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Ep. 136: Mac App Store shopping tips and the latest tech price cuts: Tech Culture

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Tech Culture: Ep. 136: Mac App Store shopping tips and the latest tech price cuts

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This week we go comparison shopping, comparing game prices on Apple's Mac App Store to other retailers; then we discuss the new price cuts for the Logitech Revue and Nintendo 3DS, and play tech trivia with MTV's games blogger Russ Frushtick.

And now everybody looking at the smooth this transition in show history only to that the 136 tries. -- get go on like that and I think everything's up and you'd hear anything at that ever happened before -- I don't think so. -- -- -- people can -- -- they can't -- with the music starts again resentment on -- yet so I -- -- It if you look to my right -- whatever you'll see that we're joined today and I are now roughly Russell rusty fresh -- from MTV -- Who has been here before. That's I had her mind and of that it was a while ago it was awhile ago it was a year ago when nearly. I went back and watch the -- is when the Xbox-360. Slim for showed up because right after ether aren't right during. -- boxing's every passe now aren't they. Is that is that entities -- around boxing is something EA you need some sort of hooked and think just opening the box is probably not at CNET that was good like 20092010. Was like the M boxing -- and after that. -- if not a favor. There is a lot to as the fact doesn't do Julie do do we do on boxing photo shoot anymore river used to do this for -- -- not really -- -- Yes we we'd -- get the product out of the box and test it and write about it and shoot video and stuff and then do that I think people rather. Say that experience when they purchase it and -- wants either they wanna X -- their own and boxing press salt on the moon -- last summer house notes. Distributed performance course -- -- -- -- not okay that's more or less what they want it seems to bring -- to a box opening ceremony. Yeah and MS unless you know it's like one of those non environmentally friendly. -- showing something off about the packaging person exactly okay. That makes entry of -- talk about today. I do -- -- and this is a good -- -- -- the topic for for -- that we do this little game show contest at the end of every episode. Where I get cool game stuff and I give away and if you are in the chat room which happens live with the show at cnet.com slash live. You just say hey I wanna play. Just gradually pick three contestants out and then you. Joseph and Julie within -- as avatars for these chatroom participants so -- -- questions. If you guys gonna right whoever your -- for wins -- prize. And got some cool prizes today -- videogame to always -- -- video game company banks. It should be a good times if one of playing -- chilly but. Julie and Joseph -- -- totally I -- -- -- to run. -- -- -- got one of my list we just heard via the iPhone five is not coming out until October and set a September with the that. Very upsetting it is its -- they need a new phone. I'm still on my I'm going to injury I'm -- my iPhone three not even three G. The three and its ancient that -- -- -- get game center. That you think back. That's my biggest concern in life yet I I think -- -- -- that nothing works on it anymore if it is the it is so painfully slow or even reboot I even kind of -- it. And -- re initialize it and it's still painfully painfully clear and stored in its program via. So this all coming from the eighteenth the store people saying like oh -- and I take vacation at a certain time where where where is this coming they were saying that. The rumors going around where that. AT&T -- has people not to take vacation at the end of September. Which may giving that the iPhone was coming out in September and a lot of other people thought that too but just today. The guy on all things He says -- -- tells them it's not September after all it's October. That's you know monthly than we thought I don't know if it's in the world but September would have been -- -- it would have been nice -- you know kink in everything. -- education. We know that's that's actually pretty good though I mean how the consumer gets to enjoy their there they're the earlier -- the iPhone for a little longer. And those who -- out of their contract yet none of the feel so bad about looking at the iPhone five. The export in total around towns and that's only to be said about having at least a year between products I think the iPhone four was. No actually July is recognized as you got -- got a -- those who haven't a little more closer to their planet Mars in thirteen months that school leaving out people are gonna dump that iPhone four ending get this view. Like it's gotta be a pretty dramatic -- it would ever ascending significant enough to make you wanna silicon they'd have to pay full price yet. That's a good point if you look at the MacBook Air the new version -- that came out. Less than a year after the previous one if you bought a MacBook Air it's important in the past year it's been less than -- -- there's -- -- new model. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I think He would go crazy with -- -- -- refreshing and they couldn't get to their old device but -- that everybody else updates everything every year also its not like just Apple does that they just make the biggest news about it. You going get a Dell Inspiron they probably updated -- three and since last year and give it usually on the on the PC side it's not like Apple like. For example the MacBook Air where the -- -- -- you you can't change that you know. At least in the PC side you can change the ran a new hard drive and hard drive and Apple makes it very complicated these things. At least and keep your warranty eating. Out now would you consider going back to the iPhone Joseph I -- -- an iPhone would be one customer. I don't I don't think I want are you happy and Android out of it on Mac and I have I have the best rated because I have all the Apple IOS. -- without being. Tied to if you cross Verizon -- -- I mean especially now on this day when they're they're they're talking about throttling back bandwidth one -- an unlimited customers which is crazy on the AT&T network. And and not having unlimited plans for new president unlimited plan is that has always been fine print out that it's always satellite view more than five gigs in a month you're abusing the system and get right down president treaties capped plans and that they offer and they now get I don't they have -- -- and -- on AT&T you cannot get. The unlimited plan anymore it's it's just if you're grandfathered in -- -- best and -- -- even that you know you can't and to restore America about the short while ago He was telling me that. He doesn't wanna move to the tethering because the have to lose He loses an -- at which is great and traffic contract tethering than it you know just -- -- -- -- discount -- -- -- the language is what the MacBook Air -- known figures have -- phone boom and it. That's that's probably one of the resort bugler jail breaking left and right because they they feel like they're getting shafted right now AT&T says they can detect if you are using a jail broken iPhone to tether. And it will start charging you accordingly. Well they said that the beginning -- people started doing it I'm sure there -- you're getting away with an accurate. I now you have an iPhone four wrote I do indeed now would you get are bright and unity for -- five reaching with the -- -- -- -- I don't you -- waited out. Yeah I would -- -- likely to and it would have to -- world changing and I mean the forests in his you know it's last year as age really well it's. It is nothing that gives it a problem in terms of apps everything runs great so I don't. -- -- -- Rip it yeah I've never had to buy a product of it and I've always sees the case late eighties -- bumper to bumper at the upper. Do -- -- never part of the iPhone brigade were you. What do you have before your and -- -- have now. Samsung alias -- to a -- okay okay and so so the five limit how spectacular it is would not would not bring -- -- You would join the fold. On now. I -- I don't think I have few treatment since it to -- -- And I found crowd but it'll work like I know I mean I -- but I wouldn't be opposed to trying it out let it you know at the same token and that. Going to just on line at -- -- -- But does anyone here have an Apple TV yes as you -- and you do also how much did you pay for your Apple TV a hundred hours and it is -- -- tonight and. Are -- are -- via okay because before it was what 220 some. Didn't -- a lot -- -- it was there was -- -- hard drive that's Georgia tried -- I'm sorry chat room gets on knocked out officially is disease who were frozen in your on this nice little on me on the higher Chrome and don't look we'll just just just reboot another reason or another reason like Chrome some sarcasm. I'm -- erratic in minor iPad I'm not dealing. I've that'll take forever Britain's capital -- -- video -- Students always have your phone divided attention than it should do and Jews in the -- remarkable though we're giving out. I -- in the Apple TV because. That Logitech revue which is the Google TV box is now 99 dollars as well it started off at 300. Without the -- fifty and made and that it's 99 bucks is nobody's buying if you guys saw this in the Logitech. Quarterly report. Big phone briefing they just had they said. Is it that -- review which is name of the product revenue with quote. Slightly negative during the quarter. As recurrence of the product or higher than the very modest sales everyone flipped out when they heard that because they seem to admit that. During during the for a quarter more people returned the review that bought it. Which actually doesn't seem too far from the truth because nobody like this products that where you -- to -- yet it. We're having all like the back of trucks the stuff and then they returned it I think -- bought them like over the holiday season and then returned in Q what I'm just saying there when the more turns than buyers if you bought -- in the previous quarter and returned after -- -- -- that then that's -- him however Logitech later quote clarified their statement. And said that He was referring to returned from retailers. Not consumers although I'm not really sure how that's actually better. That seems to be the same problem anyways this is this -- is sending them back. And not buying a medallion is just starting that's just that it only problem it is collecting dust here -- this is mixed in space you for the toasters its its its. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- There's the not have a physical computer there them -- living room and does have a small little box and as well but everybody like Hulu and all those guys locked out the Google TV boxes like the review. So really just wasn't that practical specially -- they -- -- like for the -- That -- with the special keyboard. Room. I do -- Apple TV had a little keyboard like Google TV because -- continuously and Bluetooth keyboard and good object you can think you can. Again but I don't know why they don't like well a Segway when you're doing a search like bin Laden who -- Kevin Bacon movies decision favorite actor and you can make a big -- -- that. Just by using whatever it took them about inroads this sometimes -- mobile mobile mobile will -- knows what to do quick search yeah all of and that -- The idea of how much -- video on you know download video on my TV. And even though I TV is DN LA compliant and as that it is supposedly see my network attached storage unit. That stuff never work they could never get it -- -- -- -- that is -- just unplug the HDMI cable from a PS3 plugged into a federal act up and is boom and an -- to get. That's a growth story about -- I hope I identity one before before Richard the next stop -- and good to anyone funny story. Go -- and and is only -- my mother does not watch podcasts. -- -- -- These diamonds are all well I -- I had oh so much. She just got a 32 inch busy -- LCD TV to. Replaced the old 32 inch -- TV she had. Now and I want to -- -- a single 3232. Because he's not any TV that I totally -- 36 but -- -- at a very -- normally don't do you just you just don't like nation now home theater. Like I exactly right now my next he's not gonna be fifty. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Podcasts and secure so so anyway so. That TV -- an open box that I got in like 1999 from Circuit City and union square and an open box 32 inch. That I gave them Circuit City guys like twenty bucks to put on a no really Carty reeled in my apartment on every -- and and then you know physical they're -- -- Public carry a 32 Stevie -- where do you know what the back of a catalyst. This thing it was Jews who you can do it there it's if you believe. You can do we -- today. On the stand out there on fourteenth street in 1999 at the giant 32 inch and TV Wafer can't -- out by it and try to get in the best. I got guys just said oh well -- -- a did you live in Arabic at a couple bucks. Now that -- great fantastic I didn't tell the couple boxes like you know can't technical but it all worked out anyways -- -- -- dvd and other -- it did just finally died after after all these years and it was an open box special. It's got the video a -- -- -- -- yet to get -- HD cable box news you don't get these two cable box I convinced her to get Eddie notes ten dollars more a month for teachers from Comcast's. A constant effort to -- reliant on -- I'm now let's see I'm I'm I'm I'm really up and running out of positive type I'm more Comcast now has to do that it's not only did not I. You know HBO go after -- -- -- every which way -- it -- a harmony remotes and etc. with. I that it would make things easier is that your old harmony remote you might be mild harmony -- is not a is that enemy thinks he's someone that's like -- She's got the glasses up the glass canopy at the remote -- might -- layers of complexity that you don't need we're we're we're not even. We're not even up to that point yet first is like all of which are the roku box we got for Christmas last year. We which usually works by TUZ -- that. So she collier Soledad that the TV is great but only -- one HDMI port and back like you know it's got to look at two okay yet has two Republican cable box. And have broken with HDMI -- -- center a couple of Amazon HDMI cables. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And apparently I didn't hear about this until a couple days later it's not working right because -- -- the harmony software doesn't recognize your cable box. Which you know it's a model number the cable box was so she didn't thing where you point the remote at the harmony remote -- -- -- stuff and that didn't work right now the original about that came with the new cable boxes and -- can ride. And it and -- -- -- things harming -- restated comic you can't erase the cable company wrote its preprogrammed. It's locked in Italy at the cable button on the remote look ridiculously cable T time I -- I I don't know what that particular remote look like a base that the II. And that -- a huge. -- with on the phone about how. Correlation does not equal causation just because the remotes stop working at the same time He tried to connect the harmony does not mean that the harmony remote cause. The problem or maybe something's blocking the cable box like tone made it deserves a junky plastic cable box and half the things don't work out of the box to get get a new one anyway I don't know Comcast like it on -- though I I tried to diagnose and -- over the phone what. Her box one. So I could find the appropriate harmony static. You know it's like what's the -- -- -- -- doesn't have. It just as Comcast and Cisco my parents both of Cisco. Comcast each seeking alliances and it says that like BR -- G1 fifties at popular