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Ep. 1331: Where Oxford defines a generation: The 404

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The 404: Ep. 1331: Where Oxford defines a generation

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The Oxford dictionary adds a bunch of words only teenagers use, Nintendo takes a big step back withe the 2DS, underwater fiber-optic tubes, Spawn remakes, and breaking down popular porn search terms by state!

-All right. It's Wednesday, August 28th, 2013. This is the 404 Show streaming live from cnet.com. I'm Jeff Bakalar. -I am Justin Yu. -I'm Richard Peterson. -You certainly are. Richard filling in this week for Ariel who's-- I don't know. He's like getting married or something like that, right? -I think so. -Yeah. -He did. He's currently married. -He's already married, yeah. -I saw some photos. It looked lovely. -Uh-hmm. -A gorgeous affair-- -Now he's in Jamaica, I believe, probably riding a sea turtle around. -Yeah. They have sea turtle rides down there. -Yeah. It's great-- -No, they don't. -the beaches on them and everything. -That is so messed up. -I've never been. -It's the one that aquatic animal that we need to be giving more respect to, I think. They're like 40,000 years old. -Yeah. -Some of these got enough-- -I probably could ride them. -I would wanna do that. -I mean, they're slow. They're not gonna bite you off or anything. -No. They-- I just keep thinking of like Finding Nemo. "Rogers." I love it. All right, I want-- we have a lot of stories today. Something just broke out this morning that I'm still scratching my freaking head over. From the-- I guess, I can't believe this is real department comes word of an Nintendo 2DS, I crap you not ladies and gentlemen. -Uh-hmm. -Nintendo, the company that is flirting with disaster ever since they released the Wii U last year. They won successful product. They did have the 3DS, it's been picking up Steam. -Uh-hmm. -Gaining a lot of support. Thanks to a bevy of great downloadable games and first-party games. Well, sounds like Nintendo is just about pulling the plug on 3D, because launching October 12 will be the Nintendo 2DS. -Wow. -They are talking one away from the 3DS. It's called the 2DS. You can't make this up people. Give me an image of this thing. -Why they calling up that? -Well, because they're taking the 3D out of the 3DS-- -Right. -and offering it in this. What I can only describe as a happy meal pack-in is 2DS is a-- it's flat. It doesn't have a clamshell design. -Yeah. -So it's-- -I think that's pretty cool. -You think it's cool. -Yeah. -Well, that's why you don't review games here. -No. I think this is gonna appeal to kids for one, right, 'cause it's only what-- $200? -It's no. It's only $130. -Cheaper than-- oh, wow. Okay, so yeah. It's even cheaper than I thought, which is a big discount from the 3DS, right? A lot of kids don't like the 3D anyway, 'cause it makes them nauseous and puke all over it. So now that's not gonna happen anymore. The only thing about this is that, it doesn't have like clamshell thing so I'd be worried about maybe damaging the screen. -It's-- that's where I don't get. -It's kinda cool. -No. Why do you think it's-- -I can imagine that business meeting when they are like, "Guys, we're not doing well." 3DS isn't going well. -No. It is. -With the vision forward-- -Yeah. -Well, we really should be going backward. Let's take a one step back. -It's been doing well. That's what I don't understand. What they need to go back to the drawing board on is the Wii U, not the 3DS. The 3DS is doing great. -Well, maybe they just want a bigger push for mobile. -I hear you, and I-- you're coming from the right place. Right now, the 3Ds is a $170. This new one's gonna be $130. I have no problem with doing what they're doing. I think it's a good idea. -Uh-hmm. -But, it shouldn't look like this. -Why? -'Cause it looks absurd. It looks ridiculous. And how am I carrying this anywhere? Am I gonna get a little carrying sleeve? -Uh-hmm. -I gotta buy an extra carrying sleeve? I'm already pissed off 'cause I just bought the 2DS and now I gotta buy probably with the $20 carrying sleeve. -It's the same-- there's the 3DS comes with the carrying case. -It doesn't matter. 3DS also has a clamshell design. -Yeah. I mean, that's sort of a worry. -So the screen is protected when it's closed. -But this has a camera on it. You know what I'm thinking? For kids-- this is, I'm totally playing devil's advocate because I love to argue with you. -But, yeah-- okay. -But listen to this. Say you're like a 10-year-old, a 12-year-old kid right? You see your parents playing around with their tablet or their phablet. And you're jealous of your parents 'cause you see them playing around this thing all day long and you want a tablet of your own, right? Laptops aren't cool anymore. Clamshell designs aren't cool anymore. You want like an all-in-one device that you could see everything in one sleeve. And this is a way to give kids that thing that their parents want so badly. -I used to get upset-- -I see it. -when you would keep quite-- -I get it. -about games, you know, I'll be like, "Oh, Justin. You know, you could make something up." But now, I go back on that and I say, "Maybe, you shoulda keep your mouth shut." -No. I'm not going to 'cause I have a lot of opinions on gaming now. I'm not even just buy this and carry it around to piss you off. -Oh, be my guest. You wanna waste $130. I mean, that's-- I just don't get it. I don't understand. -What don't you get? -It's a terrible design. -Why would you pay for a 3DS when you don't want the 3D feature and then you keep the switch off all the time anyway? -Understood. I'm with you man. -So it's the design. It's the design. -You haven't even held it in your hand yet. -You're right, and it's tough to pass judgment. But, I shall, and passing judgment on photos alone, I think it looks like a damn joke. -I would argue with that, with clamshell designs that hinge can deteriorate overtime, you know what I mean? Like we've all had those laptops that after a while, you bend it too much and then it won't even stand up on its own. -Not me. No, that's never happened. -With kids that are constantly opening and closing this thin on the run, in the car, at home, in their rooms. It's gonna wear out, so why not just eliminate that pain point, give it other clamshell all together. Nintendo is genius. I see it. -Nintendo is a genius? -I see what they're doing here. -Well, I don't see what they're doing here. But I just don't think it's smart. But, we'll see. I'm sure mines in the mail and all. Have to play around with it. -Yeah, you sad zap. I feel so bad for you. -Yeah. You know how embarrassing that's gonna be? -How big do you think it is, do they give