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Tech Culture: Ep. 134: Streaming video services snub NYC; doing the new Netflix math; plus, win some Spotify invite codes

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Tech Culture: Ep. 134: Streaming video services snub NYC; doing the new Netflix math; plus, win some Spotify invite codes

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This week, we poll everyone on their favorite online music service, and find out why New Yorkers can't get the latest and greatest in streaming TV services. Plus, we've got some Spotify invite codes to give away!

-- -- There is the -- Julie happy that he really. All look at that look in everyone's wow coming he's told -- skill -- every -- that's the cream that's via a big -- talk to the call back at the end. We had a last minute -- we hear our -- just have been called off an urgent measure and therefore Scott ran down the -- screaming and waving his arms like that scream painting. And that and an entrepreneur but Janice and came -- with everybody the gold man. Two Tuesday and today welcomed Josh yeah thank you you picked a good week let me tell you a lot going well. On -- right all -- all excited yes I saw some breaking an area. I -- I'm -- news just as we were getting ready to go on and by news I mean in unsubstantiated rumor from them. That you know that their web site the boy genius report also known as BG aren't come around and -- They are now reporting that a Wall Street analyst. Who I don't named -- who is. -- in a note to investors this afternoon that Research in Motion at the company rim that -- little Blackberry stuff. It's considering pulling the plug on the Blackberry Playbook tablet already. Lose. That was fast -- see if that it had indeed happen. A while I don't know I don't know that we need the playbook the first is that -- the right thing -- -- and many plays and now. -- -- -- but I cannot lead isn't done of those post that today I Patton. During any thoughts on it and -- has had I did as reading through the comments -- -- but he was in there. Defending. Him and say yes thing agreed it's there in my -- -- doesn't matter if the hardware is -- and the operating system could give them the data -- is everybody became behind him. Commented. Exactly it's enough it's it's a nice feeling piece of hardware by. All the -- -- I can build the world's fastest car but if the rear tires available for it. Not gonna do me much -- that would be poor construction and your. It in my analogy tires on the apps and electricity to -- has there been critical of the car itself with them -- -- lax via software attack. -- Canada because rating system explanation -- against it and -- So what other -- or haven't been other products that have been killed really quickly like that if this indeed turns out to be the case. I feel like this seems he has story become -- everyone's so obvious that they're trying to think that I can't think of the name anybody in communicating ASEAN has -- -- can one -- -- here practically. -- -- -- -- -- -- Did somebody every. Revitalize the software something for a Palm Pre additionally how quickly to the Palm -- really like oh yeah. And of a lot of the line. How long delay product life cycle and if they. Yes he is -- PSP go. Is there -- killed but don't usually die young life is a new and exciting product yes and was quickly backed Bernard that is true scenario I guess we'll see. What happens with the playbook. And with all these other tablets like the HP -- -- that -- floating around rules leave many of them actually managed to make games and -- and which ones are quickly withdrawn from the market. I have a very quick got programming note to mention as usual we will be. Goofy stuff we -- -- I've got a bunch. It's modify invite codes for US users because in the US. You need a -- invitation code to get the cool free version -- modify right now. -- anyone who enterprise what -- modify code as well one thing that. That's great and it's it's very amiga have had a -- actually help you want to -- what's our code for the free version and can't get into the video and edit. Doubt eventually Verona looked like I wish had turntable that FM codes that would -- -- but I -- because. I was gonna sign up -- numbers when it really didn't. I understand why there's too many music happy services streaming things at once -- -- are Leo and it's too many things what's that anything is the other one. Everett and -- party now. Is that its its radio without me -- Why don't yes I guess I can do is they'd be an apron area yet and art media and Vietnam. What's the other right and I know -- identity and -- time. Napster's is rather than as a music or think that an. I mean this is one -- subscription to try different things it just sounds. Okay so what about -- -- rhapsody -- England -- -- a copy music and limited. -- and enhance its air that's why don't understand people who sizeable Muslim and I -- also one thing about modify that been able to figure out that's different is that they do have a free level of service much like pandora. We can use pandora for twenty hours a month before you have to actually pay for it. They have their own free level which