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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1329: Punching robots and BingFace

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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1329: Punching robots and BingFace

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Headlines from today's show include Facebook and Bing's new search partnership, when "bill shock" crosses over into "bill kill," and Molly admits she was wrong about the iPad. People are totally buying that thing. They're also buying Macs in droves, apparently. And also: rock 'em sock 'em robot torture. --Molly

This Thursday October 14 when he tests and the -- -- Gonzales I'm Donald well I'm Hollywood -- and a buzz out loud is cnet's podcast of indeterminate length episode thirteen 29. Donald this year -- is not. We're rock and little and Roland stuff and we're talkin' faith being there and everything. Being book. And -- that it. Like if I did they forget they held an event at which they announced. It. -- I'd forgotten that might not actually owns a stake in it but they bought it several years ago and -- and Michael game whenever -- -- -- with that MySpace -- -- airlines but good -- And out -- the complete Mac though they announced the search deal -- by being results would pull in. Customized results based on your friends like on FaceBook. And also potentially -- in. FaceBook profile -- I think also there's there's a little info dialogue when you log into being asked if you want to. Use FaceBook connect to have your FaceBook information also tied to it yet think you'll only get this in fact if you agreed that if you actually if you allow being too. Connect then you'll start seeing those results but -- I think if I understand it properly you are already I didn't think you have a mural like show up. Finding the right as a you have to but the they'll notify you like five times and you can say no thank you -- are. Of course of course but I think that'd it is I eight there will have to be a breakthrough like this because the FaceBook like phenomena. Is becoming such a much more like there. Potent. Like featured -- deal to discern. You know what search results may appeal the best you know conformed lectured. We I think the holy Grail of the web for a long time have been the idea of a living breathing recommendation engine like a live real time recommendation engine which is basically what felt like Biden is. Because it does -- there. I call it but the meta web two that lays over top of the Wembley. And no matter where you go you're connected to -- and so -- I actually think it could well. It's useful in the sense that it shows you what your friends liked. But it doesn't tell you kind of it doesn't take that privacy invading further step and show you you know 50420. People on it but -- -- right. Which at a I don't I guess I don't know make it more personal and both so what I think things would you be looking up. That the FaceBook. Integration with help with I mean looking people necessarily and that's already coming up. -- face but if you're searching for people that would pop pop pop up on FaceBook. Search results. Know how this -- gonna make your searching better to be perfect -- -- I don't know how to get it kind of interesting but if he now. When I go to web site that it has that integration and I can see that you know thirty immigrant at the same article. I think that's -- a neat but I can imagine you know so. On search engine land Danny -- did a search you did ten searches that's GPS Las Vegas hotels washing machine. Things where he really thought he would like to see what has brands like the Mac break we did anybody know what that dishwasher I asked -- -- announcement -- liking different appliance and -- -- could think it's and -- The united toasters and I also like never do that it is that none of it none of the 16100 -- identical an independent expert. Seem to have like any content related to those things or Star Wars pumpkins or iPhone working. Good Florida then there's there's the question of how useful -- that I get to be got a whole bunch of results on a topic. And some your friends have like some of those -- that might help you narrow it down only oldest of the elementary for the I think it probably. Me one of those features that improves over time as and its its great for FaceBook because it. If further cements Facebook's like feature as like the future of being able to serve -- that kind of that personalized recommendation via. And -- Zuckerberg also pointed out in this a presentation that is not going to be exclusive to being. Right -- it will eventually roll out he sees no reason why when a bunch of -- search engines including he didn't mention Google I mean I mean the motherland some other ones them ideas -- example it hadn't -- -- I certainly everybody all the search people are trying to crack the real time -- and so it this is sort of another step in that direction to that says this is. These these are living breathing search -- your friends urged in -- too. There's profile available profile information available. At the start social search day -- means better being. Better -- for every one. -- -- In other FaceBook news though apparently -- but pushed out some chat upgrades at recently. And then killed off at least according to all FaceBook dot com or all being paid as we like. They also killed off a feature that some people -- really useful. Clear chat history. Why did you ever wanna do that -- idea that this isn't that people they've