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Ep. 1315: Galaxy Tab does a tech striptease: Buzz Out Loud

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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1315: Galaxy Tab does a tech striptease

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On today's show, we bid an only slightly passive-aggressive farewell to Jason Howell on his last day here at CNET. Jerk. Love you, babe! Also, we're beret without the Bookface, Netflix apologizes for rightly calling Americans self-absorbed, and did you really think the Apple TV was going to ship on time? --Molly

Today's Friday September 24 place tonight -- now. Beta Gonzales I've revealed as I'm Donald bell -- Hollywood well Yahoo! buzz out loud yes. And. Okay. I could not -- statement last. -- you. But the podcast -- playing episode Jason's laugh -- Word is -- -- last we're gonna make it as normal as possible by pretending to -- technically okay okay good -- from the problem and that's what I would hope for me well we wouldn't want you to go -- -- -- and -- yeah. Failure not -- -- today and that's all that I really terrible case you're not -- -- did you lucked out with no resting but there will be lots of passive aggressive cheap shots and jabs and that made me eighties and the highest -- yeah and those of you who sent in your Twitter farewells to bye -- Jason statement to the and I got the best ones that -- -- If you're in some of those matter at any of them -- not seen Andy's what good and that leave you. -- -- Each -- That's -- good -- from where I'm Lula don't think so the not about bringing in like a but pillow for your really line community. You get where you're like perhaps this averages. And I I'm pretty used to that -- silences that I love I would say that as you know I was not here for the past week and then that is not a cool time. Out in the beneath for based but the go to. Now I I needed I need FaceBook. -- book and it. It got cult like. Saturday reverend. That them about thank you McVeigh's FaceBook went down and -- attitude and a half hours and it was and we I got emails from people like I can't believe FaceBook down I think not enabled access it from. Anywhere is -- the -- it's FaceBook and but it's not -- FaceBook because now everybody is relying on FaceBook. With the connect feature like buttons and all that stuff on FaceBook goes down it no longer just you know your time -- social network with them like sites. Stop functioning but we -- that so in -- in and it's like it that little involvement batted in the entire Internet we'll wasn't there a report recently that said that FaceBook like visit like visitors yet to use the FaceBook site is right up there with -- so obviously people spending a lot of time on the site when he goes down. It's -- -- it's it's way worse than Hitler elements 500 million users so it went down for two and a half hours -- A pretty remarkable amount of time in the web services -- yet but it's you know if psychological effect -- -- yeah overall I'm and other business it is the business and it the way into the FaceBook connect I think it's psychologically we all worked -- -- well -- -- dealing with an ethnic around the world people were sitting in their cubicles and all this and it went down. All rooms like oh look there's a person who admitted I go -- do. Now it's actually -- that -- shift three freshening up. Yeah that yeah it's just east what it does -- my computer maybe it is -- yet even more productivity was lost -- case but went down minutes it was because then you sit there pollute like refreshing is waiting for them. An important -- -- Democrat in the food bar Ellen it. Anyway was it. There -- a couple of issues that that. Cause the -- go down that FaceBook -- -- -- with a database configuration error. And when you hit the site it deleted some key and then had to rebuild it and and it just -- puppets and the only way they could fix it with actually take the whole thing down. There will also actual physical problems people in Indiana somebody cut quest cable does -- was having problems and -- the factory rout around that though. You know like most major industrial accidents was -- it was a combination of -- -- errors that -- issue was on related non related I mean. Is one of the providers the code base but -- has a distributed network providers system and qwest was one of the providers it and it seems that compounded. Whatever the other error -- the international configuration in there. But -- LA PDB FaceBook did communicated about it pretty impressively he didn't have to go through multiple configuration screens. The wasn't you know like a privacy thing at all. That's the one that's really you know understand them well. And -- and his hand made it -- compared to the latest round of privacy settings you think it is there's no check boxes involved yeah right you didn't have to reconfigure everything really anything wrong and it was only a couple of hours they did not get into that outage at all. That was very well I tell you unless you're just. The new feature. Well okay please tell me because for that last week everything -- theories of tweet like Netflix this oh my god there's there's two ports those are. They did not need to call you that what it Netflix do screw you on -- -- this CEO they launched Netflix streaming in Canada right. 