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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1316: Robo-hairdresser meets Bionic soldier

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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1316: Robo-hairdresser meets Bionic soldier

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The movie studios seem to be encouraging piracy by launching $30 movie-streaming rentals. RIM preparing marathon Blackberry announcement. Stuxnet virus successfully infects nuclear plant computers in Iran. Who to call on Earth if you're a space alien. And a bonus: Two robot stories!

Monday September when except when -- -- I think it is about time we feel that I'm drive solves a Hollywood -- and a buzz out loud in this podcast of indeterminate length it is episode thirteen sixteen. That seems that's probably high numbers. A little -- The -- We are anticipating. What sounds like is going to be the longest press conference in history today from Research in Motion was could be possibly the Malcolm X of press conferences what office -- -- that it could they possibly. Have to say even Apple doesn't go on for two and half hour -- -- ports are that that whatever those present at the president of going to be it's gonna be two and a half hours long we are assuming. That it is going to be the launch of the so called black patent which would be there tablet. That -- if you are justified. Yeah I I I did talk I talk the name right they actually just yet though the whole. Think we've heard about the whole scheme of the ten you know the tethered to your phone concept doubled at the press got itself let these seats -- largest volume B three new account for the guys that run few dot com they have not developed enough for what can take -- a during the press -- it's not working on the that's. Because you know there's gotta be some -- time the. Definitely ready I want yes -- we are going to be live streaming the event. There was some talk of us doing our kind live commentary -- but. Usually we will do things usually we only do those when we don't have a live stream that we cannot be -- is -- seen and is now we're going to be offering western. And also we had totally not into that airports and enough hydrogen cars what -- Do what they possibly be that be were -- to Paris and they'll be a have a tablet -- have a bunch -- if they do that -- have tablet that have a bunch of partners up there with over long demos of products that don't cargo -- by Norton -- that that it's an honor. Wanna eventually planning on that the more than anything it's if if this is the new tablet -- -- it isn't gonna really wanna show off the last. Like the -- back to take at least an hour of time just to get into the. The -- duties and it admitted visitors it is -- developer's conference -- -- there's a new Blackberry OS coming in so they're probably gonna show that -- also a little birdie told me today that I am just there may be a touch screen Blackberry coming to sprint. In -- average though they might be gambling that the storm three. This country. You know it yet that what they're really doing and this is careful on developer you know it's not just a product -- so you can assume that right at -- and rightly the last half hour. W. I'm just. Curious if this is gonna be more about com. Kind of redefining their their brand as the company because you know now if they do jump in this whole tablet market they are expanding themselves -- -- consumer device. Instead of just a Smartphone emailing you know company so it they could be one -- -- -- kind of change -- their identity as well. Yeah if I mean it they're definitely you know -- -- -- sort of speculating that there. It's probably due to be something big. So -- -- but definitely come back to CNET TV -- cnet.com slash live. For our live -- and we will do sort of a short intro -- -- off and then and then settle in folks because it's Monday highly interest. Small bingo card tablet new OS touch screen bingo. I'm I'm you know I'm a little here and I -- all ten of a little excited because I think for overall you haven't really heard to many weeks about what's really going -- it actually kinda makes a little interest -- -- what's gonna really happen. -- -- I'm really curious what there what they're gonna -- -- -- elements don't miss that stop us -- to -- -- that I mentioned are gonna -- we're pretty excited about that can be elegant evening we and you know -- Leo in my -- yeah and as you get up and can be. -- -- -- -- Meanwhile. There is additional news about windows phone seven before we get to that now we must add because they have since no -- -- -- yes. Though they're basically they they are described as suggesting that you get a life. And I think they're not finished actually -- Or other than that I -- additional oh yeah and they're pretty cute video component out -- Area. Thanks truly listening yeah I mean. Those you who -- around listening listening at home. We have here is a bunch of people you know in the middle of tropical paradise is on -- staring riding bicycles are running staring at their -- on it I'll run it day to people. Yeah in the shower just staring at the phone not entrenched living life billing -- -- -- -- beyond our own all of his -- and they're really cute. Roller coaster. I played baseball -- the sun. We spent ahead and -- human anatomy is one where there's like a black belt guy like kicking in in the guys on the phone via. It's alt here and they're all