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The 404: Ep. 1317: Where we're bitten by a ghost shark

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The 404: Ep. 1317: Where we're bitten by a ghost shark

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Leaked from today's episode: recruiting gamers as volunteers during real-life disasters, Spike Jonze's new movie about a sentient operating system, getting pissed at Shark Week mockumentaries, and an app that puts you in touch with the dead.

-All right. Welcome to the show, everyone. It's Thursday, August 8, 2013. Thank you for tuning in to The 404 Show on CNET. I'm Jeff Bakalar. -I am Justin Yu. -I'm Ariel Nuñez. -All right, everybody. How did it go? -I thought it went great. Actually I thought you were coming back on Friday so I was looking forward to one more show just me and Ariel. -You were looking-- -But I'm also glad that you're back. -Okay. Thanks. -Yes, so-- -I'm glad-- -Did you listen to any of the shows we've done? -I listened to a little bit on the drive back yesterday. -It was so bad you couldn't finish it. -Oh, there's that and then there was-- no. It's just weird listening. I don't know. Maybe it's just me. It felt different. -Yes? -Yes. I don't know not like for better or worse. It was just different. -Yes. -You know it's weird like hearing you're like I'm supposed to be there. -Yes. -I was upset. -Yes. I know. Every time when I'm not here and I listen to the shows I'm always like man, I have so many comments that I wanna yell at you, guys. -Right, exactly. -So I'm glad that you were able to relax a little bit, not at work when you're away. How's your trip? -It was good. It was like my pre-trip trip-- -Yes. -Because I'm going away again-- -Yes. -In like a week. -An appetizer trip. -I did it so I could get a base tan. I wanna get-- -Did that happen? -Yes. -I needed to lay a foundation. -Yes. -You know what I mean? -You can do that indoors though. -Because-- -It doesn't look like it worked at all. -Because if you go to a place like a tropical resort like Aruba with no exposure to the sun-- -Yes. -Like the place I'm going to, you'll be in trouble. So I took my dermatologist's advice and she said when you're out, make sure you lie on the sun so you can get a base tan-- -Right. -Which, you know, which makes sense because I'm pale and you know I need to like properly prepare my body for the intense UV rays that will be, you know, pelting it come-- -Right. -A couple of weeks from now. -It's kind of a delicate balance though you've gotta put a bunch of sunscreen on yourself first, right? How do the rays penetrate through all that liquid? -Well, that's where I realized the whole thing is not gonna work. -Yes. That's-- -Because I put on SPF 70 and, you know, I didn't get tan. Look at me. I'm completely-- I'm whiter than ever. -Yes. -And you know I sat under an umbrella the whole time too-- -Right. -So I didn't have any exposure to the sun, and this is what I'm left with. So I guess I screwed up is what I'm trying to say. -Yes. -I don't care. It's too hot. The sun is terrible. I just can't do it. -It's been a lot nicer here lately though. -It was really nice while I was down there. -Yes. -It was super nice. It was and then one day it was overcast it was perfect and then I'm like let's go to the beach. The sun's away. -Yes. -And everyone's like no. This is a boardwalk day because it sounded like you're crazy. -God. What a disaster. -So everyone is running off the beach and that's when I ran onto the beach. -Yes. Actually I follow Stacy on Instagram-- -Oh, okay. -And she posted a picture of you not enjoying the sun. You're actually indoors playing video games. -Yes. -Actually it wasn't a video game. It's a pinball machine. -Dude, I only play pinball. -Yes. I saw you playing with a bunch of pinball machines. -Yes. -That's like you're-- -Well, that's why I go down there because you know the Boardwalk has like a great selection of pinball games and I was just like a pig in shit, man. I was loving it. I was loving every second of it. -Yes. -You know. So I achieved one of my two set goals, one that I'm being play as much pinball as possible. -Right. -And then I failed miserably on getting a base tan. -Yes. -And I'm very anxious about going to Aruba now. -Right. -And I'm equally as anxious to tell my dermatologist that I failed on her base tan suggestion. -For someone that hates the sun so much, you sure do go on a lot of tropical vacations. -It's stupid. -You went to Hawaii. -Yes. -You're going to Aruba. Why do you subject yourself to this? -Yes. And then I'm going to a Jay-Z concert. -Yes. Wait. Really? -No. -No. -I don't know. I don't know. I have no choice. -Yes. -I'm not like everyone else. Everyone else wants to go tropical vacations and enjoy the hot sweaty sun. I'm in it for the food. -Yes. -And for the aquatic activities like I enjoy doing stuff like that, but when it comes to just sitting down and staring at the beach for hours on end, no. No. I don't wanna do that. It's so boring. -It is like-- -That's the point though. -And people like no. -Yes. -People read a book. No. I don't wanna read a book outdoors at the beach. -The