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Buzz Out Loud: Ep 1339: Bring back the rabbit ears!

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Buzz Out Loud: Ep 1339: Bring back the rabbit ears!

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It's time to start a TV revolution: over-the-air and over-the-top. Join us, won't you? And maybe someone can build the blog for us? In other news, Apple may be trying for a home run where Google struck out, with carrier-independent phone sales. And watch Oompa Loompas build the next Mars lander, live! --Molly

Thursday October 20. -- -- -- -- -- I'm Rick Adelman I'm Donald bell I -- Hollywood welcome to buzz out loud CNET podcast -- -- -- link that episode 1239. The giants coach. The program -- it is in the best mood today it. Ever and those are not everybody and AdAware buyer and a death from gonna load. A lot of screaming involved in it was a big -- girl. And I think that's probably it for the dance -- and there -- you know don't say that. They do need they have other games and I'm really cool I think there's -- there with them there but. Hopefully. It. -- -- -- -- him on the technique that. I -- With few baseball analogies for every tech story and we'll highlight a loss that the end. And and you know well I will bet that. Apple got somebody warming up in the bullpen and it appears to be a special sim card that -- can. -- in Europe -- via phone via the web or at the Apple Store cutting out carriers. Just getting phones working using Apple's app store this. Didn't get another large tech company attempt such a maneuver in the past recently -- believed they did and it fall on their sectors. And I believe they did well on their -- yours although I believe the Nexus One is still selling well in -- -- Hello maybe -- the whole idea the whole idea is you go to in this case Apple not Google. And you buy the phone and -- -- -- you and then you get it. And then you decide which carrier you want it's like if you have a European PC. And you open it up you turn -- the first time in that which browser -- as well as which carrier -- -- remained in which the carriers. Don't really like. Oh no because then their kind of cut out of the -- -- become that dumb pipe. And not only -- and then in the case of Apple not only are they out of the app store game but -- out of the device retail game as well that's -- -- and all across the -- that's the thing that Google in hand and it is they didn't have a retail space to sell there product news is strictly -- -- and they needed retail because they were only selling online and there are -- nobody wanted to buy Google. Hardware without actually touching it you know you don't like buying shoes without trying a month but everybody knows about the I -- I feel like -- Google -- district applicant have a camera and the people know. What the iPhone had like what it looks like what it does how to operate the mean if you know it's a known quantity -- and so there is some possibility that that this scheme could work. For Google it would be it would apparently come for Apple thanked him via thin card manufacturer -- -- though. Is not a former VOL host -- -- -- if he can look. Anyway especially created in card and and make it the dropped and carrier Terry. Let's think it's not really sim card and -- its built in it's not it's like a matter removable thing right -- -- -- -- V specials be able programmable -- or some phone that rewrites since you'd get. So with GSM phones the same is what carries the carrier interface made a connection codes and all that stuff. So you would get this phone. And you have a sim in it that won't work and in the network that you wouldn't have to say hey eighteenth he or Rogers or arms are photo whatever send -- -- That's team would work with all my thorough read this story I thought it was -- here's another story of how Apple screwing the consumer by making a non removable. No it isn't that phone is getting isn't very pro consumer at first -- Apple. It's grew them later but at first this is really good carriers still have to allow let's clarify and the carriers do you still have to allow the phones around and and a operate on the network yet -- that that could still be that that can just. Torpedo that -- -- right if you know they -- For at various executives from various French carriers have been visiting Cupertino in recent weeks. These European carriers say. Hey good idea -- -- enough. I mean it right there's some possibility that things we don't want we don't want Idaho where we don't want. IPhone data traffic gonna really gonna seminar. -- is the iPhone and why would -- Now that Apple can and can just kind of force people that -- to do with. You know whatever Apple when -- Apple wants him on -- that position where what they say goes right. Yeah essentially what it does is it it takes the carrier down to basically make an app that you install on your phone it in there and mean it diminishes -- that such a degree where it's just like it's. A one time -- -- you have of which now. Now we're here and you're gonna installment