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The 404: Ep. 1323: Where Walmart rolls back the tech

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The 404: Ep. 1323: Where Walmart rolls back the tech

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It's Ariel's last day of freedom before getting married next week, so we're throwing him a proper farewell with a bachelor party in the cramped podcast studio. We'll also cover tech antiques found in Walmart and homemade Nintendo 64 Lego Transformers!

-All right. Let's do this. -Yeah. -It's Friday, August 16th. -All right. Yeah. -Twenty thirteen. This is The 404 Show on CNET. I'm Jeff Bakalar. -I'm Justin Yu. -I'm Ariel Nuñez. -Welcome to the program. It's the last program for a while for Mr. Ariel Nuñez's jumping off the diving board, -Yup. -Taking a plunge into marriage. -Taking a plunge, yup. -How do you feel right now? -I feel good. -Don't lie. -I'm a little nervous but it's more the logistics that's making me nervous, like making sure all my groom's men are ready and-- -Right. -and like the food and the sound. I have a lot of stuff I got to do with the sound still. -Yeah. -But besides that, I'm ready. I'm ready to see my friends, I'm ready to see my girl. -Yeah. -When you say sound, what do you mean? -I'm doing like all the DJ's. I'm setting all the DJ's and we have to bring our own sound and stuff. -Right. -Like speakers and turntables and all that stuff. -So, that's pretty ambitious sort of logistical thing there. -Yeah. I've done it a lot. So, it will be good. -All right. -And I got people like who help me so. -Nice. -And he's got people who know some people. -Yeah. -Feel like when you get there though and once you start the whole wedding, -Uh-huh. -it doesn't matter what happens, right? -Oh, exactly. -And the fact that all your friends and family are gonna be around you, -Yeah. -that's gonna be happy regardless. -Yeah and that's kinda what's keeping the sane remembering that. -Yeah. -Like I'm gonna be around loved ones, man. -Oh, yeah. -I can't go wrong. -Do you have extended family coming in that you haven't seen in years that are gonna be at the wedding? -No. Not on my side. On my fiancee's side she has a lot. -Yeah. -But for me, just my dad from out there. -Okay. Awesome. -Yeah. It's gonna be cool. -And our little guys for you. -Our little guys growing up. -I know. -Big boy. -He's becoming a man. It's what he is doing. -Yeah. -Did you cry at your wedding, Jeff? -No. -No? -Did I? I don't think so. -No? -I got a little like choked up I think. -Uh-hmm. -No. He cried. -I didn't cry. -Oh, he cried -No, I didn't. -You cried, had a little BMF. -No, dude. I didn't cry. -Oh, boy. Yeah, he did. -I didn't. -You shed a few tears. -I didn't, you jackass. -Wilson and I were crying a little bit -Because you guys are like a little, you know-- -They're crying men. -Little school boys. -Well, it's very romantic. It's very romantic. You guys had like the huppah and everything. -That's pretty good. Yeah. -Right? -You did it right. -That was nice. -Nice. -You built that up. Justin became a rabbi so he can marry us. -Very nice. -Right. It was great. -It was very altruistic of you. -I would do the whole thing like myself. -He did. -That's great. -Wow -With a dull knife. -Just like the way Jesus did it. -That is how I did it. -Just like seeing your Hey Zeus did. -Yeah. -Like the first [unk] did. -Did. -Man, oh man. I just-- it's just crazy to me getting married and whatnot. -Uh-hmm. -I know. And to send you away right, we're actually gonna throw you a bachelor party in the studio. -In here. -Today. -Yes. -Let's bring in the strippers, you guys. -Where did you get these-- -Oh, you're just kidding me. Jeff is gonna take off his shirt [unk] for you guys while talking for the day. -I'll be pretty sexy. -Yeah, for us. -You are right. -I can't believe. I just-- it's just nuts to me, man. -Yeah, it's pretty nuts for me too. -Yeah. -It seems like it all happen rather quickly. -Yeah, totally. -Right? -Yeah, super quick. -Yeah. -Am I the only one who thinks that right? -I think the amount of time we were engaged was short compared to a lot of other people. -Yup. -We got engaged what, February? -That's amazing. -Yeah, so, yeah. -So, that's why. That's only like 6 months. -Yes only 6. -Yes. -Yes, I mean 8 or something like that. -That's-- yeah. It's happening. -It's crazy. -I'll read this chat room comments just because I know it's good fun. I saw cases. Don't worry, Ariel. Your second marriage will be a lot easier. -Yeah, exactly. This is the practice run. -This is. This is the guinea pig part. -Yeah, yeah. -You know, this is the test run. -Exactly. -Kicking the tires and whatnot. -Yeah. Wow. Probably not gonna publish this show today, right? -Yeah. -Does Christine listen to the show? -Yes, she does. She actually posted the one when I was-- we were talking-- or when she bought me the strawberries. You were gone, Jeff. -Oh, okay. -All right. Yeah, yeah. -She posted on her Facebook. -She won't be posting this one. -No. It's only left up. -This will be streaking on the record. -Yeah. Okay. -Wow, Puligan says, "My first engagement was 45 days." -That's bad. -Tap the brace. -Nice. -That's in Reno. -Yeah. It's 45 days. -A weekend thing. -That sounds like vacation. -Yeah. -Yeah, Jesus. -You got a really, I mean, 45 days is too short of a time. A month and a half. -Yeah. -You know how much it can change in a month and a half? -No. You need time to change your mind. -Yeah. You really do. -Yeah, you do. -Like you need at least 60 nights. -Yeah. -Where you're up in bed not sleeping, -Uh-hmm. -staring at the ceiling. -Uh-hmm. -Weighing those pros and cons out, man. -Yeah. -There's like 10 stages of evolving feelings. -Yeah. -You have to go through before you're ready to get married. -Exactly. -Can I do this? Okay, let's do this. -Yeah, yeah, yeah. -You need to ride on the roller coaster of emotions-- -Yeah. -Yes. -That is engagement. -Yes. -You know, you really need to keep those tires, man. -Uh-hmm. -I thought-- -Lemon