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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1343: BOL loves a parade
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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1343: BOL loves a parade

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On today's show, we rush you along so we can go watch the San Francisco Giants ticker-tape parade. But in actual tech news, Silicon Valley fails to take over California politics, Google's really sorry about the whole Buzz thing, but not in a "pay you" kind of way, and if you're a Rangers fan, we now have the technology to erase that painful memory from your brain. --Molly

Today's Wednesday November 3 things and I've added -- -- -- I'm -- solid Hollywood's talking a buzz out -- to -- podcast and demo link that says thirteen 143 were fired up we are buzzing okay. A giant World Series as a parade starts in just an hour and twenty minutes which is wives like celebrity in the -- and hourly I'm not gonna -- we cannot idea this is an historic event we're excited. I buzz out loud as the story. So 1430 or three. Yeah but. We have as the general series -- -- commodities for let's be real actually got an email from someone that can you stop calling it the World Series because we don't want to in the world -- it -- I know I'm -- -- to. And I just want to let you know. -- -- -- -- We're better than Japan McCurry although I aim at bat at that was outlined it and I didn't and in the name. I there is also technology news going on in the world today. For example just a little later today right during the parade impact that the Jackson -- the great how rude we were actually speculating whether they would move it. FaceBook though is holding in mobile events where they're going to be announcing some -- some things related to mobile things. I've got expect that we don't know exactly what is -- you know there's populated that oh maybe it is it's the thought I don't see that per say but. Definitely I would I would guess we'd see some of -- -- places yeah. You know one of the mobile platforms the may be an app for the iPad. Maybe and I frankly if they don't entered in the map for the iPad today I can only assume that they haven't been zero strategy. The probably also announce a new program that we're all opted -- to you automatically that we have no idea to change and that might -- another thing again. Yeah I don't yeah that's probably in the but -- here all opted into our new iPad app. I personally am hoping for better mobile -- I would be astonished if they announced the the FaceBook phone partnership I do think that's coming but -- -- -- -- soon. Anyway we will have a live blog over at CNET they can follow that and then of course we'll give you all the details tomorrow oh yeah and let's be out of that they in -- -- -- something like unbelievably awesome. Then. Want to come back from the Graham -- pregnant. And also because FaceBook as has her hands -- -- places. It's hard for something like. A phone like that to really be kept up the secret yeah I -- it's it's the -- I don't think that it hasn't it's I think it's probably some Apple update and pleas for crying out loud be decent mobile. At the give it to me it's been to -- yeah. -- Also yesterday was Election Day and so today is election results today there with them. Then confusion -- we you know we -- Talking about how we need electronic voting technology and -- -- all live make it easier and better easier and then but as it turns out there was -- Google tool. For. Locating polling places and get them -- embedded in out and the website that polling data from the voting information project. Well a little company called Aristotle which is a private company that provides political technology in data per campaign. Says that Google the polling place finder may have -- locations around for as many as. 727000. Households and -- state. 727000. The though hopeful the union and up at the wrong polling only and they get -- away. -- the biggest issues that a lot of people that might have gone the wrong location might have been fed up with it and they're like okay you know what I'm going home. That happens a lot -- You have that you have that initial you know that initial -- you go to knowingly -- I don't wanna do that anymore crowd -- that stuff so there were some of the -- you know inaccuracies for IO it range from point 001%. Which is basically one persons ring. Where in a state of Washington there is an error rate of 18% -- Though and I am -- and pretty a little more populated and -- Yes it. Anyway a -- that of course we're constantly updating the tool to -- -- reflect the most up to date information provided to us by the board of elections but I have to say. And it's again it's not Google's fault of that you know I -- the board of like. In our failed state here of California my county lost my register my latest registration information and -- got my old polling place to vote. Because I had updated may have you know -- sort of like there's a data problem yeah. Back