dimensions? -Yeah, I'm trying to look for those. -What's the measurement? -The measurements? I'm looking for those measurements but I can't find them. I'm sure we'll post about it in a little bit. Usually this is something I have to take care of. But, I'm doing a little show right now. The Wii U is also getting a price drop starting 20th. So don't buy a Wii U for the next month because that's another thing I'm just blown away buy like just freaking drop-the-price right away. -Yeah. Why do they tell people in advance? -Why are they saying, "Oh, wait four weeks. Don't move any product for four weeks. Let that crap collect dust on the shelf." Anyway, we're getting a price cut September 20th, the 32 gigabyte model were dropping for $300 effective on the 20th. And the Wii U basic model, which probably sold, I don't know, 400? -Uh-hmm. -That's the Wii U for no one. That's gonna be phased-out and then they're going to be releasing a Wind Waker HD Wii U bundle, which is the remake of the game Cube, Zelda game that is gonna debut on September 20th as well. And I would imagine that's-- I don't know how much that's gonna go for but there you have it. -Did you notice that the new Nintendo 2DS is also gonna come with Pokemon XNY that's included in the $130 price. -It's a great deal. -That's a $30-value absolutely free. -That's great Justin. Tell them what else they get. -That's not all though. If you order within the next 2 minutes, we'll throw out a second 2DS for free. -Yeah. I'll just-- come over and slap the hell out of you for doing that. -That's a good deal man. -I love when you troll me though, I really do. -I'm not trolling. -You're not trolling. You're just the troll. So yeah, that's some Nintendo news this morning. -Uh-hmm. -And we'll see how that goes. Yeah. -Let's get to this underwater cabling that's blowing your mind right now. -See how that works out guys-- -Yeah. -with your Nintendo-- I also hate it like, I don't know. I talked to Nintendo a lot. -Uh-hmm. -You know, we had this like very off-the-record conversations and, you know, they're like, "Oh, what-- you know, what do you think this, what do you think that?" It just turns out they don't listen to anything I said. -Yeah. -It's what I'm learning. It's what I'm learning. -Yeah. -Is that they listen to nothing. -They probably already had this model out months ago. -I'm sure. But, you know what? I kept saying they need to lower the price of the Wii U. -Yeah. -Not by 50, I said, it needs to be like-- $100. -A hundred dollars. -But, anyway-- whatever. It's not my company. It's not my problem. All right. -Justin has a good point though. -I think you have a fist in your mouth coming soon. -Thank you Richard. I appreciate that. -There's also rumors right now that the Xbox One-- this is also hitting news, I believe a couple of days ago actually-- I'd take that back. There is a rumored report that the Xbox One is gonna launch on November 8th. -Okay. -That's right around the corner kids. -Yeah. -And as we know, there is confirmation that the PlayStation 4 will be hitting November 15th. So basically, my life's gonna suck from, I don't know, end of October to the end of November. -Why? -'Cause all the-- you know, it's just gonna be busy. I'm looking forward. I'm happy to be busy with this. -Yeah. -I'm looking forward to these things. I'm looking forward to reviewing these consoles. It's gonna be fun, but my November is going to be-- I want event award is hellacious award. -Yeah. -It is an award? -Yeah. -All right. Well, it's gonna be that. -Richard, you and I should get in line for those releases. Make a little cash on the side. What do you think? -Good. Yeah. -I don't know if that's gonna happen this time. -Let's do that. What? Really? -Yeah. I don't know. I mean, there's-- you might be able to make like 20 bucks on one of them on eBay. -Yeah. -But after the fees and all that junk? -Fifteen bucks. -Yeah. -I can use to that baby. -Cool. Fifteen in my pocket. -Yeah. -I will pay for it or-- -Yeah. -McDonald's lunch. -I like it. I like where your heads at. All right. That's the video game news that should have been yesterday when Harold was here. -Hey-- -But instead-- -I gave valuable-- -The gaming Gods. -colorful comments. -Yeah, you said 15 words yesterday. The gaming Gods have conspired to make all that stuff happen today. So-- whatever. -Let's talk about the story this website that Major sent us. Thank you Andrew Major. He had Spotify still by the way? Our buddy e-mails us stories all the time. -Well, no. This was actually-- I got this off his Facebook feed. -Okay. -Is Major still at Spotify? Yes, he is. -Okay. Well, thank you Andrew for sending us this website. Jeff, you had no idea that there are network of undersea cables that they're-- basically, these fiber optic cables that connect power and internet throughout the world. -Well, I didn't-- -You didn't realize this? -I mean, I don't know. I thought a lot of it was like satellite-based or something. -And there are a lot of it is. -I had no idea the amount of tubes that the internet is really made up of. -Yeah. -I used to make fun of that. But, you know, and like I was like, "Oh, the internet is just a bunch of tubes." Well, he's not really that wrong. -Yeah. -It is. -There is an unbelievable map if you go to cablemap.info. It's called Greg's Cable Map and what this gentleman decided to do was to make an interactive Google Map of all of the tubes that lay along the ocean floors connecting our fine planet. -Okay. -There you go. -How did he know where they are? -Well he just, you know, went on-- he got on a boat. -A lot of scuba diving. -Lot of scuba diving. This is amazing. And there some pretty thick pipe being laid down on this ocean floor. The Atlantic Ocean has-- looks like it has the most, right? -Yeah. Uh-hmm. -They are laying some serious pipe along the Atlantic and the Pacific as well. So yeah, it's just this like really cool interactive map of all of these tubes. And you can click on each individual tube and understand where they're down. -Uh-hmm. -I mean, I'm just blown away by this stuff. We have so-- they're called Submarine Telecommunications Cable Systems. -Uh-hmm. -And they're just splattered all along the ocean floor-- and you knew this. -I knew this, Richard new this. -Yeah. -Anyone that's in technology should know this. You know what really worries me about the story though is every time we talk about these tubes is that-- -Tubes. -What worries me is that these are so exposed and according to this map-- -But they're not. -you can check out exactly the exact geographic location of all these. Why haven't these been tampered with if-- you know, these cables can handle telecommunications for an entire country? I'm sure there's been a lot of spying done on it. People were trying to tap