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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1355:We're Gowalla-ing to Disneyland!

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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1355:We're Gowalla-ing to Disneyland!

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On today's show, Gowalla teams up with Disney to offer virtual pins, instead of the real ones everyone actually wants. And we discover Molly's never been to Disneyland, so maybe Gowalla should sponsor a road trip! Also, Google eyes Groupon, Cox becomes the first cable company to get into the mobile phone game, and carriers threaten to stop subsidizing iPhones if Apple tries to free the phone from carrier confines. --Molly

Decided November ninth. And the -- results. -- -- -- I'm Hollywood's Oscar buzz out loud because podcasts and certainly it is episode thirteen 150 -- and it's Friday may be a lot of they have Friday. Which means you get expected to be even more often and with that you. And -- Brian is mostly asleep. I am groggy with brewing cold yeah you can manipulate and at 5 AM like three days this week yeah. Backwards of that my eyes are more -- than -- They're burning and apply their own brand -- noted he nugget now not -- down but before we let him out organ in we got. The news MySpace introduces mash up with -- but. This -- the entry the announcement that they put out yesterday and we weren't sure what they were gonna do well what it is is essentially a few things one of bumpers -- you can now use your FaceBook connect account to directly log into MySpace. Which is nice man and -- master feature. Is essentially takes your preferences or what you like or how blight on -- -- And and offers you a stream of content based on like celebrity's music artists and movies. Into the new redesign of MySpace and now -- all uniting the most important part actually is redesign of my. -- -- -- -- For the first time in months decided to log into our MySpace the check out what this thing looks like a MySpace does look better it the thing though that -- -- you right off the -- sure it's a little legal -- but it's all about. There's -- viewing media content now it if your launch page your home page doesn't even really feel like a social experience it's they put up the white for. -- they really have and they they're basically saying this is. To be honest I don't it's unclear what they're saying that -- -- treatment there. -- it's unclear why you would go here. Reaganomics and rightly I don't know what you're gonna get out of doing that. I -- just have a more it's a more extremely entertainment focused experience. The other thing with and they immediately I thought to myself so -- enough -- that is. Pentagon along with mystery that MySpace -- matters. Again I don't really understand what it what what in this for FaceBook and you know -- there may not be anything and it really you know other than that. They know that MySpace really is just given up in the complete in the social media space and why -- But the part I don't understand why would why we like it but -- I wouldn't. Diana you know they're not able to really pull any data from -- you know they're sending they're like preferences MySpace and a. Yeah I mean maybe it may be. -- but a thing like this is our way to kind of creep on hand to MySpace and and sucked out. Their remaining 200 million users -- -- let's just finish off MySpace. -- -- -- -- them but Trojan horse style you know it's like that is slowly taking him. Or actually unicorn and -- -- monopoly where it maybe that's then maybe that's the one thing. -- keeping them drama from the aptly -- -- -- really no immediate you know you get this nice new display or whatever but I had plan. And the -- with a weird thing about is when you set it up it like look at your page that you have rate there's a list of the people or artists parcel -- is that they think you alignment so what did you do stuff that -- -- Was that cylinders -- it showed well the funny thing it at act I have never really lifted any celebrities -- either on an interest in that. The that I just got a list of unchecked people that include Jennifer Lopez. These are based on your FaceBook -- -- I think though Don Simpson. And very bright and I -- -- Greg and hammer we target direct hammer apparently -- cool lush now room. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I was disturbed they put Justin Bieber on my analyst. At least they can billion of them analysts are really -- that's legit and a I totally practice them Twitter that the and then -- it going and they let us the faith based. News such as it was yesterday yeah I think you're right about -- yet another -- but immensely. This is also the last -- and it -- this is also the last penalty log in in the MySpace until the next. These days -- announcement -- seriously. I and other news today. What it was gone on Apple -- -- -- some of the Europe's leading mobile operators are warning. That they may take punitive action against Apple if Apple -- and introduces the basically it. New sim card that would let people potentially opt out of contract and take it on any carrier they want. Though there were rumblings that they were gonna have a custom built in sim card that would work for both GSM and TDMA carriers and so. Because you would have do to you don't have access to -- in part it'd be internal and now it potentially then allow Apple. To control. All of the subscription in the set up service by going directly -- Apple. Leapfrogging the carriers and not having to go into their stores or at the post them and Apple would have this stranglehold control over essentially now activation and sales of -- Didn't and they take it even set the stage for Apple to resell connection service on its own. Which frankly when they first wave back when they were first talking about iPhone I thought for sure that's what they're gonna do is discuss the -- our. Don't think there are lots of reasons that they didn't. But this would potentially allow for that as -- so now they they operators are saying hey. -- Well there's plenty about entities do that we will not subsidize your -- exactly the carrier just said they say okay well if you wanna play that game. Your phone will be 600 dollars non subsidized -- enjoy trying to sell that everybody. I wonder though I mean if Apple really did this is the big -- that's the big experiment and outstanding questions -- somebody managed to break the carrier death grip. And say okay well. -- -- You're gonna have to pay 600 dollars for -- -- But you won't be locked into a several thousand dollar contract with a carrier that may not work out for you you'll be able to you know take your phone anywhere you want. Have total control over your subscription information. Would people -- that. -- -- I -- I think -- it. You think they'll come but I come from -- like almost all the phones there are open yup and -- and people pay a premium to have that because they wanna. If you go anywhere but -- -- sim card in whatever and do whatever they want their thought that there phone and yeah. I think it almost goes against the philosophy that Apple has always had is open versus closed like why would all -- and they offer an unlocked phone. To be thrown on any -- you'll like what what would be -- -- for them to do that. Well because I think I think because the worst thing about the iPhone in many people's lives is AT&T. For example in the United States Cellular as the carrier exclusivity. Potentially has the you know has the potential to ruin the customer experience and Apple's whole deal is. We care about the customer experience more than anything and so. I think that. If they could figure -- a way for people not to be locked -- to carriers that we're giving a sub optimal experience. That then they sort of blamed on the phone -- that Apple would say we want you to have the freedom to go to whatever carrier works best for you because that makes our phone be in the best light possible. -- -- the other obstacle that is than having agreements with carriers that won't. Even though it's an unlocked phone for example one of the reasons why Verizon -- take on the iPhone is because. They when they wanted to put their own Verizon stores on -- means that would Verizon even accept an unlocked phone if Apple offered it because they want it all their junk on the phone itself. -- -- -- -- -- So this thing -- right when it comes at what I mean there's the whole like what the carriers want to do rate like the carriers want to -- them public for the -- and -- threatened a and the carriers want to be able to own that you know their deal is like. The thing they get out of it is those long contract is for -- long contract. Monthly payment. It's it's yes it's that there -- around and now I think if anybody can pull it off -- -- -- Apple they would be demand for the and even at 600 but -- The -- law regulates potentially is an iPhone on US cellular. That's what I'm looking forward to -- -- -- Players. Not -- more information about -- coming out about the -- net worm that we talked about yesterday the greatest single security threat to the industry. It sounds like the worm people -- are starting to realize dissecting the computer -- Was precisely calibrated in such a way that it would send -- nuclear centrifuges. Wildly out of control so this increases speculation that Israel the one who created -- dot -- worm. That it was aimed at Iran and that it was it was for the purpose of disrupting the centrifuges that Iran was using to enrich uranium. Which could create the nuclear Bob. And also after so essentially it in -- -- centrifuges to spin out of control. Cause them to explode the -- is kind of creepy is after that happen it would at least armed from a command point return that. Although the centrifuges have been