figured I'm chat they want to not have -- forever. Yes rarely happens that -- -- and actually Matt -- McCarron president it's. Ironically in the general of those -- is still not working properly. But yeah apparently there is a thread it now on -- forums where people are saying you teach you how do you clear your chat history and there's thing used to be there right. And then they got rid of it which is. I'm sorry that is insane -- not I don't think they know not everybody did the feature. But -- -- the -- -- different page to clear it it's like is gone right there's no work around your stupid chat history is now. You like it you're unable to delete it back. I'm sorry that is terrible -- video thing in terror and there in that -- exactly what we're thinking about how would that needs to be. Yet to be temporary temporary but what I'm -- also reflect what's. Does does your chat -- started this but you can have been going they were period. -- -- they -- I know that exactly let's back it all looks like this data all the way back because I didn't even know that they were logging my chat. And there is no as far as I know. Is there an option that they don't want my -- in the first -- Anyway there's a -- comment on the forum Michael property and of paper -- -- but -- as if it's not broke cricket. I think he had an eye at once is that McCarron at the editor of the -- were -- -- -- -- like I. It seriously beginning yeah if I am I having -- year chat logs or having your life logs. If it in a permanent way it's something that's important -- you. Stick their face the -- -- adding chat you know. It was one of the weird things on FaceBook that had that feature where you could make it in that way and delete them you know -- that's exactly. It seems very on FaceBook for them to have had that feature to begin -- -- Really you didn't think we mentally you that right it. But then I wonder is the same true of Google chat and you disable that they logging out -- -- and there was something Amber's story -- -- back about and that's and not storing tents and a so if they don't. I think a lot of clients don't store them by default. As -- as -- privacy. Thing but I don't know about web based he got you can turn it off in -- and doubles also saying like what if that's the stuff that's. Showing up on the -- but Bing search how. I -- now. That's the thing that's not the notes at that based Bing travel newspaper tally light let me that. That is gonna -- into steam like will next level though of like. Social networks and social profiles that really get to know the real you make what you really happy they don't like. What you really are talking to your friends about not dislike the polished you like best presentation of -- roughly altered version -- -- Yeah I don't -- both personalize that actually don't want the targeted ads that are based on the real. It's gonna look let's just all pretended that girl doesn't exist and that's why when they're at it and a we'll that it you can there -- search results or you know recommended -- -- can treat your particular. You know. Here via the guy image -- -- you can chat off the record -- G -- but the defaulted on the record. Orleans and search via Gary. In other is other tech news today report in The Wall Street Journal says that AOL and some equity firms are looking into making an offer to buy Yahoo!. -- -- buying Yahoo!. Crazy life and they need the equity firms to my first response was AOL have enough money to buy a -- but clearly not. But they are according to people familiar with the mattered to by the bold plan to marry the two big Internet Brands dinosaurs I mean brands facing. Steep challenges. Actually I think that although it is fun to make fun of them individually. AOL and Yahoo! together could prove quite formidable. Yeah and the other thing -- -- said there's a couple different scenarios where the buyout would be possible. -- one of them was I guess Yahoo! owns a 40% stake in the China's Alibaba group that's actually. Something the bulk of what they're valuation is that the stake in. It's -- about with the search engine and I think that. So if they were able to and -- get the Al -- group wants the buyback -- stake and then it it at that point. Yahoo! would be valued as -- to be cheaper to buy out. -- and some of the -- that this system and yet as other assets would be sold off would also be sold out in addition to -- -- about -- statement. Other assets can be sold after interest in media or technology company and then their remaining company would be -- a much smaller valuation the private equity firms private equity firms could get financing or. There are a bunch of different scenarios they're just -- possible is that they might do it but they. At least according to the journal. If you -- -- for doing it somewhat curiously ails them upon the stuff from halo is not messing around a bit you know they've been buying mean. -- -- my content producers like crazy diamond hiring like crazy and -- I sort of feel like if they partnered with Yahoo! or if they. You know in some way bought them out. That you would combine great services. With great content to -- I think Yahoo! has services that people still really do like you most you know Yahoo! mail I think it's still. Maybe after Hotmail but still one of the biggest web mail providers in the world or certainly in America they have. Kind of all of those Yahoo! finance all those different tools and all those little games and stuff there that. -- hundreds of millions of deeply is now. But every time they kind of try to