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Ep. 1320: Facebook gets zit-o-vision!: Buzz Out Loud

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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1320: Facebook gets zit-o-vision!

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Flickr breaks a sweat as Facebook finally lets users upload and view high-resolution photos. Also, HP hires a CEO nobody's heard of, and Ballmer's bonus bummer: he's getting paid in unsold Kins.

Today -- Friday. The -- when he -- And that you can tell I'm Donald bell -- -- -- -- the buzz out loud -- podcast of indeterminate length episode. Number 1320. And happy. 10110 yes are 100110. -- -- friendly game primary day and then we have to speak and like the -- in our original clip from next generation -- -- now. It was one of the work -- season one of Star Trek next and confident yet picked up after that anyway. It's okay I think it's safe way do you think way to segue to the HP CEO just does not fly. So we're doing -- of rough beginning in Seattle and outbound. Alyssa is not this is their degrees for the repressive this guy Leo Apple taker a Leila Piccard fiftieth -- -- in France unless. Is the new CEO of Hewlett-Packard. The enterprise that bounced out Mark Hurd who went over to Oracle who then has. Trying to figure how to compete with HP so they hired the former CEO of SAP. I know this is like. Not very interest -- a lot of -- because all enterprise stuff but it is very important news. Because HP Hewlett-Packard is the biggest consumer computer and printer companies there it's. And may have just hired a guy who got. Charitably speaking fired from his last job fears after seven months after seven month contract was not -- then he got fired. To come and run HP and he goes in and he says well software is the -- to everything and in the world is going. What -- -- -- we'll look at HP isn't exactly. You know known for their software and they it counts very -- a fraction of their business -- -- he's saying this is going to be the new focus for HP. Or this is where at least mining expertise is gonna come in handy to -- really build up HP it's kind of like one. Really -- he has a point because. There -- certainly the margins on software are hot button higher than they aren't artery actually have -- make stuff. And services is a good business in the enterprise and to compete against. Their former CEO and Oracle. They do need to have a very serious enterprise software played so that will always be part of -- But HPS's whole consumer division now this whole legacy and HB started -- heart and in the heavily -- -- is a hardware company so. I don't know I'm that the world this is not enthusiastic about this appointment note the stock is already down 4%. Well what that immediately and then after hours trading what's in right now. As the silicon -- -- does -- -- says that means as soon as they announced at the -- appointment. He destroyed four point four -- -- billion dollars Gerald. Not -- good. Start now it's worse than you know. Whatever it's -- -- restoration and the network and thing. Idea is not gonna be the end of -- Yet hopefully they'll get longer than seven months utility public as a from France then they laid out like millions of dollars to filling relocate him -- let's talk about the project got to stories and executive compensation here and -- -- -- -- people up in arms and it should. The SEC documents filed today revealed that Apple -- is getting. Four point six million dollars. To cover his moving expenses. We're not talking about compensation that's the moving -- maybe you lived in a castle in France and has -- -- of that. You know airlifting it over here. And -- now they should just do that in in mine affecting. The graphics it's -- -- micro. -- brick by brick they're moving its castle I don't know I hope that. Anyway -- his base salary is only one point two million dollars but because of assigning them to four million and a nice big bonus package. Speaking of bonus packages that are maybe not so nice and big Steve Ballmer who's bonuses targeted generally at. Come 200% of his base salary. Was. This year his latest compensation he got half net. He only got 100% of the salary -- which I -- okay we're talking here about money that most of its elective. Our eyes -- do the opposite meaning meaning. And they're saying it's because of the -- and -- because of the loss of share in mobile. Basically in that you know I I competitor out there that's right. This is in spite of the fact that Microsoft made a record 62 and a half -- -- dollars. In revenue. Still. The board recognizes that. In some key areas in particular and mobile. And in the completely awful lot by what happens bonuses paid and canyons and they just that they did not succeed you know and they're they're punishing the appropriately can be hard to convert the skin and cash. Andy's gonna get paid Microsoft points but at what he reviewed notes and out of that others -- are -- -- turned back in the -- anyway. Yeah -- -- -- -- a that's a bummer but damn you know he's he's still. The bomber you know still the