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The 404: Ep. 1310: Where it's love at first swipe

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The 404: Ep. 1310: Where it's love at first swipe

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Today we'll expose a ring of identify thieves hijacking your personal data and using it to fill out fake online dating profiles, complete with your real name and photos! We'll also talk Tinder, purgatory, and the Pope.

-Oh, yeah. I like it, Ariel. -So smooth. -Something real smooth. Makes me feel like silk and I love it. Welcome to The 404 Show on this Tuesday, July 30th, 2013. I'm Jeff Bakalar. -I'm Justin Yu. -I'm Ariel Nuñez. -Welcome to the program. I feel like yesterday went pretty well. I feel like everyone considered it a success. -Yeah, for sure. -Much to my surprise. -Yeah. People really like hearing about personal stuff like that. And Stacie's appearance was cool. -If you wanna personal stuff, I got plenty of personal stuff I'm holding back. -Yeah. -That I could really get into. Really make people scratch their heads about me if they hadn't already done so. But thank you to Stacie, my lovely wife, who really just made it work. That was really-- -Yes. It's cool, man. -Right. I was blown away. We got a very flattering, humbling amount of e-mails and tweets and crap like that. -Uh-hmm. -People chiming in and saying that they thought it was great and we should do stuff like that more often. -After we turned the mics off, though, Stacie was like, "Oh, you didn't ask us what our nicknames are for each other." -Oh, shit. -And I don't know if you wanna say that now or save that until her next appearance but-- -I mean, I'm not gonna say it. -I was dying. -I [unk] that part. -I was-- yeah, because after you left the room just easily, like, "Oh, wait a minute." And you were like, "Well, you're not gonna bring this up but tomorrow's show, are you?" And I said yes. -I didn't bring it up. -I'm bringing it up. -You brought it up. Great for you, man. -Oh, yes. -And you-- look. -The only reason why I'm making fun of you for it-- -It's in your hands. -is because I want what you have. -I know, I know. -And so, I'm jealous. -Oh, not. -And I'm trying to like live through you and you're adorable mess with Stacie. -Yeah. If there's something that she created-- -It is a very cool relationship. -There's something that she created and yeah, that's where I'm gonna leave it. -Okay. All right. -You don't have to. -Oh, that's good stuff. It's making me sweat a day after. -Phone ball. -The nickname Link Blue is right and she's right in the chat room. The you know, those nicknames, they're the most embarrassing. -Yeah. -They're the ones that make you sweat it out. -Uh-hmm. -And you're just like, "Man, I hope no one in real life ever hear you guys talk in the way we freaking talk behind those doors." -I love you. Should we text? Or whatever you call each other. -That's sweetness. Sugar pop-- All right. Anyway, so that's that. So, thanks again to everyone who dug it. -Yeah. -And yeah, we're gonna be back in a moment. -Okay. -Okay. -Cool. So, everything was fine after the show yesterday. -Yeah. -You're in the dog house or anything? -No. It worked out really good. The best was when I got home last night and I was-- and I saw her with like this frightened smile and she was watching herself. -Oh. -Yeah, because she, you know, she's-- I don't know. Girls are-- they're always interested to see what they look like I guess. -Uh-hmm. -I don't know. -Yeah. -Just watching her taking herself and she was like, delightfully terrified, it's the best way to express it. -Uh-huh. -You remember because girls are-- they're so self judgmental sometimes, at least maybe, you know, my experience with that. Most people are, not just girls. -Everyone is, especially because they're not used to hearing their own voice. -Right. -You know what I mean? Especially like when you leave answering-- a voicemail on an answering machine, you hear back much less than entire podcast reads your own voice. -Yeah, for sure. -I think a lot of people are thrown off but that. So-- -True. -What do you think? Did she like the experience? -Yeah. She dug it, man. She really thought it was awesome. -Yeah. -And she got home and she's like man, I wish I had your job. -And I said, well, there's ups and downs. -Keep coming. -I said there's ups and downs. -Yeah. -And there's ins and outs. -Yeah. -So, there's highs and lows, there's peaks and valleys. -We gotta get more people from your family and maybe your past in the show. -Why won't we just do a reality show of my freaking life if it's so freaking interesting then? -It's not that interesting. -It's