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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1337: It's one thing to sniff the cookie...

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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1337: It's one thing to sniff the cookie...

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It's our long-awaited Nerd Show (i.e., episode 1337), and in my opinion, we rose to the occasion admirably. Our show covers everything from the iPhone security secret sequence to how to become a lazy hacker. Plus, WiFi Direct certification, a ghostly white iPhone sighting, and PAT vs. NAT. Again. -- m011yW00t

Today's Tuesday. The replacements anytime somebody -- result I -- middlemen -- -- Gibson. I'm Hollywood welcome to buzz out loud to let -- -- -- -- -- -- and -- and -- -- -- -- and. So cool yeah today I'm. This isn't gonna and -- today. It can count one of 1337. If it's -- leaders well leader guy is in in in in many -- case. Delete spree in fact this isn't gonna happen again forever until until episode 31337. -- we're gonna do you really. Old. Happening. But I'm still here we get that -- that they're violent repeat them take me -- -- You're brilliant thirty year when he -- -- have any other. Like one last thing future that Iran has I had -- -- right and if you are joining us live and don't even think about coming into the chatroom where you change your name into the lead speak version of your name -- -- -- name. I'm Molly Wood with -- the bass -- -- the united Molly loot. Era Saturday we have like a bunch of dirty news and we have the chief honored with us solve an -- and -- and ornaments that'll. -- -- We're just party with the whole -- hackers. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You don't -- -- -- max out your credit card and do it because you're not gonna have to pay for it. Oh yeah with -- -- go to our Q&A couple hundred other hackers at Guinness world in the what's into the world sometime between twelve and added them. Actually it's it's 2038 when you next time code and -- Oh yeah that would be in the world. Speaking of the end of the world iPhone users. What. The the iPhone users. You know password -- you've -- your phone yeah. That thing yeah yeah not not I have a theory government that's my phone -- -- a little -- I know. The tell you why I'm the only one in this whole room with with an iPhone and a member -- toss out the window because -- -- the threat level wired dot com reports that there is a quick and easy -- -- to the pass code which is something online. Pound pound pound. Block. -- long -- and Auckland and and then it opens up the phone application your iPhone -- like that. And you can see everybody I called. And and my hope contact list and have an access to the phone not the whole phone phone just the phone application that's -- -- -- -- Not all of this for the longest time I think they're just trying to can tell you this is the most pathetic back -- -- I have ever seen in my entire life deciding like 123. You know. -- this press that button hold down to think time. I read this sat down AV aviation -- even easier is that. I read this story fickle and -- I think I tried it parent I am so let's give their point. Yeah well being but we take a -- points from Apple for this incredibly and Apple are definitely minus 200 -- yet definite -- is keeping stores its its keeping score so that's what's up excellent Atlanta a few million the -- says that you get access also -- the photo gallery and what can. Oh really just the unhappy that's what I try -- when I tried it it gave me access to the phone app -- hit the home button nothing happened. -- -- -- any other apps. Wired dot com tried out the procedure a complete fix that I've been running I north -- -- that if -- -- -- the latest version. Yet it is that what it -- -- whole thing to me and tell people I mean -- -- -- -- but -- tapping emergency call -- first then you -- pound pound -- Then the green call button and -- -- immediately press the lock button on the top of the phone and then you are in the phone app with being tired directory contact list call histories and everything without the password and it works and any. Current up to date non jail broken I -- phone that is for it earlier I got to minus two million or -- yeah well I mean we've all -- that physical security once you have act once you can touch the device all bets are off so why -- I think they can do it over the net is super -- the thing to my arm. And he's gonna point of putting it -- -- point is that if you lose physical act that -- to the phone that you it is protected. -- and I point went well that I guess the world's one other. That that are computers are tied to -- -- -- -- -- by the -- not even the first time that there's been a problem with the act on a similar security -- -- on the open in 2008. Allowed people to easily bypassed collecting -- mail contact and book -- one of the many reasons that a lot of IT. Departments. Are -- a Blackberry and tell the end of the world she cruise yeah yeah. -- the thing you know it's just not considered a secure enterprise ready now. And I and Andy and I I