into it or just trying to savor it all together. -Why? -And not only that dude, they're freaking down there. -Yeah. -If they run along the ocean floor-- -But someone had to install it. They didn't just drop into the ocean from the surface. -Why? But like sophisticated maritime submarine-- -Robots. -vessels-- robots went down there and did it. It wasn't like, "Okay, guys. Just, you know, throw them in here and see what happens." -Yeah. -It'll probably sink. No. It's like sophisticated, you know, machinery. -Yeah. -Very, very sophisticated. -Okay, yeah. -I wonder if creatures ever mess with it like shark's bite into it or something. -Yeah. -I mean-- first of all, I don't think any shark goes that deep down. -I don't know. -Like we're-- it's the bottom of the ocean floor man. This is like uncharted territory. -This is like your nightmare, right? Aren't you deathly afraid of that water? -I think that's the biggest thing is how scary like, just think about that tube man. So there's like a cross section of a modern submarine communications cable on Wikipedia. -Uh-hmm. -And you can look through the 8 levels of, you know, sort of shield in that these cables have. You know, I think this is really cool. I guess I kinda knew it. I just didn't wanna come to reality. I didn't wanna face it. You know, I don't wanna face reality. I admit it. -Yeah. -I just thought it was like the science fiction thing. -Uh-hmm. -But it's true. The tubes are not a lie. -Yeah. It happens all the time. Look, I'm reading these news story on Wire that says, "Two years ago, a Georgian woman-- not in the states. A Georgian woman struck a fiber optic cable while digging for copper, which then cut off internet access to neighboring Armenia for 5 hours. -Oh, my God. What they do for 5 hours? -I don't know. They talk to each other or something. It sounds terrible. But, apparently, these cables snap at least a hundred times a year and require a lot of maintenance to put it back together. -Yeah. But there so many wires that there's plenty of safety nets it sounds like. -Yeah. There's probably extra cables. Yeah, they're about 0.75 to 2-1/2 inches thick. Just a lot smaller than I thought they would be. -They're fiber so it's just light. -Yeah. -Apparently, and I did a little bit of research on this last night. Apparently, this sort of stuff's been going on for over a hundred years in terms of like the ambition to connect the continents with wire, with electricity. -Uh-hmm. -And, you know, it's amazing. They-- apparently, we like really wanted to start doing it in early 1800's and it wasn't until 19-- early 1902, for the first ever trans-Pacific cable was completed-- -Yeah. -which is crazy to me. -Finally given those little fairies a break. Is that what you thought like they carry the data before? -The fairies? No, I thought it was a lot of it was satellite-based. -Oh, yeah. -Which is not crazy-- -Yeah, it's not crazy 'cause it's weird to think that like we are still connected by cables. -Yeah. -Everything is wireless nowadays. -I actually know a guy who works for company that owns some of the cabling. -No way. -And it's his job to sell bandwidth to different companies in the world. -Gotcha. -So, you know, if you pay more money, you could get a faster connection. -So it's crazy, 'cause if you look at the map, some of these-- and it's cool because they all have these very bizarre names, right? Like some of them were called like, some of them like TAT14. That's a 3.2 I guess is a tera-- what is it TBPS? -Terabytes per second. -Terabytes per second. -Yeah. -So 3.2 terabytes per second. It's 15,428 kilometers long and it's been in service since 2001. And then there's like one called the WASACE, which is 40 terabytes per second. That distance is not applicable 'cause it's not done yet. That doesn't go into service until 2014. So like, you know, this is gonna keep going on and on and on. They keep laying down pipe. -Uh-hmm. -It's crazy man. I just think it's cool. -Awesome. -Yeah. Apparently B. Master says, there's a great documentary about the trans-Atlantic cables in their beginnings. Care to give us the title of that documentary B. Master? -That sounds interesting though. -I'd watch that. -Yeah. -Maybe if it was under 30 minutes, I'd watch that. -TLDR. -Seriously. -Okay. All right. So there's our "woah" moment of the day-- -Yeah. -brought to you by Mr. Andrew Major, who, if he's listening, come back to us. -I was surprised that this next story because it's something that I think all native New Yorkers, or if you've been to New York for long enough, you've seen these around. A lot of times, you will be just walking around and there's never any shortage of taxi cabs in the city right? Always honking their horns, trying to kill cyclists-- etc. -For the record, no one is trying to kill cyclists-- -No. There's a lot. -besides my father. -Yeah. Your dad's-- -My dad is actually goes out and really haunts them down. -Well, apparently, there are a large network of undercover cops that drive around in taxi cabs that actually turned into official cop cars when they felt the switch. -Oh, yeah. I knew about this. -Yeah. So you've probably seen this around if you live in New York. You'd be walking around looking at a taxi cab. And all of the sudden, you'll see the lights inside start flashing like a real cop car, except the lights are inside the-- they look like they're mounted underneath the hood of the car. And then it'll just start flashing and it even has a speaker in it. It'll blare and it'll alarm. It's kinda weird, yeah. So, you see this happen quite often. But apparently, there's a book out called Enemies Within and it sort of investigates the NYPD's illegal spying program. And they sort of profile these phenomena. -Is it illegal? -It's not illegal but-- -'Cause you just said it's illegal. -Well, it says illegal. Okay, so in this book, it talks about their illegal spying tactics. And this is not necessarily one of those but they talk about it anyway. I don't think it's illegal. But the book has illegal stuff. Can I continue? -Yeah. -So yeah. This is the picture over right here. It's kind of interesting. Have you guys seen this around before? I wish we could ask your Dad about this. -I'm gonna see him this weekend. I'll ask him. Apparently, the medallion number 6Y11-- -Yeah. -So if you live in New York or been here, you know that every cab in the city, all 13,000 of them have 4-- not alpha-numeric digits of characters that identify them. -Uh-hmm. -There's-- it's a hack number or medallion number-- whatever you wanna call it. -Right. -6Y11 is the one that-- or one of the ones that the NYPD owns and operates. -Yeah. -So it's a dummy cab. It's got a real hack number, real medallion number, but it's registered under a false name. -Yeah. I read