comic. You look at it does this say REG 150 of a back on the side outset of -- -- the power button on the front of Diana and at. In a monsoon is a what can figure that out and then I looked it up and people said that the -- software. For some reason doesn't -- that one but if you put the RG 200 dental work on an erroneous instructions. Hopefully this will all work out but but but but -- a lesson to all moms out there when you have trouble. Call your tech savvy children while you're having trouble don't wait a couple of days and and tell all the problems -- It get the immediate tech support online and we can all avoid a lot of problem. Is this for any month and actually listens to a -- -- -- I spent -- claimants trying to tell my mom where over the phone where the guide button is -- They'll want but I thought -- She could not. Inspect and my mom's not bad batches of -- started but it see each. She knows better events -- you know leave everything to chance and she calls -- It's at night and -- everything she does come with the video. What doesn't and sometimes Joseph the things that the the simplest and and at least trouble to do or not always the smartest things to do. You made him a little bit extra for your convenience I mention this -- costs. -- -- lot I spent some time going through the Mac App Store -- on on all Macs now. And it's just like the -- -- App Store looks very similar it's actually very convenient it's built in great way to get Mac software but. I was a little surprised when I looked at how expensive games for only -- problem at some old games for the kind of expensive what's up with that. And like fifty bucks like Call of Duty 4 -- Modern Warfare game which. Is quite old and a right that is to -- -- the -- if they're helping other than the Mike in the news on again I am absolutely so. I mean it all comes down to convenience as He said people. Don't know any better they update the line and I forget the MacBook -- you don't even have this drive is a -- any games on their the only way is through digital downloads. And look at that Apple has this awesome store for you -- Alastair for anyway unfortunately. As band has discovered in many others have discovered. Yet they've really charge quite a bit -- -- games -- -- the publishers at a certain prices but with Apple -- a 30% cut sharp you know. It's not quite it -- -- -- -- -- to Jack my prices to make some money and I scan through your blog post on my -- giving you learned it wasn't that long. Had an angle of our way or how it with a chart but I went I went I went through the 42 comments this. But -- I wouldn't call it senator art and -- -- an optical a USB optical drive and and the game yet. And it was He would you get the Apple shipped after seventy bucks and you get any bootable USB dvd drive like 35 or forty bucks I looked at. I looked at the Mac App Store. Amazon and steam. To see where these games might be cheaper -- you if you want if you wanna get -- duty four Modern Warfare for the Mac. Fifty bucks at the App Store it was discounted for about a week -- line -- -- 20% off discount. But you can get it on disk for -- from Amazon for 23 bots or get an Amazon Mac download for 32 dollars. Although if you just wanna get -- on PC it's when He talks on live is looking so much better and that's -- -- online guys actually actually -- me at the threat today. We got you know who gained from -- -- -- -- dynamic that's good point the only -- from a lithium Bioshock. Which is part of there -- ten bucks a month all you can play. Collection like twenty or thirty. Specific games and for people that are like super hardcore about gaming it might be buying apps that work. On live its sort of okay right they don't mind. A little delay and maybe it's not the highest resolution. But for things that aren't like super 21 person shooters that use it pretty going to pupils and and you could take it to anyone if your new devices yes styled laptop netbook and -- -- -- plane on the ipads in the avenue controller Rican beat -- and the iPad a civilization five. Again fifty bucks at the Mac App Store. -- on this -- up 43 dollars not that much cheaper Amazon Mac downloadable version 42 dollars. And of course on the PC from Amazon it's its thirty bucks and I think Steve -- selling it for X seventeen bucks on sale for about a week. I missed that when it made it a lot of this comes -- it's view it's again its convenience and the fact that like okay you have as a -- it alive. It's all a layer of complexity that a lot of people that's totally don't wanna go through. And also with the apps there you don't even need -- -- -- you enter it once your credit card for major -- And then -- it once it's in there you just have to type a password and you're downloading game in a minute. Another -- that has raised another question is. Apple the next big company to get -- for credit cards and those. Let's not even -- we are that would be only a disaster and not putting it out there's a challenge to anyone -- Are doing it -- it. It my left example. That's pretty particularly -- one call of duty to. -- is one of the most popular Mac games it's it's it's probably one of the disorder can conflict app on there. It's thirty box and -- Mac cast outrages you get a firfer for your PC on a -- for ten months. Where you can get it oh for fourteen for your Mac -- it -- commence -- or eighteen for now and Dan. It -- the list goes on to get us CNET and and -- the story that though for the ego I think we've all learned something that. Downloading. -- -- -- Apple MacBook MacBook Air passengers' convenience -- it and it that is a serious -- and ironic because on IOS everything it summits like a dollar is standard. Yet -- -- -- Mac -- -- you expect all of -- of a look at some cheap games -- -- off a few different until -- speaking of price cuts. Besides -- Logitech revue treaty -- at a price last week after our previous shoot through to get a chance to talk about it. I've rest smart -- dumb ol' boy. What year it and I'm -- certainly my gut. Feeling is that it's a move from a company that was caught very. Off their balance about how -- the Prius sales have been. And is not a whole lot like it's not like they can develop -- team in two weeks ago I always we got this awesome game to get fuel -- The price is the only thing that they can directly control. -- Honestly like. You know it's a staggering price cut but I don't know what else they're gonna do it -- it -- to fifty to 169 and -- it's an eighty dollar price and and -- -- within five months after it which is unprecedented for Nintendo. Was was Nintendo to. Full of themselves after the years long success of the week they think they could do no wrong -- I think it's Sony offered after and -- when the PS3 had -- -- when it. Probably not the extent of Nintendo. But Nintendo's problem is not software even though that software alliance and -- for it since the Prius -- it's all about the fact that. People don't want a dedicated gaming device totally true -- Did you definitely yeah you definitely have devices nowadays -- could do everything I mean like little phones -- pageants. And in stream video you can download you can -- music. You can play games are -- rather have an iPod Touch or -- 3-D -- He had a series He shares iPad you think is -- my -- is as I've patted him that's what a gaming system has it also does all this of the stuff I mean He knows. He knows about my console but I don't really He -- -- really grasp that it's a much easier for finger just does this. So natural -- put your finger here for this or -- for their for that an entire generation of kids that -- -- -- oriented because of all. Yes definitely well would you actually get a 3-D S now that it's a much less expensive you have to puts a big order for me to get it and am really -- -- -- I get and I get an -- really -- -- is rehashing of all the old games fruit not a lot of original IP on it. I would get -- Getty. -- -- And each and every. Getty deputy price cut before its launch and immediately have either gonna stick with what of the united you're fifty yes and if it which I think act. For what they're offering was a much much better value a dedicated -- actually very complicated for people but the thing is that one thing I noticed that advocates and -- do not play a game when your PS3 continuing on that and GP and that's kind of cool as well. Cats and GP man. I like and I like and you've -- on quality and you feel like about the movies games -- calling it might feel like -- like I like I like -- orders of vitamin water line water line that's what the -- called -- by a shot with their file. Yes the things like that enters now that's by segment I think one of the companies was -- -- something that -- that you try to Bioshock. I don't know that the defeated just regularly themes over caught it it seems like they took every. If every marketing idea and jumped into one adding that back touches that way you'd otherwise you know what uncharted -- dude. -- -- -- probably gonna launch with it which is very smart uncharted you know gigabyte intranet PlayStation 3 and -- heard of it looks. And you've got your god of -- is pretty much the same thing over you start over -- powers you'll lose -- you get him but for some reason it just sign works idiot -- carry. Com and I'd planned a big smart phone. And of a -- with you -- I would do. -- I mean I would I'd pick a pick that you depending where I was going when you're not -- -- -- -- -- -- I have to be honest do you like -- are just some places you don't wanna -- derive value you -- -- -- -- a -- -- -- -- -- when you wouldn't. Be so upset if you like it appears few here and you can let you go to fifty bucks. I'm not saying it's disposable on this thing like if you where -- -- you if you were to go travel somewhere you were a fly. I feel a lot more comfortable leaving my and GP in a hotel room in -- Yuma. IPad will go there's a large and iPod Touch -- -- -- -- why. While we're on our product and I'm not going back I have you -- -- either -- it was I gonna glad watched movies and other than that I did all that stuff that the duo -- -- -- what we don't noted that as well it had its on the web surfing movie watching. Blair yeah -- and yeah yeah let it be -- -- that tip. Listen I wanna like it and really it's not either says Sony's or Nintendo's fault though I mean that the market basically crumpled in between reactions. A legitimate tool in -- -- -- what Nintendo start thinking they said we gonna take the game hardware and strip it down to the basics and recreate it. Though they were kind of ahead of when limiting the way out with a -- front that was an -- -- -- like the forward thinking