and that isn't Google's fault that men like. We're not you're not going to be able to -- is the technology thing not gonna be able to get voter participation up. Get the records where you need them to be a must you can get a bet that actual government infrastructure. Worked. I'm pain I'm all for the idea electronic voting but the same time. There's a lot of security issues of like you know people -- team or you know identity. Not identity theft but making sure you're the right person then you hear about all the but -- happen and sometimes it is just it is easier just to go walk in SharePoint. -- -- -- -- favorite but also exists for like actually going to play a planet McClintock test data in addition idea is that from address to my name and that was it. That's true yeah yeah I I actually like going into the polling places it feels like it it feels like old school you know use it -- actually actively in this different environment where your. -- you're drawing the line I. I know I like it entirely their money like it's like having a wedding or birthday party or whatever I enjoy the ceremony of -- I know what -- eleven a lot of little levers and which Atlanta and that -- it. Actually I didn't even mind the paper at any positive but it kind of like and it is is -- is I'm just yet. It election results and news kind of a loss for the tech policy world regardless of your actual political leanings. It was a bummer for those of us who are pro technology does he representative Rick out your Virginia -- He's the current chair or it is currently the -- of the house subcommittee on communications technology in the Internet. And he is widely considered to be. Kind of you know -- tank and they need the tech savvy member of congress -- certainly the most. Yeah I mean he was a huge advocate for fair use -- and it even though it was a policy that in the eyes of you know congressional and now politician national called it congressional people -- -- Wasn't necessarily going to get past the fact that. Threw it out there men pushed for it show that he was savvy enough about what was at least in the best interest of the consumer read whether or not that was gonna -- And he actually did try. To get a fair use exception to the digital millennium copyright act one that would would let you mean this is the guy who. Three times 200220032007. Tried to get an exception into the DM CA that would let you rip. Legally and a dvd that you buy at the store for backup purposes onto your own computer yeah I mean -- -- you know it's like -- -- one of the things that we've been asking for for years but it is so ludicrous. That it wasn't there. Other things that he was a part of is promoting competition for the market for cable set top boxes. Which is their -- extremely needed also another thing that people may not be familiar with is on the universal service fund is basically a -- that was broken at the time. And voucher push for to get -- this was this enables the delivery of broadband services to more of rural areas now. And the fees involved that we're so high but he said we need revamp the so he is push it on. Multiple levels. Just to improve the infrastructure technology and policy and little to lose someone like him that's the big but the but the -- at the -- Of the technology on the Mac in line and -- so -- we heard the go Rick. Elect you -- -- in the game break and contrary to thumb earlier reports. Not intimately -- -- do you view it whenever I'm with Silicon Valley is not taking over. California. At least not California government. Meg Whitman and Carly Fiorina that you act CEOs Whitman obviously eBay -- HP lost their California election. Though they will not be we will not be running -- government the state like the day like it like an eBay auction. Buy it now Oakland schools up -- -- quiet now but whatever it takes. And -- if I one point I think Fiorina was in the that's good that's a pretty -- -- than actually but meg. Be pretty bad I I mean I don't feel it has anything to do with the fact that there are win -- and it was just I don't know you know in I mean does he like all that -- went -- -- -- not that's not the case yet now I mean I think it was in. But it's an interesting it's been kind of a push lately to sort of say -- business experience and therefore I should take over. You know government and I think that in the cases in these two cases like bulletin in Puerto -- -- -- -- million dollars of her own money should I mean that's. Turns -- eBay made her a lot of money. 