that's the last can't think about it now what about contracts though on what you want to change people and telegraphed pretty sure what -- you wanna change. You know is this a rewrite -- programmable theme or is this some kind of bring universal access. Where that seems kind of not really in the same anymore in the phone. And with a I would -- AC it has sounded like from the -- that it was a re programmable internal thing it's not gonna happen not removable and any fan of every item soldering Iron Man blowtorch yeah oh you're right it's as if that's here it's an embed of -- -- -- is. Has an upgrade able flash component and a rom area though the smarts him yeah well I mean sim cards are essentially like oh at least in their current state they're just like a memory they're like are they. There in there and there. They're not a right -- Apple -- thing. And -- that I remember when they have broken down for me is essential that the little piece like a Flash Memory look at it that right that information they make it locked down -- -- hard it. The crypt the data then back down. It would it merely insisting that -- if they do this because. Because I think there's no question they would succeed at it where Google failed because they have the stores people know what get you know they can so go play with yep and by the -- -- out. And she's the carrier but it would be a huge it. C change it it would be this sea change that Google is hoping to force but this in this case it actually would be and an Apple would completely. As techcrunch points out alienate. Some of their -- their biggest partners. And potentially lose another retail -- I mean -- no matter how many stores they have in Europe but are -- willing to say. Okay it's fine with me of Orange doesn't. Even put iPhone in the window I -- it is because then they they've both there's just on the phones -- the Apple retail Thursday that a great retail presence at the -- there also I mean. It would seem to be contrary to what else they drink has right now right they're they're putting iPad in every -- you -- but iPad -- -- hot dogs are pretty -- again. Here's a hot -- and the nail right insert slot -- that they have -- everywhere. Would -- then go the completely opposite direction iPhone in Europe that can. Kind of weird it would be -- very gutsy move but I would not put it past Apple. It can connect to -- the one thing that I would really like the -- -- the extension of this -- whole thing is if you could have a phone. That could you could reprogram on the fly to different networks let's say you're a world traveler. And you want to you know you wanna leave the US and go to you know France and you wanna be on -- different networks that your data rates are more reasonable he'd just run -- and also on your different network -- -- I mean -- -- -- -- mobile. Phone and all that -- -- all. Often often yes -- -- this becomes the de facto standard and I'll be great for the consumer pressure. -- -- -- a terabyte that the carriers and it may be charged extra analogous they really don't like it. And one of the things they can view is charge extra like to bring your own device eight men like a -- Okay thanks and which would be like on court at nine time with products is worth the corporate normally if you know exactly -- let's let's let's do it that's -- the two that's get a product that would this have a device here that we pay for and then and access the over here. And will pay for the flexibility -- questions how much yet. So will be obviously keeping in Diana and the heart warming faction and look -- the lock in and the carriers will lose it which is. -- -- and a one we might actually see for example on pricing that isn't complete fiction yeah it might actually respond to the market and be you know. Relatable. Components within -- -- -- -- Also crazy talk apparently the FTC has decided that battle street view -- my data collection thing with Google enact them leaving. Collected a bunch information and they said that it was just totally random bits then that'll actually over the emails passwords and complete text emails and phone numbers and things like that -- recently. If if you decided that all of that. Is no big no big it's it's not even know they -- there's not even is trying to find the site a slap on there -- it's -- Oh you're sorry and you promised to do better from -- carry on and can. Yeah I closed the inquiry played like what kind of girls did they said hey hey hey iGoogle and today at the -- because -- I hope all well and they took what of those Google busses and telling you. Yeah like LA -- as a whole party that's. They did instead of writing about the name leg weekend. That it that we cannot be in the Google. They get the good thing that that if he I mean seriously though what it's either that -- the FTC deciding -- Google is the future of our country. So clearly they are not to be messed it I -- not even I. -- -- -- I pressed this button and that's the -- last week -- like Google is like. Found their way out of billions of dollars in tax revenue yeah although -- taxes