venture in the content -- troops and their brand this is not that impressed. Where at AOL has mailed every cream make fun I mean I think not changed since like 1982 my mom still uses the web version of AOL melanoma every time she needs help with -- which is often. That I touch -- like what and isn't that slick how that even acceptable if they don't let from the -- you -- But -- their services are sort of laughable but if they had Dayton power of the Yahoo! services with all that really good AOL content weblog. You know empire the other kind of original content they're doing. Alarm went -- but -- really committed they don't chat to between the -- and I am in and they really would now you know all I'm -- form a Dublin. And also in big was the news today. The I've had it. It's coming to Sam's Club also the Verizon stores and then yeah. My dad that under kind of like that I know -- that's coming to Verizon. IPad ever I didn't but not to me. -- -- if not if not a TDMA version of the exactly it's that there Wi-Fi iPad is coming Wi-Fi only iPad is coming to Verizon stores. And it's only -- a bundle with. Verizon's. You know -- my. Which is brilliant and that is probably the best way I think to purchase an iPad which is along with them you know and portable hot spot bikinis with a bunch of other -- In related news the three G only version of the iPad is finally committee -- these dollars on the same day I -- -- -- And all of these people I can not believe the extent to which this has stoked the fires of the Verizon iPhone because they're not these seem to be completely. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yea yeah yeah would things -- it. It's been detected -- the camera but -- -- really good. The -- so anyway accurate when it you'll be able to buy it in more places I do not for a second believe that this has anything to do with the present iPhone but. One person -- malice and say that they did think it put the kibosh and the idea that I camera equipped iPad. Any time in the immediate future -- which is probably. -- they need it right now out cellmark iPad -- not only. Not only could be something to really get the momentum behind this product that not a camera monitors on an outcry was so I had the radio and it would somewhere a little somewhat hasn't won eleven when their factories aren't around -- the yeah. Now I. Located relationship is complicated to explain a person that I now. We're recently did you know an older guy recently by -- -- how is that it's worth worth a former law recently purchased and -- had an it was enough to just make -- right. You know I I was totally wrong about the iPad. And let that thing -- -- wild it yet like flat out people found to use case for it lots of these cases in his case it was the Kindle app. Once they found out that the Kindle -- available. They could read the Kindle books for free. They had already purchased it like it and my -- even then -- -- -- like that generally computer folk I would and it. Most of my time if I. There was a time -- I would just. I would try to talk out of this purchase you know -- with all every ounce of of nerd credibility my by like why. No like you can't you don't want -- email on your computer why do you wanna buy this and she's convinced that. It would be good for it she doesn't like sitting down different -- -- wants to be mobile yeah and -- monthly the three G version of it is. Well why we can be under -- -- I. But whenever -- Parents of emotional level she thinks it's going to make her make -- email her back. More often they say it hasn't done that well and now I was in -- I was with they way and then I went. Home over part that and I'm I'm gonna add an event that but I was wrong -- -- about you heard it from up from Mali and now even that one. Line. It to -- obviously your -- one at this point. Now if I went belly of Baghdad I've bought it I returned and that I did it in case I think some of you been wondering I've got one I returned it and -- -- about an island. I did I paid a fifty dollar like restocking fees kind of philosophical high horse he. And that I think -- -- break when we come back we're going to talk about -- shock. -- -- That -- that -- shocked at the batter up is meant to I think has meant that. The FC -- name has voted five to nothing to present its official. Rules for forcing carriers to avoid. -- all shocked shocked which is that thing that happens when you totally don't know that -- roaming and you don't know that you're not go over your text messages in a big way in many come home. From Haiti and you have -- 30000 dollar phone bill. -- and make any references and just totally you know random that happens that happens -- active the. -- gave Pierre. Was visiting family in Haiti and came -- -- 30000 dollar bundle from T-Mobile USA. Was eventually able to get a toy but -- -- credit. But she -- she didn't know that her plan only include voice minutes. And when she was in Haiti after the earthquake -- was using text emails and FaceBook posts from her on to update loved one they here's that they are actually. Yeah she actually arranged it ahead of time saying to T-Mobile look I'm going on this trip to Haiti I wanna deal to use my phone back I don't want to be charged. Lake you know -- charges and -- -- -- are roaming charges one out there and -- that aren't we actually have this. Planned for you -- For it because of the they Haiti out regional that. They'll they'll give you low price they can make calls from Haiti what -- didn't do though is part that's the offer the same kind of lenient on data -- Apparently the phone coverage she could make calls while she was -- -- he -- she -- he. So she had to use taxing email hard communicate. And -- that want to be in the run per. Terrible so with like -- with even smart enough they call them ahead of time make sure that this would happen to our and then those. 