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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1351: I can haz Facebook mail?

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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1351: I can haz Facebook mail?

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We're joined today by Cheezburger CEO Ben Huh, who's trying to get Brian Tong to love cats. Also, we dissect Facebook's new attempt at a universal inbox: it's email, but not really email, and there's some stuff you're probably going to want to opt out of. As usual. Also, previewing Apple's "unforgettable" iTunes announcement tomorrow, and why did Netflix delay its Android app? --Molly

Today is Monday November 15 when -- I'm video Gonzales. I'm -- all of you I'm Molly Wood and welcome to buzz out loud cnet's podcast of indeterminate length and start time it's episode thirteen fifty line. If you are in our chatter -- -- -- Jane you may know that we've started to totally -- minutes late because the baby monkey. Let he had -- -- -- yet to show it to our special in studio yet then ha I've body O and founder of the cheeseburger network. Well welcome welcome I've -- a video IKEA shelves today of course he did what is it writing on a pig gun down and ultimately the American and implement I guess now. Thanks for joining us publicly that -- -- you what do you want nobody else is well today -- -- some Cisco launching. After the book launch party for as for latest book. They needed to be -- -- case. Gathering here that's right and into -- -- -- -- it is. Let me see it's kittens kittens and -- The book. Yeah off the key yes it's very you think to show us your favorite -- like a party like dot unit that -- at a 59 there aren't visible. You can't dog hear a kiddie book help. Hello I'm sad to -- it. You know this why he later -- -- it is cute and can be you know the problem he's -- books that it does not much organizing. So I'm looking and -- that the -- -- have they're like your friends and yet there are trapped there as it just. You can't really does that in any tapped American and in the -- there are most people just get them if you look at -- but there's -- this -- -- this is this -- my four. Yeah and now -- I -- link in a box. Now are you are you a fan of cats honestly I am I'm actually a once -- -- fat -- before this oh this was -- -- if I love the photo on it. It's literally like -- school earners trailer at the year your book volatile. Odd look itself is so excited -- -- -- -- He did he if you think -- kick in particular. Because I think kittens are cute but I'm not really big cat -- I got its alien. That's okay now look I -- get it. That's your your path from the true yeah I think a cheeseburger network that probably has many other funny website we have been even if you're not like fail blog yeah like like I love that. -- -- which we talked about before the show which right now. One video that we'll -- attempt to. The other what other ambulance thinking yeah yeah so that you -- the daily what is our latest venture and its -- -- called news about. But it's basically everything you got we view and well. Stuff that's out there everyday healthy adult yes that's basically we just collect the news of date like Internet culture stuff and we post. -- it's -- it's going really fast. You aren't a full fledged publishing empire and now again and it -- -- -- and everything yeah. I mean that's yeah TVs next in it are more about the future I'd definitely -- -- to be -- next he hopefully. Oh yeah the wind will be confirmed show -- So would it be like -- -- -- -- like the content we don't know there's actually several immediately show okay. We come on -- until well okay yeah. Let's I think he can actually despite -- among them on the record that -- young vehemently that if you if you think you know than they. Live and its Arab we'll just go crazy and you'll be her. And your arm they also -- -- event for -- for the -- once you know many books we are looking up books we've got food -- the food and we're hosting with automatic which is the company press. And that's intent with yeah tonight at 6 o'clock I thought it in vitally vitally vitally there's events. At cheeseburger -- even -- she's. Right there again and that's going go to the party if you can -- I can vouch for the fact it use its Q I'm just -- -- -- You own a cat negatively that you picture I don't have a lot of people who just don't like -- the -- of the site yeah exactly the -- O'Leary's NATO -- -- -- -- kitten at the party. Yeah don't worry. He's very -- that we're also looking for one would be pretty funny when that Italy had the -- and well probably irresponsible very responsible I would recommend that. But it be funny you could find a random -- there's this does bring it you know these are ten that rarely -- -- -- -- -- -- -- adoption event exactly justice -- out you know. The street yeah the end I noticed these Berger marketing at nearly keep in the corner collecting and I'm -- like -- -- -- began. And it. Led by humans he admitted that if that remain open that -- -- -- -- bet it kindly agreed to join us where -- after the show blasphemy on the show without a plan that's right the world has changed the world