in the US they don't actually say what these yet different it was like pandora -- -- its maximum -- a month and always has been known online. I'm not only are expanding Rhode Island along a longtime analyst -- -- and -- ever read that cap. Now and is no further really restrictions -- But it's only like twenty bucks like the whole year. If you wanna get like full time stream 24/7. And -- -- English audio. Chalk river various music services -- -- like I'm looking for tax software. -- exciting part of your only alternative is only serves -- -- say -- her answers like you find like music. And makes it -- a horrible bunch of little services and and codes in and out payment plans and like. Where where's the fun but -- got would you consider yourself a music fan you yet. Susie. I mean -- sixty gigs of music I have lots lots of music I enthusiastic about my music. -- enthusiastic about the whole music industry. And I don't really need to keep exploring new ways of slicing music. Com and serving up. Is so what is your number one music consumption to right now quickly if you don't even think about it just that a where it. The iPod feature on my iPhone the consumption -- -- -- -- mine so music you've got from iTunes. Okay that's my music consumption deal as well as a playlist and that's and more like it up a pandora pandora would be the one -- -- over -- NIC us. Okay got Josh. Are -- -- the guys that idea and I'm actually you have to so I mean and I can rhapsody is what I -- -- generally use that -- so RD party paying ten dollars I get that on my phone so inspired that. Also use Amazon. -- yet Amazon cloud intelligent and up -- -- to the Amazon class Aaron I can upload anything it is. -- them. And keep and then back again now I have as we -- Thursday in a previous show. And using Google's music service okay that's what. It's. Nothing I couldn't already do with some audio galaxy. -- I mean it's not that big deal and now I hit the cap. So if the -- -- -- On my -- loads onto it to my account to Google yet and it. So now vote so that the cab -- -- is the evidence that diet -- as the number of songs -- out there was -- or -- I don't uploading. I was okay hey did your presumption must. The the Amazon went in and changes from a twenty gigs for most people to a limited space at least for now and again that's why I am I finally finished -- my initial -- -- -- 22 gigs -- the stuff -- and -- which is using that. Mostly to consolidate my music library from various computers through at least it's all one -- -- -- -- And please modify a little bit now. If it did this kind of hard to find stuff on there but I like turntable FM I think it's a lot of funny is that there India and -- -- room. The thing is -- I've got squeeze box I'm gonna -- boxes them and they'll work with rhapsody Somalia yet. Have gotten no incentives -- justice I totally understandable. I would deter tables it was mobile because I like to -- on June 10 mile if I can walk around and obviously don't always have service. He dropped out of the some way to serve like pre culinary delight others wanna watch your hand and there is service -- wasn't something casually. Chime in our at a table I know like in pre Q my song and say like. When I went across on the -- easier for OS on the minute NASA and easy put it looks like it like MetaFilter elegantly can fantasy draftees putting your queue of things that will pop it when it's your turn up -- -- just out previews of -- -- -- -- Where does that that does take -- out of its thing that's interesting about that -- and the moments unlike Macs. Yes -- one way of of of putting a bit I think the key to -- difference from other sort of social media sharing. Is that -- -- is real time rather than a synchronous when you when you share something on FaceBook or whatever percent of -- -- its asynchronous sharing they check it out when it's convenient for them for the fact. -- -- -- you have to be there real time and that's what creates a kind of vibe. Reverend in the room together at least that's my initial take on a -- what is -- Music tool of choice. It is well. I have -- that. Okay is like most of them via -- does that -- insisting that -- -- -- yeah. But the. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It isn't worth it -- there's an Atlanta and then and there were some rock tracks from the action and I -- yet I have pandora's. As far as -- -- stuff. And I've used. The Zune pass -- you you have margolies Zune -- member not okay and back to the. In other means. -- -- episode. And it but I mean -- at and -- -- on and on on them tuning. Does it say that's I was but embryos are actually the other discover I was literally etc. that I like old fashioned rant yet CN NM integrated it has. -- a lot of different music on Sony's and mean without sedation and they are real stations earn interest on there real real litigation with every broadcasts. Of Apple over the -- -- that he considered by local GPS and palm dollars in the United States and -- -- international -- -- available as well -- analyst has -- that that. Old fashioned idea of -- it sure there are some ads and others things but you know illegals and NPR on. That's not really music might have I don't like. I