point of being there is just appreciate where you are and the fact that you're not in the middle of a city anymore. That's the appeal, right? -Huh? I just don't get it. -Just forget it. -I just don't get it. I like looking at women in bikinis like that's an added bonus for me, like I'm like okay. I can just creep out on, you know, people who are younger than me wearing, you know, skimpy bathing suits and what not. -Yes. -But a lot of these people shouldn't be wearing bikinis and a lot of them have ill-advice tattoos as well. So it's, you know, it's a crap shoot, man. -Yes. -You're rolling the dice every time you get out on the beach. -God, you have the worst life, man. I feel sorry for you. -I'm just saying I don't understand what everyone else sees. -Yes. -And I'm sure a lot of people will equate that to like, you know, Larry David had a thing where there's like I don't get it. The water crashes, I could not agree more. It is so painfully boring and mind numbing. -I love being in the ocean. What I don't get is people that just hang out in pools, you know. Like I never know-- -Yes, sure. -What to do in pools. I think that's because I swam in high school. -Same thing. -Competitively so now when I get into a pool I just don't know what to do like swim-- -Star to swim laps. -Yes, like swimming laps. No one really likes that. It's kind of an-- -That's work. That sounds like work. -Yes. But then on the beach it makes sense though because you have the waves crashing. You can just like hang out-- -Right. -Let it take you wherever you want. -Yes. I mean I like that, you know. That's fun for a little bit. -Yes. -But after a while, you know you step on a syringe and you're like help. That just ruined my vacation. -Don't go to the beach in Jersey, man. You won't have to worry about that. -That's why Aruba is so much more appealing. -Yes. -You know. I'm excited to go there just because everyone says well, there's gambling there too. -Yes. -And that's gonna take up a lot of my time because you know I got that itchy finger for blackjack. -Right. -And then everyone says we'll the food down there is superb so you're gonna really enjoy, you know, all that-- -Right. -Culinary delights that Aruba has to offer. -Yes. -So F yes. I'm excited for a couple-- it's almost-- man. It's like a week from tomorrow I'm going. -Oh, man. -Isn't that-- -Nice. -Stupid. -That's crazy. -More vacation. -It's amazing how much vacation time we get here. -Yes. -You know what we should need that would really, really upgrade your beach experience? A floating tube. -No. -That's what you need. -I got them. -You need a floating tube and then like just some beer. -Cool. So I would-- -And that could definitely improve your experience. -There's no shade involved in that. -No. But that's why you gotta get one of those umbrella hats that fit over your head. -So it's like what's the point like you know what I mean, like everyone-- -You're just lounging. That didn't sound great to you just floating in the ocean? -Here's what that sounds like to me. -Oh, God. -Here's what that sounds like to me. 6 beers later, Jeff awakens 4 hours later-- -Yes. -13 miles off the coast-- -Yes. -Of Aruba. -Yes. -And that's the last we hear of Jeff because he's inevitably eaten by some shark native or Megalodon or something like that. -Yes, which we will get to later. -But we will certainly cover much later on this program today. -Okay. -But that's yes. I mean I'm gonna go maybe I'll do like scuba diving, riding on a boat. I like boats. I'll go on a boat. -Yes. -I'll look around and I'll be like oh, this all looks like the same thing I've seen in Hawaii. -Let's go downstairs. -And let's go-- let's get out of here. Let's go play some pinball. Pinball never judges you, never burns you. -Yes. The sun is the problem. -The sun's the problem. -Okay. -All right. So what else did I miss? -Oh, what did you miss? Cheryl was back on the show. You remember Cheryl Holloway? -I had a bone to pick with Cheryl. -Why? -Or Cheryl. -Cheryl. -As I call her because she waits 4 years to come back on the program and then wait until I'm gone? -Yes, I think that's the point. -What the hell kind of treatment is that? -Yes. -It was awesome. Well, Cheryl and Ariel go way back to the San Francisco office, right? -That's right, yes. -See that's how-- -Yes, we're buddies back there. -What the hell did they do-- -We got hired at the same time. -What did I do to Cheryl? -I don't know. That's a good question. I don't know -I know a lot of people don't like me but come on. -No, I think it was the California crew and she wanted to be with 2 fellow San Franciscans. -Yes. -And we had a lot to talk about so that was a really good show. That was what, Monday-- -Yes, Monday. -I believe? Yes, then Tuesday and Wednesday we had Bridget back on. That was a lot of fun too. -So you had her Tuesday and yesterday? -Yes. -Yes. -All right. Cool. -Yes. -Very nice, guys. You did it. -Well, yes. -You wanna get to the stories of today then? -Yes. -Got a good one for you. This is a good way. It's for gamers sort of get a little philanthropic. This is cool. So the Daily Dot, one of our favorite newspapers that reports