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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1321: Turtles, fire up your Evo!

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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1321: Turtles, fire up your Evo!

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An app called Tango promises to bring cross-platform video calling to Android and iOS devices, but apparently you can only talk to turtles and hipsters. Also, Windows Phone 7 coming October 11, Google TV event-a-palooza happens Wednesday, and Verizon will give wronged customers a whopping six bucks each to make them feel better. --Molly

It is Monday October 4 place that I've -- -- -- I'm Donald bell. I'm Wilson tang I am Molly Wood log in a buzz out loud -- podcast of indeterminate length that episode thirteen hundred in 21. Wilson tang joining -- all the way from the East Coast. Streaming video apparently strayed from his bedroom. Looking -- inviting -- again. -- decades. He. Here though that's exactly what I would like those and you're watching a live stream we should know that we so we got a new HD track -- which is -- stream it either totally stuttering badly on your machine or looked -- them. And then we haven't like in the game machine yet -- dragon -- and -- -- the media but we have enough and it had pictures and whenever you. In high Def I feel like this is smarter he's talking. I'm -- and updated -- Election. -- But never put it down now you know he's just thought that hatred and an adult -- anything I have. -- did it didn't intelligent to say. -- how are you disagree. Also won that million points to Bonita forgetting they -- tank after up and running bad and -- thank you have. And comin' in on -- -- I'll let definition isn't coming easy doesn't -- -- -- -- you'd be amazed those pixels. I got -- the good thing that you don't even in theory there is but it's a bit. Oh no we do yeah I think your safety and elect BB. But -- like for our makeup sessions I know what we're definitely gonna need for our makeup session that we -- -- on the Google TV widget coming this week if -- and -- high Def film the you'll -- all kinds of Internet video. Way bigger than you probably ever needed to you. -- has introduced an announced Google TV and its partners and and and apparently some apps. And then the official launch is happening on Wednesday in -- -- inning on of that. Yeah I will be there I believe on Wednesday at the official for I think I think it's the first hardware launch from -- TV. I don't know what I'm allowed to say about it or not but I do know that CNET TV itself will be having a app available on Google TV so we're. But it could be one of the first I think in some of our other -- here -- side. Will also be having -- -- available on. Google TV I'm pretty excited about Stanley idea. Why I like that the two way interaction you know the the -- -- box in the Apple TV had been out for a little bit -- Reviews are streaming out about the Apple TV but it's it's largely. A one way street you just consuming content and this is sort of -- game changer -- that it really allows the user home. To interact with the content in in ways -- probably it may be thought about. Yeah I -- -- I feel like after all of these years spray IP TV is finally here. And it's remarkable that it took this long but but I think it is going to arrive in sort of pretty close to the way that we would want to because that will be interactive because he can get so many. There are so many video options between kind of whatever regular TV is available and all of the Internet video and then. It has basically -- support. And so. That they content partners will be able to create what are essentially -- so that the experience of watching that video. Isn't really just having to go to web browser and then -- maximize the video screen. And I think at first the first initial apps are gonna be a lot of chatting a lot of tweedy and -- -- Posts to FaceBook. But I'm really -- and see how people really turn this into the next level I mean I almost didn't think 3-D gaming after -- gave it gaming or. Other interactions can be really really interest in space to keep and I. Yeah nominee I'm very excited he would what they show up -- wanted them there will be -- they're expected to reveal the launch date. At Logitech has also having press conference Wednesday -- Cisco -- -- -- in new York and then Sony is -- a press conference on October 12 so it sounds like. Even if the hardware I hope the hardware is available by then but even if it's not there'll be seen is gonna open it -- Greg has hello holidays like. Yeah about eight if you get that out there aren't you don't -- The William tell you. Logo the one big caveat I feel like about The Who refuses. With Google Voice with search and everything else lovely picture. Is gonna know literally almost everything that I do in my day. Yeah melanoma is the idea am aggregating all of the data about what you watch when you watch and what you search for a what you're doing it on your Google TV I mean yeah. Yeah I don't want your wife no like all the weird Google like view the videos you watch tonight your work game night -- you probably like. Create these squirrel people. Movie. Doesn't whatever. It's not the for a four I had to -- the other thing I think about now -- -- with with. Whenever I imagine some sort of Google privacy concern I just picture that grieving not yesterday the when it was like -- -- the -- -- They Google engineer he has become. Sorry -- but he has become like my mental Burkina. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Right the only -- -- creepy archetype for every KRA -- analyst at times so it does we don't do it. Do you do -- faster. Google gets a lot of credit for saying that American invade people's privacy -- -- -- -- stop that one individual. And I wanna get credit for statement about invading people's privacy -- and I am not invading your privacy. Right reading an article about yes. Okay Verizon is has agreed to what could be it looks like the largest consumer refund in history at least in the Telecom industry. If you had a Verizon phone without a data plan but you're still getting -- for data which was apparently happening like crazy. Verizon Wireless is now going to spend ninety million dollars refunding customers. Fifteen million of them who around returns for anything you'll get and this is super -- for you wonder at all class action settlements are. -- -- a two dollar or a six dollar credit on your next bill. I'm -- -- -- graduate isn't an attack. This is about these things like the browser button on a lot of Smartphones rate or night into Smartphones but any phone available now has that little browser but. This I what the refund is about. It was you -- Verizon actually charging people that amount for data usage or Internet -- that even if they didn't have data plan. And -- yeah I think it might have I don't know if it was through those I don't think in some cases they even used it or did anything. It might have been if they've you know press the browser -- in Netscape thinking it was just like. They were just getting charges on their on their built -- it was like about two dollars per megabyte for any data they chose to act that. They for the majority -- -- -- -- involve minor data exchanges caused by software built into their phones. Others did involve accessing the web but those shouldn't have -- charges -- should have just gone over their regular you know. 3-D now I'll have also had -- 99 -- thing for for -- Go get a six pack -- -- they. -- -- -- -- -- Her a time when a lot of people would come to -- It's really creepy looking -- my peacefully. -- -- won't come to me and asking about these charges on their bills because. Of that little browser button you before Smartphone before I -- Smartphones I would constantly hit that button on accident. -- knows how many times and is always like -- two K York four kilo -- charges something like that -- and that was always mean. Napster and and you shouldn't and I think what they're saying is that what that -- that that was happening. Andy you shouldn't have been charged that because this gives you access the browser on your phone you have access on your phone through your cellular connection. And they shouldn't have been charged in data -- at all and apparently people were being. We're be we're be -- they were Fergie charges his developer of the old Serbia yeah. -- and Allen apparently the FCC pressured Verizon into the settlement following hundreds complain that though. You win this -- consumers. I guess it that. I thought the kind nine million dollars would pallid makeup for all those charges that okay yeah well -- -- penalty and you get -- mean it's like how many times did you get charged and then you're either getting two dollars -- six dollars or it. I'd be really happy -- -- guy who was intentionally doing it. Patent. And I'm sure -- didn't think -- the -- rack. Other telephone news today -- windows phone seven apparently wrote it had it has been confirmed. By the Internet that it is launching October 11 in New York City what is less certain though is whether T-Mobile is on board and -- had said. Team almost totally on bars and -- some headphones off of the table and -- it -- like that allows authoritative. You're not in headphones the boom mean. But but certainly it will be on eighteen. T-Mobile power windows and haven't. Not bitten on him and know it's only I mean. The -- to piers that support GSM in the US right so maybe you only can probably get -- usually it's like. Another and another AT&T exclusive how exciting wonderful programs. So hopefully it -- well I I think it would be good for them if they were out -- and T-Mobile and wealthy. That will be though there will be alive -- demo of some sort in New York I think at 3:30. Eastern. On October 11 when I would definitely be there you'll only remove the fun. Cool I really do you know I am actually am excited to hear about any kind of windows phone seven launching news at all yeah you know think -- -- up doors make it there -- -- like boost mobile to get it. It mad I'll admit I was excited backing what does it February January will be announced that but. After all -- For Leo updates and wireless for it really anything I just don't care -- you really have my honest opinion comment it has not excited -- in seven or eight months now. Have saved the bloom of Kana -- -- rose from me right now and it might just be that my hardware is too slow but is driving me crazy. And -- that the honeymoon is definitely over -- Madrid. And I am I