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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1326: Coming soon to WP7: Passive Aggressive Birds

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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1326: Coming soon to WP7: Passive Aggressive Birds

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On today's show, we take a look at all the Windows Phone 7 news, all the phones, and the sad little battle between Microsoft and Rovio (makers of Angry Birds). Also, more talk about the Verizon iPhone--including the rumor that the rumored phone won't go 4G for at least another few years. Plus, self-driving cars will save us all. --Molly

That is Monday October that. And that and the -- can I'm human I'm -- installed I am Molly Wood and welcome to buzz out loud cnet's podcast of indeterminate length of that said thirteen 126. It's the Canadian Thanksgiving and -- -- -- and if they thought that plugs in and working in indigenous peoples but even then there -- if someone's back in the house today I am back -- you -- it. I'm sorry guys I missed Leo it's been a -- -- and -- alone. About -- Bill Maher don't do it again no more every other week trip to -- are no more -- -- -- adding that the Apple world saying. Was Rupert Murdoch and I. Actually illegal though it was one of the things I was doing in this crazy on. Trip that -- three cities in seven days. That but I hosted the World Bank's first ever live streaming -- they -- open forum. Thing where they did three of these webcasts and -- in conjunction with their annual meetings which were obviously president diplomat to get it. That we didn't -- athletic things and it was about -- data which is something that mean it's a big movement the idea of it in just. That data -- related to whatever government and the military and finances should be. Open and available for people who were -- and the World Bank. I had no idea but that they collect all this really interesting useful data about public buildings captures and and developing country finances and governments. And they used to packet elephant talent -- several million dollars a year and now they've given away. -- opened it up and made all the of these data sent that are actually pretty useful on comparable to other data that's available for free and and they announced. And open and -- for development competence and -- White House in the -- -- opinion. And so they're hoping they have this new content and other European people particularly cool app this is -- -- is for the world to -- I mean for the world these things about how. Economies are developing around the world. Housing disease -- and yeah all kinds of economic indicators from nation articulate it actually because they do you. Risk assessment in terms of giving loans donations and public really. Building information and various cities and that in the world databank they have -- -- -- that that there their World Bank dot org slash data now. And they said that since they opened up. All of the data that that. That site gets more -- and yeah the one that I -- that this data is already in wolf from opposite it -- -- I don't that's. I think it's a limb was built for yeah this is collate all this data and and putting it together in ways that because he before of this it was it was a fascinating panel like we talked to people and World Bank people who are using that data. People who are proponents. Of open -- and then what are the challenges. Anatomy -- knowledge of hours but now it but given up. The deputy CTO of the White House was on the panel really like impressive. -- -- Cool I'm excited to do that but I'm way happier. Be back -- because you are with the all -- and windows on that at the WP seven. Innovative -- in the diner and -- So today was the day right -- it this morning 930 in New York. 630 in out here they launched windows the bomber got up and showed off all the windows phone seven phones and there were tons of them. Touch the load of -- and I know I think nine -- and an account I want to pick a picture 399. In this film and for people wondering dumb the first yeah first batch of these guys I don't trust America yeah. Yes look at a picture that I always think that the personalities phone's gonna available no early November on AT&T. T-Mobile is gonna be getting them sometime later for all you CME fans rude you are right said that windows phones of who would not be available on that's the -- This year yeah so only GSM for now but -- you know we got we don't have -- here in the steel but there's there's a windows phone seven. On site here's CNET it's it's a fun interface it's very clean its its great sexy guy -- -- really different area -- I mean everything out are gonna not a guy ate it -- -- stands out as its own it doesn't feel like -- it doesn't feel like iPhone. It's easy use it's fine. I -- a -- I don't know if I'm gonna switch over to windows funny times -- but at the very least it definitely captured my like. Did you he gadget freak like -- -- as hot. But that was just the interface I mean I looked at the interface to -- is that it's I mean there's the iPhone -- -- you've been here and then -- -- comes along and it's like the iPhone concepts. But a little bit better with little more control and sometimes we'll talk with the earlier ones. And now windows -- seven which is totally different. But the apps it really does come down to the apps doesn't what -- do with it what you cannot do with that new. And how is it there. Yeah able to thing is that Microsoft. They're they're not having an open free like apps -- they're kind of -- in which