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Ep. 1341: The Power of Tong: Buzz Out Loud

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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1341: The Power of Tong

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It's "Glee" meets BOL! Ok, no, don't panic, there's not that much singing. But it's Brian Tong's first day in the co-host chair, and we are having a good time. Off the rails. In the news today: Facebook app developers were evidently selling your personally identifiable information, which Facebook could barely be bothered to punish them for. Also, group gifting on eBay and a new low in "journalism" junkets. --Molly

This Monday November 1 for any time. And millions I'm Brian -- I'm Molly Wood and welcome to buzz out loud is cnet's podcast of indeterminate length it's episode thirteen 41. Brian Tong up show -- Today in the co -- hair. -- smells a little better. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I -- is suspected there's like it'll download bleached out Friday -- -- they know we're down great little program there -- kulana Cologne. -- -- -- -- -- -- Manipulative. -- guys know that with Brian Tong in the co -- -- Yes I get a beer at Dave's show at all we are we're. Allotted time no I mean we still want to deliver the news yet we wanna have some fun to you know we -- -- bring a little. Funds that Bundy Monday and taken only across the week and. I own though look are you know we're gonna look relatively little slowly they don't -- -- -- -- -- -- are acting like maybe. We've talked for years about bringing in some more sound of -- Bringing in some segment of ads -- -- -- -- statements. -- and gadgets out segment coming soon we are introducing already we're gonna do a gadget segment. Every week every day can we don't -- -- that sort of like I don't know why we stopped covering gadgets but. Or didn't invent you know there's gadget news and it's like buzz -- -- what's buzz in the news world things -- but also what's buzzing -- that's. Exactly I'm how to buzz so if you have been missing dad jets for example. We're just gonna try to bring a little bit of that life is a little bit of -- -- -- but don't worry we're not you know we're not done yet we're not going down. Don't -- though it's still the news well you know kinda it's added a new look like I think it. Good I was told it I saying another note that -- so -- would -- in the shows though. I -- to sacrifice once again it may need that all our. Good one for many because really fair warning you can't stop them from -- it's it's gonna it's not intentionally just happens yet. And if you hear another lifetime in today Amanda -- author of -- my Internet friends yeah on the Internet viral sensation. And long time but -- -- and here in studio. Now I was friends in the house so he skates or read it and I like him to say and -- the words come out. In the direction of the Mike and even have -- look at and -- by actor on the I liked pandora's box. And me and me I -- -- lot -- and if you would like to sing as well please and that really int yeah and get our hands of -- one -- Activists are -- we're working it out. So let's start with the news just regular old tech news don't panic it's. So -- people for all you that just turn the volume down now turn it back on -- our and they are our at a news of some news and FaceBook has revealed that a data broker has been buying identifying. -- I Derek -- -- user information. From app developers yeah so right on the heels. Of the thing about how some apps were just transmitting user IDs -- either by accident or on purpose of those can be is that look at these there's real name. And then in some cases of that the names of the app -- friend. Now -- happening with advertising and data firms but now they find out some developers and actually been selling that information. -- -- through data mining firms presumably. In response and this is where it gets kind of -- -- via FaceBook suspended. Some developers for six month. Only six months to that we're cell leaned personal information now they do say that the that there was not any access to private. Just the U ideas which could still be used to target. Now an advertising a one not these but that'll reply actually are it's about but -- -- six -- I mean that's if they're violating privacy they're violating Facebook's rules. And they're selling I like an anti tamper and why can't you why don't you just get some balls -- And just shut them down seriously don't need the you know they really don't need a single app developer to what basements -- -- -- -- know they should just. Come heart. I think that you like if you really wanna show that this is not acceptable behavior that it's a violation of your API that it's. You're a -- and that it that you care about the privacy of your users and once again write -- placate based but -- FaceBook. Do you give a hoot. Because then that I'm -- -- a six month suspension is not acceptable these guys are selling to those -- -- the user and ideas. In the case of it but can