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The 404: Ep. 1318: Where the show where we cross our eyes and mosaic our Ts

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The 404: Ep. 1318: Where the show where we cross our eyes and mosaic our Ts

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In what may be the least incendiary move of her career, Lady Gaga goes fully nude for a video promoting Marina Abramovic's proposed school of performance art.

-What's up, everybody? It's Friday, August 9th 2013. We'll get to that in a minute. Thanks for tuning in to The 404 Show right here on CNET.com. I'm Jeff Bakalar. -I'm Justin Yu. -I'm Richard Peterson. -Richard Peterson on the show today. -Hello. -Filling in for Ariel while he takes a little day off before his gigantic time off to get married and-- -Yeah. -get honeymooned. -Why is he taking to day off when he's off for like 3 weeks? -Because he's going to another wedding today, -Yeah, yeah, yeah. -which is weird. -It's crazy. -But he's getting some practicing before the real thing. -Before we get into the chanting conundrum there, I wanna talk real quick about our friends at thecontrollershop.com. If you'll recall, if you're watching the video, these guys hooked us up with some custom 404 PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 controllers. How freaking badass are these. They're unbelievable. I can't even describe them but the words do not even do them just as because of how detailed-- -They are pretty awesome. -and look at the gloss, look at that gloss finish if you can make it out. Anyway, the reason I bring these fine people up again is because for a limited time, the fine people at thecontrollershop.com, that's thecontrollershop.com, they're gonna give 404 listeners 15% off simply by using coupon code 404 at Checkout. All you need to do to get 15% off these types of custom controllers is entering the code 404 at Checkout thecontrollershop.com. Jordan and the rest of the guys over there, we really appreciate them hooking this up for our listeners. So, make sure to go head over there and don't forget, they're gonna start doing Xbox 1 and PS4 controllers too soon. So, go for it and see what they've got. Customize your own stuff and send us a picture because I'm curious to see what kind of stuff you guys do. And that's all we gotta talk about with that. -That's the show. -Next week, we're gonna welcome back Mark Milian and Peter Ha. They're gonna go in tandem on the program because apparently they're attached with the freaking hip, -Uh-hmm. -can have them separate that's fine. Those two dudes will be here, I think on Tuesday. So, you have that to look forward to. Also, we're having more announcements about celebrities coming back on the program, not to see that Mark and Peter aren't celebrities in their own right but let's be honest, you wouldn't recognize them working on the show. Would you, Justin? -No. -No. -Peter maybe. -Maybe Peter. -Mark, maybe not. -Not so much Mark. No, they're both very recognizable, lovable and we love those guys and we're glad to have them back. So, that's Tuesday. Yeah. So, see this Lady Gaga video or what? Seeing this video? -So, this video came out two days ago, that was totally unexplained but now we understand what it's from but it was basically a performance art piece that was filmed in upstate New York that just features Lady Gaga doing a series of weird outdoor poses and chance. And that's what we're listening to right now. You can probably show this part of the video, right? -Just warn me when it gets to the-- -Yeah, so about halfway through, you know, just clothes for most of the time but halfway through the video she just strips down naked and she's like posing and things like that. So, the title of the video when it first came out was just The Abramovic Method. So, figured that had something to do with Marina Abramovic but now we realized later that it's actually a promotional video for the Marina Abramovic Institute. -This is very weird. It's very weird. -Which is gonna be an art setter that teaches-- like teaches people how to do performance art, which is what Marina does. I think-- -But let's be honest. The real reason this video is being-- is so popular, -Right. -is because she's butt naked in half a bit too. -Yeah. Here, you can show this. This is a censored version of it. She's like in a field with her arms up and she's topless and bottomless. -Right. -There she is. -That really doesn't leave much to the-- -That censored. -imagination, man. -Yeah. -Anyway, yeah, that's censored and-- -This is in the New York Daily News. -Oh, good for them. Yeah, no one cares. So, I mean, yes, so she' walking around and so, what do you think about this huh? This is sort of strange, right? -I think it's okay. Yeah. -I don't mind that she's-- I mean, clearly I am delighted to have this video accessible. -Yeah. -It's-- -I always have the utmost respect for Lady Gaga and you