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Buzz Out Loud: Ep 1319: Saucued in Spaaace!

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Buzz Out Loud: Ep 1319: Saucued in Spaaace!

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With Donald, Darren, and Benito at the helm, there's nothing stopping us from devoting a third of the show to outer space. After all, NASA has 19 billion dollars to burn, humanity has a new planet to play with, and space travelers now get their own special beer. Plan your space vacation now, because life on earth is getting creepy. Android apps are watching you, Groupon is launching a human breeding program, and the era of Minority Report "pre-crime" detection is nearly here. -Donald

This Thursday December 3. Continue to -- I'm Darren -- and I'm Donald bell welcome to buzz out loud cnet's podcast cemetery at length episode 1000. 319. And we're here but get Darren Kitchen from Hak5 but what we're here -- -- not Molly and not -- No not Brian Tong and -- Brian -- they are out on assignments. From what I understand rate is actually being transformed into a cyborg who as we speak I -- the same room yeah. And Molly's -- at the -- -- to be the next -- so congrats that's the good for them we're here keeping keeping buzz out loud common along with some great news we got. Some information on Apple TV that you might be interested to know about. Like the fact that is really an iPad. Will -- will result they -- her like I call it's based on -- now because can be cheaper for them to build like a and a four. I OS based device and an X 86. This device that the that the original one was and this of course being their hobby project right so I fix it tore into it they looked at the guts and what we have we have basically. The same -- Same ram. The same Wi-Fi antenna. On pretty much everything except for the gigantic battery that you have an iPad is here inside the Apple TV. And it's only a hundred dollars. Hey we really interesting well that's -- to like seven so it also doesn't have like the fancy Nancy nine point seven inch multi touch. Yeah you're -- -- is between a touch display and a battery that that's got 400 dollars right there yes it does -- via it doesn't but it's interesting in the fact that. What -- -- has been enough to products until -- you know other stuff. And B that is and there's a lot of the -- creed is not the idea that you could see apps lot of the same capabilities. Of the iPad or something like the iPhone coming to. The Apple TV and there is that's the -- idea and now listen before their reveal of the Apple TV that was lot of government -- going around this is gonna be Apple TV has apps on night. You happen to be in that well announcement got TV -- before you can get he just had to jailbreak it essentially right. They have a fancy term sentences pre -- -- also -- another story today -- someone -- already hacked the Apple TV interface -- to like. And iPod Touch or iPhone or something like the actual alas is basically interchangeable. It's not that different it's running on the same you know OS four point X whenever. Yeah and that's a simple when -- -- hopefully we can be seen here soon enough on the iPad. Now what okay so I'm gonna go yet and here -- some crazy stuff Lindley a month for moment -- it is so. Apps share yeah just like you would on your maybe even do the same thing with -- I. But he where the -- can run iPhone apps and it makes it through it bigger you don't want that on your your television screen right from the nineteen you've got this beautiful fifty inch display. With that I OS device hooked -- -- You when you -- to challenge maybe they are iPad mean when you boys -- -- -- -- and iPod Touch and I mural on the Wi-Fi you've all got apps. -- girls in the same language what. What would be really crazies in this multiplayer games you can play between two devices one now you've got a display that -- -- sitting behind. Right and controller. What you've got this amazing controller that can morph into whatever needs to be question you want a wave it around the -- like that we know say it's got excellent want to look exactly like a PSB controllers some very good idea that that's -- that is the one thing you don't get is a natural you don't want to even if you could have a touch screen TV who would want it. Yeah -- -- -- -- touch device in your hands and you -- ecologists like -- and and what I'm thinking is you know like alright here on your box whenever I've got the previous -- it's not compelling in Newton. But you come out -- man for this. And it's game on. -- -- armaments a five player did and it's not so as not only just a hand held gaming people that need to be freaked out right now it's pretty on every -- -- But you gotta think that. All BI -- devices would be able to potentially interface with an out if it were written or birth you know it's it's the same platform right they go well this is and that's the thing to Apple has always been missing it's a fact that they don't have their hooks in your living -- yet and that's what they'll hold gold Apple TV it is to take away some -- -- Xbox. Share and get Apple more involved in -- -- not to speed mobile thing right you think apps on Apple TV would get them to you from hobby -- -- I don't know actually considering it -- I guess it depends on the apps already -- If you have -- you can -- advertised all your -- with your phone or iPod Touch them. And yet them -- remote control -- remote control. That's sexy oh no more buttons -- hate -- remote controls that Clinton's meant a lot lots of buttons again you know. And I feel like still like -- him going in and turning on Xbox and -- that for games are maybe delight you Netflix. It's like. Big the -- -- games and and I wanted to do from the and streaming media stuff to break this is kind in a way around right beautiful thing about this is it doesn't really matter. What Apple you know what -- -- direction that they want to take it because if they were to say oh sure you can develop for. The Apple TV just like you develop for iPad. You know and and your face it with another IOS device you know for your your touch input and whatnot and then it's just up to the depths so that's what -- -- -- -- that's critical well that will probably happen. We think two years three years -- that even -- the capabilities are here now we probably won't see it. Right it doesn't even matter is are we even still gonna be on the -- and a -- -- anymore. Because yeah yeah we discovered that we like mean Daryn -- Humankind has discovered a class -- habitable for human kind. Planet that's right Tony light years away to set a course for the Mitchell's -- we get off this rock this is great. I don't know when but it will happen but this is pretty cool this is like. In all believe that theoretical could there be another earth like -- that could sustain humanoid life. There really is we we found one now that is. -- -- look that we found other planets that are in that scene earth like range before but this one is. Special because it apparently is in this what they call the goldilocks zone who. Which is just that bit rate -- I had no big enough sun has close enough to it is not too hot not too cold. That it can actually keep in theory. Water would be in its liquid form there. It would evaporate off the planet it wouldn't be so cold that OBL -- -- I'm not that it's. It's just that perfect little models alone that it could have liquid water and that would sustain -- the same kind of life he might -- that here. -- there and -- cool at least. 581. G it -- -- better name or GJ 581 G the -- for the job moment in like our two point known. Violence let's get a -- for -- nice friendly inviting name for this planet. -- -- a from the article here is saying. I have a 116. Starts its kind near -- only nine of accidents -- track like this. And one of the team members that discovered this Paula butler suggests that at least fifteen to 20% of all star's habitable worlds yeah -- at all well the fact that these challenges -- just cool in of this one particular planet but it's. Cool revelation the fact that it's some are more likely in the -- we have -- before but they're more habitable planet I think -- want to say that it's safe to say that there are tens of billions of potentially life -- -- the only -- and billions. And billions. So you know it. -- I don't. Don't -- we'll find another. If only -- saver on to -- -- -- -- it -- -- -- -- -- -- now let's -- -- Alex -- -- -- an -- and yeah but there's also some great news for it and and nineteen billion dollars. Through -- For NASA -- getting in nineteen billion dollar budget approved for them that is going to green light all kinds of projects including. A heavy lift rocket. That could potentially take it's too I -- -- two different goals wanted to get to and after -- And in the next like ten years and another one is to get is eventually to Mars after that. Neither -- -- habitable emanating that MacArthur and her romantic we're gonna like terra -- planet you know we're gonna start and how much terra forming -- -- we should just go with something authority happily does both forests where. Halfway though it completely you might like beliefs. Or of inventing and it clicked when you light years away units probably more than we have rocket technology for -- no doubt that this bill just went through -- last minute or less bill to go out before congress gives a FK yeah and and trolley -- I know and frankly in his office right now just hang out there being -- 819 million dollars -- so many great sports cars you could pilot that money and -- courtroom -- from Tennessee goes on to say that. -- it was a flawed bill it's better than no bill at all yeah. And it's also it's really good idea there is part of this article was the fact is really good for the work force that's there with we have all of these. The world class scientists and -- engineers and like all these different industries that are built around. -- around the space industry. That's right is gonna keep them all -- gonna keep jobs but it's also going to build job because we're -- make technologies that don't is Guinness into you know near earth orbit -- So so your application -- -- -- -- back. Very exciting like I got I got -- against at least. -- the one hand to speak today