here accurately and of course on -- for the -- -- and we're so glad I have it all falls apart in the -- throw the baseball is -- ahead and the relatively -- and it the mom of the behavior looking at their phones together is good stuff though not really under this really clever and that in totally it's a statement about our society -- Seattle lieutenant that tagline is the windows phone. But -- -- at the end. Be here now being here now presumably because your phone and -- that lets you do audits and that's actually staring into ninth imagine -- that. Or so freaking fast -- Yeah that it's actually usable. Maybe and I think that's kind of what they're suggesting was that you don't have to go to the ninety's -- -- that I was you do can afternoon -- It's kind of goofy campaign though because that basically says don't use your phone down a bit and impede the people that are that are to be into this thing you know like we all of -- -- The I discovered that is great and it's enjoyable gadgets like that okay -- -- item that now -- and that yes and that yes yeah and that yes it will affect from the you know removing -- spleen -- on the phone right now most of us I'm not a surgeon that I have the phone stair well and then. I'm excited about windows -- -- and then it. Atlas sounds like we will get a look at it November 8 there were much different dates floating around this -- -- that windows -- secrets dot com seems to have settled on. November 8 as the release date for the US launch -- US -- There's -- European announcement in late October. 21 but thank but worth -- -- theater announced on the eighth yep I'm nothing. Hopefully and hopefully it's also shipping and hopefully for their sake because an entitlement uneasy yet to -- it. So that the windows -- seven update that's the window. In the -- hilarious -- today apparently Sony Pictures Warner Bros. and Walt Disney company are in talks with the largest cable TV systems offer. -- or as much as thirty dollars per show thing. After they run in theaters this would be speaking of windows they airway. To. Offer you movies. Outside of that sort of artificially in forests. Delay between the theater release and the dvd release normally there's a 120. Day window between when the thing leaves the theaters and when you can -- get it on met with them. And now the thing they're gonna move it into what thirty days. Yeah I'll tell after we're sort of they're even talking about almost immediately okay in like the next day or something but in order to do that you would have to -- Eight jobs -- offer a premium for rentals parental -- and and third or -- -- and -- -- and I can -- take. Me and -- to a movie for fifteen bucks and see beautiful big screen or watch it on my credit that TV at home. For thirty dollars okay -- able. A typical thirty dollars is ridiculous they have not states they have said they haven't set on the price it they have tested it though they -- doesn't have tested it at 2495. With thumb when Sony -- other TVs they tested out with cloudy with a chance meatballs and and Hancock hmm. Just to see if people would try this out so. They must've had enough evidence that said -- we we want to take this big time. I don't know an uncomfortable the thing is that okay why would you -- it why would who I know who would and watch. I would anybody and threw it I think -- I think I got -- -- I would diets yes and a big theater and I spend so you have read about I'd buy. Maybe I'm crazy party citizens speak I mean it's like it's like we're gonna punish a first of -- people pointing out that you can't get people to movies now but that's does is only nine I would like well I'm gonna -- -- about the well okay let's -- you go back when I went -- -- -- -- now okay so it's more but still. Its its its a its a punishment -- like you missed the theatrical release if you really wanna watch the movie is gonna cost you more than it would be in the Peters okay here so. A first yeah I thought this -- only -- If you have a nice TV and the -- rounds of the mean you -- like allowance on your couch and eat the food you want and view it that people you wanna be that it -- -- -- I. I wouldn't say I would rule it out I might try it amenities Demitra I would -- be worth it by had a 20000 dollar home theater why wouldn't I wait though of them I can get why would knowing how it comes on Indymedia and -- just -- it yeah for her -- cleaner as well tolerated. I know but I didn't get it like if you can't wait to that extent you would have seen in the theater again because like the logic here makes no it's okay cloudy with a chance of meatballs this'll work -- -- I think -- it. Like I do they not understand the economics of piracy like piracy is not some sort of -- just fun criminal activity that people do for take on on on some level it can be seen as a market correction it is it is seen you know the the the response to consumer response to the fact that you will not let me pay a reasonable price for this because you had imposed -- artificial window and the industries. That -- of -- movie industry won't give me a way to buy this and then when they give me way to buy it it's so you ludicrously priced that it almost -- piracy they have. Making for piracy with us even though the reason they're doing this apparently -- is now they're comfortable the DRM. So it's like the gauntlet is thrown site. Oh yeah we got the DRM thirty bucks top that crackers now if we let's just say -- -- -- going to be like okay here's your act -- -- anti. Starting price is a -- -- their but I do. Like the fact that now that we have all these Internet connected TV's we're gonna see something like this price may go down and feature but the fact is if you could. See a movie with you know within a month of its release. At home and it not pay thirty dollars which is get it to literally now delivered to your house hello all that's -- -- -- you know I mean the price is wrong. Now I'm not gonna did you know -- that let potential -- the potential is yet. Now are actually now that I think about it just a little bit more -- and begins to make sense. This is how they get people into the theaters by saying. If you wait its gonna cost you more so it's like oh well I -- see the theaters now I know it's -- I ordered that the energy they're already freaking out about the hilariously don't they apparently don't understand that nobody in their right mind would do this and that for those two people that you -- -- don't care about money if they're gonna they're gonna they're gonna make sure what that's -- ridiculous three other theater like health and now because they completely opposed shortening the window because they've already been suffering. Because the movie itself -- the -- it does. I'm sorry that the business model kind of a mess but. Consumers do want a shorter window for movies and getting into them at a at such an OR ludicrous premium is not gonna help this is not gonna help it'll go down a little adult you're right present for the for the time being -- -- government gonna -- what that. And also -- -- strategies how to play and play the same. Something into with a PlayStation Xbox -- they're just looking at all Internet connected to boxes right so I mean it's true that Internet delivery. Is so promising and has been -- for quite some time and I've been done nothing but block it. Hopefully they'll start to realize that they you know the -- and -- we could make more money. Just not that much money that and -- I pray that much really thirty dollars thought toys it's all about product placement toys. Movie should be free to pay for the -- Might not work so much with like ice storm but other than that -- Don't know. Doesn't think news -- I started action figures -- right. Interesting and kind of scary story and in your time today about federal law enforcement and national security officials who are looking to seek sweeping new regulations -- the Internet. Actually if anything -- lifting of all restrictions that would otherwise allow them to wiretap. This -- the Internet they wanna be able to un encrypt encrypted communications they want the ability to wiretap. Basically the entire Internet the way that they currently do with phone systems because they're saying right now. That you know -- the bad guys terrorists are able to communicate virtually anonymously online and that's a huge security risk. Terrorists and criminals this is FBI Valerie can crony who's General Counsel for the FBI -- we're talking only about lawfully authorized intercepts not about expanding authorities over -- you're right executive trying to. Take the concept of -- centrally. Managed. Communication system the phone system and apply to the Internet which is not centrally -- furthermore with peer to peer it's. Things are encrypted point to point between -- users they don't go through the standard ways so in order for this to work the laws would have to say that if you make. Communication software. -- -- provide a clear text back and to the feds upon servants server being served -- -- subpoena strength I love this quote at the end of the story the best quote the whole story. She's saying no one should be promising the customers that they will thumb their nose at a US quarter of -- promised strong encryption. They -- to figure out how they can provide us the plain text read it's like okay. Which way is it gonna go. They mean there are saying you have to provide a way to unscramble the -- does not -- Q you know not they're not saying you have to deliver all messages and encrypted data is only -- and it's -- -- upon a court -- -- -- -- but -- also it's very similar to you know what Saudi Arabia and Pakistan have -- from -- Which is locally based services. Locally based servers. Where information can be monitored up on court order in order the locally based servers are in order in order to be within the jurisdiction of the government -- -- point and so yes so. How this will work with the Internet architecture which is. You know we find around this or peer to -- is completely beyond me that you're ripping an amazing like officials are saying that with some of the proposal likely requirement thinkers include the thing that we are -- plus developers of software that enables peer to peer communication. Must redesign their service to allow owners of the basically that is the end of the intellectual property lobbyist told the practice because it would kill -- like that that technology to because it is decentralized by nature could not contain. That just doesn't the other thing that privacy not not just privacy the technology advocates arguing. Is that requiring interception capabilities would create huge holes that hackers can eventually like. It's a security absolute nightmare. Absolutely it's it's you would destroy the idea of a corporate security impersonal security -- now the instinct thing of course is that this is FBI this is legal intercepts court orders that this is nothing to do with. Carnivore and Echelon SA