apps. Are going to be available initially very Apple like it's a very -- -- even -- -- -- even more a little -- they're more Apple like -- -- -- yeah. Elway Elway -- and I mean they're it is very locked down apps are an impact they moved away from a more open model and -- -- closed model and so that the developer support as usual will be key. To some extent -- don't forget that study that said that a lot of people who are using Smartphones are not using them or they're using just a couple or the built in apps are plenty and so if -- -- the thing that windows phone seven offers is. Huge integration of the existing windows services plus things like outlook mean if your company is on an exchange or the windows platform this is. Going to be you know super seamless which is wonderful and it has and then if you are. On an Xbox the of integrated Xbox Live and it has does it integrate the Zune platform we talked about this before as being kind of the benefits of -- -- seven but when you see it all together like that. It is interesting I mean it -- you know -- I always say it will see how people you know jump on this like there's a lot of grip on older -- yeah there's phones that are alternates in -- phones with keyboards for the business user so there's horizontal vertical keyboard yeah yeah it'll -- -- -- nice budget right -- they look a lot like him. Like Android phone with a made by the same company and -- -- cool FaceBook integration yes likes at a lot of I think the lesson they learned -- -- -- Is that they had figured out how to do -- social network integration. They just weren't what neighboring mountain west and -- -- -- Zune interface to you're gonna love this phone plus have to say hey I kinda feel like. This is a serious. Entry in the competitive marketplace right -- you don't just have to have the iPhone. -- argument right now I think windows on seven deserves to be taken very seriously. A competitor. In the smart enough space for re yeah and it also it's also kind of falls in between the iPhone because you kind of have this clean interface that. Is fairly customizable but they're really trying to fall in between they're not gonna be an iPhone -- not -- -- be -- but. The way that's a less plays its its right in the middle well what do what's so interesting about this is that there's that there are things about windows phone seven that are very iPhone like everybody will get the same operating system at the same time -- -- carriers won't be able to. Call people back yeah some people just do you want to deploy use do you know that's great he noted that great for developers and and if the developers come along they will have a unified platform. On the other hand it's very. Google like -- that there's nine phones now on there it's gonna be more and they're playing with all the all the manufacturers and all the carriers which is also great I think yeah -- -- get the a lot of toys in terms of the device like keyboard. No keyboard in you know camera -- camera a but I think that while while it is very true the most people don't put apps on their phones. The people who. Control conversation of the geeks and the geeks who wants one at this I think that is a weakness that Microsoft have to get over -- order to get you know a real. The conversation going about how cool this is to get people who are the geeks and who want to get the -- into this phone and not the area I think they just need to Kia. I -- I think they have the -- -- right now they have great FaceBook integration they have Netflix they're gonna have a Twitter client you know they're gonna have a toward a client only problem stuff. I mean just from just from a -- -- mean I like playing with. It's nice it's in well I really -- and keep -- Andy's found their very Knight now one thing you know obviously this that when missiles and doesn't have everything and you know we can get is that more later but. I'm for all you copy paste and -- There will be no copy and paste until 2011 so. And other thing that they took out it they put it out. Of the like it when -- had they had copy paste the previous -- whenever whenever -- -- -- mobile voting that that had copy paste as well I don't know about how to file system. Right you can access -- none of this is the -- -- moment and I -- a copy bit in the coming yen in early 2011 they're still apparently finalizing the. And at the same time it is their first entry to hold US if I think it's about -- -- happened and they were actually gonna launch. Whatever windows phone seven was and they scrapped it because they solid landscape was with the iPhone what Android had and -- like we need to come up with something better to compete. So this is really their first run at this well you know you have more mature -- -- you have more mature Android OS so. It's gonna take time to get -- teachers but you know everyone -- -- obviously. Every wanted most they got malaria is -- it to be fair this is Microsoft's third or fourth tried to get into the space. I mean with other versions of Windows Mobile and McCain and all that I mean maybe this is typical Microsoft version three. And ideologically -- -- it is very pretty normal usually rolling I mean and they have had. Therefore in the Smartphone marketplace but it's like 13% compared -- 17%. That they are I mean and and obviously it is a into the -- in terms -- -- in -- -- -- But they're not. Out of the race I mean they know -- no I'm sorry no that is not out there like level. Now this is a long game and they have the developer that they have the carrier and the harbor agreements. That -- key with the sport and if they can continue. I believe that