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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1342: Kindle burns through the great Firewall

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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1342: Kindle burns through the great Firewall

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Natali Del Conte Morris joins us on today's show to talk voting, iOS 4.2 and the curse of that dreaded mute switch, and some notes from the future of technology (hint: it knows where you are). Plus: the real reason DirecTV dropped G4! --Molly

Today is Tuesday November 2 pretty -- And that he can tell I'm -- -- I'm Natali -- -- -- and -- welcome to buzz out loud. Okay my -- -- you heard that right -- Oh my husband is -- give up that big imported cute Natalie -- ID her first show back from attorney Lee of let's Obama. And I couldn't go back slowly. I've been watching from a fire Valentin this and I thought it did a good job like that -- -- -- fantastic job of answering them but yeah zappa. -- me back it to be in in him in the -- I'm excited to have you back. How -- -- and it's it's it's really good feeling candidate because I am still on cloud nine after the giants labeling and I owe you my in the World Series at their native leading print it -- my life for all 52 -- literally I write this column my well I mean in my life -- never mind and it. Hey John Madden of on the radio and you're talking about the time when he's like you know whatever 153 years old Hewlett both kids out there -- confident about -- waited fifteen years -- Don't say -- and its praises that. All of alt text messaging in San Francisco with law like you could not -- the single text message out. Oh really now not only do we know that the iPhone can take on the networks so in the World Series not -- -- in Spain guys -- began with. I know that what they -- and I'm adding -- don't -- it -- for -- point later I can let people know that text messaging doesn't right now and now industry. Yeah I mean it since Blake. I can't believe like the year that I -- -- -- -- -- scene here that I had my my giants in the world material that is still there horoscopes are alive and it learns that so I knew well that carry this thing like what you're growing up and hilariously it was -- my data from New York that we -- life long time and in Albania and death even though that does not my hometown that's totally like my child -- -- -- -- -- my data and one near my brother on the other -- As I know what -- -- early date you like a near and thanks for about right yeah that's that was your content and -- -- and am not well because I did all the group entitled to enter -- -- from the pack. In the pattern. And announced it's a weird in the -- -- wanna live and it's in the republic that's like a whole other show. There didn't seem to always her it's okay yeah let's not time I can't seriously I deterred and I mean -- are in -- that's okay but I -- turn it off the -- Catholic I don't think America needs zebra argued beaten to death. Anymore actually every a lot of people I -- I like to see that. Offline now is optional it like playing cards like -- -- -- can move it. -- Logitech is sort of the other good the other feel good story of the day I hope is you all voting. I voted I'm sorry -- -- and -- bickering about. It is Election Day and it's gone it's totally techie there's -- and check in now on foursquare there's Twitter Twitter bubbles like -- -- -- -- there's some sort of thing. Growing across space but they may or may not be spam. We needed boulders that when you launch -- but there's -- there's an -- BC -- how many -- but there's -- voted. And I -- -- -- I and I local you can find your local polling station and then once you voted you say I voted. To let anybody know though that an app it's it's it's a pop up right the very -- when you when you one interface. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And and Google has -- indexed all of the information about voting so houllier candidates and -- -- Where your polling places and you know what is the need about it so on there's there's results you -- inserts like polling place -- to. It'll give me a little pop up -- extra search text you can put in your address that there's no excuse to not know where to vote at the very least just go there and you know yet again. Also some like unique thing yet and then there's also unique things that people are doing it like this website GO pollsters so basically they -- partner. You essentially partner with boards where you sign with sportswear and then you get -- use your political affiliation with you can change but every time you checked in it basically. Shows the you know party that is currently. Owns that states that for example you know if everyone it happens to be a -- -- dream and they're checking in with -- -- right now it does California Nevada. Really yeah the green the Green Party has seized control the -- you know. That's I guess that's gala the libertarians -- -- control in taxes according to this map really. Expense this amusing actually I thought it was fascinating that the Washington Post bought the hash tag election. As a daily -- -- -- bought the -- yes so not