like-- don't push your luck there. You know, but yeah, it's fun for sure. -True. -And I'm trying to get her like tweet more, you know what I mean? I want her to be more involved in that. -Yeah. -But for whatever reason, she just completely becomes way disenchanted with all that stuff. -Uh-hmm. -Very quickly. She'll discover Twitter-- when she discovered Twitter, she was like, "This is great. I'm never gonna stop doing this." -Uh-hmm. -And then like a week later, it was over. The honeymoon was over and it was just, you know, done. So, if you wanna, you know, get in touch with her, do that. -Yeah. -And convince her to be more active. -Yeah. -That's all I have. -Cool. I'm glad that she explained yesterday that you're exactly the same off the air that you are on too, and that's true. Like-- -That's important. I'm glad you did say that. -Yeah. Yeah. Definitely. -This isn't like a front. -Yeah. No. -This isn't an act. -So authentic -Yeah. -The pain is real. -Yeah. This is really how mean you are. -Yup. -Would you be willing to do the same thing, Ariel? I mean-- -Definitely. I know your fiance is moving to Ne York pretty soon, so-- -September. -she'll be here. -Yeah. I don't know if we'll be as entertaining, man, like we're-- well, maybe. I don't know. -Yeah. -I don't know. -Now you-- you don't wanna do it now? -No. I'll do. I'll do it. -Yeah. -But-- you know it would be really cool too to have your twin brother on the show. -Oh. -That would be cool. -Either one. Yeah, it'd be right about it. -He hasn't been out here since I moved out here. -No? He hasn't visited you yet? -Not yet. Well, he's like, "Yeah, I don't know." -But isn't it-- -"Jerk, I visited tons of time." Yeah, what the hell? -No. Let's do it. Let's do it. -And I will bring my cat [unk]. -I was gonna say, who are you gonna bring. Who are you gonna bring? I mean, your hands are already here, so what do we-- -Yeah. -Oh, stop it. -Oh, God. -Oh, stop it. Everyone's life is interesting. -Yeah. -And everyone's got cool things going on. -You've got good things going on. -Yeah, you're doing fine. It's what you are. -Oh, man. -All right. -I'm so lonely. -All right. You're not lonely. -Lonely. -I can hear the music. -I'm so-- -All right. -You're not lonely. -It's all right, man. Been there. -Yeah, yeah. My news is my family. -Yeah. -This show is your family. -Yeah. What a shitty family. -You don't like this family? -I like to trade this family. -Speaking of this show, we got a little promotion yesterday, you guys. We got on to the Yahoo News Website. -Awesome. -I think that's a first for us. It's pretty cool. Yahoo has been promoting The 404. Check this out. They have a list of the best Podcast. -You aren't listening to-- -Oh, my God -But you should be. -Hell yeah. -And look at this prominent placement right here. We got a screen shot-- -Awesome. -of Marc Maron's episode on The 404. How awesome is that? -Dude. Sick. -So, let's take a run through of some of the Podcast that they mentioned here, right? -Oh, I wonder what number we are. -Obviously they talk about this American Life, the site WTF with Marc Maron, radio lab, a bunch of different ones. A lot of them that haven't even heard of, like there's one called The Organist. It's about-- -Yeah. That's the name of the article. -Right, right. It's about like stories and interviews that are put together by the believer. There's one-- of course, all things considered, all songs considered as well. -Wait. -Wait, you know what's kinda weird right now, is that I actually didn't read this article before. It looks like we're actually not even in the article. -Shut up. -We're not listed in the article. -They have our screen shot-- -Yeah. -when Maron was here. -Yeah. There's like 15 Podcast listed here and-- -They have a screen shot when Maron is here, we're not on the freaking list? -I mean, we're probably at least sighted for the photo. Let me just do it. -At least. -No. I just typed in The 404. Searching-- -What is happening? -Nothing. -This is a dream. -Yeah. -What's happening? -Yeah. I wanted to thank William on Twitter for calling this guy out. I think it's really funny. It's the best Podcast you're not listening to and you're still not listening to it because you have no idea what show the screen shot is from. -This really-- -That's the story of the show. It really-- -I was just gonna say. -Illustrates how [unk] we are. And people tell us not to be self deprecating but things like there's-- we have to laugh about it. -Don't even say they're not popular so, because there is some evidence that people do listen to this thing but you're so right. This whole thing personifies the day in, day out. Does it not? -Yeah. It really does. -Right. -It