that yeah as always eventually I think we did over inflate the number just the little happy and has the story got it wrong but -- that. We have excellent Steve -- might have been nice way to get them Montana and packet and you know variability. Wow. Google said in a statement we welcome the news that the FTC has closed its inquiry and recognize the steps we've taken to improve our internal control -- -- And this say this looks like -- -- -- rule to screw up again in the in the future really does and yeah Google army the FTC and can understand them striking a deal with global were saying we understand -- -- doing you know. Pay the four million dollar fine we'll call it even for now. But don't do it again or but this is it's like okay done. -- it's less than had this is bad parenting is what this isn't really about parenting here actually right this is permissive parenting of the worst kind edges. I mean. Wow that does it feel like Google has reached the ultimate -- to Phil says he only got the rise in oil brat is -- there. -- and convicted -- -- -- which is the worse the -- yeah yeah it's terrifying. -- integrate well leads you -- never allow only come back some exciting new choices for if you decide to purchase the -- T-Mobile and sprint have confirmed that they will offer the Samsung galaxy tab for 400 dollars. With a two year contract. Which I -- slightly odd pricing concerning that Verizon -- for the tablet for 600 dollars. With no contract. I think Verizon contract version two -- -- that 600 dollar -- no right whoop -- -- -- Well -- on but what but the way Apple. Hey at at and 2000 -- I thank you very much you bison for 400 bucks on contract who are. Stuck into this in between her you know mama bear product actually is not because it's both it's both too big and too small the same time I agree I don't. For like. Two years for two grand and because -- paying. Yet now I contracts by that it is also there's another news announcement -- acting US sell yours picking up -- tab you today announced price and it -- we have police have can we please have. -- you -- can I buy a universal thing or device contract from the carrier. And -- my phone my tablet might whatever it is just all the devices like the swap them in and out and that'll be content are property for three years just let me have -- device flexibility as it's called universal data plan bank or you're right I -- write up my right there. And that is definitely an act like that's the way to go -- -- the universal data plan and -- the idea I mean. And if you're going to -- device -- contact like T-Mobile and sprint are doing. Why wouldn't -- -- why don't need -- you need to at least make it cheap enough to make it worth my while 200 dollars off. Of the no contract is like. Yeah and -- still if there's still plenty of their year fees on top of that to the guys years. A minimum of like 29 dollars a month or two gigabyte data plan and sixty dollar a month. -- game plan. I'm intrigued I like activation termination fees all the things that it folded into that it's it's a pricey device delivery fees nuisance the I think -- -- the only major -- hasn't announced the price. -- today and ago I I like and I don't actually don't think that that pattern that is that. That for the gathering all that it also I don't wanna missed an opportunity for applied here I admire you for is up. On us yeah check that and then and we have it you know weird -- In case you missed this earlier election -- -- what's in the video later. It's that it's seven inches is like a little smaller than you would think yeah but I think it's really like you can hold the company. Wow that's what she says -- I can't. Do you think. That's -- the FCC said. -- -- yes today I'm so glad to Carol -- -- Beth yeah. And blessing they it's. It's -- and I -- -- like I do like as mammy in my ultimately -- before it uses it's been a great device it's it's. It still feels more like the extra large Smartphone via an expert -- it is weird too because I held up and next to my -- Next my Samsung fascinate then yesterday at a public heard the name for when you first got it and -- thinking -- Well these are almost the thing in my you know if that'll make my -- I'm not much bigger the the biggest problem I think for the county tab now is that -- Via yeah that's two and fifty bucks and it can do. Forty to 50% of what back into it like woo. Yeah and he is so well we've already seen a lot of inexpensive. And buried tablets out there in out and that's that's. You know. Segment of the market that's already been pretty well established and no -- will be -- to do. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That's this is this is actually a perfect size as a book. Isn't and -- and out into intense that with a while yet I want this might the critical -- -- like 13. As much as an iPad yeah yeah. Yeah really I mean nothing differently when but what I thought my -- -- light. And if I -- -- but I mainly but I I like the added functionality of email things like that but I mainly use it for reading and that's that's totally this I want. Now and then I bring my computer -- Though we're gonna have I think coming -- that. That I iPad especially since I had I don't know you'll be back though you're always go back and equipment maybe I'll just give it I will not -- I will not. They don't get electrocuted. -- let's make it permanently has. Let's move on for a moment to some good news if you have had travels of Comcast and most. This is shot in front of -- badly -- to -- this. All things. 