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Tech Culture: Ep. 131: The Stress Eating Episode

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Tech Culture: Ep. 131: The Stress Eating Episode

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It's been a stressful week for all of us. As such, this week's episode is all about finding solace in the kitchen... mostly. It's also about unintentionally wearing your privates on your prom dress.

[ Music ] ^M00:00:02 >> It's Gadgettes. I'm Molly Wood. >> I'm Kelly Morrison. >> And I'm Jason Howell. >> Welcome to gadgettes. It is Friday, April 32009, we all survived April Fool's Day, and we're never going to speak of it again. >> Never. >> Never. >> Oh the things that fooled me. >> I stayed off the Internet completely. >> Really? >> Well, no. Because I was at work and that was part of my job. But I didn't look for things, I didn't read any stories about anybody. >> I'm not doing this. >> I totally fell for it. I was on the way home and I was listening to marketplace, which is like an NPR business -- you know -- >> Yeah. >> Anyway, they had such a good April Fool's that I didn't get, which was that people were not only staging homes any more, but they were staging entire neighborhoods, and they were hiring actors to play neighbors in abandoned neighborhoods where there were lots of foreclosed homes so they could get people to move in and the then the people would move in and be like where did the neighbors go. And apparently the neighbors would, like, invite them in and they would have whole fake barbecues for the prospective buyers and stuff like that, I was like, wow, that's really crazy. [ Multiple voices speaking ] >> That's a good idea. >> It's a really good idea. >> I miss the old days where the April Fool's jokes were in fact all clever, instead of like half clever and over the top and -- [ Multiple voices speaking ] >> Remember when I said we weren't going to talk about that again, we're still talking about it. >> Yeah, totally. >> Yeah I know, but we can't help it. There's only one thing I like talking about more, and that's food. >> Yeah. >> And I don't know about you all, but I had a stressful week. >> As have I, a stressful couple weeks, been kind of -- if I may use something questionable, terminology wise -- sucky. >> Oh! >> Sucky. [ Multiple voices speaking ] >> I went all the way there, it's been that bad. [ Multiple voices speaking ] >> I would actually say it's been more shitty than sucky. >> Yeah. All the way there. >> Yeah. >> All right, well now that we're all the way there, you know -- [ Multiple voices speaking ] >> We might as well. >> So there's been cake and candy and cheese on my part, a lot of cheese. And so we thought today's episode could only appropriately be titled the stress eating episode. >> Uh huh. >> Yes, that's right. I've had two desserts after my lunch today, just to be honest with everybody. >> Wow. So you're saying you had lunch. Because I've had two desserts today, and I just had this tiny bit of chicken. >> Yeah -- [ Multiple voices speaking ] >> I can't help myself. >> I had like a little bit of lunch and then two desserts. But there was enough lunch that I have had two desserts. >> Yeah, that's hard. >> That's kind of what we're getting at. >> Yeah, we're eating a lot these days and -- [ Multiple voices speaking ] >> But the universal [Inaudible] as it always does and then you go looking for a theme for the show and you find a bunch of great food gadgets out there. >> You really do. I mean, food gadgets is always a good fall back because there are always really good things coming out. And I just love looking at food gadgets and fantasizing about having them. >> Or the food. >> Or the food itself. [ Multiple voices speaking ] >> Exactly. >> For example, the I love soft boiled eggs, love them. And there's this new gadget called the beep egg, which is you know, whatever, your basic egg timer. You drop it in along into the pan along were the real eggs that you're planning to cook. But it will let you know when your eggs get to soft boiled because that is like the hardest thing to achieve, a perfectly soft boiled egg. You think they're gross? >> Ah. >> Well, I like them -- they make me gag. >> I like them a lot closer to hard boiled than they're usually supposed to be made. Because I think actually I say that, but, like Justin was trying to make one for me one day, and he made seven in a row and he said I don't think you really like soft boiled eggs. [ Multiple voices speaking ] >> Yes, make your own damn eggs from now on, Molly. >> I think you like medium build eggs. >> That's like five eggs more than my husband would make for me, just so you know. >> He gets into, you know, just trying to get it just so. The challenge of it. But so anyway, when it gets to the soft boiled point it Plays Killing Me Softly. >> Really? Makes me think a little too much about where my egg is coming from, but it