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Ep. 1349: YAFE: Yet Another Facebook Event: Buzz Out Loud

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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1349: YAFE: Yet Another Facebook Event

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In titles we didn't use because they're not SEO-friendly, topics today include the fact that it's on like Brian Tong (tm), Jessica Simpson's tooth fur, gold does grow on trees, and tiny fists of rage. We interview RockMelt's CEO and ask him to explain that name, and we preview the latest TRON trailer MST3K style. Did we mention the tooth fur? Ew. --Molly

When you're. Today's Thursday November 11. Please send. And you can tell it's. I'm Brian son Donald bell I'm Molly Wood and welcome to buzz out loud is cnet's podcast -- -- -- -- -- episode thirteen 49 happy veterans day happy -- as they do here in the united they are remembrance that heavy recruitment. A really -- -- -- -- yeah the minute -- excellent pay and other really important news that's totally might effort and that. Yeah -- we -- -- eleven on our troops and have no net -- countries though we do happy veterans they share thank you for all you do you absolutely. And onto our show so yesterday. And we hoped. We we were we were like we were we were so hopeful and excited. You haven't pounders -- -- on the senate. So that we can ask you a couple questions about the new browser that we've been going on and on about it they were very happy Tuesday. That we do have co-founder and CEO of Rockwell Eric mystery on the line at that. Via -- thank you for joining us. -- Lee thanks for having -- You are you ready for the inquisition because after yesterday were ready to bring a full force it now all now -- -- yeah. So -- obviously a lot of great reception with rock moments of the things it's doing. How how did you guys kind of formulate the idea of the browser -- has been kind of -- in your minds. We were so we -- of the company about two years ago -- and really the -- kind of observation led to the company was Josh the way we all use the web has changed a whole lot and browsers all had gotten a lot faster are still all about navigating pages. And it was really -- question. Could we do something better on pure -- can -- a better user experience. If we. You know if we rethought if we if rethought it we did something a little bit different and usually question that I don't -- that. The formation of -- company and that ultimately approximately mark on it for just under two years now. So the idea of the social browser isn't totally new obviously there -- -- and there are extensions that kind of bring. The idea of your social experience into the browser with few. While -- maybe on another page what what's different here with the big difference. Well not answer when things -- social as a huge and very important part of Rockwell but it it really isn't it that we can -- -- -- it -- related stool so. On -- there are. There. The things that people do online these days first. It's people with their friends the -- become the primary where people are friends so we've integrated FaceBook and -- and brought her friends -- to into the browser. On but the second and third -- so the second thing is that what has become the primary way we can see news and information. And we -- -- your favorite sites along with FaceBook and order into the right edge of the browser into that edge. And we actually have a cloud service -- -- those -- for you -- those updates down TU. So it just it gives you a lot faster and easier way to conceive news and information that we and -- -- not Arafat's. What they are they are they are these yet they're they're RSS on the back -- or they're -- -- -- on the back end and you know as we continue to expand. On those services and apps that are available it'll be. You don't it'll it'll continue to expand how we get that information but important thing is -- you all on RSS anymore are you -- it's it's. We we've tried to take this RSS is a technology. Great technology but it's -- technology it's it's a it's and it's a protocols and implementation it's not. That important thing is like how do you actually get updates on the user disease or -- mum on. And and and that the rural area there we spent a -- it's on his. Obviously the web as a as a primary where we all find stuff we find stuff about any sane and which we wanted to think through the search experience and so -- -- rethought the search experience in the browser. Leveraging Google results because. You know Google gives you really fast and really great results. But then. You know we realized what normally you get search results and and you -- -- begin on our process of getting to the right results. But on one great for a load -- backing an appointment. So we we -- -- -- -- experience and prosper and you know thought about how -- -- better people. Yeah a -- You audio and -- was gonna say I thought that back and why Chrome and not Firefox or or another platform. Yeah because it's it. It's really good question -- we we started building on Chrome -- -- -- eight weeks old when chromium was eight weeks old. Which was. It was. It was a gutsy call up it's fine but. We have the good fortune of having some great developers. You have been working on Brothers for a long long time and you know we just looked at -- base and the process architecture and you know it's just a -- code base -- it JavaScript engine. On its web kit based like it it it had a lot of technical merits and so it was it was a gutsy call because. -- it was so new at the time but it seemed like a much better technology based for us to start with so we started there and I think a lot of that is just. It's in your bogus you know and and -- else. Now I article one thing that -- you know some people wrote about and where at least criticize -- all love the interface but the fact that at least I'm not sure it's been updated or you guys have one baking in the -- -- which -- -- -- But that it was running off -- Chrome six. And yet is so is that something that. Are you guys looking to get implement the new version of Chrome in the browser or this is kind of a launching pad. -- dissidents. It's it's an important question -- reemerge every single day