predict. I mean I don't know when you put in the security enterprise security protocols if it might if it fixes this problem you know because there and you can provision phones when they're in an enterprise you have like a one minute timeout with six character Menem and all that and stuff -- you don't don't normally do -- -- consumer -- I don't know if that fixes this problem might. I don't know if it doesn't it's like. Turn that IT departments that they know iphones if you're elite nerd and I hope you -- -- then -- okay because apparently cannot be replicated according -- -- are on jail broken. See -- -- tell us on the idea that was not able to -- RNC just don't worry it's not like there's a bunch of hackers out there that are looking to steal your I'll wait there's a 100000 more of them now. They just all endowment of fires -- congratulations you're now hacker lady hackers when -- anxious. We talked about actually yesterday it is -- it is the Firefox plugin that allows you to basically hijack anyone. FaceBook or Twitter account you can kind of -- -- cookie on your on the same land. And now techcrunch is reporting that roughly 24 hours that -- relief -- -- -- has been downloaded. More than a 104000. I don't. You know I mean why and they just download little backtrack for and -- Ettercap check the dependency may be -- some karma. You know lake this isn't -- hard people IP tables -- on this order hamster and ferret running. You did download a little thingy oh are you click run and then it and it goes -- that people like if any would be a hacker now. Hackers -- possible. No enemy and I'm not -- and even you'd be impressed that regularly you know anymore -- whatever it is Dominic and to implement not to be clear this only works on an encrypted weapon or even on the -- but won't work right now okay that's pretty -- on a public Wi-Fi network although that is where you're most likely to be more or in your grandma why don't you convince them to think that your network is their network. Starbucks and Perkins plus karma it's gonna connect at all although I all of the dollar by they have they have a lot it'll log in screen but they wanted to they're on right -- H if you go to Leo public weapon you don't have to enter passwords just to even connect. And yeah it's all -- -- -- whenever you get -- got a little spot now you want to connect anyway known you get the splash page -- -- -- need to take to web page now that's all and encrypted that it isn't that you also get the thing that is not encrypted or culinary you know people might be able to see everything you're -- infinitely in Fallujah. And with -- would it will this we're gonna wired network. And a wired network as well you can do it with there's several different ways like you're on an old yeah of course with the north which that he could do DNS poisoning or are cache poisoning to convince them to think you're the routers in the -- -- -- between between. Find -- all that stuff on a ticket number five that we that we -- of that right yeah yeah. I. But what do that was really cool about all -- -- -- today Colin. But -- that was really cool about this was not just how easy -- is that you know taken like all the complexity out of it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Nikita that they should bundle that Maggie. I'll let me into the -- it. And then subsequent that I realized there -- the kind of -- of hacker be neat script kiddie. But there are now yeah yeah yeah candidates to make -- -- hacker like this entity at Apple. Partly to cope with a new work for that yes script kiddies need to know how to put period slash ET TER anyway. Then John -- wearing has just released a somewhat different -- similar to -- -- that he's calling their calling idiocy. Which acts as a warning shot to people browsing the Internet and securely -- -- network traffic if anyone visiting Twitter website over an encrypted HTTP connection. And if they are. It will hijack the session and automatically posted three to warn them that their vulnerable although it's so sweet of them get automatically goes to -- to -- your followers saying eyebrows Twitter in securely on a public network. And all -- -- with the love the three this is eminently. -- witnesses to this you know it's one thing that's never the cookie it's another thing to post the tweet there's I mean and here's the thing. The they could easily elect Aaron how Rick -- your wallpaper changer to go to your something you know they don't have to like -- week. To be several things and. Well if decade. -- idea like this this is why people hate hackers. Yeah right here yeah it's really really got that not only okay whatever -- mutiny you -- to like prove it. I'm allowed to browse Twitter which is bite. Definition by the way up public creek in web site where I am posting to the public over an -- encrypted Wi-Fi network without them huge bag hacker -- -- there used -- browser out -- other guys they don't. Not just let me -- -- Twitter taste look at any website that doesn't implement as to -- correctly and I think that at all that this is really. Meant to do is bring awareness to the fact that hate -- -- are in -- right here that