30000 dollar dream charges 30000 dollars -- an and it is hardly the only story there's a family dvd in this beating a Verizon and 181000 dollar bill from Verizon -- you know there are it it seems to happen a lot when people go -- -- But what -- M so what the plan the chairman Americans don't travel. An hour it because. In the carriers. Did -- would you do you Julius genachowski the Federal Communications Commission chairman proposed a new plan. That operated that -- would require operators to include over the limit alerts. So that if you are about to exceed your bundle limits you would get the text method. Out of the country alerts so that. Mobile providers would have to notify you if you're about to incur those -- international or other roaming charges. And then also easy to find tools that that you can monitor your usage and -- its balance. Uses balances. -- talented I like this also eyes and interest to deceive the way that. You know telcos will find -- -- -- confused by -- I'll leave that measures. Maybe now that -- edited and received 600 or 764. Complaints about Vilsack in the first half of 2000 and they found that 67%. Of them work for amount over a hundred dollars. 20%. -- regarding built over a thousand dollars the largest complaint was bird bill of 68500. And -- dollars. I think it needs it needed and more threatening them -- -- it'll cost a little too cute and manipulate bill punch in the fate as soon. Bill kicked in the -- -- -- -- -- that's something I'm in an idea like I will not let it that's an a or someone make a drawing the map there go make up picture of something else mr. bill good. The head exploding built kill him with this particular event of -- very often the. And it. Error related note that T-Mobile of the doubt that it's reducing its -- -- down to five -- But it won't charge you over its -- if you go over your five -- usage it will actually throttle your speeds. Instead and it sounds like you will in fact be notified. So -- you know I guess as data caps go. This one is user friendly -- Though I'm not -- -- it's -- five down from ten I think it's bind them and yeah or maybe five down from unlimited. Which would be a bummer but I think that's pretty standard. I think these days. Yeah and -- -- appease the yeah I mean -- I think for that users that might be using this plan particular -- -- mobile particular for the larger cab in India. Isn't it if it changed. It's not picket and in the times -- changing the data that the frustrating thing is that the data can't keep coming down as the usage increases -- that it's just like. Come on it isn't like office. What happened with the beginning of the Internet. At the beginning at the dialect and hours. On dial up. They had to get everyone to human emitted -- -- but the carrier but mobile all the opposite. Everyone started -- And -- they're going muted by nine I totally agree it's just isn't it is counter intuitive and it's anti. Innovation -- thing you know developing these this technology makes sense though from the local perspective of trying to manage your network enemy -- -- that people have. Usable experiences that it -- all the dropped calls all you know. You know the network -- stands though it makes sense from that perspective but. What also makes sense is a rapidly expanding that -- -- exactly nine infrastructure investment thank you that these drinks that keep up. They keep up with it to mean a thing it like you can't. The it. And that's what happened with -- look what happened in the bill that a home Internet. -- infrastructures got better and better. Yeah and they have the same problems in the early days of -- Internet it was an infrastructure that is too small to handle you know that that load got to grow to -- candidly and now. Inspired. I wasn't in the back my Internet at least initially -- government subsidized -- them I mean it's not like it. In the sense that it -- a national security. You know. Ever hear -- the original investment Latvia and well maybe we need now now. Hey now I love halo -- -- right now as a bad tax got a they have the -- word. And robust network -- an interesting story and Wall Street Journal today. Speculating that Verizon's use embrace of the Android operating system might have stress tested its network enough. That once the iPhone. Presumably does land on -- that the network will in fact it him. Which is they they found that. Android users often consume more data -- iPhone users that they were actually putting like a big strain even though there were you rendering devices and I and use. They were putting a bigger strain on. The network and that with Canada and used in stress test so that that a Verizon can probably handle. How's -- they think in that Android users actually want appeasing idea. It -- and that. In megabits per month the average Verizon Wireless Android user. Consumed 485 megs per month compared to the eighteenth Japanese -- and 44. This could be related to the fact that a lot of those Android apps -- sending back your personal information to weird you know network providers. And companies in China and that -- exploited it involved some kind of giant scheme to. -- -- -- -- -- invade -- privacy he can think that maybe eight. I really I hadn't