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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1327: Have a little Gap-bone

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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1327: Have a little Gap-bone

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On today's show, all the ways Google is going to take over the world (even though some of them might be good), and Amazon is bringing back the short story, the essay, and the self-published manifesto. I'm working on mine as we speak. Plus, lawyers get rich, and why on earth would people get excited about a Gap logo, and even worse, why would Gap cave? --Molly

This Tuesday October stuff. Clinton and then dozens primary Zealand Hollywood left a buzz out loud CNET podcast of indeterminate length it is episode. -- thirteen 2713. Point. I kinda think of that -- came up I'm into the look over the bottom and whenever it's loading the -- -- -- -- nine. So now we're gonna do the show though you know it's a bit speak I think because of the prime. I think -- primes artistic yeah yeah we are going you know we're closing in fast on show thirteen 37. Yeah and so -- and up and I am out of this moment planning our nerd party. Because we're having -- -- party percent absolutely absolutely and you can you can. -- that that's partnered with it exactly right so practiced up on -- honored -- it says because the nerd party. It's becoming even then their -- -- Also -- -- -- just think if you have not if you're not following Darren Kitchen are occasional co host here on Mandela on a record -- You maybe don't know they use and a little motorcycle wreck and -- yet okay. But we want to let him know we're thinking about women in it if you guys. Are out there you'll find a market but in an amendment now get better soon Daryn and we're right at home -- and we're taking up a collection or in 1972 -- -- Yeah -- -- we think the executable actually there and we mean we -- and I think we talked about it and we decided play it. Our god -- there's a lot of room those things where electronics optimistically I did not hit him. It is what I came into today right -- -- -- the picture of the car that hit him because Darren because he's a geek before he gets in the ambulance post the picture -- -- of the car that hit him and it is. He had only wagon and my Jetta -- happens to -- and it's up to three Nuvi when. -- unrelated article sure they in Canada I did not run down right into. That I mean. Anyway because it's -- yes yes we we suggest that you get something -- Kate yes it's time. Or or but that's. Pilot -- or running it now. Thank and being that I think that I think it's a -- took the -- I think though -- anyway get better soon and we hope an Avi on the show tomorrow last summer from and he was planning to mean now what. What they will be and a -- last thing mind your left turn signals everybody seriously -- makers out there provide. It's aimed at that -- -- night and day -- the road. After having parent -- Mr. gets about later but for now. Let's get to the tech news of the day Apple has been awarded a trademark for the -- there's an app for that there's a lawyer for that. There's a lawyer or just about everything it took a long enough didn't it -- they -- killed. For the trademark on December 4 98 covers to be clear I don't think that it means you're not -- -- can't ever say it. It as a joke or whatever but you cannot use it. You promote your software so that it covers retail store services featuring computer software provided via the Internet and other computer and electronic communication network. Retail store services ET featuring computer software for use on handheld mobile digital devices and other instruments so if I go into. The Verizon store and buy an Android phone and I asked the guy hey I want this thing to help me find which side of the street parking -- Should park on -- and the salesman says -- we have there's an effort baton does he get arrested. Yeah -- pretty much okay now I. Really. I just I finance function that is although I wonder if at this point it's been so over used. That it is not a retractable trademark anymore I don't know I mean really everyone uses that indicate there's a map. Yet -- that's hard work came from my action on this these these that we'll state that there's the map for that thing now that. Anyway I'm for you know I it seems to me that -- lawyers win. In -- of turley. But if anything it can be heard and part. And they go good Apple and that new trademark ever done this is good news this this is good news that we both we we both love the story yet. We humans -- -- higher and area and a -- so Amazon is launching this new thing called Kindle singles and it it's not a single serving of chief it is a I -- that -- serving instead of buying a whole novel they're having this new thing now or -- will be victor where you can submit. SA -- think bigger than a magazine article about 101000 hours you know it long -- magazine articles about. Yeah or five 30000 yet so they're -- things in the ten to 30000 range category. Which is -- -- or manifesto. Or. -- it. The first couple chapters of a book and -- yet and you'll be able to upload