that pummeled that is Monica welcome back down to earth for just the -- do a costume -- to come back -- -- Alex basement out that -- astronaut diaper oh yeah I've got I'm glad that my desk. -- up and I know that it is the case substitutes are here let -- America on episode though -- out yet. They're they're -- it to you it up your space that particulars and GPS for us. Or -- -- -- Android apps he's GPS few us send your data to marketing agency that's right they can't track you in space they can't -- -- the deepest doesn't work but they are tracking the -- -- -- apparently Android apps more than just the weird wallpaper -- reported honor the in the air but a sampling of thirty popular free Android application for tested. Using a application. Unfortunately need application called. -- that. Apparently test for it painted Android application basically -- tracks all the information that's coming out of your Apple. Out of the application seeing where it's going what is reporting. And that unit a packet sniffer if you will -- he's all the data being transmitted in between also taken look at calls to the GPS chip and things like that so. I think this is great because they can say hey. These are applications are -- you might want not want to you know oh so it's a game that says. Hey we wanna use the GPS when you install the game and -- and the games advertises what global find other players in your area right. Well sure you get the warning ahead of time when you install the application has been you GPS. Didn't think hell yes and and -- they said it would just be used to hook you up with some friends to play with but -- also say that again let's do a whole bunch of new friends that wanna spend that much crap. Right so I mean and I. Even ftp you could fight figure this out I mean there's not a lot of it seems to me there's not a lot of policing of the marketplace right it's not that same kind of finally got -- -- calm weather like as soon as you you know. -- boob or something you kicked out it's. It's I think that would really needs to happen here is to be much more clear about how the data on the funds can be easily check -- I I understand -- but right now the way it is is it gives you these big bold red letters telling you all of the things that the application you're about to install is going to do -- when. Access is going to access and that's kind of like a blanket thing for the rest of life of that application. So if if you want a more fine granular control that he gonna do is sit there watch -- access control lists and stuff I mean. Nobody wants to do that every -- has one install -- obviously. Assume every app you're going to install -- gonna send all of your information to China and and pretty much track you -- report. All the information about you to everyone who you would rather not have access and so what I'm just gonna step that might be separate Mike who found with like Gmail and this is -- we have on the planet. We -- ten -- gotta start over. I don't feel that we need war machine or we just need a group of people to use Android to test all the applications and report back and maybe build a better marketplace because right definitely we currently -- -- current one needs a little. Today clinic Android -- there are you there are between your web sites that link with Stanford applications a lot of them are -- Yankee. So hopefully. Its AdSense pay at the -- on this article that did you hear the people over at Duke University -- put this together. Saying that this will be release the public so. That means you can actually test your own application which is gonna download.com -- -- it it just can't do this is due course so well. Rania right Android. That's part of the sad to hear people giggle over the where'd he -- and a all -- right also Penn State and Intel labs were involved in this as well so it props there. -- and now we've got some phone news. Innate the -- innate is shipping and not -- -- Nokia N eight. The -- -- this has been it's been rumored and speculated in and and so elevated after for quite awhile and it's finally shipping. For those that pre ordered and then hopefully you can get one too but it's running in the new Symbian three and that's let's -- And apparently -- -- motivate they're calling up at the highest class. Camera phone you've ever seen -- looks like twelve megapixel camera. Carl's life science a real flash that's bad thing and it kills me that they actually look like a real class that uses -- big capacitor in there which means. You know like they took like a compact camera and put them and it. What a novel concept abetted and also it actually looks like capable phone I mean there -- you know it does and it's got a three happens AM oh -- -- the act -- -- active matrix organic light -- I would screen. Sadly only 640 back 360 they could bump up the -- a little bit there but there is an idea -- at least in my output. Yeah so he -- -- he might you'll get HD content. Ian if you connect you'll see it pixel for excellence any -- you can record video on this thing you can edit the video on this thing. That's great. Great now I only a -- -- -- -- three's number of equipment. And