take -- over listening to those music services such as me. I. Instead them that's owning and using on our mobile. And on and Amazon cloud now that its new iPad friendly and I uploaded all my music to it. -- -- -- -- Always serious -- to it has received this year's -- my phone now. From but it's more firfer Howard Stern an actual serious music the music stations on there then you have not that -- Especially compared to all the crazies have -- yet now -- -- that that's interesting. I can tell it. Between -- -- in -- -- a lot of crazy stuff is happening in the media world in which we inhabit it begins with following the -- News the world phone hacking scandal that's what Scotland Yard is being the most that is surprising developments in this over the weekend. Yeah it's an active with -- whole point is a good thing newspaper -- Got caught basically hacking into people's voice mail for years celebrities people just in the news for whatever reason. You know both both important people in his regular folks and you know we -- the kind of knew this happen often on for long time but the extent of it. Was not clear and now to huge problem and people resigning after -- people are getting arrested they canceled an end. One of the oldest still reading newspapers -- the world newspaper that and published since like 1868. And specifically. I I think that's -- that we well I mean this is where the media world and that's an end and that's and that's -- and involve hacking. Now here's a hat they hack into people's -- on the using pre texting -- so we haven't really heard about yet. What the actual methodology. Of the hacking -- -- -- they hired private investigators to gonna do that off the books. I think in most cases it's either you don't change the default password on your voicemail -- -- -- before whatever it is for that particular. Service provider and year end or. They pretext which is when you call up customer service geo data I'm Bob Smith and I forgot my password is my Social Security number which you got from somewhere else thought that they have. Social Security numbers in England but you get the idea and and and and any and reset the password -- sent him some sort of login information. Though so and another another cautionary tale about hacking and making sure your your passwords and other things are secure. That's not my public service that's okay. But I have another media meltdown story that was actually much more interesting than -- you may remember this. -- -- a lot of us back in the eighty's and ninety's it was a print magazine. Called byte BYTE. Classic connecting everybody liked it's got terabyte banking -- -- event I was it was a big reader and I love it and then okay. So the magic underwear business in the early ninety's that somebody spotted somebody else bonded they shut it down there was a website -- -- -- -- some very recently. -- the parent company of trade publication called information week. As apparently owned the the IP rights to the name for -- -- and they just re launched it as. Basically ninety blonde with a focus on sort of crossover consumer stuff I find -- -- Clancy name. And there. And and they're using again not really a lot of connection to the original classic. Byte magazine the one of the first things they ran from some bloggers last contributor was. -- anti Apple story. The story that was called a sobering look at Apple and you know it was new it was click -- let's be honest here I'll treat you the opening up real fast. In all honesty. I don't know why people buy products from Apple Apple assures everyone its products just work that -- -- matter and its products -- finely tuned German roasters. The reverse is actually true the genius of Apple is at Isis will discuss risen to going along with it and the article then goes on constantly -- the -- -- the iPhone -- -- a -- other problems. It's not a particularly well written article were well reason this is kind of a -- But that said is not unlike fifty other article nineteen and fifty other web site right does some very legitimate news web sites. -- that kind of follow the same path the difference here is. People in the comments form of this new revitalized -- website sliced like freaked out. And after a couple of days. The editor of this -- Basically ran a giant retraction. And and -- the article sound dampening -- It doesn't articles that within editor's note and the entire article sort of rocket strike through -- -- -- -- -- -- don't -- it -- now. So further attraction of the editors less data allow the editor says change the opinion -- that follows doesn't live up to be proud tradition and our best intentions for -- We agree with the community that publishing the story was an error in judgment. So you know. It didn't seem to -- to figure article but on -- -- people the -- and a comment section. And on Apple fans sites you should immediately retract your story got to stand behind that things -- publish and is a factual error. You run a correction on that particular -- air. Here's my thought about this as an editor looking into the parts I can read through the strike through the I would say looking at this briefly. The middle points or what we've often heard before