makes me sad but I can only laugh to keep from crying. -Exactly. You can only laugh to keep from crying. -Cut at least our 404 logo is here and so-- -Right, which no one will ever piece together. -No. That's our bad for choosing-- -People will just think that's Maron's podcast. -Right. -And be like, "Oh, that's him smiling, enjoying himself." -Right. That's probably what he thought too. -With our door in the background [unk]. -Yeah. I think it's funny because I don't-- is this the screen shot that we used for the episode? -Yeah. -Or someone actually screen shot it? -No. That's the one I used for the episode. -Oh, okay. All right. -Because he doesn't smile a lot-- Maron. And we got him to smile at least once and I was like, Jesus. That's photographic evidence of him smiling. -Right. -Let's preserve that on the internet for all time. -Uh-hmm. -And then this happens. It's just-- it's-- -I was excited at first. -Man, man oh man. -And then disappointed again. -Yeah. -It's okay. -Mother-- -I mean, maybe someone can leave a nice comment. -Well, look. -And say check out The 404 too. And we've already tweeted the writer of this article, Rob Walker at Yahoo. I'm sure he didn't mean some copyright-- -It's-- I'm sure he's not burning us on purpose-- -Yeah. -because he would know what he's burning, right? -It's okay. Like Marc Maron, we're gonna keep doing it and maybe in 40 or 50 years, -Right. -we'll have our own popular show and an article to prove it. -Twenty. I think about Twenty years. And we'll have a nice little Yahoo list to show for it -Yes. Just be patient, man. -I can wait if you can. Hey, Ariel, Justin, I'll wait for you. -You know, Link Blue in the chat brings up good point. She's like, maybe you should change the bug for 404 so that it shows our website in there or anyone that takes it can actually go there. -Well, if you waited long enough, there is like a Twitter handle on the bug. -Oh, right. He just didn't do that. -It does appear-- like it shows up eventually. -Yeah. -We just-- he just decided to smile when the bug wasn't there. -At least Rob Walker listens to the show. That's cool. -No. They were just-- come to that conclusion. -Here's the bug, right there. -There it is. -Yeah, yeah. -There it is. Right here, right here. Okay? -Right. -Damn it. I don't wanna talk about this anymore. Talk about something else that's gonna make me happier please. -Yeah. This is gonna make you happy. This is-- actually, in retrospect, considering this is kind of a bad day for you, these stories are not-- -I'm having a terrible day. -Because anything-- -I'm having a terrible day. -yeah, I know. You're having a bad day and nothing can make this day worse for you than talking about religion. And so, we're gonna do that right now. Do you remember early this year when the new Pope made it to Twitter? -Yeah. -He had, yeah, the Pontif-- for the Catholics. -Pontifex. -Yeah, right. -Was it that? Right. -Yeah, Pontifex, which means Pope in Latin. -Oh, I thought-- yeah, okay. -Yeah. So, he made it to Twitter early this year and recently, the Catholic church has been taking one of the oldest traditions and sort of bringing it up to date with technology. So, check this out. This was on CNET last week. For centuries, the Catholic church, they've been granting something called indulgences and basically, indulgences, which started a really long time ago, they're meant to reduce the time that they believe their followers will have to spend in purgatory, but only if those followers confess and are absolved of their sins. -Right? -Yeah. -So, you know, if you do something that's questionably against moral ethics and the church, you could spend sometime in purgatory, right? Which is the space between where we are now and the after life. -Huh? -You've heard about purgatory before like you don't-- -Limbo. -Yeah, exactly. -Yeah, I know Limbo. -So, if you wanna spend last time in limbo, you need to have something called an indulgence, right? Now, these were passed out in person, obviously, for centuries and they started going under the radar in the middle 80s when churchmen, shady churchmen were starting to sell them for money, right? -Yeah. -No surprise there because churches [unk] stuff like that. -No surprise there, yeah, they're trying to sell indulgences. Yeah, yeah, yeah. -Well, last Monday was the start of the Catholic World Youth Day in Rio de Janeiro. That's basically like a weak long event for you to absolve your sins publicly. And since the church knows that not everyone can afford a plane ticket to Brazil, they're offering indulgences by way of social media. And specifically following Pontifex on Twitter. So, if you have some sins that you wanna