gets the job done. >> So wait a minute, it's submerged in boiling water and it's playing music? >> It's playing music. Yeah. I wonder how it sounds. >> Yeah, probably a little like that. >> So if you want the medium boiled egg, which is what I want, apparently it's a thing. Wait until you hear I Wish I Was a Hen is what it plays -- I don't know that song. And then if you want a hard boiled egg it plays car men beau Ron. [ Music ] Czech check >> We're just going to have to keep this going because it's a -- ^M00:04:42 [ Multiple voices speaking ] ^M00:04:53 >> Wow. They've got -- >> Don't kill my eggs. My precious eggs. Don't over boil or you can't peel. [ Laughter ] >> That's so [ Multiple voices speaking ] >> [Inaudible] the music that I was playing has subtitles of what they're saying -- has nothing to do with eggs. I'm just saying. >> What? >> You know what -- >> It's true. >> Everything has to do with eggs. I'm telling you. I can take that and turn it into something about eggs. That's my -- [ Multiple voices speaking ] >> I'm going do that and then I'm going to come in here later and I'm going to, like, do that and record it. Totally -- [ Multiple voices speaking ] >> Or we can just replace the entire [Inaudible] with lyrics about eggs, or Bock Bock -- >> Bock, bock, bock. >> I'm going to do that all day long. >> Yeah. But we have to move on. >> I guess we should move on. From the sublime to the silly. Get me the digital recipe reader. Gets our thumbs down as a kitchen gadget. This thing is just -- just kind of fills me -- fills me with a sort of pleasant rage, if it's possible. [ Multiple voices speaking ] >> You're so stupid. >> Yeah, like that's adorable. Nobody's going to -- come on. The demi, why by the way that's a bizarre name -- cost $299, or will cost when it comes out. It is available now for preorder at Amazon. It's basically a [Inaudible] but only for recipes. >> And it doesn't cost that much less than a kindle. >> No. >> Yeah, 299. >> Apparently room for up to 2500 recipes, it syncs with keyingredient.com, which is I guess is kind of their content site. >> Yeah. >> So -- >> Can you put your own recipes on there. >> Yeah, I don't know. >> I think you probably can with a computer. A computer that you could theoretically maybe move to the kitchen -- and >> Foldable form -- [ Multiple voices speaking ] >> Pull up a recipe. >> But the demi has built in timers and a conversion calculator. Oh, wait -- [ Laughter ] >> So does Google. [ Laughter ] >> I just knew where you were going with that, Molly Wood. >> I wonder if you could hack this. >> You saw that coming a mile away. >> I wonder if you could hack this and put an ebook on there. $299 ebook reader, sold -- [ Multiple voices speaking ] >> This is interesting. >> Direct competitor. >> Interesting. >> This is a single-use gadget. >> Single use gadgets are no longer really interesting. >> I mean -- yeah. Sort of depends on the -- >> Everything has to have multiple uses. >> It depends on the gadget. Like I think the Kendall arguably pretty good single use device. >> It's not a single use device, though. Because you can do a lot more than read books, right? I mean, you can -- >> Yeah, but it's just for reading. >> There's surfing. Surfing the Internet, right? [ Multiple voices speaking ] >> Can it read -- can it do audio books? >> Yeah. It can playback audio books. It can play MP3s. >> Can it do podcasts? >> Yeah. It can be podcasts. >> Okay, so that's multifunction. >> Okay, multifunction -- issue. Yesterday, though, I have to admit, this is a little bit of a tangent, I was walking around with my netbook and my Kendal and my iPhone. >> And you were a big nerd? >> I was a giant nerd. >> Is that the point of this? >> I was a giant nerd. [ Multiple voices speaking ] >> Well yeah, I was a big nerd with a real heavy purse, but I was really [Inaudible] tool belt and my gadget belt, and -- [ Multiple voices speaking ] >> I don't even have, like, a pocket protector any more, because who uses pens. So true. But my Stylus was in my pocket. >> You have a pocket protector for your Stylus. Exactly. [ Laughter ] >> Is that a Stylus in your pocket are you happy to see me. >> [Inaudible] because my fingers are so covered with frito grease that it just [Inaudible] -- [ Multiple voices speaking ] ^M00:08:55 >> [Inaudible] I did think to myself there's no way that I need all of these. Like, there's got to be a way that one of these can combine some of the other functions of the other one and then that can not have to have, like, $9,000 worth of electronics. I mean, not obviously that much. But -- [ Multiple voices speaking ] >> I was thinking like something is wrong with this situation here. >> But what's it going to be. They're all working toward that, but which device will win. Will it be the netbook, will it be the iPhone, or will it be the Kendall. >> Or will it be demi, the digit recipe reader. >> Yeah! Which of these things is not like the