150 dollars the funniest three that I thought about that and -- I would under that it for the -- to -- -- the funniest what I thought about that public would appeal to and like 159 dollars and it is like 950 million dollar pair pants that don't that -- -- return of this. That is that stack in politics sport today you know let's actually take a quick break from the politics. Come back. For the technology after the -- those chords you diagnosis and -- is -- you may have gotten an email yesterday from Google. That may have started with a very email you like this can we don't usually do that at an out of the funniest part. They emailed every all US Gmail users about the Google Buzz settlements and there was a settlement that they've finally worked out. But they basically emailed us all to say. -- and I can mean. Yeah we did this settlements. In a lawsuit about Google Buzz we -- -- a remade I think we've committed eight point five million dollars to this independent fundamental support organizations that promote privacy education and ultimately it. But we finally know it's not like one of -- class action things where you're getting -- -- C -- the thing about business because the services free. It's it's not like people invested money in the service in the gonna get any money back but you here. Eight point -- dot -- -- -- -- million dollars which like you who it is probably two dollars per person -- maybe let you know. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That was fine it's sort of like. Really it's just like a worse -- Which actually that the email with all the thing to let us know a worse troopers Larry about -- -- in you and sharing your whole entire life and everybody and the best thing about his a lot of people didn't receive email because it went to their spam filter. Alone and we all. So they -- all delivered all and a little better about how and I'm serious all my again. They did also -- according to answer mail that they can opt out of that settlement if you want to pursue -- vacationing in whom feature on your own. There wondering you know but if you don't actually go opt out of me then so -- And -- via violation of the option to opt out this time at them and. I feel as big we're really sorry for exposing all of your information to the world -- -- from -- and maybe they're gonna do that today. Another -- he -- -- -- not likely yesterday the Supreme Court debated sex violence and free speech. All in the context of video games. And it was a very interesting debate like it. At several points they seems to be coming down. On the side of videogames what they're debating as the California law that forbids the sale of violent video games to minors yes on anyone under eighteen years old there would be. A thousand dollar penalty if you are caught sight of it into minor Arnold Schwarzenegger is actually the one. Who pushed for this which at first you think we'll he's involved in a lot of violent movies in one up but diplomat -- for this -- passing California it was. On deemed unconstitutional that's -- -- -- and sprinkler. Ray and finale to an exit it isn't it -- super interesting question I actually don't even pretend have a solid opinion on it because it's so. It's so fuzzy like the First Amendment is so. Broad and then there are areas where -- -- and where we haven't but you know what they're saying is look it's extremely difficult to try to. Find the line between what is a violent video games certainly there's you know they're not trying to question a lot of these games are violent but what they're saying -- at what point. Do you those games. Cross over into. Deviant you really need violent now are harmful to -- -- of birth is via. And it's hard also because of the video game world you're actually actively participating in acts that are simulated communities where -- movies. You're absorbing the images but here it kind of -- -- -- -- -- does that make it more deviant they're still are no research or studies that show. That violent video games actually make people more violent. Right and then and at the terrorist planning and this was -- think that they sort of said late night yet it's non human violence. Non human violence no matter how deviant. That's okay if the human on human violence that they have a problem and I don't -- they changed I mean that's the thing right -- what makes this so hard it's like how are you gonna ask mr. restrict free speech when the foundations of this country. When we can't really even determine. What is and what isn't. And it's also hard it's not like video games or anything like it was even in the minds when the constitution was built right for interactive media experiences that depict violence or the Internet itself yeah I mean all the things that we've done with food free speech so that I think about -- -- games like -- you know you have your upon you being you're other model of how to -- seriously it. I'm just not on the -- Yeah. So the article talks about -- and not -- -- ultraviolet kind of depiction of -- there is them but this it's called battle chests. We have like where the -- like the vilified after the -- -- left eye and they're not people. And and okay inanimate objects. No another sort that we've been talking about. Recently Apple is now -- -- that the move to 92 iTunes sample. And you remember earlier life so -- what I felt bad it is the -- keynote bully finally. Added they sent a letter out to the labels and music distributors and they say you'll get a 92 preview if the song itself is over two minutes and thirty right. It it's not it's in this -- stick with 32 preview. But in other studies have