thought of it that way but you know what turned out it could be it over the Friday night. It anyway once the iPhone -- present which apparently is imminent because -- -- bad news. Will now we'll find out what if this is all with the vast conspiracy just you know what if Verizon only started like loving Android platform. -- -- quest on the -- behest of Apple to stress test their network or to bring the act on over to DC. You know. -- didn't even care about. This qualities that you care. It back. I wanna cellphones they only want the iPod that is the -- world -- and anyway well you know. We'll see if that phone neverland -- -- the on the network but these templates that the light of -- -- -- -- in the tech industry have sort of adopted this does. Declarative statement that like while. What the iPhone goes to -- -- and slapstick or dad -- on -- -- -- not seen anything like -- Maywood and something that now with that you know. Definitive and knowing and I want all collapsed. I got from apocalypse the -- -- -- hot girl and a third infant. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Shouted. Oh yearly of the neo Amish you're gonna live acted independently -- you're gonna live and -- bubble -- hunky neo Amish thunder -- fantasy of who copied the my brain of I want -- experience in Iowa does you know the whole the whole thing of all the pieces. Bad -- a way that everyone still is able though they were all built that I can actually can't live without my daddy if it's a gift I am I in and like. For like a month -- Now I acknowledge it and I'll switch back I think if -- -- Amish. -- apocalypse month. Bad no no global -- for fun. Feel like it nerd Renaissance there and now now that that that's that's kind of redundant -- -- -- -- -- let's have a -- homage theme park. Where you can go there voluntarily eat. And give up everything and live like Renaissance style now and be blasted with a MPs you can actually -- everything that -- -- -- electronics -- backed by novel that I'm writing membrane. That's gonna -- machines make Hawaii you know from. Someplace really nice. The -- I think you're little your tech reprieve we think it. Maybe that's the one and get the. -- movie I'm quick quick quick tech kits that before we get to your feedback. Apple is apparently now the. Third largest PC -- in the US which is. Remarkable really. According to the quarterly PC tracker survey released by -- -- today Apple shipped one point 99 million -- in the US during the third quarter 2010. Which is good for ten point 6%. Of the eighteen point nine million PCs shipped in the United States at the highest. Share -- market -- in the company's history. -- gotta go -- me it's also because PC sales and generally doing so portly relax PC laptop sales. Yeah and that Apple's is this kind remain constantly think. My thought on this is that it's probably lot of students -- keeping the MacBook. And -- pros -- Hey you know that's still no matter what. Keep going up the college have to get -- -- laptop and the need to hit this one out there yet that is very often regardless of what capabilities aren't they need the cool thing that's gonna get them made. It I'm happy and pretty Apple shipments grew 24%. From the same quarter a year ago overall. The entire US PC market and recorded the same period grew just 83 point 8%. The Apple shipments of Macs are eight times the rate of everyone -- there's no way I mean I think the -- argument is pretty strong -- wow that's. The odd way be -- in the fact. IDC analyst one of the analysts actually submit the iPad may be one of the reasons. That Apple -- so -- computers not because they're counting the iPad as a computer because. The halo effect of them. The marketing. Of the PR people might be going into the store for an iPad may be playing with that realizing it's not quite enough for -- and leaving black -- water that's useful and Mather conspiracy theory which is that the iPad is actually just means nor to eventually get people back on board. With actual applications. You know -- -- -- app obsession -- actually get people interested in applications. I personally after my recent experiences with HBO I think that a big part of Apple's success and continued to -- computers -- have almost everything if customer service. Because I think the store provides a great customer survey of service experience -- store is doing exactly what they want it to duplicate the knife. It's a nice clean well lit place for computers like you -- in in everyone's friendly and you can buy a computer and you can really taught them about the personally exacting that you want. And then you have a place to take it. When something from -- and for the most part everything I've heard about Apple customer service that that there really they're good. -- I hate I actually think that we have come to a -- -- computer buying where it can it's difficult enough. And some of the components are. -- -- -- that customer service public huge. Element yet and in a purchase decision. Many and it's extremely mad and extremely sensitive to your -- -- being burned so many times by other company. HIV actually these -- typically does patriot basically it's completely different. Seriously I want to buy a Mac because of the customer service experience even though I don't want to -- what. It is a great HP's wanna buy a Mac they showed HP to make them feel sorry for what -- -- And you can return and actually secretly I act that -- later not an attempting to stimulate. -- -- Did yeah. And there is merit and Kuwait where who's been up dilemma