don't give a -- about security it yesterday raise awareness users own it no it's -- the users on -- -- yeah. It brings awareness to and -- to a flaw and an aunt Martha in an incredibly -- its way. Although I have to say if Twitter is. Isn't secure this then I guarantee you within three days they'll be all -- the because -- I hope so I because nation as if it is this pretty easy. Hijack a Twitter session then I'm sorry yes the record it or ticket. But Twitter come on I mean it's that easy you've you've got -- -- already -- -- guarantee it's great kids you know when they haven't done anything about it -- on Twitter might not mind if they're ports Twitter to. I any -- candidate through I applaud them for doing this because era is gonna force them to have to step up and oh we're gonna implement as -- -- My default like -- even Gmail -- that rate and -- -- It allowed people complain that -- the performance on the web server or -- it's complicated. But it's not and get them faster servers people it's not like they don't know that you don't I don't think that taking anatomy users is the way to port and I don't I don't yell plot and I well I hope that -- some -- change comes of this. Because then all the script kiddies or -- the script kiddies at this point you today -- -- -- -- while Italy's and then. We'll have to go -- to -- -- more constantly bullying people never worked there and two days lesson I've -- everybody two wrongs -- an -- Script kiddies -- bad Twitter equals X Twitter. Not -- their -- we don't noted a little we know we don't know. I mean even I'm on my in my -- that might make any opportunity if these people because these -- in and minus 200 her appointment -- -- at -- isn't -- the negativity toward making an option where you can just pop the F into the URL and -- -- you know yeah yeah yeah and and than the smart people can bookmark one and just remember to not use. Worth Marlins can use its its H tunneling. -- movie and. Actually that we can take it directly. I'm exhausted I -- loyal security story and then we'll Levine Wi-Fi direct certification begins today. According to you know Wi-Fi alliance right in and get -- now Wi-Fi direct yet gotten it yet what -- direct is -- new. It. Edition modification to the Wi-Fi protocol that lets devices connect directly to other -- devices so your computer or your phone. Can connect directly to your printer right that's right without going through that is not your water at and I don't know what's in it I gotta have a set I don't -- it can. Without going through -- routers which is kinda cool means you can walk into. And office where there's a printer and connect directly to it and not have to log onto their out there right is it's good to the the thing right that's -- -- because I mean there's like -- about. And that -- devices -- you don't necessarily want to be on your network I mean that that inexpensive. LCD picture -- -- you've got that was made Chang's China with some unscrupulous microprocessor is you never know. Did you really put that on your network with all the other traffic that's going through or you wanna just -- connected every now and then and -- photos in you know and with what -- direct. Unlike with. Other routers. It actually only works and encrypted vote exactly yeah the good so unlike any you know is very much like ad hoc networking or or soft access -- but the way that they had always been implemented was not only. Convoluted but also insecurities -- the best they could ever released windows implementation the best they could ever do is WEP which is -- deal. When we first reported am I Frederick we we thought it was too high enough I mean it sounded like to thank absolutely crazy talk last year -- -- -- the the certification is actually. Happening -- -- that apparently most products that are certified will support one -- many connections. So you could use a -- direct enabled laptop to mean contact with a printer connected HDTV and a tablet simultaneously with no routers in between him at any point which is. Essentially attempting to tether my iPod to my joint that that's the same kind of idea yeah I'd like to -- software I think -- Right and you can and -- if you have -- -- terrace. 928 based chipset you can already do this is even a couple of -- and -- it's it's like a competitor to Bluetooth access view a lot more power with what the content -- easily if you don't have to go to or routers in TV like go through a -- her experience -- TV online. Awesome glorious wonderful aren't -- to be. Her say okay let's finer points like -- plus behind ipodder X until we figure -- -- -- -- -- happened yet. Richard are learning working and let's take a quick break and come back we will talk about a mysterious to benefit that may be the result of buying a MacBook Air. So at CNN reporting that the MacBook Air I don't know why. May be an improved TSA device that doesn't have to be taken out of your bag when you go through airport security -- I was slip on shoes of -- of laptops -- and it do you. Does this mean that all netbooks don't have to come out of there -- No wait how does Apple get the special dispensation -- -- know the iPad doesn't have to be