kind of thing. And you don't know is right yeah now. In other bell Canada today that even doughnut baby -- yeah. Yeah -- The although it will have swept the world and and previous tomorrow any monkey maybe -- segment. Today however faint but had yet another -- and and we were all whoop -- -- board and whenever. Until Friday when we heard that it was probably gonna be -- new email platform and then it turns out. It's Google -- I -- them they aren't they're -- it would make it another run at the universal inbox and the universal communication platform. Yet a -- their social inbox so essentially. With all your contacts information that are on -- that whether you communicate to people with text message. Email or using Facebook's own messaging engine it'll all be collected and essentially viewed. At your own address this is not this is not I've -- you know -- but it sure username at these but dot com. It is Nino that's now I think people can actually bullies these -- they -- it's not email -- -- them and can you know we. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Will -- -- wanted advantages of this will new social and email address but it's not email the other guy they said that's what they said it's you have the username. Then FaceBook dot com but it's not an actual -- address so one of the advantages though is that because you have your friends which are probably the most and where people you wanna. Look at your emails are prioritized by from your friends and then -- I don't like the friends of their friends I can message you. Then the other -- is other. Which could be lights camera companies up and then there's all that junk in -- The friends another friend other brands. Friends and of the for you can turn that off though I Jerry thank god that I think that are clear of course by default you can't turn it off you know it's you know I did not yet here -- -- on there so it only encourages. More Facebook's talking with that really you're -- one. Idiot friend. The -- of India the Gateway the Gateway to idiotic you need that wind about one guy from high school that printed everybody's. Gonna be I mean what's up with everybody do in out. That is the guy who's gonna ruin your life is like and tell you figure out the ninth that that it will almost certainly take it turns up and -- -- It's a baby could accounts of them spammers and spam. We haven't had a little loophole comes -- Islander I definitely want her house in that can happen the other thing that's interesting is that it it creates an archive. Of all of your previously sent messages oh god -- they're hoping right Aaliyah. And -- they get it that it might do some sort of sorted Gmail style sort of sort of Gmail now conversation threading that you can actually -- and are currently conversations with them. You looked nervous and other this is great so it's at all I mean I -- we -- failed look dot com which I don't know chronicles all the people's failures on FaceBook. Yeah and and open your mind but this is gonna be plenty immaterial for the site and all my god it's like eight -- for. -- king yeah. And it says -- that we expect this actually replace email. But they wanted to create a -- -- more real time communication one place. Yet again a little demo you can actually watched the demo -- there -- beginner as they listen to it. You're just like light like ugly guide and play it's like pretty like a -- Catholic and rolling like cool thing about how to totally like you know -- friends I'm. Like pretty thing in the open -- -- like its -- a Little League and we -- But. Can they get a little demo and it sounds like that. The email that you get -- it'll I'll sort of happened real time so -- emails incoming messages -- -- -- address will pop up habitat. And so you can respond to it chat style and send -- off. So if it doesn't get and it's -- be part -- -- energize yeah. I like the idea of the real time communication via -- -- -- they have the user base that potentially. How this actually gain some sort of traction that's the main thing -- other companies have tried before. They're like -- are releasing this universal type in boxing but is it would really using it basically has the potential that -- needed it. It's bad news for AOL which tests today lines -- project Phoenix email overhaul. Presumably it does not have. All of -- a rookie but it is overhaul and looks it looks like cleaner as a social network over 65 -- that -- My mom. It's fired up that. She is excited about it Aaron that they can email me -- and mine went up at it but not -- has announced back. That that I'm curious about that -- whether people can email you at that address. There's a guy at them because they might not running over -- -- with a message in real time. Even if you put. Finally we'll if you offer -- if you can you actually -- client to email you with your public username at your dot com address but the thing is pretty much overboard here again hopefully that is not the case. No offense to the guy who. You know that yet now some of those they emailed it of them did in fact. So now we know and now we know that AOL dot com you know they're still trying they're still kick in. They're doing their thing now and other announcements that will he seen