on what's going on on Reddit, they're reporting on a couple of gamers by the name of Patrick Meier and Peter Mosur and they founded something called the Internet Response League also known as IRL or that's actually a pretty cool acronym, I like that, IRL with the goal of organizing gamers around one common goal. So these guys in the Internet Response League, they basically wanna use gamers as volunteers during disasters. So if something like Sandy happens again for example, their job will be to sort, organize, and tag data that they find on social media. Do you remember when Sandy came out, right? There were so many people tweeting about it and it was kind of hard to sort of rake through all those comments, the tweets and videos and Facebook posting things. -Right. -And sort of get to the real data of what was going on. -Right. -Right? And that can be a real help to journalists but also emergency responders that sort of need a collection of data like that, just sort of find out what supplies people need on the ground. And that was something that after Sandy, me and a friend biked down and we're sort of helping out port our stuff on our bikes that, you know, supplies what people needed. And do the things that people needed the most were D batteries for their flashlights and toilet paper, but that communication wasn't really getting filtered while through the suppliers and the distributors. So this could be a good way for them to do that. And it's a lot easier for them to communicate just by looking at for example like a hashtag, if you hashtag IRL then these guys will get known about that. -They shouldn't have done that because it's in real life. -What do you mean? -IRL is already used. -Right. That's the point is that IRL is now Internet Response League but it also-- it's like a joke. -I understand but-- -It's like the double meaning is like oh, we're actually helping out in real life, not just gaming. -I appreciate that, but my problem is that when the time comes where they need to separate-- -Oh, right. -All the emergency response stuff-- -Yes. -From people just you know jerking around saying IRL. -Right. -It's gonna be-- -Right. -Really confusing. -Well, they could. I mean I'm just saying hashtag IRL for now but-- -Right. -It could use somebody to do something else-- -No. I hear you. -Like IRL Sandy or something like that. -Right, right. -But if you think about it, gamers are actually really good demographics for responding to stuff like this, right? Like first of all they've had-- -I would say no. -Ton-- really? -Yes. They're very lazy. -I would say they have a ton of train-- well, right. They're definitely-- -They're super lazy. -Things that come out against it, but they also have a ton of training for just doing mundane tasks, right? Like mining for gold in World of Warcraft for example. -Oh, this is bad. -And that could translate to mining for data on Twitter. -This is-- all right. -Of course you're gonna have to say negative things-- -I just think it's like it's funny. -Right. -These are not the most motivated people on earth. -Well, you of all people know that gaming it's-- you know. They don't subscribe to one stereotype right like I think the popular stereotype would be that they are like lazy guys hanging out in their parents' basement. It's hard for their parents to even get them to stop playing games-- -Right. -For a second to eat dinner. -That's all true. -So how are they gonna be able to play games and help people in real life? -Agreed. -That's the argument. -Right. -But for someone like yourself, you're not like that. You seem like a nice guy and you don't have to be torn away from your games. You're not completely irresponsible. -Right. -So I think you represent a good demographic that maybe you'll be able to help out. -I'm the niche in that demographic. -Yes. -I'm like this little tiny slice of that pie. -Right. -I feel like most people, I don't know. -But you don't think gamers spent like, you know, plenty of different types of personalities-- -Oh for sure. -Not just lazy bums. -Oh, they absolutely do. -Yes. -I don't know. I hope I'm wrong. -I think-- okay. So to play devil's advocate with myself I think the other worry is that, you know, people that play games tend to really love that cloak of anonymity, right? Like they obviously talk a lot of shit and say racist things, sexist things in public chat forums on those games. So the worry may be that, you know, what if these guys start trolling the responders. -Yes. That's bad. -And that's a big issue. -That's a problem. -But that's with anything on the internet, you know what I mean. Any time you try to galvanize people to work together on the internet, there's always gonna be some jackass-- -Yes. -That just feels like they have to mess the whole thing up. -Is it something that gamers put together? -Yes. So these are 2 gamers, those guys Patrick and Peter that started the IRL. Those are 2 gamers. -Yes. They're volunteering to do it. -Yes. -I'm sure they'll come through. -All right. We'll see. -I think the other problem that they have to work out too and I think they're doing that on the website right now is you can go to