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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1336: Introducing the Nook hook

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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1336: Introducing the Nook hook

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On today's show, we're predicting what Barnes and Noble will announce tomorrow for the Nook--early mockups seem to indicate a mystery hook on the bottom that could maybe, uh, attach to your belt-loop? Also, Google admits that the 600GB of data "fragments" it collected from its Street View cars might kind of, funnily enough, include email addresses, passwords, and complete email text. Oh, and phone numbers. Great. --Molly

It is Monday October 25 and send and data Gonzales I'm Brian saw how Hollywood bug and a buzz out loud did a podcast of indeterminate length it is episode thirteen 136. -- Just polling you've -- day away when when it went away from the from our her and hardy. Which I think -- -- -- party might have consistently happy decades. So tomorrow if any guys who fly out here you know make it happen. They haven't but Darren Kitchen will be on Hak5 -- to -- it up for us he's been at the torque on conference and India which. I don't know anything about the -- and I'm glad I -- All and he is about aperture -- that's -- that's and that we're gonna with the release -- and -- is gonna we're gonna I think -- when he comes images like okay. Go for five minutes. And if no one knows you're talking about -- you -- And deliveries. And number eight -- that they today Brian Tong it. -- Us venom singing a lot in the present and we're gonna try to keep that -- -- yeah we won't do that we know you guys love it's done okay union okay. So I think getting into Monday's tech is also -- -- rails. There's Monday funding for me derailed or not we're not gonna -- -- write on -- -- -- things -- us -- but I can use today Google. After -- after the -- die down a little bit about their data sniffing. Street view cars Google has admitted. For the first time that when -- street view cars were accidentally sniffing Wi-Fi hot by data and collecting a lot of fragmented information. That actually it may meet certain -- there's a little odd that. It all -- -- bit like it wasn't all incomprehensible pregnant the data is actually a while though or is finally enough. Yeah actually also we collected -- emails and path toward the -- and phone numbers. Solve the port number and your phone numbers a couple of notes. Though but you know it turns out that they -- they didn't know who. That they were Hayward they hadn't discovered that they analyze the data that they weren't about to make it you know few months passed by and -- -- -- look look what we found -- -- bullet went through. Little here now we told you it literally gamut the Elvis then it got a whole bunch Jack at that time -- Google that all. The information collected was heavily was what -- terabyte to some degree -- like that was limited in the most in most cases to fragment of an encrypted data. Because those cars were always a -- it was 600 gigabytes of data. And the day -- -- Google spokesperson said that they had not examined all of that data because they didn't want to avoid violating privacy. But they held onto it because several government. And state and state bodies and such were investigating them and had said you can't delete it yeah but the time we said I really wish they would just delete it. But it's. So at the Canadian government on -- from the stuff those stem from -- they bounce over 600 phone numbers over 700 email headers and at least. Five complete email messages. At least five pump -- email messages like. Sorry and and what I think this is a big deal yet and it wasn't -- is that UK watchdogs back in July. They they weren't able to find anything at -- at the time that they said was meaningful personal details but now and have the Google kind of sent you know what we actually coming up more than and in old than what we thought. Now any value got now the UK's taking action on it it. Funny thing about that yet though the UK is now reopening basically its investigation in Britain the Britain's information commissioner said. That they are launching a new investigation into the street view project. That they are considering levying. Landmark fine 500 -- -- thousand Powell was -- -- translates to roughly three billion dollars. Up for Google's -- gross invasion of privacy. Tell people now be able to present and don't be evil and if you get him. -- -- Maybe it's all as it appears straight. Often when you mean as -- There's some ruled that later you know often when you think it's and it's evil it's usually just incompetence -- but it kind of feels like at first they said. We don't have we haven't liked any data. Then they said we've collected the treatment data but it's all incomprehensible to me and then they -- would just gonna get rid of it and and they kept hidden epidemic that -- a look at I don't violate privacy and then they looked at it and -- -- -- -- well currently has. Password email -- -- thought -- words phone numbers and complete text of email yet and you know it the week. Thought that it was -- gonna kind of quietly though -- rate but in fact they'll only good thing I can say about this is that. At least they're being transparent although it's gonna look works for them and then you know me if you media's probably blow it up even more but the fact is that. At least -- owning up to it they're gonna take -- now and a whole fully. We can trust Google to not be -- But -- hopeful we. Yeah I totally test them -- Or. An internal or can you trust them if that does it it's actually just technical incompetence but not evil -- the -- -- anybody even out the other. Anyway pretty pretty big deal -- -- take a little break when we come back actually though we're gonna talk about possibly Elway scarier company that Google could ever hope to be. Wrap leaf which is doing all the stuff amber what -- -- I welcome back to show everyone I know with a lot of them fifteen seconds. It felt like that the really like probably our lack of time. -- -- is the identity and information aggregate here that was identified in The Wall Street Journal hit -- article. About. Third party privacy breaches on -- button which they really. Made a FaceBook -- that they a persons like FaceBook is giving away your data to everybody right and then it that's -- the framed it and you can really argue that the real culprit was. -- -- and some of the companies that have built apps that were in fact. Handing over third party data or collecting it and so The Wall Street Journal then followed up -- an -- day. Abruptly kind of detailing all of the information that it can collect about you and the way that it partners with other companies and the things that it knows yeah. And it is more than a little bit terrify. This is insane so obviously graphically the wrap -- sorry -- -- it's all the cookie and it's used by certain sites like about dot com twit -- dot com. Again from from this -- -- -- able that can collect your real name of the email address. Didn't you know after and so once they have those two things even you know obviously where you live because -- basic information has that as well they can use that. And then -- the people other companies even a political campaigns have been successful in part teamed with rap -- To get this data for voter registration in. You know campaigns shopping histories. So if you know we're gonna -- all types of good stuff all kinds of marketing because there they're just building data adoptive on people that are unbelievably personal rapidly for example according to -- internal. Knows your real name and email addresses -- no -- your ideas that -- that in the really about information the real deal. They can build all those -- rich profiles it felt really elaborate data that includes household income -- political leaning. Your personal interests and get rich schemes -- -- That's the best -- I know. All man seriously the romper appeal like -- you know Bob over at fifty Q 42 grim place. Avenue in now is really interest in -- appeal and also the Democrat or whatever. Apparently like is that politicians both Democrats and Republicans are using it provided -- -- ten political campaigns. And then rapidly so that doesn't that person transmit personal and personally identifiable data but The Wall Street Journal said that in at least twelve. Cases at that -- -- shared a unique FaceBook ID. To -- -- twelve separate companies. Any unique MySpace ID number to -- company. Yeah and the company's of the act and and rapidly and it also has company -- -- -- based on the they're start the start says it has a one billion email addresses of its. So if one billion so that's really -- that. That essentially could mean if it collects -- -- in the right way. You know. If become my at least with its -- -- -- -- get all of their names and email addresses and not seem to have the full names of one billion users but they sure are hopeful the full name of a lot of people yeah absolutely and it's pretty terrifying -- the site that they used to have dropped those -- because that insight that everybody uses. Now -- -- does offer. And opt out yeah Arafat has this is this is beautifully found this on -- -- site if you don't want to be you know part of the program and opt out of their cookies. You can opt out -- you'll have to. Put in your. Email address which they probably -- an app. But they do this is today that it is I mean actually giving -- -- -- -- definitely nothing right there to you might as well you. Give me your social security and -- like whatever thing. But this is more you know there's more to him just how how big of a land -- hold direct marketing and target -- with it with online activity it is. And data mining and rapidly SA and now it's like I'm I'm interested to know how you would ever prove this trapped -- says that if you put your