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Ep 1325: Bingbats vs. Chromepuffs: Buzz Out Loud

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Buzz Out Loud: Ep 1325: Bingbats vs. Chromepuffs

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A listener takes exception to our naming of Bing fans. But in actual news, Nicole Lee schools us on the big items from the CTIA mobile phone show; Apple facing possible rash of smashed iPhone back glass; and the Better Business Bureau gives Google a C-.

And -- business. I'm -- -- look -- buzz out loud you have podcast of indeterminate length episode thirteen twenty by a news. We're starting today's -- through quick little note tomorrow is John Lennon's -- thing. It would have been what I have been would have been John Lennon's -- seventieth birthday it is already the ninth. Of the month in Australia so google.com that a U has. They really rather touching you know Google -- with the first ever video that plays in it when you click on it. And we'll be getting at here in the states. Tomorrow oh yeah. I just I eat it kinda made me emotional I have to say in -- plays the song. Matches isn't really -- the sweetest thing. Anyway so. The thing about this then -- It's it's beautiful wonderful -- any chance we get to have anything to do with any of The Beatles. I will take that opportunity. What's also cool about this is apparently. You're gonna have to agree to this that to get -- with the Google guys make this happen so. Finally breaking downloaded an -- yeah it should. Mean anyway this little note there are under the news. And Nicole yeah Foley is with us today -- that we will be back on Monday. Age -- you cover mobile devices. All the time on all the freedom and you don't sleep at all mobile all the time and Nicole globally. And you weren't -- -- yeah. So what was. There was when there -- news coming out I sell like crazy what it. What was the big news I'm. They -- the -- to meet personally was that. Usually they fall shows because he has two shows this brings an option in the -- -- easy easy to smaller quieter and in -- happens you know. And you like ten different and drive sounds a lot instantly. -- the other phone penalized. So entrant is the big player as he -- no surprise I guess that. That the big what I think is probably the Motorola joint -- which we mentioned a few days again that -- -- the world by surprised that yet it it and it was like well what is this that. At that time they with a keyboard it's really -- But yeah it has a nice very nice -- -- means -- touch screen and has it. Danny and Blackberry and keep what it really feels like a like -- -- try to Ilya yes and because he is to keep it feels like. The descriptive out of a -- is on it but it on that but it it really feels like hmm. And you know they're trying to adding making an -- and take on it and it's essentially Motorola trying to beat back anti trying to get at that -- biggest portion of the mobile market is the -- market and add that to the businesses that it delete pushing that. And enterprise security features on hand you know. Complex password department. A lot of my business centric -- but at very -- This is our corporate known bird. -- but this this'll probably also get some pretty good pick up among consumers and of the form factor and thoughtful nice expect. Yet one gigahertz processor the five megapixel camera on Mac right now I mean yes a lot of -- it up on and it's on Verizon right it does not terrible so Motorola. You said earlier is really going after rim yeah not just with this phone but with services in the holder of the civil -- -- Because I mean -- strength of the Blackberry integrity and and right and they the whole company gets behind it as a whole architecture. So they're trying to say this phone will do that for you to the train and excel this year. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- for them. Knives about the -- -- company so they can get them. Grubby little -- yeah hang in turn you off when they want to watch what -- doing in a lot of your chats sent it to think featured in -- -- -- panic as. It that would elliptical and prizes that he can remote wipe. That's -- -- that already and they can do blackberries. Right. I think unique and I think some and iphones and did some contaminant attention on that but. You connecting remote wipe you can't even remote wipe the memory when I'm running and -- The death. You know can you set it to overload like these -- Remote remote and explode in like 32 data at nine AK he can do that the -- extras are uniting can't beat them. Yeah. It -- me and -- And it will look. So all right so it. -- is getting -- we talked about yesterday there their market share is slipping and Android -- gaining and Motorola is helping. With not just this product but with there and and services and solutions. Meanwhile of the stuff coming out of CPA is. Sprint believes