4799. A month. And people said well you know in the US it's 8999 and acts against it's 899 a -- them and the Canadian and CEO reed Reed Hastings yes that. Americans are so self absorbed they won't notice that was not a very good thing for him to say. Yes CEOs shouldn't say things go figure however -- and that he that he he apologized for. He policies -- -- actually I didn't really mean that it was just a joke Americans -- -- was or where the most. -- and -- the countries in the world but Saturn are tunnel furthermore. And then buried in that of course is the fact that the Canadian. Offering is stream only which is something the US doesn't happen right so the the the story around at the site from the ridiculous thing that he said. Is that he is considering bringing stream only Netflix for the US which entity will which will be big win for people just want that probably exciting night a month for the eight and -- month service is with one dvd. Yeah -- he -- just said that right away cuts yeah it's you know the bulkhead don't. Why he's he's sirens aren't you figured out an -- and this is why over and over and over we issue the same warning people comedy that. Harder than I'm not about the -- on these -- -- -- -- -- -- out yet but it's all about your. Yeah her get the rotten tomatoes that hasn't totally true though it was all about the audience I'm sure the Canadians probably laugh till you have Americans. It took little account obligates me to life and it's a -- it's clearly it's my language -- -- take this seriously in the jokes whoever takes -- seriously seriously the jokes on new. And because. How that is it is -- how we are in society where he says this and it's just kind of funny -- and calm lot like it's not true -- like Americans are way more injuries -- than they are an Afghan model if -- we all now we're gonna get -- -- -- don't get it -- apologize like you're allowed to make a joke in public -- you're allowed to make a joke about something that's funny because it's true what would have to apologize for everything -- and time. I am not -- -- -- -- easily but -- that's why. They have -- -- -- -- about -- planet I just for Americans -- and I now committed by the time we get to work as a grumpy from sitting in aircraft the American -- now I'm gonna get that. Targeted today didn't we don't like ours the major corporations to make fun of us were sensitive -- it. We've talked a bit about blockbuster. About to go bankrupt and they did they file for Chapter Eleven. And people have also been writing to us about the blockbuster expressed the blue box that you see in convenience stores. Which we have talked about a little bit not actually being completely owned by blockbuster well apparently it is actually now we know. Own completely by NCR just a licensing deal and NCR sent a note that while the -- but buster expectancy that. I think blockbuster with customers thing I know you're enjoy I hope you're enjoying our our service. You should know that blockbuster express is 100% owned and operated by NCR corporation a rock solid public company -- -- at Saturn so the blue boxes did not go. The boxes are they also make change that name backing up to Netflix a little -- we -- kind of glossed over the fact that -- -- was also very exciting news on the Twitter the like how many literary eloquence. That they have a ton of new shows. Which -- which lends credence that idea that they make a -- only all of a sudden they announced a whole bunch of new content deals including Saturday Battlestar Galactica BC eureka -- all the NBC shows. Which they never used to have which could bolster the idea that they're gonna ago. Streaming here and take on Hulu and a much bigger way. -- end -- monk. Okay well. Stop practices. And oddly enough this is the day after Jeff Zucker says 99 no no rentals nine and -- and rentals AppleTV. And today he's out there yeah yeah yeah definitely so -- certain little Netflix -- threats get over thanks for bringing back that one. And I heard about this that Apple. TV the Apple TV -- has been to have been delayed -- fundamentally we got an email about this last week actually. -- -- that look at pre ordered another thing it's not gonna ship until October. Now Apple is apparently issuing refunds for those rush orders. And saying they wouldn't they have -- the shipping charges due to a possible. Dele and the delay they say is due to a delay the delay is due to the fact that there is always a delay from. I don't know is definitely not due to the fact that the Apple TV is -- because it is in fact black and so that'll. Not that sell its is that they have lives and I mean I'm side as the company with now legendary fulfillment for anybody who really believes are gonna get the thing when they're gonna get the thing and -- but you -- airline. Tell it to their