taken out because it's not a real computer or because they're closed is what I had always know is caused a court to do -- It -- it isn't a real compared. Oh my name I can't believe I'm yeah. Flying. Now apparently though and this is interesting that Chiat day is saying that because it's smaller -- -- standard size let laptop. It can see in a bank I challenge anybody out there -- high time to go to security with the netbook and not take it out of your bag that is there is no way. You would like to -- this is Acer Aspire One written doesn't have to come on this is clearly an HP mini 1000 may be not only is it a netbook it's OG -- it because it doesn't he can't he opened easily. If that's -- that you were government that will I was the deal at the iPad and I thought that it was because it was at that deep but mainly not just because -- the flash and all but because it was. Closely you that it wasn't -- I know Apple's closed versus open but -- And -- -- if they cares about -- I thought that's what it that was open source versus closed. -- Started. -- -- -- -- Kind of like their planes that -- where you're like a little bit left like it when should be -- Molly. Gets them. No because the public sort of you to body thing ride in it yet couldn't stop things inside -- they considered -- in -- like well all right god -- the terrorists would have screwdriver but. Late. And there. The that I like about what they're thinking about the MacBook Air but -- -- quoted as saying that because it's smaller than a standard -- ice day. Let's start a rash of nerds with the netbook strategy not take that out of -- bag it and see what happens there's no way that network yeah there have been it via the same ones at that. In inside Jack cookies I just I called BS on this there have been bio smaller than this for years I -- That's it. -- So but. Yeah hey if you're an Apple -- you don't like dealing with the SA it's like the Apple clear path liners on I don't all Apple equipment doesn't have to get money back. The act of rebellion I'm gonna be there with -- immediately know. Not to come out neither -- bit. Then. Those little I have -- stickers c'mon they come with everything he can't help but get like a million of those Apple stickers on on -- Yeah and I'm gonna how. I thought they met but his work but that's for the I listen to these few months -- right now with presidents day and UT can they approved -- the I think -- about. -- anyway traveller the air -- with your your netbook and it would happen now take the -- member of the TSA agent asking for the numbers -- where that gets -- in Baja bloom. Victory -- free speech and privacy rights of Amazon.com customers a federal judge has ruled that Amazon does not have to turn over detailed records. On nearly fifty million purchases the North Carolina tax collectors. So -- North Carolina was trying to collect sales tax right. On Amazon purchases and wanted in order to collect those basically. All their residents had bought on Amazon. Ever released last little while right and the judge said no that is not the way you're going to get that data that is not fair because they'll be giving them. Like everything they bought. -- leave the state -- and also held that now you can now this though North Carolina have threatened to sue Amazon didn't give over give names and addresses. Personally identifiable information -- can be used to collect. Additional use taxes that might be so they were kind of -- to treasure trove. Of information that they can use to collect use taxes on anything -- parts and have them but then who knows what the -- you imagine the tax managed on them in 98. You know while a year -- Amazon thing -- -- go through the garage yet totally. It's sad illegal search and -- of what sounds yes exact of the tea and a thank goodness. -- -- federal and then. No how about -- -- -- But that's it. Bad news -- which announced. Even more layoffs important I think they're laying -- and this is bad a total of 37%. Of it staffers and by the way it was only down 67 yes that's 25 more people getting the boot and. And from over -- 101 point right hand and they're going to refocus the company. -- the new strategy which will be. Me. We're taking -- bingo. Social. Mobile. No legs and TV been -- some wanna -- yeah -- proponents MiFi quantum. Micro blogging I yes. And you barely know any of exactly sure what day is gonna be able to do it at certain problem that's of the it's kind of a lesson to entrepreneurs everywhere when the big offer from Microsoft or Google comes in. They take the money also -- I mean honestly I did it willingly sell much of this comes down to attack not one. Technical decision technological decision that they made which was to do that -- bar which disguise their traffic. An artificially inflated their traffic long enough that they were able to bring in extra funding and inflate their size one way beyond what. The traffic they were actually getting are you saying that if you budget it'll catch up to you yes exactly so I'm sorry but if you -- it eventually that -- gonna camera so. Part two of the less than if you budget and you get the big offer. Yeah and and okay -- I think. However