laws exist in this country. -Lemon laws. I thought the whole idea of a long engagement was to give the bride and groom more time to plan the wedding. Is that crazy? Because people sometimes take, you know, up to a year to plan everything out there in a big wedding. -Yeah. -Let us just for a second. -I don't know. I've never been married before. -That's a big element to the equation here. -Yeah. -We're also listening to someone who thought men wore engagement ring than girls. -No. I was asking, why don't men have engagement ring? They should. It's not fair. -There was a moment-- -Where you thought. -where you legitimately turned to me, -Uh-hmm. -and I don't know if you were trolling or whatever the hell you were doing. -Probably not. -In hindsight you probably, you know, you'll come up with some other excuse. -Uh-hmm. -You looked at me dead in the eye and said, "Where's your ring?" -Yeah. -Like, don't guys wear engagement rings also? And I don't know-- like you were-- -Right. -I was just like, I just don't notice that. -Yeah. -Is it totally crazy to assume that guy should wear engagement rings though-- -It's not crazy to assume. Like if you take-- if you just take a step back-- -I think the only reason why they don't is because you're not proposing to each other the same time. So, it's an unplanned event when you get engage, right? -Right. -Right. -Like one person has to give a ring to the other. -Right. -You don't just like, let's exchange ring and then agree to get married. -I mean-- -But you should get one, though. -I don't disagree. -I think when you get engaged, like, don't they do like engagement gifts? -Yeah. -Yeah. -I think I-- what did I get out of that whole thing? Like a set of golf clubs or something. -Yeah, I got like a nice jacket. -Yeah. -You know, I got a little something, you know. -The traditional engagement jacket. -Yes. -Exactly. -Yes. -The smoking jacket. -Yes. Yes. -You wear your engagement clubs, Jeff. -Yup. -Yeah. -And I got them man. -Enjoy it. -And I'm still rocking them. -Yeah. -I-- yeah, it's weird. The whole engagement thing you understand like this was a conspiracy built by the bearers-- -Oh, here we go. -I'm not-- like-- -I mean, I can agree with that. -You looked it up. You can-- it's in like the '30s. -Uh-hmm. -The engagement ring or in the '20s it wasn't even a thing as far as I come to understand it. And then on this diamond, you know, rocketeers came in, -Yeah. -And they're like, hey, you want, we'll get your wife an engagement ring. -Uh-hmm. -And you know what, why don't you put this freaking uber shiny rock we found in the ground. -Yeah. -That has seemingly no value. -Stop. -Don't-- I'm just trying to put it all into-- -I don't know if that story is true. -Look it up. -I'm gonna Snopes that right now. -Snopes the hell out of that. -I'm gonna have that. -You can Snopes that-- -You can Snopes that 'til you're blue in the face. -Yeah. -Because it's a fact Jack. -Yeah. -I'm telling you, man. -Yeah. They monopolize the diamond industry and created holidays around that. -They did. -Yeah. -It's a thing. -Uh-hmm. -It's just an American consumerism phenomenon. -From what I hear, diamonds aren't even rare. -There's just-- they just have all of them. -Well, they have them and they're, you know, diamonds-- the perfect cuts, you know, all that in perfection. -Exactly. -Someone, you went through the whole thing. -Yup. -You know what it's like. -Uh-hmm. -You know, we can make diamonds in like laboratories. -Yeah. -Like you don't-- we make like diamond encrusted drills. -Uh-hmm. -We don't use like you know, blood diamonds for that. -Yeah. -It's carbon, man. It's all carbon. -It's so romantic, Jeff. -I really know how to kill a move. -Yeah. This guy is about to get married and you're talking about how it's too sheen that's-- -Oh, I'm not talking about-- I'm not talking about the love that Ariel has for his fiance. I'm not talking about that. I'm not trying to compromise that. -No ring. I think we're gonna all agree that no ring can accurately represent the love that you have for someone that you're about to get married too, right? -For sure. -Yeah. -It's a symbol. -Yes. -It's not supposed to replace those feelings. -It's an expensive symbol. -Uh-hmm. -Yeah. -It's too much very expensive symbol. -It's a commitment. That's really what it is. It's like when you spend that much money right and you propose and make it all special, -Uh-hmm. -that's just all a sign that you're making effort-- -Yeah. -Yeah, yeah, exactly. -you care about somebody. I think it's the whole experience. -Yeah. -The whole like planning of the wedding and like, you know, -Sure. -Yeah. -making sure she has what she wants away. -God damn it, Jeff. You are the worst at this. -Hey, man. You're talking to a married, dude. Going almost-- -Yeah. -Going on 3 years here, okay? -Only you [unk] some engagement ring to a drill. -I've been in the box hole, man. I've had a-- -You've been a shit for about 2 years now. -Yeah, I've been in a shit for 2-1/2 years, almost 3. -Yeah. -Yes. -Okay? -And I don't know how Stacie feels being married to you. -Exactly. -At least if you getting married to Stacie, she can see your ass everyday. -The door swings both ways, man. There are sacrifices and compromises made on both sides of that fence. -Yeah. -Something tells me Stacie has taken a bigger chunk of that sacrifice. -You just heard her when she-- -It's just like a huge buy to that sacrifice. -You heard it from her. You heard it straight. She loves being married to me. -I don't know. You were making like throat cut and like things at her the entire time. -Yeah, like, don't talk right now. -Yeah, yeah. You like made like a news thing. -Yeah. -Jesus. I totally did not. -I've never seen that movement before. What did that suppose to do? -So, and then you're going-- okay, let's-- no one's ever mind lynching like that. -Yeah, it's what you did to her. I saw you. -Off camera. Yeah. -Yeah. -You almost switch to it on accident. -If I was gonna-- you think that's the way it is to snuff