know, if you listen to the show for any amount of time, I always talk very positively about here and I really like her for this reason, is that she just has raw talent. You know, that's something that you don't really get with a lot of pop stars that she writes her-- all of her own music. Right? She's a really talented pianist and you know, all the other stuff that you get with Lady Gaga, the fashion and the quirkiness and the nudity and the performance art, that's all of those extra stuff that you get-- -Yeah. -above all the talent, so that's great. You know, like pile it on. You know, I want as much as I can get. It's like having this delicious ice cream but thinking all these extra toppings for free over there. -Yeah. That's exactly what it's like. -Yeah. It's like going to yogurt shop. -So, yeah, so I just-- I thought we should bring that up because it's a very interesting video, -Yeah. -and it's a little confusing. -Yeah. -But you know, that's all made up for by the gratuitous nudity. -Uh-hmm. -So, there you go. -It's definitely not surprising with all the crazy stuff she-- -Right. This is-- -Yeah. -This is arguably the least shocking thing she's ever done. -Yeah. -Yeah. I'm surprised that she was like into it, you know, like she was like, okay, you want me to just chant in the forest with you? I'll go do that. I'm Lady Gaga. -Sometimes, Lady Gaga gives off a vibe that she's trying too hard and I think sometimes, like I kinda feel that way with this like, okay I'll get it. You know, like-- -You do? You think she's trying too hard? -Sometimes, yeah. It's like okay, we get it. You're into art, you know, you don't have to be an artist. Just do what you do and that's to perform as a singer and song writer. -I think she just owed someone a favor. -Yeah. -That's what I think. -The first I thought it was just her like teaching people how she warms up her voice before she sings. -Right. -Right. Not so much. -No. -And it's just her like curled up in a ball for half a minute. I don't understand. -Yeah. -Like, you know, I'm pretty open-minded. I don't really enjoy having art explained to me. -Uh-hmm. -But with this, I'm gonna need some sort of a, you know, accompanying little literature on this. -Right. -Because I don't understand what the hell is going on there. -I guess it just frustrates me that you can get anything funded on kick starter and we talk about that all the time. I read a story today about how you can get much more funding on kick starter than any go-go, it's a much more popular way to find source money. -Right. -So, what the hell are we waiting for? -But this Marina Abramovic Institute, she's actually funding an entire school with kick starter and she's trying to raise $600,000. -And she's almost halfway there. -Yeah. It just blows on my mind that people are willing to contribute this stuff. -What about us? -Why isn't Lady Gaga just buying this for herself? -Why don't we have a kick starter for our show? -There's no reason why we shouldn't. There really isn't. -We legitimately need the money. Like we can't get it-- -Yeah. -we should just do it. -And I don't wanna explain where we need the money for either. I just wanna ask for it. You know what I mean? Like I don't want any kind of text or a silly video to promote ourselves. -You just want-- -I just want like, hey, give us money. -Right. -And that's all the explanation you need on kick starter. -It should just be like throw up [unk] if you know who we are, Greg. -Yeah. -If you don't, take-- roll the dice a little bit. -Yeah. -What's the worst you're gonna have to lose? A dollar. -Yeah. -Or ten. You wanna do that? -I'm just getting tired of-- It's like getting begged for money in the street now basically, like there's a new kick starter every single day and how are you supposed to fund stuff like that? -I can't believe we never thought to do this. -No. I've thought about it. I just have dignity and shame. So, I was like, I wouldn't have sales to-- -But wouldn't it be cool to have a show for the people by the people? -Yes. Oh, yeah, sure. So, what? You're asking for money for us to quit CNET and do this off the air? -No, no, no. -What are you asking for? -No. Oh, my God. No. We can't be anymore clear, no, because that's not what I'm asking at all. -Yeah. -What I'm saying, you know, for the things that we are trying to do here, that we can't really be completely transparent about. -Yeah. -That might be the one little road block we run into in this kick starter campaign. It's the lack of transparency. -Right. -Yeah. -You know, this is one of those give us the money and don't worry about it deals. -Yeah. -That kick starter is not so famous for. -No prices either -No prices. -I don't care if you contribute $100,000. -Yeah. -We'll shake your hand and give you a thank you. -We'll kiss your baby on the forehead. Maybe, if it's a clean baby. -I'll get naked for a Vimeo Video. Would you guys be willing to do that? I mean, if