them in developers that developers will make this thing working in add to that effect you'll love it. Got to get back on probably accidentally -- -- and -- -- inherently -- Oliver and importantly there already in a bit of -- match with say. -- important developer. The angry birds people rubio Romeo will change the fate of your phone was not happy that evidently a Microsoft representative they -- -- -- up accidentally put a website lives that showed angry -- on windows on them. And then rather then. I don't know act like grown up and tried to just make a deal with Microsoft Romeo -- it. We have not committed to doing it witnessed on -- and Microsoft but the anger -- icon on their site with our permission. That's just backing everybody into a corner I that was though I'm sorry I can understand and you will tell all he asks did you know and I am not gonna be and windows phone seven. You're probably gonna be -- mind it's and in there and I can understand the being angry because they didn't have the deal than wanna get some votes or. Oh that's that's that's not the way do it via. -- it's it's almost like you know it if they were at the number one team on the apps that are and -- the buzz. No one would -- but now -- like it's almost like they felt entitled to like go down to that right. That's what's different makes it just kind of makes a little growth because -- -- okay congratulations on your success it doesn't mean you're like all the -- like. The Apple iPhone apps and -- you'd have and I also like watch out because -- and they're coming up. Yeah the thing and it went out and got Britney and -- so innovative have angered because -- mobile by angry. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Random. And little you know boy givers to I want you play through it well you're you're the don't know they keep launching new level I didn't and so but now -- don't you like I mean I hit the flood level to think happy and I -- -- -- -- -- I think I'm not really -- -- The big interesting though because they -- -- like a lot of people have a similar response in the Rovio mobile Tweeter he has -- spend like within. We're not angry we were just kind of just birth story strayed or whatever I don't like. Why why bother to set the story I mean maybe they -- -- -- -- -- China forced them into the development got an absurd like not. Very possibly was who knows but. I just don't you know not the way to handle that I think doing the thing about this panel behind the scenes exactly it's that thing -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- and -- -- building and -- and -- mobile platform there -- and -- -- -- for -- to actually say -- not committed -- windows -- -- -- For them to actually say we're not committed to windows phone seven is not a good thing for windows. I mean they they've they've built like -- on Symbian and palm. But that to me says they're doing it I think that they just at Arnold I cannot imagine that they would stay off windows on seven and beyond that. They really -- they do words they they've built for easy to build four that's what can I mean there. I color in the tavern has in the line of the show so -- coming soon passive aggressive birds. Okay. Plummet -- we're gonna take a break and when we come back we will have other phone news at the right map on it -- And I love that well you really want to explain okay I don't care what everyone do -- -- with me and I think that Kelly picked up and other -- I bet. Interest favorite Apple insider today speculating that the -- and iPhone which is at once again the subject of rampant speculation yes New York Times Wall Street Journal now both visually and on the record as an obsolete. Things coming pressure. Now Apple insider thing the -- coming enhancements to TDMA wireless standard. Could mean that Apple could be among the first handset makers to -- on that are capable of simultaneous. Data and voice which has -- one of the big -- On Android. On that run ads against so you can be distracted in two separate -- at the same time. When you're -- phone and a I don't that -- -- -- -- of her. Only other thing is though you mean you mean I care -- -- like there's a few moments where you actually do use it. And when you have those moments and -- and you use the data while you're on your vote for the like. Okay Alec it's like you're navigating in Unita traffic update and you try to talks on -- -- -- as you know it you're time LA re direct -- so her light. Yes restaurant yeah. I have to admit I haven't haven't come -- but it might be because I don't -- and never occurs to me exactly but the I mean I think it would be cool it is definitely am. It's if that wanted feature the other thing that this might be able to do this this chip. For the next rise an iPhone might be able to handle both -- and GSM same device so they Apple would be able to build one device the works on every network. Which is a really big deal now in addition to having the voice -- and and as -- though. And then another update on that potential phones and -- -- current. You know weirdly even though I've predictive pattern it like I'm kind of attack than the -- person. You -- still feel it's kind of just like. About the phone about the quality well okay it was strange thing and but it -- -- that. Techcrunch reporting that Apple take a pass on forgy networks for the -- and is one of the things that we've sort of said. Or at least I've been saying it I don't I think that they will do an LT I thought they don't think that they want that part tedium and they're building up the network and resident currently building -- a lot of any idea and it really