email -- in -- opt out. That it's a permanent do not track option. Based on under address. I don't know how you would -- -- you would constantly monitors third party and you know whatever proudly showed up there and whatever ads you're getting. But they do today and and that I think is. To a little bit to their credit right if it is in fact the permanent opt out that -- -- -- try and opt out and if I no longer get ads for hair bleach products than it being there. -- it it again. Kids -- doing it yeah everyone's doing it. And I can further proof that everyone's doing it I'm glad that The Wall Street Journal is following up on -- or because I -- think it was really impaired appease but the way the original story was written. Since then they've done that deeper profile on rapidly and -- also did a story that went up look like on Saturday about how MySpace apps. Are on MySpace and some -- on MySpace are also sending David an advertising companies that could be used to it and I use and so with MySpace they're using them you kind of have like an identifier number. -- -- Like an I a user -- user I would -- good faith but which also gives up real name but an application gender age -- -- -- stuff. No big. Device immediately if they they appear to be more limited than those that -- because it but as far more users and then make do you. Forces you to make public your name gender and country. That the user ID has a little more information and is linked to a person's real name whereas MySpace even though they might pass those user IDs MySpace lets you hide your real name. So it might be the user IDs iMac -- might be less than a direct link here your specific her and detergent or I could just day to you to you -- I can use like a lot more words. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well I think you're lending come -- Kindle sounds really cool I think that can help us. All right so today at Amazon made announcement that -- -- They're actually two things -- will now be available on the through the Kindle happen anyone -- -- cannot that'll be a fourteen day period window and once you land that book. You yourself cannot read it for that one of time. Which is awesome because you know the -- have that little one up on them with there and then also they're gonna make the newspapers and magazines readable on any to -- -- -- up to this point. Right now on. Given on different devices you could get their axis of a -- on in the magazines newspapers though. They're expanding the game I like it. This is big news for -- actually because it was really annoying. When they rolled out -- Kennelly can you could have the app anywhere I can have Apple iMac have but I can't subscribe to attempt by -- paper through -- -- was just annoying kind of arbitrary seeming and then the lending thing I think not very many publishers are on board yet but if more come -- that's just a killer feature free -- And a really big deal also have very happy to -- Amazon. Also Mozilla might be in -- -- look at this is with the Kindle app on the iPad or iPhone and whatnot. Now that they can -- subscription services to the -- -- and not go directly through Apple's. Apps -- -- subscriptions yeah they might be taken little chunk out of that once people are aware of this and know about that and now that's a pretty -- Also Amazon saying that apparently Kindle books are now outselling all paper books. While buying them from Amazon direct from -- from Amazon from Amazon from Amazon. But he will it would they would get out there some actual numbers every film that -- -- the racial climate has two to one. You -- relief. I feel like I mean because we haven't seen the numbers I cannot help but be skeptical about -- yeah yeah I mean all. They they started out her books combined not just SL you know they had -- of -- that it was outselling all. Hardback book and then they said it was outselling all Beth -- But now they appeared to be saying that they outsell all paper. But from what the stuff that they're buying up what are they counting here is this just books that they're silent noise that conflict magazine subscriptions. I wonder if that I don't count they just say I mean there's. -- pledged the thing is the promise that you wish they would actually give us a real number but the fact is they're reporting -- and -- area and I guess they don't. Room anyway it is it robber at in the -- says that -- book only not not including periodical and privacy. Why -- like I have certainly since I've -- a Kindle. And use the Kindle -- I have purchased way more but then -- probably otherwise would -- who scary easy. And and more than anything purchased books electronically through Amazon store vs you know you still might buy a book at a bookstore -- there -- but. Do the whole Amazon experience here by more. Going to violent the physical book on -- rate rain so -- now. Also Amazon says that hardware sales are growing faster than before the third generation can on the updated the act of -- outpaced all of the