and they're not entirely wrong that point at things like antenna gate. The fact that the cameras on the iPad two are not as impressive as many others the gorilla glass can in fact suffered damage in their sometimes being sold as indestructible. You know problems at the genius bar like frustrations with -- the problem really is the beginning and ending -- tie this together like. You know saying I don't know why people buy products from Apple's silly statement and and you know you can have your own opinions but through about tying it together in -- something in May be acknowledging. It's time to discuss but it's nothing -- -- delicate said a million times before it but at the middle is not. The middle has elements that we've all brought up bright and it is another frustrating part of Apple's apart these say only they trickle out features and sometimes that happens and like. But then there's -- the positive parts -- but it's a matter of like we're going with educators say. You know it's clearly not I have -- -- is that I do not get it you weekend. Really designed did -- click -- for the launch of this particular blog or website and inflammatory story to gain attention fortunately. It got too much of the wrong kind of intention -- security panicked. The -- -- firewall to -- good for them for attracting had done -- it when the other Big Apple sites like oh they did the right thing. So all the Apple fan boys -- like going over at least the bite. Blog to the right thing by piper tracking the story but again elicits just so factually incorrect that you can't corrective. -- -- -- The strike through though move is also gathering more attention so its attention on it isn't everything put it back up he could see what the whole. Controversy was about its citizens hiding it so I applaud them for that. City -- keep an eye on the information week byte BYTE a blog and see what happens next with this. Venerable. Media. Technology publishing. Name that's now back in a different I think that's -- about -- -- It and that's it -- fifty as -- I. Remind you -- that we have some exciting prizes to giveaway -- I have some actual Johns. Bearish -- and since modified -- and a -- various challenging questions. Because it's modified code -- questions about the digital slash online flash streaming music industry in its history. So so prepare that section of your brain if you remember any any any effect -- it's about that. And of course if you'd like to play like chewing on the chat room and T will draw in three people. And we will give way -- prizes. Now are we gonna get to worry about yet is that mention of the CNN iPad a man -- I -- -- my -- up. All good I am I gonna get the -- that you're doing grants to do well -- MZ grant as well I'd this I just got up I just got pissed and I discovered. When you exact alerted me is I downloaded the update to what exactly was going on with -- It's it's it's a classic story Sunday get TV networks is so we've got a great new either streaming -- -- for the iPad or streaming app for the iPad. He can watch our content -- you are except. It's one of the things it's tied into yes but so funny coming to chat room guys say well that's what -- did and it looks like -- well Julie Spencer and Apple. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- duly met -- new -- learn. Where all of Julie Julie picked me up shale that's lot of fun. I doubt they would truly with that means you leave okay we -- -- comments. Three and again I say you'll you only radio these -- CNN that I was president saying Obama have basically with a lot of these streaming media apps. You have to. Via subscriber to cable system in order have to think if you're paying for -- channel two cable. And in most -- case in most cases Time Warner Cable that major cable operator for a lot of the country including New York is not a signatory to these deals. Therefore HBO to go indicated here and Time Warner Cable the -- CNN -- we just launched today you can do -- watch CNN your iPad except -- Time Warner Cable subscriber. So once again New Yorkers get screwed they know that might point in Scott you have yeah -- To that point is isn't just New Yorkers against sticker but this new cable which we've been talking I can't stand it I can't stand in your cable. Because we what we -- -- we're promised her teased. The whole idea of a device like the iPad as a -- to fork is that you can somehow. You know pick an alternative to cable you can obviously nobody necessarily. Why a lot of people don't necessarily want that ends -- here as much as you have services like Hulu plus and Netflix. You're getting increasingly a lot of these apps that are assuming you're on the cable grid. And that therefore you enter your code what if you're -- Amman on cable don't use cables a lot of people -- -- Skype and on cable yet but you're okay when -- got stuck and that's why they know that -- got but Frontline out that you know you know what front -- that don't say. Streaming CNN in your iPad say something like serviced for cable subscribers free bonus for cable subscribe not even all of -- it is or -- -- -- exactly not -- -- them. These things are ancillary there are there additional services refused cable