shown that longer previews lead to more purchases and I would totally agree yeah I wanna hear -- when they don't play the hook we talked about it. I wanna -- a hook. -- CNET we we have this group and Athena reported on August 30 that they were going to increase the link example we out that it was gonna happen on September 1 of that music that we are all like they really early in line. But now they have and I think that's awesome well the biggest kind of funny is that Apple basically just. Notified the -- like I thought that the reason they didn't roll it out on September 1 was an agreement that big agreement thing but instead they've just -- and like a letter. The the label representatives are alienated in order and yeah all you have to do with continue making your content available which will confirm your expected. I Darryl welcome. We do this or -- UI it big that the -- and in fact. This is going to use significantly improve your experience of the buzz out loud baby make -- make tape. Oh that's right because when we post the full list on -- about -- about -- -- -- early tomorrow you'll be able to look into ninth maybe food. As long as all the songs are -- -- -- and if they -- it'll get it from Amazon because I shop there was permanently to meet but via -- another Apple news. A new browser is coming to the IOS platform this is called -- fire -- browser. One makes this unique and super hot is it. You can't play flash video obviously -- -- devices yet but this browser is -- it's a little like a tool that works on top of safari. That takes any flash video content this is not -- games and -- servers convert that flash packaged into a valuable. Video that supports Apple's different products and what they -- to be played through -- device and and that they think flash is pretty here flash. Old or so why isn't here by you -- want have. That -- where I click on the link and not paying for it in happens began the template that's so exciting unless you're really about as Hulu -- not -- Just to be clear and I Hulu is apparently actively blocked backfire. Because they want to pay ten dollars a month for -- am -- -- live plants on occasion enough though that's not gonna work but if -- other. Other video which there's a lot of their plants are ultimately there's still a lot of video out -- -- not. -- -- -- -- -- It sort of feels like some of the last barriers. I also wonder if in the Hulu is blocked because if they're able to take that -- -- -- it's not like the ads can play it its its stripping it of its ads as well -- Now who -- allowed them -- probably but. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I -- is running pretty much the unit live using that and I don't now. That response from the tavern seems to be yes there's there's -- chat. But yet it's worth the time and now -- -- video it -- you as far as I know we have not actively blocked and we have. It's. Oh and then knelt on the line like oh and the ends I it is I am a lawyer but it's not. -- That is so mean. European mobile phone operator -- is apparently facing shortages of windows phone seven handsets and silicon Alley insider is reporting that those shortages could be problematic. -- windows phone seven US launched later this month hopefully they'll just be one of those Nintendo -- things where it really just want that much more. No that's good that's good central Windows 7 also Amazon now allows you to send gift cards to friends on FaceBook. Essentially you can. Give access your account and test they can deliver your little gift cards until their wall African awesome I love it so make sure if you're -- is -- cards out. The person you send them to like some like my mom actually -- -- wall because my mom doesn't check or wall so that when you could get right. But again wow what a good idea excellent. Also you go well AOL. They all reported earnings today and its earnings beat expectations. -- the first time. In a long time -- -- back their total revenues by 963 million dollars. Better just barely than analysts' expectations of five if the cabin -- -- seven million dollars but I'm telling people. -- is back. I don't know why I -- -- rooting for them right now. What I. And that's it that it -- got today. I'm Connecticut there's little cookies. Are right on to some gadget news is the gadgets now if you guys obviously election -- election night. Is very popular with the -- candles and a and nationwide their favorite -- now because it allows them. To go crazy with all their cool graphics and charts -- Check out CNN if you hesitancy -- last night. -- there's little video here in the website this is coming gadget but CNN went. Balls to the wall -- with their augmented reality charts and graphics. And. And they were carrying around iPad. They just went -- -- there was they've you know they CNN obviously they've had the big touch screen TV saying -- -- -- had that. When they have the hologram dignitaries feel like -- -- you very where during the out -- the little Star Wars holograms -- presidential elections and now they're trying to -- another have a