bit off a little more than make it you would akin to trying to promote the Nexus One as a whole. State of the art Google designed phone and the centerpiece of -- an entirely different smart and buying strategy. Yet there are trying to basically -- -- popular approach that the UK with successful it but -- when it -- the US carriers and other wanted to jump on that. And the -- one of them big -- is of the Nexus One where it was just an online product only nano which really lets the failure of it obviously developers loved it but. That's not gonna -- numbers for you yet and US carriers did not think it at all where -- -- not gonna be doubt that now also missing nuggets that and you but also talked about was he. Either -- is the first time where -- had a higher exact from the law actually complemented. Apple's app store and development -- policies and procedures he actually outright said that. Apple's approach is is relatively open and it you've never heard that before from Eric Schmidt. Or you know Google's and make them go under each packet -- -- name gonna they'll drop the notre. Some. -- eventually he's a Mac and windows phone seven is a good one point oh product but he said that they should find a better way to allow for the differentiation that Google has allowed. With its -- -- hardware partners like he really talked about how they do allow a little bit of customization and control with hardware carriers -- HTC sense moto blur. And -- -- crap -- on the Samsung phones I mean he said look that was always our intention which is that we. May have been criticized for letting these carriers clutter -- the Android interface but. We think that -- -- he said look. We're giving you an open open operating system and it's -- -- -- an upper -- that he thinks the carriers are starting to figure out that consumers don't want -- -- and also you know he wasn't he was even apologetic about it. Which is which is in C because you know -- consumers are up in arms in old experiences are different but I think this is how the system was meant to be any actually made a point that the carriers are now learning. About the fact. That obviously consumers don't want that crap when there -- evolving and kind of scaling it down when he first saw the first run of Android phones -- with all these different skins and all these apps and the whole -- search been replaced by Google search. You're probably gonna see in the second wave now of -- devices as easterners have figured out I I would expect a little less intrusive software. But I think -- -- a little afraid to go that route because the reason that Windows Mobile in the first place with such a mess is because it was messy and they didn't have sort of recognition a product to phone. And I think they want to retain a little bit more control in order to make him more recognizable product it's very interesting -- -- that that about windows phone seven given that he did not say that about Apple which allows zero customization whatsoever you know -- and it. Microsoft is probably sitting back rightly saying like. You know what Apple's doing okay but honestly yes you're having I mean you can argue it either way right -- Android is having rocket ship up into the right growth. However. Consumers are confused by fragmentation there are certain kind of carrier entries -- that people like. I think Microsoft to think like we're gonna stick with -- slightly Apple approach where we don't allow any of that and see how it works. Yet another thing that -- also -- Alex is a big deal is. Google's Android platform itself is profitable -- when they when they give -- -- carriers they don't -- single penny for this but what they're making all their money off -- and what they've -- Based lead their whole business is based on -- all the advertising the mobile ads that run through search. So. Pretty interesting to the idea Anders profitable. If it was an instinct yes I thought I found it very Google is it's kind of attitude it likely that we gave -- -- -- neither indicators against it up but they're not like. It that is it sort of a uniquely Google approach to third -- to say we're not gonna take responsibility for the brand. Beyond. Creating an open product that other people can and monkey with and I Diane -- group to be mistaken along and I mean have been arguing -- -- it. Google should step in and say this is our brand we going to screwed up. But there are finding success and it is interesting if they can veto it I can imagine them having -- culture with take sort of second agenda which is that they -- the carriers will be forced to realize that you know they make people mad but I mean honestly -- -- They don't make people -- -- elect a far off possibility that the carriers can actually improve things can make. You can make good on Buddha you know. Up until then I thought that I mean I think HTC's and sense UI's office and -- is -- -- great improvement in album and people and there is that. That study that found that some people like the -- where and that's -- people use if you use doppler as Blake a differentiating factor and bank. Ontario on that argument -- -- being -- that are not matter and. All this is the if if Chrome it'll be interesting to see Chrome operating system and -- at the same pattern of being profitable and that way and been so different to so many people and obviously that's not the way Apple or windows where -- well when it. Yeah it'll be -- -- to see how. Well received. And Chrome OS will be in the first place yeah -- You know and