only -- -- that Twitter is really win and I think the thing that later that I am I didn't either and then. Election like that seem pretty both of and also kind of and only because now if you click the hash tag election you're gonna get Washington Post up I think you'll get. The post election coverage including breaking news on -- results but not. What other people are putting in their past and that I haven't done it before and -- they sold hash tags before not that I'm not that I have not gonna download via slowly the making money. -- -- Is beyond interesting it could really ruins later in general because if you wanted to watch something. Around a certain event that you knew that -- -- -- -- -- -- -- the compendium. The general public opinion is but rather something that's -- you know for profit type of organization and that -- it and no I feels a little and I really don't like day yeah I'm I'm Achille and a -- or did that I don't think you should -- that. -- That not only -- already selling. -- now inside a timeline -- I can't backed. I -- happening now aren't I can do all that but but don't don't sell be one of the -- functions. Especially as the night. -- -- -- -- It's like sometimes I'm really considering that the -- -- the crappy and only indexes three days sometimes the only thing they can count on of the hash tag. For searching Leo the only thing that mean I'm just -- in here and I click on has taggants. Its -- it's promoted. I against the the good thing is the with a -- -- -- -- the top of everything else is still. The standards trending topic it has -- the -- Well I yeah you can -- other election they claim that -- the lofty -- happens via the top good I was like how about how bad is this yeah so it's it's not that. Good preview in your research way Leo Leo that. Well I haven't heard any reporting on in our families and -- I'll pass that. -- points for -- -- doing you -- that if and it's and I know that some of -- -- not gonna vote today and so this is our time to -- me a little bit because of the -- that electronic peer pressure was not enough -- Even pretend astronauts are -- from. You get -- idea. I mean granite and it's not an absentee ballot Netflix like they then send them up the information and they spent there a link through gas -- unedited -- link -- As I think one of them. Captain Scott Kelly said that they think Texas and I remember we reported on -- last year earlier when it happened. That Texas passed that law where that that astronaut can vote respect from space and that they're kind of can -- An extension of taxes are two hours and things. I -- so that I'm gonna use this opportunity to -- this down again because I've always that we should be able to do electronically so this is an electronic vote if it's been sent over satellite and a we get on Macs -- -- really I just really hate that you can't vote digitally and -- -- -- there's so many bells and and you have -- -- I didn't. It's today man. But that's not how you can you can vote for American Idol to your phone. Break let's just say in late night on the system is there and that -- -- that if. That definitely people are mad -- -- millions of people do that I voted on with -- and with it but seriously I like Google now I voted -- on paper. Paper you putts I needed little pokey LA you know and your family have -- -- analog it was lovely and filled online bullet just saying and this that you rate here are an editor -- little line I'm sorry I started like. It's in and zooming in on the ballot is yeah. -- -- zoom in pretty bad. Can't quite cute name here I mean as -- like that T -- up of that edge is and that you know all of these voters that -- the volunteer than there are really making it and much more secure than the Internet and now I hope I mean any. You know our all of our money is handled online that's distance sensitive. -- why why I gave -- online he had to admit though that didn't work out that off them. Yeah I mean there wasn't that their -- -- -- the other day and over the type and it roughly 400 billion dollars. It doesn't happen -- don't have and -- -- and I believe it was in Estonia and that when they allowed voting online there voter participation went up 30% yes. And I know or any of those people like Bluetooth -- -- -- -- -- the computer you know I mean my feeling though that there well there are a million different like. That would solves so many problems and in the fact that we vote on Tuesdays alone is regressive yeah you'd think you know there it cuts out -- -- -- a portion of the country that cannot get off work you know I mean -- absentee voting has improved some of that but not as well -- -- Yeah and I bet his son has -- and it's something to do it them. Like the date farmers brought their crops to market and that's why we do it on -- yet it apparently some -- -- on -- but yeah. -- finish out now don't you -- -- -- know none of that's. I know when they've brought there mules is -- to the throb metal that meals came in on Tuesday because the when that we're not looking it was in the old iron -- now we totally are but we let me. -- -- -- they Google is doing it Department of the Interior claiming that the agency favored Microsoft in setting its criteria for bids to provide a