in crap where. Earlier -- Think. About that only be talked about in our -- pre show meeting and that -- I ate each pack. And so it was -- understand is but essentially trying to -- sell you a bunch of little. Identity profile packages. And doubled -- -- -- in and by posting would like. Users back to back wallpaper and widgets so for example lets -- into football right. You going to be ESPN. Eighty pack and pre load your Android phone habit. Yes PN news feeds and sports scores didn't. Your favorite teams wallpaper on that they -- interesting but for what I hear a lot of those -- a lot of those packs come with. Unwanted applications in the background. And London metal widgets soon and that the eagerly want to -- -- And can end up being a -- -- package. And you can have multiple -- we're gonna -- let -- I can you can switch between them right but it probably won't terminate the other and all the resident applications more than doing so you can really low yeah -- won't be just what one of our editors that technical question you know within actions like. It's slow it's docs know what it on the point oh really so. You know -- -- -- -- -- I mean you can turn it -- on -- -- But. -- -- saying that. But all of these that entertainment packages and I into an IP packages -- -- consulted -- to plant that uses some. I think kind of understand -- -- these are these -- on Android phones. What can kind of understand what sprint is doing this because with the you know 5000 different Android -- -- out there phones are coming -- and -- -- like three new ones every day that carriers. And the main factors all have to differentiate -- the only way they can do that is with all the hardware chip. But also with the software in -- pre configured -- so this kind of thing we're gonna be seeing more and more of these. The Android divergence word it's basically if you get these -- and Android phones -- it some differentiation in the hardware would. But they have different packages on them and -- -- so the Android. It becomes -- Andrew becomes. And begins to mean less to the end user doesn't it. Yeah and no I mean you -- -- -- stated that he can also say that it's choice right now this this is -- offers of the what Verizon offers okay so -- -- go -- -- is gonna run independent artists interesting. -- I mean. But I do I do think it's confusing to someone who's paying you to this. Within the -- to existing from the feature into the Smartphone like I don't know -- on this critical owns. And with the interesting and so also it's EPA. -- Adams he's something -- Verizon video. The number two exactly I'm looking lonely Adam Yan had -- a big long talk -- on -- interviewed with our -- Maggie Reardon. What's the upshot of what Verizon has to say at the show. So it basically. And pushing -- -- keynote -- because it -- in the previous so you know there really. Aggressively going after the -- market. The the get quite the spectrum right it's gonna edit make an -- -- So they're really going after that and then you know Maggie asked like this is what it does mean -- capitalist at an -- iPhone I mean we mentioned of course he. Dodged the question but but -- I think he did mention something like. It would be very useful. It's I ever iPhone and I looked well -- interesting as well with the whole. Hewitt -- pricing that's gonna be part of it we'll help you rolled out. And he mentioned something that we would you be will -- -- I think milky that he definitely you will see it according to him. So Verizon as the other and the other carriers are all moving towards in chip writing the end of the unlimited plans and or or moving towards your Chrysler may be here unlimited but yet -- a lot -- yet. But one of things if -- if I -- correctly when the things he also said was that when we roll out LT. It will be unlimited and it's as we start to add users in and start to get congestion and then we congestion and we will start then we'll start layering in the hearing yeah people pay so. Come on me and everybody you know the water's fine it's all there's plenty to go around but as soon as things start to get -- the -- that's rising Golota -- we're gonna turn American oh yeah it's. Diabolical -- kind of evil at -- daily. Is it -- Like yeah get people used to having a lot every day and then yes they cut them up at the knees -- there you know used to it it is the drug dealer market in the tell the kind of learn from Apple -- because you can he not all of these iPhone -- right away all one and then. I there'd. Be in an accident here a long time ago. I did not okay. We will have more mobile news including what's happening on Monday with -- Windows Mobile phone 74 mobile phone devices. Right after this pick. The always on button rob -- chat -- says people who come into four ML PE and Verizon early. We'll get grandfathered into their unlimited plan. -- come in early. And orderly finding anticipated -- as long