from chromium so every single day we take updates and taken down. Odd that we went through beta with Chrome six's debates speeches it was what we -- able to stabilize first on in the dust on we will be -- -- On but. Despite seventeen which it which is from seven sorry and can. And looking and different persons all -- catalog and people are already call you Chrome -- it gets really battling. We -- -- -- and of the but and that next week we already pushed to updates were pushing. Another one I think today or tomorrow so we're we're entering -- quickly and so in general users -- -- get about it -- always triggers that offers sound as well as well we don't. And so what about the think some people have to have Britain that there are security concerns with with not just them. The fact that you're -- you know are deprecating version of chromium but then you'll you require people to be like in the face but I can there's kind of all of this information harvesting that people are already nervous about. -- Yahoo! address those those concerns. Having you know we've tried to put it with. We've tried to get information out there to help people understand. You know what information are we out of what we we we don't out so. For example what -- -- not out. We do not keep track of where you browse -- -- track. I'll what you search for that information doesn't go to us he made it so that technically like we can't -- -- On the information that we decent. -- around all like your bookmarks in your preferences and under. Dear friends or your favorite sites like everything and make sure browsing experience -- which recent around. We -- around as an encrypted bundle. So it's encrypted client side in and set up. To make sure that you know it's it's it's -- -- just a bundle that we can around for people and so. You know we we -- a lot about it the number one feature browsers -- -- at the end of the day and young people -- to be able to trust it and no we're not an -- networker or trying to build one or work with one so. It's -- we really just there's only information that we care about is how can make the product better what are people are using and what are they using and yeah how can we make the product better that's that's ultimately -- pressure us. -- that's excellent now another question that I have to ask that the burning in the name that's the name is what happened what's the inspiration. What other names did you guys have in the take -- can we suggest names for you I. I'm just -- we're just curious about a -- how did the name come together. Yeah it's fun it's player and -- so I think one thing that we got right with -- -- is that it evokes a response. And certainly evokes the emotional response and peoples and with the logo on so it's actually not that's that's his story with. With tech companies these days it's all -- -- the dot com domain. And most dot com domains that are easy to say an easy install and and a memorable are like a 100000 dollars or more. Yeah some some only looked -- -- 500 grand is ridiculous and so I need to get in that business yeah you know it's like the ten years ago we should have bought a bunch of -- as -- we've hugely different state and that. Bottom line is we we had a three -- brainstorming process. On those very very painful for everyone. We came up with Rockwell which -- unregistered it would twelve dollars a year -- got you and it. L.s content out there in June and once we got the -- -- we -- and it's about as Canada else. The Genesis and it. And as I am Letterman and the fifth element you have yet that's -- -- cattle nerd -- -- into it but the problem is it was so close to our big problem the name as we can't think block malware Yousef plot and like I said they smell and heat that melt -- -- Oliver. So you have the final say is of Cecilia the final authority of the name of the browser rate. And -- Probably -- -- bottle army and the Pacifica that augmented file on it it was. And it was also largely due to lack of better alternatives so -- bet but I think event were pretty happy that. There well apparently we just want to thank you for coming out of her show and you know yesterday there was a -- Matthew and I requested demanded. Demanding fifty invites you pounded his tiny bit more. -- And it didn't say they're strong there's her Justin expressed OK okay anyways -- requested fifteen -- -- -- Eric today hero delivered on that so what we're gonna do is we're gonna post the link in the live chat room right now you guys can go there. And download on now this is their accounts or on this link like once it's -- it's gonna turn off. Okay and that goes out -- Certain what to download and that if if you are unable to get it you don't Rockwell dot com and duct connects. We -- and -- -- -- you -- and we are -- -- about. -- curiously so they roll you'll get one minute you'd. And it is one it requirement to they have to connect you guys through FaceBook to download this browser. They have the connector -- I need this but you sign up for the data as well as Steve and use product okay so you guys they'll be downloading this thing if you -- if you're not even you know one I would I think world of pencil and also to get them right exactly although the good news is now the buzz army has invites to share so exactly again. We're definitely -- -- propagating -- here so Eric thank you so much for coming out a really hunted. Thank you thank you for having me. And I think -- -- And you -- right. I now onto the rest of the tech news today -- -- it's going fast and yeah. Yeah. And I or aren't that inmates are not already. Waiting and we got that data off the line and it got you know it. At the time period out of the 150 impact that of -- -- -- they really think it got done already -- and they're gone through. What Donald -- that gun. Those -- -- -- -- people joining the chat with nearly Hitler and I'm gonna live stream get the -- numbers went from 288 at 340 like -- -- even go to the bathroom that -- an aggressive you can you gotta I gotta practice. -- it's very impressive chatroom anyway I. Rack -- you know right now rocks making up for a little bit of that -- that yesterday. -- answered your question if not you know now after the email address though let us know what -- -- -- it also isn't that tell you