credit they they beat you know -- coup out of the gate with their announcement -- be you know Google. They'd be like all the the boxes that was supposed they've been met with the and now the announcement had -- -- zipping -- -- shipping their significant dollars X -- about today. And and we got reviews on CNET. I think I'll probably -- -- can't -- that stake in the ground of what we're shipping this product now and then if they're not actually delivering it but. It is I think it is a win for them at least as far as my shares concern. It's -- love that is so so I'm not trying to and I'm not defending Apple I'm seeing these kind of sneaky for them though the do you dad pulled off and they repress suspect. -- -- -- -- The thing you want to the bank is delay in you still want to read that thing that you wanted you wanted though we got to think about how Apple -- one you know they're delaying it they still kind. Announced here. They do they know I'm looking at that -- thing and and the end of influencing. -- now. But those in the old age you can buy it it can happen now exactly them. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yes it would certainly certainly looks a lot sexier than the -- -- at this point yeah and and the human computer and -- and yet and may or may not be shipping. So the super Wi-Fi we've talked about the white space Wi-Fi is the has been stamp of approval. You know -- we were waiting for the FCC to basically make this decision whether they were in fact going to open up this vacant spectrum white space. Between television channels for unlicensed use by wireless devices they decided they are going to go ahead and do that there are obviously a lot of obstacles still. In the way but but a lot of web based company's -- notably Microsoft and Google and FaceBook and am really excited about this and they're probably in the spring I don't now. Also now know why -- heard about. Anybody want this I wouldn't want super Wi-Fi like -- that's a little -- is not privately. -- it's not -- and going from exactly -- this because none of this ever shows up we -- want -- but it never shows and no I actually all the other options out there are gonna be some new monthly bill I have to paid some other corporation -- -- -- it and you're excited about that I'm excited that this version seems less -- -- that that it would be more of a public. Domain. OK keep it up without having to lakes village handled fork over like eighty dollars a month and ordered to. Verizon eighteenth year whomever that it's more of it's down there might be able -- cell carriers advocate yet. Well that's the hope in what they've said is that they you know what the FCC wants is for this to be. Open to any device. To be you know unregulated in the ways that you know and and -- restricted in some of the ways that WiMax and -- TER they're not necessarily trying to create. And yet gonna appear to be competing standard but hopefully it's the kind of more open standard. It's useful to a lot more people and doesn't necessarily come with other restrictions -- something like WiMax I -- I just think it. A lot more promise and lets you -- -- if it's you know super. Anyway it's proceed with a super as pretty and not always with thousands -- cultural life yeah. But that's. Super duper super duper we everybody this and more importantly -- that this is being called WiMax Wi-Fi on steroids and we know how good steroids are there. We can all appreciate beta of Microsoft does not have also been investing in steroids -- now right now I'm just -- He's there right excellent just -- hopeful we'll get like Napoleon -- and Wi-Fi growth -- right but and also I'd like WiMax like the white space infrastructure already this metallic they're talking about all hell should we put -- transmitters on couple want to get -- But you know they can kind of turn them well somebody's. I mean yes we have the trans yes we it and we -- -- transmitters for television and -- Not for data was so that build their radios into the computers yeah -- -- don't think that's the hard. Matter okay. I'm oversimplifying because it's super its -- -- it's super super. Duper. According -- good trusted source of the Canon is I love and trust it's arsonists. Trusted source news.com. Actually does add two additional sources venture beat at least of more than one a trusted sources tell. Venture beat although Nokia disagree is that Nokia is now likely to use windows phone seven as an additional platform for its -- additional. Also Nokia's lord has given new -- -- it's not COC -- you up to give the green light the green light to change the company's strategy if needed. Nokia said the moon think that he's totally enter what that he can change the strategy he's CEO in name only. No Nokia said that's that report is an act -- aria we have no plans to use other operating systems that they're gonna stick with -- slash -- Seems a lot more likely to me although it would be pretty smart that at least examining it wouldn't. And isn't going to be weird -- that the Microsoft guy comes over Nokia and they go to windows. And