new email system. Google basically said -- the way you wrote this might has might as well -- said -- like that thing that outlook does. It instead of even considering. Google at all. Now Google also. A while back in -- when they're trying to get their email systems implemented you know through other government local governments were successfully able to get it accomplished through Los Angeles yeah. And here obviously it department and -- is a bigger deal but. -- -- -- Do they really have the right to sue the -- -- you know. Well if they have if if the government has a bidding process -- -- they. Like they are supposed to have an open bidding progress that would allow all comers and so if they've basically you know what they're saying it's. You essentially created the terminology of the line with Microsoft's own product literature. For exchange and for SharePoint and -- is not an open process McGovern is required to do an open and competitive process. -- I am saying that they didn't get the due diligence when it came to Google apps -- actually threaten. And convince and if you think about -- totally imagine the government putting together at sort of you know what they called SOW -- stand statement of work. You can kind of imagine them not. You know like you wouldn't consider Hotmail you know I've -- -- sort of -- like -- we are more than a free email provider were this back and that. And that what you just said is isn't it because that's what Google's trying to change right via the image to from the corporate side that they can be just -- -- just as reliable. Uses CBS interactive's -- -- removal tools that mail -- witches and Macedonia and negative happens reserve but positives and negatives but it ended today it is partially about this. The image and that preconceived notion of can they be. As secure as Microsoft because Microsoft has -- reputation they're even though yes that every once as well Microsoft all -- above those security flaws ranked. And Google also -- that they -- not at all not only should they allow true competition but it that it could save the US taxpayers tens of millions of dollars and result in better. Tens of millions of dollars so it's it was it it's 59 million dollar contract over five years. There is intended mainly they were older cheaper than -- -- movement and anyway and then it. Google have to take a lot of steps to be able to kind of change that perception and this is probably just -- another one of them. -- let's take a quick break when we come back we're gonna tell you really I think you're gonna be stunned. To find out. Which tablet is the dominant tablet. -- -- And we -- you know -- that pattern I think is that you pose the question. What if you could do everything you wanted to watch every network that you wanted -- in the Internet to the TV we're still waiting -- related that. Now would be actually I answer to that is that would be awesome idea I'm waiting -- -- -- bring it. Annie Casey spent that whole break wondering what can the dominant yet I'm here to tell you it's the Archos the -- now. Apple has increased its market share in tablet computers through nine -- 5%. In the third quarter according to researcher strategy analytics Google Android operating systems. I mean you would think and they would be. 100%. Of the tablet market Dimitris. I 5% you know -- and it. But let it anyway and look that's unnecessary and -- -- number it's just that it is an analyst landed you know I think it's because they're -- -- And then it went well you know there's growing competition from that 99 dollar Wal-Mart. Walgreens the -- had that we talked about it. Who heartening to know why we should indeed we should just keep right now strategy analytics also said that Android market share and get this right more shocking news from the world of analysis it is it's not my job -- We'll give me a break will rise in the fourth quarter as devices you -- the platform actually enter the market. She got enough fraud know are good ideas and these people get -- like twice as much as you know what's going on in this world I want that it. And now you -- funny analysts joke yeah. And sell I was meeting with at Apple after they announced their MacBook at just had a brief scene and I had to bring my son because my nanny decided it's couldn't anyway. And I love -- I -- like empire have a baby and he definitely it lake you know was cheaper gas CNN's like I'm sorry and it's fun event. First time that you know -- than the death CNN Apple briefing and they go now you should -- be analysts. I'm funny I just -- -- -- yeah. Now I went ahead that wow and I was just got I -- We need to get -- sending you can do we -- fire whenever you want to and say the most obvious things and then you'd get and -- it and you know and a bit about many -- living -- his name. And other Apple is the company is released to the IOS four point two golden master to developers for iPhone and iPad and I hear our own -- time. It up and -- and. So there's there's some cool things and able first of all this to confirm what we've all known people -- the this is still mute switch. Really a case it's locked and you can't change its its -- officially really did do that it is always best and they know -- -- -- you know let. Yeah I yeah. But I am never upgrading that operating system out there are able to attack them I only cool thing about this little -- then why are reaction you because they know they took it -- that they took it away. It's kinda they would give us the update the getaway and I'll give a definite change it back to what Atlanta -- -- sold it because that's -- -- -- use I mean you mention that in his keynote it's not like you're sending -- little thing you might check -- -- movement. Anyways. Let you change the brightness and volume on the fly at the little slot you know multitasking -- -- contain it. I actually like that anyway how is the multi. That does seem to be the thing that's gonna make that -- iPad bottom line you can use pandora on your iPad -- you're making recipes with a curious mystery thing probably ladies like that yeah. I'm -- and and gentlemen I'm not saying -- women are the only -- cut the united does that mean. That my roommate appreciated that feature when I showed it to our I don't like -- does so I apologize I'm not -- and -- -- they were like. Are we okay Tara still holding -- -- okay okay here it. With the whenever coming out its pummeled the gold -- is out now they don't believe that it'll probably be out within a week they also -- that iPhone security flaw where you could. Dial in number an emergency call screen and then hit the hold button and immediately get access to voice -- call logs contacts. Photos they've fixed that bug that was it that existed. As a like about last week and it. Some -- -- discovered so. You know the little -- update but it's nice you also get ten new a text message ring tones to choose from. The -- we all care about and folders. -- dignity. Holders but -- I mean having having that US -- -- -- it's like I've had a debate on -- program months I've been using it for awhile so but it its its fun its engine. I'm telling you you're not gonna do it and now I'm just to keep your holds list because of that -- you Biden on I don't idea. I did I do you -- I did too. Yeah yeah. I just I can I really highly -- -- and I mean why. U I you hold down the lawyer for a few seconds -- and that's -- do you do write it I tell you it. Jubilation do you really need to muted all that often like it's not phone you you know and said. We need -- into a meeting or something no one's gonna be calling you it's not inadvertently start making -- it. -- And you don't get it and. Well you know yeah I don't -- obsolete. Alright another Apple things that they might be doing or they are doing. They talked about NFC which is near field communications and been implemented in the next iPhone we've seen them how -- used with mobile payments where -- Japan you can. Swipe your phone what has this chip in authorities with the chip and -- do you electronic payments. Well now there's a rumbling. Or rumor. Night they can -- to be using this -- FC chip. To sync with different Macs so essentially you put your personal settings you know on your phone. And then they don't like your bookmarks your address book you know may -- your desktop pattern and then when you bring it over to another Mac. Using the near field communication -- it actually. Kind of customized to your settings it would have all your files but just some of the -- things that you like to go to your computer I'll sick. That's good thing and then when you leave that the machines would be like you're sitting at your own machine and then when you leave the host machine returns to its people. My favorite party like -- yeah whenever there with which is crazy and you know when I read this article in only talk about much but. Mold me is one of those services -- -- distorts it's like ten days. And heroines like who cares how could use that. But maybe it's -- way they can bridge that put all your special files on there. This'll NFC and put it near your computer and then get -- all those files it's it's -- in -- I don't know if it's gonna really happened. Even -- writes in on the -- out this may or may not happen even though they spent I -- -- -- pages of text on it. If Apple's been working on a system for some time there the potential never be good that I mean it if they kind of thing that sounds very. -- threatening people might not be -- your view of the bigger companies that but it could earmark the source the source -- cult of Mac cult of Mac that they haven't with an. Their source -- Apple's been looking for a way to have users carry their home folders with them. But that the the big iTunes and iPhoto libraries are making them they're huge. They wanna do basically this presence detection. Hi it's Justin -- is one of those the features here's. Or you have but then noises and then also want to make that initial link but the near -- communications chip than it would trance wrote a Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to transfer files over faster. So that you know -- it would switch over which is pretty slick. Think this -- campaign then to you know the new Chrome OS could do if you just sort of logging in to your own. Profiling you need an an extra piece of hardware to do yeah I don't they question I have. Couldn't it just because story -- it could it could be cloud based think I