confess and maybe reduce a little bit of your purgatory time, -Uh-hmm. -all you gotta do is point that clicker over to URL bar and type in twitter.com/pontifex. -Nice. -Look, read the tweets, confess your sins through an '@' reply or direct message. -Yeah. -Maybe favorite a few tweets and you'll reduce it. -And you're good. -Just like anything else, man. -Makes sense. -It's easy. -Popes got a brand he's got a build, right? -Yeah. -It's business. It is. And if you think it's not, you're wrong. -Yeah. -It's a business. He's gotta make himself relevant-- -Right. -in this day and age. -Uh-hmm. -And understandably so, he's gonna stoop to the level of, you know, somehow trivializing the religious beliefs of you know, half the planet-- -Uh-hmm. -into following some guy in Twitter. -Yeah. -I mean, you know, he is brand, right? He's a political figure in some way. -Uh-hmm. -He changed-- you know, he said one thing about gay people before he was Pope and now when he's Pope, he's like, "Hey, you gay, as long as you're religious, that's kinda cool." -Yeah. -Which I thought was rad at this Pope. -Uh-hmm. -I don't think I've ever said rad and Pope in the same sense. -Yeah. -That's the first for everything. -Yeah. -So, he did that. -Yeah. -I'm on board with this guy. What's his name again? Frank? -Yeah. -Pope Frank? -No, it's Francis. -Right, Francis, Frank, whatever. Doesn't matter. He seems like a good dude. -Yeah. -Follow him on Twitter. -Click that Follow button. -And if you think it's gonna do something for you in the after life-- -Yeah. More power to you. -Why don't you pay more attention to this life though? -Yeah. -Yeah. -First things first. -First things first. -He also has a Facebook page too. -Of course he does. -So, if you prefer that social network, you can get on there. He's got an Instagram, so you can get on there. He's got a Vine, I think, as well for the videos too. -What does Pope Frank instagramming? -Starts for his hat. -Or like his Prada shoes. Don't they all get like Prada shoes or something? -Really? -Yeah, I heard that once. -I don't know. -Yeah. They're pretty fashionable. -Yeah. So, that's cool. He's like a young hipper Pope. I like that. -He is, man. He's gonna rock those Ray-Bans soon I bet. -Yeah. -Hell yeah. -It's cool. I'm gonna go start sinning now. -Do it, right? -And also easy to just forgive. -Absolutely. -It's awesome. -Absolutely. -Yeah. -Yup. -I like that. -Start sinning today. -For sure. All right. I'm down. Cool. You know, I might even convert over all this. -Oh, man. The day that you convert to any religion is the day the show would stop-- were you dancing? -That's my dancing. I'm never gonna convert that. -What religion is that? -That's called the shake. -All right. Well, let's keep moving here. Let's talk about a new police investigation for another online type of site. Wait. I think this is funny that for some reason on this website, it's directing me to an ad for a vaporizer. What am I talking about? -Yeah. -Check this out. -Yeah. -This is like the article that we've been doing. I don't know if this is like direct marketing or something that I've accidentally clicked on. -No, it is because it's a-- -Or vaporizer was purposely locked up. -It's a Google ad choice. -Yeah. -Yeah. -This is-- that means direct advertising, dude. -Yeah. -Dang it, this is the problem with stuff like this. -Yeah. -We should review it. -Busted. -Oh, man. -Let's review it. -Oh, man. -Let's buy one of these things. -I think we should. You know, because [unk] reviews, all types of portable vaporizers and tobacco smoking paraphernalia-- -So, this-- what the hell-- wired it too. -Yeah and since CNET's starting their old household appliances reviews division-- -Hook it up. -Why not do something like this too? And that's why I'm researching it. That's my story, I'm sticking to it. -Nice. What are we, at this site, really for? -I think it was like [unk] but oh, man. Okay. Well, police are investigating these new crop of businesses, right? These new businesses, they're designed to game online dating websites, which is really crazy. As if there weren't enough creeps lurking around on OKCupid and Match.com, things like that. Well, these investigators found that some matchmaking sites, they're not listed here because they're still Under-- they're still being investigated but some of these matchmaking sites are buying up huge pools of personal data. Sometimes, up to 10,000 people at a time from companies such as one called US Date which has an office in Florida. Right? But they're buying up these massive amounts of user information and the profiles for these users include photographs along with their names, their e-mail addresses, dates of