the three of us parody this video maybe we could get some money of off that. -I'll let my twig and berries out for a couple hundred K. -Let's do it. -Let me hear your best chant there. Are you gonna cross your eyes like that? -I don't know why I needed to do that. I just-- I feel like I can't hit that acting without both my eyes crossing like that. -You went into Muppet Man so quickly. -Yeah, yeah, yeah. I just need-- -Your mouth just opened. -I don't know what it is. -It's so natural. -Is this like knee jerk reaction my eyeballs had whenever that note comes out of my face. It just crossed eyes. I don't know why. I'm not gonna try it again. I don't know wanna get stuck like that. -Yeah. So, there's that video. I don't even think we can link to it in the chat but just look it up. -No. We can link to the-- -censored version. -Yeah, right. -Sure. -We'll do that. Okay. -Her and her mosaic boobies. All right. Just have an incredible body, though. I'll definitely give her that. She's-- -I'm sorry. I think she's-- -She's super toned. -She's super hot. I love Lady Gaga. -Yeah, yeah. -So does everyone I know. -Right. -So, it's great. -Who doesn't? -Yeah. -All right. So, I wanted to bring up this story because it has nothing to do with technology except for the fact that there's a website involved. But I don't care because-- -All it takes. -it's something that we talk about all the time and it's a subject of pizza. And I think this is really gonna piss off all of our New York listeners and actually, all of New York is really upset right now because they just got a big opine in the face. Thanks to tripadvisor.com. -A pizza pie? -A pizza pie right-- -Pizza pie. -In the face. -Right in the [unk]. You ever go to tripadvisor.com? -Maybe. I don't plan the trips. Stacie does that so I'm sure she's been there. -Okay. So, it's basically like a travel agency website, right? And they tell you the best spots to go to for you know, vacations, restaurants, shopping, etcetera. And yesterday, they ranked-- with an article, they ranked America's 10 best cities for pizza and I wanna look at this with you right now. Jeff, have you seen the story yet? -No. -Okay. Good. And I want your genuine reaction. -Sure. -These are the top spots determined on the highest average rating by city for all restaurants that serve pizza. I know, let me get to it. Check this out. Here is the top-ten list and unfortunately, New York City didn't even make the top three. -What? -We're placed fourth. Right below Boston, Las Vegas and the number one best city in the country for pizza, San Diego. -Okay. -What the hell is happening here? -I mean, this is just right wing propaganda. It's what this is. -I can't believe-- I mean, I wish-- I almost wish that we had Mark in the studio right now because he's from Las Vegas and I don't even think he would compare the pizza there with New York. Right? -San-- have you ever-- so, I've had pizza in Vegas. -Yeah. -It's shit. -Right -I've had pizza in San Diego. -We had pizza in San Diego last year at Comic-Con. -It's not great. -It was okay. It was like Sbarro mall pizza. -Boston is just New York rip-off pizza. -I've never had pizza in Boston before. -I mean, this-- no one listens to TripAdvisor. -You know what's dumb too? Is that if you're in San Diego, you should be eating pizza, you should be eating a burrito. If you're in Las Vegas, you should be eating pizza, you should be eating a buffet. -Steak. -Yeah, a steak or a buffet. -It's weird though that Vegas's steak-- -Why do you've been eating pizza in these locations? -in the middle of the desert. Is this in the middle of the desert? They don't have any good food. -I think the most frustrating thing is that they talk about, in Las Vegas you have to head up this pizza place called Gramboli's. -Wait a minute. Gramboli's -When the original Gramboli's is in New York. Why they did list that? -Yeah. -It's really upsetting. -This list-- look, hey, TripAdvisor, stick to advising trips-- -Right. -and not food. Okay? -So, these are basically according to these quote, determine by the highest average rating by city from its users. So, you gotta think that anyone who's coming on to TripAdvisor to get advice and not just yelp, right? The far better recommendation engine online. Why-- you know, it makes sense that they would come up with a stupid list like this because they're clearly disconnected in the first place. -Yeah. We're not counting this. -Yeah. -This is straight from the record, let the record show this list is BS. -Yeah. -Judge Peterson, you agree with that, sir? -Yes, I agree. -You have like a mallet you can freaking-- thank you. -How about this? -Yeah. -Your feast of pizza fury. -Just pound into that [unk]. -Here we go. -Done. -It's funny like, I woke up and every morning when I'm getting ready, I watched New York One on TV. -Yeah. -And they were-- that was like the only thing they are reporting. -And they're like breaking news -Yeah, yeah. There's, you