275000. Cable subscribers last quarter. That Comcast plus 622000. Subscribers in the first nine months. Of 2010. In other they continue to insist that this is not the results. People going over the top and getting rid of -- so that they can get it you know from the Internet or am -- boxes or whatever they just say it's evidence that the economy. Which is which is plausible. Because Comcast cable fees if you get like a reasonable package are extraordinarily high and anything. Yeah and if you if you -- or what shows you want to watch. And they are available over the top. Which side note they're generally not but if you have Atlantic of the five or six shows you wanna watch and you figure out how much -- coffee at my Netflix Hulu whatever. -- be a lot -- and Comcast -- the problem is that they're not. I mean even if you get a the real coup and who plus you're still not be able to get -- your show. Yeah well I think it also it says -- interesting kind of like fracturing of the Comcast. Mind here where. The cutting the cord one -- the other whether it's because it's too expensive -- on principle right. There's still there's -- pending part of their allegiances drivers is the downward trend I mean it like quibbling over why they're doing it is. Matt I mean meanwhile is lower than him price -- -- exactly the distinction without a different to begin and you say the reason is -- the reason is that you've lost more than half million subscribers nine months right maybe you wanna make it cheaper publicly declared that when they can't because we've got. Fox and those -- turn up the carriage fees. Well over the -- Over the air and it really over the air and over the top is to is to -- the perfect combinations again go over the air and many -- about the Netflix and Amazon and -- -- that is -- -- -- -- which is what they'll need to -- -- bring -- the rabbit -- -- that they actually and I know -- -- I ads in the Chatham has agreed. This was this was podcasts. This'll -- and it's all about like going. Going to cut the cord in doing over there companies and I really like and its its patents and. -- plug -- like it but I am a long time -- rumor. Okay interesting story today on wired. About. AA copyright troll who called right -- right haven which has built up a little cottage industry around intellectual property law. They are offering. For a fee of 105 dollars. The EU the ability to register a DM -- takedown agent with the US Copyright Office -- basically setting up a little like point of contact. In the Copyright Office saying at -- 105 dollars. So now you can't come along and -- me for things that may have been posted in my comments section. Or responses to my -- I think the -- Here to the DM CA right. The register to the audience paper 105 dollars and anti right haven is doing right Arriaga to have -- so here's the thing that I didn't know about if you registered to the DM -- front -- dollars with. The name of the -- point of contact right. And then there is a takedown notice that it's your site -- -- thing knows who contact -- and a contact you and then you're protected by think Harvard's long -- you follow the takedown notice. And what this troll is doing is finding companies that haven't done that registration. Filing takedown notices and then collecting the damages because the because they haven't done. Paid what I consider here and here's with a rant -- Q&A ridiculous tax on running a web -- -- 105 dollar to register. A name with the DM CAD into -- it's called the about page -- somebody files a takedown notice with me about. On whatever side it is we'll tell you who to contact you shouldn't have to Ada register. For the Internet is beyond that those Wallach extortion and I mean isn't it had -- then PS PS a little bit now -- won't cover thugs come over and Enron before you know hundreds of thousands of dollars and it. Yet it's not -- not specifically their it's as -- haven is the company that has come up with the sort of ingenious you know method of finding the good people to -- -- right but it's absolutely certain part of the US government which has created and put into place the blob that contains a safe harbor provisions -- so no matter what you do. -- are protected. By -- loss to the idea. That you would have to defend yourself more if you don't pay them a 105 dollars as it is the worst kind of shake them out to plot out -- it's government mop two which is the Batman Libyans they shouldn't be that. They should be a a free way to -- having to pay to register is X is I don't I itself was artists don't believe it's yeah it's happening. Yeah -- the other and they'll alarming part