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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1345: The right to be forgotten

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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1345: The right to be forgotten

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The EU is standing up for your right to be lonely and off the grid. And we're glad they are. Plus, Google lays down the smack on Facebook--no importing without reciprocity, suckaz! And in other tech beefs, Consumer Reports goes after Gamespot's claims that the Kinect can't see darker-skinned players. Plus, apple pie sparks an Internet war. --Molly

This Friday November when -- send. And -- -- Gonzales I'm -- all my Hollywood Bob and a buzz out loud is cnet's podcast visit -- at length it is episode thirteen 45. -- Guy Fawkes day. And then remember remember the minute I remember you know that I was reminded that got stay at one nano second ago what. And now my own and it like a totally new that there. Yeah. Anyway. We. And a planet it's Friday Sunday and man we have a smackdown -- brewing in the tech world. Yeah so yesterday. Yesterday -- reported about gamespot. -- reporting that that facial recognition features of the Microsoft connect system may have trouble with. Dark skin users -- and we said you know we think it's kind of all about the light a little bit. However consumer reports is pretty much and I haven't. Yeah they they wanted to do a -- bulk of the -- racist connect and they they eloquently quoted gamespot. As being the source that -- this whole pot up. And so they decided to run their own tests with you know some highlighted well lit areas low lit areas and they said it's all about the lights. They did -- that and they they -- they -- -- under a blog post consumer reports debunks -- racists can that. -- -- Nobody noticed that I was sorry I don't know and so it was I know that there the whole thing about -- I mean a program and we -- ads for toy people can we think we're hilarious but. A note to self. I mean that the so but they found that even in low light. Situation that it didn't seem to have anything to have equal problem like it was a -- -- -- and. It had a problem no matter what you can tell whether -- a white guy or black guy it was hard this year face in the dark -- we don't know if. We had we don't know what games -- With their plethora it was a really -- -- whether they're gonna have her bottle diet. You know I can't tell you that it's kind of dark on gamespot floor latest -- start -- -- -- like a bunker. Anyway I mean those -- and that balance their test results like Palin a legitimate testing into reports that legitimate nothing I think I have found. Has -- has gotten a little more into the headline grabbing gamely. Like. And banana that's why that's why it public interleague yup peopled an associate that with that like that before nine and another -- like you know we need -- -- -- -- it's TV Tuesday he -- that -- like everyone that. Hey up that is true. That it everyone except the Wall Street Journal which. It's taken went boring headlines the other day they die EU -- for online -- -- to -- or even. What is the headline on there really interesting story today about how the EU. Is seeking new privacy rights for people who share personal data on sites like FaceBook and Google. And they are looking for the creation of it we talk about couple weeks -- the idea of an online kind of bill of rights for consumers and they say that we should -- the online right. To be forgotten. This is this is really cool because the -- pushing for this obviously. Even cool I -- a while ago said everything you do online moon will be searchable and will be able to be found -- and in the EU is put pushing in the exact opposite direction. To give users they're really pushing for users to be able to you. How -- these services when they want their information to be completely deleted and removed from the record. Which I think in the Canadian actually I would like my -- and their profile completely content right. Friendster out I -- that I you know it the yes I mean it's interesting when we talked about -- The lasting nature of the things that they do online in the footprint that daily online and -- it's unfair to expect them even though they may have learned that now all you have to take you know lifelong responsibility for everything they've done. Up to this point we've also seen what these companies. How responsible they are with our data already. Which is not which is not responsible also and to put that in a bill writes for you know electronic consumers and -- that's gonna help that out too. -- Europe online advertising agency or industry not surprisingly has argued that putting the onus on Internet users to explicitly grant consent for web -- to use personal data. As opposed to the way currently worth which is that they have to opt out would hit the industry hard because that would reduce the number of users that can receive target advertising -- deprive them of free services. Of course that's what the online advertising -- right and it and then. That would make sense in a world where we didn't discover. They really disturbingly create complete and personal profiles that are being collected on -- by the sort of data mining company. I -- I think -- to the point where. I I think it says some of it there's probably -- reasonable solution in the Writely in