hopefully enough people get this and show other phone companies that that's a feature that people want because the biggest thing that this is that it's. And good camera and you know we'll limp around whether or camera -- you know is there okay and -- So I haven't been a lot of people like the enthused about the own HD iron. Photo taking it seems like it's belief that camera phones are still just toys and -- image -- gotten better but it's people like a real like okay so we've gotten like actual. Focus now. So auto focus knife right but the real -- real -- Let me the exposure you know then I mean I -- -- -- certain degree but. If with a two point eight you know an F two point -- -- again maybe it's local but there's also still some. Things like -- like macro photography like I love taking maybe it's -- that my job I think a lot of closeup shots. That I use like the lens Mac on account all the time not a digital -- -- an actual you know so -- -- about my one lingering complaint. But Arnold really what you gonna do -- -- patented -- -- focal length on. A lands on camera phone at that point things got weird they can make this point -- the happily the retractable zoom thing -- Good. That's such a disapprove he can do -- Austria. Congress US congress of pretty now I -- -- -- -- trying to sex it up in -- kind of sudden is it looks like there's been a what they're calling it scuttle. I'm US net neutrality. The bill that was going to be -- -- -- -- -- build to help make sure that. All the big. Providers of -- your Internet connection couldn't just block a perfectly legal website I'm from getting your home. It's now as mount it in paso in there is -- Decent chance although still I think -- -- You know I don't think Comcast is gonna happen now and start you know throwing its -- around -- block things from making its way. The year in connection to your home but there's nothing preventing them from doing it program. So it's a step back for the idea of net neutrality -- being something that gets approved. And made into law through congress. Right now the people who are behind abilities saying this is really now entirely in the hands of the FCC. And they'd better step up -- -- ensure net neutrality at least until we can really. You know gather the wagons around and make sure that this thing it's. Codified into -- And -- -- should care about it. Yeah -- line right and it's awesome. Visiting using your it's -- -- long Israel likened the one small chapter of what will be a back and forth for years to come -- Friday on -- but maybe -- unfortunately the keeps us you know. Or who knows if you regularly I know the back and forth -- you'll lose the digital history -- we won't even beyond this planet. Now let headed into her will be wondering what happened between 19251930. -- archive. These buzz allows episodes that you enjoy so much archive them not to -- -- on vinyl. Yes somehow yes and we need. That's the buying area into stone tablets BS a new study is finding that digital recordings -- that -- part of aren't national archives. Have already been lost -- DDT two -- -- contends that much is corruption of data. If patent turns out that you know digital files get -- -- -- And also that a lot of the mediums for the digital data NCR's only lasted about three to five years and -- -- team I'm becoming unreadable. Whereas a lot of our vinyl recordings and -- -- a lot of analog. Content that we had and the national Library of Congress has actually been -- to withstand the test of time and is just as readable today as it was. Before. It's a kind of a cautionary tale that look even if we. Even if we do our best practice did you know. Make sure that official recordings and digital. Archives are kept. -- maintain we saw this fickle lot of money into transferring that content right you gotta keep you down here to keep it up in the -- -- that -- -- right format right and just because it's puppet on a hard drive doesn't mean it's going to be there forever or even you put on two or three is also -- interest -- -- psychological thing where people distrust that. Some because it's digital it's gonna be part of the right right Internet for ever and I'll always have. Access to it rather -- quote here from -- -- article from us amber allows -- says that I think we're assuming that if it's on the web it's going to be here forever. Andy says that's one of the biggest challenges I mean you could take the Linus Torvalds approach and say who needs -- when you just put on an ftp and -- the rest of the world meter it's meant. -- -- -- -- Now I also another thing that about it -- the fact that a lot of the corporations that had these archives can't be trusted. To maintain them themselves either CBS's mean -- particular no offense parent antenna off with close Duke Ellington and Bing Crosby a tonight keep that archive maintained and it looked so decade's worth of radius first recordings. Yeah just got lots that I have I don't know on there there in the background somewhere well Michael floppy make you wonder what -- -- What archive dot -- what they're you know million your plan is now. -- time capsule. Yeah send it is and -- police