potentially tomorrow actually will we -- we will be seen Apple just released announcement that. At 7 AM Pacific time they'll be doing in iTunes announcement they're calling and it's. I'm hopeful again believe. In every new thing announced logos says tomorrow is just another day that shall never forget. They don't they don't offer any info what it could be about we can speculate it could either be about their streaming service they've set up all their servers to do -- -- ITunes or a subscription based service. -- final The Beatles Beatles catalogue. I nobody -- it it would did not use a -- -- a yet and I mean if Nat King Cole into Internet. Easel -- they just that it another day and it will never forget. Also has thirty Beatles song that really really. Apps are a couple but against tomorrow gonna be the day the day and then for years after night of night. Where were you when Apple announced 1116 that -- present its new streaming service we live. Yeah -- I think that -- interpret it. I mean it's -- the Olympic -- of lately. But he bumper stickers -- -- -- and -- like by the day Apple. Banana into the it's a beautiful thing with a one point 01. Oh well we'll do that but we will not think if you're wondering be covering that live because that -- -- and. And that I really hate us and they're from year the New York people -- vehemently -- yeah. We'll we'll tell you what happened. Yeah we'll tell you later -- you later will be -- late hours later we will get around telling you edited. But we care about -- That it isn't crazy newspaper on Monday morning also overnight the is that people and including a former -- but I. It more and announced half. Which is the social network social app that's not -- -- So essentially does is -- -- Haven't with a with a little different philosophies though you have obviously photos chain is so huge right now -- your mobile platforms but here with pat. You can only share it with if you have your friends. So it keeps that he -- it's based off of your contacts. On your phone. So it's a little more intimate and allows you then there are people. All this in this room that there's certain things you wanna share without close -- that we don't wanna share. Which strangers bootable C so maybe to be little more -- about it -- -- that button you press the home and the on off switch from the iPhone -- -- screen shot and then you can email them but in the world. You could do that. Or am I just like that. Yes you have art and sorry if you think this is private -- I is that it's YouTube yes that -- -- -- -- implement it on -- so -- -- those to keep it tight with in your tight turn network and it has a little more value. Yeah it's a faint path at the place where you can be yourself I think -- a cool idea but I sort of building but do I need another one. Well that's -- you know I don't need another network yeah even if it's slightly less social than my other network. At and -- and now I mean that the whole catch of this sounds like you just mean you're a little more protected -- you are in the big Internet space in any thing. It -- yet and might be for people who actually just don't wanna be and if they're out there. I know it seems weird. The thing that and -- email -- thing. -- -- -- -- Yeah then I mean they they're not expecting this thinkable looked actually wanted to be a slow growth company now -- out right so that's that the -- -- it is actually it's cut its. I I like it it's very anti bandwagon of them its anti so yeah. Bold. I don't know what to make it it. They will actually coming -- that I think anything. And then take a break I -- taking a break and when we come back we'll talk about the other big news that broke over the weekend what's going on with Netflix on Android. -- -- practically inviting you to join us for the 2010 edition of cnet's holiday help desk that happens every Monday at 1 PM Pacific 4 PM eastern starting November 22. It's where we make you look like a brilliant tech gift -- as we take your live calls and we feel your emails in fact when. You send us an email right now to holiday helped -- at cnet.com and along with the rest of cnet's editors will point you to the right product at the right right. Holiday help desk Mondays at 1 PM Pacific time starting November 22 issue at cnet.com slash life. -- -- -- -- Welcome back everyone we got all of -- -- -- -- Napster and break. So over the week and then. The Netflix released this manifesto basically about what is going on and I have bad -- either I have been wondering. What's going on with Netflix or Android. Netflix says that they've delayed releasing its instant streaming app for Android because basically the Android. Operating system is fragmented and they can't they don't have a universal built in DRM system which would allow Netflix -- build an -- and distributed. All at once so they say that they're going to start distributing -- hundred apps but. It'll be like owned by well. Packed so they and they want to work with the handset manufacturers individually right now yeah to get that done -- That's that thing the last. And that's not fragmented I don't know what it is and -- in my immediate response like okay fragmentation is officially a problem like Google yeah. Get in here you know parachute