I think it people like and how are really hard time understanding and I think that the general person to -- even understand that -- operating system is much less. I think that didn't know the jumpers the right now the mention the difference between Android and yes and an Android. Can literally have constantly with my own -- you -- -- one of -- You have an Android. You know meeting like -- -- Droid phone banana I mean so there's a lot of confusion up and it might actually benefit from it and nobody will care widely like. That is pretty I can make it go though I think what yeah -- when the Droid became like -- its flagship phone. They didn't really care that people are confused about Android versus -- what they were calling it people were buying it and now is that kind of that the Trojan horse that helped Google Android -- explode. They did make one by the Easter manufactures. Like why are you motivated to manufacture an Android phone for Google. If you don't get that brand recognition if you are not HTC that makes the Nexus One -- -- Motorola is it that making that -- and Amazon rather than. Thank you like well why I think -- anointed now so that. And it. Will obviously be lacking for those Chrome OS announcement that for now let's move -- to some other news is that I got actually -- CNN breaking news alert about the -- so it's -- -- high priority -- the leader -- -- -- -- -- -- has been arrested in London -- not -- accusation of -- that and that. That it at a khakis that accusation -- a few pieces that -- a second accusation so. To the fuel has come and gone couple times but now it is back there formal they have formally re accused him from. Two counts of sexual -- and one count of rape alleged to be can have -- been committed in August 2000 and he has been denied bail. His lawyer says that the charges are without basis and -- issue at this moments. A phone -- -- via Twitter is. Deeply disturbing and even though he's under he's. Under arrest right now with -- -- still gonna push forward and continue to release the documents without -- -- the people I was watching them live. Coverage of it this morning on fox and people and -- Unit outside protest -- You you know political and change here in the that's not -- in -- people care less than -- unfortunately and more about that the information. -- we talked about both sides of it right it's just the reaction at the governor the governments. Have you know from of that information -- -- that. Bad that it's of the division -- -- action of how -- -- to control and shut down with two weeks entirely that's got the whole debate of it people are both -- that Amazon got a little. Open -- but it's. -- published an op Ed in the Australian that was published today -- -- into the rest basically. He said among other things that -- -- he thinks is fearlessly publishing fact that need to be made public. He said he thinks the dark days of corruption in the Queensland government before the FitzGerald -- he referring to Australian politics -- testimony. To what happens when politicians gag the media from reporting the truth and he says that he hopes to use Internet technologies in new ways. To continue to report the -- It's gonna set off yes on -- thing you can hear about that has a bunch of other reports had no way. It's under 256 bit encryption he's gonna release the -- to get -- That's I have heard what that is but the threat at this -- at the guys and a. Who knows and you have to wonder how altruistic his -- really aren't the relief for the betterment of a society or you know if life he really missing piece meal if you believe that it's it's very compile no matter how it without any exactly any self appointed -- is a dangerous -- -- Dan Hartman -- yes he certainly thinks that he is the hero the third in. In other Wiki -- related -- MasterCard and visa and believable stopped processing payments made to acutely. And senator Joseph Lieberman continued to call and other companies organizations to terminate their relationships. -- -- -- The incoming chairman of the house homeland security committee wants Wiki -- within as a terrorist organization. That's why can't I can't imagine how that can possibly be an overstatement well. Okay. -- after September 11 I went to this terrorist. Seminar when I think graduate school and you know a lot of the ways that you define terrorism is the big -- -- -- it's not necessarily ideological warfare. It's a small organization taking on the big organization of something -- under that definition that would make. You've seen as a terror there -- I don't know but I think that it's very easy to -- -- something as terrorists. Or some organization and terrorism because of this definition and so when incumbent powers feel threatened they can. Put that label out there and it incite a lot of fear and then it works to their advantage. It's that the department terrorism -- -- -- -- are getting into -- girl -- dangerous political territory though let's grab it by FaceBook actually oddly at least at the moment. Demanding up these -- heavyweight in league lead but has said we are not going to shut -- the mechanics if -- paid. We do not believe that it violates our content standards nor have we encountered any material posted on the paint. That violate our policies on the other hand although Twitter did say no we -- not censoring we can -- from trending topic. When Twitter was asked point blank about whether it will permit that we Unix account if they online -- shut -- down. They responded we have no additional comment beyond a statement. The -- there's not been answered -- just leave it the way it is -- danger no one wants to -- that they can use here we have the Chrome web store. I cannot take a peek at -- -- and the YouTube channel here. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And all the time it seems to have high ratings that the crimes don't already installed Japanese -- machines and should you. An application. This is the app for the OS registering at the Apple web app and others from attending an -- -- -- but not a browser ought to all of those regiments. I think dynamic. Against -- -- and it's in active application. Any day -- a recap on the scrolling up and down and down as -- you can -- on oddly alike. And keep adding to the plane. And -- dot. You can in the back -- and -- government your music you're listening to a special performance by Elton John Leon Russell. It has -- -- -- -- I -- show you a case Sports Illustrated. I'd move but a game in a browser tab in they know a little less showing the store but that apps are treated like tabs it -- -- I treated as tabs now that's different from any web say everything that tab in the yeah yeah I don't think they don't intend to be that different it's just that it's a mark -- sort of focused. Yet dropped out of -- -- -- -- via. I did not significantly different from what page except that it can do need to expect and so when the system down -- that -- the -- day. They all he had to do was to launch with Angry Birds and the crowd would have exploded. I do I totally agree with -- -- in the chatroom saying that I -- code something once and have it work across browsers I want browsers to follow standards yeah yeah like it's really neat you can make that -- -- you know. -- and then drop into the playlist and then there's a built in player -- the happy don't be awesome is if we have and a player. In the browser and then yes I mean I do not think -- That there should be there needs to be a barrier to launching devices so big that you have to have an army of developers behind you you wanna make any device that like. But again I mean -- that was before I think as a stopgap until the web experience catches up but now -- -- not helping. You're not helping. Now the elephant like you to think is that your computer is the intern. Not that your computer does anything else than Google from your computer to -- -- not only -- and the Internet. They on your entire computing Digital Life. Look at every when it's trying to on -- that connected experience that it no longer will not under the web experience -- the connected experience and everybody wants to own that. And have your connection up and -- through their app that's it everybody wants to be -- in the -- Always go back and that's that brilliantly well -- -- -- That's totally true and -- prophetic but are actually take a break let's take a quick break right -- believe we'll be back. With more. -- and practically inviting you to join us for the 2010 edition of cnet's holiday help desk that happens every Monday at 1 PM Pacific 4 PM eastern starting November 22. It's where we make you look like a brilliant tech gift giver as we take your live calls and we feel your emails in fact when -- Send us an email right now the holiday helped -- at cnet.com and along with the rest of cnet's editors will point you to the right product at the right price. Holiday help desk Mondays at 1 PM Pacific time starting November 22 at cnet.com slash -- RI welcome back guys are we gonna jump back from a server at an integral and now let's keep growing -- -- worth document and I compromised and clear whether they're showing an app right now -- announcing something in their own pigment in -- now. Okay I'll keep an analog like that while -- -- -- can thank you very -- now we've been following the online retailer. The -- my eyes they've been recently chart recently been charged with broad. And threats basically the founder and that's that's that's -- -- the -- his name -- -- tallied worker but he's also known as Tony Russo. And Stanley -- if -- we talked about how he was. Anything on negative reviews back up his ranking in Google's search and linking in the system look responded by saying they're gonna change the algorithm to prevent negative reviews from -- From -- higher in the Google search but now what happened is they did a little you know digging on him. And it that the attorney US attorney pre Behar said the -- i.'s business practices he was allegedly the only selling counterfeit broken -- -- but he has been. Particularly sinister by threatening customers who want to dispute the credit card charges with. Either beating them up harming them physically even occur -- -- -- he went as far. As to telling a customer threatening to erect yet ready to sorry threatening to he also went as far as -- customers think and remember I know where he lived he took up picture. Outside of her build lead. Leaving her -- he certainly feeling like she wasn't say. This is that under what I call -- then he was arrested at his home in Berkeley and a third of his residents found several firearms and ammunition. It's almost like it's all. -- I mean this story -- -- Way more on Google and black and -- amber would have expected. But is kind of early and that way because it's sort of like. -- I get why you thought it was okay to get nothing but negative press for your business your complete your -- easy -- if I totally understand. You let you know so the place where someone either worked or lived that