that as an author and deal direct with Amazon and they're trying to -- light. The market for. Singles of content as opposed the novels albums singles. You know chapters. Books I just think it's great because I grew up reading short science fiction stories. And those -- that was the part of the short science fiction sort it was the perfect -- For an idea and a little story -- about getting overwrought becoming -- novel and being more than a paragraph an idea. Just it's cheap -- it's readily available it's in I love the idea of essays on current events I can totally imagine. Bloggers for example -- who writes -- currently -- right right this -- is famous for putting out kind of a manifesto on occurrence subject. That is not book length but it's normally only available online if you do get the upper fifties and like David Carnoy speculating that some -- -- -- -- sold for as little as fifty cent and and is assuming that there will be some free content available and many other great thing about it is that you can. Self published. That is the coolest thing an aggregate all of that writing -- -- unbelievable writing out there that doesn't have to be an entire book. And is bigger but is bigger than a blog post and a and and finally calling this thing singles way better than Barnes -- a public which would mean -- -- putt -- PUBIT. I wish I was making -- supplement and not a public -- a a bit Matt plug the iPod it bad habit that it's been -- -- a few public art anyway. Say so but but I will say that as much as I love the idea of Amazon which has which has all -- power in the publishing industry kind of lighting a fire under. The -- linked content -- With out if they are serious. About. Like creating a platform for the sharing and the distribution of ideas. They have got to put a landing platform in place for the nine -- otherwise come on Amazon he -- from anywhere about -- can't pass this up around me because this is exactly the kind of sort of you know it -- Back to the idea of the salon is exactly the kind of thought provoking content that people do you wanna path around the currently are doing -- on the web and I really I -- that is still the one fatal flaw. In the Kindle platform that is the lack of sharing Internet you can even go to a library have a Kindle and borrow from -- library -- they've got to fix this and this just. Highlights -- How much in his department to do that this does scream for that and actually if they were able to start and perfect the sharing platform -- this type of content. Then it might be it could -- -- kind of the example that the book industry needs to move forward must have to admit it yet cheaper especially now that e-book prices. Are are in the ridiculous -- there was -- -- the other day about other Q Kindle titles that are selling for more than the -- -- -- -- -- Until that works itself it's nice to know that we may have a trove of cheaper content available. Until until prices get -- and and and this. This continues to. Put the hurt on the traditional publishing industry which is an old fashion industry with a lot of inefficiency opened it. And what the democratizing the -- from the self publish and part of that is what it -- often you can if Europe if you're an author of one of these things when the diplomat that's I mean. Oh this is perfect for you yes I know I'm gonna have to admit my culture my ownership manifesto. I'd buy it to -- abrupt and I don't -- and and you don't actually what I am and I would let you share with you if you could what he can't which -- the put it on a single. Also it would probably -- -- -- Napster went. Are -- we are going to take a quick break and when we come back we are going to talk about these scandal that's rocking the electric car industry. Whether it's -- lied about the book. So there is this article going around the web promoter trends. That seems to indicate that GM's press releases about the way that the Chevy Volt. Transmit power to its -- Are not exactly accurate yes GM has said that the Chevy Volt is a pure electric car. And and gasoline engine as certain that serves only as a generator and their -- hinging there press on the fact that. This is a real electric -- and that's and it's -- with gasoline ranged from. And in fact what motor -- -- found out is that it's mostly an electric car. But in that special case going over I think seventy miles an hour when the batteries are depleted the engine actually -- Directly to the drive train and powers the car. Which put the lie to the whole claim that this is the next evolution of electric car and it has a disconnected from the drive train. Gasoline engine and it's a minor change and it only happens in some cases but but motor trend. Basically took apart the planetary gears that of how the two motors -- the engine all connect to each other and that will wait a minute there is the situation. Where this engine powers the -- directly it's a hybrid it's a more -- exactly but it is a hybrid not a pure electric -- is that it does not revolutionary it's more evolutionary -- it's closer to Prius or Ford Fusion -- now GM apparently in response to questions wrote back and then the electric engine electric traction motors always driving the -- of the car when -- -- motion. Other than -- testing. They said. This is pretty funny that the planetary gears that. Just makes the -- Eel like an electric car all right time they're totally back in kind of backing of the basic and and did the -- people really it doesn't matter. Well considering that this cars or 41000 dollars and this might look like in Kampala I mean. It that it kind of does matter matters in the sense that your. The way that everybody electric motor powers all the wheels -- so phenomenal to -- that -- and -- -- the eyes and it still just a plug -- electric vehicle that's why you would want it if not applicant if the gasoline electric settlement the -- filled with gas in the gas much in most cases charged batteries and battery stripe card in some cases the gasoline engine drives are who. Does anybody really care and no I mean if you're. It lets you get totally. Like gob smacked by the marketing pitch and that's why you buy it then you shouldn't care it is a an evolution of the hybrid concept -- it's a plug in hybrid now note it also -- -- -- monastic so there's a gasoline for backup and you also plug it -- to recharge it wrecked the basically if you plug this thing in a lot you don't drive very far or over seventy miles an hour on that batteries the gasoline sits in the tank as an emergency back -- When all the time. And -- -- -- -- -- -- -- different story but anyway I don't care. I mean I'm not sure I care about that I attended toed sloth and -- everything you only care you're stuck somewhere. It seems like they can just add a little disclaimer in kind of be done with this I mean it doesn't like they -- a little bit and that is big. Why does one of the problems with electric car development is that there's a lot of -- that goes on about. For example. The mileage right into the gas mileage -- is and yes miles 300 miles an hour earth 300 -- -- But you also keep in mind the source of the controversy and the stories GM a company that has not been. Not been good when it comes to electric vehicles from. I mean this is the company that built the the the what do they call it via MBD one. And then destroyed it all so nobody could have it. Right this is you know the company that we has bailed out and gave millions of dollars in in funding to -- don't get me started on. And yeah that's a GM is I mean I just yes. Okay but setting aside those issues I am I am. Loath to discover why this would be a scandal I -- I feel like okay of the scandal in the electric car would not particularly accurate right exactly. And and -- directing is pointing out the that at least it also does have -- so even if you're in Milan electricity. You have been a death to get where which is -- -- be the pure electric right anyway so yes now we know the truth about the gulf. It is the hybrid it's it's a good hybrid. It moving onto Google news for the day Google has. Invested in power and power development a couple times over the in the past because who needs a lot of power their latest. Foray into this particular field is that their funding a power backbone. For a 350. Mile. That the three the power Mac but it -- -- -- and it's a wind bar and it's hit. And because the wind turbines are all ten to fifteen miles off the populated East Coast. Yeah I guess of their on islands or something or. I don't know float -- and -- underwater cable and the cable the transmission cable to three and her team are a mile cable is a transmission cable that underwater so they're building a secret. Source of their own. Energy -- That you can't see it. The wind farm guess would be located ten to fifteen -- -- -- -- that they would have it strongly to be invisible from shore. You got to be secret but because people hate that they considered it I so yeah and there are other plans to develop the wind farms and -- -- -- like Martha's Vineyard and read before cabinet. It just it. Considering that Google which is a technology information company is moving now into making their own -- cars and their own sources of power. Google needs more I mean every they'll -- needs and -- our power headline. But every -- Google gets into power unlike all other -- -- other Google needs cheap -- of the power like they have data. Centers all over the world that are a true -- -- our intent of the idea that Google would be funny when power makes perfect that they like yes. This they call -- -- superhighway for clean energy. Which are all part I I can't argue again I failed to -- and if there business here. -- We'll just -- -- I think Google not a little scary but -- satellite. I that the good they're taken themselves off the grid. It but I don't have that I don't gray building their own and actually. And I don't know pun intended more power -- yeah they make their -- clean power that's awesome because that because really they're hugely. Consultative. Company that's very idea that they might actually -- -- dwindling power when Hillary and power it at Google instant news. Global islander 'cause it is calculate new. You know changes the Google algorithm in terms of kilowatts to one megawatt MW net now. It also apparently -- Chrome -- release candidate and there and that's leading to speculation that an official