know, a raise for-- a lot of things going on right now. -Yeah. -And then when I went outside, all of the newspapers, like the New York Daily News, the New York Post, all of them, have this on their front page. Apparently it's huge new story that's really upsetting a lot of people. -I mean, it's-- -Including us. -It's really bad. It's almost like a terrorist effect. It's what it is. -I mean, you and I never agree on pizza. -No. Well, I think-- -But at least we can bond together in this story, right? -Well, not-- well, you-- maybe they're all just referring to the local regional Domino's in each of those cities. -Maybe. -Maybe. -That's what they're probably burning too. -But even I would say that New York has the best Domino's compared to California, to San Francisco-- -All the same. -Eat Domi. All right. Let's switch gears a little bit. What else you got, dude? -All right. So, let's talk about a copyright lawsuit that I think is a really interesting story. It's you know, it's a little bit different. I don't have any transmission material for pizza but I wanna bring this up because we do talk about piracy a lot, right? And this story really made me think about our interview with Alex Winter, right? The guy who directed that Napster Documentary Downloaded. -Yeah. -So, when he was here, we were talking to him about how the record industry-- when Napster came out, it was kinda shooting itself in the foot by punishing its own user. -Sure. -Right? And the latest beef with music licensers is against a group that is basically supplying a bunch of cover songs on YouTube. -Okay. -You know, if you ever look up a song title on YouTube, there's always one promoted video that's the official, right? The music video. But then there's also like hundreds of thousands of other playing on the ukulele, right? So, this latest beef is from the National Music Publisher's Association, which is included-- I'm sorry, the Warner Music Group is included in that Publisher's Association. They're bringing a lawsuit against a company called Fullscreen Videos and they basically supply a huge number of cover versions of popular songs. -So, these are like the karaoke version. -Sort of like. Actually, the karaoke versions are in another category because they kind of changed one note in that sort of [unk] all copyright law. -Okay. -So, that stuff is legal. This, they're saying, is illegal because Fullscreen has 15,000 channels of mostly cover songs and they get more than 2-1/2 billion views every month. So, under YouTube's rev share program, they're actually making quite a bit of money off of this but not paying any of the songwriters. They don't have the proper licenses for the songs they covered, right? But the problem is that most of the videos are from amateurs who also get paid from this company Fullscreen. So, I wanted to know what you guys think because we talk a lot about when is piracy illegal, when is doing things okay online versus not. Do you think this is fine? I mean-- -I gotta hear it. I gotta hear what the song sounds like. -I mean, it's different from every artist, right? You can't just imagine like a teenager singing. -It's it's a teenager doing it, no, I shouldn't-- you're-- no. It can't-- can't sue people covering songs. -Yeah. -I mean, I understand, if you're selling the song-- -That's-- I think that's the big issue here, is that with YouTube there's it's kind of gone unnoticed for a really long time but the fact to the matter is a lot of people make money off covering songs online. Should they be making money if the original songwriter isn't? -Well, that's where it gets a little gray. -All about piracy. -I know you're all about piracy. -That it seems like it's taking money directly at it. -Exactly. So, if that's the case, then yeah, there's a problem there. -Yeah. -You can't just be-- you can't just, you know, have your entire revenue stream coming in off of somebody else's work. -Right, right. And I think you can make quite a bit of money if you get a couple of hundred thousand views or whatever. You can probably make it easy living off, just covering YouTube songs. -Well, you don't have to really get a lot of views. It's not-- I mean, you don't have to go crazy. -Yeah. -But-- yeah, I guess it is possible. -The thing is too is that, I mean, this is what we were talking about with Alex Winter, is that I think the proper way to go back doing is just to embrace piracy. Right? And that's another story that I wanted to talk about and it's sort of related but just yesterday, high ranking executive, HBO, just claimed that all the Game of Thrones piracy that goes on is actually better than winning an Emmy for them. -Sure. -In terms of promotion. -Sure. -Right? So, you know, you could really look at it two ways like, if people are pirating with your stuff, then yeah, of course, they're getting it for free, you're not getting paid but imagine how many more people are gonna know about it and