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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1358: Deep Packet Pumpkin Spice

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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1358: Deep Packet Pumpkin Spice

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Gobble Gobble! It's all about the tech turkey's of 2010. Companies want to target data packets to monitor your activity and serve you ads! Facebook trademarks your "Face" and the aroma of pumpkin spice puts guys in the giving mood.

It is Wednesday November 24 when you can't. -- -- -- I'm Donald bell and am Brian's song welcome the buzz out loud podcast of. 58 we're chugging along. -- not in the house live but who cares and has I've got some -- a ring my bell this -- case -- hadn't. -- it -- anyway no implied whatsoever. Donna openings are coming and you know us. Are you -- edition the Honda obviously behind me all around me the holiday spirit. Is infusing the show yeah we're gonna we're gonna have some news -- gonna hit up some tech turkeys because. How can there ever be a year in tech without any Turkey's. Play him that's until for Heath who you know tool for youth tennis talent and expertise since then again. I like it alright let's sum -- -- -- got a few little I guess illegally story is you know. Verdicts billions of dollars and weren't in -- -- -- -- -- we'll get it gets them all right first up on the -- Oracle winds of one point three billion dollar verdict. From the -- -- -- -- as -- -- unit of downloading their software it's been going on for OpenId you have when -- -- him basically. -- SAP which is the largest problem. Maker business application software they and they were accused of copyright infringement case and went out sorry one -- my saint. There automatically downloading Oracle software and they were doing this to acquire their customers. And take business away from Oracle. So what happened is as the ruling yesterday and Oracle won the largest. Settlement awarded for this year at one point three billion dollars it's actually the 23. Largest sum awarded in a case. So far -- attitude -- -- about the story one that it with the the actual federal court would hear in Oakland worn mine near neighborhood by neighborhood -- California let's. -- and and he had one point three billion dollars that's a lots. Now here's the thing about -- -- impunity and that's a lot ethics committee -- -- you can now during the trial I think he actually admitted that okay you know let. We're gonna come clean we did this but we only took about forty million dollars worth of you know money so we should only be. We should all the verdict should only go and for the amount that we gather getaway from Oracle might keep this go on an excellent job banning the French up and down in China until you love though in the -- -- is that there's a photo here mining when on the media stream. Of see out of the Oracle -- CEO Larry Ellison he looks like doctor evil when -- out of the natural federal court and -- -- with thirty. If they can black jacket and black turtleneck -- and it's -- mustache he he looks like a cooler Steve Jobs he remotely gag gifts of an elected them. Evil Steve you know some of that only forty million dollars -- the fact is they wear steel -- they were they had a tool essentially SAP acquired a company called tomorrow now. And -- but they actively -- that tomorrow now was downloading. Software. And then using that to persuade Oracle customers to move -- to their site to make the transition Hewlett easier. As a key said -- we took about forty million dollars -- business so we should only be penalized forty million dollars but that's not gonna happen when you infringes on. All of their -- -- when you -- with doctor evil. -- slap it back with one point three billion dollars -- lawsuit damages so yeah that's what happened -- really quickly though they do you wanna fuel one problem -- Earnings from their most recent quarter. Basically came up to about. One point three billion dollars they had put a 160 million dollars in reserves. You know thinking that that's gonna cover what happens here on the -- -- -- you have to dig into the Indians -- those profits from the revenue itself if it takes a lot the battle country yet. So they go. The largest settlement this year 2010. Oracle wins takes on what you're going -- -- -- -- Now in -- other kind of a -- -- battle. Apple analysts are under SEC investigation. For channel checks so we all know how the Apple rumor mill works we have a lot of people think -- they're ramping up production here this factory has these parts here. It's coming in they're ramping up the ripping down Apple to spot this -- this many millions of ten inch touch screen something's gonna happen -- mapping camera component one point three megapixel camera component is on its way. So what the US securities exchange commission is doing is -- -- -- to see if this constitutes insider trading because a lot of times these reports that we see. Pretty much have been able to dictate a swing -- Apple's stock price meant going up or going down. I mean Apple is such a huge. Stock that people buy and sell so often. That. -- if you even if you do something they can -- -- to make a rumor like. You know Apple does but. Thirty million nuts and bolts that would be perfect for a hello -- up there they're making a helicopter there. And then he can make the stock deaconess -- the stock price like pink or go up a display found wild speculation. But even if you can't any. At at what point is insider trading if you can reasonably -- that through all the different things Apple's buying any channel that they're going to come out with me. Helicopter can -- -- in in two months. The note there -- investing in this I just don't see how. They can necessarily say get actual factual evidence that these analysts you know -- to their. There because Apple has been