think that windows phone seven has the possibility. Of having the kind of sort of cross platform media integration it really been wanting that really seamless and good I mean it's using you know part of my big complaint about and regrettably. Music Claire -- And the media management is just kind of annoying and it ended the Zune. Player software is really good and built into the phone and has a subscription service ready to go like it could actually be super smooth. -- -- yeah I think the thing about the thing that bothers me about windows phone seven is is the -- it looks sexy now but I can easily see it getting really old. A couple months. I mean and I'm not so sure about the usability when it comes to happen in drag. I guess edges of the app off screen -- it's not exactly the most intuitive thing especially for older people no we're just now getting used to the idea of computing. In their -- Well the thing that's always in the crisper windows products also is coming from and the Zune HD space for even Xbox is that that this is. Just never seem to come as soon as he and ray nominally it's -- like while this feature is. Amazing but you're like a year later than when -- really kind of want. -- -- And and it things because their personal -- the with the caveat momentum yet I mean there's only so much you can buy data to get that that created for him and announcement to get -- -- -- excited involvement in a lot of work. Even need and Nokia has -- -- I think they I think and been boarded it and make -- -- -- -- conversations interviewed posted today about it with cnet.com and plus conversations against you and he went Nokia's that the -- Now in sentiment but they do anger very sensitive dammit and like -- -- Get the -- Ebert and any -- you can't get a subsidized ambient sound every you can. But instead be the reason that they they claim the windows phone seven platform fails to get -- -- in outlook. Well they -- it even it out like right ahead of the lines there's immediately this kind of display of a slight lack of confidence in my opinion Microsoft has also even as their launching their being off and -- they're suing Motorola. Citing that nine patent infringements in -- that are powered by Android. Like -- that this kind of then targeting. -- and indirectly with blast hit. And now there and back -- after Motorola and eighth they sued them and brought a complaint open international trade commission. They say the patents are related to key Smartphone experiences such as thinking email. Calendar and contacts and notifying applicants and that changes -- signal strength and battery power and -- is the motor of the drug to. As an example. Camped and film and well I mean it did. -- we should've seen the writing on the wall when HTC settled with Microsoft a couple months ago your and they're gonna be suing everybody. Who makes an Android phone and if you're not using windows phone seven Microsoft can be collecting some royalties for you I -- the cost to do this than. Yeah and it -- Motorola apparently was am. A big licensee of Windows Mobile -- in the recently has shifted largely to Android. Revenge -- that. It's not -- -- minute you know it's the same thing -- it always has been a template said these things be tangible now the idea of thinking email manic differently than the way. The way that -- implementing it in potentially just plain Jane hander and they say infringes on the -- Every once and -- -- the in Omnia the the patent lawsuit party line won them some rain and now -- just I'm curious to see that when somebody actually goes it seems Google. I don't illness and all the -- yet everyone has done these kind of you know. Blake running out about it yet -- -- about attacks on Mandarin and nobody is willing to take on Google directly which would you. And I guess since it's a matter of like yeah you know different -- teams like which lawyer team do you think it's actually going to be the prevail on this one like Microsoft Pollock B Motorola's gaming on Google's I don't know -- -- an -- -- thing that Motorola had licensed. These patents previously but let the license expire. And apparently -- -- doesn't have much of a grace period. But doesn't get information thanks for the back up. We're gonna take a quick break and when we come back we're going to talk about how your Blackberry. -- not as they for the YouTube. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yes tube babies and then -- you have a Blackberry in through your Blackberry is under attack. Russian software developer L Comstock has come up with a password cracking program for Blackberry so that the encryption. The Blackberry so famous for -- mean this is you know black -- wanted for being the most secure found it now no longer adequate because hackers can just. Get simple password cracking program in and it -- tiered your data you've been -- According to the article they can just plug your phone and and within seven days you have a password at seven. Letters or characters shorter. They can crack your password using just. A single PC the fact gonna take millions and millions of years as -- 256. Encryption should -- This is a matter of days if not hours the -- how simple your password. Yen -- all -- they're saying that the weak link in Blackberry is the offline backup mechanism and that