and all that stuff which is spying room yeah and wire -- -- for national security. That's a whole different thing we have to assume that a lot of that already exists. It's really it is an interesting conundrum because. You can understand this it when he why we law enforcement -- argument. Which is look in the past we have been able to when we have reasonable suspicion issue a subpoena and be able to get. Beaumont and I'm records and and wiretaps and and those have allowed us to get information that has prevented attacks or -- now now we cannot so now they're saying. Under the current system we cannot do that there are actual technical impediments to us being able to get information -- might otherwise stop crimes or tax. So now there are other -- go there are other technologies that law enforcement can use to get this information if not directly from the software. And that includes putting -- key loggers and literally spy -- on. Suspect target computers. That -- -- address -- yet so they so they can't so they can sniff down or -- down the -- -- receive and transmit it. Directly without going through the soften it up with more difficult on port and would like not -- to do that they just want you know. Okay here's the -- in -- data but he didn't even at that there's still not they still can't do that yet without some sort of you know. Legal documents is okay we're gonna we can we can get all the data and access to that person's IP address technically right so yes. With a guided its -- can't -- you can't by the computer or phone are now without a court order that doesn't mean but the courts have been stories on stories about. Warrantless wiretapping which is -- of -- different thing this is this is about. -- its -- you can see those sites right now it is right yes definitely an excellent method of old school phones and trying to bring it back and bring it to a new generation. It doesn't. Yeah -- their data to -- -- -- yeah I mean you're not gonna be able to reverse engineer Internet or change the way that PP works fundamentally in order to allow this and it's totally true that it is. I mean I'm sorry the hackers are way smarter than that and if you open up and a -- back door. You can bet that they from the security of pretty much everyone in the world will instantly be compromised -- the end of they're gonna have to do that -- the unintended consequences of -- and it's here yeah it super scary well and especially because like you mentioned we weren't even talking about warrantless wiretapping that you know that this is a slippery -- and one of them there and then. The whole Internet as wiretapped by. -- and from. The and it's all it's all it's a fascinating story we should definitely do will be the will be watching the less fascinating but -- -- And in a pile on sort of way. Apple have made a small but important change to being I would argue it's not like mall because came to actually. Apple made it a change to -- that makes it at least nominally useful as opposed to what it was earlier now you can sleep in eat any great -- With your own iTunes library no -- -- but here's the awesome part. But you couldn't do. Now before he wanted to put the song in the social that I and use the word advisedly social network a -- -- -- -- outlook if you already had it. You had to go find it and then at it this way on your call on your part. -- your -- on your iTunes music with you this little drop down the side it's a sidebar -- it it's like the -- -- again have a sidebar to interact with paying. Even though you still can't interact with people like MySpace or FaceBook or to literally bit. Now but you can't you can't give them -- are now you've been so well I like that I like alum what is it. Oh there's there's the line in this article is basically essentially -- I think while it. Let's think Apple's a pretty an obvious features shows -- rough with the launch has been the yet but it's this thing was not very well thought out at all it's like all in all it's like Steve and his famous you know we're not mention the tools -- You know. Monitor which heat that always live up to with like completely department I was on the ball but the thing shipped and it was just not Dolan. Yeah not an -- or not I don't even I sign up for -- I've tried it the first week tried again maybe a week after that I just whatever as human the united. I think Apple said something like a million people had signed up for a 160 million people have access to that how many people have iTunes -- I think -- that only like a million people have actually started using it which I know begs the question of why we talked about it at all. But it turns out that it because that is in fact our mandate -- technology -- technology. And that's from the department of meta today -- the story is out says that -- the Pew Research Center project Project for Excellence in Journalism found out that. 15% of tech articles were primarily about Apple this is a company that does not have 15% market share. Although it doesn't music and other stuff yeah and I -- -- thanks for showing us how lazy we are not. We kind of now it's. They -- analysis I mean -- Google and Apple are the top to. A Google is eleventh -- it -- and people may care we would talk about it's not lazy I mean we are following the audience directly to this particular water hole it's not as if it has not driven the bulk of our traffic without a doubt that elements itself -- that it is and without a doubt anywhere -- there one of the most