into the picture and spit it took them that's absolutely and things. Now -- to be a little bit conspiracy Aristide but maybe Google mean. Got involved with the authorities -- they please make an example of make Netflix -- back -- -- unite and get them and and I thought was crazy to begin -- it again and then he got like -- got more customers for the entries in -- just -- weak case and right until you actually get the eyeglasses even if they get to and there it again I do get a broken automatically get broken -- -- say wait a few days they would even charged with charged their card before it was shipped to them ray and then have -- disputed they know you keep your glasses and was out. Obama -- leopard do worse than you're gonna Laramie you're gonna like I'm playing well and I'm happy that he is off the web in all current Java. The kinds of ways I think it X. The crescent in this day and -- and I don't think of -- where in ingredients that bad press is good is. Good press but. Am as -- -- NPR article about whether or not the Better Business Bureau is worth anything anymore because the Internet replaces that right now like you need the Better Business Bureau and how could you have known that like. A simple Google search might have told you this. Kind of thing you and have seen him in the Better Business Bureau. But rather than the simple group Google's it popped up as a result -- In the top ten yeah I -- know now if you're looking tired this site you'll find that if -- look friendly reviewed their reputation as something like that like how hard it'd. And -- -- now -- -- -- -- information him but instead of like minded. Nefarious people via and let's which still kind of the that he looked pregnant and more -- or an app demos over epic in the Google and then they are showing off the New York Times -- of course that that's the new black. If you're gonna shop -- so let's keep the news rolling in fact. We have I think a little fun to have in the requirement. Digitize -- does does not care about the holiday shopping season for Apple they're reporting. That box kind of factories have recently been notified that they'll be shipping I've had to within the next hundred days possibly by the end of February. -- 2011 now obviously everybody don't get all excited so are lining up thinking that iPad will be available February. It still takes time once they get shipped out here to be distributed to different stores. And Apple's gonna more than likely hold onto them easily build up enough units to lots of cell which still points -- probably around end of march to April to think what we've been saying all -- been saying like. But. Getting -- out like this. Right away and honestly I'm sorry that I have to say that or I'm saying like for Christmas if you or in I -- -- of animals will report is an -- already if you were gonna -- somebody an iPad for the -- -- late. You need to quiz them -- -- make -- that they are gonna want it to be thinner and have a front facing camera was there are simpler like give them an iPad ILU. Not -- do not buy right now yeah they made says getting asked for the iPhone that look like the iPhone case they should just start making the gift cards for the -- -- -- -- -- in. They don't really think that is in -- -- people have -- them also in -- rumors some. We have -- analysts Charlotte problem rather he likes to make a lot different things. And his latest rumor -- and -- -- music and he -- and alas you'd -- laughing okay there -- latest rumor. Is that Verizon might pay Apple. To keep the iPhone away from T-Mobile sprint. -- is illegal. I don't -- Not a silly isn't nightmare about anti trust will you know they they could block and it's be locked into exclusivity contract with AT&T the only thing in the logic behind it for me is like. Why would a carrier. -- a company to keep it exclusive to two carriers instead of say we just wanted on hours now I know AT&T already has an agreement but it's of to me it's absurd to think like we're gonna pay it just the pay you just to keep the iPhone off -- two other carriers. Not much different than Intel paying manufacturers to -- not you AMD chips they're giving them incentives to use their chips instead of AMD. Is in that. Which which they've been in trouble for. -- there's also I mean. It's a little bit closer ties could -- content -- contract agreement it's different because it's not like the ads not a strong arming under the table things like which I was saying is that that Apple might be proposing really high terms like okay. Well put it on Verizon but this is that this that the contract -- like obviously AT&T -- to pay -- a lot. In order to maintain an exclusive. So then they might be saying well okay as long as we're doing if TDMA version and we haven't yet numbers and when our exclusivity contract that would AT&T -- -- and all the carriers. Unless Verizon you wanna make it worth -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Verizon might agree to those terms those terms -- it's gonna cost you butler to keep it on if not -- elements facilitating business. Yeah I think one that I'm -- people -- or Verizon anything like that and we understand that now they are not exclusive to AT&T totally can go anywhere you line. What he did it take for -- only have this on amber at many keep -- -- -- around like actually a pretty plausible I mean that's how was my favorite. Analyst of all time that it sounds like a fairly plausible negotiation. I and I'm not a legal experts it just sounds to me like I think it's