release could be just a month away good. A month away and only -- everybody every. Everybody is building an Android tablet now it's like oh and forgot about -- -- -- not because this is why they were building Chrome OS four tablets. Yeah I mean that's what it's designed for Android its fourth. But -- there is their release candidate I think that we are working on a media authentic back to -- cumulatively -- and the what it looks like that I'm very curious to see what the deal is with this and what Google is -- so far is. Pretty subtle actually -- -- that we're very happy with the progress that Google Chrome -- -- devices will be available later this year we'll have more details to share. That I think you can expect a Google announcements in there are some rumors that November 11 could be the date the release -- Why's everybody building and went -- Why would they nobody knew -- was happening -- I mean I think everybody -- chromeless coming I think everyone delayed development -- tablet -- a lot I mean I think this is what kind of -- the tablet. But the tablet market and so much like that -- new -- with coming. Though they waited and they didn't wanna get into the Android development and but then -- iPad was running away with things and Windows 7 with -- in out on tablet until they were all like I'm. -- -- So what you Android and another group I think Google kind of blew it here that if that -- timing I think -- did and I think they weren't communicating with developers who were working on Android tablet and I think that that's. This is all speculation and not know for sure but highly plausible when you become automatic you've built your highly touted them -- out the data -- tablet. And now those and Google Chrome -- want to and can do. And time and has built for the laughs financially yeah and has like yeah yeah I don't it honestly it eyewear manufacturer and I think it -- to stick with under. And nearly you know now I killed killed hope that Chrome OS goes way back to the -- I don't I think about forking is weird and if people -- be fine you don't make Android work actually you're right it let it -- If Android gets -- tablet development Google -- it could end up with. An operating system that they don't need and that maybe -- from the goodness backed Android yeah but Chrome OS could -- I think and I think. Don't be a van Wagoner manufacturers like let it just say in Alexander at work and these -- the features we would like to see chemical and amber I -- in now. And and and that statement and cited its its successful platform the idea of launching in new OS on an already successful -- -- like. -- and -- it never -- compliment him. I also don't understand what would compel people given the state of the world today. To get -- Big Apple logo. This story makes my head hurt so but -- the gap needed a new logo or so they thought. So they did a contest. And somebody came up with a new logo which. Is different side whenever different and the -- -- that gap. And the boys. And girls of which there are there apparently very loud -- how many there are. -- hated the logo so much yeah. That the gap exact -- like -- we've misjudged are the reaction of the world we're so sorry to change the logo we're changing it back. There are people dying. You -- really I haven't done is -- an expert couple of reasons wine that there would be that much outcry. Over the Apple that it really like people here if things are going on in the health right now -- best thing. -- now and but yeah -- The exact who probably spend the -- -- of dollars on a new logo on it crowd sourced it that's the thing. They -- -- there was the contest and all the logos -- sake. Three letters I mean how internally count general accounting principles I mean how interest -- can you make it wow. At well -- it led to the creation of a site -- crap logo that and me. Where you get that put them than -- to Aaron -- Amanda. I there's one. It does make they hear your company name into the exact -- -- but -- the gap. Backed away like oh you're right okay we decided -- you -- engaging dialogue that's what is and how. We decided to engage in the dialogue take feedback on board and work together as we move ahead and evolve to the next cold looks good that below the grip anorexic at chemical that's -- -- -- -- -- Yeah. -- -- terribly get something -- it can actually influence not true there are nerds and government now. You can be a -- Indian government you can make it different that the world that doesn't have to be about the damned Apple about totally back -- -- thing for everyone what you know it would. Here's the thing if you change any thing. People will get upset that the world resists change but if you're going to make -- change you have to have a little bit of backbone out of gap on. To stand up. For the changes that you implement and give -- more than 3 days and I am looking that you -- I mean let's think they really had a chance and now -- could change that could cut the life and I'm getting off topic but if you're gonna make a change stick with it for at least to date. Now I'm gonna make up -- may -- the whiners -- backed down. Also -- And then what it'd take idea I really do -- nanotech name is wondering like what did it take Powell how angry where people. I mean seriously though what the bloody but on that and what -- the body to get a hundred complained. 