Maine I'll have to. I don't know that you should I think give consent for web sites to gather any information about you all the time but. There there does need to I think we're rapidly approaching the point where there needs to be some kind of middle ground infant protection. -- the EU also pushed -- for consent for placing cookies. On our computers they were they were pushing to. You know how I asked you tell them website yes I wanna do that -- -- no I don't have cookies just automatically. Being saved onto our computer so that the import -- -- of our behaviors and how we interact with the -- they also that this. Has -- passed into -- law by may of 2011. -- trying to bundle this together with. Yeah interesting. Well I mean I I think I'm happy that someone has taken and -- the cause of consumer privacy at this point I think we've -- through kind of scattered point. Google and FaceBook are getting into a little war speaking of sharing data. -- made this one tiny tweak to the terms of service saying that any service that access does Google contacts API. Which is the you know the again it lets you import your list of your friends and your co -- email -- into another service. We'll have to offer reciprocity -- if you get contact from Google yet to be able to get contacts from that other service to. This is basically aimed directly at it but. Yeah right now if you plugging your Google email address write it sucks all -- contacts from Google in the basement but the trick is that. You can't get your FaceBook contacts. Out and out anywhere else yeah now face but did recently offer that service Rican export your data. But it exports like your files your postal monopoly your actual profile and contact lists all those numbers and addresses. Those do not get exported and there's no way to pull them out so -- -- strategically. It trying to make their location the only place to have your entire social graph yet but Google's like. What that. We're giving you -- -- where you know everybody yeah let out. We're giving you loophole that access. So Google's gonna just block companies like FaceBook and they're probably probably only really going after the big fish which may be -- good. Okay any the only major service that won't export any contact information everything else I mean anytime you want and import contacts from anywhere that -- -- give it. And FaceBook is -- has been really the first ones to realize. In -- all of the peer pressure data mining that they can do all of the information that they can get from those. Contact -- -- just like no no -- -- -- Twitter I guess there was some. People and also blogs to -- Twitter apps from being able to collect and harvests information from -- but that. Yes now even though Google's gonna block this you can still if FaceBook want it to you. It would -- an -- that but a Google user could export their entire contact -- like on a spreadsheet or file and then. Facebook could make it so that users. Could then find that file yeah and then imported in. It would just be that -- -- -- to that a lot of people that. Are jumping at a pace that the first time wouldn't even wanna touch deal media that -- like oh what's this new face but -- thing. Granted the ladies they're not gonna go after every little tiny I mean you know the techcrunch is arguing at this point about the crack in Google's open meant kind of that there are -- -- other kind of like closing down a little bit but what they really aren't just turned me. They're going after. Yeah you know. They will look like -- doesn't where owners -- -- data. We created the social graph with Google. Buzz and only -- us. It's appropriate that the -- -- it's just yakking about the great after the apparently were were boring them now that's Congdon. But weary -- talk about food to move in the -- of -- -- away. -- -- you know undated it's like it -- -- the war opened the tech wars. Everything we've -- that are. It's a public attack it's a battle is that the road down the Internet is attacked getting -- -- -- But those dinky little magazine it's like black and why it's not even -- you know whatever -- But now they are all over. The news because the Internet is outraged to discover that apparently the way that they get a lot of their real recipes and information is to -- -- -- Yes so. They have allegedly borrowed an article from this woman named Monica Gaudio about the tale of two tarts. And it -- was showing off the differences between -- the fourteenth century Apple pie. And -- sixteen century Apple pie. And they publish it but they also Tenet did a few of their edits will people. Including Gaudio found out and said what are you doing I should get paid for right. -- that you you took my copyrighted material that was published on my site with a copyright tag. And you put it on in your magazines -- apparently allegedly. A -- editor of a thirsty it's great that never can who's not really confirm that this happened. Wrote back to Monica. And what it wasn't right -- is that I'm doing this -- three decades and I know what I'm doing and the web it's considered public W. Great that should be pointed out appears to be a liberal user of the single quote which I'm not sure what I think that means but it's like okay so many to -- her -- -- rates yeah. It was. My dad but the web is considered public domain and -- -- be happy we didn't just live your whole article and put someone else's name on it. And mentions that you should be