my car I think it's at a -- can now I mean -- It's somewhat puzzled that I am my debts and now this is an app and -- they may end up on Verizon for now and just because they wanna keep its ever but -- Adults I don't see why -- for what's the incentive -- right the only other CD -- carrier sprint which really. Has not much of a dent in the -- into barely dents Verizon's customer base and more why would someone jump from brightness sprint I don't see why that would be any advantage -- -- -- And if you read that consumer reports from yesterday's are certain ordinary hybrids and literally -- -- yet there are certain areas where sprint has much better coverage they have much better customer service these days than they ever did before. And also. It will you're -- -- -- -- you have a direct they do other things but they're still trailed by a lot. And the third or fourth carrier and any witnessing a data plan and -- they have a lot more like eight -- and edit it together and I think I think absolutely your Verizon you wanna hero device. Like you want to say right now we have done. Though there have been these reports that present like a little disappointed with and it doesn't I would be surprised that two and now is also from this -- will report them. I don't know what it would be instant again open to the right -- -- but I can totally see Verizon -- like hell yeah we want the iPhone and we're gonna keep it as much to ourselves we possibly -- -- will see we still haven't even gotten -- I -- that we are nowhere near as far as we know the actual brick and Verizon iPhone and all of our talk about whether it can be if it does not. But I think you lowered it released data you're trying to get them on an iPhone for Christmas and that gift card program that's better -- again yes the iPhone gift card in -- share in and I found to have to get contacting now -- -- a little cottage business right now -- -- -- little IO you get and the ending. And -- more -- it -- by exact replicas of the device. This I mean did they know we are not ignoring the Google announcement they are still apparently -- -- -- -- -- still showing off. App demos they're clearly taken a cue from the main Amazon Apple and other John Allen and Amazon -- they had the they have an EA apps and -- -- -- become topic a with the game puppet from the day. It they -- -- -- level it in the gap in the they're they're really taken a cue from Apple's -- where they barraged us -- apps after us and we're like to show us more cool stuff if they -- show can be over by the time the news. But in other news the authority of the way to the army and -- LE -- and anywhere on cricket test. The email right Britain and you think yeah I know we're on -- -- -- did. The authorities have dismissed software piracy charges against one of -- most well known environmental groups after Microsoft indicated. That it would no longer support the case we talked about that that -- back in October. That Russian authorities were pursuing piracy cases against non profit incentive is non profits that -- anti government. Microsoft. Oh and on and and now they it was if they were accusing them of having pirated copies of Mac windows and -- that we're not gonna help you persecute. In -- dissenters yen with our software and so they changed their licensing policies. To basically give it away to nonprofits and NGOs in different in various countries. Campaign. So without Microsoft support to pursue the pirated software you know issue they drop the case and also Microsoft said that there -- gonna support. Other nonprofit organizations in twelve countries tightly controlled governments not only like Russia but China as well. Support these different environmental groups and what not to keep on pursuing their causes. And not have the word Apple it's not pretty stuff that's it that's a -- -- the number stepping up like that yeah absolutely -- -- that and I think they've done some -- -- and also Amazon is gonna demo the Kindle for the web on Tuesday which would -- today the day after Google books Google announced -- -- I checked out the whole Google -- thing. Browsing the web. I don't there's a lot of places though where. I read my books right don't have an Internet connection and that's not gonna help me. What about Google gears does it work with. -- -- I think -- make that -- you just don't have to download software you can preview book than by the emirate you know again and you can't -- on tap your various devices that -- That you -- taking it on a tablet on how many readers can also read read other books that you've -- already on any other machine -- -- ignores what you can access to -- -- -- -- exactly with a -- like the idea of the cloud -- to -- it appear on explaining don't have an Internet connection -- and look -- you -- these -- these days -- -- Wednesday and amendment and virgin jetBlue. Any other -- does and -- and -- Denton. Powell right -- and I like and now you're letting -- a lot I liked a lot of them I -- -- -- which has confirmed that it has sold at least. One million galaxy tab that's approximately it's been one month. Since it premiered in the US human that -- international stores. And they the field around Thanksgiving were only 600000. Though that things movement not bad habit. -- little niche for themselves but we knew they would at least. Seriously also pandora a change in a little change of heart. No windows phone seven Apple the planned -- -- initially when Microsoft launched they announced that pandora would be one of the pars and