150 complained that many decided now you're right or out somebody will -- -- started a FaceBook or Twitter campaign and then they think it's like. People are really upset that it's like a retreat appeared done at the danger of the vocal minority and and commitment to them. If you're gonna make it saved up -- it. I let's move onto though actual -- here are some of the things for example that technology can be used or to do good in this world -- Google. -- Google. Is using its vast database of web shopping data to construct a Google price index which and this is really happening at the daily measure of inflation. And they -- what it could actually provide an alternative official statistic and frankly not just an alternative but potentially a real time alternative of inflation. As it is happening nationwide. So. They'll look at Hal Varian Google's chief economist and that Berkeley you know. Com. Brilliant guy. It's doing -- thing where they they scanned prices -- they know with Google -- of prices for all shopping data of you know standard products and they created a price index that and -- Google presents yeah. I missed. Again scary but very very. Useful right right now they're saying it is not a replacement obviously -- the core price indexes that we use now that what does the -- the official Consumer Price Index. Which is collected by hand from shops but you can kind of see where. -- should be this is probably potentially be a little bit more efficient to collect more. Definitely more weighed more timely yeah because it's that if going people with -- -- it just it made -- what although it does assume. Accurate online prices but that's probably more accurate then people making. -- in Brinkley compare them you know and real time. The other at this -- back to Canada open -- -- we're talking to me yesterday to in the world and guess what that world environment like. As when data is available was for example the best part of the national broadband plan was that their initial one of their initial goal was. Collect data about pricing all across America. The that you can actually compare prices in your region to press the nether region and know when you're getting ripped off basically said yesterday information. Based only said -- -- about that. Session and this I'm beginning to fall more in love with wolf from alpha alpha because that is the service that can bring health information together and help you visualize it. I mean Google might provide the data but Google doesn't give you the visualization tools at least not yet the wolf from -- I just love the product in mind -- cool stuff. An update on that keeping it webcams story from the Pennsylvania school district that this. Is now it's been done on a long time we reported that this was bid teachers who were found. The school that uses was found using student laptops -- issued laptop the spy on students in their -- and -- -- webcams no charges were filed. Now that case has been settled the school district has agreed to pay 6101000. Dollars. -- really depressing part is that 425000. Of those dollars will go to the lawyer. Yeah and 175000. Dollars goes to one of the students and 101000 to another apparently was and keep on so egregiously. -- would have preferred charges be filed. Yeah I'm kind of upset that they didn't -- that they agreed to settle and that the only beneficiaries of the suit. On the fact the world at large but this is -- and -- you know put in in the sunlight are these two students. And one of them at and and apparently its yet and then lawyer governance and I'm grandly and that's I'm depressed and has to let's move onto -- instantly if that Lago has launched or is launching. In an Android app for controlling the Lego robots the what they called after -- the storm -- storm robot and cool thing about it. Not only can you control that your -- storm module. From the phone but you can do it by tilting the phone back and forth and like the parrot AR drone except instead of having a 300 dollar flying robot that crashes. I did that. Yeah you can build your own things. That -- pretty often are look at the Kindle -- skywalker -- Colligan -- -- for the other -- The it is pretty I love that Lago is getting so into -- like they're taking and of the late -- -- -- -- -- obsessed. They get -- -- that's. But Lego and -- itself that I would. I was watching this the imperial shuttle review on YouTube last night at like nine of the tournament reviews of it to undergo illegal you know there -- amazing Amanda the -- -- of the project that's it. Blood samples without it. Also cool researchers have. Researchers have bothered to conduct research or one thing. On what people would do or would want to do if they were to -- superhuman strength or the ability -- The fly or some other superpower you just -- -- read the headline yeah. Late study find any signs that most would become super villain if given power and so depressed mode and becomes the burden on them and they the research lifted today at New -- comic con last weaker happening this week and