somehow that mechanism is what enables. That reports crap that happened so that it's not just -- you know. They're not trying to crack the encryption on the bones of the backup encryption. Is. For a variety of technical reasons and popping out of numbers and not quite as secure history I think all released -- -- to -- -- -- to have some kind of burn after -- provision in them so that that after. After what four days -- just explode. Yeah let the phone will actually light on fire. You want you won't get -- after the six days of torture time to get the information they know for the Obama electric it's actually three Italy three days to break a seven letter -- -- passed away now and it that it takes longer if there are there are numbers and that's what characters or. If it and then much less time at the path where it -- all in one case that -- Symantec report in. I'm just saying if you wanna deal to brag about haven't seen the Smartphone on the planet there needs to be an explosion. Or burning position. And you know and and and -- -- did James Bond phone would have a like -- you guys get it -- big -- it's like please somebody do it the downloaded another planet our only got thing let -- -- -- -- -- And my personal finances and since. And usually an intentional one -- and I'm not just like the battery overheating. And I and I -- Suppress the battle is that I honestly EMI but I when I had a Blackberry -- used about the music he ever turned it off and turned it back on it would take about two or three minutes for it to. I think -- encrypt itself for a geek gift to all the security links and it sounds like you just. Open up the back up after a couple hours. With the use of getting a Blackberry. Yet of the backup prior to Clinton disturbing and I think there is always that there's always the same security question as with everything else -- which is your your. We had a security expert on a long time balancing and -- and he basically said look most people are secure and -- there's a reason. That someone wants your data and so there is kind of that. There's that overarching questions -- well if -- will -- Probably no I'm gonna go after data however my information security is no one wants it -- his -- -- and figured either. It'll like -- velocity of blackberries are in use in banks and law firms and the government and mean it definitely. It's a huge enterprise problem for Blackberry like -- I really want to know what they're gonna do to counter because. I don't think that I would be personally concerned then -- in election I'm Molly via Blackberry or not. I don't think that that's a factor but at in terms of -- business making that decision. I really. Think that this is a good moment actually for someone at this we've been rim being as big as it is yeah for the last couple months. Governments across the world and now -- in the US government is asking. Rim and other companies ways to break into. -- -- so called encrypted communications them. I like to see some other solution where where nobody can do that. -- Yes -- that Pampers them for somebody -- the plant Blackberry of them being overthrown and the -- secure enterprise but -- but it does anybody -- nobody else really has that kind of enterprise capability. Other than maybe Microsoft maybe it -- time for windows bonds haven't make -- -- I'm totally stomach and -- I'm just gonna keep all my information to Latin and I'm gonna -- rumors that the president stage. Well it's a bit like the other professed -- of film out of breath well don't. Good news for another that the -- that -- its equipment and we've been waiting for sprint to -- -- its four G network. And apparently they now have -- sprint -- Someplace -- and and that -- And they've got fourth. There's load exactly. Also at I kinda been comprehend Loretta and -- they -- -- out into mobile dot com we haven't figured out exactly how this works but there's apparently a new app. Called tango. For I OS and Android device owners that allows for cross platform video chat and apparently allows for conversation from turtles to. But -- Internally at video talent that's really the take away in wolf I -- turtle and like I wanna document. So that. And all I guess I'll turtles aren't here -- -- look -- -- -- -- -- -- will help. Photos shot these pictures aren't you know anybody who's used to face time on iPhone or with the other one for the eve oh yeah -- -- that this is. This is not possible we can expect. Pending is a look compensation remotely like it yeah he genuinely attractive woman nmap -- Chester -- guy you've -- and actually I did I -- yeah. Org and Amy Poehler here haven't -- it it. Bigotry vehicle -- are you ever find your life about -- -- I guess yeah how economically. And how he does look. Surprisingly like the -- turtle. How well we're very leave until the end -- ever shutting because I have to admit I'm not buying a new phone until it has a front facing camera. I'm all for the video chat but it it but I don't want it to be tied from you know just -- -- like iPhone port iPhone -- -- not working for me. Yeah so this is pretty exciting panel and you. We're a little confused because we took a look at the article we can tell what it was using face time or its own protocol. And I'm really looking forward to when Apple actually releases that the protocol