others. >> If I'm going spend 299 on that I would much rather go all the way to one of those kitchen computers, the touch-screen ones or the HP touch one. >> Yeah, but then you'd really have to open up a restaurant to justify that expense. >> Are they that expensive? >> No, I think it's computer-priced. And then it's all computer. >> Well, yeah. Well, okay. >> Anyway. So anyway, on to things that are stupid and cooking related. Know what I would much rather have, see, I would rather have that computer so that instead of pulling up dumb recipes from some site that I don't actually want instead of my really good recipes I can pull up Clara and her -- [ Multiple voices speaking ] >> And her awesome YouTube series Great Depression Cooking. [ Multiple voices speaking ] >> Total, totally miss my Grandma. And seeing grandma Clara and her depression era cooking tips just makes me wish I could be making oatmeal cookies with carob chips because I was allergic to milk products. >> Awe. >> Yeah. >> This lady -- >> Takes me back. >> She does. She seems like everybody's grandma, so great. Okay, but this is amazing. Clara is 93 years old. >> No, he's 83. Are you sure he's 93? >> I think so. Play a little of the video. You've got to go back to the beginning. >> Oh, does she say the beginning. >> Yeah, at the very beginning of that episode that's on the [Inaudible] -- [ Multiple voices speaking ] >> That's her cute music. >> Awe, cute grandma music. >> Might take a while to get to her. >> And she shows like, the depression years kind of going by. But apparently she does these recipes that average 50 cents a serving, and she's like a YouTube sensation. Now all her recipes have been collected on DVD. She's wonderful. >> Here she comes. [ Inaudible comments ] >> She didn't say. Clara didn't say. >> Say is Clara. >> Say it, Clara! Oh for Pete's sake! >> The good thing about Clara is she just gets to the point. >> She's ageless. >> She doesn't want to mess around with random facts -- >> She's another into show-boating either. >> No. >> She's -- you know what, I make food. And I'm Clara. And I'm proud of it. And here's the food. [ Multiple voices speaking ] >> I'm proud of her. >> She utilizes ingredients like eggs, pasta, and lots and lots of potatoes. So you know, when you're stress eating you don't have to make really expensive stress food -- [ Multiple voices speaking ] >> I sort of like to waste all of my money while I'm eating and that somehow helps me feel better when I'm anxious. You know, when I am at my most anxious is when I will go out and buy a nice bottle of wine and maybe go to Whole Foods instead of Trader Joe's. >> Oh, snap. Okay, there is this little local magazine called consumer checkbook, and it just rates sort of Bay Area services, and -- yeah, it's fascinating. They did this breakdown of grocery stores, so they used an average of Safeway and Lucky, and went on a shopping trip there and then averaged the price of that, and then calculated how much more or less you would spend at all the other Bay Area grocery stores, like Andronica, Whole Foods, and stuff. So at Andronica's which is a pretty fancy grocery store, but not Whole Foods quality, you would spend a little over $2,000 more per year. At Whole Foods to buy the exact same food that you bought at Safeway and Lucky -- $5,000 a year extra. >> Wow. >> Like 5500 even. Unbelievable. >> That is interesting. >> For comparable food. I mean, it's not comparable in the sense that -- you know, I don't know. Some of them have -- I don't know. >> Wow. >> Yeah, $5,000 a year more. >> I thought I was paying for the service , but then I went to the Whole Foods here in Oakland -- or there in Oakland, when I moved to Oakland. And the people were actually not working there, but just the other people shopping there were so awful and rude that I never went back. >> Oh yeah. The other people at Whole Foods were the worst part. >> They're terrible. They're absolutely -- not so in San Francisco, but for some reason in Oakland, retched people. All of them. >> Those particular [Inaudible] yuppies are the most unbearable form. Because they're kind of vaguely suburban but still slightly urban, but mostly just rude. >> And uppity. >> And uppity. Yeah, I had this one woman engage in like a 20 minute conversation with the butcher guy about what the chickens used to eat. I'm pretty sure I told you this story. She's like what did the chickens eat. She wanted to know what was the difference between the free range and the organic and [Inaudible] and then what did they eat, did they eat bugs -- did they eat bugs. >> Because I don't want to eat chickens that ate bugs. >> Well, that's where I thought she was going. And the guy was like, I don't know. I guess. Maybe, because I don't know -- they eat whatever they want because they're free range or something. And then she's like, chickens are supposed to eat bugs and gave him this big lecture [Inaudible] I hate you! >> Not the