bomber bomber -- effectiveness of the -- bomber I -- -- -- immediately started. Around -- opportunity and videos gives its National -- that boot heel. Flick and in the hole and will have a big bonus for everybody is locked in right after come back. From this word. All right now we have talked about this I believe before but Comcast's. Has been experimenting with the service. That will monitor its users the -- there are infected with malware or virus or they a bot that renting their computer that's our a network illegal network. They're expanding that has service they announced in a very interesting way. And this is a service and I read this headline here on the -- -- that Comcast monitor customer computer from malware. And all the warning lights go off renting. You know -- -- and go I'm not letting them put some spyware in my machine so they can monitor you have spyware -- bad bad bad but. I actually think -- -- in this -- -- Well done -- in and out -- -- out they'll of the double. What -- crazy you know I what they're doing is their monitoring. Anonymously they say. The traffic coming from their highest. Over active email out outbound emails and for information being sent -- known. Bot malware. Harvesting IPs -- and if they see that stuff this and -- warning there's -- -- warning us send you instructions for how to manually remove whatever. The malware might be a new computer or an option. To have what is it a hundred dollar option to have -- nor in my service remove it. For you. Right so they actually to somebody come out for -- hundred -- and enlightenment I imagine something that money goes over here. Your computer connection so -- can actually get thank -- computers do it for your small. You pay. -- to these remote control -- anyway it's some. I think this is the way to do it instead of sitting. In the computer itself monitor the traffic which is what you're selling anyway. And if you -- this. Virus like behavior coming our arm -- like behavior coming from a customer. You talent -- by the way you know we've noticed. Now as long as they don't use it for. Hey by the way we noticed you're downloading. You know about a hundred torrents of illegal movie files. Yeah now how -- stop that we come over and -- Yes so the start -- the story but it is slippery slope I'd hoped the conference continues to use it in a way to help people so they otherwise would -- So anyway Comcast -- mess it up but. So for so that -- because that they admit that and in in this article they admit that even in the best case scenario is people just forget to update the security side very even -- security software and things that that -- and that it if it's all -- -- being done on the network itself. That just makes it much more foolproof mean -- on Comcast in other good news and I say that rarely get real quick and and what looks like other good news although I went negative on. Trying to do -- gift hey thank you yes that's my -- -- FaceBook is now bringing us high resolution photos. -- in your profiles and and when you post. People complain for the longest time that in a FaceBook is a great place to share photos with people you wanna share -- with. But they didn't have already done and now the bringing it to us in -- innovation like -- -- -- -- -- -- You know you can eat you can see what you upload as opposed -- -- the cameras versions with what they're doing before. And this other stuff too right maybe this means than those by Jang group shots you can tag that little dot that -- face you know some. Eight -- and a and -- idea I think this is cool for people who both call for FaceBook because it's. I mean even this personally I I still use the hell out of Flickr because -- batch uploading and batch tagging and all that stuff that just makes no flicker amended getting better enable -- to dedicated site. Navigating batch tagging presidency in -- the image up -- and it for people who are most comfortable sharing -- they're. Photos on FaceBook this is -- concerns that much better -- they -- they acquired startup called -- -- shot which is where this technology is coming from. And for bringing that stuff in there. This is not good. For Flickr nor for Picasa web sharing which is -- I still gotta say I like Flickr's so much for the fact that. They're not. They they don't have a vested interest in. You know -- -- my photos -- share my information. -- although they are attached to Yahoo! and god knows and some. Desperate measurably -- might do with Flickr but still. The would rather keep mind photos of like McCain and yes I am instantly -- kind of off the face but it. As far as like that batch uploading and -- -- Flickr like a place archive photos -- And that might be -- -- came -- that wrong headed leave it. I don't want you know I I'll upload ten -- the same type shots -- my kid you know. Playing in front yard on Flickr account but I will upload to FaceBook these OE. Right so you using Flickr as a personal -- But when you want to share now you have to think about well with the entire family all my friends -- FaceBook. Vs Flickr which is different you line not everybody is if -- -- it's it's