around, it's hanging. -Yeah, yeah. -You're crazy. You're crazy. It's so ancient. -Yeah. -You're going to Jamaica, right? -I'm going to Jamaica. -That's so awesome. -Yeah. -Yeah. -Or hope you have a fantastic time. -Yeah, thank you. Basically, thank you. Thank you. -A little pre-congratulatory round of applause for Mr. Ariel Nuñez here. -Thank you. Yeah. -Mr. and Mrs. Ariel Nuñez. -Yes. -Yup, yup, yup. -Right. -Is she taking your name? -Yes, she's taken my name. -Yeah, where she's taking it? -Zinger. -All right. That's cool. -Yeah. -She's taking it. I didn't-- I told her she didn't have to. -Yeah. -Just like, I don't know, I feel like that's just an old tradition but people still do it. -Uh-hmm. -It makes things a little easier. -It does. -You know. -It does. -So, all right, man. -Yeah. -Very, very proud of you. Very happy for you, buddy. -Thank you. I appreciate it, man. -That's so awesome. -So, Ariel would be gone for 2 weeks. -Two weeks. -Starting after this show. He's gone for two weeks. I'll be gone for a week. -Yup. -And then Justin and Richard will be holding down the fort for the week of the 19th. -Yeah. It's gonna be a good one. -Yeah. Try go skydiving in Aruba. -Yes. -Yes. -Have you been skydiving before? -No. -Oh, you should definitely. I saw your tweet. -I'm not doing it. -I saw your tweet, made me laugh. -Yeah. -Jumping off a plane is probably the worst way to get off one, something like that. -Yeah. It is, right? -Yeah. -It seems like the worst way to get out of the plane. -Yeah. -Probably. -I love like getting off at the terminal. -Yeah. -When they're like, okay, doors are open. -Probably be-- -Jumping out of it, which is not cool. So, it's weird because you guys say I should do it. -Yeah. -Everyone else I've talked to, like all of my buddies, -Yeah. -they're just like, "No. Why would you do that?" I'm like, "Yeah, I don't wanna do that." -Have you been skydiving? -I never have but I would be down to try it. -Really? -Yeah, yeah, yeah -Like-- I understand why people wanna do it. -Yeah. -Uh-hmm. -And wanna hear people tell me like I should do it, I should do it. Literally, zero desire given. I have noticed it's not a thing like I'm scared of heights. -Yeah. -I'm over that. -Yeah. -I've done crazy things. I just don't have an ambition to do it. -I mean, I don't I ever did either but for some reason I've just been wanting to try all these things one time. -Yeah. -Like bungee jumping. -Yeah. -Oh, like a bucket list. -Yeah and I've you know, I've never been into anything like that. -I've done it. -For some reason. -Yeah. -You've skydived? -Yeah, sky dove/dived. -Sky dove in? -I sky dove. -Yeah. -Yeah. -Skydived. You skydived. -I skydived with my mom actually. -Tandem? -Yeah. No, not tandem. -Okay. -But we went up. It was actually her idea. -Wow. -And so, I took her out for her birthday two years ago and we did it in California, kinda not too far away from Huntington Beach where I grew up. It was an interesting experience. -Uh-hmm. -The weirdest thing about skydiving is that you have to be hooked in like a baby in a bjorn. -Yeah. -So, there's basically like a guy holding you. -Yeah. -Right. -Spooning you the entire time. -You gotta do like 30 jumps before you can go by yourself jump. -Right, right. -Yeah, right. So, like, you know, if you ever gonna do it, you're gonna be strapped to a guy which is a little uncomfortable because he's breathing into your ear the whole time. -Really? -And these guys, I don't know if it's gonna be like that for where you go. -I'm not doing it. -But the one that I went to, all of the professional jumpers that were helping you, they were all like the most extreme stereotypes of exactly how you would just dive down, instructed-- -[unk] down and do this on the way down. -Yeah. -Totally. -They're all like pouring Mountain Dews into each other's mouth like in the air. You know, they were like throwing and then a stream would go and do you like that smell. It was like very extreme, you know, -Extreme. -they're all like high fiving each other before they go jump out of the plane and stuff. -I would not feel safe with that. -Yeah. -Going on. -They all look like they had just done like ten lines of coke before jumping from the plane. But it was weird because you know, you go out into the-- onto the, you know, into the plane and before you jump, you don't just jump out of the plane. -I get it. -You kinda rock on a knee and they go one, two, and then on the third one you jump out. -Yeah. -But when I did it, I forgot to put my goggles over my eyes. -No. -Yeah and people were screaming at me that were also on the plane like, put your goggles on, you know, I couldn't hear because there was so much noise and the guy couldn't hear either because of the wind. -So, your eyes fell out? -No. So my eyes just-- they were done. No. I jumped out of the thing and I didn't have the goggles on and I had contacts in them. I was like, why do my eyes feel really dry right now? -Okay. -And I didn't realize it until about halfway and you know, five-- you're in free fall for about ten seconds. -That's it? -Yeah. So, five seconds into it, the guy just put the goggles on and I was fine but if you're prone to nausea like on roller coasters or anything like that, I would not recommend you doing it because a lot of people apparently puke in the air. -I mean, I wouldn't puke. I'd be fine doing it. I heard the worst part is when the parachute goes up, -Yeah. -and you just get yanked back and it's like the worst whiplash ever. -Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah. That's where the nausea comes in. -Uh-hmm. -For me it's like, I've never had desire to do it. -Uh-hmm. -And when-- so, I'll tell you what's happening. So, Stacie is doing it, my brother is doing it and a couple of our friends are gonna be down there doing it too. -Uh-huh. -And they're like, "Come on, Jeff. Do it." And I'm like, "I don't want it." -Yeah. -It's not that I'm scared. I'm really not. I just don't wanna do it. -I think you should only bungee jump if you've