internet-response-league.com, but I think the other problem is that gamers are gonna be incentivized to do everything, right? Like whether that's in games stuff like rewards or points and gain gold, etc., there needs to be some kind of currency and I don't know what that would be for this because there's really no reward, you know. Like the reward is philanthropy and that is usually not enough for people to volunteer. -Right. Yes, I don't know. This is very bizarre. -I admit it's pretty-- I don't know. It just seems like it's kind of a stretch. -I feel like they're just trying to come up with a way to help from the seat at their own home-- -Yes. -Without leaving the house. -Right. -Right. -You know what I mean? -Right. -So this is the way to do it. -Right. -Well, the issue is that like, you know, for people that live in California and they were concerned about what was happening during Sandy, they could help out across the country. -Yes, yes. -You know if they can actually get there. -Yes. I mean if they turn like rescuing people from Sandy into a game-- -Right. -Sure. -Yes. -I don't know. This is weird. -Yes. But go and check it out. It's a novel idea, however ambitious. -Okay. -Yes. -What else you got for me, man? -Okay. You wanna talk about this Megalodon shark documentary that's really pissing a lot of people off? -I do. -Okay. Go for it. -I watched it while I was away. In Shark Week I feel like Shark Week is 6 months long. -Yes. It's been going on for 3 weeks now. -Is that real? I mean-- -Because when I was away I remember listening to a few episodes where you guys were talking about Sharknado. -Right. -That was during Shark Week. -I don't think it was. -No? -I think that was like-- -So that was like a precursor? -Yes, that's a precursor to Shark Week which is now Shark Month-- -Okay. -Which takes place every other Shark Year regardless. When you think Discovery Channel, right? Discovery Channel up until a couple of nights ago to me always meant a channel that had a somewhat reputable history, track record where you pretty much understood everything they reported on or said or compiled in a show to be somewhat factual, right? -Yes. -They're always when you watch something on Discovery Channel, you're like oh, yes, that's amazing, I didn't know that, because a lot of their stuff is documentary based or shot in that style or delivered in a context where you're like okay. This is all real. We're learning. It's the Discovery Channel. -Right. -Obviously places like the Learning Channel have completely, you know, become undeserved of those letters. -Right. -Right? They have that, you know, honey boo boo thing and that's-- I mean all the credibility for that channel went out the window as soon as they start doing that. Fine. Up until recently Discovery Channel still maintained all of that credibility until they aired the debut show for Shark Week-- -Yes. -Called Megalodon: The Monster Shark Lives. Now this show started off as sort of like a celebration of this ancient beast that was 60 feet long, it was basically the T-Rex of the sea when it lived about 1-1/2 to 2 million years ago. -Okay. -Until it went extinct. -Makes sense. There's-- -And there's no more Megalodons, but the people at Discovery Channel had no problem insinuating that there was possible evidence of Megalodon still existing in the modern world and present day. -What? -What is exactly and the funniest thing was I came in a little late while the rest of the family there was watching this program and it's on Discovery so I'm like oh Shark Week is all about real shark stuff. -Yes. -And I'm watching this thing and there's a guy on screen who's way too passionate about this extinct shark and he's like it's still out there. -Yes. -Like it's coming back. It's like killing people. It's, you know, cutting whales in half-- -Yes. -Literally. Then they start showing this terribly forged video of what they called was recovered video from a Megalodon shark attack. -Yes. -I'm not joking. A 2-million-year-old shark has come back from extinction to kill Australian people-- -Yes. -Is basically what they were insinuating. -From reading the story, it sounds like there was actually a fake news promo. -Yes, there was. -Like a press conference of where they were announcing the return of the shark. -Yes, there was. There was like a fake ass oh it looks so stupid. -It's looks so fake. -Have you seen it? -I saw it, yes. -Oh, my God. -Where they eat the seal or something? Yes, yes, yes, yes. -Oh geez. It looked appallingly stupid. It was-- -So what happened with the seal? -Well-- -So scroll down. It's in the story like-- -Oh, it's in this promo? -Yes. -Okay. Maybe we should-- -Maybe we should play it. -Watch this-- -If you-- I don't wanna make people stupid or-- -Who washed up on shore injured and dehydrated. We now go live to Snuffy's triumphant return to the sea. -We are just moments away from releasing Snuffy-- -How fake does that look? -the rescued seal back into the ocean and now you can see it. -The girl must-- look at this kid. -Snuffy's triumphant return. -Oh. -It's supposed to be a joke. Duh right like no one's actually taking this seriously. -Shark