birth and even sexual orientation, right? -This is terrible. -Yeah. It's crazy and you know, they're not using it for credit card fraud or identification fraud in the traditional sense. They're using it to make fake online profiles, right? To sort of beef up the user base of some of the smaller internet dating websites to make it seem like they have more users. And it's also to make-- to see, you know, what they'll do here is that they'll make these fake profiles and then start messaging real people, real members on their website. -This is really messed up. -Right. And they can get them to buy a paid account in order to interact with them further. -It's like virtual trafficking. -Yeah. -In a way. -This is really crazy. I know-- I mean, the big tip off that some of these profiles are fake is that they actually use celebrity profiles. So, a lot of people were reporting that they were getting messages on OKCupid from people like Brad Pitt and people like Michael Caine, for some reason were showing up on online dating profiles and they're like, wow, Michael Caine must not be doing well at all. -Yeah. I can't believe he's single and interested to me. -Yeah, bummer. So, clearly those are fake and that sort of how this investigation started. So, be careful out there because not everyone that you meet, of course on the internet, may not be who they appear. -Yeah. -And that should be the lesson number one you'll learn from online dating. -Hate to break it to you. -Duh. -Brad Pitt doesn't want your body. -Yeah. -I'm sorry. -It's tricky out there. -You gotta be careful. -Yeah. -And not stupid. -Yeah. -Yeah. -All right. -Yeah, you know, it's funny. Yesterday, we're talking about online dating and I thought that I like hearing organic stories about how people met in real life. You know, like yesterday, Jeff, you're talking about how you and Stacie met in college and then you kind of had this long timeline of events that sort of led you guys to each other. Like we met each other in high school and then stopped hanging out and then went to the same college, like, that's a great story, you know. And it takes a while to explain. It's not just, well, we met online. We both like zombie movies and so we message each other on OKCupid, which I feel like is the creation story for a lot of the relationships I hear about now. -You're saying-- -And that's kinda depressing. -You're saying-- -It's not romantic. -You're saying the etymology behind people-- the origin story-- -Yeah. -behind people's relationships from now 'til the end of time will be much more boring. -Yeah. -Because they will be the sort of virtually arranged marriages. -Right. Yeah. I feel like I used to hear a lot more romantic stories like I saw him on the outside of a subway car and then I like, you know, blew hot air into the window and drew my phone number for her to call me. -Where did you [unk] that? -Yeah. -I feel like I've heard stories like that before and now, it's just nothing. It's like we rated each other 5 stars. -And now it's like, I hit okay on Tinder. -Not even-- yeah, I swiped on Tinder. So, let's talk about that. Yeah, you've heard about Tinder. Ariel, have you heard about this dating website Tinder? -No. -So, it's-- I don't know. I don't wanna like place any labels on top of this site but essentially, from what I gathered because I had never seen it, Justin Yu know better than I. You just swipe left or right, -Uh-hmm. -on someone's photo. -Right. -It's sort of like hot or not, -Yeah. -or you're just like, yes or no. -Right. -And then if that person says yes, 2 yeses make a match and you are put in touch with each other -Yeah, that's exactly right. -Wow. -And there's no information that's exchanged, like at least with traditional online dating profiles you get to know their interest and like what movies and music and junk they like. -Think about-- -But on Tinder, it's literally just a picture of their face and you swipe right if you like and swipe left if you wanna trash him. -Is that not the craziest thing? -That's what we've come to. -I mean-- -You said you know someone that's actually found-- -Yeah, I do. -you know, a dater relationship out of it. -My buddy, we'll call him Mark. -Okay. -He-- probably he started bringing this girl around with him and we didn't know who it was and we're like, hey, you know, who's this new girl? We'll call her Linda. And I'm like, where did you meet Linder? -Yeah. -And he's like, it was very-- he was very bashful about it. -Right. -The two of them were together and we sort of like have them cornered and we're like, where did you guys meet? You guys have been on like 7 dates already. -Right. Yeah. -What the hell? You're bringing her around