paying us because we had to work so hard to edit it. Which gets and a whole other hilarious thing because apparently the parts of the recipe that she added it. Were spelling. Mistake -- That where the result of transcribing like the medieval the -- -- all those. Believed a language that was from the original -- is there anyway she edited that out. And and really I mean honestly it's because sent this really rude not out -- like what are you talking about. I -- help you Alec article we edited it properly and you should be thankful that we fix your article and in fact you should pay. So then it -- -- all over at the Internet was like. Oh no you did and not by Apple -- started a FaceBook page dedicated to sniffing out other instances of alleged plagiarism meant that there would think they they have now dug up they say -- other instances. Involving -- -- NPR Martha Stewart Living food network Weight Watchers they say they found a Paula dean recipe you know -- -- Lawyers are apparently contacted I think you'll learn all the recipe and -- like ten sticks of butter in it deep fried -- area yeah. And simple. Though that is the whole like at the list of -- sourced article forces that is happening on -- but now there was reportedly. Possibly you know sort of like. -- maybe your maybe not related note there. The website hosting company that hosts intimate with it went down -- small businesses were having on with problems with Intuit and then it just so happens it's the same web host. That host the -- -- website it's. Just coincidentally just -- infinitely. Then somebody with access to the correct source based but -- the now popular speculating that it student because it involves the weird single quotes. That just all it says -- like well here I am what they got my faith. I did apologize to Monica via email but apparently wasn't enough for her you did find a way to get your how little flash. We used to have a 110 friends spread and now we have 181780. Everyone loves -- -- violent. People wow. There -- -- -- and that threaten our -- -- that problem is. Whether the allegation is true or not it's that whole mob mentality. And the mob mentality is now taken over and they're just they're saying these horrible things about this does do Great Britain has. I mean maybe she's clueless and rude. But -- the villa buying it now dislike over the top and that if the -- and people are involved taking download services like. And -- beach where the power of the Internet you know that and do do the -- of people really care about. Fourteenth century Apple -- -- know they wanna get in on the -- into the. It's -- it's hilarious like it's it -- the if you think it's a good thing at a bad thing when you get the Internet you know. On your fired up -- died -- sixteenth century Apple by yeah. Existing MSNBC and actually got the Paris that they've now cyber -- -- group favorably if there you know if they're attacking due to -- way. Well I can I can tell everybody loves an Internet war I I -- looks or three words and it gets better. It gets better it does it do that -- communicative. Just maybe don't put any anything else on the Internet. Maybe don't -- words and and also maybe just don't have sorry had a positive -- and someone post a picture of -- bake an Apple pie. You know I think that would be a good time to take a break actually just -- I'm longingly. Molly Wood and practically inviting you to join us for the 2010 edition of cnet's holiday -- -- happens every Monday at 1 PM Pacific 4 PM eastern starting November 22. It's where we make you look like -- brilliant tech gifts here as we take live calls and we feel your emails in fact. Send us an email right now holiday helped -- at cnet.com and along with the rest of cnet's editors will point you to the right product at the right right. Holiday help desk Mondays at 1 PM Pacific time starting November 22 at cnet.com slash life. While most pleasant. -- Then they make you showed me look like shorter than in those kind of do you notice and search for them -- -- site and all -- -- And it is updated at Wikipedia -- -- -- in serious security news today at various researchers. A computer security researcher has released code that apparently can be able to -- used to attack some versions of Google Android phones. Over the Internet if they web based security flaw in in the way in web kit which is the what's the -- of the -- is based -- and -- So I know about that if you Monday am totally a matter are part anyways on the dire -- version 2.2. Which runs on approximately about these at 36% and -- phones. Which leads to -- other issues we all know how fragmented. Fragmented the Android operating system is on different platforms with different carriers and when they choose the -- those updates -- -- some of them are still -- Italy one point six and two point one. Yes and -- like I know we know that this. We're aware of it but it doesn't affect you what you're later well I just -- -- few weeks ago a brand new top of the line got the -- on the does -- what you want it only that haven't gotten around to reading it which I'm probably gonna do -- -- little project don't worry but here's the thing. Right like that's the kind -- A dismissive response in fact it turns out version -- -- -- runs on just 36%. Of Android phone yet. And so. What there's not going to be any updates so your -- are still going to be -- settlers en attendant. Again that's one of those issues like we talk about