answer you thought I was looking for, is it? >> Right. But still I hate you. And I'm behind you and I'd like to buy some chicken. And if you want to know where your chicken came from and every damn thing that your chicken ate, raise your own chicken. >> Seriously. It's possible. It's not that hard to raise your own chickens. [ Multiple voices speaking ] >> And then you can kill them yourself too, if you [Inaudible] that badly. >> In Oakland have chickens. It's not even like a farm thing. You just have a chicken anywhere you damn want. >> It's true. Depending on the city, though. >> You can't have it anywhere you damn want in San Francisco. Just a little fact. You have to be zoned for chickens. >> Yeah, that's true. >> Maybe it's roosters. I can't remember. [ Multiple voices speaking ] >> Can you have peeps wherever you want? >> Dude, I know, right? Speaking of chicken. >> This is one while animal I want to meet. >> Peeps. Peeps! >> So I could build things with it. >> I love peeps. It's totally peep season. >> Molly and I have a major difference of opinion about peeps. I am disgusted by peeps. As a candy item, as something to look at, I love them. But I can't believe that people actually eat them. >> You're so wrong about that. >> Apparently. >> I might be eating a couple of them around Easter time. >> It doesn't matter that they're gross. Gross is not the point. Like a lot of things are gross. But peeps are delicious. But then peeps get way better when you leave them out. Yeah, I think you guys have heard me with this theory before. You've got to have stale peeps, because they're chewier, and then you can have peep wars in the microwave. >> What happens when you put peeps in the microwave. >> You put two peeps facing each other can a tooth pick in each one, and you turn the microwave on, and the peeps blow up giant, and then the winner is the one that stabs the other one first, and when they get stabbed they deflate. Peep wars. >> I had no idea such a thing existed. [ Laughter ] >> Well, since I did not write the how to craft with peeps candy book which is our next sort of gadget, I guess I can write the peep wars gadget. But it's pretty hilarious. Like it's basically -- a peep CD with music to listen to -- [ Multiple voices speaking ] >> Apparently there are 24 easy looking projects' according to Chow, our sister site. >> We're all about chow today, accidentally. >> Yeah. I should post today's episode on Chow. >> Oh, you totally should. Yeah. >> I have to say in a totally non biased way, as I was looking for stuff on Chow I get so sucked in -- it's a really good site guys, seriously. >> I know, I'm not trying to be gross or [Inaudible] I'm really into food and -- >> And how to make it -- [ Multiple voices speaking ] >> How to craft with peeps. >> Yeah, so anyway I'm kind of obsessed with the peep sing along part of this, which you can get at Amazon for 7.98. The marshmallow peeps sing along for sweet tweets. >> Sweet tweets! >> That's right. >> That's totally cute. >> Including a song called Chirpy, Chirpy, Cheep, Cheep. >> Also chat room, I would hardly call it a peep fetish. It's just a -- peep -- >> Not like we're waring peep costumes or anything, because that would be a fetish. >> I know. And I would not do that. Unless it was a peep wars costume. >> Dude! >> Two of you could go and peep wars costumes. >> How great a Halloween costume would that be! >> That would be so good! Molly, can we go as peep wars next year? >> Yes. >> You'd be the only ones -- you'd be the only ones. You would not run of risk of anyone having the peep wars costume. >> This Halloween show you'll see Kelly and I in gadgettes in our peep wars costumes. >> Oh I'm so -- >> I'll be the microwave. [ Applause ] >> I love it! Yeah! >> Oh God, best Halloween ever. >> I just want you to know I'm Googling peeps costume right now. Ah! Marshmallow peeps costume, bay costumes . Com! Yes! >> And then we just have to -- [ Multiple voices speaking ] >> I can make a microwave costume out of a big cardboard box of everything. >> No problem. >> They also have infant costumes and kid costumes for peeps, because we could be a whole family of peeps. >> Oh, Eli is totally going to be a peep! [ Laughter ] >> I am so excited right now. >> Oh man. That's -- >> Oh well. >> That's pretty awesome. >> [Inaudible] stay on target and be efficient today. >> Not happening at all. >> Probably because I had some coffee right before -- no, I'm sorry, that was a bad try. But -- >> But it works. >> So a year ago or something I was talking at great length about clover coffee machines, and this is just a really super fancy, like, single brewing coffee machine that bubbles the coffee, grinds up, and then you have to use a little squeegee and squeegee it off. It's just really an elaborate process, makes a really, really -- at the time I never actually tried it, because there weren't any Clover Coffee machines in the city, but I was really kind of obsessed