so secretive about their process and everyone just wants to dig a little I don't think these animals are necessarily. Trying to control market all the time unless they're -- projections are a lot lower than they had sent to the beginning of the year is to thoroughly. If it's tough for any corporation but one -- so under the magnifying glass like Apple. -- this entire industry of finding out what they're making people people's jobs are based on -- -- Apple already such as secretive company I mean to their credit in this regard they're so secretive mailed to keep there. But they're working on away from the public eye until they're ready to announce it. But. It's it's going to be hard to I'm rabble these kind of analysts and industries that are looking and Apple. And there's a lot of analysts that we've never heard of that all of them like pop out of the woodwork it's like. You hear this security -- train terminals and they're like iPad coming next week you're like like -- never heard of. You -- -- -- and what a great job the would be how lucrative a job could that be we're like. The most important and -- possibly lucrative stock in the world and the analyst for and I can tell you whether it's gonna go opera go down. In Yemen of course you can -- That's that's the job to happen. So we'll see you will see if anything comes those I don't know they can really nail anyone heard this and manipulating the -- but. We will see how takes out also in had to pack to world. -- offices agreed the Facebook's. -- trademark. So essentially basement is just -- payment away the US Patent and Trademark Office I sent the social networking site. Notice of -- and what that basically means is they have agreed to grant -- base. Trademarked the FaceBook. At least in regards to telecommunications. Services. Namely providing online chat rooms -- the trying to Baltimore's transmission messages -- computers. And -- generally kittens and social entities it matter. And I'm primarily featuring or relating to motoring or two cars so the whole -- car idea that they had they're not gonna be able to lock that down am so it doesn't mean that they. -- -- -- -- -- -- You have to file for a statement of use and basically what that means is that you have to be using something like let's -- -- chat. In commerce on their site has been active product. And then they can apply for -- -- -- You know hold the patent for that name that -- -- sign that they can't take based on those stories published yet. Allow when you first read a headline like while it's but don't they -- on their -- -- and everyone -- atheists who feel anything it got a you still face. Well good for them -- they couldn't you know if they're just taken over every -- more and more are gonna take a little break but when we come back we'll talk about. Data packet sniffing and also we're gonna look -- if you -- potential new iPad founders yet. Hollywood and practically inviting you to join us for the 2010 edition of cnet's holiday help -- that happens every Monday at 1 PM Pacific 4 PM eastern starting November 22. It's where we make you look like a brilliant tech gift -- as we take your live calls and we feel your emails in fact when. Send us an email right now holiday helped -- at cnet.com and along with the rest of cnet's editors will point you to the right product at the right right. Holiday help desk Mondays at 1 PM Pacific time starting November 22 at cnet.com slash life. Welcome back to -- well joining me in the house mr. Donald bell the new Gonzales Iraq in the controls and K alright back the stories. What most potentially intrusive. Taking all these for profiling us on the Internet. Might be making a comeback -- all these known as deep packet inspection deep packet and they -- a goatee basically all that information. That is travelling across the Internet I -- in and out of your computer all your activities and what -- it's. Deep packets that inspection is more powerful and cookies because with cookies in got to get a profile you know based on the things you but this is. Active when ever using it what you're doing. This deep packet inspection and companies that are. And trying to come back in an industry now. Have the ability to basically figure out not only what you're doing but then profiling your behaviors. And of course targeting you with advertisements. Plus it's deeper. The deeper is better and cookies. Could -- -- only get so deep that did the thing that's great about this those they can also. Although they know you are the same person -- create targeted advertising for the different behavior so if you are doing a one stop shopping -- based on doing this deep packet inspection they'll be able to figured out okay he's doing one once up topping verses or just surfing on some sports sites. And -- work and then the ads that comment you. Will be just as focused. So the good news is from a security perspective is that they uses technology. They know -- -- Right yeah dad the bad news is taking -- -- know -- repaying opt out you. As -- -- two US companies hindsight incorporated and a form. Our -- team with the service to Beasley -- Internet service providers. Get more revenue men and so -- ones like oh my gosh what you know how much information on the gonna give up the key thing that they try to push. Is that they're not gonna use the full power the technology. And refrain from reading an. That is tried to do this -- is try to look at our data. Has been completely successful. With you know not putting their hand in the cookie jar and I -- information -- Need to find an excuse to dream now that they'll need to -- an excuse in the end -- Yes yes yeah it is just the profit motive he can never trust the company has a profit motive where they can be turning around selling information about due to a third party apps that -- his first press security. Is -- technology. That where I would trust security technologies is if they stand to lose