Week. -Well that was just-- -That's the promotion for it. Why are you getting-- -That's a dummy-- -You're not seriously falling for that though. -No, dude. Are you kidding? =I don't think there's supposed to be a-- they're not trying to make this into a real thing. -That's not the Megalodon thing. That's like a promo for Shark Week. -Okay. -That's not what I'm talking about. They had things that look like they were shot with like home video-- -Yes. -On a boat and like the boat just being cut in half by a prehistoric shark and these people are like oh my God. It's real. -Yes. -And they like added deliberate, you know, tracking issues to the video. -Right. -And made it look all grainy and crappy so that you would think like oh yes, a freaking video on the sea floor for weeks being corroded by saltwater and sea water and all the crap that hangs out at the bottom of the sea. -Yes. -The video survived and this is it. -Yes. -So that's what I'm talking about. That's not this. This is just a really poorly conceived, you know, Shark Week promo video. -This seems like it's just gonna be a big hit for Discovery Channel like in a bad way, you know. Obviously people come to Discovery-- -Well, no. So-- -For information but this would fly well on SPIKE TV for example like right after MANswers or something. -Of course because no-- -But not Discovery. -Well, SPIKE TV is for dummies, number 1 and number 2 people who watch like I said Discovery Channel expect factual programming. -But the Megalodon was a real shark though. -It was but the freaking documentary proposes that it still exists and that it's still swimming around eating up big boats and submarines or something like that. -That's possible. -Oh, shut up. -Anything that's not in front of me right now could potentially exist and I just don't know about it. -Okay, buddy. Anyway, there are a lot of people who were outraged on the internet and rightfully so because you would expect this to be on something like SPIKE TV or Sci-Fi. -Yes. -You know stuff where nothing needs to be real, like basically the only thing that's safe now seems to be like Nat Geo. That's the only safe sort of trustworthy, you know, science enthusiast channel now. -Right. -Because the second they started saying like oh yes, you know, it's possible that the Megalodon still exists even though there's been zero evidence for over 2 million years. -Right. -Right. I mean that's, you know, that seems rational, right? -I also feel like anyone that thinks Shark Week is for educational purposes at all-- -No, it is. It was in the past it has been. -Maybe the first year, but any time after that-- -Prepare for that second year of Shark Week. -Yes. Everyone just kind of tuned in for entertainment value, so you should never take anything you see on TV seriously. -Well, that might be true but the best part was so after every night of shark programming they have this like Shark Live thing. -Yes. -Where it's a live show hosted by-- I forget the guy's name is, last name is Wolf. Anyway, after the Megalodon episode they have a shark expert on with doctors and marine biologists and then they have like this other enthusiast guy who's like these things are real and they're killing dozens of people at a time. -Yes. -So the one scientist guy is just like it's like no. This isn't real. -Yes. -It's like this is all bullshit. He's like this is completely fake. I don't know what I'm doing here. -Yes. -And then the host is like but come on, there's a chance. He's basically playing you. -Right. -He's like there's a chance. Come on. You can do it. Come on. Admit there's a chance. He's like no. I'm not gonna do that. I'm not gonna tarnish my career on your shark show. -At least they aired that. They didn't have to even air that interview. -No. They didn't. Well it was live so they had no choice I guess. -Yes. -Anyway, that was the story with that and if you wanna read more about it, everyone knows who Will Wheaton is. He wrote an interesting little write-up about the memory of Discovery Channel is forever tainted. Thanks to their choice to put on a work of fiction that really just fooled everybody and that's the problem. This is how misinformation spreads. I got no problem if this was on like I said Sci-Fi or SPIKE TV, but a channel that's always that was almost always associated with factual stuff-- -Yes. -It's sort of deceiving and you know people are gullible and they'll believe it and this is how misinformation spreads. So Discovery Channel, congrats. You're part of the problem. And that's all I gotta say about that. -Okay. -Yes. What about you? You have no opinion on that? -Oh, no. I mean that must be a shame for Australians that are probably terrified right now thinking these Megalodon-- -They think they can't even go out of their houses now-- -Running around, yes. -Because of this freaking shark that's not been around for 2 million years. -Has Discovery come out and said that-- are they admitting fault on this like they just made up the whole thing? -So-- -This could be a huge hit to their credibility. -Well, a lot of people have pledged boycotting of Shark Week. -Yes. -Me, I never watch any of this. My thoughts