the carriers they roll out the updates as well me and if you like it. And that's just and that is the I mean this is this is that fragmentation at -- -- -- here apparently what the attack does is it lets. It allows full control of the SD card on your -- -- anything on that card photographs are browsing history is fair game. Nothing it doesn't get access than your personal contacts list -- save them directly wired via. -- -- thing I think it is gonna we've got a conspiracy area Google putting pressure on the phone makers of the well Canadian area haven't updated to going to that's ridiculous but he's conflicted can be running it should be running right now the -- and Bob -- had bought right and. Now I'm still gonna to read it because the out here as being mindset of Google and and yeah. Interesting content -- in other mobile news' patented thing it's -- now. -- -- -- T-Mobile and sprint have been pushing for GT mobile has this new ad campaign oh my gosh have you seen you and yeah it is. -- would -- paradise piggybacking in this bogging down right August -- these networks that I mean. But then also they've been pushing for G and then they said they have the nation's largest party network in Britain came back in an element in Munich we have -- and and an -- -- -- -- You're neither of your network -- even forgy and it is almost got to define it for us right yeah what is up with the whole -- big well it turns out there is a standard. That by the ITU the standards body that sets standards for those sort of things and it defines the speeds. That four G is supposed to accomplish and they basically found that none of not a single one of the services out of -- ones that are gonna rollout. Not sprint not you know none of them actually meet the technical definition -- four G -- yet they're all idea. Yeah so you know that I guess that kinda. It's a marketing speak thing -- the actual -- of the -- was that. Four G or the ideal orgy was obviously faster network some of them ten times faster than what was called three G I but there was no -- standard at the moment at the time. So now that they have this defines standard. The -- because -- going to be -- T-Mobile as their limited HSP eight plus network which gets. Or G like speeds -- yeah -- like -- but it's actually still on their current network so what happens when they actually get forgy. They have to call IG even though it's actually an orgy. And then. But it's unfair because it became I mean if it was just a marketing praise for the next network at the fourth generation -- and it is the -- generation or. The from a from a marketing speak carrier standpoint yeah and then unfortunately there is -- until I probably confused the issue that the idea came out with -- standard then. Defining what should -- should not be -- -- Because now it sort of -- all these guys -- liars even though they weren't ever claiming specific -- they were saying Mike it's our next generation super fast network. Meanwhile -- the consumers -- It's -- even new iPhoto. Can be I don't and Kenya via I'm -- hit you here you heard that in lines I can't wait to get the new iPhone -- and you ugly I like physically thing at -- and all these people were talking about I mean people don't know the difference between the three G iPhone and whether it's on three G and I mean it's just like the whole thing you have a disaster. -- -- -- -- Stop as -- fundamental radio -- the -- -- budget stop trying to one up each other with like with. With technical text pages that know and understand this actually invest in your. Infrastructures so that it's way faster and then -- like it's way -- I just wanna see an advertisement that says our network is way faster. And shortly after it turns out we've we've made tons of investment in it -- that you can get access everywhere and really path. And or maybe they need to start selling speed packet is the way that I used it. It's fragmented a little bit more. I just I think like this is our one megabit connection. Now yeah oh I see -- again that yeah I think that that private I -- hey you are valid those are -- analyzed what. -- -- -- That's a great idea yeah. Are right in iron out in other grade or maybe not great ideas depending on -- you ask Dell is going to ditch. -- force of 25000. Blackberries to promote their own service so. Dell obviously recently is releasing one of the new windows phone seven series -- it's the -- you prelate as a slide out keyboard vertical. But what they're trying to do here is make the move not only to save money the but also to promote their own kind of business service -- there are no details. About the service or how well it works or what it does but they're trying to use this as a model example the then convince other companies that -- of their service. And essentially. Put have -- go away right and their -- to and it's another -- you know I don't it's not totally make a huge huge -- interim right now but it's another sign. That people are are shifting away from it and they're losing more more market -- now in the -- even more in the business. It's like another thumb tack in the top -- -- -- yeah it says so what they're saying to employees as if you -- can turn in your company issued Blackberry and get a venue pro for free. With a voice and data -- -- will get -- with only boys planned. No data plan you can check email via Wi-Fi which. Really the whatever but it does I mean I think this I think the scientists are