that. You could spot these because all of the cop cars actually have a Y in their license plate. -In the medallion. -Yeah. -Okay. -All-- all, that's how you can sort of spot them. They're not all 6Y11 but they have a Y in that four digits. -That's interesting. -Yeah. So, I don't know. How do you feel about this? Do you think it's kinda like random checkpoints? -I mean-- -And do you think it's kinda sneaky and that-- -No. I mean look. There's been undercover cops for as long as we remember. -Right. -There been undercover cars, cop cars. -Right. -I think those are becoming increasingly easy to indentify just because there always like a dodge charger with the windows dimmed. -Right. -And then like-- -In times of fall-- -There's like a Nike logo. -Yeah. It's always like a bald guy with sunglasses on. -They're like, that's a cop. You're a cop. -Yeah. And there's like another guy in the passenger seat too. -It's stupid. -Do you think why is that guy sitting in there? -It's like what are these two dudes going at 2:30 on a Friday? -Yeah. -Think like they're gonna play squash. -Yeah. -What do you think they're gonna do? -Yeah. -So, they're kinda easy to spot but, I mean, if you got it undercover yellow cab in Manhattan-- -Yeah. -you're flying way under that radar because they just blend right in. -But do you think these cop cars are actually pulling people over it? They're probably not traffic cops that are doing this, right? -No. They're designed to really-- -To actually go undercover in neighborhoods. -in surveillance. -Right, right. -They are-- these are, I would imagine, our strictly and exclusively in operation for their surveillance capabilities. -Right. -And that is it. -I have a friend who got arrested by one of these cop cars. -Oh, that sucks. Why? What happened? -Well he-- it's kinda ridiculous actually. He sprayed air-freshener at someone like in their face. -What? Number one-- why was he carrying air-freshener with him? Number two, what were the circumstances, where he needed to use it as a weapon. -Because he was annoyed by this person who were smoking and blowing the smoke in his face. -He just had a can of air-freshener? -I think he like went in to his office and got in, brought it out. -And the guy called the cops? -Yeah, the guy called the cops. -That escalated quickly. -Seriously. -And then the cop came in one of these taxi cabs. -And you don't know if it had a Y in the-- in the medallion number? -I don't know. -Either way-- oh, my God. Justin just did that to me. -Call the cops. -You didn't know I have one of this in here? -You just Febreze me man. -Well, you stink. Oh, that smells like a toilet in here. -A fresh toilet. -It's nasty. -Febreze tastes like shit. Why would you do that? -Got him Richard. Got him. -Yeah. I'm gonna take a lighter to that now. -That'll teach him-- -You have a different taste in your mouth. -So a cop showed up in a taxi cab? -Yeah. I guess he was just the nearest cop when they got dispatched or whatever. -That's messed up. -It's on my microphone dude. -Taste that golden spray. -My microphone does smell great though. You know, I don't understand those Febreze commercials. They're like bring people in. They're like, they blindfold them and they bring them to like a morgue. -All right, yeah. They went into like a chopped stuff. -See? See, you'd never know you're in a room of-- -[unk] dead body. -It's so stupid. -Yeah, I love that. -Dumbass Febreze commercials. -Old Mayonnaise is writing. "I'm calling freaking cops on you dude." -Call them. I don't care. -Yeah. It wouldn't be the first time I got arrested for some stupid. -I've taken a piggyback ride before. I don't give a crap. So this NYPD thing is pretty interesting. I don't know. You see them around. I don't think it's anything new either but it's kinda cool. -No. It's interesting. I don't know if it's cool. -Do they still give rides on their off time? Like if-- what if you tried to open up-- -No. The on-duty like never goes on. -Oh, it never goes on. Okay. -Yeah. -You can't just jump into the back of it. -And feel like, "Okay, 46 and 7-- -Yeah. -You know, it doesn't work like that. When you turn around, it'll be like, "Son, get the hell out of the car." -Yeah. -It's this the cash cab? -This is the opposite of the cash cab. -Yeah. You just can't get out. -You have bad luck. -So these doors aren't unlocking. -Yeah. Well, it's because you're under arrest. -See those undercover pedicabs too soon right? -No, I don't think so. -Is that gonna be a thing? -I don't think they're gonna be awesome. -I don't think they're gonna be cycling their way over. -That is so cool like undercover rickshaw pedicabs, undercover ice cream trucks. They're everywhere man, some high-level paranoia going on here. -You're dying. -Undercover horse carriages off to central park. -Right? -You're a dummy. -Oh, my God. It's scary. -Oh, I'm scary now. -Buttercup. -Say it. -Butternuts. -All right, moving along. What else we got? -All right. You wanna talk about this next story? -Yeah. -This is kinda cool. -For sure. -Do you wanna talk about this Pornhub story 'cause I can't be the one to introduce this, it's too obvious. -Okay. I didn't read this but I know, I can understand where it's going. All right. Well, you know, Pornhub, it's a porn site, you know that. But because it's so unbelievably popular, we can get a lot of data and lot of understanding of the human condition and the sensualities and perverse-- -Right. -you know desires in the land of sexuality. There's a lot to learn from people because, you know, Pornhub can see who's using their site, where are they coming from, what state they're in and they can really localize and understand exactly what type of tastes people have. -Right. -Like the keywords they typed in search of their specific like fetishes, I guess you could call it. -So-- and I feel like they're really quickly becoming like a data company. -Yeah, like OkCupid does. -Right. -They like to harvest a lot of data as well. -Exactly. So in their infinite wisdom, they decided to release a map that compiles all of the-- you know, search terms and the most popular ones used by state. And I'm just looking at this map right now. I don't even wanna say half the words in this map 'cause we just can't. -God. -Like we can't say a few words. Let's just say, a lot of dessert fans in the country. -Oh, my God. -All right? That's all we're gonna say. -Yeah. -A lot of people want their dessert, want their cake and eat it too, right? -We even-- we can't even show this. -Don't even show the map. -What I think is-- -We invite you if you're over the age of 18 to check out this map that I guess we can link to. It's on jessebelle-- -Actually the map isn't that bad. I think we could show it. -No. The map's fine. It's just the terms are not-- -No, the