anyone who has more phone allows pandora on it they're not -- the moment they just said that they're not sure if or when it'll be available on windows phone seven. Interestingly. Over at the -- thing their demo link Kindle for the -- at an app. Or it will look like -- but it's not a web page that's -- -- pandemonium in the Google announcement as part of the kind of web app thing. -- -- you can browse for Kindle books with this new app called Kindle for the web. Even though it's not a web and that this is also Apple consumers -- -- -- get this one does make perfect sense to me. I too -- funky monkey -- guests Apple today started sending -- free iTunes movie rental approach that some iTunes users that appears to be random according to 95 Mac. They don't know why maybe it's to promote the rental service -- like -- Christmas present and he lets you read one of the 8500 compatible movies. And many of thirty days to start writing to -- hours. The finish my guess is that -- giving it away to people have never rented a movie on iTunes to get them comfortable with using it -- give you have. You're not gonna get this they're like Netflix Netflix right -- I gonna get this she Netflix also all you Android gingerbread lovers. And PlayStation phone lovers we've been just talking this thing up up forever. Controls in the SDK. For PlayStation. L -- L -- But there's gonna be support for this well when was you know that's what's happened -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- This is going down. Both of whom I think there's definitely happening now the -- it's certainly happening. I don't hear -- -- length of time to think of pretty financially responsible get. I love those crazy bastards over -- MIT and -- -- There gloriously. Creative they avenue project they're aiming to make spending either easier or more difficult at the -- wallet. They connect to your cell phone via Bluetooth and Lan and it -- -- next year -- to your online banking it expand. When -- rich -- it inflates. And then it deflates when your -- or yes sun basically what's happening your bank account and think. There's also on there's a video on the web page there's also like. -- them when they call -- mother bear. And it has a hinge that clamps and stay shut. If you've basically. Nine operating budget balanced or whatever you set that I don't send theft. And with them and I have an Internet -- because we are now on to Chrome OS let's switch over to our Google YouTube feed here. Right and -- -- use the bad most of the time. Since 2000 or computers. -- -- -- -- -- Additional desktop application. Which -- and abuses -- ought to name even want. In the British I'm not. I acrobat. -- actually part of forget I -- and a more computing. Report on and it's got destroyed the complex and on the system but -- did not what's. If you -- the system. I don't want to not do in the browser. Or the -- In fact if -- operating systems and it is not -- you -- -- most operating systems today on personal computers are designed for them and even existed. -- -- we really wanted to take the opportunity to meet me. The personal computing experience for the modern -- that uses the most of that time on the image and applications. -- that is what -- -- about in fact Chrome OS is not being on the -- He had gone to great lengths to make sure it's essentially. As close as possible. Chrome running on -- magnetic. Sound simplistic beneath it -- but once you make a fundamental assumption. Once in the basic assumption. You can get -- all are simpler. Safer more secure and a bit like collect either the IP actually show it -- all about it area quickly and Nvidia blew a demo. From a -- notebook. Obvious reference on -- and is for the purpose of this demo. And Canon -- -- I'll be going through. While that number fail -- reference hardware and her her legs fast talking to give windows machine so because that's ready in the end I'm going Constance and a -- in many mines -- -- chip PC. And you can see we had. The problem that store business can -- these applications CS install. This this -- You any speed and -- enough outlets while. The -- it to you -- and I don't want somebody this does is book about anybody -- -- well. So one -- while going through it's. What really is that it's going to go through and let's get a brand new Chrome but -- -- So you want a -- but -- and do an XP. Let's not -- -- -- from both and he wants to go ahead and start setting up a problem so let's switch its now though Chrome notebook. And this is audience is -- and -- open them. He opened the box. Is what you see if they choose here -- an activity obviously they can do that the next step is for you to read the second purposely -- Actually data presented a little reference and -- all audio and our own audio listeners we can -- -- -- back India. -- -- -- the actual show but it looks like an actual demo of Chrome -- a full demo of Chrome OS running on a notebook which is kind of interesting because that is. That is what they say is there one differentiator is like this crime was is or notebooks. -- Not in our standard communities that work for tablet whenever now. Will it will want -- -- and -- -- -- you know will read about -- tomorrow at Denver's top they still can't have that Adam. -- an active and then okay well that's now that's -- they mean for it to be really light weight again. Mostly from but the environment -- sit in which case they now have two mobile operating. Basically correct -- a -- but it but. -- -- And nothing angry. I'm just saying there