to all of our parties and all of our get-togethers and affairs and whatnot. What's the deal? -Right. -And Linda goes, "Yeah. We met on Tinder." And then Mark goes, "Yeah, we met on Tinder." And I was like, all right, well, hey, you know, to each his own. -Yeah. -To me, it does seem-- on the outside looking and again I've been out of the dating pool for literally a decade. -Right. -It seems a little shallow on the surface, right? -Yeah. -It seems like, oh, it's very materialistic and you know, sort of-- I don't know. I don't like it. I don't like it because you're just boiling things down to looks. -Right. -And I will have you know I'm a big believer that outside of attractiveness, -Uh-hmm. -there are so many more things that are more important-- -Yeah. -in a relationship. And when you trivialize the relationships just by-- don't get me wrong. -Uh-hmm. -If this is just like a one wonder sort of thing, you're just looking to get lucky and you know, -Right. -bear some thoughts, that's fine. That's totally fine. -Yeah. It's just not a story you wanna tell your kids someday. -Yeah. Like I swiped right and it love [unk]. -Yeah. -It's just like-- Jesus. -Yeah, right. -I don't know. I'm not hitting on Tinder at all. I think it's kinda-- anyway, it's kind of awesome especially for like a male chauvinistic standpoint where it just like-- -It just-- yeah. It just takes the least amount of effort. -Female chauvinistic too though. -It is. For sure. You're right. I don't know. The door swings both ways. You just say, "I wanna bang this girl." -Yeah. -And you're just like, all right, well-- -But doesn't that always start with looks? Like-- everyone I approaches always starts with-- oh, she's pretty. I wanna talk to her. -Right. -And then if she's cool, then I'll go further. -Yeah. I mean, there's definitely that element in real life but I know people who are married for like years and they're like, when I first saw him I was like, no way, like you know. -Yeah. Right. -I've heard those stories too. -Uh-hmm. -Right. -That will never happen on Tinder. -Uh-hmm. -That will just never happen. -You know-- -I accidentally swiped right. -Yeah, yeah. -And it turned out to be cool. -Right, exactly. -You know what's funny about online dating, though, is that I think when people start getting on it and they endorsed it to their friends, it always advertises like a really easy way to meet someone. -Uh-hmm. -You know, like it's so much easier than like going out to a bar and meet someone in person, you know, because you have all these people online. -Uh-hmm. -I would argue that it's actually way harder, because you have to put so much more effort into it. -Right. -And that's why things like Tinder exist because people don't like having to fill up profiles. -Right. -And then going through, you know, -There's a lot of paperwork. -pages and pages of-- yeah, exactly, of people that are basically asking you to fill out a survey about who you are and how you wanna represent yourself on this tiny little profile. It's like dating based on your AOL profile or those ridiculous hundred questions survey you used to get back in the day. -You're right. -You know, and it takes so much more effort, -You're right. -because you know, you have to exchange messages back and forth, -Sure. -and come up with something sort of clever to say. -Yeah. -I don't know. I think at a certain point, like the effort that you put into it, you should just go out and maybe just meet someone in person. -I'm with you, man. -Use that as a training tool for in real life game. -Yeah. I'm definitely with you. Again, out of the dating pool for a decade. I can only observe from the outside looking in. -Uh-hmm. -I think there is something-- I do think trying to find a relationship now is work. It's like another job. -Yeah. -And you know, the way I met Stacie, everything kind of just fell together and it was-- well, I don't always call it easy because I don't want to take anything away from our amazing relationship but it really just organically came together like a rare eclipse. It just panned out beautifully. -Right. -I know I have a lot of single friends, not much anymore but I do have a few, and you know, they're trying the online stuff and then every single one of them that becomes with-- that winds up in a relationship, -Uh-hmm. -winds up meeting someone in real life, whether or not it's as-- mostly it's like a side effect to the whole online dating thing. -Right. -Like I was in this bar to meet the girl I met on OKCupid, round off running into someone else, and now we were expecting. -Wow. Fast one. -And so like-- I'm just saying like that's the chain of events that I've had experienced with, you