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Ep. 1348: Call of Duty: Black Socks: Buzz Out Loud

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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1348: Call of Duty: Black Socks

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Amazon comes up with the best idea ever for converting terrible gifts to good gifts -- before they even get to your doorstep. Take that, Aunt Mildred! Also, RockMelt stands us up, so we demand 50 more invites (which seems counterintuitive, I know). Also, Glassgate hits case-makers, goodbye to Ask.com, and what social networks are doing with all those email addresses, anyway! --Molly

Today's Wednesday November 10 planet -- And -- results may yellow -- -- -- I'm Darren Kitchen. Did not tell Hollywood well out in the that -- that. Visit their leg and is at the U at least so it like they are definitely not gonna like crap now to think that I think about it that I -- only think -- edit them. -- broke my brain produce the nano thank you don't know if Tyson Molly Wood now not today ignited China's support yesterday it was you reunification day. Berlin Wall fell when when years ago and it's an okay thank you Hollywood. And -- and it. It certainly it -- -- -- it we are waiting right now but Iraq melt founders to get on Skype apparently there in high demand and wandered away from their cubicle I just hope that it'll stand I hope they don't because honestly we're not bringing them back today the idea -- it and isn't a battle buzz -- ban on -- -- we. I have book them and we want to ask -- -- hard questions about the security. Concerns and all that why did you college paper and why -- -- rack -- -- that's actually what everyone wants no effect though believe it -- pollen but in the mean time. -- -- to get you. Happy. Christmas. Hiding from Google's. Happy Chanukah reportedly Google had not confirmed this but employees -- sitting -- looking -- internal email. Announcing a Google giving giving every single employee all every single one everything -- It in the -- a 1000 dollar cash holiday bonus. And then you've got an eleven dollar increases at least 10%. They will take effect on January 1 2011. And this is an a company showing. Love for their employees I don't know it is and or stopping the bleeding. The pro -- -- an accident is they have definitely there -- -- a little retention problem although now I mean at the. This is the company that's pretty legendary for it's -- employee. Love with the -- to have the awesome dining catering on site as that was built back and the ball pit. Oh that's right now. Where it's the coolest scam ever I mean as the email hasn't been confirmed as we -- like Steve Jobs emails. And he anything do you think you -- be hilarious -- when of those afflicted in all the employees like oh yeah you'll get a thousand bucks another elect him. Yeah well. So -- -- -- joke about because people will kill you yeah yeah a total of better not implant otherwise. Now they're gonna burn the place I believe it -- and when I went absolutely of the money -- they announced their you know their earnings results were you know we've got. Cash money and lots of it and and why not and you know this -- A perennial. Refrain why not invest in your -- -- you know and Google has gone onto bigger and unbelievable lengths to get. People that they considered to be high quality employees like they have that -- IQ test of imminent you know -- multiple. Interviews and it you know kind of there's theories probably about keeping people that they were telling her to them in it rings -- -- and also if -- if you have been pretty. And attorneys doing so well they say is thousand dollars spread across 20000 plays twenty million dollars after -- that's a drop about another 10% raise total cost base of twenty billion and then we'll we'll talk about a billion a year to billion dollars a year now. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I we have we have a little CBS corporate meeting today and they did not mention anything about it totally did not announce that -- -- I kept waiting for -- -- -- sort of ominous or an email. It's the few that just a little traction when with -- with responses to this oh yeah. -- -- -- Honestly he's gonna leave a company. Typically that they're gonna get it even more than -- 10% -- -- the gently if they wanted to jump ship and crossovers possible lot of times so. You know whether that stops someone from -- and -- that helps with their attention you don't really know that a lot of those -- We'll have been -- leaving for FaceBook and there are it -- add to all the reasons -- Google and FaceBook have been in a big huge pipe lately. They haven't had -- ongoing flap fight. -- -- granted describing about exporting email contacts so Google changed its API to say if you harvest our data. You -- -- you have to reciprocate has to be quid pro quo with the emails. Spending. And men. -- -- The whole it luncheon huge fight between Google and FaceBook FaceBook apparently been hacked AP I'm in new way to liberate your Gmail contacts -- -- -- VX files -- -- -- which -- yeah and -- you