think maybe just even that subtle thing of not having to log in at all. And just walk up to a computer that just -- of the whole immediacy of I didn't realize how cool let's just turn on an iPad in a second and get access to my compute you know to my device it's in places that that's quickness of it. If you like -- -- thing sadly is going to keep this from happening it's gonna be like the music industry. Like while that sounds really easy to swap into your computer and turn it into a little mini version of your act and and -- on your music and -- I haven't met it. Piracy piracy I think are cool possible notes from the future yeah also cool news from Google -- -- am acting. -- taking rare action against an app they have banned. An app that spies on your text messages that that it cannot be sold at the Android app store. Yeah it's called the secret SMS -- replicate -- so basically it would send out. Your taxes and for them to another mobile phone -- winds and then wait it's you know this the first one of the few times. But I've seen Google actually takes them because they're -- so opens and they goodness they're actually not turning. During their head the other way you can anyone because who so they're they're -- they actually -- and and a yeah. It's speaker okay had to -- -- does it seat on the this'll work. And yet okay this is a benefit at the to have an auto -- that -- app itself secretly duplicate incoming text messages and then forwards them to another phone number. Then app itself is invisible when it's installed. So that obviously the -- spying on won't know that the text messages are being received -- and by Pomona. Guy is say you should be afraid and once -- and and download this I mean yeah I kind of on it for McCain when -- -- -- Say and then they -- in -- -- it -- there yeah. Tell you -- there's a lot of you know yeah -- totally or leg helping you find out if your husband right decision I mean like politics for exactly now. Off that's terrible scene in -- your kids there in a adjectives or texting. If there's patenting all their bullying someone down there readying -- and -- and all good job Google I appreciate that. I believe it feminine at lake led create -- that that definitely -- and I -- doesn't and the great idea. And -- put there it development everything is in this and being so obviously agree it's in no it's someone who had a broken heart because they were -- -- Song not that I know you'll. Okay that was not -- next story a candidate than -- Amazon Kindle 3-D readers turning out to -- an unexpected hit in China because apparently. The horrible awful crappy no good browser -- Is able to LeapFrog the great firewall -- this this and it's a basic -- -- on it there is a market. Now -- is exploding where they're buying -- Kendall's obviously the three G works internationally. And the browser gives you access to such graphic intensive sites as Twitter. Basically these are these are services that in China you can't access -- and -- you know we we joke about how crappy the browsers but honestly if you wanna look at Twitter. That browser can -- handle that thing. And if you live in a country that won't allow you to go to FaceBook and of that need go here and you can get onto it. And in this you know the what does bloggers like it still can't believe it I casually getting to -- what -- surprise they got there and then it quickly tried FaceBook is worth of equipment -- -- And what doesn't -- in -- perfectly presented itself that -- three. I know I pinched myself but in. Yeah it can somehow automatically -- are often. Annual -- and -- -- get yourself the Kindle I'm gonna. Jackson it yet here with Amazon to doable ad campaign -- -- signal can is that married -- the firewall -- and it. And all you -- that Kindle from I was reading this article on the economist about is that why do is the Chinese Twitter and a the united that is yeah. I'm happy I'm and antenna says it's a government sponsored type of Twitter and the and they filter it out to you can't you -- say things that about. And it saved the guy who just wanna know about present him with his mainland. Anyway thank you -- and they they don't want and then you have to -- -- speak -- code because it's all. The government filtered detect them yet and it's -- don't have heard. Now they don't have freedom of Twitter friends like overseas and visit when they come back home like oh my gosh I have Twitter as the I don't -- Imagine in the FBI. Running our Twitter accounts. Or -- I now they are counselor or being the one in our yard so -- Twitter now yet they it is clearly in our. Crazy to imagine the joy like it's crazy and tragic can imagine and that. That a blogger would feel that much kind of just like. Overwhelmed joy of being able to pick up -- divide and go onto the open Internet I mean able to experience like freedom of not -- that. In -- meant. -- -- not messed up. Dot as he changed from Microsoft apparently the worldwide web consortium have -- -- result the result of its first ever html five compartments tests. I know using an opera. But the one to the browser that most closely adheres to the latest web stand there -- take any guesses. Is Microsoft I. Motivated to do this though my mind they -- They're all