always wanted to do it. -Yeah. -You mean skydive? -Skydive, yeah. -Right. -Or any of that stuff. -Right. -Right. -You mean, unless you really, really want to, you're not just gonna be like, well, it's Saturday, I know my other friends are doing it. -Yeah. -But do you think it's something that if everyone did it and they're like, they're talking about it after and you see the video, would you regret that you didn't do it? -I don't think so. No. -You don't think so? Okay. Then don't do it. -I-- -But I think I would. -Yeah. No. It's totally a personal preference. -Uh-hmm. -I just-- I don't know, man. The worst, I'm not-- what I'm upset about is that I don't wanna do it maybe. -Uh-hmm. -Is that I'm just like, I'm confused that's why I don't worry. -They also make you do all kinds of ridiculous things when you're in the air because it takes maybe like 2 or 3 minutes for you to get down onto the ground after you pull the parachute. -Uh-hmm. -And so they always make you do the YMCA thing, at least that one I went to. -Oh, do they? -Yeah. They make you do like hand motions and stuff because there's something filming you the entire time if you pay for that package, right? -Yeah. Right. -Sop, I don't know. That could be kinda fun. And I would love to see that shout on your face too when it's about time. -That's great. -Look like a Dick Tracy character. -Yeah, yeah, exactly. -For about 20 seconds. -Gross face. -Yeah, I don't know. Chat room seems kinda divided on it too. -Yeah. -After -Half of them were like do it, half of them is like no. Yeah, and I'm like, I wouldn't do that. -Yeah. You don't have the balls. -It's not a ball's thing, man. -That's what the chat room said. -I'll tell you what I'm freaking terrified though. -What? -I wanna go like deep sea snorkeling. -Yeah. -And to me you're like, you know how I feel about the ocean. -Yeah. -I'm like freaking terrified of the ocean. -Yeah, yeah. -I just-- -Terrified of the ocean and terrified of the sun. What the hell are you going to Aruba for? -I could not agree with your more, sir. -What are you gonna be doing? You're gonna find the lobby of the hotel and just-- -No. I was like-- like, what you're gonna call it? -Golf? -You know golf, right? -Yeah, the golf where they got like, you know, black jack. -Gambling there, really? -Yeah. It's Aruba, man. It's the outpack, there's no rules. -Sure they got a pinball machine there somewhere too. -Running Band-- yeah, they better freaking have a pinball machine. Running Bandit says, "Jeff, you look like a bigger built guy. You may have to check the restrictions." That's right. I'm too fat to skydive. -You just pull them-- -Oh, my God. What happen to him? He, Pete, what happen? -There was a [unk] of it. -Oh, you know, a weight restriction of you know, -Oh, two-ton weight limit. Yeah. -He's 190 pounds and that was too heavy for sky-- screw you, Running Bandit. I'm not too fat to skydive. Not too fat for this chat room. -Oh, it's funny. There's an IQ prerequisite I think. -Is there? -Yes. -Well, I can't count down from 5, so-- -What's the matter, Bakalar? Are you chicken? -What's the matter, Bakalar? -Asking you to do it. -Anyway, what's that? -But let us know. Send those photos over here if you do end up doing it. -I don't know. I mean, maybe I'll think about it gain. I just don't wanna do it, dude. I'm just not into it. -It's just so expensive and-- -It's expensive too. -Yeah. You can't eat for that day. -I could-- I would much rather put those hundreds of dollars on black, in the casino. See where that gets me. -You're gonna do it. You're gonna do it. -I don't think I am, man. -You're not just gonna wait while your other friends stood up and go into the plane. -Well no because I-- but we're the only, you know, people around-- like it's like, we're not the only people who are going with a bunch. So, it was only a small-- -So, there are other cowards in the group too. -Hey, kick this guy out of the chat room. You don't have to kick him out of the chat room, Peter Masters. -Jeez. -I am not endorsing that at all. -But I like Pete Masters trigger finger though. It's good. -Dude, not cool. -Get him out of here. -Not cool. -Quick shot. -I don't care. -He even said, "How funny is that joke now?" -I don't like that, man. -I like that quick steak. -Why would like randomly kicking people out? -Well done, beat man. -Can you invite this guy back? Get him back. -He could still hear the show. -He don't deserve to get kicked out for that. Everyone is allowed to make fun of us. -That's great. -Yeah, exactly. -Yeah. Make all the fat jokes more about Jeff. -Oh, God. -Okay. Okay. -Three, two, one, okay Jeff. -They're gonna get on a plane again. -All right. -How high up do they do it? Do you know? -Yeah. I'm not sure. -How many thousands of feet? -Like 500,000 feet. -That's space. -Like a half million. -Okay. I'm not the Red Bull guy. -A half million feet into the air. -Yeah. That's like almost the moon. -Yeah, don't forget to bring your sack of pennies with you too. -What a-- it can't be more than like 50,000 feet. -Throw all those-- -Right? It can't be more than like 50,000 feet. -Yeah, probably something like that. -You don't know what-- you can understand that. -No. I didn't-- we talked about shooting an airplane with a gun. We're wondering if a bullet would travel as high as an airplane, remember that? -When they said in some circumstances they could. I don't know why you think you-- -Can you shoot an airplane? -And do you know how high-- -Don't act like I was the only one that was questioning that. Neither of us-- -I'm so much more accurate though. I'm so much more realistic. -Neither of us were sure whether or not you could shoot an airplane with a gun. -Yeah. -Yeah. -This is over the 4th of July. -I'd skydive for money though. I would skydive for money. I tell you that. -Someone's gonna pay you to skydive? -Right, exactly. So, it's a moot point. -Such a BFF. -I wanna get to some of the e-mails that we were talking about the relevant topic of drive-in theaters. -Oh, yeah. -You