an idea. And then Google responded and so that they were you -- that we need. That if the attack there you know contacting -- like and cover that super secret yet be -- And then FaceBook. Has finally struck back. In a comment but that's so weird it's and we had a decent price -- a techcrunch comet quarterly it is that really the group the back you know clearly it behind -- -- idea. A little bit -- the back channel diplomatic that's just. But so they apparently. -- then there's Mike -- with a -- works and engineering team for the FaceBook platforms and you know Google you're just open whenever it's convenient for you and used David you can. -- you think that users should be able to massively export email addresses but it's not standard on social networks. And in fact when you had -- You wouldn't let you wouldn't let your own users export there -- email -- with the FaceBook. And April it and -- is trying to say philosophically. The mass exportation of emails not standard on most social -- so when you have a user's friends they don't expect you to get access to their email address anyway it's in the trenches it -- it will you can actually export your stuff through these books forget exactly what it's called the author of business and program. All you get -- a text file names well they've also this is also famous of cabbage thing and -- in hurdles. Comment he said email is different from social networking it's okay to be able to email -- hilariously useless text file of your names of your friends. But you can't export your friends in addresses because that's not your data it's there and there -- data where we're protecting -- and so you have no right to export email addresses. So you'd think that if that's the case that these but would stick to their guns across the board up with other service did just that would make sense -- not -- -- -- says is that email is the only opensocial network here. You know you don't need somebody permission to email that others that -- -- -- that often the part you wear face but. That's not through -- but that's not Facebook's policy it is not the policy that they are consistently following -- that rate right up at search engine land not -- and -- and who says okay alright the picked a good thing you have no right exporting out of that. Unless your. Says but yeah apparently when you get started with the contact you can import your email addresses from a Catholic and but maybe it's just yeah it's just got it can't -- any -- nobody will know -- now. That's Microsoft so they detail. Oh my iMac but also can import your fifth academy Microsoft's windows live service and they give them the ability weird but then you as a user though you must then be able to get those you know if Microsoft and -- get on -- you'd just get a -- text file to a list of your friends are you are you trying to -- -- -- -- who -- the F that maybe. -- status is like it's complicated yeah. -- -- more than that let me tell -- a year -- it's complicated and and that that you know and that is a good thing like and being -- and like I get antithetical to -- them all totally low -- yeah. Both of that. Appear to be totally -- big picture I mean okay granted it was the old days importantly really back in the day but Google had a policy then it that you could -- -- allergy now. Stuffed into it but remember they realize that people are doing -- -- of the market and they and they shouted -- that -- during. It's that. It does sort of I think you're right it does make you feel like you know -- -- -- it's just like my contact. Of all my friends and it and I don't care about your philosophical business you know -- -- does give me the data that don't -- it again that's what it comes down to -- if my data -- or don't. If you say you're not going to -- don't -- don't like Yahoo! and Microsoft and not yet either yeah or or just give it to be in the file -- I wanna have I don't want some service to have it. You know yeah social wars. The -- -- great time a little update to Microsoft's windows phone seven launch story yesterday apparently. The little couple -- 40000 phone that's Q how does that stack up. Well it doesn't stack up very well when you compare to other allowances -- not -- it's actually pretty timid blacks. At the same time it. -- you compared to Android launch when they have liked the Nexus One was sure was only available online at the time when he and other phones but Android start -- really slow to yeah I like -- is -- slow it's only 200000 of the -- yeah and there are multiple -- where they are -- -- 100000 -- nations on the you know there's -- almost platforms which is what Windows 7 phone seven is going to deal right. So sure it's that we Unix we did not expected to what expected to blow blow things out of the water even compare close what Apple -- know what Andrew it is doing right now. Well -- with that yet it's a -- game -- accord apparently according to flurry the Nexus One sold 20000 units in its first week -- of availability. Then though right this is the phone entry -- -- the world Android comes along with 250000. Units during its first week. On -- The -- themselves 