on this I think they they are now but I mean this is such an unbelievable shift in Mac -- Microsoft has been basically -- his entire career has been going now. You really line we're -- head with them -- We're gonna check them -- It apparently they -- that -- is that the top of the compartment table -- followed by Firefox orbit ethics. Google Chrome seven opera ten -- -- and men at the bottom of the -- -- -- -- Good show Microsoft. Alright in begin -- yes he -- it shows. DirecTV has officially dropped the G four now we're calling it. -- it's among the lowest. Rated networks. -- -- eighteen million subscribers. All of you that have picked up your cable package and have outright sought out G four. If you're on DirecTV. Not gonna be it war I don't know -- it's had a great I mean where we're not here to like make light of like you know a network that's I guess it's little more. Video game centric than it is eccentric yet mean they don't -- definitely. Made it slightly less techie overtime but it shows like cops. -- a lot of path. But I -- this day. It does make you wonder. If DirecTV actually distracting him on -- Comcast yeah you know we we are for thought about that but -- the same time it's not like -- or is. It's like Indians feel like a loss leader where people are going to want to sign up for cable to get G four I mean most the time -- -- watching a video game screen shots on the network. But if you're -- banning the whole idea of like digital delivery or is that these channels shouldn't take out very much but like why would you bother why is it that they would take actual step of dropping it I find kind of suspicious because you don't really need to get rid of one tiny little channel -- put -- like another HD channel -- or something like that. No I'm I'm -- -- I remember that daylight. We're not interested in reconsidering this player letter sent a matter what you guys say it's not in your security now able it is on hapless. So what's kind of more sad -- is this is you know G four bought tech TV back -- -- -- Does like the last -- the last remnants of although very different the last remnants of tech TV. Are you going away it's is not is not going -- and let me -- -- -- on DirecTV which -- -- million subscribers which -- -- of -- the audience -- -- watching. That's -- it doesn't care welfare. But the other night at -- a not a very flattering picture -- magic other -- an extremely gorgeous bird count is -- -- -- mean mean are right you know what time it is first -- we like to get through quick and dirty what are we got. Quick hits the old -- Organized. Don't get on that thing where we have that -- I think what this Concord. He's like what I've heard that Lenovo loud and annoying less happy need to say some won't fix that and Latin and it will happen again. -- -- five idiot doing that -- about it man. We're just getting go back and forth here first that Twitter is depositing the promoted tweet in time Lindsay mentioned this earlier if they partnered up with -- -- You begin rolling out these advertising messages directly into your timeline -- -- -- -- -- don't -- -- -- -- -- -- also component makers are whisper team that Chrome OS will ship in November. We've been hoping to see -- for awhile we weren't really sure what is coming but it looks like November could be -- and CDs on you know like later netbook laptops the animal less. And also and don't forget the fact that there also whispers that Google would be making its own machine running Chrome OS indeed -- the Google laptop or whatever and frankly I think it might not get what they're calling -- an around Baghdad -- I think you have to because -- the only way to show that -- -- workable as an alternative standard can that it -- that predict everyone in the -- under it yet. Apple care protection plans are now transferable. To new product that does the community thinks it's pretty sick paid about -- money for -- you got -- laptop in his. Yet Apple care plans this this works across right -- on a laptop computers. Iphones a lot of people by the Apple care coverage or sell their iPhone on eBay but now you can actually transfer the coverage over. You're new device -- that's a pretty -- yeah. Never heard of that one for. And finally it even needing a reason to by the -- and not people haven't had them and play with -- pearl -- -- with your -- for awhile profitable. Then I. -- the new version of Michael Jackson the experience. The experience comes bundled -- Alec it's like my Jackson 5 record did back -- -- and a Michael Jackson's now like that covered different -- all right. Those bring it back gentle. You don't already out and I haven't -- No comment that this is my mind boggling on now I can -- to. I'm so excited it now now. You press read this I was like -- is it in the camera picks up there is -- -- yeah -- it's not that it's -- and access to recognize costume accessories we're on it. Peripheral and that we really like who -- we like. -- -- -- -- Hanging in little thin and and I'm not gonna sing because people don't think it's a bit like it -- inside every other Asia yeah. As you that is it. For -- -- -- -- -- -- They related to I think and I liked it I IEA got to go in and out yet again tomorrow it is okay forget