didn't-- you weren't here yesterday, Ariel. -Uh-hmm. -We're talking about the Resurrection of these drive-in theaters. -Oh, nice. -Did you go to any of those growing up? -I did. -What the hell is that? -I've been to many. -So did I. -How did you sneak your car into it, in the theater. -Oh, you just-- no, you just sit in the trunk for a little bit. Me and my brother would-- -Oh, okay. -Wait. Do they charge you by the person? -Yeah. -Oh. -Yeah. -I am just completely overwhelmed by how many people partook. -Yeah. -Is that a word? Partook? -Yeah. -In drive-in. There's-- I've never seen one. -I guess they're along-- -Not alone been to one, never ever seen one. -Interesting. -Only in the movies I've seen one. -Yeah. -Anyway, we have a lot of people writing in about the very topic of drive-in theaters. Bulu Jenkins wrote a novel about drive-in theaters, and basically says, "Jeff was murdering the drive-in theaters the other day but I wanna offer up some reasons why drive-ins are still awesome. Number one, the drive-in that I frequent," this guy frequents of driving. I can't-- I don't know where the hell this is. -Yeah, yeah. -"Always has double features when two movies for the price of one." -Uh-hmm. -"Number two, you can bring any outside food you want into the drive-in," -Yeah. -"so you could grab takeout from your favorite restaurant." -Right. -"Still catch a flick. Number three, as a parent, I feel most comfortable taking my kids to the drive-in as I feel that it is less intrusive on my part if my kids are being restless or loud." -That's a great point, is that, the movie watching experience at a drive-in theater is great because you can't hear anybody else talking during the movie. -Yeah. -Right? I mean, we complained about the theater experience all the time-- -That's true. -with people texting and talking during the movie and suff. You don't have to worry about that in drive-in. It's great. -Uh-hmm. -Right in your car speakers. -You just slap your own kids if they start talking, you can do that. -Exactly. -And no one is gonna yell at you for slapping them either. -No. -Yeah because I did it in the privacy of your own vehicle. -It's legal. -It's legal to beat the shit out of your kids. -Uh-hmm. -Kevin B writes in, "We had a blast going to drive-in movies right outside of Philly." That's East Coast I guess. I don't-- maybe it's a Jersey negligence sort of thing. "Back in the van, pull out the beach chairs and cranked up the car radio." -Uh-hmm. -Why the radio? -Could you tune into the radio? -Yeah, yeah. -Right. -You tune into radio, yeah. -I'm figuring this out, man. -It's so cool. -That-- yeah, I guess they are always double features. "This is where I first saw Jurassic Park, Terminator 2, Honey, I Shrunk the Kids and the much forgotten sequel, Honey, I Blew Up the Kids." -Right, right. -My, God. What were they thinking? "So, My Stepmother is an Alien and many more." -Yeah. I remember watching Groundhog Day at a drive-in theater. It was awesome. -Also because the screens are a lot bigger than a movie screen too. -Uh-hmm. -This is before, you know, like iMax screens and 3D screens came out that gigantic. These ones are much bigger than your average movie theater screens. -Yeah. -That was another incentive to go to. -So, when you-- this is all very new and exciting to me. When you-- like is it like-- is the parking spot, the seating, this parking where all the cars go, is it like angled down towards-- -No. No, this is regular. -This is regular. -Regular ground. -Yeah, yeah. -Just regular ground. -Get all this normal asphalt. -Yeah. -You know, just flat land. -Yeah. -Weird. What are you talking about? -But it's like, do-- are there good parking spots? -They don't have stages and stuff. -Are there good parking spots? Like I-- we're gonna get a good seat, you know. -It's just a plot of land, you dummy. -But when you get to a-- on a theater, you're like, oh, we're gonna get there a little early so we get a good seat. -Right. -So, is it the same sort of mentality when you go to a drive-in theater? Are we gonna get there early to get a good spot? -Right. -I guess so. Yeah. There-- I mean, whatever spot you go to because the screen is so big. It doesn't matter. -Oh, it doesn't matter. -Look, you and I-- -We're not going. We're not going. -What are you doing next Friday? -I'm gonna be in Aruba, dummy. -Let's go on another date. -Yeah. -A little date. I'll take you out to a drive-in theater. Let's see whether they're not progressing. Right? -All right. -Great idea. -You take care of me. I'll take care of you. You scratch my back, I'll throw up on yours. -It's gonna be great. -So, where's the drive-in theater around here? Philly? -Petes, me, I don't know how if I know. -Yeah, we're gonna find that. -Yeah, we definitely find that. -We should do a road trip and go to every drive-in theater in the country. -Yeah. -Let's do that, Jeff. And then we'll film the whole thing and make a documentary about it and it'll be great. -Right. If I'm in a convertible, and an SUV parks in front of me, I'm upset, right? -Oh, come on. -Yeah. -Damn it. -Yeah. -Like a Hummer. -Yeah. -A Hummer parks in front of your Miata. -Yeah, for sure. -That's not-- no, that's not a worry. The screen isn't like 5 inches off the ground, you idiot. -I have no point of reference. -Yeah. -I've never been to one. -God, you're like a Marsian that just got to Earth. You have no idea what's happening. -Deal with it. I'm underprivileged, man. -We'll take you. -We'll find it, Jeff. -All right. -We'll find it for you. -What do we got in terms of stories today? -Oh, a little backwards today. So, we started with the e-mails but let's get to the stories of the day. This is really cool. So, you guys read the Consumerist, right? -Uh-hmm. -Yeah, I frequent did a few times a month. -Yeah, yeah. It's great. So, it just talks about, you know, daily deals and your consumer shopping experience, complaints, etcetera, but they also have this rad column that I love reading and they frequently update it. The column