innovative tech companies. Why would we talk. And they are that they are experts at media manipulation yes these they are so skilled at that particular. Went -- dollar iTunes gift card after each event. There's really no way to use it if you do not say they IEA data values the -- -- again I don't think it's likely won't -- what they -- -- -- of thing of the what do you think you walk into the lock into the ball we're amendment like hey nice to see you and there's a little open -- -- I think either you leave when there's an underhanded as you please you're leaving them like we have a yeah you're like okay -- -- -- well yeah. Oh my god. They're very yeah. There they know what's up yeah. Anyway that's all Apple -- we are gonna do for today we don't even art isn't it could -- and of our stories so we actually. I -- want to that -- I hate to do the math on that 3% of certain those who -- 3% of stories were about Microsoft -- where Microsoft -- Man it's pretty interesting -- I mean we knew this thread that does this all this doesn't want to pilot put numbers behind what we all know to be true which is they get an. Absolutely inordinate amount of amount of every button I mean and -- they send every organization into a scramble. And you -- and -- some point kind of stuff you know like we do. All the total Miller wrote -- -- that you can't make no adamant that there were the ones that the deal with everybody else this that I then we're like. So will stop you know it's not the thing is you -- let us know for sure they're not interest. Did you try to look at silicon wall. News non Apple on -- who haven't people asked for that recently yeah it doesn't like stop -- that is -- no amateurs that there's something. -- just do the news. That everywhere that is but the we're actually talking about everybody thought -- now. At that that's it. Quick follow up on the effects net worm is our calling it -- -- commitment yet students which was the weaponized worm that it infected computers in Iran first nuclear power plant. -- -- -- -- And the -- that it didn't cause any serious -- but I have. They have noticed inventions. To the tune of several thousand computers -- they're trying to isolate from the Internet which. But because -- that that -- Arctic is very difficult because it it spreads by. Almost physical contact including English speaking in that you don't activated it just it just spreads in. They're so hot zone yet -- -- -- saying. That there's been no damage but we have been infected which would take that with you know -- Take the enemy obviously they're not gonna there there was and in fact if if there was no infection they would. They're it's I think it's much worse than what percent when I think absolutely terrifying and a some one security researcher impact has hypothesized that that that was created specifically sabotage Iran's nuclear industry right exactly and and as we think -- -- -- it. Well the possibility target idea of the part of the potential a potential countries everybody thinks that this is a state sponsored attacks because it's sophistication. When US and Israel. UK China Russia those are the five count countries that are potentials that people think that it could be -- I just I think creating -- -- worm is basically going nuclear in a whole other you know act like a that is that is like the waterfall of unintended consequences that will bring down 2012 lake does not a good idea. Well -- had to it's better level of cyber attack but it went -- to happen now. Interesting story over are technically today about a possible the US Department of Justice has announced a lawsuit and proposed settlement already that's -- -- had a package that Tenet. Actor Patrick Ernst -- -- against Google Adobe Apple Intel Intuit and Pixar and they're basically saying that these firms. Signed. A series of different deals with each other that amounted to a do not call list of employees. That they didn't want poached exit yet and -- -- -- cold calling no poaching agreement so if you end up working at Apple would. You'll not get a call from Google -- hey -- senior work we think you're great come talk to us -- -- Google and Apple and these other companies have said we won't coach you guys and that. Is actually not legal. -- they they go well the government is at least proposing that's not they say the anticompetitive -- and that it restrains competition for affected employees without any pro competitive justification. And distorted the competitive process which is true that also probably prevented the -- with its anti employee also -- like it prevents these guys from getting better -- You know some -- you have what I non compete clause three can't go to other competitors but here it's different when you have actual companies. Basically shaking hands give a little wink -- -- do not take our employees yeah but he's -- deals on other people can yeah. -- lot of room with with all the you know shared board seats and stuff like this I'm not surprised by this kind of thing at all yet. It's pretty it's very interesting that it was such -- gentleman's agreement that they actually signed agreements. -- -- we into 1005 decided not to cold call employees and a few of our partner companies in order to maintaining good working relationship. Our policy only if impacted cold calling this is according to -- Google blog post about it. And we continued to recruit from these companies through linked in job fairs -- -- referral or when candidates approached Google