of this too is that. Well in most of these cases. The the take down isn't because of something that -- the actual site owners posted right but from a comment -- unlike in response to a link where they might quote of apart from that piece in the New York Times -- -- something that is not you know book doesn't belong on site right which is where it which is. Where safe harbor supposed to protect you know anybody can post anything they want on CNET. And we're protected by safe harbor because. It's it's an open form and that the flip side is that if we get a notice that somebody's -- copper content into our comments and we have to remove it. Well that's the safe harbor only the safe harbor part we are also -- or even prior to the DMC a bit we're protected by the communications decency act which is what it ultimately. Allows you to be. Held not liable for things that are -- in your comments and it would and that gave immaculate. There late eighties I think -- the early ninety's so there's so there's a double protection in place from him but then on top of that there's a protection racket and around a 105 dollars what it which is just like I know that the government has come up with some crazy these in the past but the idea that this would be the difference between like. No lawsuit and a potentially multi thousand or hundreds of thousands of dollars lawsuit it's just -- content. The where the where where the story kind of I'm beginning to look loser here is -- optional -- an attorney with the electronic frontier foundation -- you know it. -- an organization that's all about the rights of people who run web -- stuff that's. The DNC's good deterrent from being sued he says complying with conditions of eligibility for the safe harbor is a good thing to do them you'll probably prevents -- from doing in the first place which is -- directive directive -- years that you should register right. Well I just don't see how. No reason at all it doesn't get your email like -- -- phone number put into a registry -- -- just recently met a standard race like when you launch a blog on blogger dot com it's like. The NCA registry click here and you're email address will be put into the meta description of your site so when there's a -- down -- the NCA. Action they can find it -- they'd done that doesn't cost -- hundred why don't think authority -- -- -- in his argument of who is kind of look up on any kind of you a lot of your Al a lot of games well a lot of Guinness look at the protective and I still I think the government would be allowed some kind of an. -- actually inflate it it feels a little bizarre world when he read especially like. This quote bench after the highly ranked Hollywood copyright attorney says there's a reason the DM -- demanded -- agent. And he says the idea is you need to make it easy for copyright owners to locate who use and infringement notices you mimics and he said they shouldn't have to go hunting around yet. Correct which is why I say put it in about. It makes a meta tag that goes on the about in the about -- meta technicals and every web page yeah. That's Canadian that the good technological solution. What is underwent a racket on both sides technology beats the mob if they're racket from right haven and from the Fed. Let's move on -- does it feel like we never should have mentioned the white iPhone. Because now there's no way out of hunting like never seen that codes -- that it. Apparently. According to cult of Mac it was delayed not because they couldn't get the color I -- because among other things but because it can't take -- pictures and the reason -- can't take good pictures is because light. Leaks through the lightness and in to the image sensor especially when using the flash but that translucent white plastic. Transmits light what's what's sensor -- is that okay we don't know. Yes. Actually yes and our -- got the latest thing that we've heard about it and god and god help us help with -- -- -- -- from. Google has -- to -- anything please search if you very is the places app on your Android phone you know -- off amended that if they like what the army. And how to get there in word like out what -- the rating will now there -- introducing that as a search feature. In the results on the actual Google pages and local search results that organizes information around specific places and locations. Gives you ratings information like stars from I think people were rated on Google but -- also -- to insert Yelp. Yeah and so on and then marks the result in that he could just read it and. It's kind of almost the Yelp killer when you're on a on a PC with a browser as what do you do when -- -- -- you'll -- go to -- you're gonna hotel -- -- in a city never been in -- -- Chinese food near me boom yeah and did Google now does that interest presents -- result in such a nice way. You know puts on a map gives you the ratings from Google other places and it's -- an end run around Yelp. Yeah it's pretty cool although I -- and -- an -- Yelp still has some pretty great features blanket and tells you what's open. That means the