as you want all of the other -- they'll be one thing out and I -- he would name. If you where you have no except you know it at the time -- it's all right so. In other little mobile news -- sees the launch of what the heck is it called. Windows phone seven okay. Farm yeah mobile could get it at the big word salad via a question it is a big deal. It's a -- Microsoft is putting gardens tips on the table and saying this is what this is ever going with mobile and it -- little mobile six. Point five name know all of the speed is iteration assistance in command you know. -- falling behind with iPhone and and rightly getting -- rim and sticking up and windows has just been. That the distant number four I mean unfortunately and so now so we're gonna see the product's good but I think and everywhere but eighteen -- If you know making -- but -- -- opera. A cut it felt like eighteenth he would have the include exclusive when I'm I don't know if they'll have. He mobile as well it sounds like T-Mobile me be on board Leon and according to use -- -- it. So -- you look to be looking in those phone seven -- from the right that they ink and LG device I've not township but. Yeah you we will see them on Monday and that's gonna -- New York City events. And people those who have seen the when phone seven devices living in -- -- -- here and says it's a really nice platform. -- from what I see. Lots of them. Now if you would like to transition from your remote current Smartphone to a windows. Phone seven -- On Monday and you're an eighteen -- you'd better do it soon because the early upgrade fee if you're ahead of your two year upgrade. While used to be 75 dollars is going up to. 200. Dollars to 100 and -- five dollars more brightness has gotten so. You will still be able to get the phone. Below the unlocked. No commitment plan which of those phone -- the phones -- always know 56 -- hundred dollars which is ridiculous. But if you wanna get these phones and your head of your two year upgrade cycle. They're raising the media via repeat to an obscene amount with a bunch of BS. Nationalization. What let's let's -- -- if -- -- internationalization is we need to use in order to community provide wonderful service to -- on our right al-Qaeda and wonderful man and it. It doesn't it's. The thing that I don't get it out. Is there's so much smoke movement and so much there's so many exciting really interest -- exciting things happen in the happening in -- mobile devices world this is where all the action is like I said you've got you know. You know a dozen Android phones coming out -- -- week. Windows phone seven the blackbirds. Stuff keeps coming out -- iPhone is updated every year not every two years -- so you wanna keep current and the carriers. Want you to be currently -- more current devices. Have more capabilities and -- people use them more. So by putting a -- -- your prevent people from upgrading without having them spend an extra -- and 25 dollars I don't get it. You don't get it in terms of what. I don't hey it's not to there advantage to have people hold onto their phones that by the end of their upgrade cycle their two year cycle will be completely obsolete. That's due at enough but then -- or an -- just. Honey it but it -- and he is doing this right so maybe maybe Verizon and sprint look at the top well. -- -- that's you know what you're right. That's what it's eighteen he doesn't want the customers they have too many of equipment network hugging and aren't a threat that money Verizon -- -- They have they have this free and clear you know nobody is using it more bandwidth they could possibly need -- Or GLT let them have -- on -- -- -- have a whiners go to that. It's earth that has and with the spare share it didn't know if the mythical right -- when it comes out maybe them. In 2011 that's when there. -- art that it. Speaking of iphones. -- gift -- gadget GD GT is reporting that. Antenna -- now being behind us. The latest problem that is beginning to surface with the -- is something they're calling glass gate which is that if you put the phone. In one of those the -- cases it's light on the slide on one. You could end up making it more likely that your back case which has last on the act on allocate that the lack. A glass back -- front could shatter. And you wouldn't know it -- take the case off -- looking at this you know spider of the. -- I just ideas that doesn't particulate matter at the back of the sliding case and then over time of over -- after many east lighting up and down you have little scratches. You need Guinea pig Latin crack. Yes right that's the idea right. And I guess according to Ryan he said that note that at the lot of eight Apple stars have not been found evidence and seeking back. This -- on cases and have not been. They believe in the meat for iPhone and it did break covenant before I upload and -- -- and not not -- the other about the of