The 404: Ep. 1309: Where Stacie can run fast but not far
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The 404: Ep. 1309: Where Stacie can run fast but not far

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You asked for it and the day is finally here: Stacie Bakalar is in the studio taking all the questions Jeff doesn't want to answer. If you've ever wanted to see Jeff blush, this is the episode to watch!

-Good morning, Mrs. Bakalar. Welcome back to The 404. -It's Monday, July 29th, 2013. This is the last day of my life. No, I'm kidding. Welcome to The 404 Show on CNET. I'm Jeff Bakalar. -I'm Justin Yu. -I'm Ariel Nuñez. -All right. So, we're doing this. We're doing this. -But just now I thought it was a joke. -You thought? It was not. -But this is actually happening, we're really doing this. -This is actually happening. I'm very happy to welcome my wife, Stacie, to the program today. -Thank you. -A round of applause. What on earth are we doing here? -Okay. Bye, Jeff. -It's good to be back. -Yeah. -Work four years later. -So that-- so, if you're keeping score at home, we did this-- oh, my God. It wasn't 4 years ago. -About. -That's crazy. But today, she's back. Things have changed. -Uh-hmm. -For the better I hope. And yeah, we're gonna have some fun at sounds like my expense, I guess. -Well, it's gonna be. So, we'll see. -And you know what's funny, I looked it up before the show started, the last time you were technically on was on the phone. Yu and Lou were both on the phone. Jeff's dad. -Yeah. -This is back in 2008. -Really? -An episode 125. -Oh, my God. -Can you believe that? And now we're on episode 1,308. -Oh, wow. -Nice. -Wow. Okay. -And what's changed? -All right. What's changed? -Yeah. -Lives. -Uh-hmm. -Dreams, emotions. -Well, you guys are married now. -Yeah we're super married. We're almost-- been married for 3 years now, right? -Yeah. -In October. -In October. You remember, you were there. -Oh, yeah. I remember that. -You were there. You were there. -Yeah. The crazy way. -If Ariel was in New York, here would have been there for sure. -That would an awesome. -So, yeah. So, you know, everyone has been wanted to do this for a while. We've been-- began and teased about it. So, over the weekend, we made a decision to do it and it all lined up. There's a lot of questions. So, I don't know. You take it away, Justin. Whatever you wanna talk about, we'll do. I just-- I feel like I'm being interrogated. -Yeah. I mean, we got a lot of really great questions from the chat room. -Sure. -We also posted a Reddit thread on our 404 Subreddit-- -Right. -over the weekend. -Yeah, we did. -We've got a lot of good questions from there. So, there's no shortage of stuff to ask. But I guess we should start from the beginning because that just seems logical, right? The reason why Stacie was invited on this show was because we had an episode where we were talking about getting out of the friend zone. -Oh, shit. -Do you remember that? -Why are we-- -What? -I didn't realize we're gonna do that. -Well, we didn't talk about anything being off limits before the show started. So, I'm putting you on blast. Is that the reason why she's on right now? -Yeah, that's why. -Yeah. -That's why I did. That's why. -So-- -Oh, I listened to this show and I did hear the questions. So-- -Uh-hmm. -I did say to Jeff that, you know, maybe we could explain that. -Right. -Yeah. -A little more. -All right. So-- yeah. Oh, sure. Man, is it hot? Are you guys a little-- -Well, maybe we should first describe how we got together. -Yeah. -Begin what-- -Yeah, let's do that. Let's do that. What time is it? Okay. Go on. No, yeah. I wanna hear this. I wanna hear this. -You wanna hear it? -I wanna look into your eyes. You do it. -Well, we're from the same hometown. -Uh-hmm. -Marlboro, New Jersey. -Yeah. -And we grew up just around the corner from each other. -But we didn't know that. Like, we didn't, you know, we weren't you know, buddies like when we were young. -Right. Okay. -No. -No. -But we did go to the same camp and not know each other. -Right. -Uh-hmm. -We went-- -She-- did you know that? -What? That you guys went to the same camp? -That we-- where we like cross paths like a million times in our childhood. -Right. -Yeah. -That's really weird. -It's weird. -Okay. -Yeah. -Then, we went to middle school together. Didn't really know each other. -Uh-hmm. -We went to high school. We had some mutual friends, never had the same class or anything like that. -So, you knew of each other but you never had actually met. -Yeah. Well, we were in a school of a class of 500 students. -Yeah, about. Yeah, yeah. -Uh-hmm. -So, we never had the same classes. It wasn't until senior year when we found out we were going to college. -Uh-hmm. -That we