everything of dispute but a few articles like Apple and then they -- dominant -- I would you're weird. I don't know I don't I don't -- it statement yet do you think that just an Android will do. Yes I'm gonna say like do you think that's -- Dot might be an element of why Nokia is not. Thriving in the US as much as -- is worldwide because not on windows because we because it's not you know in some other alas that people. Identified with more are recognized more. No I think it's because their products were weirdly build and they didn't get that they didn't maintain their relationships with the carriers and they can maintain relationships with the the developers -- -- -- -- all the is that every little piece that just a little bit behind him and all added up and blew all -- that nobody cares they've got. Apple and Google and rim you know maintaining. Better their relationships with all of us the chance. That then opulence I -- again this is in the US. And had to get back the biggest problem with Nokia in the us -- the carrier issues that you know they're still Symbian is still the most popular the most widely used mobile operating system in the work. -- by far not -- Smartphones. Right got another well or as. Just in the world yet right yeah yeah no right -- -- but. But -- exactly they did fall out of the Smartphone race -- they were -- they were slow in building and what about the devices that they felt were way too expensive for the market really take off. And so and Symbian is a little bit and -- -- operating system there's no question about it but I think Migo. I would be surprised if they take their eggs at a -- -- so quickly. Because that -- this kind of. On Apple patched you know you wanna make -- -- going either. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I just think -- should be burdening Amber's field the -- of bird. If you are interested in the upcoming spate of seven inch tablets -- -- video now of the new Alex. Android tablet. Which actually with a look pretty cool look at this not like a totally doctored videos yes actually. And hands on. It looks like -- -- to entirely one cut videos that goes on like that humans and they take a few different breaks that. Yeah also of the port with a bad for the book and -- monolith in this video cassette slot awkward wrist. There are -- all of the this. Yeah -- is an interesting branch at the end of this video Peter at least on the left -- carpal tunnel lawsuit if it. I think I think that's now that's a wooden hand on the left there right hand. Yeah that's a prosthetic arm on the left it out to the table measurements for -- like a suction cup. An expert foot -- -- to get. Oh moved back yeah. Have a -- -- for that. -- normal price there you are right now we we know it's coming all the carriers. But we don't know when and we don't know how much very it's a deal maybe the fact that they're showing you so much about this you don't of the price -- -- this happening in the biggest tech. -- he's an iPad -- Time and -- -- exactly the way to put that's G I really do you feel like Samsung has done done is -- best you too -- and this dried out and like -- in public public -- but not give -- a -- information is probably really expensive they want it sounded a lot before the -- revealed then maybe you'll be less inclined totally -- -- yeah maybe it's ultimately it's -- now. Maybe it's all it ruse to care that they knows that there's no market for seven tablets though they're doing all these and they committee of the Apple to -- seven -- -- Apple put its money and -- yeah. -- -- Okay the way as they are ahead pages of -- mankind in the same thing like there though holds streak that I salute them is kind of like disappeared in out -- -- what we got the seven urging companies. But let you know when I -- -- actually get a chance to play around with. -- -- Yeah and and the end of that anymore now I don't think that. If they -- and -- -- -- nine minute video on Internet. And actually it actually it does that work pretty well I mean is the screen usually -- all the features work as advertised. I mean I haven't seen it was an engineering samples that god knows that option again if it's it's an exciting device but it it just so much depends on whether or not it can be priced well and fossils that it's attached to -- and now you know that no matter what you can be getting this through a carrier and that's -- that's a different kinda -- year arrangement. This combines. The shall pay -- what you -- that the death now and also it's starting to sort of get a little bit of Palm -- -- Like okay. You made -- big splash get getting out the dark jacket and get -- -- talking about it you know. Right out I'll -- -- do benefits -- thousand dollars -- done with. So Apple. -- and I thought Microsoft buried the story of what they're doing yet another non standard adapter and because they have they're trying to shrink the audio -- apparently the nano or -- -- -- -- one of those things one of the design decisions they made was that glass -- -- nano. It is a little above work should be because the audio Jack -- with headphones and is too big around for them to do what they want it so they are trying to probably patent definitely design is that the patent another patent and -- after all I got Patrick -- -- Diana. It looks like it's it's it's a new slows down audio Jack but it's. It's still fits the sailors and it yeah yeah yeah yeah but it actually looks like there's some possibility it would -- which I think would be cool I mean I'm sure that this is just split open view of how would look better but I like -- -- that might expect. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Race Bluetooth and that's -- that's the other wireless headphones at that point you need this thing to be as thin as African -- paper which I do not because -- -- that thing in his back and then go wireless and managed and my other bombing attacks that effort but the actually -- anti I'd bet I bet they do product that has -- that is Bluetooth only. At some point zero buttons Bluetooth only -- decade ago. But but as retirement planning other wireless audio -- -- -- and it's true that -- -- -- really is terrible and and phone support a two DP -- but anyway. I'm sure Apple will can be tested has come up their own wireless streaming standard. Yeah probably I -- sense -- to. But and Gmail be trusted art and China be -- almost certainly not. A couple of for a couple days apparently Gmail has been to say that showing red warning banners to some people. Gmail users whose accounts have been accessed from IP address is in China. And I don't know anybody's got one of these but there will lower -- out there and what you see is a banner at the top to the warning and red. We believe your account was recently accessed from China and in the -- the IP address has anybody got that. I know also yeah like I know visit. Scary anyway yeah. But -- Google. Yet now you can find when you aren't using Gmail who what machines have access your account. There's -- way at the bottom to show where you can access from -- -- log out other machines you can you think you come off. All this is doing is if those IP address this if one of those pops up from China you get the banner. So -- we know that Google China like everybody. Not so -- Doctor put that the warnings about the smart way to -- bolster Google's latest efforts at transparency and yet another -- -- don't mess with us speedy we know -- we know you watch we know you're watching. Speaking of China Apple recently and briefly overtook Petro China. As that second biggest company in the world -- stock market valuation. After ExxonMobil. Just briefly. And it makes sense to me that energy companies which is energy being large industry and the planet should be in the lead but for Apple to be -- second most valuable company in the world -- -- three -- audience out pads you know everyone's so excited about the news standard. I'll bananas thanks. -- of the world by storm. So those were the mansion and yeah like I like that analysts never never want to back down from the obvious rule of the bigger they are the harder they -- thing owner and -- -- there's no reason at all -- can't grow much much bigger. On them yeah I it no matter what. Leo and that mean it has always been over about how on earth could they possibly be overvalued. -- have an Apple buys X. Drills for oil hmm. Consumers like crap where. The hall this is a sad that there are you -- it -- you do it you know well I mean there's really not a whole lot. Want to say about this I GR -- in -- market study that actually pointed out that people. Appreciate. Well we would all in this room probably called junk -- on their phone even if it's. An app that say you know -- -- without you can install for free yourself like me like getting a phone that has. And it's preinstalled. And it goes against common knowledge or at least my assumption. If they think people maybe people see that these apps these crap what we call crap or as features. Yeah oh yeah if you've got lately some stupid video thing in there like hold the phone comes with video yeah some -- yet to -- -- ABC -- well -- what -- it. Click streaming was like on the front on the right right right yeah. Two thirds of the people surveyed -- the preinstalled -- were a factor in the present -- -- that they were in fact looking for them to -- features yeah -- -- on the other element it was crap -- or did they just -- all of this is great that Android offers these -- when you -- -- phone you know what I mean like a lot of these front -- -- these you know the different manufacturers -- whatever they have their own skins and those schemes often involve their own widgets in their -- apps and other apps that do. The same thing that plenty of other things in the app store do you but you can't find their specific apps. So when it -- these phones they go wow this has this awesome little feature like. Do they think of them as -- where do they just think of them as. Another awesome thing other than not I mean we call them crap where yeah isn't there at Yahoo! instant messenger and there are -- navigation app and they're flexible and in no