it's not. It is it has extremely social features in that nowhere near the social. You know -- flows that that FaceBook the -- he's gonna have to make that decision. Yeah and -- informing and so on. Your -- -- -- Picasa. Guys -- there is whatever the reason that I'm -- and I said what guys because Flickr's interface. At least historically has been so different that my non computer. Savvy family members like what the heck is this and I gotta get an account for have the idea. Aren't the -- W that you wished you state you will you wanna see how did that the one you'll get China defeated -- that if you click the link from a company. Google is getting some cool new features by the way -- dot GL or who will. It'll. Google's URL shortly there are -- short term of people -- met girls that your. -- -- -- -- -- -- Google's URL sort of cool dot GL is getting its own site and analytics which is pretty interest thing. Bit leaves the service I've been using so -- -- the -- -- basically is that when you share -- with it. You get this you you put in a link that the plus sign in and it's incredibly great analytics on. Where and when your link has been shared and what. What browsers what geographies etc. and now Google is bringing its analytics to its URL shorten her. And and that's really really cool that's the one doing analyst -- Google does know from analytic. Wednesday. It's not very good news for -- Now this is that proudly -- but the other cool thing about this is that there's this hack. It is an Easter egg where if you put it dot Q are at the end of your Google. URL shorten or you shortened URL yes get a -- -- code that communities can it will take you right to be or. So. That's that's gotta be you'd you know what you don't even have to do that you just put in the URL shorten that you or -- -- shortening put on the details and you get your code. But if -- and it's right there. That is really cool. The Q are those are those little those little square bar -- things that you in any Android phone everybody in and anyone with the -- -- you know this century or not a modern yet really. A modern. IPhone before I think. 3GS but that camera. You just you can -- picture with this thing and it'll -- -- -- or archive or whatever these things are. These are the -- cats revenge had anything TV or write him. And anyway and I think that'll be will be interesting and can -- well you know if you tonic here and teacher with a -- -- -- on. That takes people to link -- -- When you haven't haven't that we have secure our readers embedded in your classes again -- you like Google are everybody's that there. I get connected and that it and yet though. Yeah. In other Google news is quite a bit of cool product -- stuff today. Google has proposed a -- for the JPEG. And yet again. I mean people in traffic so weapons for while this is called -- key. WE BP. Which like the JPEG is a -- -- Format which means that as you compress it more you lose resolution and data that. The Google engineers say that the -- he photo. Compression system. Is much more efficient -- -- -- 40% -- which and of course likely pay it it's. It's not pure mathematical it's also -- there's some -- that there'll. Neurology psychology and is that it only takes that it pictures that it knows that the human side as a but Steve and receive a MP3 -- -- encoding. What -- didn't it is that MP3 analogy is perfect for this to connecting it being sent late. So many dozens of formats and have tried to make the same argument up like MP3 is not perfect format here's a version that does a better here's. Ogg Vorbis here's you know -- -- whenever. You know pat on the on the merits of -- being -- a better more efficient you know format. That's not enough -- listen I think they'll -- that momentum behind JPEG is plate. How are you gonna how we can take that and so -- -- let's get this straight is built into every web browser and every mobile device. Most cameras take pictures and -- you ask them not to inject -- so there's no translation needed JPEG is -- those standards though. And it's not a broken standard either it's like how much how incrementally faster are you going to make the web by making images. Take up -- space. Well Google is all about milliseconds when it comes to speed aren't that -- cast that. I don't see how this is going to win that war but they think -- Idea I I I honestly unless Google is gonna go through. And comb through the Internet and I'm not gonna hold the past them Google that they might do is comb through the Internet. And would like replace images with the web M version of you know what. This reminds me of though -- -- something I completely agree with you it's like oh come on you know we finally everybody's -- same image format. Just just -- -- this just enjoy that for a couple years may. The look what's happened with html five. Apple says no flash -- And html five starts to roll out and all of a sudden if you -- if your website especially -- video. Doesn't have -- -- -- by the onset has pledged to -- people start to complain because the act and act on our you know native with that but not with flat share and all the