and add up you know like dramas is looking more and more like -- in -- Well first all the W pro is a sleek modern phone as hot I would be fired -- as a sleek -- -- the yeah. I would do the operates is the Berlin a seven competitors though because. The way that windows phones -- it stands as of now it's still not really geared towards corporate use right. Yeah there there are too many apps they're I mean surely it but it's exchange. I mean if you're companies on exchange like a windows phone seven I think as we try to get a Windows Mobile at Teaneck for the same reason is we were on exchanged. As a democratic giving everybody that what was -- the sidekick or something I don't know know that. The T-Mobile dash. And unusable I mean you know that's half the reason like oh look at that -- the corporate convert you know eleven days and threw out the window. I paid for cool. -- -- But so if you're on exchange air corporation and I think they you know they don't they may not have the whole Blackberry enterprise thing happening but. They do you at least have the Microsoft services. I think really the only it's still only two things that are keeping. Blackberry in business now is its -- services them and it's Blackberry messenger. Yes and now -- How exclusive how much do people really care about BBM not as much anymore among the -- to -- -- to keep an entire company on -- and and Hilton and now you know other services are in a dream push. And then Blackberry software is really behind. This kind of on the wall as they evolve really quick. Yeah yet he has had to use them in the torch ignited the. I to the person who emailed us and that what did you guys do to your -- but news -- why is the tax those small it's actually -- the stuff. Earlier this week FaceBook without any notice it's changed and I have the -- -- the experience for like what is right with my browser what -- they change the font size. Because sometimes when I'm using -- can turn into my -- They change the font size on the news feed so all the sudden now it's teeny tiny. And they they really same thing and then people are of course breaking out there like -- waved to offer my I would tell me. And that apparently all that the people who were all complaining said. Bet they -- to be concerned that it was gonna damage their -- and that's carrying her eyeballs. Over a -- dot com off calmly went and -- -- -- and optometrists and then. That it -- in well the dynamic you blind but it can cause I -- whether it's too big or small actually if you staring at the computer problem. And -- the problem is okay sure I can increase the size of the -- that I want but and the layout is different you know ages. Distort the does that tell -- that we're doesn't look like an expansion like this so. I know I just hate it is mainly I just hate it think it's so -- -- exactly like you sediment if you click through from the news feeds is another story and you're on to bigger because you control plus -- it. Then it it looks all weird mad and mad -- And -- love -- opted and it does -- more stuff and links -- you know there's a way actually to make it. Go away they continue to -- with that -- that. Maybe it's more efficient as you can see more thought on the -- it and -- -- it's really it's just so much smaller than standard like eight point hyper I think you feel you instantly. -- I just -- a little tip every line. Control and then the plus sign. Will make any text on any page pager it automatically like in Korea also control -- -- the real is that you that's your Iowa today I often do that by accident but. Yeah and I'm like what dot. Alright guys is gonna -- -- -- drives do some of these steer it let's do some of those -- ants. -- Okay it area. US cyber command achieves full operational. Capability. Their lives -- ready to defend our country. That's right we don't know what that -- youth who don't know what we know they're taking -- -- full operational. We're we're now Apple operational capability also problems -- Also Google instant search mobile has arrived for -- -- and yet -- the the iPhone iPod Touch and Android 2.2 oh. There's 36% -- Android phones -- that's exciting. Now you have an instant data on off option it is currently opt out the you have been opted in -- and entered a new mobile -- -- network. And Hulu plus service that we know we're a little lukewarm to its now out of beta and available to. The masses so you'll find it on Sony's -- -- TVs but you know it's no longer a little exclusive trials it's ready to roll out. That's right and in addition to that PlayStation. Sony has decided that you no longer have to pay for PlayStation plus to get the privilege of paying for -- -- Yeah take down that pay while -- -- have to pay or Hulu plus. We don't have to pay for PlayStation plus no word on what's gonna happen to the people who paid for PlayStation -- just to -- Hulu plus. That's -- -- is right there. Nice mice also adroit pro and right to global expected. By mid November. So it's 800 pro may go I'm pre order November ninth in fact. And carrying a potentially an attractive -- -- the 99 price -- attract a minute I need to check out piracy and even if that's within my thirty day return -- for the ethnics has been very -- We bring and that's every -- today -- -- time to get it. Let's go to the gadgets are right to take this out if you guys ever. Imagine the idea a -- laser tag and with your phone. It could be it could become means that in so when