terms are fine. -Yeah, I'm just like-- -I mean-- -I don't wanna say some of the terms, okay? But I do wanted to point out though is by looking at the map. Utah does not like porn. -Yeah. -'Cause they're not even-- -Can I show it? -Yeah, you could show the map. If you look at Utah, there's no freaking porn over Utah. -That's interesting. -Yeah. -Now, Richard. You're a Utah-- what is it? -Utahn. -Utahn? -Yeah. -Really? -Yeah. -That's the freaking-- -What else would it be? Utahian? That sounds lame. -Utahnian. -Yeah. -We're gonna call you Utahnian. -They don't look at porn to me. It doesn't matter. They're irrelevant. -People there look at porn. -Right. But they look at Morm in porn. -Morn-Morn. -A Utahnian Morn is what they look at. -Maybe they look at-- yeah. Maybe they don't look at specific porn. They just take what served to them 'cause this is only a map of like keywords people have looked for. -Yeah. They just go online and just search porn. -Yeah. -They don't search like specific things I guess. -What I wanna do a real quick is I wanna point out the great state of New Jersey. -Yeah. -And-- okay. A lot of these, you know, ones are like teen and Asian and compilation. -Actually, there's only Asian in all of California apparently really likes Asian porn. -Oh, no. There's Asian in Washington States-- -Yeah. -And apparently, this is also not a keyword for the state of Ohio, either. -Good for them. -New Jersey is only one of two that is-- their top keyword is MILF. -Yeah. -And we all know what MILF is. -You guys-- -Why do you think that is? Why do you think New Jersey wants the MILFs? Do you think it's like all the Housewives-- -That's what I was gonna say, finally. -Yeah. -That is so freaking sad. -Yeah. -That is so freaking sad. -What is in Wyoming smoking? -Yeah, smoking. -Why is that they're talking? -That's [unk]. -You know what's also weird is that, Kentucky like Hentai, which is really weird. Like Hentai is sort of an off-shoot of Japanese porn but it's like Anime porn. -Yeah. We don't need to keep this thing up all day. -It's Anime porn. Why does Kentucky love that? It doesn't make sense. -There's gotta be a reason for it. -It's so weird. -You gotta dig deep. -Yeah. -Well, yeah, you gotta dig deep and find out. -Super deep. -Super deep. -And then the other weird stuff is that a lot of these states really like compilation porn like Maine for example, New Hampshire. -It's New England is nothing but compilation porn. -Yeah, they love compilation but which makes me think that they have porn ADD. Right? That means they can't focus on one scene. They have to see bunch of different ones on together. That's interesting to me. -I'm blown away by the most-- term here. -Yeah. -I don't wanna say 'cause it's a dessert. Just-- -Oh, yeah. I just [unk] that trend too. -You know that, "I'm just like a"-- it's crazy to me, right? -Yeah. It's kind of gross, actually. -Yeah. -It's one of the gross fetishes. -Yeah, it's Eric Clapton's old band. Anyway-- -Part of it. -Part of it. -American-- yeah. -Yeah. -It's very American. -It's only in America. -The weird-- the other weird thing is that, I just Googled this, which is why me and Richard were giggling like little school girls. But Nevada really likes Anita Queen. -What is that? I don't even know what that is? -Do you know what Anita Queen is? -Is it like drag? -No. It's a-- she's a starlet. -Oh, it's one person. -That's one pornstar. -Is she popular in Vegas, is that what it is? -I don't know. I have no idea what the correlation here is. But don't look up Anita Queen and Google at work. -It's the most educational episode we've ever had. -This is. -Yeah. -I smell like Febreze. -Oh, I can see your screen. -Just making sure that Anita Queen is indeed a porn star. Sometimes I type things in the Google incorrectly. -Look. It's amazing that they are learning. Pornhub has so much information out on people. -Yeah. -They really do. I don't care if you're incognito mode. It doesn't save you. We still know where you are. We still have your IP, right? Okay, you guys have to stop looking at that track. -He's looking at-- -What? It's a doughnut. -It's crazy. Oh, it is a doughnut. It's a Boston cream Doughnut. That's what it is. -This is what came up when I'm talking about while on search term. -Yeah, no Dunkin Donuts. -Yeah. Can we pass? -I'm really a straight guy on the show like I can-- I'm the only one who could keep it straight. -Can I put this as the main photo for today? -Yeah. -This is doughnut with cream coming-- -I think so. I don't think there's anything wrong with that. -Looks delicious. -It looks freaking tasty as hell. I want some of that. -Okay. -I want that bad. -I'll give you some after the show. Oh, this is nasty. Okay. -Couple of weeks ago, we were talking-- or maybe it was Monday. We're talking about Spawn. -Oh, yeah. -Talking about Spawn, the movie with John Leguizamo-- knows the actor that played Spawn? -It was Michael J. White. -Michael J. White. Anyway, according to IGN, a Spawn reboot could actually be happening. After years of planning and promises to fans, Spawn creator Todd McFarlane may actually be getting closed to making his movie reboot a reality. -Yeah. This is really cool. The weird part about the story is that, he's gonna be writing, producing and directing the whole movie himself. -Has he directed anything? -I don't think so. I not-- I don't know. It doesn't sound like it but there's no actors that have been cast in the role yet but a lot have expressed interests. The number one being Jamie Foxx, which is sort of a slipper head, I never would have really thought of him as the main actor to choose. -I think I'd be okay with that. -I don't know, 'cause Spawn is suppose to be this tough guy, right? -Yeah. Jamie Foxx is a bad ass. -I'm not sure he's proved himself to be a bad-ass before. -You're not seeing Django? -Yeah. But he's sort of a comedian. And Spawn is not supposed to be funny at all. -Yeah. He doesn't even smile. -Yeah, like that's impossible for him. -I think he could pull it off. -Yeah. The cast of the original Spawn movie was pretty good. I mean, John Leguizamo is great. Don't forget Martin Sheen was in that movie too, he's Jason Wynn. -I thought so. I've-- he's in it too. I caught it the other day. I caught some of it the other day. It's really bad. -The [unk] is terrible. -It's a lot of it is just really-- and some of the acting is really pissed for. -Yeah. You know, like the one of the quintessential scenes in the comic is when he's sitting on top of the church and he's like just hanging on to one of those gargoyles and he just had his like K-bellowing in the breeze. -Yeah. -And that something they just couldn't accomplish in the 90's. -I don't even think it's sad. I just, you know, I think they could have done