got me a lot less than that was an easier transition. The techcrunch reporting today no -- that Adam the iPhone will come on TDMA and then not only will the initial Verizon released -- TDMA but the next one will be to the next 2011 in the next gen will also be TDMA because. And the argument is and the argument actually makes. Since just as much senses speculation and we do it because it's very much apples and on not to jump on the next big thing bandwagon and not New Guinea pig for a new -- Standards so that they have that you know it's of their phone doesn't suffer like you know if there's issues that the network at their phones will still look all right well and affected -- mean in the first the first iPhone. Three G was actually pretty readily available. But the first iPhone was -- that's right and and I think -- -- and drove people crazy and now three G has matured more. And all of the phones are you know re enroll you don't really have but he depending on there you live in the -- don't have as many issues right so. This from a -- -- just what they've done before. It makes sense but it kind of surprising because I'm you know the carriers are pushing the whole forgy -- -- so much you would think that by another year. But Apple would jump on the forgy van -- LT -- but. According to this speculation it in May not be happening. They don't have to and that I don't they don't have any money that's what so -- thing about this is that Apple can release the Verizon iPhone that that slower than. Every other data Smartphone on Verizon and people will still flock to and it makes -- and -- coupled with the -- Well the nano -- the new the -- now the next had a 2011100 -- for a while the iPhone will be that slows brightens mark from new files. If they do that's what potentially the area and people who get it and it's it's Apple's way and Verizon's two you know make the experience level and inconsistent that's what having some people get fast -- that people get dropped. And. It again does make sense that it definitely does like -- look at how well they -- you know they've never. They never went Blu-ray for example that three G is -- really good example that is very much apples -- to stick with although older trying to enter. I don't mean a display port and store the thing is if they think I. Figured. But if they want LT they -- itself on them mind at that point. Well I mean who knows -- and once again is yet we still have no idea. -- -- leaving and at the same time this even though we were kind of struggling went but it does sound you know this is what Apple has done before. So -- -- now it's not it would be is to get surprised that yeah well I think if they put this thing on this emerging LE network they were crushed. That's what -- corruption. I really went and they area so committed and in the more I think about it the more it really does make them they're so committed to experience. Yes and the idea I mean they do not want anything to go wrong on these device that they just don't that the whole deals like -- is -- -- to be utterly seamless for you and worked perfectly out of time. And the only way to guarantee that. Is not to be on a next generation -- network. Though right you know. -- and it will think very social. -- -- -- We're done this move on all of her on the Internet this -- end -- this story about Google cars that have been driving themselves apparently Google has been working on a secret but totally out of the open self driving car. Projects are -- you what project could possibly go wrong. Not just the fact Google. Have there are those look at that hot right now works robot cars via podcast and that -- right there in the lower one that the laser and it'll go -- robot drivers react faster than humans have 360 degree perception do not get distracted sleepy or intoxicated -- And an -- -- and actually thing. It makes perfect sense that Google wondering if because the nerds know and that's outdated cars are the only way to save customers -- yeah why. Is Google developing robot cars. Why not only that yet they wanna really think why why into Google long list of things that Google's doing. What does this do either -- going to space. I don't know. -- I mean goo that this is the do people whether they may affair like yeah for the business they -- -- that if they nailed -- this -- -- -- about -- the you know the -- manufactures and -- Troop mean that's that's where yeah that's what -- -- -- -- -- they would have to in order does -- stay -- to -- to their identity to their whoo yeah. Yeah the you know. I mean there's an -- there's an argument for sure that it does. Assist. The network playing it right they wanna be take on things they wanna be -- embedded systems inside cars but there's also just that the Google thing where they. Our geeky in more money in a new and and they want -- and I think in some -- -- actually do you believe them now I'm not gonna give them antenna credit random economic go to the mattresses for Google but in some ways I think they do believe in making the world a better yet. And I think -- -- driving -- have long been kind of the thing that. That geeks. -- have embraced as the idea of like look. This will save a lot of lives -- I don't think you. -- -- out all the -- thing I did exactly like this is the best possible way to test their technology like how good is your mapping how did -- navigation right cellular one of these guys are needs. Who's gonna pull it over. You can -- -- -- -- -- All right so for for some of that this this little tidbit of info Vermeer they have seven test cars they've driven thousand miles. On the but there was an