and it doesn't reinvent anything it's it's a chance for cable companies -- up an additional -- To pull me back in and they might succeed because at some point I realize -- the -- not gonna change. And I get frustrated. But I -- cable plans are so expensive. But there's no way you can really tailor -- for what you really want to use it's gonna buy into the whole thing -- -- into a significant chunk of so that annoys me. Along the content is owned by these -- -- now I ask how they make united and I can't pick this or that I can understand -- -- climb a -- of subscription yes and I can understand -- for HBO -- ago it just -- effort CNN. I would not to -- Now I would but I mean I go to -- I get excited download the update lets you a little -- candy came through my mind. Update. In a queue the day and nothing nothing for me there's no subscription -- and words you can't know because again it's. That's how the financial model -- seem right it's not selling -- content -- card. CNN is selling its content to the cable operator and to a deal with them you -- actually duplicate that content -- on your iPad touch. There's a whole point dubbed the reason lysine and gets X number dollars from Time Warner Cable or Comcast -- per subscriber. Is because you've got to go to Comcast or whoever gets the NN that's how the entire house that's for the entire house of cards built up. We're not gonna changing times that are right well that it's just -- scientist at any time -- you know -- It's coming up against you've got -- other services. -- totally different but I tell you what didn't realize dedicated menu key here is on display -- can't. And it's frustrating because which one is going to obviously seems there is heading back to you. Traditional cable models through we're gonna we're all gonna go back in that direction and -- where they are like that -- really. -- -- Though they. I I have a fast follow up question -- -- does not have -- that this study changing your Hulu account subscription choices with the significantly raise prices if so to what. Hulu plus to -- I'm not so that I Netflix already have what I mean Netflix. I am yeah I am actually organizing I was like what what you have now what do you switching to -- two desks around and so he's up to and streaming. I read -- -- is a bargain a change I mentioned the new price and she says oh yeah I would drop the -- -- -- and listening on my shelf for months there's no point. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Right now -- -- -- article wrote last week like about things to fix it we don't know that the the the streaming -- -- -- dvds can help patch those holes and now they wanna splitting one or two directions. -- -- -- Ranged in Josh via Netflix discover I am what is your current -- are -- -- -- currently down for bridges it and streaming. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Straight 49 I gotta move alone it's loading it down I'm not live I'm I'm dropping this idea I was streaming only for you -- because I have -- to stream them if got you. Julie quick and -- analysts had on the streaming only. So I never had this they -- I I went from three discs the two disc than they -- rice's last time now I'm gonna go from two to one. I just because -- new releases and and the -- So big a -- overall dropping the part of -- that subscription except for Julie who are to start at plus one yes very quickly to relatively contestants. And ma but but theater -- idea going -- artist -- I'm I'm -- Hit a Jason. Hit -- Jason yeah it's got a can have. Seen as new people that. Up their mind if you win one of the spot if I could -- for US uses only natural and it's in Canada or France or wherever you are exactly. But you have other prizes to. I'm gonna like it home. Like I take it home I get. -- is Josh and I like -- them. The hand and who's gonna represent utility. Going to represent -- that a one aren't -- that. Okay. I'll tell -- And and I HC well I HC LO on HL LI LCI aids the -- Levine -- C -- I fantastic for all set I was gonna run right through it let's see what -- -- their first prize going to be got. Yeah I I I think you'll get this question -- -- not to be the greatest present his Duvall and key it's a true partner -- allow Ricard can never won. I have today I found this premium office -- that they never warned him -- guy -- missile fury super heavy duty teacher a nice it is that's arrows that's that -- -- floating around to repair absolute branded headphones and group. And a a very nice that he can't ginger buddies now. We have too many holiday holiday cake into. -- got a case study -- to question our right. Sony's first walkman branded digital music players as you will -- did not -- MP3 files. What was the name of Sony's proprietary digital music format that they played in stat. What was that. When Sony said oh we're gonna make -- digital music players too but MP3 -- to uses that you're gonna use the Sony format and that is called. -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah what do you yeah it -- -- running and it goes and and actually Sony bring out another new line of launch event never seen a company. Destroy even will brand as quickly as as they did with it. I'm talking