with it and very excited about it manage -- well I walked into a Starbuck's not too long ago, and there lo and behold, was a Clover Coffee machine. And they had this whole separate section in the Starbuck's for it, and they had all these small batch coffees and it was like, you know, fancy-schmancy $5 coffee or something like that. And I tried it, and it was delicious. And it turns out that Starbuck's actually bought the clover -- the brand that makes Clover machines, and they're starting to roll it out at least in San Francisco, and I imagine other places. And it -- for coffee fans, it -- you guys have to try it. It's really good. >> Wow. That's -- I'm exciting that Starbuck's is going this route of really crazy, high end coffee thing. >> And I -- >> There isn't a whole lot that pulls me into Starbuck's any more, I must admit -- [ Multiple voices speaking ] >> There's so many other good, you know -- there's Pete's, for example, is, you know, why go to Starbuck's when you can go to Pete's, but Starbuck's actually -- they have a blog, where they talk about the latest coffees that go with it -- >> And they actually -- they recently did this whole thing where they went out to all their stores and did retraining about the coffee, and said, like, we need to refocus on coffee quality. And I noticed a distinct improvement, I have to say. I think the Starbuck's coffee has gotten noticeably better. It's like 300 yards closer than Pete's and that is enough for me to -- >> Much more convenient, that's for sure -- [ Multiple voices speaking ] >> So true. And you know, just much like that ice cream the other week, I'm going to have to go get a Starbuck's after -- [ Multiple voices speaking ] >> Talk about free advertising for Starbuck's who really doesn't need it. >> And peeps. >> And peeps. I know. >> And Chow. We're shameless today. >> You might as well just buy Reece's Pieces head phones or whatever those things were that made a couple of listeners really angry when we were talking -- remember that, when we were talking about the Reece's Pieces ear buds. >> Oh yeah. >> And someone is like they should pay you. Whatever! And then Jason has [Inaudible] -- >> No, I was just going to say -- yeah. It's not going to work now. Because this is -- a minute ago we were talking about all the things we can't stop talking about. One of those things is the pancreas. Isn't that true? That is so true -- [ Multiple voices speaking ] >> Shut up. [Inaudible] pancreas. >> I will just go on and on about the pancreas plushy. >> It's pretty much my favorite thing. This is like -- [ Multiple voices speaking ] ^M00:21:19 >> This is definitely a thing, this pancreas. >> It's a real thing. And it's a thing. >> And it's also a real thing. >> And the web site is called Iheartguts.com. Which is almost all you need to know about that. >> I -- [ Multiple voices speaking ] >> You can find -- okay, this is so awesome. So that's where you can find the pancreas plush, give me some sugar, an then there's kidney plush, when urine love, get it? And then a lungs one. But when you go to the page, the site, the homepage, you find out about the important safety notice -- >> Oh! >> The uterus plushy recall. They -- they recalled their uterus plush because apparently the ovaries may be pulled off and children will choke on them. >> Which is not funny in and of itself, however -- >> Not funny, but like the weirdest, most [Inaudible] kind of weirdest [Inaudible] oh God. [ Multiple voices speaking ] >> This isn't an April Fool's joke, but honestly, it's real. I'm looking at it right now -- >> [Inaudible] totally real. The ovaries may be pulled off and become a choking hazard. >> The plush uterus failed the pull test. >> Ah. >> So they had to recall the ovaries to protect the children. [ Laughter ] >> Everything about Iheartguts.com is just a way to spend a day. >> Seriously. I am going to go back to my desk after this podcast and I am going to click through, because -- I mean, that's only the beginning. >> It just goes on and on. It's outstanding. There's stickers -- >> There's T-shirts. >> That's almost -- why didn't I think of that. >> There's even a guts and noodles -- [ Multiple voices speaking ] >> There's a lot of art work -- like, arty stuff. And I heart my uterus, heart and uterus drawing together. The uterus can kill the children. This is too much. Wow. >> We got to get off this site because it's just never going to -- >> I know, you can't stay away. >> You get sucked in and -- >> It's true. We better take a break and collect our thoughts because when we come back we will have an all new celebrity tech watch and much, much more. >> In a split second news breaks, stories unfold, and the world changes. Stay in the know everywhere you go. CBS Radio's award winning news stations are always live and on line 24-7 at cbsradio.com. >> Whoa! Wow. >> Sorry, didn't mean to startle you like that. >> Wow, that's exciting. >> I want that -- I want