exploded have -- would it would return them to a normal state to appear as if regular -- -- yet it was a random occurrence this. Worm is so. That instigated and terrifying. And now apparently out of control so good job -- paternity of the worm according to New York Times is still in dispute but in recent weeks. Officials from Israel have broken into wide smiles when asked whether Israel was behind attack or knew who was -- American the death -- you know let dolby smile about it is that may be like super genius and maybe a method that had to be like -- what I've been narcotic control and can lead to point out. Though that may be don't be like -- -- yourself. The thing and instead of why I said wide smiles. Yeah they've broken into allied minds -- -- like oh I. That -- quite well geniuses. Other people smiling wide group on -- been blowing it out of the water with a successful. Local based and a coupon and deal deal offers school. Potentially -- -- -- sources and this has come from all things digital. Is -- -- potentially looking to acquire group on. Now Yahoo! did offer group -- acquire them earlier -- somewhere in between 23 billion dollars but it -- it. Appears that Google might be offering even more than that. No deal has been put in place it's not like it's actually happening -- But according to all things. Yet the rumors -- heat -- first -- in an email to build Google Earth spokesperson said of course. Per usual we don't comment on rector at rector of rumor or speculation of the -- loops are gonna group on spokesperson said thanks for -- and. So I think it's happening. This -- add an article also states and in this is totally true that adding group on the purple it would give them some sort of social element involved -- -- -- That -- that. Google hasn't been able to -- you know -- having that community based targeted. Local. Search. That group Montana has at least. Built into the -- and Google about all that information of the social graphs that afflict people whose emails are connected and colorblind when you go shopping Google and do -- shopping. They can offer you group on. -- which is kind of the holy ground and Google does seem to have. Been trying to crack the shopping -- for on time. And the and began elated that the only is net all -- BM. Probably -- a whole heads up in the monopoly department. Like way way way -- -- target. An advertising in local targeted deals local targeted -- currently calmer and -- Your life is my main OO -- -- I really -- a quick break a -- -- and -- The first cable company to offer mobile phone service and -- Molly Wood and practically inviting you to join us for the 2010 edition of cnet's holiday help desk that happens every Monday at 1 PM Pacific 4 PM eastern starting November 22. It's where we make you look like a brilliant tech gift giver as we take your live calls and we feel your emails in fact. When you send us an email right now holiday helped -- at cnet.com and along with the rest of cnet's editors will point you to the right product at the right price. Holiday help desk Mondays at 1 PM Pacific time starting November 22 at cnet.com slash -- Welcome back -- Cox is taken on AT&T. As the first US cable carrier to start its own the mobile phone service in addition to the offerings that they already have an old. -- is trying to challenge AT&T and Verizon. And then they're gonna be opening and initially in three markets of this is really -- -- to -- -- this whole what they call like a quadruple package is even lucrative sort talked about phone cable. Internet and mobile phone service so -- can restart its gonna several -- George Tenet California Omaha Nebraska. And Hampton roads Virginia. There's a third -- largest cable operator in US and the -- and head and with AT&T Verizon that's. It's good that's a very interesting move they because they don't have their own network unlike present -- eighteen Q so what they're doing is they're acting as. An MB NL a mobile virtual network operator on top of the sprint network so there. I don't know how much of their own networks they're building that they're paying sprint and -- used that the sprint backbone basically this just like me like the last step towards the one. Service right -- you pay one -- for everything. On the Internet -- at Eleanor. I think it's I think it's cool that -- at least trying this out because. Large com companies. I don't think they really take risks very often and so to see if there's quadruple play -- actually work. These are like very small isolated markets or not this is like a major city you're anything like that but how many people actually jump on to its -- And on and they're really -- they're trying to make you compelling because they said the price they'll be really fair they're gonna give money back for your unused minutes and and -- that. Into -- into your Internet as well. And that's that's the key right price point that's gonna hit. The price planet Vicki