are irrelevant but Discovery spokesperson Laurie Goldberg told AP, "We have found that people are open to exploring different ideas and concepts in addition to the more traditional fare that we air. That would explain the ratings as in any entertainment you aren't going to always please everyone but we stand behind all of our content and are proud of it." So she didn't really answer the situation or address it rather, but she was just like look, we're getting really great ratings for showing prehistoric sharks, so-- -I'm glad the story came out. So hopefully that'll break through the lies. -I think so. -Right? -The conspiracy continues. -Yes. -Everyday more and more people are killed by a fake shark, so get the word out. -Okay. All right. Did you guys see this new trailer for Spike Jonze' new movie Her. -Did not. -No, I haven't heard of that. -It's awesome. It came out yesterday actually and I kind of wanted to show a little bit of it but I wanna explain it first. So Spike Jonze has been doing a lot of crazy stuff recently. I think he has Oldboy coming out which is like an adaptation of an older Korean movie. -Spike Jonze is doing that? -Yes. He's doing like the Oldboy redux and then do you remember in Jackass he also played-- Spike Jonze played like this 80-year-old woman-- -Yes. -That was like flashing herself in public. -Yes. -And they would film people's reactions. Well there's like a Jackass movie coming out based on Irving Zisman. -Yes. -Which is like Johnny Knoxville's-- -The old guy? -Old version of that, yes, of that guy. -Yes. -But anyway he also has another movie coming out and the trailer for that was released yesterday. It's called Her and it's really cool. It stars Joaquin Phoenix as a writer that sort of installs the first ever artificially-intelligent operating system on his computer. So he plays this writer that's really lonely. He just got out of a breakup and he's just depressed. And so it's sort of based in the near future and in this future you can just download an operating system that learns who you are based on what you tell it. So it's kind of like a Siri for example but much more advanced. And he sort of ends up developing a relationship with this operating system whose name is Samantha and Samantha's voice is Scarlett Johansson. -Well now I know why. -Yes because she's got that super sultry voice. -She's amazing. -She's got a great voice. -I love her. -But there's also a lot of other great female actors in it like Mara Rooney is in it. I'm sorry. Rooney Mara is in it, Amy Adams is also in it and Olivia Wilde as well. But you don't get to see Scarlett Johansson in the movie which is kind of ironic because she's arguably the hottest in the cast. -Okay. -So look, let's check out like a little bit of this trailer right now. I thought it was really relevant for our show so I wanted to play it. -I guess I haven't been social in a while. -How would you describe your relationship with your mother? Thank you. Please wait as your operating system is initiated. -Hello. I'm here. -Hi. -Hi. I'm Samantha. Good morning, Theodore. -Good morning. -You have a meeting in 5 minutes. You wanna try getting out of bed. -You're too funny. -Okay. Good. I'm funny. I wanna learn everything about everything. -I love the way you look at the world. -How long before you're ready to date? -What do you mean? -I saw in your emails that you've gone through a breakup. -Well, you're kind of nosy. -So what is it like being married? -There is something that feels so good about sharing your life with somebody. -How do you share your life with somebody? How are you? -I guess I've just been having fun. -You really deserve that. -It's been a long time since I've been with somebody that I felt totally at ease with. -What's it like to be alive in that room right now? -Uh oh. -First I'd put my arms around you. First I could touch you. -How would you touch me? -Oh, my God. -Okay. All right. So please stop it right there and I think in the hands of any other director it would be totally cheesy and I'd be boycotting this movie and talking a lot of crap about it, but it's Spike Jonze is like arguably one of the best directors of our time. He's gonna do a good job with this and I love Joaquin Phoenix too. So I'm gonna go ahead and say that I like this movie so far. -Wait a minute. -And I'm gonna see it. -You thought so you like it. You're intrigued by it. -I'm intrigued by it. Yes. It looks really gorgeous. Anytime you have-- -It looks like one big Instagram filter-- -Right, yes. -Is what it looks like. -Any time you have-- -I think that's a Hefe filter. -Yes. -Yes. Looks like Hefe to me. -Yes. Any time you have Ye, Ye, Ye, scoring this trailer it's gonna be great, right? -Oh, dude. Okay, look. I'm with you. I'm intrigued by it -I've never been disappointed by a Spike Jonze movie. Maybe Where The Wild Things Are a little bit but it was still good to watch. I'm happy. -He has an amazing track record. He's only directed 4 feature films, don't forget. -Right. -Right. -What are those, that's adaptations? -One of them is arguably my favorite movie of all time Being John Malkovich, but a lot of that helped because it was