touch screens. Plus the standing up laptops plus there are carrying around iPad. And then. They had -- augmented reality thing where they would where he would be there with as little iPad walking other you know. Basically lucky behind the graphic how you bark yeah -- like a mark on that -- yeah they were these. Not actually real graphics menu -- can't point to them and it was like this though just. Ridiculously. Just throw up a full screen graphic that shows the chart I mean I don't -- look at him all the time and also I don't know if you've ever watched Asian use it almost rivaled. All the takers on the top and the bottom and -- -- aids and that person becomes this like little one by one it square. And this isn't right. Oh let's -- look like tetris now it was so distracting immediately like kind of meat or whatever -- I couldn't I was never any time one of these little tetris -- started building. -- -- for a second thinking about I don't know elections -- would that be so lost and if they were actually playing tetris the illness or -- You can have for this enemy is one that's for sure that watched buzz report this week -- -- renews and -- It's like that. The LG and tablet is done done done the LG pat is apparently coming in the first quarter the -- the optimists had. You didn't think of it sounds like a relief from leading product and and Sega gonna be able to do it and later the whole thing -- Bernard lady is. The optimist. Anyway. It have Android. Honeycomb which -- -- after gingerbread. Men and I'm getting unreal with. I think in the tablet PC version of the OS unclear whether they the secret name for Chrome -- -- It's getting a little confusing LD though didn't they say they have nothing official to tell people and dad has to sort of a little leak. About -- and and they also they'll have dual core tegra two. An eight point nine inch screen and then the mysteriously become business. It's not doing a brilliant athlete. Answer. I can keep up on funny sweet sounding name the -- but anyway they got the tablet -- And he now that they're gonna happen yet there at -- -- -- -- and -- to kicker and science news because oh my goodness but I thought this headline yesterday -- not a must be an onion story. But it's not the Daily Mail reporting that scientists at John Hopkins university. Here in the United States have found a way to permanently. Delete. Painful memories. Which they say could lead to drugs proposed dramatic stress disorder but I think could lead to the total breakdown of society says -- so -- so -- -- actually do this. They so it's similar actually hilariously to the method imagine that the movie internal antenna the spotless mind. Basically they discovered certain proteins. Within part of the -- Dele. That seem to be responsible for the emotional response to -- -- memories so. They found that after this dramatic -- within a few hours of like you're conditioning word basically in English that you're that the Jesus had a report little -- It's these particular proteins they found temporary increases in the -- and their unstable so they can actually extract them. So they just went in -- remove the proteins from the nerve cells weakening the connections in the brain that are created by the trauma and then when they. Tried to get him and he's -- -- the -- later. They found that the -- With the proteins in fact remembered the previous -- got extra super scared like -- threat easy but the mice that have the proteins removed. Didn't remember. And then they were like I don't know kind -- the remember the first -- -- try this on. Now you know -- to be soldiers and I know. It's going to be and and and half of it documented using it for posttraumatic stress treatment and seeing but the ya gonna you know he's from wire they're -- how. Yes fearless soldiers scary. Plus it's it's of it led to this -- -- gas yesterday that I don't know I'd totally running repeat. -- getting -- but it's sort of like. For individuals whose lives are ruined by posttraumatic stress this is a wonderful treatment however. If you remove memories of the terrible things that happen in life and let -- do it and how do we exactly and how we as a society. Keep that from containing it like a slippery slope -- -- -- which are removing the painful memories. Then we start removing the proteins that make people actually wanna do bad things and entry conflicts or -- -- we -- -- down and active Peter. Well of them in it than. -- to sustain and actually if you and you are. If you remember your last break -- you may not one. -- that there are turned up -- which knows everything about you didn't. Also at least according to the data visualization that was sent rapid and may have a pretty good idea of -- -- up they're gonna happen. Yeah -- yeah in fact you may be about to be dumped right now. Yes so that's too big too big big spikes they'd say the first was after -- -- -- In the weeks -- up to spring break. And that's pretty. Yeah and that that makes a lot of today didn't go out how many times have you questioned -- related to play. Or you know really