the cases have that endorsement. Is that is is this one of those who dislike up from my case planned and I didn't get the -- case you know the free case if that is that want -- -- -- -- light on yet it's a regulatory thing here. And backs right I think the idea of having that sheet of glass in your pocket is don't. Unprotected so yes I would shatter and then I'm gonna rub -- in Apple's. The thing that I understand it in theory I haven't heard a lot of about it hadn't heard about it yet so I don't live assistants and you need that someone. Need not worry -- it's someone. It just doesn't seem like a real thing to me yeah S button and it seems pretty real to Munich -- music but Pulaski. Says it's a -- -- it's also the. It makes -- -- got a pretty -- then you get articulate matter between the case -- -- class and you know -- the pocket is getting bumped a little bit and glass doesn't give. It breaks it so if it its its either going to or and went in you can't you can't scratch in the mix -- I don't know what going about physics glass does that suggest. And it's like they didn't fully think through the unintended consequences of having such a brittle material you know covered by a -- case which they knew people gonna do it with everybody put the cases on the phone. Because they're so pretty. Apple and you know Apple says that but -- with garlic that's really strong much stronger than that the -- foreign. You know obviously -- meaning. People -- camera trying to -- thing Ehrlich laughed and band okay fine. Still it will -- -- that can bend bands like a gorilla. Apple is one of the reasons this is pretty great send them all. Or news.com reporter tireless. Scooper that is. It is it's. Start the pieces together and -- modify its still not here in the US on. Spot by the music service that everybody loves -- the it -- lauded Alvarez absolutely loves it. We wanna hear they keep saying it'll be here it'll be here early here it's still not getting your apparently one of the reasons it's not here is because Apple. He's really trying hard to get a streaming subscription music service to make them model work where nobody has -- really made it work before. And is going to the labels and saying you know don't do a deal spot or anybody else do with us. And we might be able to make -- money nobody else will be able -- And that's one reason the spotlight I'm running into roadblocks because Apple's -- economic in his first written. Do we do we believe that is we do we believe that Apple would it would have it in its genetic make up to go and tried poisoned the waters. Or potential competitors now -- never did OK yeah now I'm a music subscription service at that it could work -- -- I think were into it. -- maybe that's the whole reason why they doing to -- thing. Maybe that's what they're trying to do with pain it's of tied in with if this social networks will Pena's interest thing because it's all about discovery and -- -- -- it's that social networking and it's really a discovery network to. This isn't the thing about -- it -- work for me I mean I understand the sharing part. But this should be an option for like a one time play a one time -- play the music. -- what the point of sharing music if I can't listen to what you're shouting to me they don't own the song you should go -- and Apple really good idea. A fun thing to do that yeah -- if you shedding a song with me I should be able to listen to meet me at least the one time for free. Not just 32 clip no no and they tried to move that up to a minute but the label in Gulfport apparently. Anyway -- at something that should do yet on that Apple. What we'll see if they can make make -- -- -- service finally work. At big scale there have been others that all they all get some fans you know. -- -- and whatever but none of them really picked up like that. So the Better Business Bureau went and took a look at Google and decided to rank it as a business. Provider for consumers. And Google the don't be evil company ended up with the grade given by the dvd of -- minus you know -- mine and you know why primarily. Lack of -- of lack of support. No surprise she shared with all it's really all three services and this on the -- you know two -- about -- picture with all that's wonderful free services. Gmail docs -- -- void. Of all that stuff and all that wonderful stuff the one thing that Google does not provide to its consumers. Is any way to get support the site from you know other users and and forums and facts and stuff like that there is no way to get actually -- a person that you to view via. So that did not sit well with BB -- that -- c'mon guys. They -- -- with it. Who -- really implement it closes. Who should be called the tax department the Nexus One Google and and they couldn't get any answers and you know that was meant the big news in the one beginning. -- -- Becky said offer free services so -- I hope you know