killer feature that you're looking for somebody eat later in the evening and it'll tell you not only what's nearby and are there are little -- you can search sort by what -- open. It's kind as an app armory. Will playing your evening for you. First but here -- go there and then there's the really cool after party it be -- whatever and look I would I do wanna use the Google and actually can Yelp and generally I'm totally like. I don't know -- an -- it's is that the ratings are meaningless to me and him. A lot of times because it it gives you like the -- -- place doesn't like the highest rate of places -- the really and -- there's none of filtering options to you know into the that you really need. That are at the parade of -- -- continues today amber -- the TSA has announced has clarified. The deal with the MacBook air and whether it can sail through security in your bag or not it turns out one of them to end the eleven inch MacBook. Air is TSA approved you can put that through your bag -- with -- -- through put the X -- without taking have you back the thirteen inch model. However does have to be removed because the TSA says. It's something that it's. Because I -- it's small -- smaller than ordinary sized computers don't have to be chip don't have to be examined but the bigger normal sized ones do. You which I say -- say it. What kind of weird back room deal came up with this I mean -- -- machines are pretty much the same on the inside anyway. It's not -- -- -- Apple deal they apparently according that if they like they did relax the rules for smaller computers earlier this year which apparently no one bothered to report. And I again dare you to try -- the rule that rule -- that electronic items smaller than the standard sized laptop. Whenever that standard of yes thank you should not need to be removed from your bag or from their -- I -- he did they have I -- if you put it. That any laptop or netbook through the scanner do you think that PSA all these -- three scanners have -- -- -- -- know the difference between the internal X ray signature. Of this MacBook Air versus any other computer. Today the person I -- actually they'll be cool because then they would -- look at the Dell 600 but there's an extra partner that we don't know what it is like it and everything -- go through. I mean how hard could be where this dramatic of all these are these that the -- mr. -- all these machines. To be put into the computers so that when there is something that looks wrong etiquette like them all laptops go through -- on the back nine -- environmental company and yet. He's done I think as later I'm gonna I'm gonna -- X ray images of all laptops and existence. Sell it to the TSA my -- -- there you go not is not -- report on sort of anymore and that is the start up yet that it. I can report -- -- -- -- by the way I know -- we did report -- few days ago but we're now clarifying what the rule -- nobody -- -- what what the deal with it but apparently the little one of the big one. And it it it's kind of ironic because just yesterday them chairman of British Airways Michael -- Freaked right that fell out. At this conference and airport operators is basically saying that the US TSA is arbitrary. Ridiculous. Inconsistent. And and and illogical. At best. Wow what a shocker yeah. But at least I mean really at least now you know that it's sort of -- topic is even airline operators like. Oh you remember after grabber though -- think with after the shoe bomber people who were coming back from London this wasn't the US did this this was. Security in London put people on airplanes -- eleven hour flights with no carry on no books. I think basement of the people were sitting there and these airplanes with nothing to do but means there are nine. Okay they have not by the -- clicked through to the TSA -- to see if they and Amy way even attempted to -- fine. A standard size laptop. -- If -- at the discretion of if they gains we here so what world power -- yet. -- limit on space news today we have like a whole passel of NASA news. NASA picked up and it's pretty -- -- live web -- at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena California to show. Technician. Does it really Robert have a cool thing is -- -- -- let me tell what they're doing assembling and testing the next NASA Mars -- over -- -- -- the cool thing as this Mars rover is the same size as the old monitor -- to those guys are actually the new NASA shrunken technicians. -- That the. We'll blows -- actually know who the new Newman and make a browser plug and play -- -- while they're working. Now via. And there are two Mars rover starts today and this is the new Martha over the the building right now and it is it looks pretty much like the same weird six wheel design of the existing Mars -- except car size as opposed to radio control cars first -- -- and -- -- -- if Milliken about don't get too attached because you know they send them updated. Yes but they they live forever in my the other -- -- -- other marks are over. -- the -- one of them the other one. Set down the -- that we