in and fix this because that is. This is death -- if huge app developers like Netflix they're -- like getting a real -- back to the non Smartphone. Via we're we're back to square one. The only way that they can -- this is with their next older Ellis just basically cut off. All these quote unquote legacy devices. Put out a mineral -- keep it. Pure Android and be like this is what it's gonna be like from Allen like -- -- I don't see them doing that I -- that would completely. Teens philosophically how -- -- operated up to this point with and really been open. But if they want apps killer apps like this the move forward they can -- to do that. -- opened but only if it -- yeah. Well that's yeah I mean Android open it already a little bit suspect so it's sort of like -- -- -- At some point you're gonna have to get there have to be a happy medium you got to get control of your operating system if this that the consequence. Although other people pointed out that it wasn't necessarily to it wasn't necessarily an OS fragmentation issue that it was more about. Android own built in support for universal video streaming that they have a platform problem. That is exacerbated -- A little bit by the fragmentation and then of course there -- the inevitable I mean there were a lot of people orbit visually I don't buy it. Because Amazon has the Kindle app for Android pandora has streaming audio both of those he's DR and there's a good comment on -- -- -- blog -- about it. And -- that they didn't need to -- to the handset makers to make that happen Kindle and pandora. They and that person that I think Mike is not just encourage Netflix its partner to delay the Android versions of windows phone seven headstart. Saying there's no reason you can't do very much in the application lots of other apps -- doing. I'm also sure that PA does different rights or maybe things that they wanna be satisfied that that you know you talk about the Kindle store he talk about pandora but it's. All those industries are built Italy we've already seen. How crazy and maniacal and PA can be about that aren't yet very big difference between streaming audio and movies yeah absolutely but but the app sorting out on the iPhone this through the same department I mean it's not the and he goes and distinguish him out -- -- Yeah in and may I mean it it sounds like it's likely that it whatever it is that hasn't a mean it has to do with Android are sure rightly theirs alone whether -- them. Video streaming platform across the board and OS fragmentation but either way. Between this and then what carriers have started to dude enter -- in terms of delaying pro you update then pack in -- crap ware which -- I know you know this is my current issue. But then like it's I think it's really time for Google to just like. Cracked the -- and say you're -- Mandarin about it. Yet -- now they mention about windows you know some was joking about -- Microsoft Windows 7. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And and they're smart about it because they. What went so I guess is or more of a delay with the iPhone -- the Windows 7 -- coauthors. Well because we don't a lot of resources -- small company so when Microsoft comes and offers you free softer moment he has -- -- -- -- -- that then you're gonna be preinstalled. Know a oh good ethnic women they're not actually helping you develop that's right interesting. That's very I -- then they're smart about it because we've always thought about. Get those apps on the windows have a platform. Yeah so in an interview at the killer app is the only apps right in and you can't leave the gate and. Yeah definitely and I honestly went -- Microsoft has been promising an integrated experience with windows and seven they've been promising that everybody will get the update -- the same time mean it does make you wonder if there's. I think there is a middle ground between say Apple an Android. In terms of openness and closed in -- and you may we may find that its windows and and I'd be -- crazy which reveals what they're thrilled to live they're trying to do that's really what they're trying to do. Walk the line. Microsoft also announced that there introducing a new gaming hub to -- really grab hold -- that. Casual gaming space that will connect three major social gaming portals. -- and games being games and windows live messenger so that when you're playing you -- the same games you can dear -- status update from an economic. I know there run them I was it the thing that's it -- to means I didn't I didn't realize that being games. Was so popular it's a 55 -- game sessions. Played so hard just during the -- games adding you know people at the -- -- to -- I can tell you that if you wanna -- common Internet a lot of people. Oh yes for so again I thought they were I don't know double again -- -- -- -- -- yeah -- I had no idea that -- and -- and games. -- -- federal mine Yahoo! pool so but that there's big games and there's like the Xbox store for the -- that's a mobile phone and silicon they're gonna get these things agree that that's that's exactly that I was gonna bring up his. If they want this to be even more successful they need to take this whole social gaming platform over to the Xbox site and also