a super relaxed and cheerful looking. That he had no regrets. About not accepting offers developing expertise like former studio -- either way the former CEO and he looks really tan because he's been -- -- would -- instances where she. Man well I don't know what the authors say about that I mean -- what's he doing now anything -- -- -- -- And -- in -- and -- to -- -- -- but he did say that the company never received formal offers from any other big tech companies they they got offers. And opera from I think maybe Google and current. But they didn't get. Offers from like News Corp. via the Mac into New England that they -- -- week just to chat with fox. Yeah yeah -- -- you know that you don't -- -- that you shouldn't always. Get too excited about the topic -- -- -- they don't turn out to be real ironically he was speaking at fail -- You which by the way prequel conference is a good idea I think the biggest -- -- -- -- -- from business week and that now which said that. On -- name. -- And yes is worth sixty. -- sixty million dollars -- month. -- the cream eating right is that Kevin Rose -- -- I think it probably built company. I mean really what he doesn't have -- one point worth the billion dollars and and and and -- -- he never and that's what it's right that's what that with this nonsense valuation Paula and a private company. Which is its own sort of I mean with the classic kind of victim of the bubble you know. -- and at this point now caring his Bonaparte. Because it will not tether the with the iPad and he has now reached a state of a bit of time it pared down on this you know laughing at. -- being used in a that you can't wait -- He gonna throw out the window yet know if your battery bug why did you -- for your phone part is battery but it turns out that Darknet -- -- him. -- -- to repeat what. Now in other valuation -- today. We can expect that quick offer great -- -- and if they can they seem to be on the terrifying rocket -- into over into inflated valuation. They currently it's estimated worth for Zynga. Makers of -- and -- -- has surpassed. Electronic arts -- stock market real -- stock market obviously -- look at the quality of the gains there. To help. Electronic arts ever run a look at the quality look at the quality of the money -- bring in an on their virtual -- however. Let's also make make -- important note here that Zynga is not a public company and this valuation is based on private equity. Which is in this. Private equity trading exchange -- -- -- which is not a public market. Into -- room you wind ten nerd points or think it is totally -- and -- scores of it. -- but it is mark. Well because it's a total sea change in that world of entertainment and gaming because that because EA and in these big game companies have been. On how to. But it's based on sixty dollar game you know it's based -- -- to crackdown on resale them hundreds of millions of dollars in development per game yet in an -- those little game developers into the ground and this is just like you know it look at -- -- very look at angry birds which is of one or five dollar game and it all of a sudden the biggest juggernaut. And the gaming world it's it's a complete changed for the ascendancy of social game. -- pop cap solve this all along and you remember be jeweled and how crazy that was like even ten years ago so yeah it's really starting to solidify once we have devices. That just lend themselves to play games like and that fashion -- it's it's your actually the devices seem to be driving that they changed I satellites and networking with the thing that thing. -- it's like the indie films verses -- -- -- it can sort of it's sorted AM there always behind I think there will always be room for the blockbusters for fallout -- -- World of Warcraft or whatever. God of war weary of war halo reach home waiting for me -- I -- we're not receive I way to. I was gonna have dinner party -- -- and I -- -- on. -- Apollo. Ice yet -- -- we like silk and probably one happy -- it's that I nerd party everybody who live he has the other. Five. Okay there and now we're -- It's almost Halloween so I thought that we should have a ghost story okay. There's been -- Of the -- and no. I thought that was a myth -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Oh well. It's appointment. -- isn't. 10. Anyway you can you can get this though they're gonna be ordered that he didn't vanish as quickly as it has -- very -- it probably did. Plate what is an -- dolphins and they could be that -- -- our wall phones and. Tell your clients for -- of not often I think you've been there and now by the way after totally just assembling it by throwing tenth -- it out the window is still not on the Internet. Is that what I've been down I've been offline -- -- -- -- -- that I couldn't -- if they can make -- yeah. Have a copy of the lineup because I do know that Nielsen's been cup is of what they do what we -- we learned a lot about will handle. Everything and if you just throw in the witty commentary and yeah I didn't. Gorilla that -- in your brain so we're not worried about you so much okay look so a couple of days reported that Neilson has said that 