and -- -- so that. I can talk to my friends who have an Android phone or -- windows phone seven or. It any of the other platform. Mean. Via my. An Apple instead didn't name -- they were going to release there. AP he -- perfect climate usually enter open -- -- member -- it's I think it's gonna happen until the -- peacetime gets the iPad. He it never. I mean I think they they're yeah I think they're gonna try to leverage that feature of the cellist many Apple products as possible until they have that critical mass when OK -- -- rest -- -- -- complained that it. -- -- -- -- -- They're working -- a lot of the bugs because -- -- based on a couple times the little buggy. Not nearly as few as seamless as they make it's. It's there see it's still very web -- that where. Yeah it definitely doesn't sport -- An important -- important hurdle there is no way I mean it -- tango can deliver mean you know terrible we pirates turtle action that it. Him and like -- -- at this social network open officially this weekend apparently topped the box up of 23 million dollars in ticket sales. Someone wrote in to take me to -- for saying you know. Adding a while ago -- -- look hey if half of it but these are based that the -- that'll be 200 Cambodian government like three million people and now. Whenever and they they -- definitely going to -- they couldn't for compares them now. That. That. The live one of the largest box office opening weekend with the Dark -- which -- 158 million dollars. Doesn't ever brought in 23 million dollars but had a big weekend I think 23 million dollars -- movie that's about like lawsuits is pretty good -- Yeah I know it really is. It's been -- to see you know Mark Zuckerberg costumes for Halloween that they might be wrong but if I don't think you need -- old child is nobody on the for a company often as an easy cost in the world though right to put an active flip flops and -- like yeah. Let me you can eventually -- -- minimum on the youngest billionaire I thought somebody being handled it Mark Zuckerberg. The -- bit but the movie is getting actual Oscar buzz. Oh yeah it if it. Fantastic fantastic come I got to see it last Tuesday. Pretty advanced screening here in New York. And you know most especially people who work in technology who've been following for the last couple years -- know the story so none of it is really all that surprising. When I was surprised about was actually how. Meaningful the film. I believe it it really is a film four times because it's about our relationships and about ambition. Everybody works and technology is always wanting to do the next Google or or change the world some in other. And it's about the sacrifices I guess you make to get there that's what I really liked about the on the night I highly recommend it anybody in fact we -- -- I checked he rotten tomatoes score today it's it's still -- 97% yeah I think Pixar level felt. And no that's insane after a well and I -- -- -- David Fincher you know and it is. Aaron burns in the during a screenplay so -- definitely had a lot I mean I thought -- original trailer looked amazing and -- I. I -- this -- and elected enough. I feel like it didn't it didn't go into like -- -- glossing over and they can tell us as soon as they can't establish who Zuckerberg was when it starts making these kind of more. Sweeping. You now takes -- How faith but actually made and I'll be exactly is this this definitely a lot of like fast fort -- is being done in that in in the conduct from the time my answer yeah I wouldn't let -- take on but yeah. Anybody who watches it really has to be aware that this is. Fiction this is not exactly how it happened. Anybody's follow the story no believe you'll start watching you do it found it what what what I remembered. -- -- girlfriend you listen that so. It definitely takes a lot of creative liberties but I feel like as a story really really works them. -- -- -- -- -- I was in Kentucky that the you know I'm panel that journalism and one of the woman on the panel is a senior editor for fast company. And she was saying she was really frustrated about the movie because. To -- the united I've spent you know I estimate that put in a 120. Hours. Of work. Covering the FaceBook story over the past few years -- where where Zuckerberg came from where the company came from what it means for the future all of the stuff. And because and then this movie comes out and now the movie is the story of record. Yeah you know just like all of these hours but -- put into trying to tell this nuanced story are to have basically been blown out of the water by fiction. That everyone is basically just like my went. Yeah I did feel that bad present a very at the end of this -- like it's much -- you can justify that it's that work of fiction that night into -- I think this is going to be the thing that when kids -- You know take a college course online the web 2.0 phenomenon they will watch this movie that will be there you know encapsulated experience for web -- -- and in -- of the -- that I. And guarantor and said don't let the truth be. The enemy to storytelling yet to actually true and there's there's bigger universal truth that they were trying to get -- Not exactly I hope people don't leave the movie -- this is exactly what happens but we all know that that is gonna