device -- between October and December of last year. And they say it's because of that 139 dollar asking price and the overall. Pressure design I love the pressure -- that new Kindle and beautiful in makes you wanna -- -- -- in the land iPad but. When it's O Galloway in a second we're gonna get so I think that I have I turned my. Let him -- a little but first app developers poking around in windows phone seven have discovered that the the API the -- but developing apps for Windows 7 apparently does not give you does not include the ability to access. The camera for making video you cannot do any augmented reality yeah or video chat apps. For windows on yes so obviously this is a big deal because law. First of all the Windows 7 the one -- -- -- enough so I've personal of the Windows 7 OS I think it's sexy but by the biggest thing that's. An attorney from jumping over yet is getting the app so when you have developers like. Later. Freeing you know for video for video chatting also like even Yelp uses that augmented reality like Yelp yeah and they can -- -- the camera -- yet. The kind of -- -- to themselves -- Weirdly -- don't understand why they would do it and then app developers are basically saying we don't understand why they're doing this from layer they got layers that we don't understand what this means or WiMax not to doing it. Because -- these are existing apps it's not like. At the -- we talked about -- abruptly at the iPhone was that way and the beginning of started out first when they didn't like five years well. Yeah I don't Yelp and back -- do a little hack work around. To get augmented reality into their -- yeah we did like the little figure eight is not that's fired off an iPhone like there was some apps that side hacking -- the phone and the camera -- -- -- Apple is at night. I -- necessarily -- you can definitely put in better. The John -- in terms of you wanna roll up those features later as updates like they'll have six month after copy -- paid regular thing you know. You get them multitasking later in the camera access later be you know what in this day and -- gonna learn at this point in the game you cannot afford to put out half. Back then maybe. Like back then maybe 23 years ago -- it was more -- and now because they're so far behind. Just from a -- -- went -- -- at the OS is. Lame but the need to get as many features -- in they're just doing this -- make sense are are the tools what would have liked the developmental learning and available already out even more sad and now. I don't like oh we just haven't put -- yet because we don't haven't done -- the. Put out the absolute best product -- that you can because there's too much competition. There's way too much competition in the market was greeted with -- -- -- around and try to hold back some features than pick and choose what consumers wanted to get in timely just. Put it out there and go napalm I'll sell the most odd some possible phone. But definitely that's is that there are things like that they're getting it that are going to be a -- -- you're hooked on an app that does -- Especially video chat apps I'm sorry yeah. Like I've been thing Saturday wanted binding -- -- -- in camera thank you video today. And -- the windows phone seven that are the off of the table like okay well then I get them out. They made they're they're also speculate in they may be. And would make actually makes no sense that they be working on their own kind of based on video chat app but still why not make the video API -- its developers. And -- it do it just stop that Sony might not gonna in on it also Steve Jobs. It. Okay hard. The as a reader someone who -- so we had speculated that the next version of Iowa that comes on the iPad four point two is going to change the screen rotation lock button. Into a mute button. Yes so apparently a 95 Mac dot com reader emailed Steve Jobs -- -- hate. Is in fact this which -- going to be -- and not screen orientation lock from now on. And then -- got email from Steve Jobs and it said yeah. And -- We are we learning in but here's the part where -- -- ever -- my. And I don't like that idea a lot of people like using the pain and I hate it one thought that since it's obviously justice software -- obviously it seems perfectly reasonable to just of that user the option to decide what they want the button to -- So Robertson. Will this be an option where the user you're planning to make that a changeable option and Steve Jobs replied. No. You argue. -- that's exactly the amount of crap that he gives about you as a consumer. That is exactly how much you respect you as a user and consumer and what you might want to deal and what you have gotten used to doing. And all you have enjoy doing in mind if I. -- -- -- -- -- -- Not -- use it does -- now we're gonna go into that turning it into a whole thing. And you don't get the option to view it -- -- -- back. Even if you really like that yeah I mean I have the beta right -- missing and I hate law in this in -- -- -- double