we talked about this is the difference between -- but MySpace. FaceBook requires you to put in your real name and other identifying information like your hometown and your date of birth and you have to put that in and the user ID's can be. Used to. Retrieve that information. That's just. Whatever I I mean it even with all this. Being you know -- a horrible situation I find it fascinating that there's actually and cottage industry. For brokers. For face but because that market is so lucrative and now could you imagine the it really -- -- that's the thing right is that it's and it's going to continue. And so if your FaceBook and you don't really do anything about it -- kind of slap them on the rest a little bit like -- It's not it's not like it's gonna go away. They gotta wonder why this faith but wisely but not do more and that's also exactly with a six month that's like a little slap on -- hand write the developers can still. Work on the capsules be back as -- there it probably in the long run. Doesn't discourage other developers from potentially doing it again. Not tell them that that that's the -- accurate and I demand the ban hammer I thought -- I don't love a bunch of off. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah all other -- yup yup -- -- It also apparently -- a mobile event next week after we've got issues. After basically denying that they were doing anything about a phone like -- -- early lead to a phone actually the only thing they denied let's be clear. The only thing -- but it never did I invent. Is that they were going to build it well alone -- that now. They sent out invites to this mobile focus event at FaceBook headquarters. That will be Wednesday at 10 -- And it will be its. That's a good one oh and eat it even though they deny building a phone that doesn't mean -- can reach out other companies to. Build the phone or them yet exactly that's about all in the word partner so now and we report it actually seen it reported that -- but converter or that people. Familiar with the situation confirm that it was. Putting out fingers that they were invest they were looking into the possibility. Some kind of partnership I feel like it's. A fairly. Fairly certain that they're going to be some kind of -- partnership I don't know if that's what this announcement can -- to the conflict according to my -- -- -- -- they were pretty far off actually. Like they had just started the process of looking into partnership it. Honestly I just hope at this point that it's like better aptly I don't think FaceBook -- even move into the phone business until they can get some read some decent apps. Like I still can't believe how are by an -- there and I mean how iPad app. Oh it's islands is gonna -- -- -- gets one billion and make the iPad -- I like a likelihood that and in any time. Oh I'm I'm I'm jumping when -- would -- if -- Amanda. These are committed to the cool stories dump it up. They have an opinion about this is that you know. I remember back in Internet and so excited that you could build apps for -- and I totally agree that life. Apps for it but this little -- in it but -- on I. Apps for the -- but are mostly really. And in going in now. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Personally know him advice somebody fake martini seriously really wanna talk about makes -- it's I think that might come in a close second. -- -- -- -- That's on this thing -- All are right viewed zero regular however you wanna spend your money their own member of the new generation and he's gonna of their money on things that don't exempt you know -- -- you're hosting -- show and I mean again who went yeah. -- I think a quick break when we come it would -- -- we're gonna talk about a patent lawsuit -- so. I and I know it's hard to it even keep track of who is doing enrollment. In the patents in the in the mobile phone world but the latest. Complainant complainer complaint. Complained to their latest completed to file -- thing Motorola. Over two two separate lawsuits over multi touch patents they specifically. Named at -- to relate to. In these lawsuits and they're apparently going after those -- In particular and it comes after of course Motorola -- -- big courtroom offensive early in October there. And Nathan that Apple infringed on eighteen different patents -- filed -- lawsuits now Apple fired back. They've also got what -- that still outstanding -- There's a lot against -- -- Apple pro has lawsuits against Nokia and HTC in addition Motorola Motorola is facing legal actions. By rim and another idea holding company and TV so everybody's is love and each other right now why. I need at this point can't you just let me go -- yeah. It's at the drop the guy getting you all have enough patents to blow each other as it was -- like war games and I you know like its nuclear escalation of patent lawsuit filing. Yeah is needed to -- make up. Now take -- out eBay is doing something really cool on their gonna make it easier for friends and relatives the kind of chip in and and by -- -- -- like -- -- process -- contact