don't in about 8859. It but kindly and then it went silent. You think it bought that there is gonna ever any rescue ship can afford it was like hey guys -- yet. Now. I'm just say don't get your cat. So the other marks are or -- little -- mini the group that point size Mars -- over the -- has apparently discovered subsurface water. On mark's been stuck there for awhile and they finally figured out why. -- it stuck in mud as I -- that's right forget almost be -- Because -- -- it anyway is that it's been stuck there for awhile and they think that there's been like layers of water over the iams millennia have been sleeping in and they found it with this little rover that's been sitting there waiting for the rescue ship for -- Evans will loud spirit Phoenix the one that went out there and with beating the one that was treating them bringing them -- -- -- -- this movement and. Does a good thing and got -- But anyway it's giving that -- -- because Napster and it's turning out there's more and more water than we ever -- I'm marketplace and now -- -- -- So when we get off this -- -- go there and hopefully they can at least. Rescue spirit live wherever I -- How about anyone really above -- but the one way tickets marked for explores in favor post. Well at least they can -- up that point there they sent it yet. -- -- Hope that spirit in Phoenix. There are good -- -- is actually am I'm totally pro this on the -- when NASA is working on a project called solar shield. They're working on a solar storm shield. Which is really useful because whenever you have those huge solar storms -- given more and more common lately. They can knock out telecommunications equipment data not GPS -- -- caused blackouts of electrical grid and and they say that frequency of the sun's -- have been following the eleven year cycle. So they're expecting the next solar maximum. Around 2013. After which it matters that'll be -- -- twelve only on matter that. In -- actually most likely it comes early in the not what doesn't and -- But should we get to 2013 there will be this once in -- hundred year event think it causes widespread power blackouts cripple -- -- secrets around the world. And so they're working on projects solar shield. Right which is will it's not actually that the gonna put a joint and well -- around here sadly that's mine that's my plan they rejected it that was -- -- got some bang it. What it is is when they see these giant. Events and the CME's -- -- projections which send these giant magnetic flux is towards earth which can. Disrupt these power lines which act as huge antennas and -- all out of balance and overload. They'll see this coming to be able to print it to where that's going to land and what -- gonna have on the power lines and then they can shut down -- -- -- or reconfigure the lines before the event reaches earth. So that is better adaptive pretty good yes -- -- springs eternal and -- an anomaly present though way to -- -- I put -- your voice mail all you guys cannot get enough of the make state and boy we are shocked at the number of mixed tape failures. That have occurred apparently overtime. Today is tale of willow comes from. It -- group -- the analysts and Phoenix again. This is -- regards to the magic stick my song would be everything I do I do for you by Bryan Adams. Story behind this. Actually had a crush in fourth grade. Gave gave a mixed tape with that song and you know it's your favorite song. Give it to my best friend. To deliver along with financial Lucknow. Little did I took into account. My best friend was also named Mac and had only excited mad at the bottom. So sure enough they were coupled -- and the following week and I wish brushed well they are now -- the -- no complaints. They've got back. What's that. Wow well maybe it was meant. And then once -- -- we get a voicemail hear at at by the aloud from. From far far away. And if we have some thoughts about where our next caller might have to look into the lab. Yeah yeah. -- -- I that -- -- that is where that's Hoff. That's the little robot Android imperial draw I did is he kind look at the track and now we know -- -- anyway the draft where the rebels aren't. I. Their excitement I think could be spirit -- Phoenix rover and could be maybe meaning is okay half -- -- talent not by. Or or -- obviously is a huge error the half -- -- or that the throw it open and idea -- -- has come back to writing and feature on either. Allow that good stuff. Alright -- expert thinks that it tracked the camera. It's a -- and of the reverend that's part. Of the bailout. I had received from -- Livonia. Which I think is an -- freedom audience says a suggestion for -- the Cablevision customers that are not getting all the -- you are paying for. Contact customer service tell -- you -- credit for stations you are not getting. Both bright house cable and DISH Network having giving and giving me credits in the path. That's my -- -- was it right that's a good idea. Yeah that's a really good idea you know and hopefully it happen in enough numbers that would kind of pressure everybody. You know