is called Raiders of the Lost Walmart. -I love it. -And basically, what they do is they take submissions if photos from people that have found relics of electronic at Walmart. -Uh-hmm. -So, this is really great. If you peruse random Walmarts in the country, you can find really, really data technology that goes back 10, 15 years even. -That's awesome. -And they still sell it at like nominally discounted prices. So, it's incredible and I wanted to go through a few of my favorite ones today because we haven't talked about this on the show. But this is really funny and I love these stories. So, the first one we got is this antiquity. It's a 2.5 gig USB hard drive. Let me see if I could find, I think this one. -Two point five gigabyte USB pocket hard drive. -Look at this. This is what we're looking. It's a Seagate hard drive. It's probably, I would assume, 8 to 10 years old-- -Yeah. That sounds about right-- -because it cost originally $85.96 for a USB 2.0 2.5-gig hard drive, right? Nowhere does it say the speed of the hard drive or anything like that. So, I'm assuming it's pretty old. -So, here's another telling little detail about why this is so old. Can you tell me why, just looking at the packaging? -Let's see. -The video icon. -Oh, right. Right. -It's a VHS tape. -Great-- -Oh, yeah. -catch. -How wacky is that? -Uh-hmm. -How long has this thing been collecting dust on this Walmart shelf, man? -Yeah. It's crazy. I mean, Seagate doesn't even use that logo anymore. So, that's how you know it's really old. But also what's funny is right next to this package, you can find this Seagate free agent hard drive, which is a flash base when this is a modern 320 gigabyte flash drive for $50. How could anyone consider even buying this? Why do they keep this on the shelves? It doesn't make sense. Do you think these things just like, they just, you know, slide through the cracks? You think that's what it is? And they just-- the stock guys, they just-- -Perhaps. -and they go and leave this dinosaur here. -I suspect that Walmart has a really good return policy. -You do. -So, people keep these things around for years, -Oh, I know. -then they can probably still return it and then they have to recoup the price because they probably got the original retail back. -Right. -I know a guy. -What? -I know a guy. -Okay. We will talk about that. -Used to exploit the hell at their very relaxed return policy. -Like he will return things that were purchased. -He would return stuff that he never bought there. -Yeah. -He would return-- What's that? -I said [unk]. -He used to peel back and just wasn't good. He would return major stuff. -Yeah. -Back to them. He wouldn't get cash but he would get credit. -Uh-hmm. -And when credit at Walmart is you know, you could buy anything. -It's like cash, yeah. -And get life insurance of Walmart. -Nordstrom's also has a really relaxed return policy too. -Uh-hmm. -Who? -Nordstrom. -Nordstrom. -Really? -Yeah. My mom used to return all kinds-- -Aren't they like-- they're like a higher end department store. -Yeah. -Yeah, they're like a Macy's or like a Neiman Marcus but yeah, Nordstrom's has one. In fact, I remember reading an internet rumor a long time ago that someone actually returned a set of tires there. -I heard that. -You heard this one? -Yeah, yeah, yeah. -Yeah, there's like a guy that had purchased a set of tires from a store that was then converted to at Nordstrom's. That tire shop went out of business and then Nordstrom's popped up in that building and he returned the set of tires to Nordstrom. -Yeah. -And still got the money back. -And he got the money. It's so crazy. -That's awesome. -It always makes you wonder how these gigantic chains can just afford to just-- for the longest time they were just like I-- you know. -Yeah, for sure. -It would take things out of the box, it would take-- like a crumbled, you know, plate. Like, all right, take it back. -Right. -Uh-hmm. -No problem. -Whatever. -Pick out a new one. -Yeah. -Those guys don't get paid enough to [unk] shit. -That's true. So, this one's really awesome. So, the next entry into the Raiders is the last Walmart column. Look at this. I actually own this digital camera when I was in high school. -No way. -And I graduated in 2002. So, look at this. This is the Sony FD200 Mavica Digital Camera. This is so old that the media that it took for storage, floppy disks. -No way. -And that's what the FD stands for in FD200. -Like a 1.4-- -Wow. -Yes. -How did they put video on that? -You stick it into this-- you don't shoot video. That's how old it was. -Oh, it's just images. -It was just images. -How many images could a floppy disk hold? -Five. -Five. -Depending on the setting you put it in, -Wow. -because you could do it down to 320x320 and even then, you could only put 15 or so on there. It was crazy. I remember carrying multiple floppy disks just in case I have to replace the media and they're selling it for $269. -Wow. -Look how old this box is. The cardboard is faded. I love that. The blue color on the cardboard is actually faded, -Yeah. -and it's kind of like coming apart of the seams. It's great. I love this. -There's something very-- I mean, look at that box, man. Come on. -What's in the box? -The box-- look at-- where is-- look at the box next to it. -Yeah. -There was like a flood in here and they just never cleaned up. -Yeah. -It's incredible. I have no idea. And this does look like a return item though. -It's just insane. -Right? Like the tag is off and everything, it's kinda marked. -When was the last time you're even in a Walmart? I was actually in front of one the other day. I didn't go in. -You were panning. -Yeah. I was just-- I was grabbing orders. -You're ringing that bell. -Yeah. -No. I was-- it's fine because whenever I try the Buick, and I'm in front of a Walmart, I just looked over my buddy who's in the car and I'm like, we just look like we belong here. Don't we? -Yeah. -But it's amazing what you see in 15 short minutes. Just sit in front of one of those places. -Yeah, yeah. Faces