way crap where -- that you might actually choose to install of people Alex authority installed itself I have to go shopping and that cesspool of an accurate marker pen and. -- -- be curious to know. How many people pick up Android phones and don't even even dive into the app store but the thing gimmick and now sudoku game that's an -- I would ask you Internet -- the -- -- about apps that that most people don't actually use them and that the people who have them don't use them area. The thing is as. The -- There -- says in chat room can you uninstall that stuff but if he can and I were highlighted so much. And sometimes you get on -- -- -- attempting at that -- of that opinion doesn't matter to them but it matters odds mean. So that should be special geek phone and again it seems like I'm not as there is that that he see it right what we've kind of considered junk ware on like. A PC you know and that's the problem where we out of it in word it's a really bad rap because you get junk -- PC and it's. Under performing the actual software NC gonna use -- you realize -- actually have to pay. 399 a month to get the better version of -- and neck installer where the case may be so this kind of gets lumped into that maybe it's not the same thing I think it was the one thing that's in that studied or that that report was my navigation software -- -- Pensacola by some kind of GPS navigation software where. In north -- really using you gotta pay for it did and that that -- -- -- 50% of users will do that if they feel I can -- useful thing. Teacher without actually going out about making the time to research what apps might do that better or free or -- -- -- look at those -- isn't -- -- right here and. People -- -- people ultimately prefer simple and you know under -- Selfless and -- American health of one another allowance on American -- over for English from the department of unintended consequences. The new show by CBS this otherwise they fantastic network we were there. Bleep -- my dad says crap my dad says whatever you wanna call it is being rendered in a program guides as dollar sign pound sign after its next mission -- you know comic characters rather. Where the crap my -- says. This is great. Except nobody knows what's called the show and if you have a DP -- you can't find that's the important thing to beat beat. It's what people watch the show but you can't find -- of the program that's because you don't know what is called because not. That's my that's yeah and Sunday yours mine yeah they don't you need it in a regular search for might add says and you'll find it a thirty that are actually. Auto and other required others require you to go with very first word otherwise you'll find it though. Those people are -- blah blah -- out and any extra. That -- -- -- you guys just can't the. Yeah yeah right at all which -- you may never mind. It may be no great loss were being home but nonetheless now I'm -- all due respect to mom and pop public actually terrible. Yeah Hamas although it Shatner and I stand here agriculture Shatner Shatner satellite outages college my dad is exactly. I don't understand what I didn't do that seriously. I got an email about that like a week -- -- That's really true you can't dvi -- And sure enough. Allow all right we are moving well we want announcement never gonna move to the closing portion of the show. The Aspen is Monday. 1 o'clock blackberries announcing their new thing -- -- we we think the black -- 1 via Pacific 1 PM Pacific and we think. Actually even have to do that you know you're out and help and -- notes. We will be here 1 o'clock reporting. Who live we have Donald you're gonna be at the event. -- I will be here in studio -- -- -- here in studio yes we'll be in his studio doing the usual live blog rigmarole thing and a I think maybe Brian -- Internet. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- true it's now at. The -- city. I am I am not happy about it being they've -- like -- and it's meant that I really great we're and outlets he's -- or let them. And I am not happy that you're leaving that I don't like get. It's. And am happy they've seen it. Oh. On all -- it -- I was. Commitment portable laptop is getting an hour ended. The best possible is a convertible and a laptop is the geriatric. -- -- For those of you listening to the show -- -- passing notes. Milk shakes her passing out Flickr. Of the -- and -- -- all gonna get fired for doing current -- How well we didn't get -- They. We don't get fired every Monday Tuesday and Wednesday do we have I had started now now. Yeah. I'm -- that's right we we asking we have we know and fire fire anybody. Yeah -- yeah you're right you're fired. Listen today's your last day we're sorry to see you go I put it a call out for farewell on Twitter become I didn't -- -- read. The long long long long -- emails and the suit keep -- -- I gotta concentrate on other really good anyway cheers the odometer read a couple of these. Law that look to you. I -- you -- -- each show roses are red by Acer grew rhyming sucks and so does your departure from CNN I'm