written by the great Charlie Kaufman. -Right. -Either way, I think it's going to be very interesting. -Yes. -I will watch it just because I think Joaquin Phoenix is a very misunderstood and-- -Sure. -Questionably gifted actor. -Yes. -And I'll watch that. -Yes. -I'm not gonna be upset with hearing ScarJo's voice all film long. -Yes. -That's gonna help me as well. -I'm so really into Joaquin Phoenix, his creepy moustache too. -His moustache that just looks like-- -It's got like a Tom Selleck thing going on. -And his moustache doesn't even look human. -Yes. -I need that moustache. -Yes. -And I wanna put it in a box under my bed-- -Don't touch me. -But yes, but I don't know. Yes. It's gonna be interesting. I'm down. -Yes. That's gonna be great. -I'll watch that. -Yes. -I'll see it. -I mean it makes sense too. It's about time someone produced a movie like this, right? Like we're sort of getting into this era of technology where you never have to leave the house anymore except maybe to interact with someone or find like you know find a future family member. -Yes. -Right? Like a wife or a spouse for example -Sure. -But you know this sort of makes the argument that soon you may not have to even go outside to do that. You're gonna have Seamless delivering your food. You're gonna have like Birchbox delivering your makeup and now you're gonna have this computer delivering you love which I think is a really cool concept. -Yes. -Right? -Yes. -Someone in the YouTube comment said that it should've been called When Harry Met Siri which I think is kind of funny. -That would've been great. -Yes. -But I feel like Rob Reiner would just be all up and suing someone's ass over that. -It's sure the bet. -But yes. It's good. It looks cool. It looks super hipstery but it's okay. I'll still check it out. Like I said the whole thing looks like it was shot with what filter? -The Hefe. -Hefe. -Yes. -On Instagram. -Yes. -Fine. Not a problem. And yes, I'm psyched. Thanks for bringing that to my attention because I remember hearing about it a while ago. -Yes. -That this guy signed on for it, but now that it's actually gonna make its way into theatres. -Right. -I'm excited. I'm gonna see it. I'll probably hate it, but I'm gonna see it. -Yes. -And there you go. -It looks a lot like Lost in Translation, right? -Yes. -Which makes sense because Sofia Coppola and Spike Jonze but I'm looking forward to it. Why not, right? -It does look cool. -So Sofia Coppola directed her? -Sofia Coppola directed Lost In Translation. -Oh, who's directing this one? -Spike Jonze. -I'm sorry. Who's producing this? Is it Spike Jonze as well? -I don't know. -Probably. -I'm not sure. -I would imagine. -Maybe. -Okay. -I'll be there better than Pacific Rim, right? -Dude-- -Which film would you rather see? -People are saying Pacific Rim is legit. -It's okay. It's like-- -They're saying it's legit-- -I saw it. -Sir. -Yes. It's good like the last hour is like-- -You saw it? -Yes. The whole movie. -So it's good? -It's okay. The movie is like Power Rangers on Ecstasy. It's like giant mechs but I don't know. It just seems like every few years we get a rehashing of Godzilla and this is basically the next version of it. -People tell me it's more cerebral and it's better. -It's not life changing. No, it's not. The only thing that makes it cerebral is that you have to have 2 brains controlling the monsters at once. -Wow. Spoiler. -No. That was in the trailer. -Wow. I don't watch trailers, man. -Okay. Well-- -I live in an anti-trailer world except for Her and every other trailer I watch-- -Yes. -On iTunes. -Right. -Fine. I'm still gonna go check it out. Who else is in this thing? -In Her? -Yes. Amy Adams and-- -Amy Adams, Rooney Mara-- -Olivia Wilde. -Olivia Wilde, yes. -Portia Doubleday. -I don't know who that is. -I just like her name. -Okay. -Sam Jaeger. -Yes. -Luka Jones. -Nope. -Don't know these people. That's better. I like no-name actors-- -Yes. -In movies. Great. I'm down. -So that's coming out-- -Mr. Jonze. -What is it? November, end of November like November 20th. -November 20th. It's gonna be our little Thanksgiving treat. -Yes. -I'm excited. -It's gonna be a very lonely movie watching-- -And I think Arcade Fire is doing the whole score. -Yes, yes. -Is that cool or not? I can't tell. -That's gonna be great. Yes. I know Steve Guttenberg's a big fan of Arcade Fire. -He is. -He's looking forward to this too. -And he's never wrong so all right. Rock and roll. -Okay. -We got time for maybe 1 or 2 more. -Okay. Let's talk about all right. Let's talk about ghosts because I know your favorite topic is ghost hunting -Yes. -Right? What's that TV show you watch again? -I don't watch it, dude. -All right. -There's some show. -But you know what I'm talking about? -It's like Ghost Catchers-- -I think it's called Ghost Hunters. -Or something like that. -Right. -They're in their like 7th season. They haven't filmed one freaking ghost. -Yes. Well I for one do believe in ghosts though I haven't seen them and apparently someone else does too because there are 2 ghost hunters, a husband and wife duo named Roger Pingleton and Jill Beitz who have developed their own app that can supposedly hear ghosts and it's basically a conduit to let the dead speak to you. -All along. -Yes. -We've had this technology and we didn't even know it, Ariel. -Right in our own pocket. -It was just right on our pocket the whole time the key to the afterlife. -Yes. -Just sitting there. -And it's only 99 cents too which is a steal-- -No way. -If we're talking to the dead. -You're telling me. -Yes, you could talk to your dead grandma. -A trip to the super natural. -Right. -Is only a dollar. -Well, 99 cents. 