sudden. Flash video starts to -- So what if -- -- to put -- It's available. But and -- still works. But it may be -- -- for now I see where this is going in order for for Google -- for this to actually work Google have cannot support. JPEG you can't do the JPEG asked me so bad yet it has to be the flash in that analogy a ways to think it's gonna kill battery life is it -- -- -- nothing good to say about it except for the fact that is the standard they need somebody in any that jobs in character to get up there on stage at some big event and say. JPEG is destroying the Internet we have the solution right but that's ridiculous now I mean the other great thing about a format like this that's become -- standard and that works well. Is that I mean if you think about all the images that an archive in this format. All the history has -- -- patented the JPEG format guilt that the kind of put that aside. Well speaking of making -- -- this little bit faster bit at a time Google is adding some cool new features into Chrome. If you're on the develop if you're in the developer build a cycle of Chrome treatment get you -- its -- stuff and one of the big things they're adding is instant. Into the tool -- as we expected. They're also adding them. Mouse gestures -- -- track pad gestures into the Mac version. So you can just three fingered swipe back. To go back retiree program -- with some add on and in I'm -- -- -- So you can just navigate that. And also acceleration that we all the browsers are adding and web. -- fat stored. Anyway so. Chrome is getting after surprise surprise. And fast approaching here is October 6 win Logitech will finally announced the global TV product. We have an invite the president. -- that will be covering that. Now. It looks like from this announcement there will might be multiple Logitech I think it's of the review logic review products -- who who who mobile TV platform. And I just wanna say I'm really look for I think its products over priced. Will I think I think this is going to. May drive sales to Apple TV. Because they're different -- -- -- Google TV. Is all the web on your TV. And Apple TV is here's a bunch it is a small amount of content on iTunes yeah pretty much all of iTunes at some of Netflix. But nonetheless people be saying oh I think get like cool stuff over the top of -- -- power Italy. It'll it'll have that momentum whereas like -- -- always HDTVs -- who has taught -- HDTVs. Now go buy an HT TV in the same and then -- error which you -- but two years -- -- HDTV bonanza. This kind of the same thing -- they everyone's coming out this you know. Set top box for connecting Internet content your TV. And -- it makes sense as a tech lover to light by one of these gadgets which animate them. -- -- -- -- -- Look I mean -- -- got the best price. Now just a quick little pimp here we are doing -- -- -- they've listening to a live at noon on this topic and how the Internet is changing distribution of of movie and television content with -- -- of -- and you can you know -- the exact Ed a variety. He knows that stuff -- noon here if you move -- none. This is weird that that apparently the -- designer has decided to make a Samsung phone for Verizon. No it's not -- not. What is this thing this is a dual screen. Samsung continuing I I -- I first. Read the headline -- I mean there's like it's been on the back ME two or -- thing. But now it's not that there's actually a small a led. It's strip across the bottom it's kind of like. The -- in a secondary uses of the -- display with two different display technologies on the front of it so the the smaller display the bottom this is what it ticker that compassion vehicle weather forecasters show you you know the kind in the day when -- kind of information you want program for -- Animal -- will light up as soon as he pick up the phone. So if there is information you want it. You know how many has he picked up your -- unite as well -- time -- -- yeah without having like. Picked up the phone out of like -- -- it with that I following my money. Not just -- the button and then it. So -- of the time and obviously and it's chemical I think it's kinda neat how small little. IKEA three shirts it's a lot of yeah people -- do that I use my phone at my good point if this is an Android phone that matters now. This thing the -- phones get better battery life. That -- can that he can tweak out this little you know -- displayed how whatever little information they need -- -- have you most. You know recent you know the success of data -- whatever I don't know it's a little little it's it's something it's it's. Sounds like cool technology but it's one more thing to manage. You know so I got to configure the -- -- from have a screen. A and it's it's to meet blue it's a picnic and -- -- it's an artifact to me of of a weakness in technology and I hate being reminded of stuff like that come -- how much of phone technology is all based around gimmicks you know -- -- historically. It's all about some new gimmicky feature that he did that especially -- -- things. Like Samsung and -- So give it to them I don't know this is gonna