partners them. -- yet the most the combination of a stripping it down it's saying we don't need this stuff and let's find a new -- -- interactive widgets that but motion is almost like touch and -- and -- the influence instinctual its -- more human and it learns a lesson -- leader week. Exactly -- Not -- a couple weeks ago could have something to that lady got an Angel. -- files only and. And because now my only -- -- with the Wii is that the only game that I me personally that everybody found everywhere found very popular. Was a game that came with the Wii Sports source and that everybody that everybody is wondering -- the molding the boxing little home and I mean literally. While today's in the hospital and you know waiting for a dilate to give birth we're in their playing my -- and I know -- that we're we're -- -- I took do we at a hospital is easy to carry. And -- bully and hospital that I felt were being a little selfish -- controller for a few literally in the bed playing Mario three I mean that's cool for like nostalgia -- it's not it's not that deep I had not thought of taking you'll be to the hospital -- -- is important thing to get to the -- pictures ever to play wow yes okay that He would test it out and -- okay. I -- honestly. I was there for a long time and it was that was there -- overnight it it help me get through the Mecca. -- -- -- didn't in the group's. I I. Aren't we just get -- because every time. And it's one thing very quickly and that is with -- community about. New downloadable games on the console best in his one -- they're gonna -- although it seems like the same thing over and over and it is -- that boiled it great art art is good our nation and it great -- packets like -- PG ninety -- as was a thank you once again there and actually put the Xbox Live. Chris is for the gift card you gave to be used. I guess it just expired goods in July 20 Sony are a -- -- Xbox Live look at it. You'll -- -- -- we'll see you on Xbox -- to -- could pause it because I -- -- -- months' worth for use at the gym membership of any Paper these Canada and -- the other one -- from dust which -- has been a big proponent of it's almost like gay. Like -- DD simulator game we actually elements to help but tries people. I like it looks really interesting I couldn't get past the second mission -- you gotta get the guide you are ward off the three. Yeah it's a great guy from here to there and haven't pick up a room stone to to work offline and fight. I -- -- down but He couldn't get to the stone in time and any finally could get to block off the water to cross the river because he's. He hits like from -- -- can cross a river that to two inches deep. Good is -- a fee to get wet. Maybe he's got me he's got fancy primitive users have -- -- so today finally got the thing and he's walking back to the tribe. When the -- -- the -- -- needed another ten seconds it and the second time I tried it -- and yet and then He should want crops. And this time I try that level He got the thing in any doubt washed away by the water and drowning -- and if I got an -- well I'm not -- that. People feel my raft of attorney -- yet and I bet bet bet that that's my take on this too although -- for inventive and I love seeing super inventive new games on Xbox Live. And PlayStation network IDC and Xbox Live when -- -- whole olde Xbox-360. Games up for download. They had a game based on one of my favorite that guilty pleasure TV studios that they just added prison break. Hulk to the pleasure of -- that -- the prison break video games they're twenty bucks I was tempted. But I remember reading how horrible it was I did not what the (%expletive) are -- get the prison break TVM -- go watch it on Netflix. -- -- -- again we have some contestants Julie. I'm sorry but as well as well but and that book. Patina of Florida and -- -- and voted down because I got prizes -- with that body. I got enterprise it. The incandescent generated okay can you tell us today are what DC. By its -- the tech teens and the Mac. -- It's a who's doing that they didn't want to do Massey one which is going which is that it does the AZ eight and it's not seen an -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- detect scene I'm detecting by the three prizes -- -- wait that long long time. I have got two of these. EA teams. Backpack. It came with a pencil and -- a belief is that -- can -- that note and developer of the school -- has all these that they thing with people if they precedents like at a company. And I have a video game totally starter kit for excellence are collecting video -- to -- I've got Timothy little packaging Angel from beyond the the mental game I've Saturday -- -- as the Spencer. -- totally -- rock band. Dude. I've got a little overlord. -- it if you wanna start your video game figuring collection vehicles tourniquet for. The let's do that you need -- first again. Rusty get the first question target I can buy it or you're just getting out of other -- American -- in order to in the -- -- I don't -- it for questions that are appropriate and this question is not a dissident. This is the guitar for -- for now rest night both -- -- -- for the same company called UG which is actually still around the fox and now along with one out. A vote of of the try to sell -- and you go. Exactly video be all the slaughter of -- of