their friends. -- members and -- all join in together on. Items on eBay has urged them from now the trick is that. This is not going to be applicable to. Items that are auctioning but items that are like -- buy it now. Items they can purchase on the site because how -- you figured out how would you be able to figure out like hey you guys -- want to -- into more dollars because it. This little thirteen year old guy is really -- high on that we know no it's like a these are for items that are like static price by now but this is really called ad like it's like social. Social aspects to. -- -- -- And -- I liked that idea a lot it's almost like -- Group on model to purchasing -- -- doesn't seem like eBay but people do much -- yeah we -- supplying honeymooners -- -- -- like a wide as an Amazon do the -- Amazon was just do it probably what's gonna happen but it almost feels like eBay is starting to become sort of to the store anyway right -- not that many people purchase option key most people it seems -- are doing it by now anyway extra and so it would be somewhat useful. It's unclear from at least this story because let's be honest it's USA today. Exactly what mechanism they're going -- and but -- really notice it. Although we did using the article from here it's that it. Anyway they didn't get super technical about exactly how but it sounds like you -- one person could choose -- -- at. One person to that a gift and then invite family members to -- using a Phoenix. Of course where email which you ideas would be sold to a broker and then you know they be able to get all your friends and alien and -- be able to find out that -- would then it would rarely get -- they would think they're all interest in buying like hello -- keep our and maybe getting personal that's relative to keep our -- -- town parenting. Anyway if enough people that -- and they -- the organizer and can ask people to contribute -- to think that the -- that's what I'm -- That would alert where this is really gonna succeed really is. Either Amazon or maybe eBay because the behavior is different -- -- but com you haven't we -- critical mass sellers group of people currently sites. -- really good idea and I think what analyst from Forrester is is really down -- I. And evidently -- that's not gonna dance that is not a huge market and I'm sorry about it and especially in these troubled times though. People. The the tree service on the table I think people are pulling them anymore or I think that they're more interest in pooling their money and if that was -- -- promoted feature. That was available -- other retailers do make outlook be standalone app they connect to various retail wedding gifts easy yet -- yes baby shower. The whole thing latter. Interesting news about Android market share today mainly that it seems to -- coming. Solely. At the expense of lacquer Leanne might not say it's it's sort of an interest -- note about how Android may not be -- users from the eye on market. But that it is just absolutely. Yeah these numbers are pretty pretty pretty staggering Android is. About twice the iphone's US share of -- platform shot went from last summer to from 3% blossomed to 44. Present this year but -- for now we know there's a whole lot Andropov that's pretty damn pretty wow and also then you have the Blackberry side. Which crumbled and collapse from 46%. To 22%. In a year he can and the OS the rough and it really the only alternative that they offered for people who were looking at -- -- yet this. Let there Android phones flooding the market tons and tons of competition all of a sudden -- you never had and. They had nowhere to turn but the Blackberry eight edge but that's -- -- like only like I wish. And all and inch and of the -- shall we cannot lets -- wasn't even like earlier in the year. So there is pretty I got a pretty much had nothing really you know they were still kind of late -- low with a pearl in the curve and then they come out with -- Let me -- was at -- little because those phones were hot three years ago. At an. Exactly those are hungry they were really hot -- -- here on. But then edit that thing they counter with as the torch which is still like a crappy 600 megahertz processor it doesn't have the -- -- -- Mac and into a phone use. And I and move. -- It's I hate notes to -- an hour talking about how the iPhone now it's totally like. Suddenly not -- cool and having more you know like when -- -- -- the geek content whenever -- the decently ends please -- incredible. I'd keep that because I didn't upgrade analyst for a little busted because I knew -- errors you know they don't use it in -- and I'm only just now beginning like. Have some problems with -- and that's -- -- -- do you -- why I -- my version. Nice. Now in other mobile phone news oh Microsoft in -- locked -- Some of the features on windows phone seven to developers so we talked about how. Earlier that there was no axis to the camera -- The help of the developers are working on. Working with developers that are using apps that run in the background. And allowing them to run -- background but they it's only if they kind of ball within their within these requirements of using a certain amount of battery life right battery -- But that doesn't really hearing that developers because the developers are saying -- your own apps like application downloading email thinking in New Zealand playback and downloads they're all allowed to happen in the background and they. They can pop up controls over a -- device so if you're building an alternative audio player for example -- you -- those -- controls to be on the front. And the lock screen which if anybody knows -- -- 100. And yeah. And but but I need to find that out they are they're allowing that they're still not giving -- and this is -- that's good -- -- good neo lets developers. The bad news for developers and they're still not allowing access to their cam corder. Features linking -- you -- camera staff. But nothing more than basic image capture. And what's crazier unless a lesser LG -- who. Microsoft -- -- the hardware maker to give them access to the memory guys that -- did use an augmented reality app. So well her have any developer. You know you won't be able to use that a guy but if you're -- are coming -- -- pay enough you can. Not that. Yeah that that's that's hear it there. Also not cool they still hadn't fixed but with Apple's iPhone on the console -- that Europe got an hour late Monday as the -- switch for daylight saving time. But their -- alarms. So yeah it not to there was traffic an hour later the normal there's probably reason. I'm thing and then my at like eleven dollar pieces -- key clock radio like my little white Sony clock radio. That I got on Amazon for nine dollars or eleven dollars. It can change daylight savings time on it now an iPhone cannot will the problem with that is why Apple knew about the issue. That it wasn't like he came out of -- where they knew about it earlier October and they said oh we have a fix work but they never released the software Phoenix. So and because maybe they're awaiting a devoted ally as four point oh yeah -- -- just forgot. Oh this is a -- the go -- And this is sometimes the go button on the virtual keyboard turned into the search button or the join button and -- like. So although they said they had developed a fix which was never released. Is still screwed all of our friends in Europe. I thanks for this is that and the iPhone it the united. Yet that's probably good the canal or the problem could be a spike says it's not Apple's problem and all your reading time around I'm. Later clots are and let. It. It setting your clock rate. It's a perfect that's beautiful. And also -- also other Apple -- -- we we love we love pain we have this isn't it's one of my favorite features of all time basically ended so so well Larry -- well earlier how. The -- have the iTunes genius bar recommended genius recommendations for songs. On the right hand side of iTunes and then went -- came out because it was the cats and now Apple changed that. To you know the -- to make it more accessible -- looks like Apple on the in the latest in with iTunes ten point -- point one sidebar is now back to. The genius recommendations bar on my gosh what a good idea what a surprise wow you mean direct people -- -- and buy music instead of use -- And then -- -- right here instead of. -- it for free with nobody because you can't. Can't figure out how to register wedding or whatever and express their thoughts about music freely on it was so that they renamed the -- sidebar back to the iTunes -- -- It's Carolina seven name but whatever and -- -- genius recommendations instead of. The mysterious ping things get so good job maybe this is the first step in sort of letting paintings though fade away. It flushed down into the I don't know if we're the only ones that are so down on paying I don't think so here's hoping it's just -- often. Eighteen yes. These genius -- looking all piquant and at least and to see what's you know -- high the bar sometimes are so at least peak let you know at the same time the genius recommendations bars like. Oh here's like the top forty songs are selling on iTunes anyways I got it recommended when my ex -- -- lines and. Well that song on your baby makin'. Yeah. Because that could be a painful -- -- -- wait -- see I haven't got to animate shuttles -- anyway. Thank Iowa how I know exactly what we're going to -- that. I'm excited. But I never do because -- -- and have iTunes open for really -- meddling and open it when I need to do something when I specifically need to interact. And I open it with -- Beilin enactment throats and -- -- as quickly -- that little. So now you should see a doctor for that province and and it makes me -- Oh man okay. So we -- up I'm paying now organ anti Apple -- little bit on the video game press not totally your politics that you apparently work in an industry that encourages this kind of thing. Didn't mean there -- -- reporters to play epic Mickey early which is an awesome game I heard you great games that -- -- -- the bear putting together. Special event for reporters that