started noticing each other at parties, right, Jeff? -What was funny was like, you know, because-- I feel like maybe, like 5 or 6 kids from our high school that went to Towson University down at Baltimore. -Right. -And you know, I knew who she was because you know, I've seen her around and she was like a track star, so I knew she was fast. -Okay. -And I was like, oh, this chick can run real quick, that's awesome. -Go tell him about home. -Yeah. I used to hear her-- I think I've said this story. She used to-- used to be like, oh and Stacie, her maiden name is Davis. Stacie Davis broke another New Jersey, you know, fast chick record, -Oh, wow. -and I'd be like, "Man, that girl is really fast. She can move at an accelerated rate." -Okay. -So, anyway, I'd see her at parties maybe like-- -I was the athlete. -Right. And I see her at parties-- I played sports too there, don't forget. And I'd see her at parties-- -Golf? -Able to slob in the corner. -There was no hockey team, was there? -It was very tough to make. And I'd be like, oh, you know, "Towson. You and I, we're going to Towson. That's cool. I'll see you there." -Right. -I'd be like, "I'll see you there." -Right. -Little did she know, when I meant by 'see you there' was 'I'm gonna marry you.' That's what I meant. -And you knew that right then? -No. -Because I feel like most people when they're going off the college they wanna, you know, stat a new life. -Right. -They wanna date new people. Not exactly thinking about finding the girl that you're gonna marry in the high school year. -For sure, year. -Was that something that you sort of knew right away? -No. -Or was it an option for you? -No. -Well, no. We went freshmen year and you know, it's out of states, so you don't really know many people. -Uh-hmm. -So, you kinda gravitate towards people from home for the first few weeks. -Right. -Well she-- and she was living with the girl that I was really good friends with. This girl Becka. -You, dug. -[unk]. -And I was really good-- I would stay with her. -Okay. -And then they got together a little bit. So, I was like, "Oh, you're here too. That's cool." -Uh-hmm. -Yeah. -So, then we were, you know, seeing each other for the first month of college, Jeff? -Yeah. We were hanging out a little bit. -Okay. -Just doing stuff you know. -You got quick work. I like that. You don't wanna waste a lot of time then. -Well, yeah. Okay. Go on. I want you to-- -We liked each other, right? For the first time. -Yeah, yeah. We were-- -And then-- -We like held hands and she-- -This is my favorite part of all. Just seeing you go, yeah, yeah, yeah sure. -You were there too. -I was there. I was there. I mean, it was a while ago. We're talking-- -2000. -We're talking 13 years ago. -Right, right. -It was 2000. -Jesus. -Oh, that's incredible. -Continue. -But we didn't start dating then. -Uh-hmm. -We-- I joined a sorority, -Yeah and I didn't joined a sorority. -party with other people. -Okay. -Yeah, yeah. -He didn't join me. -No. -So, at what point did Jeff start going out on tour then? Was that after you guys got-- -When did you start? -Before that-- -I thought you were on tour before. Yeah. -It was before. -Yeah. -Did a little of that before. -So, Jeff went out on tour with the band [unk], right? -Yeah. -From what I remember you talked to me. -Yeah, yeah, yeah. -And so then, you got back from all the touring and stuff and then you guys sort of rekindled it or how did that-- -No. But I mean it was during college, you know, so it wasn't like I was away and then, you know. -Right. Well, we remained friends, freshmen and sophomore year. -Uh-hmm. -And then junior year we had a lot of film classes together because we both studied film and television. -Yeah. -And then he started to drive me to school everyday. -Because we live in the same off campus thing here. -Uh-hmm. -Yeah. Go on. -And then-- -Sorry. Yeah. -And then we, you know, just-- we're hanging out all the time and we were best friends and then what, Jeff? -Very hard to get out of the best friend zone, right? -So-- -At this point, were you thinking-- -But I do have the--- -a friend as like a potential boyfriend material? -No, not at that time. -Or we like, oh, you're just like my brother. You know that, I can tell my ex-boyfriends. -No, he was never like my brother because freshmen year we did-- -Hang out. -Kiss. -Yeah. -Go on. -Yeah. We're just holding-- -We hold hands. -We hold hands as tight as you can hold hands. -That's so good. -But then we stopped freshmen and sophomore year and then by junior year, -Uh-hmm. -you know, we were very good friends and then I don't know, Jeff, what I could share. -Well, I mean, you know, we were already-- -No, no, no, no, no. You have to ask his permission to anything. -Yeah. That's