directly. It just hasn't hands of the recruiters because they can't go out and be aggressive and obviously HP or an advertising deal until you know they bounce -- -- and -- -- ago these free. Yeah. It's pretty interesting anyway so the Justice Department has proposed a five year settlement that would prevent these companies from entering into any similar no solicitation agreements now once this these deals. Are you know -- Moot do you think -- critters like. -- gloves are often the -- an applicant to call on Google and into the stuff like that they that -- really think it could -- mean a lot more mobility for engineers in the valley in which. By the way is it's difficult for people at at these firms but -- is good for innovation when things start cross pollinate that's how. Everything gets better that's when people realize -- options may leave the the start up that this is good what are you know what you're telling other company the secret project working on that that helps -- -- -- that it. Then people get more competitive he got an indictment and the engineers are treated better because in order to keep them happy that -- company -- give -- more -- products made it more. That's that I give you don't pay Yemen until Google everything that we're working on. Ranked welcome I didn't and -- lunch hour thing Mike -- that's illegal isn't just come competition and capitalism but it's really not because frankly -- and artificial market. So if -- and it and it distorts the worth of employees who might as one of the -- they find out what your -- often is by exploring other job opportunities and facilities. I mean granted it sounds like they can explore them but they. The employees have to put themselves at much greater risk in order to X and explore those opportunities alike if you update your Linkedin profile with all of a sudden your new present information that says hey I'm looking -- If all of your fellow employees are Lincoln or your -- they're gonna be like are you looking button and you're gonna get in trouble you have to be much more aggressive in this case as opposed to me approached by -- headhunter. Who might. Give you the information. Which you didn't previously have that you are worth fifty grand more than you're getting it exactly so -- -- it anti employee and think is probably the reason it's not considered. Okay. Okay. Everyone says that the story and -- we feel obligated to mention although we're not -- gonna contents I don't know whether their data. It's a sad and tragic story gangs hassled and who. Acquired the segue company from Dean Kamen a few years ago was apparently tragically killed in -- accident. Yeah it's ironic and sad. End and I had one -- -- about this is very odd minutes on -- -- -- sort of went over a cliff. And -- you like an unfair into Rivera's body was found in the river. Thank -- are illegal to drive on public roads in the UK but he was on his private estate probably with one of those altering -- ways and -- -- fall. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That's really terrible and -- and that's -- and the man was really. A pretty great guy from everything I've read like you really was unbelievably generous to give a lot of money to charity any always said. That he felt that if you had the means these should help other people. Yet it really into this that you know he did -- it recently donation of ten million pounds -- nearly sixteen million to local foundations. And also giving over 36 million dollars through his lifetime charity yeah that's that's pretty -- so. I have -- and it is arguably too soon to say -- but very very bad news for the future of the -- Yeah -- me as kind of gotten and that apparently yeah yeah. Yeah. And and and -- of -- -- in doing. It turns out that this to me is the final proof. That I'm sorry all the governments of the world totally now that aliens are here or about to arrive. Yeah because the UN the united nation was set to as of today. Appoint a Malaysian astrophysicist to act as Earth's first contact for any aliens that may happen from -- myself -- an alien and I want to contact the earthlings. Eye contact this -- you you go -- -- you go through phone tree only -- Press if you want the -- you want to take a little planet let's do you want to have -- a diplomatic relations and you contact maslin Hoffman. Who is the head of the U of them little known. Get this united nations office for outer space affairs or you new -- You can make this stuff I'm not it's up and she will put you in touch with their with her supervisor know and with the right people. I just I love that someone you know -- I'd -- -- cocktail party and the like must level would you do. And you -- -- differ aliens alien life yeah okay that's seriously yeah. Is this not the cookies are -- you sit back and wait for the aliens until another -- here yeah so waiting until they get ya hey there you are -- here already. He is the lever like women aliens -- -- if -- take -- to your -- It hurt. And think she's nearly empty -- up a lottery I mean they're gonna you know sliced her upper -- So ridiculous elect who's -- know about this right -- -- aliens arrive in Kansas or whatever and now they are on the news like ol' actually. We can't talk you right now. Right we're not have a right well we're not -- we're gonna go -- and give a call to math -- like and every person in the world gonna get a card at the. She she lets me see what at all in case of alien contact what -- what a good job requirements like