1 cent cheaper-- -Wow. -I can't deal with that. -Yes, but you gotta have an iPhone to do it. -Oh, right because ghosts don't recognize Android. -The ghost only talk to-- -Yes, yes, yes. Sure, sure, sure, sure. -So essentially what this does is you turn it on and it uses the microphone to listen for changes in random electrical noise, and as we all know ghosts emit electrical frequencies much more than the human body does. So the spirit is connected to electrical afterlife-- -Have you been watching-- -Let me finish, let me finish. And when the app hits on something, when it hears something it basically translates, it translates the sound of what it hears into vocabulary, so draw-- -Oh, English? -English. -Lucky for our-- -We speak the same language. -They speak English. Okay. -You basically have to come into contact with an English-speaking ghost-- -Hey. -For this to work, but it already has a built-in lexicon into the app, right? -Right. Of course. -And, you know, I don't know how they program this but whoever did knows how to translate from electrical impulses to English. And so that's how you get these translations which is kind of cool. -Yes. I know. Kind of. -Yes. -I think totally-- -Totally. -100 percent cool. -Yes, we need that. -When was the last time you could pay for a random word generator for only 99 cents seems like a good deal to me. -It's crazy for-- this is crazy on multiple levels. -Yes. -It's crazy because someone wrote up a story about this. I think that's crazy. -It's USA Today. -Again and that's where I was gonna get to, man. USA Today. -No. USA Today is saying that it works. -It doesn't matter. -They're saying this exists. -That's all-- -Which is what we're doing right now. -That's all anyone needs-- -Yes. -To just be like well, all my problems are solved. -How much money do you think they're gonna make off this? -Way too much. -Probably a couple of thousand dollars. -Wait. There should be a dummy tax that they have to pay. -This is how I know it's really bullshit not just because I don't believe in ghosts but also because Pingleton says, "The bottom line is we want people to have fun with it." -Great. Okay. -And if you are really, really trying to contact ghosts, ghosts are scary as hell. -Right. -You're not gonna have fun contacting ghost. It's gonna be the most terrifying experience of your life. -Exactly. -That's why you know it's BS. -It's going to be bloody disgusting. -Yes. -And if you don't know that already about ghosts, you're in for a rude awakening. -I know. -I'll tell you that. -We've all seen Scooby Doo. -Oh. Terrifying. -Scary, yes. -It's not like you can just pull a mask off the guy at the end. -Right. -Hey. So you were just trolling me, right? -What, that I don't believe in ghosts? -Yes. You were just being a dick. -I don't necessarily-- -You're being a dick to be a dick. -I'm just being a dick to be a-- I don't necessarily believe in ghosts but I don't not believe in ghosts. -Right. -I'm ghost agnostic. -I mean I don't not believe in gravity either. -Yes. -It seems to be everywhere. -No. What? That doesn't make sense. -What? -You believe in gravity? -No. I have never seen it. It's just this force that I hear about and I just trust people. -Yes. -Right. -I don't not believe in ghosts, but I don't believe in ghosts either. -What does that mean? -Ghost atheist. -You're gatheist? -That I'm open to the idea that ghosts could possibly exist. -But you don't believe in that. -But I don't believe in them. -Okay. -You'll believe it when you see it. -Yes. -Okay. Fine. For sure. I like that attitude. -Yes. Okay. -Rock and roll. -Just so I don't seem like a fool when ghosts eventually do appear and they're like see we told you. -Right and they all get together and form a political party. -Yes, yes. I mean like see. I knew it the whole time. -See. I almost did not know it the whole time. -Yes. -You stink. All right. That's it. Right? -Yes. -That's all we got for today. Thanks for tuning in, everyone, 866-404-CNET. That's how you get in touch with the show or you can email us, the-404@CNET.com. I know I said we have a lot of giveaway stuff to do. We'll address that at the start of next week, and we'll just take care of business and hopefully give away a lot of this good stuff plus a bunch of t-shirts. All these fine things can be yours, so pay attention and find out how you can get it. -Yes. -That's gonna do it for us today. We're back tomorrow. Until then, I'm Jeff Bakalar. -I'm Justin Yu. -I'm Ariel Nuñez. -This has been The 404 Show, High Tech, Low Brow. Have a great Thursday. We'll finish up tomorrow. See you.

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