it. I just-- I'm suggesting the budget wasn't there. -Yeah. I agree with that. Well, now hopefully look at the bigger budget, although it seems like according to this, it's not gonna be your typical superhero movie. Todd McFarlane said that it's gonna be more of a thriller-horror-- -Okay. -which makes sense to the Spawn character. -Whatever you wanna do on them. -You're gonna be sick if you got Guillermo Del Toro to do with the Spawn movie. -Yeah. Why do you say him? It's like Pan's Labyrinth? -Yeah, like Pan's Labyrinth, it's Hell Boy, and he also did Pacific Rim. -Yeah. -And then I was thinking about even further 'cause I saw Pacific Rim. You guys didn't check that out right? -No. Was it good? -It was really good. -Pacific Rim? -Yeah. -I heard it was great. -There's an actor in there named Idris Elba,-- -Okay. -who played Stacker if anyone's listening has watched it. He would be a perfect Spawn. He's kind of like this very stern like just a mean sort of like drill sergeant-type actor in that movie. So, we know he could play that role. It would be great to get him in that in that [unk]. It would be cool. -All right. -So, yeah. I'm looking forward to it-- Spawn movie. It's actually happening. Starring Ben Affleck as Spawn. -Nice. I like it. All right. We're not gonna do the dictionary? -If you wanna do the dictionary. -I wanna do the dictionary. We owe it to our listeners and viewers to report on the news. And according to the Oxford English Dictionary, couple of new entries are hitting right now including the term Selfie. -Yeah. -Selfie is now a word. What do you think about that? -I don't know. I'm-- we've talked about this Oxford Dictionary story a lot and how they-- -Yeah. But they keep-- I feel like-- -Like they added Sexting last year. -Yeah. -Is, they're just debasing themselves. No one trust Oxford Dictionary, I'm all that Merriam Webster now, right? Like their stock is gone way, way down. -I don't know man, they got that word Oxford in there so that seems pretty freaking official. -Yeah, they're pretty British. -Yeah. -So-- -Selfie, what else we got? -They're doing Twerk. -Uh-hmm. -If-- you know, if the 2DS doesn't make you cringe, this sure shit will. -Yeah. So, yeah, they're doing Twerk, Selfie, Buzzworthy-- which I think that's fine. -Yeah. What did they add last year? The thing about tweeting, it's like-- I forget. -I don't know. They're also adding an abbreviated seriously, S-R-S-L-Y. -Yeah. -No. That's not a word. -Yeah. That makes me-- -They're just-- I hope they labeled these as slang. That's the only think I want to happen. -Yeah. -And they're putting up Phablet-- -Yeah. -in, as well, which is a fabulous tablet. -As well as MOG and Digital Detox. Phablet is not fabulous tablet, right? -Tablet. This Tablet is fabulous. Yeah. It's bad. -I don't know. I feel like Twerk has earned the right, right? -Uh-huh. Yeah. -The only one that really makes sense here is Bitcoin 'cause that's a real thing. -Bitcoin is real man. There's no reason that shouldn't-- -But they also added FOMO, which is more-- -I don't know about that. -which is more of-- it's not really a word, as much as it is an acronym. It stands for-- -A fake homo? -Fake homo. -Gems, gems, gems, gems, gems, gems, gems. -You're the only that can make that joke but I'm glad you did-- we're all better for-- -A fake homo. -That's it. That's what it says, right here. -Yeah. A fake homo. -Like when Justin goes into a gay club and strip dance. -Yeah, just for the dance. -Get outta here, Fomo. -No girls tonight guys. I just wanna dance. -Hey, Fomo. We know your secret. Get outta here. -Fomo stands for Fear of Missing Out. It's when you see your friends posting pictures on Instagram of the parties that they're at or whatever and you're like, "Oh, I wish I was there but I can't because I'm sick and I'm in traction now." Whatever. So, if you have Fomo, you're afraid that you're missing out on other fun times your friends are having. -Dude, my favorite dessert ever has been added to the Oxford English Dictionary. No. It's not that doughnut we just saw. -Boston cream-- -It's the freaking cake pop man. -What? -Do have a cake pop? -Cake pop. -You don't know what a cake pop is. -Oh, yeah. -Hell yeah. Hell yeah. -I don't know what that cake pop. -'Cause it's like a stick with a little piece of cake on the end. -Yup. Covered in like chocolate. Cake pops. -I need to look that up. -Look it up. Taste the future of desserts. -Oh, yeah. I've seen this before. -Right. -Yeah. They always make them into funny little reindeer heads and stuff. -Well, that's if you're-- -If it's around the holidays or if you're a gentile. They also have like a-- -Gentile. You're not-- -What? -I know things. I know things about you guys. -It's such a weird-- -What? -right there. -Why? 'Cause we're talking about reindeers and that's a Christmas thing-- -Gentile is like, it's almost kinda like it's derogatory. -Is it derogatory? -Sort of under-tone. -Oh, really? -A little bit. It's not as bad as like, how am I gonna say it, but there's other, you know. -What? What's the derogatory version? Just say it. -It's like a-- -What? Just say it. I'm not gonna-- -It starts with a G also, it's not you. You wouldn't be call this-- -Oh, the Goy-- -Goy-- -Goyum. -Goyum. -Goya bean-- -It's not a Goyum, it's not that food. No, it's Goyum like-- -Oh, you freaking Goya bean. -Yeah. -No, no. It's like G-O-Y-U-M, Goyum. -[unk] Goya beans. -Goya beans are Mexican, are they? -Goya beans are Mexican bean. -Yeah, they are. -Yes. -Anyway, back to the story. So they make these cake pops in all different kinds of shapes, right? -Right. The gentiles do it. -Yeah, yeah. Looking at hello kitty ones. -There's full list of words here. It wasn't just those 6 that we said before. Babymoon, what's that? -I don't know. -Like a babymoon, I'm interested about that. B.Y.O. D. What the hell is that? Bring Your Own-- -I don't have a dictionary. -Oh, is that like a porn thing? -I don't know. -It sounds really upsetting. -It's like a lesbian porn thing. -It is Bring Your Own D-- -Okay, next they have internet of things, which is one of them, which is like how everything is connected now that we have connected refrigerators and things like that. It's legit. -They added Fauxhawk. -Fauxhawk, that's good. -F.I.L. what is that? -I don't know. -I don't know either. -F. I.L.? I'll look that up. I like Pixie cut. That's about time they added that. -I don't know what that-- -That's when you really have short hair, the Pixie. -Okay. Selfie, they did street food-- -Oh, I thought street meat would have been better for that. -Yeah. Omnishambles. -Omnishambles. -What the hell is that? -Omnishambles-- I don't know. It's a word to describe a comprehensively mismanaged situation. -Okay. -So, you're like, "Oh, I gotten myself into