it's pretty even attacks where it's a free product. You'd get you get what you pay for according to -- That -- it. Which is what third enhancement of okay I -- and I'm in Google docs might think just flipped out though it knows I'm talking about it the so this -- so Blumenthal the Better Business Bureau. In that anyway. Says Google has made -- science out of making it difficult to get a problem looked at let -- it won't solve they have save millions of dollars by not providing support. That. It's not the way to win your customers. Yeah and it yet kind it is -- has yet to respond to 47 different complaints -- it's like you mean that they know of -- you know it's probably their real numbers but million times bigger than that. That's probably alive and -- I mean how many people with Google have that the board. That people who don't pay for anything. Yeah yes we paid a thing is though is that little thing here on. We do pay we just don't pay with our -- who -- with our attention potential makes money by hannitizing. -- making money from. Selling ads are -- against our I shall we do pay. And for everybody say Google is free. It's and we -- it's only three in the greenback sands of our -- we paid for Google. And they pay us and part of the deal anyway it's all part of a whole. I love to know what Facebook's BBB meeting -- yet to do it is that I think FaceBook and friend via the -- can't read that cookie if it. One of the cool things coming down the line if you're at an eighteen PU verse customer and you have an Xbox is -- soon. Apparently on November 7 you'll be able to -- to use your Xbox-360. As a set top box. To get all your U verse content which is really kind of cool so you can use only the Xbox interface. As your -- as your you know unifying. Console platform to get your all your entertainment content the one shoe box that this is pretty mean but. In order to do this you also have to have a U verse DVR with artist and -- somewhere in your house which I believe. -- Prerequisite for what you get is saying yes -- -- You still kind of cool because you'll be able to if you have this if you already have the set up basically a software upgrade on your Xbox will get you U -- A U -- you -- Or something U -- control room. A through your Xbox though you just keep the stuff you have -- instead of going back and fourteen -- gaming console and you're. U verse DVR. Or channel switcher you go do everything and box it says ship now in that you Xbox-360 that'd be -- division that has the hard drive. Another requirement yeah I think X has to be the one to have to -- it right. So if it's star alliance. A lot of progress with that accompany an elite can get an Auckland yesterday talking about the Logitech and Google -- in. And one. Our email it -- when you guys are forgetting about the com but set top about the current game console they're great at the you know universal Internet. Interfaces for the TV and in this this how to yeah that's no doubt if it out all about if you everything that they require them -- definitely for you. It's an exciting time India India TV attached media box in the -- Google TV -- it's. Exciting space -- speaking of alternate. Ways to do things if you have an Android device and you may be -- little on copter a little unhappy with the browser the Android. The little program in look at browser Firefox beta one for Android is now. And apparently it's not bad and -- unlike with Apple iPhone you can actually put a separate browser in your device and nobody nobody will try to stop you. And -- -- tank when its not bad at all effect in some ways the user interface port is much better than the -- browser that comes with your device. -- and hateful and what is super cool about this is it uses the bookmarks and Firefox thing right go to your big win for your iPod -- if -- Firefox desktop user. All your bookmarks go with you everywhere now. I don't know -- Chrome -- home also has bookmark -- But I'm not sure yet if it can chat room with that we currently -- the Chrome bookmark -- work with Android the Android browser. -- the different. I was -- doesn't matter and this is it Firefox is also promised pushed it will not well -- if that's not quite accurate and Kenya and not not render and are. Right -- has yet -- art so. Anyway so apparently the yet that the tabs -- vertically stacked and that's it notes and -- in if you if you if you found that Firefox approach and he browsers -- wildly each ticket bookmark -- is everything is more power and we've and it's -- -- X marks. Lexmark actually -- this is -- in the lineup but -- -- story I wrote yesterday X marks is probably going to survive. Not as -- company per say but the browser bookmark sync. Will get either acquired by a third party. It yet for most likely it's gonna get acquired. And put in some other business and and keep going so. X marks fans out there and then maybe it'll even get developed