money. If I'm if I always -- then things have heard about different IPs are like Comcast -- somebody using better security measures. Upstream. To prevent me from it and getting -- -- malicious emails that makes sense because. If they don't do their job in my XP you guys -- gonna go somewhere else that's where you lose -- money but. Is turning -- selling information. I don't dig it -- -- know how secure you make me. The two companies say that this is going -- explicitly. And opt in the and had. -- we know how we know how that works they said that if you do not opt in the that you will not be part of this -- and even on testing it. They've been testing it over I believe is -- in Jesus in Brazil at that -- that in the article with even test they've been testing this on in different areas. The -- the main thing about this though -- that two years ago went down. Form with part of this deep packet inspection tried this plan they didn't. They had an automatic -- -- you are actually rolling this out directly -- ISPs and then people found out about it. And they were so mad and upset that they ended up shutting them down this whole targeted advertising to your -- -- activities kind of went away or say. Police from -- -- information. And -- -- we learned a lesson and the main thing is that we wish we had given users an opt in choice. -- ballot that was the only a place where we screwed up with if not the -- -- -- knowing everything about you turnaround time information somebody else you initiative known about it upfront. The keeping with ISPs. As they're looking for another revenue stream. -- I don't see you what. When it when it's all -- -- the bottom the bottom -- the dollar whats gonna stop them from trying to partner and make money off of -- that the information that runs through their tubes guy this is it's a slippery -- kind of discussion whereas -- is it. Are pretty much immediate future that. We just won't have privacy then anymore and that companies -- it. The deep packet inspection companies here API -- -- could benefit. However they're gonna know everything about it -- is no use in even trying to Dieter trying to. Give any sense of privacy what you'd need to assume that if -- -- he doing it because someone's gonna be having. To get in tiered -- deeply. -- minutes. Well -- not exactly. It is the seasons -- be giving that I'm not giving -- my packet all right. All right and -- -- on. East of where the tablets are just going buck wild Acer just recently unveiled three new tablet computers. -- a seven inch -- ten incher. And another ten incher the first two will be running Android. The third one will be running was it -- is that Windows 7 Windows 7 on it now -- the collier Connecticut in the tablet be. My question to -- is some. Android OS on tablets isn't working or not. It will. -- -- Now actually and I have put a piece -- and monthly yesterday morning -- -- all about like is this the right time to buy a tablet. In honor this acting -- some comments on them but. -- listening like will be you know the best case email right now for and ergonomic Apple is the Samsung galaxy tab is -- a lot of work to get that. To stretch and optimize -- the largest screen but it still is playing off. Like a super. Android Smartphone -- -- it's yeah it's like a big it's like a big. Not an iPod Touch but -- -- quality to -- but it'll get there but it's gonna get there -- like honeycomb which is gonna be you know. Hopefully early next year and then even then you're still -- canal that developers -- to get on board with optimizing. Applications. And that's gonna kind of -- things out again and another layer apps that even Apple is dealing with with the iPad -- -- -- By them it's gonna be tough it'll take some time that -- if anyone's going to get there. For -- for a tablet -- That can rival -- on iPad is going to be Android but the immediate cracked and I know I know they know they need to get do you think though that bill. Release an actual tablet dedicated version of Android. That kind of make the travel experience feel like a tablet it's the that's one of the things that which is that a price I would compare the two. And when you play with the galaxy tab you feel like okay this is just like what I did on the phone and they're at the moment there are apps that are utilizing that extra space. Yet and it works and -- and again they also comes down to you this is lost part of the price by two that I think its going as of this morning that -- and edit mode infinite. But it comes -- priced it is a certain amount -- I could forgive of the galaxy tab and just that kind of large print version of -- -- -- -- If if the prices -- but if you're gonna compare that the device the device to device between the iPad in the galaxy tab it's. There they may feel like a great products you know and so if by spending half as much for it -- the and color I think its interest in product. But isn't Mino doesn't -- -- people are -- -- -- that then. -- a different case I think it did there's a good future for even the current version of Android on cheaper tablets if they can make them useful. That's sweet spot of like a two -- 1999 tablet price running Android is gonna -- a lot of people that falls like right in between because they said the -- I it is kind of almost there and then you're like will allow you just throw in an Android tablet make it around that price and we -- TO. If you agree but -- as far as he stated tablets are concerned that there is -- one interest in my I think it's the Windows 7 one where it has lake. A keyboard that pops out of the back. And then you can actually set it up like a desktop machine so like slide pops on the back kind he added that we act and there's some -- -- -- that CNET piece that we did the slide show but. It's and I mean Acer's got plenty of money and they make good hardware -- -- I'm glad to see in the game I'm excited products CD's I'm assuming they'll be it