of Walmart. -Man, it's scary. -So, you were looking at the people coming out of Walmart, not at items inside, right? -No. No. I mean, people just buy a lot of things in bulk, -Right. -which, you know, I get. But yeah, it was just weird. We're just sitting outside of there. It's a strange land. -Yeah. -Or strange people. -Look at this one. This one is great. So, you know how the other day we're wondering about how AOL makes so much money off their software and who's buying on the software? Who's using it? Right? Because it's free. Well, look at this. Walmart is still selling AOL prepaid cards. -No way. -Yes. -When is this from? -This is recently. Someone in Iowa shot this photo of you know, where you can buy all kinds of prepaid phone cards and internet cards, iTunes cards. Well, this Walmart is selling AOL prepaid access cards 500 minutes for $15. Also, AOL isn't using this logo anymore either. So, that's how you know it's super old. -So, someone should try and buy that. -Yeah. -Someone, you know, part of the Raiders of the Lost Walmart. -Uh-hmm. -Part of that should just be going up the register, -And trying to buy it. -and being like, here, I'd like to buy 1,000 minutes of AOL. -Yeah. -I think that'd be very-- that'd be a really under whelming test because I'm sure they would just bring you up for it, right? They would just let you buy and that's it. -Yeah. I guess. And then I'm gonna go out and get what I want out of this. -Yeah. -This is more than a decade old because they stopped using this logo in 2002 according to this article. -Wow, real, man. -So, it's still there. And Jeff, this last one is for you. Check this out. They're also selling GameCube Games. -Oh, my God. -Oh, no. -Wow. -When did the GameCube come out? -GameCube came out like 2000. -Incredible. This is so cool. They're selling GameCube Games, this Naruto 2, $40. -So weird. -That's crazy. -That is so weird. It's amazing, man. The thing about it, these places are so gigantic. -Uh-hmm. -And they, you know, it's gotta be really tough to take-- -Inventory. -Inventory and seriously manage one of these stores. -Yeah. -And there's, you know, because there's 25,000 Walmarts in the U.S., one of them is gonna have, you know, some wacky, you know-- -Old stuff. -antiquities in there. -Yeah. -Crazy. -I love reading about this. There's-- I mean, it goes on for pages and pages too. I mean, this column on Consumers has been going on for years now. So, yeah, go and check out. We'll send a link in the show blog today. It's crazy. -Weird. -Uh-hmm. -All right. What else we got? -Let's see. The next one we wanna talk about is this awesome Nintendo 64 Transformers - Instructables. Look at this. So, Kotaku posted about this and basically, this guy named Baron von Brunk, he's actually a New York-based artist. He has a whole set basically of Transformers toys that he made out of Legos. -Wow. -But they're made to look like Nintendo 64 controllers, robots and memory cards. -Build there Transformers. -Yeah. -Wow. -How awesome is that. Let me see if I can go to this-- -So, he's basically doing custom jobs on all of these Lego sets? -Uh-hmm. Look, we're looking at one, that's a Nintendo 64 controller. -That's so cool. -That's really detailed down to the joystick. That transforms into a scorpion. -It does look a little like a scorpion, yeah. -Yeah. -And then he's got one that looks like a console that turns into like an Optimus Prime looking sort of guy. -Yeah. Oh, this 007 cartridge that turns into a gun is sick. -Wow. -You see that? -Wow. -And then a Donkey Kong turns into a real Donkey Kong. -Oh, that's so cool. -And then here's the whole thing. -That's incredible. -So, this is a New York-based artist? -Uh-hmm. Yeah. -Does he having like any exhibitions anywhere to show anything? -I'm not sure. Yeah, he should have a show. -To see what it is. -I'll definitely go to that. -That's very cool. -This is great. I mean, I don't really play with Legos anymore but I would if I can easily create something like this. -That's neat, man. You should do that. I mean, you know, I feel like Lego teams up with everyone in the world. -Uh-hmm. -Aren't they doing a Back to the Future one coming out soon? -Yeah, uh-hmm. Yeah. -They're expensive as hell but they should really hook up. Nintendo needs the money. -This is their next big adventure. -Telling you. -This is so cool. Look at this M.O. magazine. -Yeah, it's sick. -[unk]. -I don't know. That's really cool. -That supposed to look like a battery pack or something? -Yeah, I guess something like that. I don't know. I don't know what they're going for with that. -Anyway, go and check them out because we can't really describe this as well as it should be. -Yeah. -Yeah, really cool stuff. -Next one. -Speaking of Back to the Future, you wanna talk about some back to the future news in e-mail that we got? -Yeah, about the tattoo? -Yeah. -Yeah, let's do that and then we gotta get out of there. -Okay. Do you have the e-mail up? -No. -Okay. Let me bring it up. So, this is really cool. Well, how do we get to even talking about this? Do you remember? -I figure we were talking about like geeky tattoos maybe. -Uh-huh. -Or something like that, and then we got turned on. Maybe it's you that turned me on to that Australian artist. -Oh, right, right, right. -But this is not the same guy. -No, no. So, this is cool. So, our body Doug Benson, not D Doug Benson, but our buddy, Doug, actually e-mailed us and he's like, "Hi, guys. I watch your show every night on my iPad before going to bed. Keep up the good work. Saw this tattoo the other day and immediately thought of you two geeking out over it. So, I'm sending it along with what you think and if you could have a scene from Back to the Future tattoo it on yourself." It could be another movie, like he says, Fifth Element. "If you could have a tattoo about, you know, one of your favorite movies, what would it be?" And for an example he shows us this tattoo. So, check this out. -So, this guy has got a tattoo that's-- -I don't know if