30% or so of a third of the iPad users doesn't have never downloaded an app. May -- a this -- that the article has been amended. To reflect updates to the percentage of iPad users bloody body block the new number of -- iPad owners who have never downloaded an app is 9%. That never download -- these -- basically that's basically all the iPad that haven't been on box or given as gifts to your grandma who actually doesn't have Wi-Fi exactly. At -- -- it be much more common sense appropriate number 91 person is in fact according to new and the real number which would make I don't know. -- but billion pounds and sent them like I can't even imagine that -- that iPad would be out there with. Zero this reporter on this this new number borders on the plausible in fact I would say that even that number than plausible because when you fire up the iPad -- first visit this store -- immediately prompted to download the -- that. -- I would think that basically everybody who. I'd I'd have to add their own idea and 91% make -- these are probably the ones that are still boxes yeah exactly -- gunman opened the gifts right. -- people at that -- -- I don't know I don't know I mean that they do good cool what is that the the Google Maps is pretty good on it you know like maybe people were to satisfied with that. Maybe they have -- -- email and the map and on the web and that's caller today speaking of bulk Halloween and nerds. There is pretty you know bigger trend this Halloween season I would say. And zombies I mean I've arrived I've had it was zombies but here is the stores here the F has not and they have a -- The zombie site. I can go there get somethin' an outfit for the zombie prom that's coming into the weekend Mavis that you can shop female lobbying shop -- -- Hotmail -- he can accessorize like the living they have a zombie gift guide. And that apparently you can even and this is the part -- like the most. The part the part. It is a little butler says the you can switch to Colombian and then you get the -- -- in body language which isn't that great speaker what. -- -- -- -- It follows on in -- actively investing over the. Well it does periodically treat them at the patent and recently does -- -- -- get a little -- to -- and it's like Merrick live. Yeah. I think -- the -- are right so again I. I'm. And just in time for the under promise that get your brains and severed limbs from Sears now everything you need for the afterlife. And are okay -- of it now 100 -- with sixty victory is our number we have one column today. From basically the representative. Via an encrypted -- -- -- masses. -- -- -- Johnny -- -- here I'm calling about to Google street view Wi-Fi sniffing debacle from episode 1136. I can't be sure Google is evil or not. But I'm amazed at how governments in the news have focused almost entirely on what -- encrypted data Google may or may not have -- out of the year. Nobody seems to be freaking out. About the reality that any curious -- -- within a quarter mile of those wireless signals has already gathered a lot more information about those people in Google could ever imagine. Molly said in a past episode if people don't encrypt their Wi-Fi because it's too hard for the average non geek to set it up and I generally agree. But people should be freaking out that everyone and everything they've connected to for years has sent their data in the clear. Not about the fact that a global car driving by hurt people shouting their passwords into the street. Love the show. Okay personal what as they are or what NPR show does it's gonna work I have to get -- great life. Seriously. But second yes -- -- he represented all the people who. I he I think he did that perfectly because he said the panic should be about the security factor not blaming the victim like a guy I did. I don't wanna just buy anymore of those emails or like the people are immediate need -- Because no it's too hard but we should be having a very legitimate freak out about how it still -- freaking hard. Like it shouldn't it is not acceptable that the level of security that is baked into routers so that when you plug them in your house is one that would allow you to be shouting your. The routers do. -- every new iteration of routers and made -- major manufacturers it's a little bit easier to little more strident about enabling security but you're right it's still the hard and we've got all the we've got the fire -- -- come along on the negative side show how easy it is. Yet we are making progress on things like -- direct but I I think this call is is right on the money yeah Google is not. Google is that an easy target because they're so big but it's you know the seventh grader next -- to you that you really should be were more worried about. Yeah I think that's silly reasonable and and people are saying how of the hard try doing try. Try enabling great off them. -- you know WPH t -- -- death whenever he can actually he can't now you don't use I want to easily -- you wanna -- with -- not easily cracked but there's. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's not like it's not like it's hard to go to your routers settings page and that a path where it's hard to get that to work with all -- -- -- yet. Here and I've been having that argument again that is the last word -- now onto the email. He was at CNET -- problem. Jack W the thirteen year old Leo out and reading and that -- -- has -- -- issue discussed an episode thirteen thirty that I have to agree with you. Steve Jobs has absolutely no reasoning behind changing -- to meet that. I love using the three -- I was used when -- -- my iPod Touch report in iPad. I would sometimes frustrated by not being able to like the screen and now that it's so easy to -- on the iPad. There is as you said. Let me repeat myself no point in getting rid of it he said while I do somewhat understand that Steve Jobs doesn't want flash and Iowa devices -- -- -- -- on the -- this in particular. Makes no sense you people really complain about not having and mute switch because I've never had one on -- I -- -- and I read on Iowa tonight and I really don't need. Steve stopping and reasonable to -- and reasonable. And the main thing that we liked about the email is that he is -- -- -- translator to translate -- about you know there. While bigotry the whole thing while looking -- is the term read loosely -- -- -- trainers who translate it back the work probably would or would come up. And I -- -- read the terms of Steve Steve Jobs -- -- -- -- -- the -- -- experience of the iPhone which okay fine you know what. I actually don't and I'm the one giving him the money. He debt but you don't obviously donors -- I don't expect that this is why I don't think people where my needs don't matter Steve over. -- -- -- -- -- -- Speak out is all about. And had -- -- you -- have you taken I mean that's you know yeah you can offer to give them the money and then they decided they will take your money. This is how business works it -- for you you know -- it's over. -- -- -- Molly -- Are right. Robert Bell says hey -- grew I was studying the requirements for the Windows 7 platform. And couldn't help but smile when I read that all Windows 7 -- have to include an FM radio the RI double -- must have gotten to bomber. Well that ensures windows seven's success. Sowed doubt -- not anymore of the -- nice well again we got elements that are going apparently. -- -- I think happened before. Yet I think that predated arguably as far trying to push FM radio everybody as far as we know. But. It is true -- -- Yeah well and then also jolt road and say now we are caught in an endless loop of well actually -- UW I PV -- issue. It's already in it and that person who emailed in -- -- actually about it be patently should thank for not ready out of IPV four address and was not exactly. Pat is a subset of that without that -- network now by itself but also networking accused -- that -- in conjunction. Okay for a day once again. I have no idea what you're talking about but it suspected that developer. Yesterday it was. I might even be better -- -- because the because that sort of turned into like a little doctors whose book you'll hasn't -- -- -- -- -- -- And hate. It. Okay you would like you read an email and lead speak and peruse this year's flight in zombie language -- -- dollar show and it does lovely does that does that below that cnet.com. You get email -- that -- that cnet.com you can call us that when he had that on 66 for it and he didn't know you can stream the show -- as we record it. Every day at roughly the AM Pacific. At cnet.com slash lives. -- -- -- I have here today.
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This week on Crave get a glimpse of the future with drug-trafficking drones, a solar-powered plane circling the globe and Russia's...
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This costly cooker is a culinary master
1:48 January 23, 2015
Replace your current stash of small appliances with the $299 Instant Pot Smart.
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You built a time machine... out of a rice maker?
1:47 January 23, 2015
It won't send you back to the future, but the Tim3 Machin3 from 3 Squares will cook rice and quinoa quickly and automatically.
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Netpicks: What to watch this weekend
1:53 January 23, 2015
For a really, really limited time Amazon is giving away its award-winning show, Transparent.
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Panic sweeps nerd nation over Apple Watch battery life
3:00 January 23, 2015
The Apple Watch battery may not be as magical as some hope, T-Mobile will look past customers' bad credit scores, and more electric...
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Wink Relay smart home control pad falls short of its potential
2:28 January 23, 2015
The benefits of an in-wall smart home control panel seem obvious, but too many limitations and still in-development features hold this...
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NHT SuperBuds: $99 in-ear headphones won't get you high, but they go low
1:39 January 23, 2015
The cannabis-themed SuperBuds are a well-designed and affordable earphone geared toward those who listen to bass-centric music
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