60000 units in its first week in the -- that these are all the first gen Android Smartphones like this is that -- a mobile operating system and on the receiver. I don't think there's any I don't necessarily think that those I'm sure that my accent is not -- -- -- about the numbers right now I don't think so you know it's an it was a weird and -- of -- not like it was the iPhone five. Yeah once you know. And at the same time when you haven't selling on multiple phones like back then with even with Android as -- through the Nexus One -- -- or Detroit. At least those were the two. Flagship phones that people could identify with and target your general consumer. At least right now the windows phone seven series is not. Had a -- that they've targeted this is the one that we're gonna really pitch to the masks that there was no -- until they know if you got home page like Google did with -- until they do that. And and regular consumer can get it. That's that's what's gonna help them with their sales. The that is kind of an interesting problem that they think -- -- -- think -- that he is a weird sort of fragmentation because -- knowledge that they can't get their weight behind the get pick a target. -- saying like here's a bunch of -- As we've seen with Android if you blanket the market with a bunch of phones they'll start solvent found potential. There and it's gonna be interesting to watch how this plays out in the long term. -- nation mentions huge miss without Verizon other people's in the -- and -- I knew that going into it so. Sure it it could be obviously would have liked its -- -- -- -- gaming as well but even at that they would it's still. I'm sure when they -- on the carriers are gonna have multiple phones unless they target a specific one that's like -- likes it champion that's what you gotta do. It's really true though that -- -- and gave. Amber at a huge boost absolutely they Foley got behind it because they didn't -- -- on partly but they really -- design and make it make it happen. Moved -- hope it doesn't become like a Palm Pre I mean. It's not like the Palm Pre being on sprint now AT&T is still pretty big carrier and regardless of -- issues in the Bay Area and New York City they have good coverage elsewhere. Well left its North Dakota or Montana -- Lufkin. Needs to work or there or whether the end you restart it again I mean this is how many attempts now since windows pen computing. Yeah. He turned into you pocket PC well that's pressure yeah islanders -- they marked -- edition is it too late. I guess Microsoft now just missed about Writely -- they failed so many times to get a mobile foothold that it's too late in the estimate competition expecting it still I think they did the right that they are -- the -- finally giving up on the whole you know everything before inserting fresh right when you play with -- less than it resonates with you. And as long as it has that from that catch back in the beginning that's gonna least give it a chance and I don't think in the long term this is too late at all you know we're still the dvds -- And I go oh my god full court -- Microsoft is doing the really smart thing that acting like Google. Methods for medium. Get control of your operating system because windows phone seven. Every update is gonna be -- at the same time -- -- of carrier they're taking the iPhone model in that regard and they are not gonna let carriers screw up perfectly good phone. With crap where president that it has to be the template and ethnic -- -- a perfectly good phone ruined by Everest but happily route. I think -- knows that though I mean. You said they -- decoupling things like Gmail and and Google Maps and all this different things from the operating system because. Like if that's really just mitigation since they can't control the release of the operating systems on the carries through at least the applications while I -- that. Core -- militants Microsoft and like Google could say we're not gonna let this happen. Yeah I mean they really -- -- -- -- this is the experience that we insist on delivering and apparently they haven't you know. And I think I think it's time an -- even when -- scenes interviews with Andy Rubin. And very -- he can -- -- -- the marketplace didn't figure out what it wants well you know what it wants a consistent experience and it doesn't want carriers to cripple. -- get on -- -- a quick break when we come back we got the rumors about the next version of iTunes and what's going on with black ski. Molly Wood and -- inviting you to join us for the 2010 edition of cnet's holiday help desk that happens every Monday at 1 PM Pacific 4 PM eastern starting November 22. It's where we make you look like a brilliant tech gift -- as we take your live calls and we feel your emails in fact. Why don't you send us an email right now to holiday helped -- at cnet.com and along with the rest of cnet's editors will point you to the right product at the right right. Holiday help desk Mondays at 1 PM Pacific time starting November 22 at cnet.com slash life. Welcome back everybody it's time for a little bit -- rumor mill. Content content