yet there we -- hit our heritage could be preserved and then if we needed again going any we got it now got to go back to please pick up the archive it you know them that's quite a bit of sneaker -- beyond. Anyway -- we'll get there. In some of the weirdest news to gain. Group upon. You're -- obsessive -- popular. Discounted. Local. Eating. Who can read I think I'm gonna this is what I -- cause that's a great time what is and I tonight heavy data is like eight email blast that site. There's like -- special deal in your area for like 50% off on this political restaurant that you be mean to go to whatever whatever. And then you sign up for it. And if enough people sign up for it and it it kind of heat you get this group I'm in -- and get your feet and so it's a deal's a deal but it's also so weird deal on this is nine part of the story that is part of a related story. And talk about but it's not that great for businesses. Businesses can make a -- money off of that the delta to give something like 50% of that money. Over to group -- Some not -- -- -- on that with opera map yet I think there's and then they they get they get to a point where they know it -- did and bottom line is very -- profitable for group to do that gotcha well Andrew mom got some money so -- thrown around at this and creating a service called Bruce -- Roofs on don't know this is -- -- now. So it's a 60000. Dollar scholarship and dating service I think now that the tech -- disrupt. Conference disrupting our. -- That's essentially it they're saying that if you end up hooking up with someone on a group on dates. And you end -- popular dating that this does actually desolate yet they're gonna go ahead and -- kick -- you know 60000 dollars -- your kids. Or or how many lucky kids when your -- reached 25 years of -- Forget how if not all it's not like every baby right right now and it it's actually it's like they're putting around -- -- 60000 dollars a year for two kids each year a two kids a year yet but. Here's the thing it it takes a lot to prove that you've -- -- respond right in order to prove the fact that the customer did in -- me on a group on date and get a scholarship. You need you provide a picture of your selves on the group on the date including the group on unused and a picture of the days. Newspaper right. Yes so open now that's funny you asked Donald says we meant to bring you into this world that's like a picture at the front of the baby album of you and your if your mom and dad on the -- -- a group line and a newspaper on the coast of Africa where a lot of that it. So imagine if you will -- -- you're here on a date with a lovely -- And you're using your group on because you're you're a wise consumer and you think you have a you have compatibility. Like from don't from the onset you know that she might be the one and why who you know -- unwise have you. Financially to pass up such a great opportunity learn how do you approach. Your your your future significant other. With -- prospect of hate the -- if we popularly. And bring new life into this world. Not just this world potential leaving at least -- right -- haven't but. But you wanna take -- snaps. And I've done with the newspaper days are upon descent is a 60000 dollars and -- it's part. Can't -- 25 years from now you and I could split etc. you know that they break it -- that's a good chance coupon still be around right. This is a great reason advocate. Now it's probably publicity -- as planned a chat room but I gotta admit -- pick -- -- pretty pretty pretty awesome yet next time -- out on a group Monday you know. -- should bring about might look. This goes anywhere yeah could be 60000 dollars. It oh man it's -- it's -- -- gotten fixer exactly don't do it don't go talking to your friends about it too much at all let bad you know that conversation we read. Veered too often the pornographic -- right hopefully that photo you -- is just to view your dates with the group on in the newspaper nothing -- -- the crazy and on our FaceBook wall and actually we know how it works how making babies works we don't need to kill -- further than that -- please and and stop -- -- is put these on and on my and one friend and you now. -- -- A apparently there's some new technology in the minority report future predicting of your character. Vein of technology. That can. Look into whether or not you're a decent person higher for a company it's at HR. Kind of specific technology -- that Santa Barbara California startup called social intelligence. That data -- you. To figure out if not just that stuff and resume checks out as being interesting you know qualified person but if you're a decent human -- they actually want around the office. Is that something you can quantify yeah. Actually we'll actually -- the other thing is that it's illegal for the HR department to consider things like race religion age sexual orientation or other factors yeah but hey they find out that your you know. Praising the -- it's an on FaceBook there. You know. With -- your. Pot smoking and -- -- right and they might just be like. Oh good pot smoking California probably legally they can certainly look into -- but if gag your weird you know Alter ego on. Tentacles enemy porn sites you know and that's just my age who's to say that -- -- well that's that's there -- this corporation in particular has figured out an algorithm to deal to determine that that's what the whole thing is. But that the thing that -- me of those its its -- like pre crime though because it's not even. Just about vetting at -- or your potential employees it's like they say the this -- -- spokes person the company emphasizes that that corporations should be keeping an eye on their their current. Employees because it would be and irresponsible whether shareholders. If they were told you know to knowingly if they found out that somebody was. -- now on the edge -- and maybe he's gonna bring samurai sword to work in yes -- everybody up and sushi that. That it would be unwise of the not to use their service while on their employees. I'm glad that for our sake both the -- samurai comment in my -- Japanese comment that the technology didn't exist when we got -- Because we -- not be sitting here right now. Elections technology exists for anybody that wants to use it if you Google and they LT EGO maltego. It's an excellent software suite can find out more about how to use that stuff and data mine social networks on. Our clients and the thing we do is if you -- I got a podcast it's -- and penetration testing so one I use it in hiring and and -- that. Help went ahead and do it that that bring us do we need to inch Acer now I think we might need it she's there and -- so hearts and with that long journey that we're gonna have all the way over to at least 530 that made Twain like events I mean we don't have the technology to make that a quick trip but that but they're starting assignment that's how well -- it might seem like a left for the quick forever seem like a quicker trip that we had some that's right we need to get soft in space and there's a company. Call astronauts for a -- a nonprofit space reach its research corporation that's currently testing a beer suitable for consumption and outer space. -- in -- an Australian beer. -- -- -- -- really good as hostage actually our route if it's -- for sports for it's been specially crafted we'll drink to build the in microgravity environments as well as here on earth so you get into it now. Yeah or -- only gets at least which has nearly twice what gravity accountable we've already done is we we've made beer from grains that having grown. And outer space was there really is based there really is based here and apparently did agree the greens grows at such a better rate -- it even yields more alcohol lot of other so it's really it's as if it really is getting -- yet. And we've got a title. -- -- here's the thing that killed about this right so our our boys out there on on. On the STS in the -- and more acronyms that mean space shuttles then they they can't between and that's right now right now they can't home we're not making who wrote the they can grow the grains to make the -- -- they see the -- right -- -- when they just know they could permit those. And there are there any other people up -- up there is punches like a space -- -- you can make him like you know space station yeah it's one got to know anybody I went -- I want a summit I had a month's time. -- hit that good stuff so mirror -- moon. Okay good -- But this is cool this -- also I -- there is a financial incentive -- because of the potential space tourism industry people are gonna like. That's going to be the first question I'm gonna have once I'm actually -- and outer space and and away from the drink -- to come through you know if can be Apple view. You know water and no class you hit it. I could and I forgot the cash in my other space -- -- Yeah ourselves you know that's -- and I think that the Soyuz about the Russians already have been other states and -- they're there they're ships. It just got critical the other the other problem at this figure out is like the carbonation I think that sound that they've already figured out the technology to keep. Carbonated beverage is like an exploding. Just like -- -- new space pens can make these these your company that really can set the we could -- -- Knight terminator track that's ultimately they should continue the video rather you know like a cap again -- -- copyright yeah. That are -- Good look at the -- -- I've never had it's it's pretty cool and the other the other part about it and I kind of look and I -- -- -- -- testing -- part about this is that -- test the beer is not to forget to drink it right they actually have to do -- space -- with me. They the public comment the vomit comet called they shoot the plane up and then they think they'll really sharp dive down and that kind of dream -- their plummeting to that they have to do a keg stand in micro gravity on the bomb it's comment yes yet to earn that right to have space -- I militant -- -- speed test that for me now -- just gonna -- at the dream car until you go I just got it covered yet -- are right well you know when they knock you down and then you get up again and get another space beer yet. -- right now we would have