myself started in 1997. -- that you -- there what -- those three letters in the company originally stand for. If fire call. -- -- is united gamers online. I'm I I don't let them know that yeah. I. I'm gonna double check because I think that may not be actually rats and and the idea is whenever I wanna -- but it was so it's so close I wanna make sure that I got it exactly right. Noon. Don't know it is not correct that's -- sorry DC He may not -- asset to us okay get to finesse give honest. We can work -- -- yeah yeah it's -- out there today He will there was a close its unified. I got invited both -- there you had to double check that He didn't know. Exactly. Physicist and nobody wins that prize however explicitly and then later they -- it to underground online as it has -- -- sanskrit. I think it's don't act. SP because -- is here and he's -- -- currently the editor in chief the MTV multiplayer video game website and which is their video game news and information web site. -- it can MTV question on a rush church. Well the -- first studio film and MTV technical quality video killed the -- And by whom come on man I got enough power audio out. At -- doubt that that's correct it where you -- Fully thirty years by adults they don't have a bonus question fear -- then we don't know private jets that ordered thirty years old or ten tester TV knowledge. -- singer Trevor horn took over at the lead singer of what classic rock band for one album. The kind of -- who sang video killed the radio star. Actually was also lead singer of a really really really famous rock band for one album wings. Not wings and yes -- -- -- 1980 was drama. But hard to measure wings album without -- I have -- -- that we got it got to do love this you're right it's resident it -- that -- has people believe in you -- them as it builds your. Are generally a -- -- that that -- that does is we just got it when you we just got people can't just events. -- in -- -- and alright -- -- -- -- -- the movement and it now that's a tough that the 3-D S have a question about that topic for a ready. What is the technical term free display the presents 3-D images without -- the -- -- What you actually call it kind of display. Passes. That is the glasses and it. -- is -- the technical term for the and I will display. It's I don't like the split its and to be hit with the four man He had known them. An obvious the other things like that Toshiba laptop that doesn't align left 3-D would also fall into this category. And other -- they've added various kinds since of about 1985 -- when they first put together the first. -- -- last 3-D -- spoke to call. -- -- -- -- -- And exit the -- remember it theories. Using yes they'll -- it is often use this area of -- god does close but -- it's not recommended -- -- I have no idea. Well what to call display that displace three images without the need three eyeglasses or -- -- We'll be detect blame -- the. What we got one right in the name and and an -- that there. Nearly every Hillary gets -- -- Joseph are given a beta two for. And it's it's it's two glasses and -- a lot of identically to think about it and everything to. -- everywhere I usually waits till I knew because I was a -- and with cats before knows we're guessing. Now with Israel into effect in the box. I mean. Next question who's running out of time that's it that's the that's the third question does no no no we really given up all right -- thumb on name and rushed to get the bonus question. There is no -- -- casual listener base is back on. It ever does it boggles trivia. Of them are like mine but it. Are you parking at the rocketry. To tell you when to give up a strategy and in my memory because I am I not only read about it -- -- talked about -- not too long ago again. Check out my mind is like a book it with a hole in this doesn't retain even when He used to Giamatti there's every fighting is this legalese that I have mixed league Q what is -- -- they. They continue to exist we approach started. And I I can't give -- -- it is called an honest areas gothic display. The the us out if they actually say. They'll look like in particular lenses it would be like that if that's a day ago says there are -- like you have gotten it right yeah. How would I know what to look up that -- at. Well that was a little anticlimactic congratulations -- -- on on -- and and and you know what. With a -- gonna begrudging other thing that others -- that united games online was darn close enough yeah. -- got this topic right dejudder. Five. They got. I see everybody everybody went out cinema that I don't make people happy. I thank you -- for joining us anything you'd like to plug. Yet and the outlook declared on a TV dot com and you can follow me and it. Ross rustic and as you could spell -- for -- stick worked hard to -- professor. All right excellent and then we'll see you next week interviewed manager's name will be in the show notes -- -- network setup and don't going to. And -- just makes me feel -- got we've got -- them and have a good time. 01 what they get sky congratulations got on flout the girls I know you'd love to be here right now seeing JET has judged its dead -- rising tide is lifting its revised yet hills should evolve. Four board Katzmaier resolution earlier -- stories are now. -- --

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