windows phone seven which. At this point. It it's not ready for it's just based on the browser but the windows -- seven -- are more than. Competent to be able to handle these that -- -- And they have them they are to have some Xbox Live features that they have an Xbox Live games for it but they are plugged into this network that they just announced which is what they need to do. -- think of what they're saying it like yet -- a capital gains -- -- bringing together than not that like three of the nine different places they can and it. But the public can I don't get that a phone I mean that's -- casualty rate. Yet now absolutely they should definitely been on. Not sure that the gaming people are not -- -- the -- people -- -- in people he stuck that on people and you know living it's yellow you can you can tell hobby of these Microsoft does this happen. What are we doing we can look back and we'll find and I'm overjoyed that -- I did get rid of that name biking and. -- -- You never know -- maybe like that results that with Android and -- -- I'm pretty -- and pretty mad about my crap that may well there's a Christmas present only. Not like about -- and I think you're paying -- stuff. All are maybe I'll take it H -- 500 because apparently these are the -- game in town is nice saying Linux oh my goodness. -- fees they 500 -- extraordinary demand is now experiencing six week shipping delay this is the 800 dollar late that everyone was waiting for the enterprise. You know model running mobile version of windows -- -- -- -- what -- hundreds of thousands of union friendly so tens of thousands maybe -- HP reportedly -- -- limited production run of five -- And receive orders more 98000. -- -- oh so it clearly demand outstripped the supply tens of hundreds of unit. Tens of that -- employees in China working overtime tens and tens of report. They had to rehire protecting workers the that makes -- that he can take care of the extra 1000 units that -- the. -- -- they are also placating angry customers by offering them over a hundred dollars up 800 dollar purchase. As an apology. But still you after -- bit. I don't know you have to admit actually to 9000 is -- -- think it off. -- but I'm sure they're happy that's more than they thought yeah so yeah -- and a low expectations but yeah. Elusive for everything. He dietetic about what they solution for the fact that no one wants to go anymore. They are now offering the Tivo premiere freon contracts. For twenty dollars a month. -- they've what does that mean so -- raised the price of the monthly. It used to be -- nine no contract period really blinding you get will you have to pay to nine united upfront. And then it's 129995. Per month that's the standard plan right exactly and then now they're offering it with a two year commitment for zero dollars. The Tivo premiere -- twenty dollars a month or you can get it for -- hundred dollars of the one year commitment for twenty dollars a month. The -- didn't you have from the truth about this is that. Most people that have heard about -- name. They want. Don't deceive the nine you know they really will see like -- 99 dollars for Tivo and -- and then after this forty dollars per month. And he is only you have to actually killed -- dollars per month plan after two years. How -- he doubted that I get back at -- 95 may really. The problem is what they've done is they've I understand that that kind -- at a way lower priced -- -- higher monthly but you know lower up front costs. What it has done is create a completely baffling table -- Of what you can get and how much you can get a -- how much you pay per month. And then whether there's a lifetime thing in which Tivo that applies -- and that's all on top of the fact that if you wanna get Tivo you have to figure out the entire Byzantine cable card solution. Situation and so what does that basically -- to create a barrier of entry that is roughly as high as the great -- time. Oh I'm sorry but nobody -- -- that took place shifting back to TV all the stuff came on what -- -- doing. Partner yeah and a hot hot and -- sort -- go to the bathroom when every one entire iPod. And also the duke duke duke and that's that -- united we do do well now they -- Internet video with that. They decided to give pandora to older -- systems when they were going to. That. We we've we've destroyed -- on the show played times that these are willing to innovate they are and if it isn't a bar right and strategy is program. I've never seen anything like this ever be -- are extremely complex and relatively attractive -- though. Good job if -- excellence and I thought it for the big -- of the day let's move on -- our can't you better -- and. I think Nvidia are. Really quick to right now have -- It and there's -- scheme like you don't get -- like that. It's really know what the lord we -- -- really embarrassing. Well that -- week after giving everybody a thousand dollar pay increases and heard of note spot bonuses which rapidly in cash and 10% pay increases. It giving its top executives in 30% salary raise. Too apparent I guess they'll have flat flat flat salary of Biden thousand dollars a year now they're gonna that -- That's do you see like wow let millions of dollar out an option and