happen. Yeah probably -- if that's from -- storytelling elements actually some person's life I don't know where they were like thirty years in delicious and yet. Are pretty. Good picture of it in a way of good storytelling also sounds like a potential defense for actual -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm not too worried about them he's got a couple of billion dollars I'm not really feeling too bad about Mark Zuckerberg I think things that the least you could you I think it by doing and if it crossed the legal line for real I think they probably could've gotten it. You know -- it must have skated aligned just enough somehow or really have been portrayed as fiction and that it wasn't actionable so. Good news for three B Toshiba. Believed that it has a solution for you. Need -- need to glasses situation. To keep hasn't built the world's first high Def LCD three BTV that does not require. Special glasses. -- Syverson about the real state Colin -- your column Molly vision for is meant to be granted on this we -- to have. Not needed ray has a -- -- -- -- -- me I think the biggest and then just reading about it anatomy at night. And I -- you. Surprise is that it just came out now -- I people -- talk to an industry say that is the glass to -- real good. Last -- 3-D wasn't supposed to happen for another ten years and it is just a bit surprised that something would come out now everything next year's CES is all gonna be about the last -- 3-D. He had no -- it should be I mean I am sorry like I -- it should be I just don't think that the glasses. We're ever gonna take off and so -- this is -- pretty important technological step and I think the fact that it came so soon. After because -- right -- and everybody was basically thing and does. It can be a long time drift in and I'm really big glasses -- you know upgrade your eyeballs. 88 moderated a -- today with them -- -- now this. -- the other thing I don't think techie aside from again. Journalism panel and then. And he was saying united I don't think -- to have to be an impediment but yeah we're gonna have to have like. -- and make them or Oakley makes them Marion Allen and you gotta find a way to make them more palatable but I think really the best thing it. Is this that approach and we'll see how good it -- the biggest problem that people have said. Exists with classes -- 3-D displays is the side in viewing angles. Now in charge I'm -- -- -- two degrees you have just yet probably stand right in front of it and I was looking forward to did the day when we were -- gonna -- consequences. But that was what I felt was gonna be really interest and right -- And now -- futuristic heads up display that would like you know can you write real time Twitter feed them corner my eyeball grant would do this -- -- thing. The other thing is nobody has been able to create a large -- -- this -- -- these it will come in twelve and twenty inches and they're probably more like tablet. Or laptop displays that are without so like the we're not there yet again and -- yes. It's the same I feel like the people who are gonna be using this are of the same people were using three before that's the engineers. The designers people who have to build 3-D. The to reverse engineer it for their own products. Button and then you. Have they made this time think it'd. It's the future though -- the -- no glasses at their mantra. It do you have been stocking the Apple Store or the local best buy trying to find an iPad good news our tipster was right the iPad is now available at target. -- -- Starting today. It's and it those are the only to non Apple retailers. Another another place to go and line. I know I actually know the -- just so bad that it now there and felt sorry about that is a huge mass audience play. I -- it's still pretty desktop still pretty difficult to get one in New York. It really only. I think you know you really have to show up that morning the shipment arrives otherwise they're gone. A -- read -- saying that there it's also available on Amazon though there were only Q and non Apple retailers before another three. -- -- -- I'm just been -- him or more more about Canada and everything. Yet I've had -- Shocking news from the world of Apple but you had at least for the -- for the next twelve hours Apple has apparently allowed a BitTorrent app into the app store. And they think that may be immediately indicated -- -- -- -- anywhere. In the name any name formerly known that Jackson warrants is now known as -- drive. It is in the year you torrent client -- on the iPhone of course. You're still kind of limited as Wilson when are they use the limited as -- you do plan anything else is concerned for what you -- down money anyway. And say. Officially you can only download twenty megabytes over three G on wireless device than what I understand. -- it's probably a lot more Wi-Fi but I think Donald putting this out earlier we're actually gonna do within the things it is it's probably convenient if you. One you know that the -- pops up for the latest. The social network movies are on the run mistake. Start downloading now -- but you can't watch it in your. Player you can't do anything else with that you can't send it you can't transferred -- what he can actually do with the -- On your iPhone and even. -- -- -- off the