CS -- CS is going to be a giant pile. Tell me ridiculous. And wouldn't -- -- last year it was a giant pile of all right another product from Acer that we want to -- you the Acer -- Colonia. This is a -- it's a dual screen LCD panel. -- -- -- -- dual screened for some reason they figured that while people of the iPad so much that. They also love using a screen to type on in uses interface I think it's a unique. Properties in this is from in gadget with their hands on -- Results from so Toshiba came out there that little libretto -- on -- dual screen tablet deal with just like the -- copy sized version of that. -- it's I don't I still don't even really liked typing on an iPad like that -- -- lower rate while also it's like. Just the grease factor. In how it's disgusting enough when year one screen is -- smudged up in kind of math team -- yet -- -- that let that happen dedicated little typing keyboard. That's just gonna -- napping but smudge. And another deal at -- -- -- -- to some Apple news. I OS four point three we let me just release four point two point one right -- four point three is coming in with a lot potentially. In mid December. This is all kind of -- -- because of the recent announcement that. What might be -- is you know Rupert Murdoch and Apple announcing their first newspapers specifically our -- paper app dedicated for the iPad that would have -- as a subscription. Feature or model built with in it but in order to do that. It pretty much have -- also update the OS. By Andy yeah I -- it's even doing that I just don't think this is point to be the same thing as good. Four point two for the iPad with and -- that it was like an incremental and yet a -- it was. In the iPad finally getting the -- for animal habitats scheme folders -- -- -- when he's coming December so it just gonna print subscription and you don't. Not only bring in Iraq some money. Is gonna -- yeah I OS four point Rupert are that's -- and Atlantic. It'll be. It'll be good. It's a commitment it's all the one interesting thing about that the daily -- the newspaper that Rupert Murdoch has talked about his. One piece or one element that really kind of -- of the fact that. If this is going to be a daily newspaper that the updated updated version of it will be automatically delivered to you in the background that. No app can do that at the moment the -- yup it's -- ability that. That the iPad definitely needs especially is gonna be continuing to competing in the -- in the Kindle and -- -- I am. That I'd personally. I don't I'm not. Excited about it because yes it is not something. Like a change that it's not -- -- and personal it yet but good arm and hope that. Makes them you know. -- they need any more success of the iPad you know. Well you know now that what these -- -- announcement three times in three weeks Apple needs to keep up on that based on. Two times a month I do you think that on the left -- there is that. Kindle. A little that doesn't -- moral authority. Amazon hasn't come out with neat. Apply to the -- color you know if they have a Kindle three which is basically a lot more streamlined version of the middle to feel a lot sexier looking but not mean that. Color based I mean I think they're gonna try to play -- Hello World now that mean that probably gonna try to play a little bit more in the -- -- -- August elegant color titan. Once it's there it's it's hard it's hard -- -- -- -- are any -- you actually lasted being a preemptive strike against you now. They're being -- of Amazon and -- tablet has this capability yet because it will be at that has a two. All right -- an -- Beetles I guess they are so yesterday according sell all things. They sold to up to this point they've sold two million songs and 450000. Albums in a week I don't have iTunes pulled -- on his computer but. Made -- -- -- to -- I'm pretty sure though. There's still not the number one selling track that's probably dominated by tests show or the tweak the volume -- deservedly so -- -- -- Revolutionizing -- -- voted no test is a year I don't I don't. I still don't remember way -- was with the idea -- came to the iTunes store I don't really remember that but I definitely remember the -- it changed everything. When cash arrived on the pad on them that we're from the chat -- fireworks by Katy Perry is number one. So The Beatles but you know it. Ultimately -- The Beatles -- At least make a densities and get it -- -- thing on this rocket to the top -- though they tried that they tried that it did no work out Donald and the -- -- -- -- just didn't play. Well that's before -- and now I think about it you -- stadium at this point as well as he is before it kind. Emphasis. All right Sony's going all in with 3-D we know whether they tout -- years of other features a recently they just announced that they have over fifty titles. In development for 3-D and for me it's one of them which are internal Sony -- Sony concentrate on in house gaming studios. Donald Benito -- 3-D game mean like it don't like it. I like it I mean I liked it. A variety I don't know if I'm gonna go get at the TV five and competent here right now -- -- -- -- out his way through high yeah by 2000 dollar TV. About it PS3 it doesn't have ally in our guys -- -- -- Donald now this is not the I think -- I think I'm excited I can be that the media experience with the connectors on neat -- -- move paying by. Effective means moving around in three dimensions add -- -- that he needed especially -- -- the requiring. Classes and I I await the holographic college -- living room that's elaborate for legacy -- -- that's what we want that's what -- old and -- and our eyes a little bit alone and it. By that will be awesome how how way to will be in the old age home that will be sent to used to -- its -- and virtual holiday experience. And like every once in while we'll get sponge bath let them and that. Will be live it will have a virtual holiday the podcast studio