and there are mail half of Connecticut and it's done and it's got and now we get we have a thousand pounds they're gonna -- The rumor mills says that -- and template one OS-X 1065. And I -- or are both coming tomorrow. And that I us were -- -- become -- on Friday. -- am Pacific sensibility but now I think this this article might have been published towards the end of day yesterday so. It it would appear that they were iTunes to play one in ten point -- -- but -- OS would be coming today. We I haven't received any updates on my iMac about that so yeah maybe they're not I mean the big thing though is I OS four point two. Adding a whole bunch of improvements the iPad to make it equivalents multitasking and folders. And all that jazz was becoming on Friday. You're shaking your head don't want it. Why don't you wanna hear what it improves I don't doing it. You're not gonna do it now because you're -- -- my cousin your holds its mute switch and -- ha ha ha I would not -- reason it's still aside land for deal breaking its failures of the slick yeah. At that again it's that it's built -- I don't know yet but now I mean immigrant. Well and you know what I'm -- -- a lot of money because it's still going to be running the jailbreak mobile operating now. Well hey what's they'll be the jailbreak or appointed the elements on every time I have a public a week -- it's like you've -- your window. So you know the rails got all excited about it -- which is coming -- -- you know there are some claims. By developers that Apple removed all the references for print seen. For air printing which is a huge deal yeah which which would make -- the device. Just that much more lucrative and act like an actual computer the so the big part of the big keynote thing -- Everyone's getting like a little scared me to say what's going on now we're not gonna get -- -- more will Steve Jobs he's -- responded emails they don't believe everything you read yeah. The rumors are likely not gone it's not the rumors I was reading was and that it was -- removed from you know from. Computers sharing printers not necessarily those special HPs that have -- The good each piece stuff from lottery and the printers that there's a -- only HP is a really yeah there printing feature -- maybe they're just realizing what we all know when that printing Harvard. Half I -- call 530 this -- why ending so hard yeah. Yeah just make it you can also -- some some Windows 7 drivers and Q. -- right. Yeah even and we never gotten that out beyond them okay and I mean supposedly there -- at least on the Mac rumors -- someone has posted an email from Steve Jobs. Thing air print has not been -- don't believe everything you read -- don't panic everybody. It doesn't -- and although -- the republic the made -- -- is that it's not gone is not working. But seems like you don't need -- -- right now. Did you know any day it come on I would just -- -- -- yell you don't know -- do you hold switch mute switch. -- are pretty -- which we also highlighted in our keynote Ehrlich who did the switch all. All on every orientation it's amazing. In other Molly you do realize -- -- is. Four point two -- children and that's gonna be the number one app on -- idea is the bring back the hold switch and. Happen so there's a camera painful -- -- it. -- seven inch tablet I have boards you really you want seven it actually do and a seven inch tablet -- what I have realized over there at that time of living with iPad like. Because they can't replace my computer. I don't wanna travel with a ten -- pound and a half. Tablet and also an -- But that's just -- I would much rather have a seven -- that's more of a reader -- that's primarily what -- that or rather than entertaining my child who is I admit. Going to be pretty mad yet. About the lots of the iPad but -- still come out like he's got. You'll be see if he did it have a netbook I would think a ten -- would be that bad like Vienna thirteen or fifteen -- but because you're netbook is already about the same size. It makes no sense we have now and when I travel if I'm travelling for work I've -- is not enough -- cannot replace in the laptop I can't work on them. In -- dazzling gadget goodness and -- what you having your profile right now what everybody what's your laptop size. Thirteen and -- thinking about that eleven inch -- Then would you still would -- -- want -- -- brilliantly -- that's the thing original one however I would share but of like I'm gonna tenants iPad exactly seventy PC and a thirteen days. Office and attendance. Acer and it's like we're talking about a -- -- ridiculous it. That's good enough to live in thirteen. I'm looking for a thirteen -- because I haven't had a with her T yeah I can do a lot things of their team have. But eleven we'll get to there. -- -- looking at you know -- not analogy Eddie when it got hot. I -- -- satisfied with and and other high end right here like it but. In other scandalous news. Glass gate. Is hitting Apple a lot of taste makers -- -- seen that Apple's suspended. The sales of their iPhone case -- -- is now the story was kind of gain a little traction earlier but. Now it