an Omnishambles. -They did Guac-- -Uh-hmm. -which we talk about a lot. Guacamole. -Oh, a Babymoon is a relaxing holiday taken by parents-to-be before their baby is born. -Oh, okay. -It says, when you know like you probably in the last trimester. -See? I'm okay with that. -Yeah, that's cool. -Yeah. -That's a good one. -TLDR is now in there. -Oh, nice. Yeah, I like that. -And Pear sider, in case you were worried about that fruit juice. -Derp got at it. -Derp? Nice. Good for Derp. -Derp, if you don't know, is regarded something meaningless or a stupid comment. -Derp? -Yeah. -No, Derp is the face. -No, not the-- -You need that derp face. -That's a derp face. But a derp is when you go, "Oh, I said something stupid, derp!" and then you make a derp face. -Okay. So maybe derp face is next year. -Yeah. -And then unlike-- -FIL is Father-in-law. -What is that? -Which I-- yeah, I didn't know about that. -Why is there a need of dictionary reference? -You're right. And like something's don't need to be abbreviated. -Yeah. -Father-in-law doesn't need to be abbreviated. -Oh, Girl Crush, that's like another one. We're like girl's like other girls-- -There's like man crush. -Like being fans of other girls. -Is it like an opposite of man crush? -Yeah, exactly. And then they have Grats. What do you think Grats means? -Congratulations. -Yeah. It's the worst. -Yeah. -Why people have the shorten words like that? -Like we already, we're doing congrats. We all seemed to agree on congrats. -And now-- -And now they started with Grats. -Yeah. -And soon it'll just be-- don't know how to do that. And that's it. -Yeah. -All right. Cool man. Great show today. -Yeah. -Vom. What do you think Vom is? -Vomit. -I'm going to vom right now. -Yeah, vomit. I haven't saying that for a while. -I like that one. -Is that in there? -It's what the kids are saying. Yeah, yeah. -Where? -At the end, right at the end. Vom. -I don't see it. -Yeah. There's also-- what's M.O.O.C.? -MOOC? -M. O.O. C. It's another abbreviation. And what's L.D.R.? -L. D.R.? I don't know. I'm not sure about those things. MOOC stands for Massive Open Online Course. That's-- that doesn't sound right. -No-- maybe that is. Yeah, L.D.R., I have no idea what L.D.R. is. -Yeah. -If someone knows let us know. -It stands for-- -I'm looking up, I can't find it. -Oh, it's stands for the Louisiana Department of Revenue. -Oh, right. Oh, no. I know what it is. I know what it is. Long Distance Relationship. -Oh, right, right, right. Not Land Disposal Restrictions. -Do you think 30 years from now, kids going to school, part of their vocabulary will be like abbreviations like this? -Yeah. -Do you think like, you think they'll be reading the textbook and they goes, "Jimmy said, L.O.L." -Yeah. -Like do you think that's what's gonna be happening? -I think there will be a day when we just won't understand what young people are saying. Like, we just won't be tune in to that slang anymore and they're just be a serious of abbreviations like right now, like if someone said that, I would have no idea, like, "Oh, I hate my L.D.R. right now." -There's obviously a lot of people who would be upset thinking that this is just the king of language. -Yeah. And this, they would be right. -And then-- but it's a double-- it's a two, it's a double-sided sword, right? -Yeah. -Because-- double-edge sword because you have the king of literature and that sort of thing and, you know, the long form journalism and that's sort of thing. And then you also have like the evolution of language and communication. -Yeah. -So, it's just something that you can't stop. You know what I mean like this is weird sort of thing. I can understand the people being upset on both sides of that. -Yeah, and a lot of it comes out of technology, right? You just don't wanna type out. -Oh, it's all technology. -Yeah. You don't wanna type out these long words and so, in text, that's where these words come out and then Twerking. I don't know what that came from, but-- -Someone just wrote in the chat room, I'm gonna say it because it's so absurd but I've never heard of it. Have you heard of PEBCAK? -No. -That's Problem Exist Between Chair and Keyboard. -Oh, that's like what IT guy say to blame you users when they say, "My keyboard's frozen." They're like, "I can't use my computer." -And I think the problem is just between the chair and the keyboard is you. -Oh, it's a PEBCAK problem. Right. -Yeah. Good one. -Love that ITG guy. -Yeah. -That's super dry IT humor. -[unk] guys. Let's read a few of these e-mails off 'cause I think we got a lot of good ones. -Yeah. -This first one is from Liam. He's like, "Hey, Justin. I just finished watching the last Thursday show, when you, Richard and Bridget were talking about Kickstarter. And you wanted your own Kickstarter ideas. And I immediately thought of one for CNET. And I wanted to make 404bubbleheads for you guys. -Shut up. -And so he did this for all of us. -No. -Check this out. -You're a fool of it. -No, look. Here it is. Got him Richard. Got him. No, here they are. Isn't that cool. -Oh, wow. Okay, that is cool. First he showed us the doughnut again but-- wow, that's so cool. -So these are-- like I'm so psyched that he included Richard and Bridget as well. -Yeah, it's pretty cool. -I don't know what the source material was for these but I've never seen you wear a brown blazer before. -Oh, I have many brown blazers. -And here's me in a blazer as well look at sort of discoed out. And then he got Ariel with a camo hat and the-- I mean the camo sweatshirt on. He always wears that thing. -Yeah. That's pretty sick. -Those are cool. -I would buy one of those. -You can see these are real [unk]. Yeah. -I'd buy one. -We would-- there would only be 5 founders. The people in this room. -That's true. That's all you need. All right, cool. We've also been talking a lot about people from around the world. -Yeah. -And guess what man. More than one person from South Africa listens to the show. -That's crazy. -Also from all around the world. Let's go to-- someone from the Cayman Islands, but I don't think we have a name here because we were pop this one in there like we collected to put the name. I'll look it up, you'll read it. -Okay so he goes, the person goes, "Hey, guys. I listen to the 404 Show everyday and I live in the Cayman Islands. I just moved here from Jamaica a year ago but sadly, I haven't met anyone in either country who knows about CNET at all, much less the 404. Keep on keeping it real guys. Maybe your day will soon come." -That's from Lorenzo. -Yeah. One day we'll have more fans hopefully in Jamaica and Cayman Islands. -Hell yeah. -Yeah, CNET Jamaica, let's get there. -You want me to read this one from Liam? -Uh-hmm. -He's a long-time listener Liam here. "I've moved around a lot as a foreign