accident though. There was one accident and that happened when one of the Google cars was rear ended because the person behind -- was try glut that hell is on that car yet right. I'm telling you I'm so I'm just gonna right there and dramatic claims so pro fell driving cars I don't think every car -- -- Mandatory Levy self driving -- but -- if people are not stopping. Texting in cars they're not stopping talking on the phone they're not stopping wanting to be more in days are going to be more entertainment entertainment options -- -- Are you ever increasing in cars and I think that every car should have. A self driving option because it's just flat out -- for. I am totally with you I believe in this I believe that. Computers are much better at reacting and -- the thing on the information we are absolutely. But in reality the reality -- though when it comes to liability and police and the one accident -- makes everybody not trust the thing. What an uphill battle get this thing. Get these things out there I mean we've got driver -- but the drivers always in the loop. I mean I'm really behind this but I guess I worry about I. Think -- really. I mean it's gonna debut at the unit doesn't like being -- the -- is gonna speak for itself. Yeah I mean that's that's what's been and outlined how to operate like the one accident enlisting other uterine. -- we'll but I mean even if this thing causes one -- -- one robo car malfunctioned. And and cause an accident like that compared to all of the people who -- -- -- -- -- -- and if but in the about it -- republic three car -- if you're shaving her bikini line. -- -- while driving okay what's -- name. We need self driving car for the largest -- to -- himself -- Italy should be able to test into the drive yourself via infants. -- Marriott podium the -- the -- and -- and. I'm not saying that I don't love driving I am the biggest partnered you'll find in this group possibly. But. I think honestly we need anything from them yet because that's me you know there's -- you'll -- that I know -- that we I need them to have assisted. On Guam by department their computers built this thing and there's people that don't need to drive. Crazy story this week apparently Michael Arrington anger -- at techcrunch has discovered a fairly serious. FaceBook privacy -- security flaw that allowed him for at least short -- to actually pretend I'm -- that he was Eric Schmidt. Now what happens that's really cool here is that he used email address that Schmidt wasn't hadn't signed up for FaceBook. And said hi I'm Eric Schmidt FaceBook and without even getting email confirmation had access this account. No big deal right them because he wasn't in Eric's. They email. What he was able to do with impersonate Schmidt on FaceBook and then people started sending -- -- -- people thought he was the real yeah might have -- -- actually over the start to build up. As a social network on FaceBook as an impersonation of somebody else and people bought it. Yeah that's kind of scary than they start sending personal information. It's not like that so it's a good way to impersonate yourself is a scary part isn't -- network itself as one becomes about -- now the wait to. Solve this is to make sure that all your email accounts are attached to your FaceBook account. Are you just tell FaceBook what order you know -- are even if you're not using and then nobody else can use that as the as a way -- -- to impersonate. Although that in itself by the way I think is denying because then FaceBook opt in every single email accounts or feeding all that notification emails that you opted out of on -- And -- every setting that -- email account that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Certainly read and liked that I and read and write a why -- I -- -- -- -- the large scale research project looking online behavior around the globe it found. A number of expected -- digital sources -- taking TV radio and newspapers -- think he -- percent of the online population around the world. But it would and had interesting data in terms of the number of friends. Online social connections that people were making -- different -- -- it -- -- -- different cultures are around the world yeah and in fact apparently. Japan. And I actually would not -- that's right yeah the Japanese. Were found accord the city to have the fewest digital friends on social network they had twenty an average of just 29 friends. And -- -- compared to Malaysia. Which had an average number of friends of 233. Enemy ten times more more online friends and as surprised as Japanese -- Japanese Japan. Is such a digital gadget dominated yeah infantry unit is also a society that has the difference between the public -- and the private -- more than we Americans -- everything. He died. Alum and I definitely doesn't have the US numbers not hear that -- I was off the GR I mean it I don't that. I don't know what countries were included in the study import them they say they interviewed 50000 consumers and 46 countries while and they found that there are -- the possibility that some of these countries really have to remember if you're button. But closer and what a novel idea -- -- you can click through to the bowl study appears to have an action. Follow up -- the European antitrust deal with Microsoft. Boy the European Union after spending like ten years and who knows how many taxpayer dollars. They really got Microsoft they're really -- got that was that browser choice staying in and drop down fully contained in. It -- that it -- almost zero effect browser competition whatsoever. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Microsoft I mean I each share is still falling but not they can't attributed this apparently rate -- -- The falling to the problem yet -- but it is not calling because the European Union force them to put a little drop out and hair though you're in Europe somewhere where they have this. Things in in the EU you get a new computer and you get the pop up when you it says what -- -- you wanna use and what are you gonna do you don't know any better over Microsoft but that's windows -- It bit of a pretty -- the -- -- -- the debate over the effectiveness of your European antitrust terminated not new. Yeah 2003. The company ordered -- the commission ordered -- -- the film version of windows in Europe without its own media player remember that no bundled media -- consumers rejected it. -- had no thank you when sanctioning the ballot screen itself I believe of the subject -- have a ton of debate the order like our -- in a little thing which browsers are included which ones aren't you. Is in alphabetical Walden -- ultra would be on top it was. -- -- up medical and what can I don't think it will further -- -- in Africa limited and it didn't work -- -- it it's just. -- -- -- Then was where we talk about the thing for almost a year and yeah it went on and on and and as of now the wheels of justice grind slowly but let that carry of those that was indeed randomized. That it is and they don't know that. Almost nothing I think there you go speaking of doing almost nothing. Is analytics company called systems that's a month that the -- Has analyzed one point two billion -- on Twitter and found that a whopping 71%. Of them. Got no reaction whatsoever no online responses no re tweet. You know -- -- -- that's thank goodness which allowed them to determine that only a small number of users actually have the ability to engage on Twitter and significant way. Yeah well I mean people even if things are between a reply to people still read Twitter tweet their acknowledged their -- in the woods. Well made a minute hold it like five people follow isn't -- Tweeter -- -- -- the typical here man I guess -- you know the top you get the whole pyramid of Twitter users and only top people are actually. Have more than a hundred followers are aren't people are engaged with so I'm not surprised that people aren't. It reach -- things like I would I would be sad if it was like a whole we like 10% of them got no reaction that you like now can you imagine what the -- world and lied down -- If you match with the federal and be like if 71% of these tweak of tweaked out there got to react and what. Well yeah if we don't even noisier than -- noisier. Eggs that Slashdot poster who put that story and there's that I'm actually founded by the claim that nearly three out of and we do get any earth yeah. Twitter -- -- if you talk to people who have tried to use Twitter for the first time an art don't have a large network and got from they're usually like. And monitors with the point because it's basically like blogging. But it's like shouting into the -- amendment is strong and -- kind of knowledge canyons only ten people deep I don't care to rate the interest. Space news -- a little faith news. Private spaceflight is -- -- at the virgin galactic rocket plane. Which is what is that too. -- -- -- -- -- -- But the name of the thing the VSS enterprise baby pull off so we look sick this -- the enterprise. And its first piloted -- Flights they drop the commercial suborbital spaceship that dropped from space they drop it from white Knight two which is that the the way the virgin galactic system works -- they've got this big plane yet and that's space ship is flown. In the middle of it. It -- -- like regular airplane and then I forget the altitude minute drops the space plane. From the belly and it shoots up in the space and the glides although it back -- goal that so well what they did here was they dropped it from there didn't they -- that rocket engine and and it glided back down. So -- that's how it's they would not -- but it's it's that -- -- the first. -- Drop. By light -- thing. Whatever also piloted. Yes now it is the person has -- that's -- you're getting aero space at a thing enemy agent human means that it looks cool very exciting. We're getting -- we're getting their private -- are you gonna go. I mean Aaron Tim Graham right now so -- someone takes me for the right to get I would totally though I won the lottery dot. One a space ticket that when he really nice if sub orbital flight to get Don valley pretty -- -- in that total -- Internet. And all that way only 20000 dollars it's the huge I -- I mean actually it's coming down. The government. Diligent down well didn't he do all -- -- -- float around in Pittsburgh supplement. Right now with the plane -- thing right we don't know what that 2000 Pollyanna. What will happen when you -- -- -- Yeah because you're gonna get loading I don't mean like you don't actually go into orbit -- -- Amanda yeah. I'm sure that there will be chat room journalists -- on offer but we know. Of -- we can. -- -- you our voice -- that bad that the the question. Of the thirty dollar home rental will never. Adult -- today -- here's -- comment on the island. -- -- does -- -- and from not a I saw the FaceBook will be over the weekend I think was basically a -- of 21 in Parsons Silicon Valley. Anyway I bought three tickets online for forty bucks but my wife got only so we -- -- first what departments of the movie had to sit in the first wrote. Also -- the whole movie rubbing my next think it myself it would be so much even if I can pay to stream it at home -- my LCD but he think I. I. Okay -- -- -- -- are some all haggard doesn't work alleyway there are. All you're thought -- it was well policy they're 45 minutes late and also did you go to like the 3-D version and -- was -- really twenty dollars per person. What this -- where the for the social network -- have. Thirty bucks to gonna let me play it India he recently every ticket system right now -- ninety it didn't have been about fifteen bucks of removing. But I can't in New -- in Boston maybe. I mean it's not my fall you're in the first round and it's really not my fault -- that argument. We dollar I don't -- I love the -- stuff like they're gonna -- date I -- you're Imelda you've probably heard all over. I've investigated about actually that -- and and money and -- -- the business group didn't do just the red Edmond. And that they weren't an -- on Friday converting by -- and numbers -- usage. Leo. When I realized that one of numbered with content and represented twenty and -- when I converted it over it cannot be 420. -- -- because. Forty -- -- as we don't know the answer to the ultimate question what -- -- Andy that it doesn't -- -- hundred of them and out of the question of the analyst IMAP is wrong. This won't happen again in our lifetime now because there's only one way to make 42 minor which mr. with a capital of the bits and and look at the chat room when youths whose humans in the birth according to I don't know. Did I think there's a website that like forty to date -- But I love it just -- applicable to purchase or upgrade by -- numbers for that -- -- -- you guys. I have little bit of data show yesterday at the day epic which we really sedan. -- have reported today they -- FT. That is often you actually discovered the -- way because that's. The good. He did the work through the Matt -- who. Alright here's the next email hey guys and gals long time -- and first time writer I'm surprised that a new Tivo update was released a -- -- premier. And -- it has set up -- about I looked all over the into west I didn't see anybody comment on this and my the only one. In this update they -- reverted back to the old -- look. And it's super snappy. I'm aware of the activated core two as some said they would but it doesn't seem like it needs it and we'll be -- is gonna play with the because he did a pretty clear she wasn't at a happy camper with her. Fourteen point four and let's see if -- maker where her happy -- bad because by premier is make anywhere mine was many people say -- I love the show. It is pretty interesting to see how are. He even has fallen did you get the update I don't know -- -- yet. -- -- that temporarily in Ireland want to you know and again I I only care about the update that will update. That will turn on my sisters they I mean there we go I want them to unify the interface -- but I think that it was fascinating. That I mean will happen. I'm I'll see if I -- an update because it through there was not and reporting on it because really -- not. -- -- these ideas build it there let's let's round I've Tivo HD yeah and all the cool new stuff is coming out it's coming out and Tivo premiere which. Apparently blows but maybe not so much anymore but. It will hopefully enough I mean I think that thing with Tivo premiere -- -- and -- -- if they've been. Now until a couple more of these updates and a four year -- -- that -- To -- for years making it. Three day would like if you have some perspective about windows seven and then it's open our eyes well. The governor had little -- we sounded pretty excited and today and previously defeated that. If you really believe that windows phone seven of the template of the disadvantages -- far. Note that the might file manager no video calling limited third party apps no Bluetooth file transfer USB mass storage mode -- memory card support no multitasking no copy paste and you're dependent on -- in software for computer file management thinking. Covered at no -- -- -- -- silverlight support in the web browser and no sign of free Bing maps navigation. So maybe you know what that sounds an awful lot like right yeah -- It really well iPhone one -- online very much aside from the zoom part. -- -- -- We one and to me and we'll zoom out my hardest thing is the disease suffer -- -- the iTunes via best so does the original iPhone had no third party apps. No file transfer is no you with vehement did you -- stored on. No memory cards I think so miniature video calling you know file manager know it's that are etc. But that was back when. The world was new and you could not take over the market with the phone like -- yeah. I mean these a lot of these are fixable via software update. In -- hurry -- -- -- not much time. Roberto Suarez -- to -- -- my favorite Google services group 411 is coming to an end any idea what Google is doing this. That won't let it was last time you guys -- -- and one voice services are expensive. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah -- some people still really I mean the birth when we started hearing about -- and got that you know that relate. The bottom there it. And its president but -- resources and its opening parts that's right yes they will save us all mark my lord. If -- like you read more about the -- driving cars or any of the story -- document they can find that all our blog BL well -- cnet.com. You can also email us that buzz at cnet.com and I hope you will. Also give us the call 106162638. Try to does cost around against the use of lose -- better chance of being played. And and that's. We will -- but now that -- and there isn't around. -- Give us -- on the season.
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