and definitely not idea I mean we've all been wondering like -- when is the universal data plan -- -- who's gonna be able to deliberately it's realizes news from wanna pay for one connection. Maybe to like me get paper I'm land line in a wired connection -- jewel that lands an actual -- -- -- some sort of wired connection at home and in some sort of wireless connection and that's it lake I don't pay -- from people or different time. It also mentioned here that they're also working on building their own network as well yeah top of. A lease initially jumped piggy backing -- Sprint's -- interesting and which makes sense to Sprint's network isn't really big enough waiting to see them having to maybe build up more than that. But the other question is -- at what point does one in this. Given the lack of competition at what point of the quad play offering really start to -- in -- you know monopoly territory. All we've been talking about today's monopolies and I'm an avid like Oprah do you get a monopoly in yeah cinemanow. Do you get a monopoly. The label is no no one's gonna be rolling about as long as they're still the third largest US is -- I'm Catherine I gotta be like -- not exactly exactly. Cool news for Kindle lovers Amazon. Finally. Lets you give -- Kindle book as a gift. This is pretty sweet so in order to kind of bump their sales -- someone does someone you give it to militant have to own a Kindle pray they can now. View the book through the -- other apps because they've put -- on almost every platform you can think of Blackberry phones Android phones I pads dump your PC or Mac. You can access to -- -- so. This this is cool. It but seriously it's. It's so much better than it was because. I don't understand why this didn't happen -- lately you if you have a Kindle then you're getting books and you want to you all of your everybody asks for books for like. Holidays you know in birthdays and -- but you could never get -- -- -- had to gently. Originally was just an Amazon gift certificate which is totally weird and then I think they had -- one at least that it was a Kindle store gift certificate even though is really just -- Amazon now someone can just buy you an e-book. But this is this is great news. I'm excited. I am also excited to be visiting TJ Maxx and getting you know -- designer goods and also three. -- didn't 399. Dollar I have had -- So in -- -- readers sent him some pictures and information and officials -- the -- in the store. Talk -- how -- the sixteen gig iPad Wi-Fi version for 399. That is so. Weird. It just feels so -- What happened to the iPad iPad is now becoming the total opposite of the Apple premium experience -- but I like how -- -- get past Apple's. Set price I don't know who had it. You know normally the user likes and from other retailers and downs of them who had iPad so they just didn't wanna sell anymore and -- like. If you guys have what will they have -- sell them the TJ Maxx for less. So they could sell for 399 effect -- Like that. This is not a direct agreed with Apple I can't imagine an -- definitely it was so wrong to see the light and the iPad botnet that trash can. And Dave Mac sticker right -- that don't even better scroll down to the bottom picture the diet has. Are sold on top of -- -- Oh wow old. That is the most bizarre thing everything in my life are they -- do -- think. But everything -- the thing about this even if they were referred to Apple puts referred to brown boxes the you don't get any of the original packet -- -- these are. Unless the are the best -- knock -- I've ever seen if they appear to -- actual iPad and also mumbled word on the street is that. There also gonna be available at -- You guys there's there's -- go to the Apple Store on Black Friday. You'll get him act TJ Maxx zinni can also -- quite -- the now before you death TJ Maxx to -- -- -- drag out my I have been. There's deals have been an image makes only -- I haven't heard that TJ Maxx on the long time yet. -- -- X I don't -- Behind coli and -- island accident and try it's that -- -- -- and it's plastic you shopper. -- public -- up behind it I think at finding new ways to deny -- the day after day. Has gone from farm bill Q. Bill a new game that you -- -- and the days of civilization ever in the city villas were a monopoly he -- -- -- street. Within the game creator -- the city manager players to build infrastructure map out -- plan schools and start businesses I've never heard of a game like this. Clinical data to one called listen to some of them or insinuating they SimCity is I'm sorry I assassins. And the city infinity at the holidays and all of those games -- -- -- I think obviously hasn't committed to knows this is this is -- actually think at least to its credit doesn't pretend that they invented the idea that that game that's their game and act. Zynga makes -- butt load of money copying copying. Classic games adding little soldier note throwing a -- basement without the hey Al -- -- but at the theater and a month they had a and -- in -- utility that they go watch for -- that -- and your new speed don't forget -- -- -- Big -- you can hide just certain elements like only those games an Apple person useful thing now. On live is finally launching their cloud video game console we've talked about this before -- on the show but this is a little box that connects the Internet you don't need any of the -- the game is actually streamed. To your television set. Your PCs display it's gonna be releasing on December 2. And at the little box is going to be 99 dollars. This pretty interesting if it into its weird that their doing basically -- -- yet another set top box button in a way but it's. Really cheap for a game console yet -- it's only about the size of a deck of cards and a cloud gaming. Its its cloud gaming now in everyone's like -- I don't wanna play games on the cloud what about first person shooters it when. -- people that have seen it here from CNET -- the game actually respond very well it's if you're doing any have online first person shooter there's no way to hang with that but your -- a local single player game. It's of -- who worked just fine. This is way cheaper. You know I'm not the thing is you get the latest high entitled the same once you get a target or best buy in the same release window but you don't need any high end hardware to play them using online and cholera. And you read the games I've been for about three to five Davis did so it's not like you're paying the -- -- -- in -- yeah -- -- set top -- can -- this earth. Totally one of those got this like a broker who didn't like but he would veto and predicted an orange jam everything forget that license to deal with the TV manufactures. Shove it directly into the TVs -- boom no one has none of them. That is that on that it -- that'll happen. He blew my mind -- now with a smart. -- test market I just -- to outgrow it did he need what you think ultimately crazy ideas come on you -- -- honestly. I like it -- -- write those down. And other crazy idea news go Lila has partnered with Disney to let people visitors checked and to Disney theme parks and take custom designed guided -- Yeah I heard that right -- Currently custom designed to -- -- -- of their lives so the thing is that okay. I'm not gonna be hater here. But like Disneyland you know those people that where every freak in pain and on the face of thank you you collect the pins from the different locations -- Disney -- in trade ins with people. It's a really new party in this case you get actually a hundred virtual -- -- camp and pins. Which are the digital equivalent of the reelect him people acquire yup they are apparently popular and -- Wait wait -- we have -- whoa whoa whoa I'm Molly -- We -- in -- are you serious. The opera trip were unsure of -- it would go wallow sponsored by go wallet collect and yeah -- But -- virtual button and passports stamped page. And. -- totally bonds -- buzz out -- rotated to Disneyland via loud go to Disneyland acai all. Now I've it is that they -- you let the percentage of the population it even uses location based services like. 4% threat that that -- what percentage. Of the don't even use -- location based like what percentage is that the no one is -- located. -- -- If anything it's like to think that it's all about in the news and -- -- They're not dead yet thanks to -- grin and places and then you know whatever 33 people -- I don't know like a. If it was well promoted at Disneyland and the people are really into the token and pinned me that you know here's a way to get on your phone whenever they might and might actually boost users have been -- let people come in -- it's as hard as Google or the people that want the real -- kids want -- -- -- Kids don't -- mobile military equipment up and logo. Who doesn't like hey Louisiana. And this is I want to I would think it all happens again and again -- on things. Operates -- -- slide over -- for some violent accident degrees at least -- them quickly -- its. Google has agreed to delete the personal data that it collected with its -- -- street view cars in the UK. British -- Britain's information security -- fact -- It's located deleted. We now know just how bad it was into the -- okay. We'll -- -- Nokia also admits the power problems on the -- 81 of their top those I was. Rival to -- an iPhone without was touted to be an iPhone rival the ball is limited just doubled over and that's what happened is after. You just charger charge your phone and recharged it it would it turned back on. -- have a problem on -- again. Twitter is testing -- a new people have but which would basically show off your personalized follow suggestions based on who you're already following. The same as The -- to -- area the right pane of the new Twitter but it would be expanded to show more accounts. And then you can also follow them from there