that voice waking me up in the morning. >> Me too. I mean that -- [ Multiple voices speaking ] >> To wake up! >> In the morning it's time to get out of bed, right now. >> The day -- the day is happening. >> And you're sleeping through it. >> And actually the best part about that, at the end it's so majestic and alive again. >> Yeah. >> We scared the pants off of you, but everything's cool. [ Multiple voices speaking ] >> Like independence day. >> I know, it's true -- [ Multiple voices speaking ] >> But with a happy ending. >> All right, we have some excellent segment gadgets for you today -- starting -- >> With this one. >> Starting -- >> Oops. I accidentally pressed it too soon. But -- [ Multiple voices speaking ] >> He's only like, ah, whatever -- I'm not doing that one -- [ Multiple voices speaking ] >> So I don't know about you guys out there in the podcast world, but we, you know, we work in the dot-com business and there are some really annoying people that we work with. No one who's listening -- >> I was not thinking of anyone in particular, no. >> Neither was I, actually, because that would be wrong. However, there's those people who tend to, you know, make up words, and they tend to overuse words in inappropriate context, and they also tend to use, you know, synergistic type words. You know exactly -- there's one in every group. >> There really is. Or more. >> And I think maybe it's time that we all get together and do a little intervention. >> Yup. >> And we have a great tool for invention which is the buzz word shock bracelet. I know you're thinking isn't that a bit extreme, but no. Not at all. It's exactly what you need. >> I'm getting the sense from the chat room that this might be -- oh yeah it's a [Inaudible] probably a [Inaudible] April Fool's joke. >> I wonder because I -- how would a bracelet really be able to detect the words that you just, you know, fly out of your mouth accurately, but you know -- >> Oh no. >> It's a proof of concept that it could be -- [ Multiple voices speaking ] >> We were gotten after the fact? >> We even had this whole conversation about April Fool's and how we -- >> Awe. >> Pretty pissed now. [ Multiple voices speaking ] >> Should we just keep -- >> I don't even want to talk about it. Yup. [ Multiple voices speaking ] >> I'm just mad. >> We should edit that out of the thing. >> You know what -- [ Multiple voices speaking ] >> I hate you, April Fool's Day. I hate you. >> I want to go home. ^M00:26:27 >> I'm going to -- I'm going to tweet about you, I'm going to be really drunk and on drugs when I do it, and I'm going say some really, really bad stuff about you. And then -- >> It's going to be like a war, like a tweet war. >> And it's going to be like a tweet war, and then -- and then I'm going to get sued for liable. Oh wait, that's Courtney Love. >> That's Courtly Love. >> And that's celebrity tech watch. >> That's hot. >> That's hot. >> That's hot. >> You know who's not hot, that's Courtney Love. Courtney Love is kind of a little messed up these days. I don't know if you've been reading Us Weekly. Apparently her former fashion designer John Semolingarin [Phonetic] -- [ Laughter ] >> Is suing her -- [Inaudible] so many vowels in that. [Inaudible] -- >> He or she does not need any more PR, so screw it. >> -- has filed a liable claim against Courtney Love because of things that Courtney Love was saying on Twitter. For example, apparently Courtney Love accused Don of being a nasty, lying hoe-bag thief. [ Laughter ] >> Which isn't necessarily liable, is it? >> Does that mean she has a bag she carries her hose around? [ Multiple voices speaking ] >> Is that what that means? >> Yeah. >> I love hose bag. I'm going to try to use that more. >> Yeah. Hose bag. >> You know, said that she was using cocaine, all this stuff that is -- [ Multiple voices speaking ] >> Kind of oh my goodness. It's not cool, it's not nice. So anyway, they've been having this Twitter argument, because Twitter is ruined now, basically. And to think that -- come on. Twitter is terrible. This is the kind of thing that's happening. That Courtney Love is on Twitter. That alone -- although I am very excited, mostly this is just a way for me to talk about how I'm so excited that Paula Abdul is on Twitter, except that it makes Twitter that much more dangerous for me, but I already have to worry about it getting spoiled by people who are watching American Idol on the live feed in the east coast time, but then now I have to worry -- and this actually happened -- about Paula Abdul spoiling things for me by Twittering from, like, the stage during the commercials. How -- >> You are kidding me. >> How weird is the world. >> That's bizarre. And it was actually her. >> It's actually her. >> They tell professional athletes not to do that. How can Paula Abdul get away with it. I mean, she's not an athlete. >> I don't know. But it was pretty crazy. Like she didn't give away a total spoiler but she