for. For mobile. -- Okay and that's it for main stories the finally we're going to. Another we started with a kind of tear -- here's another one but -- this is a wonderful story as at that as the father too little -- sides of the sort. This photographer and his kids. Output -- HD video camera into. What looked like a little cooler but -- styrofoam attached a helium filled weather balloon to it. -- let it fly up into the atmosphere. Where it went up this is that their launching it right here it goes. Where -- up 100000. Feet. Above how clouds. The balloon with a couple feet in diameter. Expand it to its maximum bursting size eighteen feet at a at a 100000 feet in the air. And then popped and the styrofoam. Container with a parachute on it and a HD video camera fell down to earth. Only I think thirty or fifty miles from where it was launch and they recovered it and they put the video up -- isn't the one innovative residences. It's it's basically keep the privilege of the earth. Yeah. Unbelievable rules vulnerable. I wanted to do this with -- -- right now. Anyway. So a 100000 feet by the way is 10% of the way to two miles which is the -- of the universally accepted barrier between. You know in the atmosphere and lower orbit. So they were 10% of the way they're all they need is you know a lot of rocket fuel and -- we get little kids launching rockets into space as we can hobbies. I'm all about it and test that somebody -- -- is that legal. That's going to be the question because you know the funny thing is there are things you know model rockets are legal. Right you get to the model rocket into the air as long as you noted some restricted places like in a city or something like that what you can't do on a model rocket is put -- guidance system on it. You have telemetry coming back which can't even control signals going up that's the legal -- because then would be missile. If and that's not gonna that's not good -- yeah it took interest and stuff. Anyway alright. No voice -- today. That we want to play but if you like to send this one is 800. 6162638. At 800 sequence exe and he he has always try to keep it. To about thirty seconds and make a pithy on the email side com. We got an email from. Kevin Houston says I was listening to show thirteen 24. Now we guys are talking about being Crowe fans and he talked about the being -- he says. Bing puffs doesn't quite have the same ring as Chrome pops how about -- -- orbiting boulders or -- That isn't in question and I throw to you the listeners and people in the chat room. What should we call the thing since I like englanders -- England charities. Being bought. -- -- done in the various mean to Barry's. Done via the Internet movie that that the -- added that -- -- gonna get an excellent okay. This is from mark hi gang of money being absent from the show -- Me here today you are raving about -- mobile calling over Wi-Fi at what's the big deal it's still counts against -- voice minutes. Anyway -- would you have -- I -- and not a similar signal. I think he -- admitted it up and let -- -- it sounds better. Up quickly and open Wi-Fi and other similar signal. Hours -- in my house in the off in this office in this office. Yeah so a lot places actually yeah -- Going. And I think it is one of those things that helps. The moving away from the land line you know it at home because you feel -- -- I know when you just use that. You I think that. Having any. A mobile communications device that is kind of. Spectrum agnostic. Or or system -- -- wireless system agnostic that okay -- got -- cellular signal I use that. Got a -- -- -- use that data Bluetooth suit to two whatever it is. I use that keynote he put in as many radius is the thing can support has batteries or control for and let it find path for the voice I mean voices just bits today. So I think that's pretty cool stuff and I -- We we right now we live in a world. That is based on an old fashioned concept that there is the cellular network in the Wi-Fi network and you have different kinds of data going over them again that's -- it should all just feet. Let's find the path and send the signal. So this is the this is the beginning of that new ten years from now hopefully fifteen years certainly probably don't -- it'll it'll -- completely transparent. We hope our right that the show. -- thanks for joining -- You think you've -- Molly Wood and act on Monday as -- If you would like to see the show notes for this and other shows -- BOL dot cnet.com you can send us an email we'd love to hear new buzz at cnet.com. And like -- -- senate the voice mail. 806162638. The -- may find your stuff. Delta dot cnet.com. For -- thousand podcast you can -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Great thanks again have a great weekend everybody happy Father's Day -- see if we will be aren't gonna fit the with the -- can.
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