true. -Yeah, right. -Yeah, you-- -It got to a point where-- -Because this is what-- this is what the cracks of the-- -This is what people wanna do. -Yeah. -of the friend zone. -Right. Yeah. -So, let's get nasty. -Don't give me that look. -Don't look-- you look at me. Don't look at her. -Okay. Okay. -I don't want you influencing your questions. -So, we were, like I said, hanging out a lot and Jeff said to me, -Uh-hmm. -"Listen, Stacie. We can't just be friends. We're either together." -Takes no-- -"We're boyfriend and girlfriend or we're nothing." -Nice. Nice. -Take note friend zone people. -Yup. -Now, can I just say this? He never asked me on a date. -Yeah. -He just said to me, right? Boyfriend and girlfriend of nothing. -Right. -So, I didn't like that ultimatum. So, I said, "We're nothing." -Yeah. -And so for-- -Wow. -Two weeks, we didn't talk. -I think it was longer than that. -It wasn't that long. -All right. It felt like an eternity to me. -It was around Thanksgiving. -I don't freaking remember. -Flew went back to-- back home to Marlboro. -Yeah. -And two weeks go by, and then we decide-- he comes back to me and says, "Okay, I'd rather be your friend than nothing." -See? Well done and safe. -He came back. So, I'm like-- all right, we're friends again. -It's all calculated. The book is coming out in December but it's all-- it's all-- not manipulation. It's calculation. Sorry. That's sounds-- -And then I remember you were over at my house and were going to Rockers to hang out in New Brunswick. -Yeah. -Uh-hmm. -And my mom is like, "I thought you and Jeff weren't friends anymore." And I'm like, "Well, I don't know." -Yeah. -Things were changing. I started to-- -And your mom was like-- -I missed him while we didn't talk and then I started to like see him again maybe in a boyfriend like. -Capacity? -Yeah. -Then I remember we would go out a lot and I remember we're in New Brunswick and I decided. I was like, "All right. I like this guy." -Uh-hmm. -"Let's do this." -Let's do this. -Oh. -That's so-- that's really interesting to me. Like, I think-- -And he's great. -For our listeners that are currently in the friend zone, which I'm sure there are many, what was the sort of mindset you're in when he gave you that ultimatum? Was it just too much pressure for you to really make a decision right then? You had to think about it more? -I-- -Or why did you say no first and then come back around? -I was in a previous relationship When I was in sophomore. -Uh-hmm. -And we broke up around the summer and I just wanted to just being me, to be single. -Uh-hmm. -And then, so while Jeff and I were hanging out, I was just, you know, enjoying our friendship. We have a lot in common. We love all the same movies, all the same-- you know, he was introducing me to a lot of music. -Uh-hmm. -You guys know Jeff. He's fun to be around. -He's gay. -He's a cool guy. -Is that true? Like-- -I liked his company. -Yeah. Okay. -Ten and a half years later, Jeff. -It's true. I know. -I still like your company. -It's true. Yeah. -But that's good. -Yeah, absolutely. -I think the most important part of that-- about that story is that, if not for your persistence, Jeff, this probably never would have happened. -Right. So, you gotta work at it. -You know, you don't need to be assertive first, -Yeah. -and then even if they say 'no' right off the bat, still be persistent. -But your mileage may vary. All right. I feel like this isn't the, you know, and all universal, you know, way to get out of that situation in a relationship. -But it worked for you. -That-- for me, this is what happened and I act like it was all calculated and like I knew what I was doing. I didn't know what I was doing. -Right. -I was just like, "Man, I wanna see what, you know, I can do here." -But we were young and Jeff didn't really know how to romance. You know, we were really great friends. -Uh-hmm. -Yeah, we were super young. We're just kids. -Yeah. -Now, he's good. -We're just kids with dreams and hopes and natural desires. -But we weren't just straight up friends. Like we did see each other in getting our freshmen year. -Yeah. -So, there was always an attraction and an interest. -Yeah. -Right. -On that level. -Yeah. You know, I-- you know, it was a couple of dark times. There are a couple of dark times, you know, alone by myself. -Why? -No. -With my bats. A couple of moments of the dark ages. -And this was when Jeff was wearing earrings and a chained belt. -Yeah. -And he was a little punk. -Yeah. -His dickie pants. -You didn't bring pictures with you or anything? -We didn't prepare enough. -No, there's no more photographic evidence of any of that. -There's no MySpace. -Because that was before the digital web, you know, this was all on film. -Right. Thank God. -And luckily all that