they said that basically most people. Said. I think we're in that department and so if you had a visibility powers you wouldn't work and I get secrets from people and use it your own event and I think it was they were basically saying that it that power corrupts and so that those people would then be -- Super villains over time not that they would necessarily she used. To become but they you know the upon hearing about the possibility of visibility that -- again so you're saying that when I sent to you earlier -- I would use my powers for good. This that he would say. Yet maybe for a little bit and then -- become evil villain yet it's like those people who say if I won the lottery wouldn't quit my job she you like it but -- How are you get hired because they're reading that the that you don't really care if the same -- -- the supernova like you'd be invisible and -- -- and and then after. That's the one time you'll be okay but -- -- in mountain and then the next thing now if you don't we would need much and. It. And the comic book industry things like -- sympathetic. I until our feedback loop. We got that we a lot of people were into the filter having president Hewlett milk on top you -- -- -- the -- 106 and fifty -- -- As did starting -- Sean. Eight guys -- and uses is -- to be retrieved about the Google -- uphill battle. -- living out one thing if his robotic cars they're probably not gonna get pulled over for speeding. And all of the cities are really can have a hard time with revenue incomes and they'll -- to pull everybody over and that's -- -- get. Other income from all the -- to elect to give the -- tickets no more income by guys take care unit but. You see Google is trying to kill government. Does that through self driving car that everything -- bit like -- that of the big -- -- where they have like. Top of the candy bar at a radar gun and he just like you you you and your entertainment might or anything like this have a -- have a African bake -- I'll donate. Protect your stomach because it doesn't regulate that are related disturbingly valid point that -- that they you know. The tax collectors of America would be like next the of the revenue -- it and -- this is why that they are not arriving this is why the DMV's aren't going to give. Smart cards self driving cars licenses. He exactly yeah dangerous for that you're gonna impact some and that our next caller the point from from far away also on the Google Earth. -- -- -- -- -- Statement from Melbourne Australia. Are just calling in me got to get sort detained 26 when you're talking about Google's -- drunk driving kinds. This and having you thought the -- the idea that you -- On the right you could be looking at a at age projecting up onto the screen just a -- -- monetize -- and pupils does by. True got that right World Cup people made them point actually not driving -- searching pay I want that -- Absolutely and indefinitely Google has a vested interest in putting this services and parents are. I'm a little -- -- -- And it continued we are continuing are all Google showed today. The -- OK I was listening to so this is from Tim from fund locked. I was listening to show -- 25 we're Google get the C minus from the Better Business Bureau and I had an idea that Google is missing out on. Google could offer phone tech support and launch a new advertising platform -- words for hold -- Or maybe just a pre roll targeted ad before your call. Thank you for holding Google tech support will be with you shortly this call was brought to you by best buy. Why not why -- You're captive audience already it could easily pay for itself totally it's and then Google would get points for having -- -- customer -- that's -- I love it. Brilliant and also we got. Through email. Staying or -- and 10 emails or when -- now in -- Thing what Paul said which was home 101010 that was also the release of Ubuntu 1010 maverick nick -- fly no mention. Well. Because because our resident Linux champion of the building yes and there was -- on that and it's not. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Superstar and ultimately it also did not cover all of the wedding is like -- to wear their content letting. Apparently content and with a big wedding -- I didn't know if someone into -- are actually public. I was part of that sentence and letting grade -- -- -- -- named to them because he is likely to shout out. -- -- -- Yet anyway apparently -- with considered a good -- they dreaded -- congratulations. At somebody and we actually. And -- -- email all the great things about 42 it's the numeral just went hog wild about and content owing to difficulties you can look them up. There was a very auspicious day it that they edit and evidently according to Andrew -- there was also a baby born at ten -- on my intent. Wow that maybe we'll figure president. And forty president of the geek universe look at least. I if you would like to a wax poetic on the off viciousness that sentence and -- -- -- comment on every. Episode as opposed the AOL dot cnet.com. You can also email us at -- at cnet.com and you can call us. At 180616263. And we look forward things he's. I guess game.
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