exactly. -- -- not a right to the news is good news people good news -- the box is finally shipping. And even better news they have come to an agreement with Hulu -- have reached a truce. Ports that -- is going to cost you money ten dollars a month and also deleted I'm mad at me it and bring it but -- -- talking about dropping it -- five but I don't believe they've actually dropped the idea. Pasted into that the new demand -- you may -- buzz out loud right now I'm gonna do if we hate your fist on the table Brian's song and make it happen these tiny this do things. -- -- -- -- You know and you never comments this time now of actual actually read -- -- anyway yesterday. That's a -- that's right I apologize. So it it there I've -- and impressed I've said some mean things you before but I still on the and we can shake on it and hug it out later at the show. So anyway they did make enters the biblical that the spell out but I don't think it is I mean but he needed to get Hulu and service now they have -- left on there which ostensibly offered more shows. And better streaming quality in you know as far as I'm concerned regarding on over the top -- -- pretty much about. Even though we had on Boxee here on the show we asked them directly with that with Hulu. And then you know he could announcing the of the time but right after guy -- like -- pretty -- -- Hulu plans and then yeah. And it and native and now we know and the box that fill the shipping and I -- -- -- -- -- -- Silence and pictures from a tear down the shows that this giant heat seek. Inside and it. Just go to deal with the thirty seconds decoding and I -- like really high definition decoding that's -- also Netflix will be coming as well -- and of the year so it's not on the box at the moment but they're going to do an update for people -- it it will be available by the end of the year and watch out Google TV and especially because it is though you know boxing. Chalk it up the -- and Google TV does the hits keep on comin' and I do not mean TV have -- not via blockbusters not a lot of innovative. Box dot cob has now joined NBC ABC and our parent company is TV no -- a. In short sighed adding I mean in blocking Google TV SO earlier when Google TV came -- boxes that one of the few networks at least from their major network site. I was alone it's happening so it'd be a trial run but now it appears they're like you know what we're gonna jump on -- with all of the other networks. -- you're not -- duties. Though that the other is let there's nothing you know it's not the TV actually -- -- central unit TV hack hack -- good you're not -- -- early -- us a video on demand and it was basically only Salt -- bowl History Channel and and CNET. The unit -- right where on Google TV at this -- -- that's it's coming down from Google's perspective I mean not. Up from our -- my perspective on Google like why would they not come. To like TV networks -- a really strong viable how to make money. Proposition for them I think yeah and edit it on here is the anonymity says is don't wanna get up. I mean you -- and their argument and I've heard this from CBS executives what they say is like look this is our most. Valuable. Property like CBS makes for example more money off of the CSI franchise. All by itself then from anything else combined and they're like. You're coming to mean you're saying there's going to be a market in the future we're gonna be able to sell ads in the future but right now we can supplement in their lower revenue this is. Our most valuable property and you're asking us to just kinda like. -- on the Internet Korea. And and I did some -- respect like ninth senses that they just kind of where like where -- and I make this kind play along. Yet there is like a little bit of the I think it tests -- I mean they've tried I think initially there were article definitely there were saying the Google with having a hard time. With the negotiations and that they were having a hard time convincing people to come on board but I think they did in some ways probably. -- a little bit of a. Steve Jobs -- work on an iPhone you know they were like here it is. Welcome to the future you know. And the thing is who knows -- you -- -- steps who knows when these networks are actually going to. Enable us to get their content if anything they're probably trying to develop their own app their own channel their own engine because. They're -- they're gonna keep his fragment is possible they saw iTunes. They saw how the music industry was swept. With that it was hit over the head without any notice they don't want that ever happen again and I just feel like unless they develop their own up that they can make a direct revenue stream from we weren't gonna -- in the -- Matters having on the same like music industry the like analogy we -- how the music industry probably could see themselves a lot of trouble. If they had jumped on board to a solution instead of a sign that time and like. The minutes according to sort out and it could be Ali has had all these years c'mon it's been alive and they've scenic amicable and then they're all online. All of their stuff online if you have a browser enabled TV you can already get that and it's online and high definition in some cases it's available in nineteen sort of like. The cat you almost feel like they don't know what they maybe don't realize -- that the cat's out of the bag in Google TV isn't that and Google's argument is like look we're just a search and it. Word it's just that now it's on the TV which is speeches and you're on like there in -- They know it's more than that but it still isn't that different from just having -- content available on -- And with -- I think the majors are being a little bit like. I think they're blown and I think it's a great opportunity for -- the. Beano first over the smaller Netflix TBS or whatever content like everybody's going to be on the -- right -- aren't all on all the -- owned -- an option you but the hard thing about it I -- I -- I can download that Bravo and that I did and I don't actually now look like and they've been -- I just walked past the giant TV now lobbied to have the price is right on it. You know and say not not all of our content is golden hit -- It's like I'll cry -- shaped like a football