know, like [unk] through friends. -Right, right. -And maybe that's just because it we're in New York and it's a very social scene, -Uh-hmm. -I'm sure in the more, you know, rural parts of the world, it's not as easy-- -Yeah. -to just go to the bar and meet somebody but yeah, man, it's-- and I do think, you know, it's more work now. -Uh-hmm. -It seems like people who are single and don't wanna be single have a lot of homework to do. -Right. -And you know, I kinda feel for them in that capacity. -You know what I think, OKCupid is good for-- is just good training for going on a date. -You know, going on a date and just talking about yourself. -Right. -Because I feel like most people probably wouldn't go on, on a bunch of different casual dates if they didn't think it was gonna go into something serious. But if you look at it just like, well, I need to get my stories down. You know, like I need to get my like, oh, what did I-- how did I get here story. -Uh-hmm. -You know, and then just figuring out how to talk about yourself because I'm not really particularly comfortable telling my background story. But when you go on all these dates, you kinda get it down after a while. -Right. -And it's a good way to just learn how to interact. -I mean, you're selling yourself. -Right. -You're almost performing to these people. -Right, right. -You know, you're putting on a song and dance. -Right, which is why you should never trust anything someone says in the first date. -Well, yeah. I mean, until you really get to know somebody. -Yeah. -You know, you have no idea who they are. -Yeah. -That's scary, man. To me it's crazy and maybe, Ariel, you can relate a little bit. -Uh-hmm. -You've been tied up for a while, right? -Yeah. -How long have you been tied up? -Three years. -Altogether? -Yeah, with my current fiance, yeah three. -Yeah. -So, you know, you've been out of that loop for a little bit. -I think for a while, yeah. -You know, it's weird and we kinda like missed this generation to dating. -It's tough out here, man. -Uh-hmm. -It's-- yeah. -I'm in the shit. -I don't know if I wanna call it the shit but I feel like, you know, it's-- -Ariel, how did you guys meet? I never heard that story. -It was very-- like through mutual friends, really, like in San Francisco we were-- I used to throw a lot of parties and stuff and then her and her friends just like-- it was one of my good friends' girlfriend at that time, -Uh-hmm. -they're friends. -Uh-hmm. -Does that make sense? Yeah. So, then like they're whole crew would always come by and then like we became friends on Facebook. Facebook is really where I started like hollering. -Really. The public holler. -Yeah. -That's hard. -Yeah, on Facebook. Facebook. -Yeah. -Like private message. -Oh. -Yeah, yeah. And then we-- and then eventually worked out somewhere, we just hang out, she's really cool. -Right. -It's always faces, man. -Yeah. -It always comes back to faces. -Faces. -Yeah, yeah. -But we met first in person, you know. -Yeah. That's the way it should be. -Yeah and it just worked out. -I remember being more like, okay, I met this person, now here comes this like the reconnaissance work after you meet them in person. -Yeah. For sure. -You know, then you start-- then you start-- then you put on your glasses in your cabin, you're like okay. -Exactly, yeah. -Let's see what kind of damage I could do. -Some of background checks sort of play. -Yeah. Let me do some of this. -Yeah. -Yeah, for sure. -Because you know, I would imagine the first thing you do when you meet someone is you Google their name, right? -I guess so, yeah. -Is that how it works? You Google their name. -Yeah, of course. -Uh-hmm. -I don't want someone doing that. -Don't tell them your last name. -Yeah. -Until you're comfortable doing that. -Until then, I'm just Jeff Baker. -Yeah. -Uh-hmm. -That's it. -You know. -You need to create a whole separate identity for yourself in order to just, you know, talk to them before you're ready to give them your personal information. -Yeah. -Like make a new e-mail address, -Let's do it, man. -new AIM screen name, all that stuff. -That's nuts, man. -You don't know what it's like, man. -I wanna hear stories from our listeners who are in the gulch, who are in the midst of online dating, navigating the rough seas of online love. -Yeah. I wanna hear some horror stories. -Yeah. I wanna hear it all. -Definitely need some horror stories. -I wanna hear all that crap. -Yeah. -All right. We got one more story here, right? -Uh-hmm. -And then, oh, and then there's one e-mail I wanted to read too. Can we-- do you wanna do this story, guy? -Yeah. Let's just do the story really quick. Do you guys know a dumpster diving