Obama -- -- -- the -- -- waistline yet. -- -- -- -- Saudi Arabia. Access -- basement for about a couple hours and no one knew what was going on and then it came back up yet and not irrigated -- -- the but they don't tell you they tell you -- -- -- -- that day for a -- -- It was rumored last week and now it's official China's super computer the ante on -- one day achieved a performance level of two point 67 ops. It doesn't really -- a couple of Peta Peta flops and I pronounce that Peter and a well I think PE TA like via -- Ali had Ali -- now -- not not not not not file out but its front you might even as it. -- defeated. The US's most powerful supercomputer known as jaguar and now trapped in amber you've done -- were -- Now what will be all right okay this thing will change in six months and this is super computer yet. Obtains excellent base but also passes eBay in value becoming the number three US web based company. If it's not publicly traded. But based on second market -- they release of the numbers of privately held companies. According them the value of these but has now -- -- and -- also Amazon is number one. In -- -- news it was worth a lot of money. Earth -- And a little -- what was that like underfoot that you're bitten and ideology -- -- yeah I think. He cannot controllers and now. I that they create wicked let's do some gadgets real quick I'm fascinated by this. That's good you could talk -- -- I've forgotten the I mean it was a populist things out okay. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I in Japan apparently there -- -- new -- okay think you know -- if the -- on happen on the other food companies that enter in on the rapidly in and ingredients. Well this app actually takes. Photos of your food. And then upload them that calorie count. But apparently it evaluates. It's just software than in the name -- it but it. Evaluates the color and shapes of the. -- compare -- with -- database component well at -- it and hundreds of different group and then count the calories you it can even register -- -- -- -- -- -- the -- as the color and -- yeah yeah it's -- -- -- it brought it around -- thousand. It's green and -- it's time I don't know I thought from a chili dog yeah. That Browner alert there's less brown could develop independent and actually -- yet if they like it has -- you can ignited nothin' better iPad has -- Yeah well not done -- versus sold yeah bring it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- In space news NASA has started putting on a hypersonic space plane. Look at -- sending humans to Mars think that the rocket -- rockets at that point. Yeah yeah except -- only funny for fifteen. Which is. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I've got there yet I've got to pay if it does -- man put them to my data and I'm going to stay whenever -- has an all over yet -- years. That's why -- -- the reindeer and that's -- -- for it all out here. And then it finally and happy. Ending today crazy story and the Mercury news about how Google may be building G -- like they're gonna build. A Google -- -- -- a town city. For people live in company housing that I the you know day care fitness facility is they're adding one point two million square feet of space already to Google's real estate holding. And they -- They're looking into this this new employee housing thing Gregory Davies a vice president with -- real estate firms and well -- -- -- it's the new company town but it pretty much. I'm good at that China when you go make iPhone that'll people live in dorms and yet they they had the thoughts on facilities but this is like with like Starbucks. Well this is like a Starbucks and allow you know -- larger like alt local businesses wouldn't be able to talk about during the weekends. How I was you -- is all Google employees. It's gonna be a sick little Pleasant -- if he which electric late this is every bit -- so it wasn't a little pleasantly creepy and out and apparently and this story goes on the thing that there like smaller companies that have been engulfed. -- kind of growing Googleplex -- their dislike. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I mean this you know I'm just in the sixth person audio technology company and I go to -- -- everyday and -- looked through the glass window into the Google break room. And there's like this breath of baker -- any games are like and again for news and if they -- optimize our captain yeah I'll look of the pulpit. Anyway if they build deep down I'm gonna go visit my family knows that he can -- -- -- -- if -- if you haven't -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Scary all right on to voice mails me a little sorry -- time for. The feedback loop and we'd when. And I always -- the -- -- Apple Monday yeah about today -- -- negative about -- and it it when I click it what -- Give us the feedback from like that. We'll get back on the same -- the price of where I'm from where it now. One handed thing than sixty thinks they're in there and over -- public and to let us know about. You'd be amazed by -- the best media extender amber. They've got screwed in the end audio engineer and agree. When -- residential. Windows update video server distribution. All -- windows media -- -- use