click the normal type that's being got a -- thing to decide. And then choose how I -- a -- the orientation. It drives -- to I've always like I actually essentially I'll be like little. And then -- own government -- I as the mute switch now I know I love the screen orientation it. And that I just I sort of like those are those things where -- to think you know it. I mean these -- -- with the island and yet and and his whole approaches like you know wanted to. -- -- -- and hold it differently to different of people I've decided we decided it's an art and that -- testing that it. Mean which is I mean it's Steve Jobs delighted to be immune to the new threats are like -- and I wanted I mean can we start African think I'd. I know it is not the biggest feature in the world but -- its Cindy it's so emblematic of how they -- their customers would just like. They play on you it's our way that -- inlet. New -- to -- that. But still of the iPad trooper fired up about the -- -- out the tablet -- -- yeah. -- really. Yeah actually. Well the I mean the little bit of attention to the other thing I realized after these months now Kensington -- again is that although there's a lot about it but I really do like yeah. -- that it's -- -- You'll have to make create it's not at laptop replacement for me and it cannot be all of them are gonna be last and again and -- -- -- currently in you know and then what it does not not a replacement. So frequently I find myself travelling with an iPad and -- laptop. Yeah and -- -- and -- And since the main thing and I use it -- -- like reading and also. Infant child -- a little too regular reader freebie -- seven into the kind of a perfect instrument. But Agassi off of infection then prepare my fingers and make that -- -- -- Should -- I'll just be over on my other platforms and papering my fingers and and getting nice of them. -- -- -- will -- and other tech giants are teaming up against Paul Allen trying to get dismissed the kind of broad and sweeping. Copyright and trademark -- it that he filed against. The Internet. Basically you may we talked about -- When did it happen we talked about it back in August Paul Allen filed lawsuits patent violation lawsuits against. -- -- -- Eleven Internet recount and -- -- a lot of I go to Apple is like -- -- -- Yahoo! YouTube Netflix and -- -- saying that they were violating patents on fundamental web technologies that had been developed by his company interval research. That included everything from like a -- It included like. Real time stats and related links. You like twit it was like you know -- -- area yeah I mean it was really it has been location based service stuff that you're doing on Internet now I am totally invented that. Actually wrote about it but never did anything with it we just like talked about in a really -- -- and that let's just add this and now you're doing -- -- see you right. -- -- -- is leading the charge to get this case dismissed they I joined by eBay Netflix Office Depot staples -- -- account Netanyahu. Apparently not Apple. But that what they said is that interval that's pretty funny like -- mostly use it he said not Apple I think I thought well they were in the list but then it sounds like they're -- Oh they have an -- can Apple Apple's -- or Apple's on board as well Apple all -- -- -- that interval must do more than merely state that the -- has been violated for example they have to give. Examples of and they happen to be specific specific enough in there examples that we are actually able to put together a counter -- already -- The hello Paul I don't know -- like everyone. I'd like -- like world of like world of Abdul -- we're going to be over here. And waiting for you to change or switches and something else telling them what we -- happened. And reasonably united that Microsoft says that windows -- at least on a in a blog post on its Dutch website that from the windows they as -- about two years away from hitting the market. Okay think about two year two years feared by and I'm not I went to some mystery if we're there -- -- talking about and a native what I originally. Nearly all but now I'm not surprisingly Microsoft has changed the -- site removing all references to windows -- and instead talking about the first service pack. -- -- -- Bullets that -- -- -- -- is -- it is that I guess there's a presentation -- leaked it will it's potentially going to include an app store. For windows. Similar to Apple's app store interesting. So that Libya about will be an instinct lights one to watch because what people -- -- in the wake of that Apple announcement -- whether Microsoft had to you know basically demand 30% of developer profit. That that it would be like a -- -- via -- I -- Essentially to see how many developers actually to jump on how it'll play out there's a lot of into that individual developers that also. -- apps already violate the rules of the -- -- Like there's ones like Amber's suffered as the -- can screen capture record audio sound and -- Mac apps the hours. Terms yeah you're not allowed to. The unit and put apps on there that that do those type of things -- Apple -- -- watched it and at the same time you'll have a lot of supper developers to. It's solid they have a full fledged staff were now -- you have to have someone who manages like. The -- -- stuff like codes passwords accounts verses just delivering it to them through their own website or have a hard a piece of physical. Package on a shelf -- so it's -- and see how many people like to jump on board that. Yeah. There's a lot of there's a lot of factors that it does it virtual like whoa this immigrate but maybe it's -- -- -- smaller like kind of -- fun game apps that are -- appear on the Mac app store. -- that Apple's stuff because they're not. 30% probably one dollar to -- -- -- -- That is optional you don't have to use the Mac apps are and so it seems very likely that people want. The developers who want as much freedom -- and yeah. Will they often you know especially because it is like that you -- much more complicated apps for computer. Via the likeness you Photoshop up on the surface -- have. Not like. Apple -- happen to do with Adobe and they might happen. And then if they -- get out first cut they need a hug real hard. -- a funny article I'm. All things. They're talking about how he -- he has the he's crossing across the creepy -- like the grand Marshal of the tone -- technocrat parade. Apparently last week. On CNN. When he was asked about three years he said that people who don't really like street view cars to get to their homes and businesses -- -- -- -- -- CNN has been edited that quote out of the human -- and they're wondering and asking him enter move it. Google's official statement on it was that the points that Eric Schmidt was trying to make it that. Street view only provides -- static picture and it doesn't provide real time imagery or any information about where people are -- They can -- allow users or request that there will be removed from -- Good things that have come out at the same time that. This information about email and don't be evil -- people. But -- apparently people are embracing a little bit of the evil the Android market has just surpassed. 100000. -- and a 100000. I mean it's a big give them way efforts are gonna just like well that doesn't sound limits -- pilots has almost like 280000. 100000 of those are fart apps yet but Android I mean -- when you think an epic out. Yeah and close in the app that's pretty fast though that's cute I do feel though because there's like this -- -- like runs an Apple apps are for awhile. Like those those 100000 apps on the -- -- overall there's not as many kooky crappy ones -- -- I mean I've just looking through them at least they're more the there's a lot more functional and -- but it -- -- -- in that there's not crappy ones on there also the New York Times has the story as of yet they put this or yesterday saying. Just about just one of those -- general. Commentary stories app makers take an interest in Android. And interviewed a much of developers and make that people are certainly get behind -- for now though let's get I mean so my friends -- -- tech heads. You know feel friends they bought some of their phones and -- phones in the right I just want one that I can get access to apps for via. And they -- thinking about half an internal Apple apps they're just mean in terms of just apps and past have went -- -- and that's just the market. And that there are other stores that's -- of it's like telling givers to shoot it there's another story -- -- it is quick lead it is quick at extremely fast scripts and. Update on the new no -- the little -- -- How are. There is now an image at that -- showed up briefly ever so briefly at Barnes & Noble dot com. Of what could be that in a color it showed up in conjunction with a an accessory. A product page for the new color screen and look it's it's a little -- that out early want loans episode debate has been taken down. Obviously there's no such thing as an it -- -- -- coming out now but this is. I like the design. Really pretty and it doesn't seem to have a huge. Screen the -- about it yeah which that we get which I thought you -- the LCDs he was -- okay at them. Like a novelty thing but he was brighter than the. Actual screen and a bug a bug the crap yeah so distracting but -- there is a little -- in the bottom left corner. That could be pattern only -- -- -- I don't know that looks like you just put it on your belt like it key chain. And I don't think. You didn't Caribbean and I got a seven -- -- -- the Caribbean and Caribbean. And -- speculated that possible thing that means it means there are no button that anyway so apparently there's an announcement tomorrow. Barnes and -- -- event scheduled for tomorrow afternoon Tuesday afternoon and then we'll know more and then there are also committed to our headquarters -- -- About digital about the little Caribbean -- -- I Kennelly took at the moment and I'm parents. I