it move and I -- To gadgets gadgets speaking of the tablet coming out view sonic. View -- 700 habit tablet is finally -- -- -- will be available this month report 179 dollars. The larger view had ten will be coming in the first quarter 2011 Mac -- -- Like analysts predict. What more one -- tablets become available and you can buy them. People like that actually looks pretty cool and it's cheaper than accounts into. -- -- -- -- -- but there Jews in and -- plus we got an email from who -- -- -- seven point seven saying that the pointing a few. The ten -- Wi-Fi version of that -- on a tablet at Sears where else but your local -- is on -- -- tell -- -- -- -- -- -- 379. Well which would be anarchy argument -- home -- a hundred dollars cheaper than a seven inch model. The guys that these are -- they're printing their -- in -- not only are there to under fifty dollars cheaper than it. And its attendant model I mean it that's really a -- iPad competitor in -- new tech that -- -- -- out maybe out an iPad killer but more like a felt the battery to. -- you've definitely got like a good thing yet. It hurting right it wouldn't let me grab read this arrogant thing this is -- been confirmed -- print the dumping on you and I better by -- -- and they'll go now now now who. In other gadget he goodness if any of you own an Xbox-360. They put up their new dashboard update it went live yesterday. And I have got to say after an updated that thing there's a new ESP and -- And it is. -- can ridiculous really it's on demand content it's also highlights in HD streaming in HD there's also. Access to live events -- games -- chat interact with other people while they're going. But the interface the quality video. That made it and made -- game changer for -- like while this is impressive but of course. It was a few caveats with these in Britain so -- if you're depends on if your cable writer your Internet service -- is up partner. That has access speed to get the ESPN. Service so there's a website is in 360 dot com or their first kind of showcase their online content essentially -- -- is -- that content directly into their box. So this is like you can actually chat with people live wondering like -- -- -- like there's Valentine's Day -- you can interactive like polls that happen in you know trivia that happens during the game you can see how and when answers. It's just -- -- that's -- a kind of a him into the whole next global interactive TV and white people actually use this waksal more. And inner activity isn't hello how -- underneath and expect to -- the live subscription content in Alaska's PS3 is starting to get all of that great media and I heard Amanda -- Like -- was just about to fire up Hillary tonight and a public I want claim that there really -- -- iPods and I've got a three month membership are here you if you want it. But then -- -- but but also a good of the community lives -- did it terribly it has raised the gold denigrated Amy's like ten more dollars for crying out loud because of all these services but they are making it you know. Pretty full pledged -- service but at the same time the community doesn't really care because the service is really good yeah it really like. The reliability of its in Macedonia at -- -- a year I -- now but yeah yes. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I under the cool and the cool kickers and science viewed this is cool and illness though and -- From there. And -- -- I was starting -- a -- -- dot I was that's exactly what happened I credit they at a fundamental right brain broke all I could think -- -- -- our low. Editor Antuan Goodwin. Will be at the theme show this week in Las Vegas and all of us news and potentially is going to get to feed the -- Vehicle and not only that it's an electric vehicle and is the person ever to have its entire body built with eight the read deep -- sir. War like we're not -- him -- a little toys and models like the -- windows of -- up hearts 3-D printer. Whoa. So all it's -- weird. -- no hope that 319. You know make them. This setting to copy everything at 3-D printer these days -- basically it's just an automated machine that does what you tell it to do -- in 3-D can't. -- car and then gone print my taxes you know like it is yet not only aim and -- it's not a printer guys are -- it says it's of miss teen it's that automated -- -- theatrical. Hundreds of ever yes it's a fabricate -- but I don't care this is sick it's a -- passenger hybrid aims to be fuel efficient. All exterior components including the glass panels. Retreated using these three keepers yet any enterprise at heart is the way it works though because you basically just kind of upload the designed to pregnant fabricate and -- -- -- yes it's not like -- And now it's not like in a robotic arm and a at a -- -- Apple is the entire thing it's called the it's called Kirby. So alone they say actually kind of prototype or court -- -- and -- that the replicate your. Anyway okay expert in sweet let's and a -- hung up on this nomenclature and it assessment and the other day it said. It -- it out at like 3-D printer for skin. Disease and that within -- -- fine today or something my patent and ethnic. Imprint here but okay that okay -- -- in the -- says