devices plug in require some kind of like. My thinking the essence thinking or some like how they do the tax we -- have to have -- -- on your local network at and my type and I. -- guidance they can visit we control and add torrent download. The charm has a good idea -- I'd like the idea of building DLC in to. That he can have them the player and a torn out all -- one. Like the media player and a torn up on Monday night. Exactly -- -- right now analysts apps can't access other -- -- apps data RS it's part of unless it's the address book or the foods or. Some other limited sources yeah -- -- a long way to go by fifty. Like web based you know how you torn down with it a web locker and then -- can -- it. Each team -- -- power -- that's when I first heard about -- -- that's kind of what I thought that it did someone do that a click of a silent. But I don't credit me at your toward you it's -- though -- -- -- MIT. Now and -- half they would from the yeah in an inning and a Dutch had that happen either no matter leading. Others. And news today. Cool. News coming out of Washington University where a team of neurosurgeons are apparently -- new MRI guided high intensity laser probes. To cook brain tumors. That would otherwise be completely inoperable. Which sounds. Kind of a little bit like what could possibly around -- there's little laser infrared lasers and cooking in your brain yeah put it out. And -- -- good but when you were comparatively of the that this couples and your brain I think it's still it's. -- users over the. Scalpel yet it's pretty remarkable and actually they say that this is a procedure that offers hope to pay patients who had few or no options before because it. It's tumors that were otherwise unreachable -- couple later that tried to -- would be like total scary hack job now. So -- do you like all laser eye surgery instead of the -- that -- Dr. John -- via movement this. It's getting less content solidarity do gamma ray radiation and you know anti protons stuff for. Cancer treatments I mean that's a little more scary than it's been lasers like these is -- so you know last entry. -- better than chemo -- -- -- -- -- better than like pumping your body with actual poisoned or your radiating your tissues like if -- if this. If this is the Canon technology that can become widespread for combating -- it hasn't kind of content on that thrilling. The next step and -- -- cancer creating microscopic black holes so the tumors and. And I'm talking -- -- -- consumers the whole. Page carefully not the -- Bernstein. Flat Colbern. -- just skip ahead to voicemail and different throughout your time today. We got a couple lot of calls actually everybody is was -- to comment about the different you know protecting -- and texting while driving. But James has an interesting perspective on or how far we've come technology -- The mayor and low Turkey. And and showed thirteen nineteen -- about Bluetooth -- -- I'm sitting in a 2010 port it's got to thank package. -- text messages and it regardless then five mile an hour -- respond to. -- -- nobody knows about it is it only seems to work with feature though. In stuff like -- rumor -- Android. No I I don't know about less and as far as I don't know and mobile -- funny because think it -- a product. Though maybe that'll be in the windows on. Either way it's out there but only between -- -- and it and it yet. -- -- This -- yes I know a little bit about that because they've recently did the video for the new my Ford touch system. And it's because it I think it's not even -- -- content like. -- just a few phones like the Motorola RAZR -- Sony Ericsson phones. And it's because that featured -- the text reading the audible SMS feature reply reply -- Them now really is that the urban problem and then there's bank you'll of all the black poultry I left my brain tells a little. The optimal -- -- -- relied on a protocol called map. And -- and only a few phones actually support the protocol right now -- there really hoping that like more phones will jump on board with it. Because obviously. That is often made it is I mean actually like -- think system get it read your incoming text. Like you said inlet and you can actually compose them back I mean there's other voice private capital immediately and -- composed. Text messages -- -- but what about accidents again because by the voice reading it in a funny way the united I think and then -- -- random and he dropped an acceptable cliff. There it I don't think any technology can -- respond that problem. Unintended consequences unintended robot voice. This interpretation. Lawsuit totally under emails that cnet.com or email address Christopher wrote in and said. In regard to Android battery life you don't have to have your own run at full speed nonstop beneath and in little hack for. How to keep your battery life better and that makes TV docking -- -- -- days battery 24 hours. Without having an install a testament -- to turn off your mobile network -- that he needed to be on. And he said you know you'll get a lot better battery life when your phone is not consistently searching for or syncing with the 3-D signal or three G signal and you'll still receive every tech methods. Every incoming email every picture methods -- colleagues won't be able to connect to web site lets you