at any point point reliable function. -- -- We W devices to people. Who never intend to put even a single game in them so. Burnett into the world look Netflix and online content and meet people -- in -- live without ever having a big. -- -- -- -- That is -- and Friday we talked about how fully 40% of act by my users don't play games and held it for other stuff and now he's confidently absolutely. Used to stream last that band musically Netflix -- the play games that's -- Or are the way over -- -- -- as long as they're all the link yet they were but as -- have people -- that. The sixty month VI sixty dollars per -- I'm gonna say it's ten -- that it really honestly I feel it's worth it yeah right now. I -- -- They hear their browser likely. Here's PlayStation predators and PS3'S offerings so much more networking and so much more streaming in so much more -- than they ever did before meaning if they haven't. They're nowhere near -- kind of media extender that expect this -- but that's -- pre and then backed up like. Yeah pretty good -- and by the way if you -- connect low level. Right yeah yeah. With an epic intimate oh and I don't know how I was playing me on that issue as we connect all weekend it was fun you look you look like you I'd look like -- -- Yeah I mean the electorate that's been. Written if that's not a that's the -- -- -- -- And you're mad that -- of the top one for tomorrow and I'm like okay they're merely government. Paul from Los Angeles the last couple months I've been distracted from my podcast watching by the fact that the audible dot com that is finally available in the Android market and have been rushing to get caught up. I just saw the show where you were discussing people hacked in the connect hardware and occurs to me that -- -- black ops has a radio controlled car with a video camera and microphone in the prestige addition. Now not only is that thing begging to be hacked or some sort of Wi-Fi remote surveillance but coupled with hacked connect hardware that actually single out individual people and follow them around a a -- honestly. Creepy. But you. Colorado dollar -- Probably a dog yeah. -- OK okay -- a feral cat that are whatever it. I'll -- you don't see that there's something we can do that is creed that you'd actually -- lot of economists homeless. That you told callers. Thank you for vulnerabilities yeah it it. Some keys and and yelling -- you and you don't have any yeah. Experts hired frustrate -- and -- people working on it yeah. We're gonna -- -- -- and so on Friday we also talked about Lenovo building their own iPad killer that -- -- going if you somewhat unwisely name he would head. Hey yeah Erica after let -- have Canada in the aircraft carrier is this. Though we were we were saying that they're -- -- -- -- to have thinkpad and all that but that -- Data rates and like -- Lenovo positive pad that -- tab. -- If something which is way better than that not the best name ever heard it looked absolutely so please I would not to go to disabuse. Exactly like -- Oh and -- -- divided -- live padding. Is gonna wanna drink absent that was -- electronic. Dance and there's nothing wrong with electronic. IRA that's -- you didn't -- definitely. Hey Bill Murray and Japan wrote in all the that -- listening to get psyched about the super special attack re launch of the -- in bound for amber I think. And I have the best idea. What if Verizon tried to get data addicted blog crazy suckers like me who do not have and do not want is cell phone. The by akin phone and then -- us with their be on top 25 dollar month unlimited text and data plan the one that only has 300 actual talking -- Not gonna lie I'd be all over that like a drug -- time and karaoke bar and I cannot be the only one. Did nothing huge market that's the Internet it to people who do not -- cellphones who live in Japan. She did say though -- -- you -- she's moving to North Carolina then object so maybe that -- slightly market slightly bigger market nice scale. And that's. And dialogue you know what I -- that market is. Exactly as big if not slightly bigger than audience of people who -- became the first camera. So that so that's it and there are -- coming out ahead yeah and nobody they sold the first front it was -- -- as -- PolyGram I think of fifty or 50000 a little bit we got a production issues and it. We gotta look that up I feel like -- -- -- -- -- it out here. It anyways find that -- next anyway -- have a depressing that other show we did it barely find it -- by politics that. In video intravenously if you'd like -- complain about a lack of -- they don't and audio video think if you you can insert comment Lexus. Outer blood -- -- -- -- -- but we're just joined Tuesday when you will not be -- to isn't going to be off them. And -- bands like going to be here Scott it -- song out. Closing here -- -- my black coffee you I didn't you didn't. I leaving it for battery -- you an email encouragement to -- at cnet.com and you can -- with -- -- it's almost Tuesday messages when a -- excellent thank you think 38. That's both CNET and don't forget the if it -- and not party and the us I think like them the go demands that she's gonna. Video. -- -- --
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