an avenue -- you know -- them to have events -- all the times -- -- -- -- gonna have lunch can't -- have -- like -- we're gonna do a demo in your city right in -- city that's totally normal instead. Disney is going to fly -- reporters. To Disneyland. Or a special -- tour to visit the attractions that inspired to -- They'll get behind the scenes. Scoop from members of the junction point development studio including Warren Spector. There will also be a reserved viewing of the apparently very hard to get in -- -- -- mesmerizing nighttime show called world of color. And -- VIP access to the exclusive. Electronic. Experience all soul I'm guessing reviews on the security beyond a hundred -- I think it so yes I. This thing is pretty much five star game and it's totally alright in the video game this unfair. I mean -- -- -- -- giant cards in the ocean we came. We -- Ozzie -- Disneyland everybody wow so I think our -- have put that -- and they say you know when you start to see the previous. On the Internet just look and see if there's the disclosure about who -- for what. And if it isn't offered -- -- -- So like at the bottom of everyone's reviews like. This review was done under the auspices of Disney where we were taken on a full right to our manager luxury -- at the California venture hotel. By the lakers are ten others. Seem. Less -- That's it. Yet you'd cover thing ready to show it is time for our one of our for -- one of our news -- -- seen segments and new rotating segment about actually -- daily segment. -- what are we wanna call it. The quake hit this. -- -- -- Okay okay throw them. -- yeah. Outside she had to be decided that -- -- Ashman now is not cool this quick it's time where we just basically give you some headlines that we -- getting the special introductions of -- -- yes that's always. Begin video games the US Supreme Court will hear a challenge to California's 2005. -- Violent video game law that's the law that bars the sale or rental of violent video games to minors. Hopefully I think you can hear it and I -- physics Tuesday they. Are -- throughout the also the Samsung says the nexus two is simply. Not true that -- you know should do so we showed up little picture we -- -- excited. But they operates say it's not true at all interesting which could still mean it's very real maybe it just means -- and sentiment in -- CCO. Also sprint four G as promised is now finally live in new York and five other markets or at least officially -- because people have been part of piggy back -- on it yeah now and then. For a while now so but. Now hopefully you can complain if it were present so we evidence Tampa Florida Trenton New Brunswick, New Jersey Hartford new -- -- now -- It's it's here and those are. And those are your cricket for this Monday November for you. Yeah. -- I knew immediately that on this sellers name is that acceptable I was really worried about that than they realize that that was -- conflict. -- yeah I got gone out and really love. It's good at the end there. -- I have a vocal range second and and Mariah Carey once called me in for about its. Is it is a five octave man -- he has. I don't think that we haven't got to get opted that let you got you against demand at least not that. I write in the goodness of the gadget world that is the gadgets I know I don't -- we haven't sent -- -- we're gonna we're gonna get on an island and now we're gonna -- -- In gadget time I chose what the gadget that I am most excited about today. -- 3-D glasses. Pregnant -- -- -- if you're gonna do 3-D you have least. Got to look and Gucci is doing 3-D glasses. And -- a mere. You 125 dollars now at that price sounds -- love to do thinking well that's an -- an entity that is these are not active shutter. -- that will work with your television now neither basically displays how high is treating us as they just put -- when he goes the avatar you know I wonder if of the film inside the glass is that like a little weak. Saran wrap cellophane probably. Think that's -- gets all crumpled indented and limit honestly though those are tennis analyst. There there if I don't like how they look like -- holiday that I had to fit a movie theater wearing 3-D glasses -- I have a picture myself and my brother and then the -- on islander ads like whoa dude look how ugly we are links to these -- yet in the magic of 3-D. So at least you can -- you know -- at the theater that's true. Still not at your house. I'm going on the you know what I'm gonna let's ask -- -- repair that's you know ten contestants which we will then send back because that's actually how are rules work for review currently don't get to go untended and we have and record at. So we won't announce the winner of who won that prize. Neither. These are my -- -- gadget for -- It gives you gadget this weekend many of you were treated -- invest up on Saturday night I stayed home Iraqi might seats car. On -- rock band. So -- a little -- keyboard slings of your shoulder like a guitar you tickle the ivories yup play. Everybody -- -- the rule the world. -- -- Now I. Open it means -- student brute. -- It was it was awesome and also power of love with the key -- are you kidding -- on them how -- cards. Cumulus never sounded so dead. All mine -- Okay though we get taken migrant women and over and we're gonna throw a party I -- -- only way did instead of -- gotten if and I went -- on Friday night and I think I'll wait seemingly and Saturday I was. I'm like now that he -- daily -- did it help. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't -- name. Down in kicker lands. It Piccard by the way out of everybody anyone ever explain it but we have a little thing in our template told kickers and that's -- reporter funny story -- is that time. -- Apparently -- I didn't even notice where there are they dating site for people who. Believe that there too ugly for regular dating site it's called the ugly -- ball a dating site but those -- aesthetically talent and another creators description. Which is fascinating. However the apparently. The ugly bug ball would like to announce its first engagement. Tom Clifford -- walker -- be -- that. So -- found each other here. An ugly tan but the fascinating thing about his website is -- it's totally not -- already it's a complete. It's a completely interesting sociological. Study in somewhere of the people who consider themselves. Too ugly to be on match dot com or whatever to get -- just in the sampling. -- latest members. All right there's some distinctly not ugly -- there. It's contract does it's just like it's like a normal -- -- I think they're all beautiful and side. -- my life has been yeah this is. My love is pure. Solemn -- yeah yeah I'm Michelin. Man and a friend she -- -- -- studio on Monday. The -- thoughtless act -- -- -- saying yeah well. WOS means that audits and in a -- -- -- until I got involved. Just normal late when it's -- it's companies say this though do they also do -- -- like agenda and you ugly people say we were bumping ugly is the that's kind of redundant. I'm just saying and and that's exactly exactly how it and that's exactly how we now it's time it's not -- -- -- And then the line and then -- I moved onto might -- 106 and sixty think three and now we had suggested. That you could use our blog to post your make shuffle -- if you stories you makes it certain that such but now clearly you guys are turning to email and voicemail and you know what. -- -- that so let's hear from well frankly but -- eight old nemesis. -- So benefits go there and so. Activists. I -- -- well. -- Or not. This problem with the united -- -- I thought. -- and all the ball we read news. -- but ultimately that that be making mix the parts it can't get well but he can get that ugly news. Especially with so many -- I mean you'll want to think I debunked time -- -- try and secret code. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That I had to -- Important to the FBI and -- trucks the page. Here's yet one that -- Yeah now. Wow that's as an aide to -- valid and made -- of the killer I believe -- let -- -- on the -- one million -- point. Though companies all your point smiling now lives Gardner where it's not your total big difference neutered rights thing I learned Lutheran -- Doctor Indians and address though I guess the contest and I did. But really is a bunker are any other exactly so we still wanna hear your story are mailed -- you can re related to the ballot two -- days were gonna do the final decision on Wednesday's show. So please you guys we. It's whether it's positive or negative we just wanna hear your experience and interior with links to it than that we wanna hear him on the show -- example I think this would be a good time to hear Amanda. Yeah let's imagine that you did you need to drop an honest and well the first takes period land at Blake hanging in your eyes and lies being. Anything like Sony and after you meant it. Okay. And when I have -- Transmitted and I asked -- if it story is about. You know -- is already. You know it me at -- gave me -- -- which he had a manual typewriter and he typed at the label. On. -- -- Hello and he also put he'd put. Did he put -- on sonic -- That means we. You know I you'd get pregnant and -- went -- inaccurately and that being meant when I when I asked him. Why he put that -- act. You said wow I just think. It if we were ever gonna have a child went -- This is the kind of thing if it -- sort of attitude that. It lately so he was announcing -- that makes it that he was never gonna marry you. And yet they might -- yeah. You know -- You wanna put a ring on it that's why is the ads it's all well and I can't -- -- and then. Maybe take a picture V. Yes they have the -- -- it. Atlanta I think there are. And rocket and a -- Game and that's that's an old school up right there -- -- Sony's walkman business is still in business -- long. It's. I. The about Brian was -- actually in my mind that mashed up with half breed -- -- to me from share you should. Yeah I don't know I was alive back then so now would be a good test for all that's. I'm just kidding. Alliance -- I have just city. They'll make we can have your