an -- But we did get one actual home -- lasers sound bytes themes. That tall guy behind the board friend -- 01 that which case. Moon nice like you shall I go on an announcement that some of these the they don't have any other and separate dots are -- Which is in island right Allen. Jason murderer yeah why why. Why. Where we -- money right. And other -- -- here from -- statesman says you're my hero. And Kevin -- says when I go back in time and live my life over again I want to grow up to be Jason. Oh it's. Oh man I think it does not mean he -- kind replace even like a parallel lament. Who yeah he's going back and you know what Kevin you can be my twin yeah and we can you know where the same clothes don't let me QWERTY -- Polaroid. Has been okay. The -- I really appreciate -- so CNET will not be the same Jason. Without hot breath voice and you've been denied any of course he knows that because that said. The -- can -- -- oh yeah I dislike the way I just plain and other we we own conference. Hey yeah developed -- in it. Because O Ralph -- don't even think about taking it home paddled Petaluma which by the way smells like -- put a music. I'm just saying why do you think I'm moving there. Like the Athlon that -- lessons hot breath but some things like -- I'm just say yeah. Now I never told you of the night they get any email I don't. The when I grew up next few pastor filled with cows and horses so unfamiliar with the smell of of manure if -- actually hey you guys doing well yeah you know. And it's a different and then amber and Veronica red and instead Jason you fired. Her real this time -- -- burner. And -- I was hoping that would happen. -- he says what we're all thinking watch -- behind the board amaze me sometimes that means yet six arms. -- -- which is true what you back there and then finally the capital in the immortal words of doctor suits sorts is actually opened the wrong. Don't cry because it's over smile because it happened. That -- so now you've really. In of that tears and cheers -- And -- involved yeah. -- -- -- there nobody -- you what the right and which books that and have no -- they just say that. I don't know but I take it for what it's apparently do other than on -- and a -- -- Natalie. Anyway that's of that case and we'll miss you good -- One I would. At least throw my two cents in here and it's no police on -- that. We're gonna pull the credits him honestly this is in. A fantastic experience for me I. A -- way to the camera oh now let me see if we don't care we does not make shift into the camera captures. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Alice's has been an amazing experience this is my first experience out of the university had been here five and half years and to say that I. Learned a lot from everyone in this room and everyone at CNN. And actually all the fans as well I mean this has been such a community experience for me and that's what I really. -- take from this from this position from his job is just the fact that I'm surrounded by so many smart. Awesome talented people and I even got the chance to learn what I've learned from you guys over the years that -- -- and I don't know it's gonna be really hard to top -- say I think I've told everybody here. Probably one too many times that. I'm really excited for the opportunity in the experience to go to twit and do do and doing. But the really hard part for me is -- identities -- guys -- daily basis and work with -- -- and the personal aspect of this that's very difficult for me. -- Things change -- bond you learn you lessons to do it you think is right and I think it all -- to -- things so I'm looking forward to I really wish you guys the very best here and this is not the end of the road as far as I'm concerned. Because it's it's small. Small area -- area and -- -- keep. All of this communication. And collaboration with. I can't really and as you guys friends now and it. And I end for the listeners you guys are. Fantastic I almost said swear -- there because just of how fantastic you guys are. -- made the experience. Even greater I'm getting. Getting to know all of you. From the very beginning for when we started doing this on Yahoo!'s streaming if you remember that I mean it's really it's been an evolution from this this. Cool little idea that we had with the web cams that through your help. And everybody else gonna put their brains together and seeing what else we could do that as Hannah had turned into something special so thank you yes. -- -- And it good luck to anybody is in your dead. -- -- No good luck it's going to be thank you moments you recommend here on this -- I want -- and watch out from there. As well -- is fascinated. He's -- snake man who. And right on thank you. It and that's so com. They -- -- below that cnet.com. All of creation of the show as well any other show. Deal catalogue. Email us -- cnet.com and it's call 806 on six. 2638. You give them a call. Yeah I'm still is I'm still part of it let's go forward the -- -- how you put it back. -- -- -- -- --

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