providing them out right now that track the magic track bed extract actually gets -- god should know that a trick -- an okay idea do it -- for. And is that part of the you don't even care. -- nothing mustard I have knowing adaptive transform acoustic coding or a check ATR. A C you are correct there you're surprised. So. Then later you'll get a digestive toward -- they'll ship it to the winner which are holding onto a chip that you want it Ryan and -- and -- -- one -- -- Congratulations you've got a question ever to -- this is a good one of like okay I I'm I'm I'm -- generous with this one click the little might be difficult but it might be easy impose -- just have a lot of stuff. It's okay -- part of first. A just -- to passport holder he's gonna travel somewhere -- your passport in that. 288. Dead rising -- some bricks prescription pad please do not try to write any actual medical prescriptions on this and taking your pharmacy. And three. Here's a what are you guys sometimes -- the prizes -- not good enough and I found I found to be rubber floor but he doesn't point -- card. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I didn't realize we lesson I don't have to get one -- benefit. You -- or call off a glorious time known as the nineties -- that the original Napster. Was a peer to peer file sharing music service actually launch 1999. Today that's -- -- -- actually subscription like music service like rhapsody or likes modify what major. Corporation owns Napster right now. Continue to. Move. Used to be replica -- Shawn Fanning. They'll put -- and married and redundant easily back. Allowing them. Nobody got too. Big company but the company illustration. That's an excellent guests that is incorrect -- -- -- -- I don't know in terms gonna guess bmg bmg okay Bertelsmann music group if you didn't know if that's that for and I. There was also -- judge you're gonna video. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Keep them it ain't no good if you don't you plug it as well it's not hyped but I think if I get -- West -- home you've got it. God yes. That's correct well and well I shouldn't say that's the last and -- And analysis and I juvenile cinema now it's -- -- -- Turns -- it's very. Because usually this -- our wrap up this takes -- up to the modern -- deadly I don't have an of the gift card today if you have I went to the Sony event last week. And I won the raffle prizes and -- Even though it was an event about lake who left out the stuff DTV -- the raffle prize was a book by this marathon runner who is there. Run to overcome by mid calf who is he. And it's in inside it's actually signed by him and he says pretty easily run to win this may have. That's met sentiment -- -- I got that. I -- Harry Potter. 23 foot. It's flat flat rate allowing I have -- -- -- yet which is this rage comic book from the upcoming. Video game rage by John carnac the creator of doom and quake -- -- the things. That's his new game coming -- here's the comic book science. -- a valuable collector's item to be sure. There anyway and of course -- -- but if you. The patents -- modify it actually launched without 2008 which are believed that it's been around for along time this is your question engine -- 2000 attachments on a final launch for the first time sickness that want to get here in the US country to get started -- the care. As. Is that you're just -- -- -- encrypt. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And ended in them and not and they should've -- -- -- of monitoring the chat room during these questions that people like throughout the answers than Google stuff. On pol. That it -- actually do you know this by -- can't remember which are running happily. I -- them all without Morris was -- Sweden. Yes they do they go. Here the I got the -- is -- -- over here very nice I don't like mad that Swedish yeah it has an analyst. It's totally -- -- to there I've ever so I usually so nonchalant about it. Though iTunes is my -- -- and elsewhere then I thought was quite interesting -- and Sweden as the birthplace of a lot of cool surprising. -- gains is in my free adversaries. Alike and channel to see a Dyson has so many other than the of the game developers lot of good -- -- the funeral. Now they -- are very excited when -- music tells -- that we've run out of time. But this has been a lot of fun if you really good chats today we have two good questions everything everything -- 1 I -- nothing left I'm I'm I'm I'm being empty handed but that's done. I thank you -- -- for joining us everything you'd like to plug. Right camera view so treat those pleas for Tweeter sound then I'll assume about -- I'd rather get that that -- -- -- analyst that's not okay they counted Scott has just got I don't -- -- just like the country it's rated films and we did. As far as I saturn's Avic I know affiliations what's gonna we have any -- service modify code that says people can't get his or when you turn in the US -- sending a thirty -- I'll put those up on the FaceBook fan page -- -- -- just could -- but can type in digital city podcast. Any event effects. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

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