appears that both the -- is awesome juice pack air now it is a slight on case I actually gave it away one Apple way because we love -- But bummer -- because I think -- -- packet like the number one accessory Ali it's it's an awesome -- the problem with it so there's. There's rumblings and Apple's gonna try to keep it a -- that. Dirt particles can get trapped in between -- -- cases bank as you continue to take them on or off or the dirt -- back and -- because there's always particles like it underneath these cases. That it starts to penetrate little scratch is that then could potentially. Lead to the glass surface crack and the glass on the -- -- is different than the glass on the front side of the iPhone look. Allow is that it -- so -- discovery of a -- Stuff you've been quake hit Menino. And it. So the thing about this is a lot of companies they spent hundreds of thousands of dollars development. To get these cases out as fast as possible because it's all about a land -- -- to get your case now on the shelves. The reason in case always has cases in cahoots but. Oh okay I -- line over back there it every night. Every time why put -- -- glass on the front and not the back. I don't know that's just -- -- -- -- -- -- over so why would they need to protect it 80 where beautiful that you would never wanna play okay on it. Anyway there apparently the source that they they're evaluating every case one -- the time they're being very vigorous because the blasted thing. That it would be another. I -- thing is that they're keep minutes of offense I'm waiting for mainstream media they -- crazy on the last day like they went on antenna gain. Not that they want until there's like massive breakage exactly and then how many -- the hand -- you have companies like Moby who invested 250000 dollars for the molds. I mean this is ice that we're doing is accessory business you invest a lot upfront for these cases and almost a new manufacture 100000 of them. And Apple you're number one customer. Isn't gonna take them yeah that's gonna hurt. Yeah I mean I feel like open -- -- to the best which is Apple may have pressed about out of -- you -- with the act on board designs that I mean clearly we've seen. They create it created a more fragile. Phone in -- we have that story editor -- -- -- But they get and it's gonna go ahead and move up over -- here. Yeah which is that in. In the warranty company the result -- -- -- company Paul the iPhone or deemed the most reliable. But the least rugged. Of the -- among popular Smartphone to basically like it's really aunt Thelma and lets you drop it. And then on top of that they've caused problems -- the antenna if you hold around you have a hard and -- So it was you know it was bold it was on -- design but I have a feeling that -- found -- -- not gonna look anything like. I'll. The unity temperature reviews like the like the iPod Shuffle and go back to the would you design Billick he -- every minute we got it all -- The one with the buttons -- -- -- Internet and pledged not one of the button. We decided wouldn't -- you -- with a plastic backing it's kind of like Design Within Reach. You -- that's store and all that looks beautiful but it's just not practical. I mean you I wanna sit on a plastic chair that's -- like an -- -- now -- I can't actually I haven't been on it I can only -- my arm on. I find 9000 dollars -- softly contoured design -- because they're just be clear there's nothing within reach about -- -- He's be educators about it -- into the -- -- now they have been. I have homework after this you know apparently it video's pretty excited just yet. They get to the crickets. Hey let's do some cricket look -- their -- And I -- and a router I ducking cover. Let's play a little tapped inside our hearts or Ask.com. Barry Diller has given up the -- surrendered Ask.com search efforts to Google cutting Brian -- Leo. -- -- -- -- -- -- I have heard of Ask.com. That they will now all of their assets and they have a partnership with Google and will basically be powered. The basic giving up on the whole search thing and they're looking at develop more of their question answer search engine do you. This just -- what Google. -- This guy who's using things and Google -- -- to scoop when -- -- that are right next rim to sell that tablet that little playbook. For less than 500 dollars take on the iPad with her and the -- thing that we Nevada they need to do this to be competitive to come out of the gate strong. Yeah and I'm just curious after the data C -- all the specs of the promised will be able to fit under that 400 dollar price point pan -- -- -- -- up but something's gotta go. The one reason you might wanna keep attendants had though is over at SlingPlayer -- your -- slingbox dot com where apparently can sign up for the beta version of SlingPlayer for and as you see -- done in which will be priced at 2999. The same -- all the SlingPlayer Mobile -- And would potentially let -- -- your TV to the iPad. It'll hook -- get the slingbox. Pro HD or the solo are we doing in the title like this where reliable security development. And yeah okay yeah. The world and