then maybe pay for content in the future. -So, how does that translate into somehow-- because HBO is in a different category, because HBO is not offered everywhere in the world. -No. -It's not everyone in the United States has it. -Uh-hmm. -So, if you're overseas and you're pirating the show, -Uh-hmm. -essentially it's a victimless crime just because you don't have the option to even get it or pay for it anyway. -I didn't know that. -Right? -Yeah. -So, you're just, you know, you're pirating the show because your options are such that you can't even get it if you wanted to legally. -Right, right. -So, you're forced with pirating stuff because you're out of options. -Uh-hmm. -I mean, I understand where he's coming from when he says-- how do you pronounce this? Jeff-- -Jeff Bewkes. -Bewkes? -Yeah. -He says that it's better than an Emmy. -Uh-hmm. -Yeah, maybe. I mean, I think that just also speaks volumes about how much value and sort of prestige is this piped into an Emmy. -Of an Emmy. Yeah. -No one really cares about that sort of crap anymore. -Well, yeah. I think you're right but you know, it's sort of like-- this is funny. The author of the original Game of Thrones books, Geroge R. R. Martin. He said that, you know, getting all this pirated attention, it's kind of like a compliment that you never wanted to receive. -It is. It's a compliment that you don't realize as a compliment until it does settles a little bit. -Yeah. It's like, well, it's fine but-- -Obviously first hearing like my show is the most pirated show in the internet. -Yeah. -It's certainly alarming at first take. -Right. -But then when you realize, well, it's probably contributing to the unbelievable amount of buzz that this program has, -Yeah, sure. -more so, in terms of piracy than any other show ever. -Uh-hmm. -That's a good thing. -Yeah. -And clearly, what you're doing there, you're doing good work. -Yeah, people-- -People are talking about the show, so it's fine. -I'm okay with it. I mean, yeah, you know, it's a weird sort of thing because it definitely lies in the, you know, gray area of legality, so you have to take that consideration. -Right. -But I think at the end of the day it's the pros certainly outweigh the cons. The cons are much more alarming, -Uh-hmm. -but I think they are outweighed by the pros. -Yeah, I think if you know, if music publishers were smart, they would get their marketing team to plan out some kind of deal with these people, these kids that cover their songs and working a deal where they can maybe meet the stars that they are covering but then also compile a big video of-- oh, like check out how dedicated our fans are that they wanna cover these songs and they're so talented. -Right. -You know, you could really spin this into something that could be good for you guys. -You definitely-- -Having advertisements. -You definitely don't wanna shoot first. -Yeah. -You know, you wanna pursue all available options. -Yeah. -And feel like people don't realize what's available right out of the gate, so-- -Yeah. They should do that, for sure. -Yeah. Short show today. That's all what we got for today. Are there any voicemails? -There are no voicemails. -Okay. -That's it? -That's all we got. -I thought there was one more story. -You wanna do this story? I mean, it's kind of leftover from yesterday. I think it's kind of a good one. -Yeah, let's do it because we're only at 20 minutes right now. -Okay. All right. Yeah, let's do it. So, remember that website Medium? -Sure. -We talked about it last week with regard to like the perfect string of words that you can Google to have the government show up at your house. -I love-- I actually read Medium a lot, I love it. -Oh, you do. -Yeah. -Okay. So, what is it exactly? Is it like a long form website? -Medium is, from what I can-- from what I gather, Medium is just like a place for higher end independent bloggers. -Okay. -We've seen Caroline McCarthy on there. I mean, a lot of these writers are professional as well. -Oh, right. Yeah, I remember Caroline talked about it. -Yeah. There's stuff there. I'm not exactly sure-- I think, I think it is curated so it's not just like any shmokin' post something. -Right. -Yeah. -It's-- -That's what I know about it. -It definitely takes a little bit longer to read than your average like BuzzFeed blog post for example. -Absolutely, yeah. -So, you gotta have a little extra time but the content is great. And yesterday, there was a really interesting article about a woman named Kara Gordon. And Kara's job is to make car sounds inside modern electric cars. -What? -That's really cool. So, yeah, you know, when you hit the ignition in your car for example, or rev the engine, you could really hear it, kind of like jacking up, right? -Like a broom-broom thing? -Yeah, like a broom-broom thing. -You mean, like little broom-broom thing? -That's [unk] there. -Yeah. -Yeah. So, it's basically the noise and vibration performance engineer's