and add them. Two lists browse some interests find friends on Gmail link in Hotmail Yahoo! messenger. And then -- -- to be more of it like your social graph all -- one more expanded recommendation here's an Africa. And that this article you -- that you'll talk about -- -- -- this is a must read mention that it a lot of times we find is it really interesting -- on the web but they're kind of big pieces and we learn how to talk about and they're not news. So quick it turns out. Provide the perfect place for that -- that timber originally wrote and a manifesto and Scientific American -- Scientific American dot com about. The web and how the web is being threatened. By increasingly closed networks like FaceBook about -- in a -- anti copyright laws that would potentially -- -- off the web. All kinds of freedoms. Online are being threatened that he says the web needs to depending and it's just a really good read and write like six pages long -- -- some time when you schedule. And those -- quick hits next up we go to. The -- -- Nokia researchers with nowhere near enough to blu. Have a healthy -- -- them come up and got had made touch screen. Out of life. Gathered there's a little video -- are we able to play it down at the bottom yet no immediate path -- the giants like you know you've visited via. It's like yeah it's like -- colors -- -- you know of them. There's are only with a chainsaw now I slicing the ice with things in real life builders and Nokia engineers who should've been working on the battery issue with an even half a trillion and LCD into the back of the ice. And then you know get ready to head the cool thing -- it appears to work with gloves unlike most two current I. Ha ha ha I got that right there is the reason they're doing -- that they're driving about with a touch screen -- the -- -- -- -- I think I think it's a projection behind in the computer track where your hand and it does but it does it lead to -- agreed that work -- and -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- a -- -- -- -- -- when my thinking is it with Mitsubishi Toshiba recently -- Touch screen multi touch means you can use with gloves really fingernails and silences -- -- -- think he was just -- -- That is a issue but it wasn't was -- worthy idea and that it is now. Also it's a -- -- -- it's a -- out okay over the next stop the. Our next gadget is pretty -- not at all -- -- worthy but it's Friday and we just wanted to -- -- -- Sea -- rode out like they do with real gadgets. The these Harry Potter laser tag winds which -- Illegally dot -- Laser tag. Shoot someone call a sensors that -- and -- -- all over the place right in mutated to other -- pursued a minute he's seen another person and you light up. Not the case now these are being you know people -- feeds or glorified light sabers they're not they're barely -- -- that -- there so they're -- -- eighty dollars. -- And they basically just make a little noise and the light comes on when you -- camera. And then they have -- and comfortably nerdy video. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- an opportunity to goes voice recognition and could actually -- Spells and stuff like that but -- didn't -- -- exactly and many could see maybe like if you -- the sensors that many had a little laser explosion or something. Now I just none of us. Think about the so you put this on the shelf a year right Harry Potter laser tag one. -- everybody's gonna buy these things without even -- they just -- A crappy -- to get where we're here to help you guys because you you don't you're not buying you now but you wanna expelling Armas these blind. -- -- -- in another gadget here come from the scene that a library the Dell Inspiron -- It's a laptop. It's a it's a tablet and it does both it has is really cool crazy. Flip mechanism where you can rotate the screen and then laid down the screen -- -- -- it's it doesn't look. -- That's like when he first diet I totally made -- -- it because I I was like. Are you really kind -- pulled me into not noticing that this is does the convertible tablet yet laptop like they all have been but. It's kind of -- them now when you actually see it added I also thought it was a total tech unicorn and it was never going to come out. And yet it's here and it turned up when you flip the -- -- and you lay -- completely preventable -- -- when I posted the article in our pre show meeting everyone's like. Allaire and that's a lame and like it who absolutely -- -- -- -- line. Why did it and video cards if you like -- welcome I put in there or are reason. And spike in the chat room we agree we're going to email Dan Ackerman producers about how. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Anyway. They and Brando looks prequel though it's it's a netbook like it's definitely not high on how hard to high powered machine it's what is it by 49. They became a little bit extra for that that would be screen and a touch interface. And then there's a hundred dollar GBL speaker dock -- -- to kind of put it in and use it as little multimedia station. -- -- -- It's pretty cool -- political surprisingly cool all right there's a gadgets onto those science news. -- -- -- -- -- Okay so we all know that connect has been hacked as a lot of cool features and functions. -- our friends at MIT's personal robotics group have easily hacked it. Put it on an I or robot which is used normally to what a vacuum her room Maine. And has the students. He is definitely you've never heard of a heat. Radiated back with whom vacuums -- Anyways this device but now with the connect it scans the room does like -- the media -- -- but then when you stand in front of it acting -- -- on the one minute -- we jump to it it actually can. It's -- arm like it normally does and -- -- -- X control. The way that our friend the rumba. -- does it. That is freaking awesome can you imagine you're just like. That they're there body scan via volume pointing over there and live there are real by Blackberry. That's my -- best. You missed -- spot. That the -- admit this but technology. That is so I continued to connect -- now that it's been hacked -- don't even understand why Microsoft just a straight up -- with -- dot standing to they've been like we do not want people and houses and other ways and under governor. And they should completely. Embrace this and sell this technology like hot -- that people would buy it not only for games but the hack in -- -- -- all of those cost them. But let's get this is the -- that's gonna start the -- brighten the storm. Outweighs their own way am I worried about snake but then I am not. What's a soldier that's going to like snake bite -- more than a soldier videos and -- And -- but has -- mind of its its segments and segment thinks. Independent -- with today I think that is fewer than attended the day that maybe things if the crap they may be that there is room I have ever -- ever. Although. There are scarier things than today's happy ending slash. What will eventually become its own segments -- TV is. Hurt by early transmitted media's stray -- that won't go into. Go away and -- -- definitely trashy apparently over at France has talents. It is now become a little viral buzz video -- am dancing. Frogman I haven't even seen this I am okay here's my mind is blown by -- and get a try to watch as seriously flabbergasted. I. Is wearing them. -- hope -- content into the plan. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Looks like he's comforting latex is definitely covered and I think he's the ill feeling -- total -- Is in -- him he's playing with Clifford block PV. And he -- hit. Okay that's enough to know another -- -- -- the front moves but he makes frog legs. I. It -- it is seriously it is it is best described by Jack in the chat room as one big WTO. Wouldn't kind of a deal with the entire show I know they I have never seen anything like this to -- Ireland got a little. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- How would you like I half laughingly known ultimately lower although -- -- -- daddy right there and I mean guys are both of them now play. No he then don't and I don't know. -- the -- my basic fade in the bag MySpace they're my butt thing again than them not a fan of that we give me we -- here while I'm -- in the basement stuff. It's I. I blew my mind. It's Friday only to -- and he's -- -- ahead to build Hillary every all -- -- listening -- we only you're gonna use the latest on Friday. At all at that. We may never do any Arizona and user feedback and frog but basement stuff via I don't know. Have a chat rooms that this is one person who is not scared of the TF -- and. -- -- -- The that's awesome I it would that I think it's time the head on into the feedback from. Your voice mails coming into 1800 -- 16638. Hulu plus is rapidly becoming Hulu minus. But not how I. You -- another another to hear that before those -- insulin like that another tale blow. A cruise -- and taxes -- you know that there's more -- -- -- -- but. Anecdotally -- can -- yet -- Russia or the show and wrapped. On my computer but when I try to access it through Hulu plus application on -- probably keep. That -- but there even with a subscription. Yeah they lost myself and I love the show. Yeah I say what. So is -- as -- the networks I I suspect. My best guess is that -- the network's doing the browser detection that they have been doing to block Google TV then and saying you know while you're watching this on TV browsers that you can't. Even though you pay the subscription and not I don't believe any of this is who -- while it's just that bill like the technology -- -- it. Months -- screwed up trapped at their -- with content providers is being so freaking. Backward like -- can't tell you. Network how many shows I actually do and -- -- -- -- the same thing yesterday but there's shows that I want to get caught up