voice -- for you guys. We don't today if you guys wanna leave us a little love about space here you can send your your -- to us by dialing 806162638. Which now brings us through emails you know guys for -- and buzz at cnet.com. And -- writes in it to say that it seems to me and that if the UN did not have a position war how it that's your name again. Maslin -- That they would have one for sure. -- -- I'm sure they discovered that her home world doesn't come to a surprise maslin. If you think about it one of the goals of the UN is to complete molecular is a -- -- macular diagram and with them -- and then and I'm where am I going with this hello again. I didn't -- remember I wasn't here for this episode I -- this email as I don't a lot of Muslims and disarmament in this one -- so what he's proposing is that Muslims actually an alien that. -- you shouldn't be the ambassador to earth. Because he's not from this planet began and oh and if is complete the nuclear disarmament involved though. Oh that would an alien does that and an inside job like this or -- I got one here from Kevin behave as crew as a seemed episode thirteen eighteen and you guys were talking about texting while driving I think I have a solution for this problem but it would require a little bit of legislation that I don't think anyone would really be opposed to. Mandate Bluetooth in cars and phones. My car has Bluetooth and I -- my phone and the solution protects my driving would have the car automatically set the founded driving mode. When the connection is established. And -- without out of the -- the connection breaks and the need accurate if iMac. I think it's a good idea mail but. NASA and are you kidding I'm not something I have Bluetooth technology's been -- for so long and I still cannot explain to people forget what it you know I mean I actually am I know how -- -- -- as far as the mandate for that making the problem go away I don't think that's been happening to bird. People still understanding how the Bluetooth problem. We need something and and then -- -- that -- allow you to GPS or whatever I mean I'm on the bike all the time with my phone and it -- the group -- and text message but I'm writing motorcycle I can't reply and Alec again I was driving a car either. But. That's dangerous stuff right and if only I can remember every time to start this application before I get on the bike that will auto reply to people and say hey I'm writing right now I can't get back -- -- -- -- -- -- right. I'm I don't do I just non habit of opening that application shouldn't be manual process -- what he's saying is. If no is this the Bluetooth signature in the auto image -- and it's an automatic thing one he said that Bluetooth -- -- -- -- -- If you get GPS and -- notice -- you're moving now. You're moving over certain rate of speed for prolonged period you must be in a vehicle I'm gonna turn on -- -- -- which doesn't really work out of your passenger. -- -- -- I it will open up I think a new industry -- for people who like hack their way around button you know to like text enabled car. New instead of -- look -- that I already been a lot of -- hatred are instantly if -- you're -- on -- and yet. This and you can turn on the OnStar and and speak through the car's speakers. That's -- -- eyes I'll give you can't I think it's. I come back around. It's got -- -- Look at it are. And could strengthen them and you've -- -- you the thing that on normal -- slides when law. I don't fresh I missed that. But -- and -- get an idea. He had had a pretty mountain but now that -- I think Steve Jobs -- house would probably have like a three different you know. Last shielded Delors army to keep Campbell from them but in -- and -- Okay so we will be back tomorrow -- -- outs but rate will be back so of course leave us some voicemail email love. You can find out more at -- dot cnet.com. Emails buzz at cnet.com or call 8061626. 38 and thank you so much thank you I couldn't on -- -- -- We made it. Yes we did -- guys yeah. And thank you the audience for for no shenanigans -- the substitute teachers were here as -- -- good class I think you guys on some other podcasts. I was. Playing favorites here. -- -- --

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The XCAR team has played with some amazing cars in 2014, but which will be crowned the best-looking?
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LG's bare bones oven needs a little more meat
2:02 December 24, 2014
The LG LRE3021 gives reliable mid-range performance, but lacks the features you can find from other brands for the same price.
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Tomorrow Daily 106: Our 'Best of 2014' Extravaganza
27:44 December 24, 2014
On today's show, we celebrate another year gone by naming our (and your) favorite tech stories, pop culture news and video games of...
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The big trends to watch at CES 2015
2:55 December 24, 2014
With CES around the corner, Bridget Carey tells you what to look out for at the tech expo. Expect buzz around the smart home, virtual...
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