job to design how those sounds come across to the person inside the car, to the drivers, to the passengers, and it's Kara Gordon's job to sort of design those sounds. So, this is really cool. Her most recent project is the new Chevy Impala, which is supposedly the quietest, full-size sedan ever. And you know, when you think about it, sound is really a big part of the user experience when you're driving a car. Right, and so they're different depending on what kind of car you're driving. For example, if you're driving a sports car like the Chevy Impala, you kinda want the engine to make louder noises inside the car because you wanna hear and you wanna feel that bass when it revs up because you kind of interpret that as if being more powerful. -Sure. -Right? Whereas if you're in a family car, like a sedan or a van, then you kinda want it to be quieter because you're likely watching in-dash entertainment or you're talking to your family while you're in there. So, you wanna lower those engine noises, right? And this is kind of what she's been doing. So, the article goes into typical day in the life of a sound engineer for cars. -So, are these sounds fake? They just create them? -Yeah, they're artificial. -Yeah, yeah. -That's interesting. -Yeah, it's cool. So, there's one anecdote that she talks about where I guess decades ago, when you would turn that, turn signal on, you could flip that switch -Uh-hmm. -on the side of the car, it would actually make a ticking sound. -It still does. -It used to be mechanical. -Oh, it's-- yeah, now it's electronic. -Yeah and decades ago that would be an actual mechanical thing that it will click back and forth, yeah, because it was actually moving. -Right. -But now, all those things have been digitized. -Yeah. -And their electrical currencies are just run through and now it's actually an MP3-- -You can-- -that they programmed into the car. -Yeah. -And you could choose whatever sound that you want. If you're a technician then you can actually manipulate it and hack your way in to make a new sound. -There's-- [unk] if you could do it yourself. -Yeah. -Like on the owner side of things. -Yeah. -You just have to be like "bing bong, bing bong." -Yeah. -You know, something silly like that. -Yeah. -Yeah. -That'd be really cool. Yeah, my-- what the hell does my mom have? She has a Buick LaCrosse. -Uh-hmm. -And there's a lot of artificial tones in that car. -Right. -That are deliberately designed to make it sound real. -Right. -Like it's a mechanical thing that the car is responsible for. -Yeah. -Yeah. -Yeah, the sounds of car are really important. I mean, just for safety too, for people that are walking around, pedestrian, cyclist. I know when I run by bike along the city, I always get surprised by paresis that pull up behind me because it's like they're ghosts, right? Like you never hear them when they pull up. -Right. -They're completely silent. -Yes. -And all of a sudden there's a car behind you, you're terrified. -Is that-- I think that might be dangerous. -I think it is too. It really is. You know, for people like our buddy Steve Guttenberg for example, he doesn't have the best hearing in the world. What he-- -No. He has the best hearing in the world. -Oh, he has terrible eyesight. -Yes. -Okay. So, other people that have terrible hearing. -He's actually the safest one around. -Yeah. -No, but you're totally right. How many times have I been walking Marty at like 12:00 at night, -Yeah. -and all of a sudden I looked at my left and there's like a cab there. -Freaking creep. -I'm like, "What the hell?" -Yeah. -Where these ninja cabs come out of? -Yeah. -Even Marty doesn't realize it and he's supposed to have the best hearing in the world. -Yeah, FedEx rolled out low emissions vehicles recently and those make no noise either and I'm so used to UPS vans and FedEx vans just you know. -Yeah. -And now they just don't make any noise and it's kinda frightening when you're riding along next to that. -One year, one day, -Yeah. -there will be, you know, in kindergarten you learn the sounds of things. -Right. -Like what does a horsey make, what does a car make. -Uh-hmm. -Silence. -Just nothing. -No audible relationship whatsoever. -Yeah. -Terrifying. -You know what I would love to see, -Uh-hmm. -they need to change the sound of the car horn. Like in my opinion, it's the most annoying sound in the world. -So, propose a better sound. -It should be more pleasant like "beep!" Just like a small like-- -Ting! -Yeah, but when you're honking a horn it's never something that you want to sound-- -Or some-- I'm kinda with Richard a little bit. I think you should have two different types of horn sounds. -Yeah. There should be like an emergency sound like-- yeah, like I'm about to get in an accident, like get out of my way. -Or excuse me. -Or yeah, like excuse me. -Like, "beep beep." -Yeah. -Yeah. -That's true actually. Like another example, like when I'm riding my bike I always