differentiator here is. That the notebook it's still like a computer right up where the tablet and his mark on or not and the other thing we do you have to mobile operating systems but one expert. But the weird part of -- leaving -- -- -- again because they're like Asher. OS-X and I feel less readily than and that makes sense but it is weird that there's like -- -- but. My south of McKenna for tablet but an Eritrean that is okay we haven't even. I mean it's definitely feel a little confusing it's really hard day saints to me that delineation. In an engadget -- it's getting a lot harder yet doesn't feel like a future -- -- -- that's exactly my point. And ultimately also is just they're they're trying to hit like the -- -- consumer obviously everything is slimmer mobile desktops are dying breed for mainstream consumers -- -- for mainstream consumer unless you're gamer I'm not timeout developers and -- -- a graphic artists and upcoming high end video editors but -- mainstream consumer the desktop is I mean the sales show it. And -- only prove it yet. So we're gonna transition over -- little bit of science news shall we. Pretty hair close -- -- this is you take. It's not I love this worrying about it -- zombies story exit out. That is about a satellite on Sunday apparently be drifting. Road get. Zombie galaxy fifteen satellite its stock based Minnesota has stuck -- they can't control it right now it's just like out there wandering the apparently hope that it was gonna -- but note. Well amber name and it -- feared it. With the satellite aided distribution system used by -- -- National Weather Service that basically shut down data sharing. Between National Weather Service -- -- but -- nationwide as well as. Whether support groups for the US air force. So a lot of forecasters didn't have data imagery maps none of that interference from the -- satellite -- transmit from another line which gives like. Data relay services and TV programming. Like where there could be all of these problems with weather information. You know table -- will finally TV any. Look into -- stuff basically because the satellite is out there out of control me like. Turn. And is often -- they tried to shut it down and eleven they hope that lit the instead with the recent eclipse that. They were hoping -- it -- it basically completely power down but because of the light. On that was still hitting it at the angle that allowed it to still state powered like they were -- -- This thing would power down and go away and it's still wreaking havoc here are the sun -- They then it likely to -- again this month or drift out of range and eventually died and on space invaders -- that your local weather news it was a totally. Blame it on the zombies that claim and how the brain and on this -- comment on congress finally attacked here bunkers citizen from. And caused them -- and -- science news that his. It was how scientists discover. Which organizes the dinosaur. When you've never heard of that first porn -- from Korea. It will be called. -- -- -- There are riding out of names are dinosaurs. -- -- them coming Clijsters who recently. Anyway guys though and does exactly humor BT -- -- -- understand the only reason that story on the lineup it's because they cracked up so much that they had they can think of anything online that lets talk about curious Erica at a very lady may have seen that a parent like -- -- -- -- at the part of its jaws and indicating it was an -- more than. Then they said it was also closely related to -- -- -- but awhile ago if you're a call they said the triceratops was -- BB form of the Taurus Taurus. So the try certain everything we thought about the -- their. Gobbling matter -- about who actually like it yeah. Does it exist -- not a planet and the -- right there -- -- -- not a right there it's not wipe out my childhood -- again and it's set at the tops we have a Korea Saratov. -- -- -- This period there quality -- I wanna US Eric Thompson. Veteran Brian I can't sanitize and hung in there atop a tunnel couple as Hollywood -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That it I don't know what that -- -- if you get a diamonds are named after you click on it to be an curve of color become much they would atop. -- one of them are let's move on -- I -- -- Apparently. Social. Networking tools according to an associate professor of family medicine at the University of Michigan Medical School she and her colleagues have found. That using an interactive online elements use some sort of -- health program like walking to lose weight or prevail over all. Make that big difference because you're actually creating a little like social networking peer pressure. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- A lot in fact 79% of bridges and -- online forums to motivate each other. Stuck with a sixteen week program that she had developed only 66% of those -- -- of the site without the social components. Completed that program but they did say. Both groups cycle improvements and how much they want -- that the program's overall and are pretty efficient but if you've got the and in -- enough surprisingly really via the peer pressure element. Popping up. You keep that in mind as New Year's rolls around and -- -- think about your New Year's at least didn't totally league don't you tell me that you don't need Jillian Michaels v.s yelling in your -- like -- -- I want you don't feel like literally -- good diet and. Gillian Adam Bryant -- an idea that the thirty -- -- together you got