that's it for you -- get. The problem is I rearrange -- started on apply and then that not that cricket but now we're done that and -- on -- -- -- okay. Of the one gadget for -- -- has officially announced their DT EPL. Relief is now they're calling it -- this -- does -- -- Yet you -- anyway detect guilt is is 79 dollars -- -- oh. A video may well -- that can be sold me out yeah Sorrell celled. And it's for the I've heard -- at the -- I've got my iPod Touch -- right it's not gonna on the Mac that doesn't matter forget it that all that many say it's -- Evan and Alex -- -- -- -- have a built in mobile Wi-Fi hot spot the content is. Continent he will have to pay the thirty dollar month data plan but you'll be able to turn your iPod Touch into a much much larger. Then it used to be Internet connection. Little on the -- out with a with a little Google Voice -- -- action on here I think you know. Act that could be you I would think about you really need the phone part of your phone I don't know -- actually I don't like I'm thinking about it only intact. And that's what it is in the Google Voice thick -- you're texting. Yeah. -- I can't remember rumored do that was a long did did the -- -- finally ever come out. -- -- -- guy who are not a big -- is that Google's specific one has not been released like from Google. But they have in his third party went after what happened to the -- math teacher yet sweet when they go -- and -- -- bucks a month -- a lot of that from a Smartphone plans. It definitely isn't now he didn't know contract is at the mobile hotspots yeah yeah for two of your other -- devices and you know we all closed to -- Go ahead I just and it stretches it was like -- let's just take your MiFi to the back your phone -- -- -- away because it's cool yeah. And then that we all love. Happy endings Amazon patents. A bad gift defense system look like -- can't get conversion so let's just say yeah have. Aunt Mildred who loves to buy -- U. Sauces. And I thought I love the by you -- I don't know I is -- -- that I don't wear bullet you can act they're they -- out for a patent. We can essentially converting diesel that -- -- letter of the -- -- -- you know I'm okay the wrong side at least letters but their system basically allows you to set preferences whether it's from a specific person that's that the -- or even specific things like. Oh that's not the right size and convert them and change -- get so aunt Mildred socks. Forget it I want gift cards so Amazon whom he told her not right now -- not only management department at like I don't know like -- dot pain don't. Yeah. Do you blackouts. You could put it on your foot to -- think that Mildred I thought that that could even auto generate a Q card on your behalf. Eric line or a -- that would that be like. All. -- -- song you're my favorite amp amp bar thank you for the. Always there always think you know -- -- you know what makes my feet you'll get that call of duty. -- -- -- I love you. -- -- length of time I mean -- Ireland yeah. They it would be a gift conversion rules wizard and you could do the whole entirely I love that it would have potentially an option to convert all gifts from -- -- but -- -- black list. And apparently that's what they're up to no matter what I -- turn into a gift card because trust me yeah see it -- -- there was already a problem. That's for this those -- called returns. -- the beautiful thing about Amazon is how -- This is still don't like yeah. Hey -- that happens before the fact and he can aren't they ahead of time like dude. Like night. I am this is like amazing. Yet -- VHS to dvd and. -- -- yeah like I love. You could tell the patent pilot of the -- that the -- -- there -- like stop that 35 map book really good. I like what they've -- thirty by now but they usually don't need in our answers the that -- the trade votes and over and now I'm over it no more stop at 100 Catholic I can't -- and then hands actually be really cool for waiting -- Wedding registry you know things like valiantly tries -- multiple Gibson. Really that does genius have to actually enacted for the -- like one of those patent that. Lives you know this might be -- -- or rather -- this might be the story of the this. Google story ever absolutely love it pocket is the ultimate happy -- -- -- well that's not that's. That is -- the bad -- defense system you know pretty neat note that EG DX this big -- and look out. Convert all again. Aren't we couldn't let's let's leave via -- yeah we have outlined are a -- by the way -- -- 106 -- 6638. Both the net it's totally working. Which is one of -- -- able to call them the weird. That's true I've got them from you've been here. -- and I have a question or how is it -- -- -- when I download it on Google listened to listen to you on my drive home from work. It always the exact about a -- that it takes me from leaving work beginning I'll seriously when you're podcast. -- is what I've been a long I don't think it departments at all audit partner at all it's got technical department. Seriously. Every side you -- -- -- I'm -- in -- my apartment it's ridiculous are you watching me in the future