on so that I can start watching them on TV. And if I can watch them on -- amendment to our -- to they would but there's only like the -- -- most recent episodes and one of them is about to expire in an Indian unit. It's just it's. It's -- stupid. Stupid the fact that -- -- for Hulu plus and now it's not it's not even has nothing -- with Hulu versus Hulu plus -- Hulu plus across Hulu plus yeah. I really. Hate -- you're getting a different experience from one device to -- -- I would hurt us. I wish -- to -- from Hulu. Did we should -- we've had we've had come to think Tyler Ron and Tina live before in recent years about human let's trying to -- the -- Like it -- that is -- really all the content to you guys Kennelly. -- -- -- -- It does it the problem is it's so confusing and even no matter whose -- -- is it's just absolutely no one yen and you start to wonderful living in and be able to make it you know. -- that but that train is coming -- need to get on board. Even our -- Before you -- lets you mean -- that the net dot com is a no death gave that right -- and from the port board of but town near the vacant plant. Even -- -- here's the story for you to -- -- over a satellite powered by -- these pieces. And then. IB my favorite thing to say ever -- that people. But apparently -- scientists are impact exploring using astronaut who as a fuel source because why wouldn't they they you have it. But there. You have that if the plan proved successful if they can hold very real implications for space travel -- moved further and further away from earth. You you're generating your own fuel. -- -- -- However. The -- -- came up with the really what I think is the day of the best part of this entire story which is the that the group -- joke contest that. Gilligan just thinking out some of the jokes -- in here like we stand behind the satellite just at a distance and -- -- this is not just wrap. It's not rocket science watch for out -- When life gives you an inch. Make rocket feel I didn't want this plan and you and -- -- date for when you absolutely positively have to get Iraq at home. I think isn't a good time to launch a little to have a BL -- giveaway. I I will give I will mail personally I promise. The Google flocked to Google TV Donald. To the person you send us the best pew group -- joke to make an estimate mine. There's no wrong -- -- pieces pieces. You did not win analysts. Is nothing about you and that showed there. Out of fuel I don't wanted to -- it and it says it has landed an eight feet of it -- -- -- Anyway send -- years and in depth but at cnet.com put him in the comments -- don't -- -- Perform them and the best one will receive the Google TV dot. Next up from an anonymous friend hey let's do one -- of about my experience with production lines I worked for large company that runs a PBM pharmacy benefits management system. We have production lines that fill prescriptions with some parts fully automated other parts that require some user intervention the scary part of the production system. Is that none of the PCs that run anti virus most the PCs are windows two K and summer XP. Also the systems are un patched. Starts that would have a field -- -- -- scripture addresses all the safeguards in place to be subverted by -- next like -- descriptions on the packaging or pharmacist reviews. I do not know about Mike's alliances and or other lines of manufacturing but this system would be actors -- wet dream -- they can get access to O. My dear lord view we were talking about how you know scary it is and we need layers of protection what about just directly in the factory. TM -- I -- really changing prescription information into the emails that USB ports are still active. So they're there expose you a -- parts that completely -- so. Carry just plug in your Stutzman. That does. Like bring bring your own stuff -- It's party plan BYOS. Chris rice and speaking of such minute detail and enjoy today's show right up to when you started talking about stuff -- Right about the time the subject was brought up my work computer somehow got -- -- -- -- -- definitely IT department picked it. Not -- -- to start any conspiracies but talk about bad timing. Today we we bring -- We do we did we got did we not tell you that below the podcast not a vector. And we sometimes. -- -- -- -- tenth of the little. -- Once again if you wanna poster joked in the comments he can finally the steps that are blog be all document icons you can email your beer pizza. -- -- think Olympic team they've created their phone number and don't forget to start sending us your recommendations or your video clips or your audio clips. For the best moments of the year -- -- worked -- on the clip shows for the big long holiday break. And we need we need and -- that moment. -- -- singing including -- -- for the Wii and only. Yeah. And let -- wash I think error rate -- and -- Leo.
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