being -- like something you couldn't patent. I don't think I know that -- now this. Don't wanna -- Apple football but that's -- that's a separate discussion bad thing that they can you can pick and choose -- battles not to block all the content and album and business -- -- -- Updates this is -- I -- -- go this is. This same cycle that we always see when there's a disruptive technology coming and. Old guard resist it and they resisted and seemingly arbitrary and increasingly -- -- -- that -- you know third at the plate. Really -- -- basic -- technically speaking kind of just blocking a browser which is what Google devious if he you know when. And even Boxee has their own browser in here as well you you know that their content can be bought from them as well yeah so. Our own an island in the battles cell phone wars Android. Has now moved the number two mobile OS. In the world what a note which is which is a shaker because recently Gartner research released the results and Android. If you compare last year -- the third quarter they only made up what was it about it was 33 about three and a half percent of the market. One year later now Andrew and makes up 25 point 5% of all mobile OS devices written -- -- did. Nokia Symbian OS and -- number one. Apple's IOS is that number three and Apple -- actually lost a little bit they dropped from 617 point one a sixteen point seven -- really isn't that big of a chunk. And the losers the rim month. Yeah and Windows Mobile. -- And kind of mobile or anything on this is just like on a Symbian that reason -- saw such a stronghold is because -- on cheap phone yes you can get everything you thought yet. And I know Android phones are -- becoming there's like cheaper will more watered down. Versions -- and response I is there a version like an Android phone out yet they can get completely subsidized yeah that's when the three already yeah. Really highly -- talk about that yesterday you -- -- -- yeah you may not be able to can be but it I -- here in the US the majority of Android phones out we see. Are like the Smartphone types yeah I think of the reason you get like such large numbers candy when you get that free phone proposition -- -- -- that's on the Apple's never going to do do -- because they. They make part of there money in that that halo effect of that stuff costing you know being a premium. Like when you talk about the amount of dollars Apple contributes to the -- -- interest you -- their market share it blows it blows the others out of the water. Because of their margins now. And because the ecosystem. Salon habit but Andrew had it there and don't think it's something -- these -- -- -- that. At Steve's on conference call recently their earnings he was just like well you know -- -- the Android is able to overtake us you know late for the numbers -- the numbers right. Yeah exactly so that that's the facts and how. I like and literally shot now -- can't -- they. And worldwide is as long overdue and members mobile phone sales grew 35% in the third quarter and Smartphone sales increased. 96%. -- that hockey stick and grow up into the right. That's ala dot com people they've and a hockey stick and they -- in the -- into the right there where you. That is that is continuing in the Smartphone world obviously pretty thin I mean interestingly that's why Nokia is threatened right now because they do have most of their volume ministry and and Smartphone growth that's what -- -- that rapidly now. And that -- -- there and the new guy target the elegy optimist that's free and you'll. That. Already acts optimists had -- -- lower end like messaging sound like it heiress that's considered sort of not. Right -- not I'm not about they're smart phone. -- -- a little jump off and see how -- boss just had a little processor. And out but now click the baby hey it's still on one point thing you know they'll they will be the phone with a -- -- -- use it at some point is to keep their numbers it'll happen it. I we're gonna take a quick break when we come back Hulu for magazines and Mozilla gives us. Possibly -- -- it's our product. Hollywood and -- inviting you to join us for the 2010 edition of cnet's holiday help desk that happens every Monday at 1 PM Pacific 4 PM eastern starting November 22. It's where we make you look like a brilliant tech gift -- as we take your live calls and we feel your emails in fact -- -- Send us an email right now -- holiday helped -- at cnet.com and along with the rest of cnet's editors will point you to the right product at the right right. Holiday help desk Mondays at 1 PM Pacific time starting November 22 at cnet.com slash -- We've acted just now about Android dominance and it could continue I have that turned out to be the trend next issue media -- -- until the Hulu for magazine that Canada we talked about it when they first announced it is. It is in fact -- magazine digital delivery system. Is going to launch its digital storefronts early next year. Only on Android only on Android migs lose some -- -- an -- Basically that -- anybody who's managing subscriptions right now is just. In a big huge slap fight with Apple because nobody really wants to -- Apple wants to manage all of the subscription. It. Process which gives them access to all of your subscriber data which is super valuable -- a data. And -- don't and they don't even give that did they don't give the user data back to the publisher -- they don't share it they don't share -- they keep it also they have all that demographic information on top of that they also make that 30% cut on the issues -- In the -- -- early next issues idea for there. You know they haven't -- they haven't figured out a name for it but -- Hulu for magazines they're gonna get all that information back to the publishers. They're what they wanna tried on new platform who knows in the long run how -- -- LT to have it you've you've got to play with that it's compelling enough rate. Yeah I mean it's it's. It's inches in size I think especially from magazines arm probably more or books and magazines just because of the nature it's been then it's a good price means -- solid. Samsung. Android based product is still. The need some work that's not really an Android based OS for tablets ten the Android OS. Thrown onto a little larger