now with this technology okay. I near here this is Peter Jackson. Is saying that there could be a decision on the -- -- movie. And just a week or two. And if you haven't been following listener news that bated breath Newton. The hot -- movie has basically been in limbo because Warner Bros. the studio who am made ordering it has been broke. Broke as a joke I believe is the tech community get a short film. And that was thrashing the eighth to release our earth sorry MGM. Is broken joke and it Warner Bros. is considering taking -- -- apology. So and then Guillermo del Toro left the project and then -- -- about whether you're -- -- -- gonna come in and it's just been like that whole -- the. Make them up. Of them of the movie production thing and announce the director producer Peter Jackson thing Warner Bros. are running financial model about the constituting an variety countries. They expected decision is still weaker through it but when MGM went out -- MGM's. Declared bankruptcy and and reverently and for -- industrializing right now that. Peter Jackson given -- -- actually in my mind at the same person like -- try to visualize their faces. They kind of blending is and and apparently -- heart it was heartbreaking when the girl locked. And yet I think del -- -- -- -- actually much better choice of a Peter Jackson and I know I think I'm -- get -- for that. I don't want Peter Jackson to make the hard way. I competitors. I -- to produce what about this other thing that it nudity though you know just if for purchase directorial. Visual continuity Sheila -- -- sherbet like. Watch watch watch the movies and watch though -- learned -- -- movies again and that the editing. And -- about the things like that can it is so fast like you don't get the C and yeah I love us some big sweeping shots are so short that the point where you're like wow that's awesome it's got. -- and it the last time -- -- seen and I've been inebriated sciatica. Dilate the film out a little bit. And I am really notice -- the quick and it it went lower and campaign and I don't know. Along the ways he added I think -- -- -- -- indefinitely. I I'm not calling for the Michael Bay achievement. I'm powerful I I actually asked I would like explosion -- like slow motion shot of -- doing well and pulled military garb but it. Striding purposefully purposefully toward the camera that would mean I would appreciate that. I haven't used it ahead that the robot news. Down -- takers and science territory apparently. Robot. In Slovenia. Scientists are seeking to overcome this kind of robot deficit with loans that robot depth -- which is that the don't understand her team. By teaching them not to hurt humans. And -- they're teaching method involves letting the robot -- humans and -- Also we have to teach robots how fragile we -- right -- else is gonna turn around that the -- and we say hello and it and accidentally decapitate -- It's not knowing their own strength and maybe gentler like an -- in -- correct me if I that's what they should call this project that you get the twilight fan I'm boring and -- Edward -- -- -- will look at. Hello they went through and more of the Edward scissor hands you know opening in VMware fitting analogy night he had well plane down in the reacted he's the -- how to love us without cutting means to do this research researchers -- standard -- -- manufacturing robot arm and programmed it to punch someone -- arms as many as eighteen times. With -- And then increasingly sharp instrument. -- you were asked to record the severity of their pain in in designations ranging from painless -- That the a vocal. Can you imagine any other than that. Everything really -- -- -- -- -- Does not out he it was so you're saying they invented. Beyond punching like they're clearly allowing this robot to late stabs and needle into the and that there were at the -- to upgrade from painless to unbearable night. -- unbearable I wrote that down later after I put my arm back together. Let me I guess he could you could say to yourself well I'm saving all of humanity from having did did. Accidentally diet the in filming to parole by. Right by my mind and being able to -- this robot how to not you know. The accidentally. Not that the -- better the -- the movement of flagrant I hope these paid well. I believe that even the kinds photo didn't even -- okay this photo makes me feel if like the Big Brother testing like -- flinched. -- -- -- I let's skip ahead Q -- voice mail the things my spreadsheet again. We -- we got a budget feedback about bar code scanning but I think the best. Comes to -- Barbara. Look from -- -- is. Audience on a particle can to try it out of my local best -- -- to travel a -- actually. Or -- he. IPhone. -- on trying to general able unemployed because you told me I can't do it and I contributed to it might actually out of security on. -- -- -- Not to show. Threats aunts and also -- think good thing. That's. When the problems press compares them that opposed the idea -- even better though if he'd -- like the phone there aren't as -- that -- -- this product from union I can't use it in your store and yeah exactly didn't purchase your tools for making better like that this and but don't Remington here right now. We have another -- now from our good friend I think he -- who has a good idea. Maybe for sharing e-book. It -- it's too late here gone bad idea that. And why don't stores like Amazon -- -- Kindle what are they turn on sharing. But for okay -- If you tell -- hey -- is really good book you gotta try it David Kendall there