that a solid but Clinton like right on down is is the personality and I totally and a spring break as a young in comin' up like -- I'm free -- now. And it also apparently two weeks of for the winter holiday and a little bit of a spike. May be because they don't want them by president islands that not to -- really Italy you know it's not gonna work out. However -- over the journalist. Wilton David mccandless he's -- -- and graphic -- he did that data visualization and -- being the least the least likely break up today for every line. -- Christmas Day because locked -- who would do -- lock. I'm kind of worried they'll April Fool's Day my -- is a day after April fools -- -- today is like. It's just a little around the same spike is -- and that is -- it -- you imagine what -- like god now I mean it actually there is -- Maria is old. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Okay okay new segment titled the feedback loop we -- We're devoting the feedback loop to make -- stories because today is the last day of the contest so let's get ready today. -- -- -- is James in San Jose. My mix tape story girl -- mixed tape today girl B got mixed tape be. Mixed tape alien mix tape be were exactly the same. Unfortunately. Girl paying found out about -- TB and girl be found out about mixed tape day. Two girls -- expect your play lists and well that was the end of that. Fortunately. That the girls to see -- neither girl paying or B and that was a different story. It also is that -- test although it -- I'm I'm not gonna live like they kinda wanna be girl geek well I yeah I -- off not knowing this -- -- letters of the alphabet in just a -- -- -- -- -- like I see you're alive but I'll be girl. The -- of hot. That whole -- let him. And -- that -- -- that is the runner heparin and I I don't know about the possible winner. That -- result all right let's jump into the emails this one's coming from. I had an epic fail possibly win though making a mix tape I was dating a girl things were going to great at the time. Herbert that was coming up -- that be nice idea to make -- -- and maybe it would help the relationship well I got busy and I -- put a ton of effort into it. So amid a smart playlist and I a smart playlist in iTunes of most of my played songs within a month of her birthday and selecting one song by each artist -- limited to about fifteen. I was -- -- it was lazy I know and what's worse is and it listen to it before right in it to her. So lets you listen to it she realized the -- break up songs you like it I we broke up soon after. Thankfully I share this -- -- failure to costs and others to be wise in their makes me keen on knicks can bring love or take. Me there. -- that can make them why would you use Apple's smart I like and brotherly the point and -- at all that you public advocate man date you like avid at -- have to get it -- and he was badly. Lame beard was that lame. Now here I am gonna -- you -- led the songs that he listened -- -- as he played that I clearly evident on the Pennsylvania. On mine. Actually he probably did jumper and I -- mix -- story for the contest comes from him. In New York is that it -- wondering how about a horrific experience of the makes a peasant girl I was into pro allows animator -- TV. And he has he reacts and of course it was all like oh man this is also. But to my -- -- have to hang out there meantime nothing came of the situation lame little that I know she also turning out my best friend at the time oh and they're now in case. At them -- that. Getting it's like I am happy for them up here comes the icing on the case. A couple weeks ago we -- mania the -- he card because he was getting in new -- elements of a TV thrown in and we came across each one we played them -- on them. -- -- diplomatic custom label on it the label had pictures of them his name with a heart -- through his name. I threw the CD and a dash into my stocks. It was the exact same CD I had made with her. Are hard to put the label on it now. I already got stuck it -- -- -- -- -- though. She read did didn't it didn't make the game. And diet the other all there is no love like re gift of love -- -- little. Client a lot of -- gasoline. -- -- -- means I mean it's terrible there -- who have been around the same songs with the opening minutes we -- Exactly and if done right and I. They get -- -- It in the. And I -- you letter read -- view these stories for yourself. You can find them and all of our -- past episodes and that that are blog be -- dot where later today. We will post that I maybe tomorrow night yeah the final -- of the mix tape. And today we're and we are though we're gonna conduct and AMG's it would normally -- -- -- smart shuffle should be in my mailbox they have hired an. I'm very exciting if you can now and so you know yeah from now on the feedback -- can get back -- like tech news and things like that email us your -- get the call. Play and it's excellent 6638. And hey -- aides have a great. When -- -- Yeah I've inherited this show make it.
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