turn the mobile network backed -- Anything and install a widget on the home screen to toggle setting up an on which the -- has -- you but I can make it still get. Texts and picture messages and phone call that they had just livin' on Wi-Fi he did that. Yeah I was surprised that the email thing happened -- you'd have to have an Internet connection packets and -- see the SMS and the phone call the nagging issue because. You know it was a day when phone didn't have to get on the Internet me that he's still get your phone calls then thought about it wasn't too surprised about that but the email -- -- -- -- seconds. That will only be Wi-Fi to wrap red and the terrible thing to come to the TG net so you're just turning up -- three G access in the. Oh against such Alex switching your -- from three -- -- -- which everyone in temperatures got that because. The three -- usually -- -- available and depending on your carrier. But that is it's a good -- and it's -- just turning up various things we really talking about -- -- document using GP adding. Using GPS on your phone even just leaving -- -- on will the battery killer there's a ton of different ethnic unity and improve battery. Pretoria I was driving yesterday it down the road and with three G and assisted GPS -- you could. I it literally by the minute you could see that the percentage thing going down. He you do need an Internet connection for a lot of these Smartphones that because that's how they're pulling in the maps but it is I switched it over to edge. Which was perfectly fine for pulling and he wondered to Methodist updates every minute or so and gotten on the highway. -- -- No matter -- saved who I got another email here from. In North Carolina thing he buzz out loud team during show thirteen twenty written don't speculate about how he -- of beer would form -- fear of beer in micro gravity. Here's how I imagine it. Whose gravity is what drives the carbon dioxide levels on the top of beer last. In micro gravity the CO2 is keeping -- great solution to expand in all directions and the becoming a rapidly expanding all of home. If you can think of like what -- those and that Coke would be they would have. I in my younger years -- used to dream about swimming in the air however this to be problematic in -- I for 1 am thankful that -- tireless scientists working with based web nation. Are doing that safely. Discussed in this space flight patient safety. See the ball of expanding with great velocity LME's -- Now I want this women beer in space that the president hey I gotta put that up in my thing. Space station requirements. You you about -- a -- like evidently -- they can immediately -- Brew brew right strange group these very exactly. When you -- here in space it reminded me of the movie here. Right well who was and it like it's in his touch the UN -- -- or. Or you you went mad because of nightmares or something like that opens I think us fear of beer which is give you -- -- today. Bryan Monroe and that carry and -- -- a link to the swap blog that the day page 603. Where these people apparently went swimming in beer in Austria there -- vacation in place in stark and -- stock convert got. With a spot published -- convert permit the beer resort this. 35000. Of the people's -- of beer. -- not get -- hundred. I don't want that. Yeah well that's -- there's budgetary Edmonton here -- -- interim -- tested the Q up yet about different according to resort officials -- to beer can help -- in conditions improve blood circulation and even cure wound. At the ancient eating beer here. And that's the I'm drugs like demon thing year have been an object and you get the -- the entire time. And that's the whole outstanding -- enough thank you attacked him he. -- an average of everyone we will put a link to this swimming in -- though in the chat in the show notes but you can find it or blog below that cnet.com. You can email us bug that cnet.com maybe have a travel photo of yourself -- the -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And volatile about the tingle that what they've had it I think that and I think. You think 38 thanks so much for -- -- that no problem we've been meaning to public are really big. 404 buzz out loud crossover event the next thing. We definitely should imagine sort that out. Now they can listen to me to every morning -- that's rain for -- -- it and you can you can -- -- I've cnet.com slash live. That's the four for -- enough for a four and you can actually what's the report every single day. Funny because the guys. We were talking about doing deal like I don't know if I can do this because I I just don't know enough this is too techie the talk about computers and. What you're saying is that -- 404 or colleagues chickened out when asked him here and. They were intended is this. Don't know enough about computers and Linux and windows one -- to hang with you yet. And not scary. That they can just make apartheid is a big deal out of -- -- whether this makes the public idea but it's that time. In this whole show I don't know it of -- unless. You me and -- I think both then and now everywhere and you'll have a Brian Cooley and Donald bell in studio tomorrow through that and -- Award government after that -- -- -- I guess if them.
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