screen and greatly Google has really said that they don't really Android is ready for tablet yet. Which why I didn't feel that did you feel that when you played with -- -- it feels really great. Smart like Android Smartphone supersize -- like the -- like that in the large print Android Smartphone. I'll phone you buy your grandfather's they could -- it what I like about the publishers though that this is the first not the first time the one of the few examples where. They already acknowledge -- Apple Store -- -- story you exist. We don't care at all we're going to just go Android and let's see -- the -- it'll get there I mean I think at some point. It will meet up and Google will produce a version of -- that's optimize for tablets. The screens are built to you know or -- -- about the apps. And and then and that the that the plot to blow the hardware will -- the matchup but it gets its kind of its. That -- products like the -- better reflect real declined to get their first. And it's it's still great product but it -- it will get better and I think that this. This company -- the next issue will. Will be I mean I think there ideas get there and be their first once it kind of reaches that point -- everything and -- -- -- -- Even so yesterday I was complaining about a hundred fragmentation and openness that allows you know carriers to ruin perfectly good sounds like make -- think ethnic and her son ever Eisner and it -- a totally against me of my. But the the Google has been more flexible and open around business issues clearly imminent and -- -- -- reading between the lines but that's the speculation is that Google's been more willing to work with publishers. More willing to give them. The the better deal and it and share that African subscriber data that Apple -- and you really start to wonder if long term. That's gonna turn out to be -- strategy. Anyway. Back to that reason to use Firefox that -- discussed have you if you didn't get Iraq -- in -- at the beginning of itself and that not. Mozilla just announced that -- launching -- new toolbar button called F one which sounds kind of minor when you describe it it basically just a little button that lets you share. Link they can share it on faith but you can email it to someone -- injured on Twitter and Digg and shared in all these sort of various ways and it's just this little one button thing. So the next web dot common thing -- located Mozilla just declare war on advanced that we buttoned -- FaceBook like -- shared this. And share this and all of the is this what I think it's super ethnic right. Share this happened now is -- -- -- Jillian dollar potentially company because they're not only collecting. They're not only letting you share this information -- much like Bentley. They're collecting the link that are shared in real time and they're aggregating the data and so they're able to give advertisers like unbelievably targeted information about who is sharing links so you know they might I might. Oh sure women -- of soapy you know who really likes them so women who are eighteen to 23 and like just had to -- -- -- -- -- of so it's an incredibly lucrative having to be doing right now know when -- none of that demographic and now. Well maybe isn't he meant. You know what I'm sorry for indirect means and I hear first and you art -- Allen like. But then -- -- -- -- Eric was still here he's like hey guys I have a share button built on Iraq now that publishes -- I think and that gets granted the the answer is that's not gonna be. When the there's gonna be all of the above the price you're gonna get everybody has a weighted share the content and it's gonna be vying for your attention from which -- You now yeah but yeah actually. -- -- and they are because that's the interesting thing about sharing -- -- wouldn't think that it would be this big deal but it is the end it all about that data mining -- -- I use sharing is like. The next search market and an advertising firms are drool mean yeah. Now another browser news we talked about Skype are which is the mobile browser. That was placed on the iPhone and everyone was kind of -- -- How is this Smartphone browser go and actually make money -- the iPhone version is what they charged more we talked about the issue where it. Would -- use their servers to convert flash video. Into html five compatible versions of the playback so that you could watch it. On a mobile device they pulled in nearly one million dollars in the first week of -- or even. We positions -- they pulled out down because their servers are getting. There's hammered they put it back up I download it. The site that I normally wanna watch last content on still don't work because it's not it doesn't work on every site -- flash -- I literally body and stopped using it but. And we through than their brain and -- little chunk of change. Yeah it's pretty remarkable and you know it in Vienna part of this though is that Apple got there 30% right oh yeah oh yeah -- as -- -- Apple is refusing to allow flash on their products. They went and of they've -- and it out. That -- attention it's got 300000 dollars out of in like Wendy from that I don't let him make it like hey you guys do the work yet and it'll just take because this so I way to make the money out August stand here on the moral high ground and be like. You don't need you don't need -- want you encounter Monday when someone -- -- Lots available or you and clearly shows that there isn't demand for it I end up being. You need this thing you know of anything next thing is you do you it. Nintendo. Did not do I do other things that make me. Nintendo is apparently has filed -- request -- the US patent and trademark up that the unit outrage rising imminently even make it perfect thing to trademark. The pop culture -- it's on like on. -- I wish I make you. I'm not -- -- and so hopefully you know I'm assuming that it's true. Now if there is that there's an -- request that the patent and trademark up with the -- the break. Nintendo claims that the catch phrase is quote an old popular Nintendo -- but has -- -- a possible interpretations depending on how it -- In addition to Nintendo's -- it has been used a bit this is where I'm pretty sure they argued themselves out of being granted entry market will see. It