FaceBook. Well Abby her umbrella -- emailed us. I believe in a little -- actually sixty I didn't you -- and it. So he's -- Brooklyn residents through our email address that the that I covered that happen department yet. It appears that Amazon has made deals with various carriers to cell -- -- steep discounts. With a two year contract -- deeper discount than if you were to purchase the -- through the carrier for instance the -- credible is free from Amazon. But 200 dollars if you're able to if you were to purchase it directly their -- that -- -- the several phone. -- am unable to do this they -- speculates because they add their own fees associated with cancellation or -- is -- with this. The big going on for a long time it seems newsworthy. But I haven't heard anything about it. They have been going on for a long time -- actually it's -- I mean not a long time I feel like maybe I noticed that about a year -- Amazon is offering these lower prices but it's kind of a good. -- -- like a good consumer tip although it I was gonna -- -- highly hyped. Pointed out is urgently -- -- went and you should really read the fine print because they're super scary details about what you might have to pay. If you do Catholic and then like. Like -- says. They have their own fees associated cancellation changes and they are. -- -- -- -- -- It just basically be like breaking your contract with a single payers dollars. Gas is like you're breaking a contract and Amazon and the carrier gets a little like. I just read the fine print if you feel like you're gonna be comfortable -- on -- -- economy could be a good deal by. -- -- -- right casino comes in from Graham Davis to -- recently spent my honeymoon in London England just a week ago. Through security checks on both sides Minneapolis and Heathrow I was asked to take out my eleven inch Gateway -- book from my backpack. I thought to netbooks are exempt but turns out I was wrong starting here that -- is off the buzz team you will be missed. -- -- -- be he'll be of the back but they -- not stately as -- -- and then -- That is exactly the kind of thing I'm talkin' about with the TSA. Yeah it -- they'd never sort of propagate this information evenly apparently and then -- Madden. Like I'd like I have time in my life to try to leave the netbook and Ecstasy if for example this TSA is cool with it and subject myself to them you know. The searches that what happened. They took -- pad out a few times -- like I thought dial is okay. While I've never had that had a -- -- thought like a list of airports and let bailouts. But -- -- -- reference an Abraham will help will build a buzz LO airport BS the matrix we we -- -- someone has to do that we can't PSA Wiki adventure like some airports have different. -- -- -- I it means -- have not put my little liquid in -- plastic baggy. For -- Yeah I've been any very hard to get ideas and -- -- -- -- but they do care in two places. They carry in Denver. Yeah and they care in -- -- -- -- No because -- the TSA does everything's -- -- right for the post shows as. Yeah how the TSA dealt with mile time now let's say you know somebody on the. Went and that's pretty French teacher. There that's island there and don't forget that -- -- -- like a little stock that's and the color. Had it -- and I. -- communities that fashionable -- yesterday's. I if you like to listen to this episode over and over again you can find at all. It -- it and all of our back catalog over at our blog -- about cnet.com which is where if you want you can post your mix -- stories or. Go ahead and email us that makes it stories -- at cnet.com give -- the colony 106 when 6638. TB into the top doctor and and like -- said we're gonna be announcing our shuffle makes Apple winner and the songs and the songs on Wednesday. So get those at the stories -- -- she knows he loved it or called and Colin remember thirty seconds like we bank. Yeah we've that is making you you have to tell us what -- discrepancy to start talking about the topic although it. Really I don't know about that in episode love Larry that's the whole thing like -- About daycare that yes we got it can't let again recommending -- was -- -- version. Right let's -- guys.
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The Frigidaire FPBC2277RF is priced in the big leagues, but fails to perform up to expectations.
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Star Wars droid BB-8 is real, powered by Sphero
2:40 April 17, 2015
Get ready for rolling BB-8 toys. The droid in "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" is a real robot, based on the technology in Sphero's toy...
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CNET Top 5 - Crazy looking smartphones
3:36 April 17, 2015
Round, curvy and two-faced: five phones that broke the mold and dared to be different.
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Gifts for grads 2015
2:42 April 17, 2015
Before your graduate takes on the real world, why not equip them with some awesome tech to help them?
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