it's his tattoo but he-- I think he saw this online. -Right, right. So, the guy who's got this one, it's the Clock Tower and lightning striking it, -Yes. -and says Great Scott. -I like this banner too that kinda comes off of it. I like the cartooney. -Yeah, I know. It's coo. I don't-- I really, really dug that Duck Brown one. -Yeah. So, then I responded to him and I followed a bunch of tattoo artists on Instagram and one of them I follow is this guy Gooney Tunes. -Yup. -G-O-O-N-E-Y Tunes. -Uh-hmm. -And look at this. He posted this the other day that I think is so cool. -This is amazing. -Wow. -The only way I can describe it is it's basically Duck Brown's head in his, you know, it's his face with the glasses on and he's got that red color with those pictograms on it. -Right. So, it's the-- it's him from the beginning of the second one. -Right. So-- but then, within his face instead of his eyes and its facial features, there's actually the DeLorean in the scene where it's flying through the sky. So, you got clouds and things in the background. -It's really cool. -It's just-- -Isn't that awesome. -Yeah. -Yeah, that's pretty cool, really crazy. -Is this the same guy you got a tattoo from, Justin? -No, no. I wish but I think this guy is actually out of the country somewhere. -Yeah, he's in Australia. -Yeah. -I feel like that style looks similar. -Yeah, yeah. I definitely like, prefer this kind of like wacky, modernist, neo-traditional. -But if you could get your own super geeky-- I mean, I like tattoos very freaking geeky. -Yeah, yours is [unk]. -I don't know, from a movie though. I would like to do-- I mean, I don't know if I could do Back to the Future, though. -Yeah. -It's really-- I'm trying to think of something super iconic from the film. Obviously there's plenty of props and stuff that are iconic. -Uh-hmm. -Trying to think-- I already got a tattoo. -How about a Ghostbusters tattoo? If you got the-- -The trap. -the container, yeah. -Oh, the trap. -Oh, you should do the power glove on your hand. Yeah. -The entire fire. -Yeah, just the whole fire on your hand. -Like all those wrists, the forearm button is [unk]. I don't know about that. -That is so cool. That'd be awesome. -That'd be amazing. -You'll be the ultimate gamer. -Yeah. -Please do that. -I'll be the-- I think I might be the ultimate douche bag-- -Yeah. -for a tattoo like that. -Definitely get your ass beat for something like that. -Yeah. -How long do you think it's gonna take? -Like, do you have a power glove tattoo? -It'd be great. -Let's go kick his ass. -You'd have to keep your hand in a fist constantly. -At all times. -Yeah. -How would you grab things with that glove on? -I don't know what I would get. What would you get? I'm-- I would really love to do something with BioShock. -Yeah. -Uh-hmm. -I just don't know if I could go through with it just because it's like I don't know. -Yeah. -I could-- maybe on like your legs or something. -Uh-hmm. -What would you get? -Chat room is saying, flux capacitor design on your wrist. -Yeah, that's a good one. On your wrist, don't know about that. -Maybe. Flux capacitor does look a lot like a wishbone, though. I think that would be the word. -If you get it super detailed, I think everyone who sees it will know what it is. -Yeah, yeah. Or a Mr. Fusion would be crazy. -Yeah, that'd be pretty dope too. -That would be very cool. -I want-- -But there's bunch of trash going into it like an Apple core. -I want this guy to come to the U.S. for a little bit. -Gooney Tunes? -Set up shop in New York. -Yeah. -I'd get something done from him. -Well, I follow him on Instagram and a lot of tattoo artists do guest spots when they travel. -Right. -So, I'll let you know if I ever see him traveling. -It's pretty dope. -Yeah. -All right. I'm curious if-- do we have any listeners with geek tattoos? We must. -I'm sure. -We absolutely must. If you do, send us a photo, the404@cnet.com and you can call us up too and tell us about that, 866-404-CNET. That's our phone number. Participate in the contest that's going on right now for your chance to win one of 5 Powerocks Rose Stones from the fine people at Powerocks. Go to the Wednesday, August 14th episode. Go to that at cnet.com/the404 and enter a comment on the blob post for your chance to win. And then, so that's the deal. Ariel? -Yeah. -Take care of my friend. -Thank you. -Congratulations, to you and your soon to be wife. -Thank you, man. I appreciate it. -And hope you have a fantastic time out west for the wedding. -Yeah. -You'll be back September 2nd, is that? -Yup. -Okay, September 2nd. -Yeah, when we're back in September that's gonna be. -Okay. Right after Labor Day. -Yup. -Justin, you're back here on Monday. -I will be back, yes, with a whole set of shows. -It sucks to be you. -Yeah. I'll be here by myself. -Right. -Yes. -Crying myself to sleep after the show. -And I will be back Monday, August 26th. -Uh-hmm. -Also, coming up on the show, Thursday, August 29th, Ben-- I'm sorry. Robert Ben Garant and Thomas Lennon from Reno 911 and The State and all those things, -Uh-hmm. -they'll be here. -Nice. -We're gonna have fun here. And that's really it and we have more announcements when we get back. -Great. -So, it's been fun, man. We'll see you later. -Yup. -Have a good time without us. -Thanks, guys. Thanks. -Bye-bye. You're gonna be okay. -I'm gonna be fine. -We'll take pictures. -Yeah. I'll be great. Send photos from San Francisco. -Will do. -Because you know how much I love that city. You're gonna give it a big hug for me. -Yeah, we're gonna see those-- -I will. I will. -You're gonna cover the wedding on-- when is the wedding? -It's on the 24th, Saturday. -Okay. So, all right. So, okay. -We'll be live streaming. -Oh, perfect. -No. Here we go, here we go. -All right. That's gonna do it for us, guys. We'll see you soon. Have a great weekend. I'm Jeff Bakalar. -I'm Justin Yu. -I'm Ariel Nuñez. -This has been The 404 Show. High tech, lowbrow. We'll see you soon. Bye-bye.

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