has been used in popular music television film over the of pointing to donkey Kong's hottest. As -- during pop culture -- like I'm superstar in your selling a lot of Nintendo DS's right now but I don't think -- -- -- -- trying to trademark of it on like donkey Kong. Hopefully come up -- an alternative revenue -- what are you thinking. What is wrong with you I like with the saints tried -- -- or did in fact trademark -- who'd and that. With explosions and what. Yeah -- Now it's it's pretty ridiculous. -- name used first so a lot like that's absolutely ridiculous it is either that the worst idea ever Mike. The worst sort of casting about for a solution by a desperate company boards -- to growth publicity stunt but either way. Has ES PC ever tried to trademark who -- the dogs and that was the -- -- men and in the group that started that once though not that I know the name of the group. -- who flew through totally I've sent out but you goes well the word. Even though there are more words than that but at the you know Apple -- sure Apple has a little catch phrase there's -- -- that but it clearly had the wheels -- in other companies -- likely. Apple's doing that we need to protect. Al where. Tax free slogans. In pop culture and music and movies that we never cared about before so intimate moment I -- I barely even blame the companies that with -- yesterday did finally see the full Sesame Street segment for the -- -- -- funny app for that you know this whole area right now. It is genius and I -- much more of it like a social satire at night and just that you're on -- and than you ever gonna I mean like it that I at this point I barely can blame the companies because the fact that the patent office allows this kind of shenanigans. And -- -- the fact that they would approve a patent on there's an app that like I. -- -- All it's all downhill from there -- -- what the other old phrase is better than pan that is Nike's just do -- patent and all of them put out later what about -- religion is where's the believe that yeah I think it's patented. I mean it you know we have a lot I'm proud history of patenting slogan. But usually we don't wait until they've already been in use in popular culture for several years or more. It had been like action to meet them and I am going to -- one half right now -- explorer it's delay you better. You gotta lock down the -- because a guttural martial arts sounds are clearly -- and oh yeah absolutely anything can -- button all right speaking of martial arts. Well the -- To the -- I know you're I know you're holding your breath for yet another FaceBook events -- -- -- yay for. Well there have another event next Monday in San Francisco the speculation is that it may be inbox related may I suggest you don't need a party for every single one of. I don't get -- too many little announcements for little things this that this would be like a bullet point on most companies units and the bulb went for -- yeah alright yeah. -- next up the connect driver. Cameron now has sorry there's an open source connect camera driver now available for download everyone's been trying to -- it get access to the -- -- RGB values. It's out there now guys can play opens he would magical things. And our I don't space in my house this thing but I like how I get not if exactly -- -- immaculate hack it I told you guys wanna get it's he put on the night. The night vision goggles and you to see what. -- the -- of publicity not just because of -- it in your house that the guy hasn't STD. Oh cool and those you know we're one looks like a Donald yeah I -- you know what it looks like and it's one of them on all my hair -- actually an ugly and okay so. In addition to you like most of Europe and then that one class action lawsuit and privacy advocates -- the ftp. Is now also trying to come -- on Google about the -- find -- -- them -- on they have launched an investigation. Into other Google broke federal laws that. When they collected consumers' personal information. So accidentally that -- that -- all random Internet -- voluntary. And yet entire emails as well -- big. Also we recently reported this earlier Apple in fact -- did not acquire white here who -- the Bluetooth headphones called the. I months only -- there was even in the lineup. The that I could make I am a joke and and it turned out maybe they didn't even buy some light years CEO mark -- accent the rumors faults. Even lists they were being acquired by -- -- it okay that -- was the best thing -- happened to accompany -- years I think better get I busted for Apple put their name on it trying to -- interpret nobody. In the tech media called the CEO of -- year. He's like sitting -- reading stories -- -- -- about how he got acquired by Apple. And many -- like oh be will be able nominee answered a call they didn't actually had an -- the. What happened. And again if you like way to monitor Apple win actually by them right I think it can -- that you -- that it and that happens. And those -- cricket for today. Once again it it sounds. Hulu yeah again well yeah I know I forget this little shot. Robots that's -- coming together now actually it's not but now the. It's been like the new black lately to talk about how dirty and -- your technology and make sure that -- about the -- -- Alec is more germs -- -- it -- the or might connect reference. Or they can -- reference -- well. I had a quiet them even client. And -- pot gadget would like us to know about the use these Smartphones sanitize or so. It is big name company that made the toothbrush and prizes eases you -- -- to -- 99.9 percent of germs on your Smartphone. Including the ones hiding in those little -- beaten them inaccessible the corners thing to do with like antibiotic -- yeah. So there you go 4995. From Honecker. If you America if you want to propagate -- -- -- started to see that these. This company's ability of the units have little -- light if you put on your little key -- -- every handled everything -- Ingraham and that's another zombie virus propaganda that's the thing that that's how we end up in them -- -- -- can. Now -- -- -- like bad breath or clean -- Aaliyah will would you prefer. I got bad -- obviously right it is the question I posed to everyone on buzz out loud I can't get -- and we hate the