be the killer phone or not but I again have to give them some points -- coming up with the new spin on. Are at the front of your own is gonna do it looks I mean I -- it say it looks a little cool but I think it's one of the those -- that'll age quickly. Well I've -- the next one will be that the dual. What was the Mozilla concept don't know yet -- command of the side of -- her screen she found your death but that again that through the green at a laser keyboard that she needed right yes. This is one step towards that. -- -- -- -- -- Now if you are one of the few people out there -- the buzz audience who still actually watches commercials to be excited to know that the senate has finally voted to look on the -- act. That stands -- but it's legislation that requires. That broadcasters. Equalizer turned down the volume of television commercials. To match or be under the volume of the show that. It has just -- -- commercial. The house has a similar bill that is going through -- has gone through and they're almost identical so that this is gonna go through so it will be law. They no longer can blast your commercials out -- the world that you have to make them. About the same on. Yes you can still shout in -- commercials that still find tactic. And you and -- you can shall be shouting -- he looked -- down to make equalize the rest of the content. And all the audio -- -- that television pitchman has to be -- -- Even matter relatively exchange television pitchman can be annoying even in very -- -- -- will still work if this seems. Again this is like is -- still a problem. But finished the loud commercials -- when you have mute buttons and TiVo's -- kind of stuff. Anybody who are vulnerable now because of that back in the day when there were three major networks. The idea. Withdrawal audio but not all cable and all his all -- forms of media I mean you that's in different channel channel. Yeah. -- that. So much for the annoying commercials when your. You just leave the TV on you walk away and and the only thing you hear in the room is that works right it'll it'll be one listening but we waxed nostalgic about it yet you know. I remember in my day today commercial volume wasn't finalized with the content. You remember when they're actually commercial for devices that would lower the climate -- commercials yet we've had that those -- -- -- in the though volume at just the fire whatever it. No I'm no longer feature. Now speaking of things that actually archived books -- uncle and I can see you could have a -- product that that's the reverse where that raises from remember when commercial volume -- they get louder seeking here what they weren't yeah. Yeah right many can -- that they'll they'll out of fire commercial loud fire. Tanya IMAP now coming to the exit and I -- then it'll be. In year was it they have -- them to small catalog you know there's a button on a lot of audio devices. Called loudness. Which does exactly the opposite of what you think it should do. Yeah even if loudness -- like who makes things work sound better when the line the slow. And I always thought you should allow this button should increase the dynamic and -- it doesn't do that. He's compression. Understand -- lately -- for now and they keep our right. Speaking of jets yes jet that's let me -- we have brain we have people in Paris right now who who. Covering the Paris auto show and it looks like the coolest thing. At the show is the jaguar. CX 75. Hybrid car. Which instead of having a gasoline engine the traditional way to recharge its batteries. Has age yet it turbine engine. This is actually very cool and just looks awesome. I think possibly over design because it got what looks like a pair of jet engines. Exhausting right into the inside of the windshield but whatever. How cool is this this is fantastic now I love that it's also it's it's an electric car that is. Faster. Meaner. My quicker from the starting gate and any other products out there and Miami -- it's it does wonders for the content the idea of an electric car went electric car -- is. It will all I think help people. Please get over it -- of electric cars in slow yeah and when they want help estimate it over the stigma not -- -- for a -- this -- And sexy now. Now the thing that is that the -- -- technical moment here I believe turbine. Engines. Are more efficient when they're running at -- you know at the best load than gasoline engines. So this actually makes sense because when -- recharging batteries the load is consistent unlike the standard car standard -- Norton logos up and adamantly transmissions and keep an athletes but it when you're just charging a battery running -- generator you know -- -- you can build the whole thing around -- a super efficient engine I think. For that application turbines actually work better so -- -- you've got the electric engine all the way out. The full blast -- -- kick on the turbines get that extra speed boost and they take advantage of the -- the party going that fast rate -- -- -- -- Military aid if if I read this correctly the turbine engine will not actually power the drive train directly