lethal out of it but the -- be -- he wrecked by mumbling are. Podcasts and listen to in the holiday means hurled into -- with the future if it gains though I think it. For me it really depends on one like really killer game I've got a play on ads that I'll probably buy at home. I'll tell you right now that's NBA two K eleven and mortal combat for me all my gosh. -- I GGG five patents and I mean there's tons of there's. Sony is Sony is pushing hard to think about is -- -- talk about Xbox is technically people putting out 3-D. It technically is they just haven't really touted as a feature. Black black ops is available medium like -- 360 so we'll see but obviously Sony is making this big push is one of their initiatives. And the gotta have server software to support it so I also. That treaty keys without gothic and happen -- -- Relatively still like how good enough that all that it'll be out on the market before I consider buying it classes. He grew out so all -- -- -- she was working on right now but the whole biggest issue if you've seen -- three yes yet. Is the range of motion -- I think you have you literally on a big screen TV that big you have to be dead center sitting sitting down in the dead like the sweet spot now. And until they can really improve that technology I'm gonna say. Five years after five years -- lots -- -- back to around -- On by solid -- all about fog machines holographic technology. That's kind of put -- -- well -- -- -- at least a -- The fog machine is -- in I mean yeah hey how. Don't you Jerry now do we need a holographic projector but we need -- -- machine you wanna watch medium to reject the hologram onto the Super Bowl and show your own personal fog machine with the fall that the players about it right now look at least until they invent the holiday. I'm -- personal vision that's about one -- Although let's go -- what we're gonna -- so let's go to elements of the quake -- -- alright little brat Black Friday special for you guys the Amazon Kindle 2 Amazon announced yesterday the recently effort 89. Dollars on Black Friday the Kindle three is 139 which is -- finally but. Really if you have -- -- that is even wanted to try out the Kindle 89 bucks and this is like myth is a member of Matt Collins -- -- and I totally call this under a hundred dollars but I did and this is the sweet spot -- like. You get it under a hundred dollars is like it's so perfect for. And for the technology you're getting. You known to be -- to get the -- you you can still take you can check your email on the right yeah he loaned to black and my web browsing capabilities with really no one's gonna use honestly it's bad he's in China. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- See quick tip I'll back and forth we hit each other people -- -- had this and -- -- -- into that at. -- basically in a Nielsen survey it's only people that want iPad but the number one gift. That for kids rug -- kids six to twelve. They know what they're talking about they want an iPad more than more than a computer more than 31 -- nation and yet 31% now number -- a computer and and Apple's iPod Touch tied for second with 29% of the children's -- they want those Nintendo's DS that the fourth spot with when he 5%. And the Sony PlayStation 3 and any non iPhone Smartphone hyper -- -- 21%. -- based on anecdotal evidence and you agree you -- -- -- got a creative way my NIC and capitals is an a T and Apple so warped by the iPad that he expects RTV to be immediately content screening -- that the like. Sesame Street -- -- -- alma won't respond to his finger my my brother son just like that my nieces. All they talk about when I walked in the door they're not happy -- the uncle Brian. There had -- CD. -- I just came here to draw and play and -- likely cave man now but it's true there is it is like catnip for kids the -- is strangely it's. It's weird I have also think it's almost as big as we get tired -- -- -- it's -- it -- let me -- to them -- I had like to scale. I like what I really get a thirty incher on mile lap right back -- that's also a -- -- it goes past both ago accidental. That -- that does cover both -- Everglades it's like a Microsoft surface for them. Pretty much but -- -- everyone he knows all our listeners that have kids or grandchildren -- nieces and nephews and cousins. They realize how much the iPad is cracked for the kids and at 499 who doesn't wanna get that for -- -- -- right. Total stocking stuffer. But an iPad in the bag is the glass -- -- -- with that purchase. Also the SlingPlayer Mobile for iPad we talked about it is officially Alps. It's compatible the slingbox solo or the pro HD -- -- and -- 99 for the app. Killer do it I think about there's rock melt rolls out its first big update all the people who got on the block -- bandwagon. Bird there -- awesome social networking q.'s web browser and now you get more yet it can a -- off we were really hyped about it. I actually still trying to use it and the fact that the releasing it's still in beta. A new versions or with chromium seven chromium -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- alma still have fast performance better HMO I've. Compatibility also -- social apps like. FaceBook and Twitter that are part of the edge you can directly -- people's walls it's. It's cleaner it's it's more fun and -- like it in ominous are playing with that again its -- -- -- browser to tinker with but I don't know how many of you guys are actually still -- Using it we did -- -- at least fifty. Invites maybe it'll be one of those kind of slow burn swear it were a -- -- -- -- -- -- I mean -- -- pushed -- the mean -- -- to the -- -- -- to be invited to the program. It's but I like it -- excellent -- it's -- ants. Angry Birds my friends. Continue to take over the world they have officially said that they are going to land. On console -- clearly they listen to our show we said -- you are the ones that bring a new -- -- connect