Apple recently pushed through a patent of their own that uses the motion detection GPS and camera. Of your phone and could potentially light of play a real world. Game of laser tag -- -- it would. What's crazy is you first put your three phones together -- kind of sync them so they can all talk together. And then this app would then trying to -- and know the location of your friends in addition. If they were on if that person was on your screen eight -- target would show up. And you could just fire at them. I mean for the -- attachment but you can -- -- -- -- and then in the the a you know this. You think about. How many kids -- -- I'm afraid that a lot of grown men will be using this mostly. Mostly are you kidding me. And -- I just shot you down today on CBS interactive offices would hurt. Became virtual battle over allied B -- enroll in every media we have outlined conference -- and -- good fish biologist at night. It all over the I get like all over it. I got -- W in one shot put like a lot of how Apple patents who knows you know whether this is -- we don't ever gonna happen this blend with particulates. That's this -- he's in his parliament and. Also the I'd never even heard of the tablet but apparently it's common either better than total tech unicorn will be. The notion ink Adam. Which is an Android tablet that has it's a dual core tegra two. Tablet and it has that hybrid display. Which isn't LTD answering. Completely off -- the rumored release prices are 399 for the Wi-Fi version only fifty dollars more for the 3-D version. And then I -- the pixel -- he is the one that has. That has been dual display yet and then Alan would be for 99. It should little demo on the link on if you guys have access to that of them actually switching that LCDs spinoff which is really cool the only thing that I'm curious about that because it's glass and capacity -- -- but that's the past the screen. Does the reflection from the glass hurt the fact that sure -- But it -- still I'm not saying I'm the -- -- -- -- definitely the glossy display the concern and you can see on the video and edit it clearly has some some glare issues. But if it really did look at look at I mean it got glare but it still is not backlit which and that's you -- lighting -- The act -- that it does it does it looks intriguing and is running -- -- don't know what version I'm assuming you're hoping that its two point one. Hopefully simply use it'll be susceptible to the web kit and a good little you know. I'm Leo seventh when he he had to give him back and unreal tournament -- on the. Boot up here -- that's cool so where is unreal tournament demo -- -- in killing all combined with. And alpha today -- easily keep an unknown in the another he's usually good idea I tablet is everything okay no I'm not only -- tablet that -- I get -- I get a little -- when I see things and alpha -- I wanna see them at least like a little more than alpha. Apple -- is -- African patent you're all fired up about that. Would you wanna laser tag on your phone -- a okay I will take you down so I will take you comparatively speaking like that this tablet Bertha is related to kind of on -- -- -- in. Okay I really do like the notion ink I was as expressed in a few concern is part of the few tech unicorn -- I -- that nation. Thank you play noted. -- -- I think thicker than I -- NASA had a closing -- with the world killer and came away with that some pretty hot pictures they didn't bother me let out of diary thing that made that. Amazing pictures though this NASA NASA's Epoch the spacecraft's -- -- 435. Miles. Of a -- Which is remarkable. They were traveling it was traveling 23 million miles just by right and it I think the -- that it it ever come. Within this comment and they take these. And nominal photos yeah the -- -- nominal comet is one point two miles long. And point 25 miles wide it's most herald -- it in the world can we get this thing if this thing hit the earth. Done this and this was like can we needed Bruce Wilson that a play it on a space shuttle AN CP -- Jets of gas apparently -- shooting out from it. Streaming from the. Comment array of it is -- it didn't happen I heard they -- like oh. I -- we're there. I've but he did it is that really like we'd want. I hope that I want that's literally the pirate them into and I wanna make a wall sized poster when there's if you guys can if you guys battling look at the second to last picture. There's a -- amazing light coming off of it that we have on the human hand it -- and lets you actually look at. And they also for the part of the reason they were so excited about explicit pictures -- the other data is because the comet is made up of material from the edge of the solar system. They're pretty much has not is unchanged. For over four billion years. For a while and now it's amazing its its cool hopefully -- gonna really planet that it doesn't impact you want of the emails to -- Yeah let's skip ahead to the amount -- wow we're that the act in an up today -- ports. There and the electronics technician in South Bend -- and say there's more to the issue of the back scatter X ray and and the privacy issues. Those -- those X ray machines that in outlook -- -- is when you locker. Hmmm you're -- -- you jump -- and. And there are apparently scientists are saying that it has radiation issues and he sent us a link to a story about TSA employees being forbidden. From wearing radiation badges. Either the badges