multi lingual. You've got you have to yeah and okay. I mean high tolerance for long periods in a medal to -- I love it. And metal started plants in your body that's right I'm telling you if you stick chip that they that she's got ignited and captured already that's why she's familiar with their culture she totally that the see the ones you the one who -- the leader I've. Oddly you know -- cut it's easy to joke about you know they have bid billions of contingency plans for alien. Alien landing but I love that now its signature glad to the publicly as the lady. We always make that person -- -- alien point of contact I'm gonna -- a post ever put him but now you think she was so annoying. The thing I I picked her as the person who is always up and if they think we need better aliens and keep. Extraterrestrials are out there and they are coming -- -- we need to deal with this and how they -- like you know what. Now Glen how about -- so you're you're saying she's a former vice president of the school board we're gonna have. We're gonna go ahead and make you with a point of contact for an ailing and so they you know -- when they come and you know they're now let -- -- -- over her. We've heard the -- come to you first I just. I did the sad things that she probably makes it three times as much as all of lessons he's we -- waiting for the alien gathered she's -- lose this could come up. -- -- Love -- But blogger for the aliens arrive robots. Will have murdered Athol. -- posing as innocent head massager. Sonic we have by the way not one to two fantastic. Robot stories for you today -- put them together for instance their Panasonic has developed -- hair washing robot that uses sixteen. Electronically controlled bingo fingers the give you a perfect gentle lot -- -- Every time it until somebody -- -- want him AC into the 230 -- -- -- -- in alcohol bets are off. It scans the person's heads of desert shape and it remembers. Each person's head shape and their preferred massage course there you go sounds great. I'm much like yeah now that that actually not opposed to this that you have to admit that would be -- cool scene in -- movie. The virulent -- when the fingers go through the head Panasonic the the manufacture of you weren't great some of our highest rated flat panel TVs is also known eighteenth. Robotic massage which I think it sounds -- -- a robot big. Look I am happy that there's I'm not good yes I really hate movement could tell what I wanna -- journalism. I am not gonna be the first person in that chair and I will watch you get your school pulp and -- my robot -- if you look at hop. So again -- -- in it and -- third Republican and then. In. And analyze a little and that's so another robot -- and -- about his brother got it here yes. Raytheon has unveiled the second generation of the X so skeleton robots who called the XOS two. We've talked about this before this is the -- -- Skelton that you can use. Well to become my -- -- There'll be two versions this one is both -- 50% less power and it's more. -- the environment and more powerful stronger. There'll be two versions. The combat versions is a waist down he can run and have the thing for your pack for your arms are still free these motor version you know and it's I -- -- -- I really go into this. And -- -- version for which they have a great picture of somebody loading bottles of water onto a truck. Is has aren't as well and data show this guy punching aboard loading bumps that -- doesn't find it it's scary -- -- If that didn't but C and then they're gonna have that -- who it turns out is named Clark Greg and not that you'd which is what I always call -- anything in movies like it and you'd like him. -- He is going to be independent they're capturing this footage and they're gonna -- -- in a video because this is basically iron man's death -- they're putting this in a video that will be produced to support the release of I meant to -- dvd and Blu-ray because why shouldn't weeks. Weirdly -- our military operations with our entertainment industry their preferences in in the military entertainment com. He did not -- this suit I'd get one little thing here there is -- vulnerability it is still tethered. You need it I can't -- hydraulic pump to run this thing. And that means little to come out the back this -- cut that to just FYI all over one of the -- article the creator of this suit is still single packet. We've. No not rely on getting it back. -- -- yeah you'd think excellent. I can I just say. All that's a yes -- -- military very qualified and another. He needs -- -- to walk around and which by the way there are civilian applications for this beyond loading heavy equipment I mean think of this thing for people who have parkinson's or other debilitating diseases. When -- and with much this this could be the new wheelchair. -- it -- make -- -- ultimately though maybe have a chance and stronger. -- -- True isn't it Abdullah Abdullah telling got jealous I got an email -- a lot wrote in and said hey it's a lot in the UAE so today the iPhone went on -- -- -- -- but it has a catch. Space time is disable. And them out yeah it's. This is so -- -- find email about -- or another went. -- -- them today and newspaper article that we knew about this we heard about the plus nine -- got angry at the two local carriers in the country than -- newspaper article. Quotes an exact thing they are in talks with Apple to give them access to allow face -- Why on earth he said when Apple disable this