that Jay Leno has -- his garage and he's using it to have parts for -- -- part. Cool is that not her skin that's what's gonna -- I thought I don't. Don't waste another really do is we generally don't like yeah we encrypt is -- to the productions. It took -- a months and one thin layer after the other. And OK so -- big cool event happened which means. I think you know it's common. A gig at pixel picture. -- in this case playbook or wired dot com have a -- story about the one point six gig of pixel image from the World Series. Yeah this is showcase -- that mlb.com so. If you guys take up the link that haven't in the -- the show notes. You go to the website -- also awesome is when you first open up this gig a pixel picture it asks you to connect the basement -- you can actually tag. Faces which is in this crowd but you can click a different regions of the picture and it will zoom in to the -- -- the way you can zoom into people's. Basically what are finally -- they're gonna let you go behind the batter's box eight try to go they have behind the batter's box Bonita because George Bush and -- -- -- cry and last night today. -- -- -- -- -- I wanna see where they as the battered by -- I really want -- -- they are. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Is -- million tags don't like a foul ball to Saddam and they. Hall they were murmur and you know people would be like Nolan grand instituted after ad on on the field it looks like someone check the -- -- the. And and the new vision yeah definitely. -- I I love blisters -- -- -- -- And -- -- cleverly calling in the post these in 2010 tag or ram that's and it is cool and that's the amazing I mean it's -- -- would be. Remembered it I love that sound like I just love those huge photos -- I -- -- -- the same club I would have one and no part of this -- No way you'd like at a -- won't know. The -- plus they would still be alive and well as you know honestly emails friend yeah I'm female but that cnet.com -- our email address them. Medical -- that I wrote in instead a few months ago my friend came by. My friend came by asking me for a movie that he said he -- to watch tomorrow with his girlfriend -- also brought a music mix on an MP3 player that he was going to give you said girlfriend and then he also needed go to the bathroom. So I thought it was a good time to pay back for an old and forgotten prank -- I mean they could be MP3 player from his jacket and it filled up with all the weird Al songs I can download. At the moment though I didn't know -- his girlfriend what. So imagine my surprise -- later I was helping my math teacher. Set up her new MP3 player and I found safety weird Al songs on all its let -- just say that I had an -- that semester. Why do a. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And did it work -- dump them anyway. I BM meaning teacher has been -- -- Brundtland I am with front -- in the -- actually. I'm Colombia and yet but nevertheless good efforts LRs when in them then BL well mixed tape. The video well -- make it simple I also wanna know what level of education was this was an elementary schools junior high hey guys -- -- politics that makes a difference of the story for me personally get the Bailiwick headphones and we have -- edited out that's. But that they. Okay and -- and that's that Rick seventeen I just thought I would submit some fan art -- -- easily for Molly since its oral or boys -- it'll oddities. -- they can draw if anyone can afford this pic I. If anyone can board has picked our I think if you get a kick out of it be -- -- nemesis and I really haven't seen it I actually I you know what is noted that domino notes that domino. No that's Natalie. A little -- Knoll number comic -- appearance in but there -- that has the artistic shooter. Yeah -- they're full prior to my my video as well and and then it's like wonder would demand. Think your vehicle and eroding confidence the data that that could be until it. That's a totally different yeah its healthier battle where -- and with the motherboard. Does it mean you against so we're fighting our rivals -- -- -- Alma Welch. -- and we -- it doesn't have lately can we can just politically it's not that. It invaded the that if -- think -- the the wooden. And the basic good that's gonna die as an well men have a chat room they -- money on you -- -- -- because I'm a huge in the pictures. Seriously Natalie you like just had acted RA how many -- Amalia. And you'll inherently made it to me I don't know -- you're -- your natural witnesses and is probably deteriorated little RD gain real. Think what are you going to stop talking and -- B I -- or that time highly thinking perhaps soon would be good time. I'm talking. -- you have a baby and then I'm fit back in your clothing and then we'll talk but I -- -- content that I. -- automatically analyzes the amazing -- -- really not talking really -- -- all snuggled awesome game autism. -- -- -- and begging you to stop talking out okay next subject being that the FL and I tell you melt this -- feet. And I map of where the feet go and if you like you'd leave the -- the -- and Eileen -- So you get all of that when everything. Do you think 38. -- --
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