with you say you know you'd be gone by at and they could probably forget. Or you get if for -- now. And get you know 10% off -- and off whatever. And then the person that actually. Shares -- the book. Gets like Amazon credit for -- It seems like that would generate a lot of sales help books go viral lot faster if books can be set to go viral anyway -- Asia. Interesting. When he thank I think I would never trust the book recommendation again I know you're getting paid from recommending this book. A bit like daily news -- -- tomorrow -- -- -- freed up if I I think some mechanism for enabling sharing. Is a good idea yeah I've been an it would have pretty good idea I think there's definite -- beset by turning your customers and your best promoters yet yeah exactly but. I like. I like it buy out that there really be part of -- -- and you didn't -- -- Jeffrey Willie thing now. I don't -- -- I got I got him anyway it would forever and when let me know when allow me to enjoy the book because that would be pink and. This guy got paid 10% of this book recommendation to recommend in his book. An album you some issues and how -- you -- decisive and -- con men friends. That Internet. Let's move on to our email but that cnet.com or email address had wrote in and said on Wednesday show when you're talking about Google TV and we were talking about. Google TV being built in the Sony TVs that -- we weren't necessarily Canada. -- that he didn't mention the Sony Blu-ray player with Google TV built in I'm not usually and a common type devices but it 400 dollars. -- 200 bucks for the Blu-ray and then you get a Google TV set top box for 200. Which is cheaper than a Logitech and he says Blu-ray in Google he doable be obsolete about the same time right. To shenae. And that's a good point actually that that could be the -- and I want that -- -- -- the PS3. Yeah yeah at the that you the Google TVP as the Blu-ray. They should definitely nice they should go the Netflix model and embed -- of the -- okay. Do we -- says. And I love the name. In regards the story are faced with new features than one kind have to be text message this seems like a dream enhancement for those suspicious girlfriends and boyfriends that want to access the partners -- -- -- the spy on them. Another way you severe funny friends who want to snag if -- post inappropriate comments in your status updates. They could be great feature but as -- -- -- -- and yesterday showed anything more authentication get a new path and other than just -- texting OTP from your phone. Moon in point I. Yep I like it but I think it also opens up a good excuse though if you accidentally posted something really -- -- -- -- to take back. Yeah I think someone must've stolen my. -- and -- oh he TP. You know I mean. -- Got -- thanks -- Nvidia so we have Michael here he says I hit let's I'm. Was the thing that's so picky 28 and wanted to let you that you know and but you knowing that I have Amazon app on my -- acts and it does have the bar -- scan search functionality. All the best Michael. -- we got we got several of those emails obtained and I don't know I just hadn't really used it but apparently Android was where it. Department -- that. This last email cracked me -- -- -- Miami -- an -- am writing to protest your take. On the -- logo fiasco it kind of is a big deal. This company is so that is so well established -- has been around for so long. Has the resources to come up with the truly creative logo not just typing in the word gap into a word processor using held -- -- in the default black. I mean come on really this is -- played out -- crate and barrel American Apparel target deep Microsoft Skype fears American Airlines. They all have they all use held Attica as the font choice for the love -- campus is being boring and -- original. I'm a graphic designer by trade and this and that really irritates me and I doubt fan boy. I'm a graphic design fan boy. Tony gap and was either out there and let it again though I do really like it -- you know out on fun but how it. -- geniuses if if you -- if you if this is what happened I kept deliberately did this possibly just in -- this kind of like region speculation you know anybody that. You know if they'd get attention to the brand and logo you'd think. At I think that. They could -- uses the genius logo what's gonna make so many people upset that can a lot of publicity and press out of it -- announcement to. Mean. The thing that went out. Although I mean dug around actually create the -- of static -- I I know we can give. Him and the AP give -- ten million dollars yeah that -- -- -- the 109 dollars and pity if -- -- -- -- you did here I've put it back again I face it. It tells -- -- you know it if if it's designed that stimulates people in the conversation about your brand that ultimately what you want happen whether or not. And I don't think it looks that bad on that gap necessarily it just makes people really upset that it even. You know. Went out to the public. This the same -- hated avatar. In -- -- Nine it. IRA if you would like to read all of the story that we talked about today -- these -- for yourself leave a comment about our show you can buy -- all of this at a blog -- AOL dot cnet.com our show notes for an episode. Recent episodes. All the way to contact us. You can email us at buzz at cnet.com you can call us that -- -- -- when you think 38. Of course you can listen to our -- I mean this from your very -- either through. -- By everybody see it tomorrow.
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