because you are that's typical -- hired. -- -- -- -- -- -- Does then. We're -- -- and you in the future I'm actually watching you right now -- to stop typing and you can. -- being I'm seeing you know -- -- me. Then. -- them to him. Anyway -- and I'm not outlets we college in dust in term and it -- OK okay. -- -- I by David -- hey it's -- I think you can control into the podcast the minute -- -- it that's -- the next show that we're doing and it's an hour and a half I want him to go through health whereas. Oh works both ways -- it's oh yeah it'd be like a few hours ago a time and you're -- discover. Hey it that like there's an epic traffic what they'd like it's still in any area we now we know you are right -- the emails. This is -- killer app that -- about -- attention we don't have names birth and so I'm sorry but special forces plus Android equals. They killer combo. Son Andrew is an Android guys dot com. This is like. Augmented reality app that I believe. The special -- the military's working on to keep in contact send messages users work on Intel pictures videos. Tactical situations that. Built into that out for them. -- specific Android apps that keep them linked up -- that they can use chat file transfer video display and white boarding that I missed basically all that crap that Jack -- doesn't when he more it doesn't actually exist yet. He can be played with one of these it's like it mounts on your wrists and all these crazy attachments and stuff and it was running -- -- -- sad. -- modeling interface and everything is really Yankee Canadian athletic Hellblazer having problems this season because into the quarterbacks have and -- -- -- them. Silent. I next. Anonymous person sent us a cheaper alternative that they are and someone who worked for the company but -- and stated he is over than now a tablet. Which is -- entourage and which I -- related. I'm -- get it you worked there and stuff but we had -- here and large. Lately about. 35 and then. Oh that thing and that's -- society as those on or you could switch back and forth and yet it was yeah and the international -- like the commodore 64. It totally it's like seriously. The -- -- some -- and stuff from the ninety's yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And now it's I mean it's cheaper it is cheaper -- that but haven't had hands on it and I -- sent -- -- -- -- -- and -- -- -- -- They know right now -- when that's what's. Derby -- -- and from Oslo it to say -- yesterday talked about a of the Hasbro 3-D iPad -- that -- that -- as a potentially emerged and experience. But you would look like a -- using it now even the non native English speaker. The word emerged. Is to -- a dead give away. So I provoke a proposed a new buzzword rule with them for him inhabitant -- -- -- to consider. If engadget or system promises and gamers that experience you will both likely look like a -- during that experience. -- look -- it like the rule of -- an experienced only. If. It like you know the little program presentation it emerged that experience then. -- -- -- And I thought that was polarity -- so it really is gonna do is become socially -- what ever did that don't know anything be -- now. It's just gonna have to be loosely -- became cool dork who become cool to room not not -- experience and not yet -- not yet on your lifetime but now. Nonviolence and apparently have Alda apparently -- -- not going to type it in our lifetime. Today I just receiving email they said they had some difficulties of breaking through to us. Wolf I guess we'll try one more time -- rules -- happens maybe I'm kind of bummed about it -- I now I'm a certain. You better do some big for -- -- -- -- -- you know what I'll tell you right now populist in the show because you couldn't call it. We want at least if the invite her -- I Adidas if you did that I can do not I want fifty invite -- at like 101000 invite I think fifty and that for the nation can we promised them and they all showed up -- -- -- -- -- numbers were higher than usual on -- -- so that Michael anyways rock guys will figure out what's up with -- -- will try to get them back I mean even tomorrow we'll -- yeah but we're gonna. Fifty -- bytes minimum. Yeah find out tomorrow but the -- and recently. It is not running in line on Ubuntu also find out about life in Iran one in -- boot up but that -- there -- -- -- hey let's -- da -- -- -- like the three other guys will get right on Yahoo! as well Denton and and then you keys that they care and other top priority. That that that's always said darted -- other people definitely -- -- enough. I if you would like to go over to our blog and make by the fact that we haven't updated your -- lithium by NASA -- I've got I still look meanwhile we're gonna migrate we're gonna like file out of ticket on it reviewed the -- them if I'm ninety Yankee dragon but appears authentic that. Beyond that feed it back -- their blog -- at cnet.com or email address 100 excellent 6638. Oh CNET is our phone number. I'm Molly Wood and that are so -- community. -- -- We'll see you guys -- round numbers. Night.
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