was like -- >> What did she say, like, give me an example of a Paula Abdul. >> She said -- well, she'll say, like, how amazing was Adam Lambert last night, woo! >> Did she say woo -- [ Multiple voices speaking ] >> Did she type out woo? >> She didn't really type out woo. She just used, like a whole bunch of exclamations points, [Inaudible] -- [ Multiple voices speaking ] >> Twittering during the commercial, what do you guys think of the groups of three thing. You know, just a little, like, and I was like, oh geez. But it was very -- I was, like, nervous, but it was weird and [Inaudible] and I was like what kind of world do we live in right now. >> I know, right. >> I'm totally talking to Paula Abdul. I saw her in an airplane once, but that wasn't as cool. >> Yeah. It's pretty cool. Just follow her on Twitter. It's like we're best friends now. >> Awe, that's so cute. You should totally -- I don't know. >> I sent her a Twitter, I was like, welcome. >> Did you really? >> No I didn't. But you better believe I'm following Paula Abdul. So everyone else would go follow her. I did that, I did it. >> Did you really? Wow, that's so awesome. >> I did. I -- actually I was hoping that because she has more money than God she would buy me today's bling RX. ^M00:30:00 [ Music ] ^M00:30:05 >> So thanks to all of you who sent us this link. This is the link of the week. We should have a link of the week. >> We should, and this is it. >> And Molly, you can describe this one. Because I can not even begin to pronounce the name. >> And that's my thing, based on this last thing. [ Multiple voices speaking ] >> [Inaudible] should loan some of its vowels to [Inaudible] -- that other lady. And then each of them would be pronounceable. >> And covered with jewels. >> But [Inaudible] has revealed Korea's most extensive jewel covered computer which indeed is very small, looks like a little all-in-one, like, cylinder, covered in gold, of course. Why wouldn't it be. >> Of course. Gold and -- what else? >> What else? >> Swarovski. >> Bing! >> 3,554 to be exact. >> Yeah, [Inaudible] -- [ Multiple voices speaking ] >> Gold and brass. So it's not actually -- I mean looking at this you think it could be a lot more expensive than it is. It's only about $30,000. >> And looking at this you could also, you know, imagine it being hideously ugly. This is just my opinion. I'm not a big fan of gold and brass. >> Yeah, no. >> But wow. This looks like it's kind of out of the '80's. >> It is vaguely '80s. >> Maybe it's the excess. >> It's just so gold. >> Yeah. It's really freaking gold. >> Yeah, it's pretty tacky, but blingtaskic. >> It is indeed blingtaskic. >> From bling to tools, it's time for today's Tool Time. >> Tool Time. >> So we're thinking about starting yet another segment because this whole infernal wrist watch thing keeps coming up. It's like every week there's another watch that pisses me off. >> Seriously. >> Seriously. And this one filled me with rage at my desk when I saw it earlier. It's the tick mark wrist watch which has 28 LEDs which illuminate a sequence to indicate the current time, date, and day of the week, and it also has Arabic numbers that represents hours and tenths of minutes, and Mayan numerals signifying 1 through 9. Two dots for two minutes, three dots for three minutes -- >> I'm pretty sure I know the dude who we're this too, the tool who's into the Mayan thing. >> The Mayan thing is what -- [ Multiple voices speaking ] >> Puts it over the top. Like that's -- that goes from, like, just kind of tooly to all the way to, like, and he's mystical tooly. Oh no! >> You're so right. >> Not like a want to be, heaven preserve me. >> Yeah, once I start hearing about the Mayan, just turn the brain off. >> It always comes back to the Mayans. >> End of the world, [Inaudible] -- [ Multiple voices speaking ] >> I think technology it's the Maya, Jason thank you very much. >> Devil tool. Devil tool. >> Like, techy tool plus want to be tool, no. >> Yeah. >> Ugh, want to be indigenous people's tool. [ Laughter ] >> Plus on top of all of that, it's $250. >> Of course it is. >> Stuck it to the tool! >> You pay a price to be that type of tool. >> You really have to shoe horn a great deal of tooliness into one tiny little annoying package. So it's definitely worth the $250 I'm sure. It's -- you know -- >> Rob [Inaudible] in the chat room by the way give us a new acronym for that -- W [Inaudible] W B I -- >> Thank you, what is it? >> W-B-I-P-T. The Wanna Be Indigenous People's Tool. >> I was really hoping somebody would do that. Thank you so much. >> That guy is such a W-B-I-P-T. [ Multiple voices speaking ] >> We were all faking it. >> Yeah, we totally were. We were all like, okay, so the first one is W, and then what's the second word? Yeah. >> Something like that. Yeah. >> 20 minutes for that. Yeah. >> All right, now is the time on the show when you should get the kids out of the room. >> Okay, are they gone? >> Okay. So