that X ray technicians and hospitals where to determine how much radiation they're being exposed -- -- and at least one -- there. Person told. The blogger at -- Friday dot com that she had asked to be able to wear one of these badges and was told -- you cannot. That's a little ridiculous this is extremely bad you know sure they there are supposed to be harmful but it -- if they're rolling this out in your -- -- -- would you like to at least know. -- -- I mean and and as I think passengers do you mean I think people walking through -- -- -- -- much it'd hit him play it certainly. I think Republican -- right to know how much radiation having. They're being exposed to but also they have them if they let them wear those badges then. I think it would potentially. Be reassuring to actually tell everybody like look at that -- that gap that. They're not letting him do that look -- senator on this thing point four hours a day you'll be alright though and then a series of but some scientists. From UCSF the University of California at San Francisco sent a letter. Q. But -- -- that yes and I -- a letter of concern about health risks related to these. Scanners and their radiation. Well now and hopefully that hopefully like the mainstream media willful and yet they for the heads of -- The so you know we know our contest is over but we just had to. Song in golden in this silly little email my husband and I met online playing World of Warcraft. He sent me -- -- mixed tape the first song. Far away by nickel back this was about three weeks after we started chatting -- in Texas and I was in Ohio. We met in June 2008 online Wii video chatted several days daily for several hours until January 2009 when he moved here and in. We got married in May of 2009 the song was the first time either of us and or approached the I love you. -- -- -- relationship still work mixed tapes can also work by file sharing. I have the whole list in a close that I listened to -- over. -- over -- -- Hunting trips and create. -- Wow beautiful just beautiful that it. Alright. In case you -- it I did post the ball. Playlist shuffle VO well -- make it makes shuffled playlist they are made available about Mac -- -- idea at our blood be LL dot cnet.com most people seem to feed. The humor and optimism and I did that went but of those like -- dive the monument -- that if there. And then I responded that it's without shoes and that's an and he was like. And. It's like -- on subscribing. That. That is the that is currently the top and they get be all that cnet.com. You can also find -- our current episodes there and today it will post later you would like to email us. All of your thoughts on you know whatever you -- Whether they're I think -- it or not. In -- but at cnet.com and that we. Today will be clearing out the boys now by hand in college again 18061. Thing we do you care about -- -- so we we diligently pills though yes. Yes -- How often and -- same and YouTube listener -- and don't those of you are analyzing -- -- was actually gonna wanna touch with him later don't miss reporters roundtable it that noon Pacific today coming up live. And Jim Denny the chief product officer -- vote. Will behind -- is going to nail this guide a wall asking among other things. Well. That thing promised to I don't think you get -- they had just like I almost feel like you should walk in line like -- Remember remember. Yeah him like -- we kind of -- so even if you don't -- that -- you can find it at cnet.com slash -- annually you're gonna you know wanna watch them on especially if you're one of the million people who really wanna know. -- -- -- Can I -- six.
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Meerkat or Periscope? Which is better?
1:54 March 27, 2015
With Twitter's Periscope hitting the scene, we had to see how it measures up to Meerkat.
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Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge: What's the difference?
2:30 March 27, 2015
Paralyzed by choice? CNET's Jessica Dolcourt helps you decide if you can really be happy with the base model S6, or if the S6 Edge's...
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2016 Kia Sorento
5:28 March 27, 2015
CNET Senior Editor Wayne Cunningham test-drives the new 2016 Kia Sorento Limited Trim model and checks the tech on this comfortable,...
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Mercedes F 015: Car of the future (CNET On Cars, Episode 62)
20:50 March 27, 2015
Mercedes asks what shall we do when driving ends, the new safety tech that must be on your new-car shopping list, and the Top 5 affordable...
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Imagine a 10TB Solid State Drive
2:58 March 27, 2015
Could a 10TB Solid State Drive be in our near future? Amazon fluffs up their cloud service, Lyft goes social and Tim Cook gives ba...
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It shoots. It scores.
2:53 March 27, 2015
Mirrorless Samsung NX1 takes on dSLRs for action photography.
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4 ways to perfect your Netflix experience
2:17 March 27, 2015
These tips from CNET's Dan Graziano could greatly improve your viewing experience on Netflix.
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iPhone 6S features we want
2:41 March 27, 2015
The five features we'd like to see in Apple's 2015 iPhone update.
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