is? I think we've talked about it on this show a few times. -Oh, yeah. -Yeah, I think we had. -But-- -Every Friday. -You go dumpster diving? -Every Friday, I go dumpster diving. -Get some bread from [unk], some leftover doughnuts and things like that, right at the dumpster. -Sensitive information-- -Yeah. -from corporation-- -Oh, right. Yeah. -that they refuse to shred. -Uh-hmm. -I then-- -Steal some identities. -There you go. -Some identities, go render some fat to make your soaps. -Right. -Right. You do that. -Yup, absolutely. -Well, now there's a place for you to get a lot of that stuff online, which his kinda cool. So, there's plenty of places where you can go to trade things online, right? You could trade books on Books Swap or music or anything you want. And the latest website let's you trade your leftover food. -Wow. -It's kinda cool. It's called Leftover Swap and I say cool with the utmost sarcasm. It's really not. It's basically an app that lets you take a picture and post a photo of your leftovers to a big database. -Oh. -And that's-- from there, strangers in the geographic market have the option to trade or just take it. So, as you can see in this picture on mpr.org, they have some leftover lemon chicken, you don't like the rest of it, trade it for some fettuccine parmesan. Something like that. -First off, that's sesame chicken. -Okay. -I though you'd know that. Number two, oh, no. No. -Yeah. -I don't want-- no, I don't want anyone's leftovers. -Well, you don't have to trade. If you don't have anything to trade, you could just offer to eat it and then go pick it up wherever it is as long as it's in your close geographical location. -Well, we got half of chicken parmesan, anyone want this? -Yeah. -I spit up the spaghetti. I hope that's okay. -I really wished, as I was reading this, that it was a joke. It's not a joke, man. -This is real. -It started as a joke and that's the worst part. It started as a joke in 2010. Now in 2013, it's a real website. And it was started by a programmer in Seattle who thought it was kinda funny and then realized he could probably make money of it somehow. -That's crazy. -So, the app is gonna launch at the end of August and it's gonna be free. So, there's still not like a paid model yet for it. -If you can't-- -But it's gonna happen. -If you can't pay for food and need to eat someone's leftovers, how the hell are you gonna afford a niche subscription to a thing like Leftover Swap? -Yeah. -Totally. -And how do you have a cellphone? -Yeah. -You bum. -Yeah, trade that in for food. -Right? Or the phone. -I think, okay, from the person's perspective, who's getting the trade, that's fine, you know. Do what you gotta do to survive. But for someone who's putting their food online than to have just giving it to the homeless guy on the corner, come on. Right? Like there are people out there that can really use this food and they're not people with cellphones. That's my-- -This is upsetting. -Yeah. -That's upsetting. -This is like that time that I forget what the company was called but it was at South by Southwest two years ago where they were using homeless people as WiFi beacons. -Oh, yeah. -Remember that? -Yeah, yeah, yeah. -That's terrible. -That was terrible. -That's tough. -Here's an e-mail from Anthony. Headline-- subject is: "I'm so confused. How the hell did an ugly troll like Jeff end up with Stacie? No. I'm just kidding. If were even a little gay, I'd be all over the sexy Mr. Bakalar." I forgot about that part. I didn't read that again. -Yeah. -"Seriously, you two have-- will have beautiful children and it was good to see the often glum Jeff light up a little, but don't make it a habit. Keep up the good work." Well, thanks, Tony. You really turn that e-mail around. -Uh-hmm. -I appreciate it, buddy. Thanks to everyone who e-mailed in and shared a few nice thoughts about having Stacie on the program yesterday. -Yeah. -That was awesome. -Yeah. -Very good. -That positive outlook did not last very long. -Not even 24 hours. -Nope. It was a short one. -Because Tom Walker had to go ahead and go-- no, I'm kidding. His name is Rob Walker. Anyway, we're joking. We're back tomorrow, 866-404-CNET. Give us a call or send us an e-mail the404@cnet.com and I want everyone to follow us on Twitter. -Uh-hmm. -And I want everyone to follow along in the Subreddit and I want everyone to participate on our Facebook stuff. Okay? That's it for today. Have a good one, guys. We'll see you tomorrow. I'm Jeff Bakalar. -I'm Justin Yu. -I'm Ariel Nuñez. -This has been The 404 Show. High tech, lowbrow. We'll be back here on Wednesday, to finish up July. We'll see you.

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