me let me -- it and sling it. Well and you birds -- -- Well and if I that it wanna that I as a sounded almost thirty to nine camp beta back in my mind a nut nut let's let's -- brands not a -- -- -- now. So -- puts it on all platforms we PS PDS. PS3 and Xbox. Often that's pretty great and they're also looking to do spin -- where the pigs get revenge. On the birds -- Strike back. -- I think I am a man is as part of the the ones -- the yeah it can't. Get your baggage checked at the TSA and by baggage and -- those near quotes. And you can actually get a foursquare -- bad for it yet. I think it's all the baggage handler. And basically if you -- into any airport and I guess you included with the view like that yes they are -- In the tagging you'll get I like -- the person is bitten icon is -- Has their mouth like screaming in shock in violation enemy happened there's two -- -- their -- How are you out and use -- let's get the due to -- gadget goodness. The Apple one the original hand built by our friends on -- -- my friends but Steve Jobs and mr. Wozniak. One of the 200 batters -- still potentially out there number 82. Sold for 213. Thousand dollars. Christie's auction house in London yesterday crazy. -- -- -- come with all the cool stuff like the box. Thanks Steve Jobs as parents house addressed and handwritten letter and yes -- This this Kim -- everything it needs it check out here as the four -- -- memory there is no actual T seen before it. -- and then eventually got to be cycle the box and a half it has the original packaging the manuals the -- interface. And basic tape the documentation and the original letter from Steve Jobs. While. I -- I mean I hope you frame this I hope you preserve this you paid 213 thousand dollars for the that's. That is a pretty awesome like he's a member of the Toledo all of them have been accounted for home I don't know there's like -- just the dusty won some persons. Cried some mired in would happen is -- a lot of them are traded in when the Apple two came out and this gentleman hardware developer -- well oh well it'll. There's only about fifty that are still known to exist and -- -- the data -- -- -- indexed them where they're located who has them so this is like. Goal then go all the -- Her ankles -- -- memory all the -- game all in the fourth -- you -- -- or it probably is fine because all the programs that are designed for it like Apple and its Oslo. All right you know it's Wednesday before Thanksgiving. Let via -- -- would be complete without some of our tech turkeys of 2000. Gonna -- that. Look at who let that in the studio like in -- -- -- -- -- Uganda show you wanted to bring somebody getting attacked turkeys in the -- -- where should I began. I think that personal and I'm gonna award Q. This thing. Okay that looks like it -- but what does that actually. Huge boom. It is the dead -- that arrived at my desk that same day I got the iPad. And booted up twice before dying and that had never. Opening up. While this feels like Christmas here actually open mean -- -- -- appealed to you here that can you hear that Iraq crackle. I loved -- cycles it is an all day glory. -- -- and even -- that's -- that doesn't yet think you can actually hit the power button light that absolutely the only feature it has to hold up tonight's -- to the iPad -- the an idea it just like the size here. Now it's that they wear around this was touted as the only iPod competitor but it was like browser with apps it was Android based. I now know with all their own unless its eighth -- -- and Adam. It if it just a web browser in their whole philosophy was like. Apps apps -- for kids would -- arena that -- the web is the killer app. And I've been there is working versions out that it and although -- mine in particular that in me. Can't kind of promising that they were working on new versions in the shipman with ready in. And never really happens I think they've action sold remaining stock they -- the first half revenues that there were gonna -- -- -- the second half and got nothing they might. -- -- This thing was whether it was a Turkey literally if because it died and and -- package manager and -- the -- While on the shipments -- my -- -- you almost just chopped did that kicking post for all tablet thing after that but to their credit -- Then it took like another. Four -- five months before. Like we -- like -- -- speakers and other iPad competitor. And YouTube for as bad as the product was. -- through nimble enough to be out there right when the iPad came out. And to give it something out compared to everything else -- -- Samsung the -- -- is just now dropping. Is taking it and so on the mountain related product and now that we've seen that. You know Android stuff isn't all it's cracked up to be -- tablet. They kind of went the right way by really building their own -- faith and find -- not be tied to. Google as their savior he it is more of at the end of the day is about execution there yet now that it's just it's heavier than allow them in things heavier than what -- always there will -- Hey you know displayed digital homes when you hold it -- I work out of this is gonna hit it at this. -- both Phoenix are what else you got Donald -- that is the HP dreams mean. Item in which was a screen but not not very dreamy looks very much like whatever that the three page yeah and it I think they'll let you the same exact shut taking -- that we traded bonito effort Donald misses the events that kind of sat in my my -- -- -- cluttered with. Black glossy screens as the thought that -- review but this is meant to be more of a photo frame. And the killer feature for -- -- that screen -- -- that it had FaceBook integration. The key here FaceBook photos to FaceBook feeds all that stuff but like a month before distinction fees but changed their entire way that things would connect like if -- -- -- -- system and privacy setting. And so that FaceBook feature broke -- that you could actually use it. And the main thing you want to use of force and it became this over priced high -- photo frame. -- -- And lastly. I. Have he -- it. This -- kind of like a known Turkey right. When we got which -- -- Walgreens. Wii long 150. Android tablet that no law I had a wall had -- have yeah yeah I -- Which is a power up and he is one of -- -- actually powers that now at least one of the reality empowers them but you need -- -- -- Kind of crappy -- -- that with -- and their day ago. It -- -- like Steve said once you have to use the stylus you've already failed. So it does not touch sensitive stylus senses what it is kind of open -- it -- yet it meant to -- -- that the let them. I mean it's -- But you can know that getting into it you think I could give that to my nieces and tell him it's an -- contract and make they're not gonna development zone that pride -- -- relatives or for that are right to things under. Well obviously we're not gonna document's about it but they can at a there's attack Turkey. A phone that lasted for three months -- probably sold on I've probably sold more lemon bars and they seldom lethal pins. That's all I'm saying is still selling -- -- they came back to Verizon now we'll see how that that call -- wonderment swamp. They put a little and -- to announce the kin one and two MRI. Whom social network game. -- -- -- But there are lie detector is in the social networking world one being mean but at that Google. Buzz. Buzz killed in -- mean. As does anyone even use it they opt in everybody and they had your friends and email is automatically connected to your other -- And it it was he would like 2010 with -- year of opt in. I swear it was the year of -- can't -- get away with yeah yeah and you -- in and you'll love it also -- up. Paying really. -- paying like. Steve Jobs and all them on give mom would give up they aren't giving up one thing that's what's funny about it. They're like you know they partner with -- -- now at least everyone can you what you post to Twitter with -- if you're using it I think once they did the Twitter -- announcement I thought maybe a few users try to use it I -- the announcements on the feeds. I don't see any pain related Twitter announcements and now I mean it did this because. Apple has got its own comfortable doing social things this way I think -- signed photo pool and outside of their garden ants they don't want to express your ideas is just. It's over. -- -- -- any take Turkey is there anything that crosses your mind. For me the only thing was really but -- limited battle it 2.0. And when it's docked craft ballot to Plano with technical in -- version of what of what stock market there used to be. No more -- supplied. No more changing your name no more -- the biggest no no -- chat there's -- much of illegal or chat. I don't yes but hell yeah yeah torture test this and that personal opinion -- hated English. So that -- -- with the biggest one -- -- -- -- to point -- the game the game itself stock up two brilliant but about it by now. The image well we've dumped on all these tech devices that we love to hate -- -- a happy ending. So they. I -- this is kind of science news combined with a happy ending butts. Gentlemen hold on -- about their pumpkin pie. Increases of the male sex drive. Now based on a survey according to Chicago's smell and taste treatment and research center. Study men ages eighteen to 64. Aromas -- tests to determine you know which one would get the biggest her eyes -- of guys. It appears that the smell of pumped -- pi day. Was the top it -- its hotly -- fragrances. -- -- -- But the Viagra on the shelf. Go get -- pocket and does hang up your -- -- somethings old you have one now homered just that either intimate whoever said that chocolate was an aphrodisiac and is going to be but bacon pumpkin -- Well it does it work for women on the head tax credit where a whole lot hold on Wednesday that -- -- need my wife vanished lives have let me make it happen. And I will be making chocolate for the ladies he can make -- -- pumpkin -- are not making hoping to -- for any view it's not that there's anything wrong with that. But that that thing into the you'll -- so like. You -- stuffed with the pumpkin pies and one -- in and let alone it will after the Turkey -- via the tryptophan. Yeah it says the the combination of increased. Blood flow by an average of 40% in part and participants the company -- lavender and pumpkin by 40% forty per cents. I seriously good so the idea that -- -- making those pills out via one of its psychological there's something magical about. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- A -- watermelon is mostly like really good for guys the -- the rind of water knows the intensely loaded with those type of that nutrients but it anyways enjoy a Thanksgiving and I'm sorry. Raleigh ladies out there if you guys get a little risky at night as he made the -- and I actually get pinnacle -- handle pumpkin pie and you'll get harassed or if you like that the you might want to stuff the Turkey you know one thing and avoid awkward moment that the family dinner table -- having less pumpkin pie with. -- We wanna hear what your thoughts are let's get to it. -- emails this one from clever Clifford chaplain dear buzz -- Latinos wondering if there's a general problem following the uplift of the IOS four point two for the iPad with the now mute. Un mute switch. Having a great -- -- when I when it was first released a fireman you mute switch although it displays the graphic Bermuda -- -- -- it does nothing else in any application including the iPod -- Are visiting with Apple they were pleased to receive might be back I'm wondering if this -- -- problem I had to come across this yourself. Looking forward to -- the next podcast yours sincerely Clifford -- Clifford. Yet you know I've been reading in the debate there earlier revs of iPad OS four point two and in fact