looks like the US army is developing. To we mean go there with -- now. She's my belly. -- know now all our. I. I mean I don't even brush right now but essentially and so there -- -- on this development that when there on the field obviously they can't clean their -- it's pretty much a very low priority. The is with active ingredient it's called K as hell and it can kill harmful bacteria so you can -- it is. It'll -- them out nice and fresh I don't know honestly make your breath smell that much better though hidden but it will kill the bacteria. But it just like saying a big thing for soldiers and action which I did not realize that it. Some 15% of deployed soldiers and experienced dental emergencies like coming back and and it -- you know you don't think about a little and they can sideline you when -- out there. And there's there's thing -- -- Let's take this -- that we can keep it got action. This is crazy and and also you know once they have this in -- commercialize it. And then it'll be another revenue stream for the oral care industry and then worst name. Did you read -- article just elegant interviewed Jessica Simpson. I'm Matthew doesn't brush your -- you diseases her sweater. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- To wipe the per -- I'm surprised that and I'm gonna float away that you said Jessica Simpson buzz I'll I thought I'd be the one guilty of inadvertent edit of the game I don't how a lot of opportunities and -- and -- But -- an -- -- and post polio. -- our admiral. In other science and today I'm and it is way cooler and less disgusting and at the -- and deeper. A group of scientists in Taiwan related evidently being gold while it better Tyler -- aunt Jessica tendency -- -- And herbicides and I want discover that if you put gold nano particles and in the leads of three used. It causes them to give -- in luminous red grew glow and they can use that for re use. To replace -- Wow look at these are straight out of scenes from either a Final Fantasy. Or gently eased -- -- -- and I wanna live and -- world and it -- completely real there is no magenta tree that stunning. -- appear on it until it's like a Photoshop floodlight. -- -- a little -- but the Netherlands -- -- more real mechanical -- HDR photography but like real life. Impressive they were looking for way to create high efficiency lighting similar to LED technology without using toxic chemicals -- -- these gold now nano particles. Unlike something like -- powder could in emit light but not -- top and they were relatively inexpensive. And then the -- -- -- be -- the future is just in the looks so -- wrong. Now over the ended feel life as we know and -- zombie apocalypse would be upon us. If you don't have -- now true super germ and -- -- at reality so it Supervalu and then man the creepy feeling. I don't care have Mike come and join -- government also BM like. Vector animals on the fly I asked by it's not often thought that -- cues that come with something that golden -- -- And open up the higher res but yeah. All right since -- -- laughing let's go to some of our happy endings that we have sound effects still pending. The third front legacy trailers out us a little -- about this yesterday. -- hasn't actually seen this site that. We would -- let's play a huge mandate that decades that is play if you play a little bit like them -- add sites it was a lesson. Here. I'm seriously. And he he was -- and minimum. And others. Now when we're gonna tomorrow suburban atmosphere case. -- -- on me and -- -- -- and seem to you. -- -- If you. We didn't really story can movement was reported missing the -- icon and comes CEO. Eating right and empire. And now -- -- little board. Learning and and okay. I was speeds -- Page came from -- dad's office. -- -- -- go to the arcane and now. I actually -- finds. It. -- and I don't touch that thing. Because it -- -- And now you where -- yeah. And I think they're only a make and -- you -- what's your latency. -- -- Review anything -- that you -- oh hell low you knock off their clothes. That's an idea of my -- a hot. -- could talk about hot -- it's time. -- and -- it with the very. Victory is he's very -- -- definitely can -- -- there and possibly the fifth very. Beautiful I agree I like when you get. -- -- -- -- They're really NN. I couldn't from oh my god. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- yeah that version of. -- -- Well with the island want to give -- series. Hey I wanna meet her and -- and on a laser cut her clothes. Yeah no long term Marty from -- you. Marty from well -- -- while she is beautiful the living allowed extremely beautiful that is villagers. -- -- -- -- We hopefully it left right at the letters now that was -- too annoying to live and audio on late now that we won't help do that enabled I -- -- -- regulate a lot of times you wanna cover video and it's hard now you know we'll do our alignment to -- anything -- -- again yeah. Also -- happy ending this is really this is pretty good news that if he AA has released its annual holiday survey. Where they ask people we know what that what is on the top. Of your wish list and this is just in your life. In life in life everything and so we want you to know that although notebooks and laptops are right there at the top of the list. Peace and happiness peace and happiness travails -- yeah is able militant -- -- iPad it was three. Steve is probably kind of pissed about that but a leases you know MacBook -- and MacBook pros all into the notebook laptop. -- and one. I am fascinated by the renewed interest in laptop okay there you know what's really messed up number five is an. Actually that it comes after a new car motorcycle hello -- People -- clothing more than they want good health -- or even money I'm not gonna refute the clothing thing. But to -- your family together. Weird like that they give them that they give -- -- anywhere though. In the consumer electronics -- over all that does not include health peace happiness -- manly man it is the laptop. I've had. That an iPod Touch or an iPod and then five a video game system digital camera big screen TV. It is TV unspecified -- is a computer and that's an -- to mean we can theme it. I'm assuming that and it's him this though there if it sees iPad in three and four or