feature this will definitely -- All iPhone 3GS holders the hold off from buying the phone. At the same time another article says that this is being implemented in the Middle East as a whole with even the Apple pages for -- countries being modified not to show any mention of face time. And a lot of what -- -- beyond what. We're gonna look into this because our I don't get this I mean is not a security thing like that the Blackberry in the UAE in India and something else here and I don't it's cultural. That -- -- is that you know is to get -- -- Apple and then we can and we can't say it's under present. Apple's -- locking them out. We does not Apple -- Apple to that there are probably their request no no no as a means that -- I don't know because that article says that the. Eight -- -- are in talks with Apple. To give them access to a lot. Apple is the one that they are at least negotiating with well this is this is a little I'm reading are bright noses of the vice president marketing for consumer products -- is in talks with Apple had -- at this ballot which is there telecommunications. One of the telecommunications. Operators -- on the -- -- times thirteen and is -- -- yeah we're -- passes on to news.com because I don't know an -- about -- couple times now and it's really weird. -- -- -- -- -- exit from JR sorts. Said. He wrote earlier about getting the dish with -- will -- be that as an update it has given us with -- a new release date on the -- view it's October 18 2010. When I was just enable -- it sounds like the reason for delay is just trying in the pockets and stock yes. I wasn't the ones -- information to engadget. You have to know I only have eyes for but that laugh along plus on I have to be crazy to try to take photos of training screens at work they go point keep that job because nobody's gonna be calling you -- collusion things that yeah. Is there the -- others it's not gonna. Is this again if you missed -- -- -- -- his original tip he had written in and that he -- addition that they were -- integrated Google TV box which was Logitech built. With the harmony -- -- keyboard and remote. And it was supposed to come out he had -- on September when it announced appointment which. Which it is by the -- and this thing over what -- 180 dollars for about -- addition amateur 299. And the. Alright here's the here's an email from Glenn had -- through would like to -- my opinion on why Nokia wouldn't go for Android. Or windows phone seven in -- -- in Australia Nokia has a lot of services -- under running under OV. -- has contacts calendar maps mail music store and photos these are in direct competition to Google services and even being services. Why would they sabotage their own services to get on another platform. If you must become -- software and services company and they can't do this by moving to Android is people expect Google services like maps and market hope this helps love. Visio. This is another word processing and analysis of how Nokia's dug itself then. -- yeah they really did try to become a big conference have a right. But they did it in them proprietary way and everybody I mean it's certainly it's also hard to arguing Nokia's the -- -- iPhone in the world. Yeah so I emailed us today actually and -- that the parliament that's based on is the one yet pretend the. Until they go -- I like we've speculated about but it's definitely not like him postmark on or even a piece of content on Nokia phone I think it's -- smart phone's a Nokia Smartphones are still in -- but that definition of -- -- is debatable you know they'll their readers or whatever there's this scale between you know basic phones speakerphone smart yeah and Nokia does not have the super duper -- hand. And phones keep getting smarter and the super duper high and is Android Apple Blackberry Nokia according to January have 40% marketshare and mark them. Actually see the reason is that the compared to that was up in -- 35 from 35%. As -- that September. Let's see who else whatever -- there. Well we don't have that -- that would be helpful but -- Anyway admitted it that was a very good point that it's tied to -- and they don't wanna necessarily -- -- an entirely new services systems and services are kind of where you hope to make alignment that's cause the -- and services are great in hardware not so that this is a super good chance to camp actually that I am I have an eight festina conversations interview coming up on Thursday. With an exact an EVP from Nokia. -- -- -- -- -- I'm gonna blog about it later I. You can submit your questions but I'm really looking forward to because -- such an interesting interview -- it and working on a prolonged time and elves and came through just that everything. Got completely but fascinating it's great get a new CEO coming in -- yeah fascinating I think I'm really looking for into the -- it should posed Friday harmony. Voice. And then look for the blog post later looking -- -- complex conversations and you can make your own question. Also read all the story that we talked about today and see pictures of the Raytheon -- skeleton in action. -- blog below that cnet.com email us -- that cnet.com or call us up -- -- -- excellent 66. 38. And have a lovely -- everyone I knew Monday -- and then don't forget to come back. If you're listening to the flat at 1 PM Pacific for a little intro and and the live stream. Of the rim you know. Today when can take at CNET. Leo I -- I.

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