service dependent and I would like to let you guys know that I've kept up with your show in Russia, in Netherlands and even Beijing China. That's not you. The Chinese government doesn't like your podcast through"-- what? -Yeah. -That's crazy. -It's that Great Firewall-- -Of China. -Wait a second. Did you know this. -Yeah. -Did you know-- -We talked about this before. -The 404 censored in China? -They censored CNET, I believe. They have the CNET Asia, but I don't think you can access the podcast through that website. -So, it's just the 404 page. -Yeah. -We're on the air in North Korea and not China? -Not North Korea. -No, we are on the air in North Korea. -Who said that? -We got people leaking that out. -No, you don't. -Yeah. -Just like on the front line of the demarcation zone. -Anyway, "The Chinese government doesn't let your podcast through. That's a travesty. So I have to use the VPN to download it there. Keep up the good work and you never know what country your shows gonna get watched in next." -Liam is committing a crime by listening to our show. He is putting himself at risk of jail time to listen to us. That's cool. I challenge anyone else out there to listen to us. -Who's that? -That's Liam. -Why he's gonna go to jail? -Yeah, because if the Chinese government catches him watching stuff that's censored. He's gonna go to prison son. -Man, I would love to just see his door get knocked down and all of these Chinese military guys with guns come in. What would he say? -What do you think they sound like? What do you think they sound like. -They just like, they knock on the door, they're like. -Yeah. And what do you think they'd say. -I'm asking you. -I have no idea. I've never been to Beijing before. -You've never been in China? -Nope, never. -Never in China. -You're not pushing-- -I've been to China but not in Beijing, so I'm not-- -What do the police sound in China? -Oh, they probably be like, "Hey, are you listening to the 404? What are you doing? You know that's censored, we know you're using a VPN Liam. I understand that you're a Foreign Service dependent but you can't do stuff like that. -Not cool Liam. -Yeah. They'd be like. -We really frown upon stuff like that. -Yeah, probably. That's exactly what they would sound. -We really frown upon that activity. -We're gonna have to just take you to jail now. My English is pretty good, right? I've been watching a lot of 404-- -I understand why you're doing. -So, Benjamin e-mailed us as well with the related note about international listening. He says, "Hey, guys. I love the show. I live in Seoul, South Korea right now. I wake up to the show every day and enjoy the thought-provoking topics and my cheesy e-mail address should be given away." But I won't give away his e-mail address. But he says, "Keep up the great work." So we have listeners in South Korea, which I will actually be in April. -Shut up. -No, I will not shut up. It's true. One of my buddies is getting married and his whole family is going over to Korea because his wife is a Korean. -So you're going. -I'm going. I'm in the wedding party. I will be there, so see you soon Benjamin. -In April. -In April of 2014. -Cool man. -Yeah, just to let you guys know. I put my PTO in really early. -That's gonna be an awesome trip though. -Yeah. -I heard South Korea is awesome. -Yeah, I should probably get a passport, right? I heard you-- -You don't have one? -No, I don't have one. -That's not surprising at all. -Last one is from Ritavo. He says, "Just to keep adding nationalities to your show, I wanna let you know that you have a listener in San Jose in Costa Rica. I've been a listener for, well, how much time have I wasted?" Hey says no idea but a lot. So probably a few years. "Cheers to you guys. Love the show." Puta Vita. -I also want to give a shout out to Wade V. He is also from Capetown, South Africa, another guy, South African, sweet. Also Rudy from Johannesburg, South Africa. -Oh, nice. Where you getting these from tweets? -I'm getting them from our e-mail, where all the e-mails go. -Okay. -You know, that's how that works. So thanks Rudy. Man, so in the 3 short days, we've had 1, 2, 3-- almost 5 people from South Africa. That's pretty impressive. -That's awesome. -Just like off right away. I respect the freaking hell out of that. -Yeah, then we got someone in the chat room. Tickle Chickens watching from Ireland. -Tickle Chickens. -It's iTickle Chickens actually, I didn't see the I. That's pretty good you chicken tickler. He's watching from Ireland, so hello to you sir. I don't even know what it is in Ireland right now. -It's-- I don't know. It's happy hour. -Not bad. I think it's 5PM in Ireland. -All right, that's sick. I love it. If you're from some crazy place that we've never been too or are unfamiliar with, write in, let us know. 866-404-CNET or you could send us an e-mail to 404@cnet.com. -Did we have someone that listens to the show in jail? -I seemed to recall that, right? -Yeah. We had a couple of people from jail. -Yeah. But I didn't hear from them. -But, we're not allowed to play their things though. -Because it's gonna call us illegally. They'll use their one phone call to leave a 404 question. -That guy in China is gonna be doing that soon. -Yeah, right-- that to accept that call. -That's crazy man. All right, I love the international listeners, it's so cool. Thanks for sending all that stuff in. We really appreciate it guys. You heard the number. You heard the number. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, participate in the Sub Reddit, reddit.com/r/the404. That's always a lot fun on there Every week I spend about an hour on there just messing around. -Uh-hmm. -So check that out. Well over a thousand active 404 listeners. So do some favor and check that out. That's gonna do it for us. Tomorrow we'll have a normal show and then later in the day tomorrow I'll be interviewing Tom Lennon and Robert Ben Garant. Those are very two very funny dudes. They've written a bunch of movies. These are the guys who wrote Both of the Night at the Museum movies. They're members of Reno 911. They're members of the State, that's infamous sketch show on MTV back in the day. And they have a new movie out called Hellbaby, which will be out in September. So, I'm gonna get to talk to those guys, that will be fun. We'll have a special segment that will air on the 404 for that as well. So if you got some questions for those guys, send us an e-mail as well and I'll relay the info. -Awesome. -All right? That's gonna do it for us. Thanks for tuning in. We'll see you guys tomorrow. I'm Jeff Bakalar. -I'm Justin Yu. -I'm Richard Peterson. -This has been the 404 Show, high-tech, low brow. Have a great Wednesday. We'll see you tomorrow.

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