nothing. No he didn't say anything that PX ninety's that all crazy is that -- get subpoena any idea totally alerts that that happened he still crazies like. You have you on C gorgeous held gives you gorgeous look at this look at this site that curl that's who urges those people are not -- it -- -- -- love it. So they did it and back to the Chrome -- perverted into the feedback loop back to Chrome -- demo they're saying bad ram that the main thing about it is that it will be. Zero to done in less than sixty -- like it's completely an instant on thing they -- there won't be you know. Far less if any boot up time because he won't have to load the whole operating system and on the DLLs need to be not that -- -- will -- instant resume. By Erica -- says that that the percentage of the only delaying factors -- -- users can -- when they first wake -- -- -- Or how long it takes with our drive to spin unless they're not in -- -- in a solid state drive like this -- instant on with solid state -- Hot damn it better be well all I'm sorry about all know put -- feature should in fact other going to yet again. B solid state drive -- let's get in Q and imagine the feedback we've. -- the embedded designer its q.s that buzz at cnet.com says if you're not really looking Annie my watch for stories about people who -- had posts taken down by FaceBook. It happened to me today and -- some innocuous -- critical comments about intellectual property attorney. Then in a new message -- -- my annoyance about being deleted and people started sending me stories of other incidents. Again very innocuous stuff is -- like a friend who is using FaceBook messages to chat with a -- about his time -- a missionary in Africa. He actually got an inappropriate behavior message from FaceBook. I got nothing the smell like some poorly written computer algorithm trying to weed out bonafide bad behavior and failing miserably. I have not heard of this interest steamed I know but it was pretty fishy stuff anybody else those heard of this happening. Now aren't taking down your posts do they do that normally I have never heard of of them living room. Here is that article in wired last week that in the new FaceBook messaging system if you put in something like that that they don't want you to go to that -- they won't. Add those links to your emails now that you. If you email I clarity email used on any network router like a virus. And -- it's like porn or like inappropriate contact and contents in some form -- fashion that though -- like we're not -- Let you put this link and interest and that's something a little an idling yet -- that I don't remember exactly what it was that is like filtering email contents that obvious and I think it was to piracy like you do with teal Lime Wire which is no longer cooler. Some kind of torn still like you can't share that link still -- and in that. I don't you know we need them we uncovered the elevation that I can if so is like it even wired it was -- it and -- and -- the court began. But let's -- -- -- -- -- pulled because that's that's huge -- -- post a comment -- out a link -- it will even at paddling or not and for them just to delete it. Syverson because the content a list note that -- re. Eating -- any algorithmic -- -- you know reading -- Well -- new cannot imagine that a lot of people won't even notice that from their -- detonated people who like methods all the time and post all the time I know I haven't gonna notice. Or builders make sure your significant other isn't actually going intertwined and that minutes. And -- -- now that's really bad yeah that is really bad. Our -- -- -- from Jimmy from Roseville California hey buzz treatment so yesterday show about how Netflix should and -- -- game rentals to their service and why this doesn't exist. I'd be with you that Netflix does need to pick up the ball on this however it does already exist recently blockbuster online added the ability to rent games of via the mail. And it is bundled into their existing dvds by mail packages for no additional costs. I realize that many -- -- well viewers probably don't have a great relationship with blockbuster. But is still viable option Internet and until Netflix gets their act together on the video game front love the show keep the good work. -- things that's very good point and blockbuster does that stand in the -- I think it's really weird. I -- apparently it hasn't stopped and the -- -- I mean we all know game like this than I guess they're doing alright now. -- implies you've been acquired by Netflix and then them -- that amendment that would be okay I know memo from us -- -- Netflix there's also recent report where even though the game at the used game industry does well for. Places like in stop and as you know for people to return against people still like buying and owning their own game. And in companies that like you buying and -- -- of games varied and a. That's a -- today everybody we will of course have all of the rest of the news from the -- announcement should actually be any because one -- and -- decent perhaps. -- -- -- -- But it if you cannot wait until then the link to the news that comes through will be in our show notes that -- -- that cnet.com you can email us by the heated up -- -- -- -- -- 2638. Also Friday is coming around we need some computer love. -- saying it. And it -- -- -- -- this is an -- this is for real and out don't forget to send us your computer. It's anyone calling it. -- -- -- -- --
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