at all all it has recharged batteries interest and yet it's not connected at Dartmouth who was then you've got other problems because there was actually -- made -- turbine car. Which. It had a lot of problems that the worst of which was throttle ethnic throttle lag. Just epic I -- he pressed accelerate in effect in Whitney engines we'll look at it 28000 rpm and then it goes again -- but you can run both the turbine engine and the electric engine -- -- Want to recharge want to move the car the question is is the first super heroes -- felt totally. Me. I don't think an Iron Man three now now. NN finally. Google. And last Google store the -- Google says now that when there on all the continents as well yes all the continents including Antarctica. Thanks to one of their engineers took a vacation in -- street view -- And did street few of the penguins penguin view it if you can strip view. I just think this is really cool although ridiculous Philly they look forward and maps and Google Maps -- couldn't find the penguins that you know according to find yeah it's let -- -- our Q I read it actually wanted to go to Antarctica -- it makes it look pretty and not like a giant storm of death. Yeah well they went on this tour with nine -- mobile. One of these cruises where you going to low bays and inlets and that are and -- disembarked in eco news you know. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- view this looks like great this looks like the best ad ever felonious Antarctic cruises because if you you keep going here you can see there's the ship there's the cruise ship. There's more out there edges immaculate in this beautiful today the water -- spam out that it. -- -- -- Anyway and it has -- let's face blurring. No she's just so cold that -- you -- -- just exploded right when that shot -- -- but you can identify all the penguins and who worked on that. There are right. That's that's the news for today and voice mails we have -- all talking about why there's no -- -- The -- the -- New Albany listening to you're episode about. Our -- and I've. Was thinking. I find it ironic that we have an airplane -- on and -- an airplane maybe five times out of the year maybe six. The -- 1% of a year and in a car almost every day. Yet there's no car mode so it just something to think about it who thought airplane mode and more popular car about. Love the show -- That stands to reason you you had he should have all kinds mode he should have arm mode. -- -- -- Water slide mode. That -- it's well I it's I was going to have a serious rejoinder to that which is like that's because the cellular companies want to keep their customers using their phones when they're not allowed to by law because -- -- external -- mobile in the airplane and there isn't such a thing for cars and -- -- -- But you'd get you started and I one -- Seattle does to complain that that idea particular one for Apple phones anything you don't even on the stool. That's right -- that's been taken employee broad -- can still it's still employed demoted. That's -- -- you don't right. Who do we have an -- yeah we have -- -- -- email right all right hello how let's do if what happened to the bubble of bubbles in beer if there is no up and down in zero gravity. Would you have this year of beer with the head all the way around. I think he probably. Wouldn't of your sphere appears here. It would it would it would just kind of -- out Wednesday in here -- -- -- the phone no cause of beer the beer would do the surface tension coalesce into the Newton. Right -- and in and then would. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I love that story. And it's pretty cool it a -- to the why he's lost Jesus -- a lot of lot iPhone announcement foaming -- yet. Of the question I have where you guys is why the year I mean you're gonna take alcohol into space. Mostly at -- have to be cosmonaut because the American space program American military like -- called the evil ramble full. I mean these that -- on chips. How well first -- I I I totally don't believe the idea that the Russian cosmonauts up in the space station don't have some -- and not just trying to be like -- just culturally right you know -- -- -- so widely toward a carbonated alcohol I guess if you're gonna take people the space tourism you need champagne right -- So our -- we can -- other matters yet. You -- you need carbonated alcohol -- somehow somehow. You may be fewer sparks and -- making -- remotely -- carbonate involved mr. Ortiz in space caffeinated beverages. Are right that is buzz -- have for today and that's an aggregate rating -- -- -- COLT forty. -- a great way -- -- into the weekend have a good week and everyone if you want the all of the buzz out -- archives. And go to BO well that cnet.com email us that buzz that's -- com send us a voice -- at 806162638. Make it snappy. Follow us on Twitter I'm -- there's Molly -- of course move it back and Monday yeah. Donald I'll be here Tuesday you'll be here Tuesday. There are -- every every day very. And we'll see you Monday may be an HD I -- five or via.
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