iPod Touch and -- -- -- burned in reverse order -- -- -- -- have knocking -- -- out with the iPad anyway and I think that's coming kind of jump right anti videogame system number I think at a cost -- in the. Yeah and also it also I don't know the surprises -- or not but no -- mobile phone or Smartphone on the list in Apple don't want that for the qualities. It -- like germs probably just. My god that's violence on targeted it as an advocate okay I you know guys I know it they're not I was just -- it okay Andy's ever night -- obviously know lots of -- well actually I wanted to call it out okay. -- -- -- -- Wrap it at different time -- you -- places you. That's stop honestly I think this well. Yeah and. I mean I've done this several hundred people. Yeah that's what I sign -- Miller with. That attitude there are gonna. That is -- thank you think -- only need to do that -- -- eighty. We have a. Her aim right now -- today know you pick the voice mailbox that you guys are all about that roughly 32 -- the upper left at. They Q thank you for making such. Putting such entertainment value into the feedback loop there's. When and it's excellent excuse victory -- -- a number our first caller is actually calling to call about a caller from yesterday. Eaton. On each continent -- up in -- -- icon or iPod Touch but. Double. -- -- -- Did I do that does have you played a double -- you'll get hold there it. I love the idea that like our podcast has the ability to -- space -- time. Clearly does display -- -- -- and our next caller has another idea -- how to improve Amazon's cool gift conversion Peter. It looked this line from Detroit at twenty or story about in the -- -- converter. And I think it's a good idea. Except for Canada also needs and its companion service were they Photoshop even joint gift you -- -- -- But I don't know what I would you sentinel or called and asked for picture of me sporting stocks that speed. It actually have a well they care what the -- the. Excellent point you -- an excellent point -- But that's like five templates right out of this bodies and then you know you put your face in there and and you have the little get the just drag and drop over the body that's pretty ingenious thing Leavitt. Love it that's so smart. Actually -- would like longer than thirty seconds we normally allowed -- is what happens when you're super intrastate. And smart smart. -- -- -- -- -- It's in upon my podcast -- Or forty in the yet -- and -- on March. Just wanna this year something out -- years ago that -- particularly fine dust. Blake and grain now -- that. Suspended in the air looks load vigorously. Is that Carl and -- and -- exploding. Apparently -- area something county line and even at that something in -- like a rock ledge if they -- like crazy and it'll burn regardless of what it is. So it'll total authority explosive. Well. Anyway. Let it would help but -- -- -- and hopefully it won't be. -- That's why that's an excellent I don't know active they are really good enough to worry about three pushed -- -- -- -- repentant I think he wants them to man and I think some maintenance. Email us and -- to our show to be that the -- at cnet.com Bennett wrote in and one -- does let me know he thought that I really like this article on engadget. Which shows that an iPhone and -- -- on running Android two point do you. Earth fly -- capacity through a vibrant and I. I don't know. At that it's over and it -- that also. Really -- so. Funny spent thanks for making my day bank then. And take and implement that we think that that that. But also -- -- you're not no longer fascinated by I have. It having viewed life that you -- now expert at my gains this emails from Darren and the electronics that in South Bend, Indiana. Or Indianapolis I'm sorry I guess edition's popular one that blindly follow Google Maps you might know little bit about this Molly -- I do you actually so if you've been following the story about make -- when troops. Accidentally invading -- he can't because of a Google -- -- it's now at the -- escalated into quite the standoff apparently the US government is getting involved. But I want you all to know. That we on the buzz report's. Staged a pretty often dramatic reenactment. So that episode composed later thing. Yeah. Yeah. That's an alien might just wanna check that one one humans. And also email from Kevin hey so they'll be Moe okay or not to be no. Today my wife found an iPhone on the street. It was locked into in the with -- do it using the iPhone hack I learned on VO well. I was able to get the contacts list it -- have a -- number -- but he had imported his contacts from his email accounts though. And the -- -- was email address I quick Google search a quick Google search led me to -- name and phone number and within ten minutes. I had returned the phone. While it's scary how insecure the phone is in this case. It worked out well -- -- pull up this I don't think it's -- security flaws that fits the -- -- -- at random acts of kindness feature. Random acts of kindness that threat of an excellent use of that feature and -- well well done what it we have good deed with they release four point two you'll be able to do that anymore. They -- Or. Yeah I guess expected to remove the remove that feature their -- -- parent you know obvious her. I can't hand. I can -- -- remove -- remove that. If that I we are getting erupted from the studio and about three seconds here because I think -- comin' up in it listening to live so. If you want to enjoy more of the show listen to it over and over. You know -- Evernote and previous episode visit our blog DLL dot cnet.com one more time that email addresses by cnet.com. The phone -- 106 Olympics T think there is and I want to thank all of you who followed me and that are boosted me over the completely arbitrary mark and with the. That made -- -- -- great. You accomplish something in life I have an -- -- -- know I'm Brian -- -- -- Brian -- tomorrow he'll be out frankly will be in the co -- chair. Everything returns to normal next week yes I'm programming and yes I'm -- -- be happy about itself. If you miss me send me any Miller the placement of the problem is -- -- community that's. Yeah and I -- and then everybody. Yeah.
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