here comes Gender Gap. >> What's up! [ Background noise ] >> Hold on. >> This device I found on Device, and it instantly -- it instantly caused me to have the gender gap response, which happens when I can visualize the moment where the guy sees this in the store and goes, oh my God -- and the women -- just gives him that face, like the one eyebrow and shakes her head like, uh huh. >> Oh come on, honey! >> This is a very simple concept. >> Oh. >> Yeah, this is the bomb's away toilet. >> No. >> It is merely a toilet with an airplane with bombs coming out of it on it, a simple idea. >> Headed toward the bowel. >> Just a toilet. You know, nothing fancy. Nothing -- >> A plain dropping bombs on. Get it, get it? >> The only thing that would make it better would be a built-in magazine rack for all you dudes out there that spend two freaking hours on the toilet -- you know who you are. What is up. >> I don't understand. >> Okay, that -- fine. Right, that's your home. It's the guys that I see coming out of the bathroom at work -- >> Oh my God, I know. >> -- with the book. >> Or you go into the communal toilet area and there's, like, print outs on the floor -- >> Yes! >> Ewe! >> Oh really? >> Like I want to touch your nasty poo-covered print outs? Not that, you know -- [ Multiple voices speaking ] >> Obviously they didn't either. They -- >> I know, they just leave them there. Like, take them with you. >> Ewe, I didn't touch that, I just read it with my foot. [ Laughter ] >> Is that how they do it Jason, do they read it with their foot? >> All I know is I've gone into the bathroom and had one of those on the floor and yeah, I read it with my foot. [ Laughter ] >> I didn't bring it in there, but it was there. And it was, you know, a lot of times it's like sports-related, so [Inaudible] -- don't even care about, but I'm reading it anyway. >> Well, I'm not saying it's not useful to have the reading material in there. But the one who brings it in there takes it out. >> Exactly. [ Multiple voices speaking ] >> And then -- and then onto the e-mail. And once again may I remind you if the children have not left the room now is the time -- >> Yeah. Because we're about to talk about -- vaginas. >> Yeah. >> Sort of. >> We got this e-mail from Sam in Australia who said okay, I just have to show you this. It's a dress that's black and pink but it has a big matching bow on the area, and then his description didn't even really do it justice. Because it's on best [Inaudible] dot TV, and it is basically a prom dress that is black satin with a giant vagina on the front, in pink satin -- >> Appropriately placed. >> -- on the area. >> There's no way -- I mean -- >> It's not a bow, Sam. Bless your little heart. It's not a bow. It's a va-jay-jay. [ Multiple voices speaking ] >> Folds of pink -- of pink -- I don't know. Satin or whatever over black. And it's just -- it -- poorly placed -- >> Huge. >> This poor model. >> It's like terrifyingly large. >> Does this model not look like she's just thinking yeah, that's right. >> I'm the one in the vagina dress. >> You know what she's thinking, she's thinking I know. >> She totally is. That is a look that says -- I know. >> I know. >> And then okay, okay, I wish I didn't have to go here. But the site where the dress is for sale is called Light in the Box. >> [ Laughter ] >> -- dot com, which is otherwise a perfectly -- which is otherwise a perfectly innocent purveyor of prom dresses. >> However, in the case of this -- >> Never again. [ Multiple voices speaking ] >> And then it just gets better. Because after it was discovered by bestweekever.tv that there was a giant vagina on the front of a dress, they changed the photo for a picture of a dress with a poorly photo shopped out vagina. It's no -- [ Multiple voices speaking ] >> They put this kind of box -- oh. >> They put the light in the box URL over the top of it. But then added this big gray box where it was to shade it a little bit -- [ Multiple voices speaking ] >> Here's the photo shop, I think that you'll appreciate that. I mean, it is -- >> Oh man. >> Hilarious. >> It's really -- >> Like this poor prom dress web site just had the biggest scandal of its little prom dress web site life by putting up that picture of the va-jay-jay dress. >> Yeah, that's -- wow. >> And we want to thank you, Sam, for thinking of us first with that. Who would want to see the va-jay-jay dress. >> Yeah. >> [Inaudible] -- because that's our show. In a nut shell. >> Indeed. >> If you would like to check out more prom dresses, lightinthebox.com is otherwise and excellent site that we hope we haven't totally destroyed. You can find all the links to all the hi brow stories that we talked about today in gadgettes.cnet.com. And if you would like to e-mail us and tell us how disappointed you are in us, our e-mail address is gadgettes@cnet.com. Bye! >> Bye! >> See you all next week. ^M00:39:12 [ Music ]

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