can't wait to got -- faith and virgin galactic Aaliyah Richard Branson. Unveiled the first commercial space ports. Which is in New Mexico. And the -- -- and. -- and they have pop up -- up -- how how pot how far how far is -- home from Roswell. That's what I wanna know -- -- they've been talking to develop this means east Morton. -- new technology. If -- included two mile long -- -- the governor Bill Richardson explained that doesn't work out let it be awesome place to go race card. Like for top here yeah. You know the only reason to lie and Dillard's it was -- down with this that I did that mean matter runway aptly so if you want in or you want Ian. It -- -- the incident. Children away if they -- rent those that they think they'll be taking. You know doing starting commercial spaceflight that the ninth eighteen month. This is that's hot if you've had that that's not been -- nothing 200000 dollars a trip companies already deposits for more than fifty million dollars. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I mean that's awesome in the room they have -- -- and. I I think that yeah. Still under -- it -- -- he doesn't have like an ultimate rewards card or something that I'd really like the work. I get miles for -- -- tell him I want the virgin galactic senate today and that's I announced I find that only got space miles out for every dollar spent shut up shut up Branson I have the space miles card do you do. There's already a virgin America credit card. And I are talking about. I want it like that collect the group on -- -- at the bottom. I love it. Group has to -- it. Straight up and Seattle to reduce the short hop away from the units is awesome Seattle's apparently putting on a Battlestar Galactica -- addition to it at Atlanta's on Saturday -- -- it -- -- there including the. The models like full scale like models of the -- remark to. -- -- marks haven't and silent radar Pul I I don't know -- so this is still -- job. They prop fighters are full size and apparently so large that they had to be disassembled it through the museum goers and tamales is dying right now this -- don't do you wanna -- the show tomorrow in yes. Let's take -- show other -- We duplicate the road trip along while I was it was nominal and -- and Galactica stars including Edward James normal the going to be there on Saturday. -- part of the hoopla. Are you serious hotline. Dog -- I don't I had -- ma. Airline -- now. -- -- -- -- but. It's going to be led to. Insults isolated DeGeneres al-Qaeda and on the rudely -- And then finally if that news. Before -- ago after thirty log years of changing the -- -- your music industry. Sony it's stopping production of the walkman. That's the actual tape playing walkman people's -- was still in production. People -- that they're still making tapes now leopard no longer due to lackluster sales. Of the tape playing music player the last round of the portable that there was produce independent April ones that -- sells out. The walkman mystery holy collector's item when I don't wanna see that it's like 010 start walking around there's still a allotment and -- -- immediately a lot of like a gallon can of the firefight there abouts. But then the whole promise like -- making -- that. Yeah that's it for. -- now burn -- Mix tapes. And doing the radio thing press the record right after the DJ stop talking to you get actual songs and and you'd wait it's like the intro the song was cut off the that he was talking -- another hour for -- to repay the song. So I hated that crap and now the only way to do it -- with it was on Saturday morning that the Rick dees -- afternoon and then you're gonna show us through all the sudden you want it we're gonna come on other easily link up -- -- answer court. There were the funny article the other -- actually. Twenty -- -- -- Did a story about the music industry saying that music and she was gonna dive you can -- on -- you know. They do. And they had that music industry executives Ricky above line with up on YouTube. It -- 48 hours that either it was up on YouTube and universal music -- and the take -- The coverage think that the -- ever public I think they only thing the takedown notice because it made them look at them. That is pretty obviously period -- home taping there's anything that got. That had people looking up like crazy you know he's -- to -- -- to girl only got it was only -- on me at all like donkey Kong like got economic. Renton to move move move salutes from me -- dollars -- money -- I -- committee that folic one of those funny Twitter -- the bottom of the -- -- and then pick the subtext of every make tape ever made with I can't say that -- them but -- -- -- yeah. -- needed and soon. And then and then I allow allowed to get on the Denton Ellis again -- you know and Congdon those -- -- them -- Clinton that -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And here up on Android -- it's not me okay give me -- You are I. Can't figure out that fill -- -- and not -- I am. -- again