hear people kind of like lightly tapping it and that sounds like a, hey, I'm here type of horn. -Like one of those like-- -Yeah, like, hey, I'm here. Like you know, don't stop all of a sudden in the middle of the road. -Right. -Probably be good for that. I don't know. -But you just, you know, you give the horn and you like fist slam like "pop! pop!" -Yeah. -Hello. -You know, a little tap, tap. -Right. -Yeah. In New York, people don't do that. -No. They don't. -They just lay down for like 10 seconds. -Oh, my God, they do like-- for like 15 seconds. -Yeah. -That is really-- -That's the worst. -Yeah. I don't like that at all. -Yeah. -All right. We do have one more story to talk about and I just threw in the last minute. -Okay. -I wouldn't be doing my duty as a game's editor if I didn't bring this up. Some news leaked out last night about Amazon possibly getting ready to launch their very own game console by the end of the year. Yeah. -Really? -Yeah. -Is there anything Amazon won't do? -Is there anything they can't do? Right? -So, what's this all about? -Well, supposedly, it would be an Android-based gaming console. -Uh-huh. -This is coming from Game Informer. They aren't really sure about what exactly the game console, the interface, what the whole ecosystem would be like. -Uh-huh. -Amazon has been hiring gaming developers to shore up its game library. It's they snag the producer, the executive producer of Gears of War 3 and Quantum Break, which is really impressive. But at the end of the day, I can't see this thing being a PC powerhouse, -Uh-hmm. -PC gaming powerhouse, the likes of you know, PS4 and Xbox One. Not to say that those are gonna be the highest of high-end computing when they come out this you know, fall and winter. -Uh-hmm. -But they're definitely gonna be on the higher end spectrum of gaming PCs. I just don't you know, I don't see this being something that would you know, possibly push those guys out of the limelight. -No. Yeah. I think it's kind of a foolish move. I thought it's-- -I don't think it's foolish because if they make it 100 bucks, -Yeah. -then you have your competition with your Apple TV and all that. -I just-- yeah. -To me, that's what they're doing. It's that they're making an Apple TV competitive. -Right. -That's what I-- -Okay, that makes sense. -Yeah. -But I was gonna say that if I were to guess what Amazon's next big product would be, I would think it would be a phone that can also play games and then you can order things off the website and just have ecosystem on there as a mobile thing. -Yeah. I mean, they've laid down a fantastic foundation. -Yeah. -So, you know, obviously, you take something like this a little more seriously than you took something like OUYA, -Yeah. -which was just sort of DOA. But yeah, we'll see where it goes. Me personally, I don't think it's competing with the big boys. -Uh-hmm. -I think it's finding this new sort of ever evolving niche that you know, the whole you know, media streaming player that, oh yeah, it can take-- it can play a few video games as well. -Right. -Unless this thing is packing some serious horsepower, well yeah, then we got an interesting new landscape ahead of us, but I don't think it's gonna be like that. -Uh-hmm. -So-- and plus it's interesting to see where Amazon Prime falls into all of this because if I'm paying for Amazon Prime, there's probably gonna be some sort of incentive for this Amazon video game console. -Uh-hmm. -So, we'll see where it is. I already passed the very premature judgment. I said it's stupid. So, I'll probably be wrong. -Yeah. -But no, but seriously, it will be interesting to see what exactly I have up there as if I can't see it being a direct competitor to Xbox One and PS4. -Yeah. -I can't see anyone being like, well, you know, I was gonna get a PS4 but I wanna see what this Amazon console is looking like. -Yeah. -I don't think anyone is really gonna have that decision of floating around there. Okay? -Uh-hmm. -All right. That's it. Have a great weekend, everybody. 866-404-CNET, that is our phone number. Leave us a voicemail over the weekend and we'll play it for you probably next week. You can also record yourselves and send in a video voicemail. Upload your video to YouTube or something like that, or Vimeo where you're dancing in the wood, chanting, whatever you wanna do, and we'll try and play that on the show as well. -Oh, yeah. -Follow us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, Instagram, everything you can do to participate in the show. The Google Plus page, the Reddit, Subreddit page, make it happen. We're back here on Monday. Until then, I'm Jeff Bakalar. -I'm Justin Yu. -I'm Richard Peterson. -This has been The 404 Show. High tech, lowbrow. Thanks to Mr. Peterson-- -You're welcome. -Mr. Peterson. -for being here today. -Mr. Peterson. -I love it. -We'll see you guys on Monday. Have a great weekend.

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