little mini rant here the whole idea of carriage fees that are paid for by the cable carriers I'd say it's time to cut the -- -- Really that's the -- -- just a crazy idea let's if I wanna watch box. Let me pay fox to -- today. And I'll say two -- today. -- Dude ballot card debate has been raging this time there it is time I mean every Tuesday it's -- it's these guys -- the ones were collecting energy though the company. Bundles. Bundled -- -- -- -- over the top. I like I think we should start a movement to bring back the rabbit ears movement -- and it's gonna be -- the dough over the air and over the top button. OT AN TT -- gravity is often the blog but and I'm. If the audience it's like anything you. Or I'll read it if you click configure and then my contribution which I get -- -- all tweaked. It. -- -- right then and think Molly discuss her iPad issues and -- -- episode was like a flash back to team up and talking about -- -- -- abusive acts as that they kept going back to you. -- -- -- -- -- Steve is this Napoli dressed Porsche driving tech quarterback you take you to exclusive restaurant in walled garden he orders the drinks and dinner in French and has a manner that makes the -- -- seem. The surgical. But after a month it's harder to deal with this court he always orders the meals and even in this thundering and in French even -- in Italian restaurant. He throws -- your favorite routines because their Nat T the final -- when he takes you to a spot in the hairdresser to cut your hair the way he like that. You storm out and -- -- off. Until after you lackluster month may be a blind date with did you -- -- -- the exotic -- -- Find Steve again through the iPad. Things are great to believe in but then it starts all over. -- signs you up for paying. When -- complain about your reception he tells you that it's your fault because you're holding it -- and that everyone signal bars do that the -- -- vanishes when he swears off external dependency. Then comes a day. You then -- the -- take away the orientation lock switch and they remain mute -- so you won't be so out of it's okay -- Steve wanted to know he'll forgive you when he releases the next I product it's not. Your fault you can't live up to his standard. Ball well and -- but we'll let it. We have Jesse from Denver here that's all -- true. Yeah it's not and in the in my mind that he had let you all in on this who you trend in computer entertainment Japan. Yeah I'm positive voice synthesizers using a cartoon voice -- cartoon voice actor for the -- line. Things live concert using virtual 3-D avatar of a popular -- in the character -- and again. Yeah it -- oh man so we -- -- talked about the time on gadget it's like a pretty. It's -- popular band. In Japan. It's Palestinian -- -- -- -- the Japanese pop diva. The program that she's a total -- -- who did not a real human. And her voice I think is just think. X Nader real thing most popular singer who has -- -- and Carty voice actress with bit. Yeah. This is not to be clear this -- so I'm not a hologram this is a projection probably two -- to collapse that my theory anyway. Yeah well whatever that's -- industry is and it -- -- Baghdad. A -- hologram. Feels about them now. I know. I don't really know and real the front and it's not that many out of it plays at. I -- -- world -- think that time rob low hedge against data Cinderella is an. I mean Yamaha is -- laid it provides -- means to create the realistic and I think you could hear from the -- Those crazy. That's -- feature music right there. There you go yet. Seems he's just as good as the beam. -- -- I had an inhumane and really got another one here from who's found among Google -- Joke joke doesn't -- -- because it's in the episode we talking about mixed tapes and had this -- to share with you. There's this girl I really like back in eighth grade in 1997. And I want to mix tape for. Lots and doesn't Hoover geek back then and now I'm -- -- -- -- I aide I got -- was dad sat me gimmicks floppy disk sympathetic. I waited until all highlight from -- -- -- -- on the radio and record it with the windows sound recorder. And encoded onto an MB three into an MP3 managed to cram until one point four megabyte floppy. Call allow me this is the added that. Oh she was no good for you anyway that they were incompatible including -- I don't have floppy disk in a boombox there for him. -- -- -- really had better. Look and out of our media are compatible. Ha ha well -- They make tape have you ever be almost as good as makes it. Suggestions but that makes a big deficit through Heathrow and -- -- -- the much better their -- but we have will we ever really get -- started for the the top makes it sound and man you guys must -- like either life in girl while the -- is half of them and now. Anyway we will post the old playlist tomorrow and announced the method of our shuffle giveaway we hope. It by now on our blog be allowed -- cnet.com our email address is buzz at cnet.com and -- -- -- It's 106162638. If you wanna the I think -- doing my --
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