all right. Dave developer in Toronto -- bad. But -- A quick note on Android Android itself is open the closed part is what the carriers and then on the OS what they -- -- once they sink into it. There are part -- -- that are close so essentially it is closed. To develop an -- we have major issues gained -- work on all the phones. The developer support -- the different phones also vary between Sony LG Samsung Motorola etc. All of that from programs caustic -- the other big issues the fragmentation of -- one point 62 point to grow two point one for -- -- 2.2. Ex senator -- will get an update in the US but the -- not begin updating -- Canada on the miles though. But it won't cause issues with an app in what will or will not work so when does -- -- common about having to test -- on 100. Or hundreds of variations he wasn't -- yeah -- developer. And -- and thank you if your from the developers are neither side can then because some of the developers -- thing after the dot -- Added -- in there that aren't yeah but it certainly of my pregnancies and and I think. Eight widows and they're working on I think gingerbread supposed to get rid of that. Which is licensing -- -- Windows Mobile been sold more locked down in you know controlling about that they and they've seen it they're trying to all between but. You -- got to avoid that stuff yeah. And that is that is the smart thing that was environment that. At least as -- -- I mean. Margin as soldier from the Austrian armed forces I don't -- the followed -- Right and it's incumbent. Are we on the -- -- -- there. -- survivor from destiny's child and I'll keep on oh. Okay -- write them. And says first I'll quietly with this later I go anyway with the geek it and we should stages for tomorrow's nurture because while it does. Well actually. This Latin back or network address translation diverted IP before I just -- packed. Or port address translation because that. Translates public to private IPs and and while patched translate them 12 ended with -- -- brouder equaling private IPE yeah. Learn and understand a word of that but in -- -- -- -- -- there ended where I don't. -- -- -- -- -- Stupid and I hope we can have a real conversation if we ever means but I -- -- like all way. What I think -- good stuff I love negative academically all the what a -- not a patent. Whatever whatever -- whatever piece of their own in Canada it is expenditures should teach that are around whenever. Lovers and -- love you. And I -- from the chat room. He's -- with -- even -- about a new Firefox plug -- called fire she. That makes hijacking the Austin and a sessions you wish you fashioned cookie on site that there would use -- -- yet. In a nutshell if you log in to FaceBook on a public network I have and I have filed you're running wires you can log in -- FaceBook and. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- One -- I -- -- -- FaceBook as you go look. With just there's one little scary while we're having -- show email today it's Monday Monday. Yeah that's -- session hijacking sometimes called -- Great thanks you can read all about how to do that in Arizona until I'm also directed at everything in an HTT and T-Mobile -- -- amber and openness Mac. Have to get inside the new Android G two phone -- -- that reverses any routing of the device. So much for Android being openly thoughts on that and what -- -- -- will be department at the worker Doug our thoughts and until our. That's crap that's auto -- -- yeah -- probably today. But they're I don't -- evidence Iran Android type in my house I antigen which does a lot of is kind of root proper parameters -- -- has and keep developers are up in arms about this they'll think mechanism which which. Reportedly this -- -- and that is ridiculous because that's not even -- Jail breaking yeah ethnicity and that's just getting the you know -- accessed -- your. That is that is to prevent and that bluntly that the terror and those -- and is -- -- Mozy I was right answers and you think that but this is kind of this is the good part of the bad part about -- openness which is. Carriers. Have a lot more control than you would like the closed part of the carriers can do a lot with the US department -- can't access. And one of things they can do is phone specific. Junk like that. Not that. Michael well thank you mobile GQ I'm sure -- -- but no thank you know thing. And like films like enter a once again if you would like every all the details on that story or anything else that we talked about today or comment on your favorite mix tape -- who honestly. Eight -- actually no -- -- yes I don't know where or call us with that top. Five songs talk about. Just top one that that's alive okay no they're not one you're number one way believes are involve letting at Cleveland 6638. Email us by -- dot com. And then of course -- -- that senate that are blog below that number one -- saves on diseases. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
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