that -- which was -- mute switch. Armed Donald you sat down with Apple -- and they told you what it's posted -- -- it's well it's both to work like the alert mute. On the iPhone where it's going to mute like that the little -- and -- -- like email climbing in light. Games Henry quests and things like that they didn't actually mute the audio okay if you're playing music -- on behalf of -- and Molly act ethnic. This new -- -- right right. It doesn't use this that -- and only -- alerts. At all. It's become even more useless than it was before yes iPad OS -- -- line. Is it had there let it many can you turn a little -- -- -- -- -- you know. Here's the thing and has happened in meeting to -- almighty God's way. New Delhi the request new game senator and tell it like a friend that friend request for -- game senators like this. Something that that's they're all I know -- lake. There are aired. And -- imagine especially if they face time is coming down the road to the -- that. There will be an increasing amount of these little these things that alerts you and and -- you would normally -- get your attention where it. If you don't want you know the fanfare going off when you got your iPad like. Meeting accompaniment and it's useful -- have a switch it back. Now I don't like being in the position have to defend now I know I think you are is like a silly thing that they did. But I'd I think people are making too much of. With Donald why don't why don't why doesn't Apple just put little's preference setting that say you know in the settings like turn off you know of sound alerts they do. But but then. Would then why is this which then not. A mute switch so these aren't oriented like it -- -- -- in hey -- baby you know let's let's listen atlas was that the music right now. Oh yeah right what I mean -- mean -- it this way. -- that the network. With thing. And I haven't -- well. Why why am I the Apple the -- the -- like because I love Apple products and I'm mad about that well I think there probably pro late. Preemptive the kind of written off this band -- so to speak because of that that there will be a time way even if your volumes -- -- iPad you'll want me to get. An alert that that face time cause company known and how that happened -- Or whatever it is the games and request due to winter by the -- -- -- -- -- play your grand theft. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You'll you'll want that kind of division between alert sounds being on or off and use the actual volume device -- does doesn't personally bother you at all now. Just because I never really used viewing patient and he never did polling. You are cool are coming up next email. This quality actually I need yeah yeah it's -- light reading books and bad that. Does let you know sometimes when you're using the iPad your plane while it. Like when you flip it horizontally it might actually. Go and change or Zelda twilight blocks -- I mean I think more times than not -- them do it a wise and flipping around -- -- it's not switch on and on his wealthy get that -- -- know you know it back. I I think -- -- useful feature to have I think in time the -- alerts which is going to be -- More useful than it's been lots which was. Like a -- -- -- -- on up on the list that damn mute switch that's attacked our. Turkey. -- until very the next email not share the positive long -- we hear about for about three years -- the addition of Brian -- so do we all. As mean aim at him. I work as -- for online retailer called CS and stores dot com little plug there. I in Boston and David -- mysterious package from Google I thought about calling the bomb squad decided to open them -- but -- then. Once I was close enough to smell. To my surprise. There were a bunch of highways. Apple -- the exact from Google. I wonder they send out a lot and if they did if the one that went to the app of -- the -- of -- Apple were considered a threat to the job. Google -- spread the love and the threats all -- one time and they love the show and PS. -- word which CS then as furniture and home to -- web -- and down. As it -- they know Google buys made their on the screen. -- is now done the right hand corner is -- a high that was been eaten yet on line at the consumed who opine that as the our next that hey guys loved -- shown anymore formats like plus last -- -- -- -- I work at Walgreens in Georgia and we already have to -- pads AKA at the main along Android tablet return to our store. Devices like this really makes the Android platform look really bad -- -- -- -- make an internal memory is a joke the whole screen looked ridiculously cheap and -- -- -- response was horrible. I own an Android phone Samsung vibrant and I love my iPhone in the -- from however every day non -- people still don't understand Android and its many versions and devices. Fragmentation is definitely an issue in Google needs to step in and do something -- view yes word. And the Baghdad indefinitely he added -- -- negative and it's not. Alright guys for showed no it's more -- tells everything you wanna know about buzz allowed you can check out our website of at -- Noel that cnet.com also please feel free to email us buzz at cnet.com with anything you wanna talk about you wanna have a delayed tech Turkey. Cent -- -- way or you can call us and leave short succinct really nice but. -- thought provoking voicemails at 180616638. Falls on Twitter Donald at Donald. Am am an -- Donald Aaron but also. And directory real quick. Sending some -- -- sending over your that's messed up like best moments of -- attend spread beyond. And I'm -- put that together so that. Income incumbent. All right we're gonna have a best of show with the best of moments from today and because it was one of the best shows I've ever been a part thanks to you thank you thank you -- yes of enjoy Thanksgiving everybody enjoy a -- five -- -- back the idea.
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