technologies evaporated. -Uh-hmm. -Yeah, so that's the little story there. -That was-- -Wow. -That was what year? -Where we're like officially going out? -2002. -2003 I think. -All right. -Yeah. Around that. -When did Jeff propose? Was that 2010? -That was-- no, '09. That'd be right in '09. -See, the tables turned there because then I was driving him crazy. -Yeah, yeah. -It's true. -Yeah. -I'm lying. -Oh, my God. I used to come in everyday and be like, "I can't take it anymore". And she went, "Shut up." -Give me the ring. -Where's the ring? What am I gonna do? -Can I tell you a story about the day that he came and told me and Wilson that he was gonna propose? -Yes. I would love that. -So, I forget what day of the week it was. Some random day and it was, you know, just like normal. We came in to do the show, we could always come in about 11:30 to sort of pair what we're gonna talk about and stuff. So, Jeff comes in one day. Huge smile on his face and he's like-- "Hey. You guys wanna see something crazy?" You know, there was just a thing where he's like, "Hey." -Hey. -Hey. Right? The total Jeffism is like "Hey, wanna see something crazy?" -All right. That sounded like real. -Yeah, whatever, man. You know, like thinking he was like some hockey bullshit. -As usual. -Yeah, of course. Always. And then so, he comes in and he just like takes out the stack of money, of cash. -Oh. -I'm not gonna say how much cash but-- -It was a lot of money. -it looked like a ton of money. It was all in twenties, dude. -Hundreds. -Was it hundreds? -Hundreds. Dude, do you know how much that amount in twenties will be? -It was a lot. -It was in hundreds. -It was a ton. So, he just like puts it on the table, he's like, "Well, guess what this is for?" -Yeah. -And we're like, "Wow, man. You're just gonna carry around cash like that?" And he was like, "Yeah, I'm gonna actually do it today. I'm gonna go and like buy a ring." -Yeah. -Like what? -Yeah. -Because you know, Wilson and I had been pressuring Jeff to do this for months. -And what's crazy is that's not-- and that wasn't even all the entire amount of money. It was like-- -There we go. -He tried to extract-- -That was like the first payment. -You still have stuff to say or used before. -Well, you know-- you work in cash. You don't have to do you know, use a credit card. -Right, right, right. -Anyway, yeah. That's-- -That's incredible and you went on your lunch break with all of that cash. -Yeah, yeah. -And was burning a hole in my pocket. -It's an expensive watch. -Yeah. -I'm like passing all these other stores, right, rather buy something from there for me. -Yeah. -You know, now I'm joking. -Yeah. That was an awesome thing. -I'm joking, yes. -And then you proposed Friday the 13th. -Yeah. Yup. -The day before Valentine's. -Uh-hmm. -That's it. It was nice. -That's another thing that I wanted to ask you about it because every time Valentine's Day comes around, Jeff just goes off. He's like darker than all the rest of the days that year. And then he's like, "Oh, I'd rather sit on a knife than celebrate that holiday." Stuff like that. -Yeah. -Is her really like that? And he also said that you guys have an agreement-- -Since the beginning. -not to buy each other Valentine's-- -No, there's no agreement. -Thank you. Thank you. -Yeah. -That's why I always wanted to call Justin. -Just because he says it on the show doesn't mean it exists. -It's like this huge weight of relief for [unk] back. -All he has to do is get me flowers. I don't care if it's a week prior. -Uh-hmm. -Yeah-- -That's-- -Jeff puts it in a way where he's like, "Yes. Stacie is totally cool then." It was actually the right you know, not buy each other presents this year. -And I've heard him say this on the show. -Yeah. -And I'm listening to it, on my commute home because that's when I listen to the show. Oh, my God [unk]. He's not getting me anything this year. -I didn't know that you went through that internal sort of emotion there. -I bought the flowers that we pass by everyday for Valentine's Day. -I just didn't-- -Jeff buys it in the day after Valentine's Day. -I just think flowers are absurd because they just die. -Oh, stop it. -I know you like them and I get you a flower, I got you flowers the other year, a couple of months ago, right? And it was for nothing, it was no-- I don't know, it's for promotion, yeah. -Oh, yeah. -That's right. -But Jeff typically has like a very sour attitude about official stuff like that but I'm sure there our times when he can be romantic kind of guy, right? I think that's what everyone wants to hear about. It's like the mushy moment that just seems so unlike Jeff. -Yeah. Let's hear about the actual proposal. -Yeah. -No. -People wanna hear that. -That was out-- -I know. -He [unk] me ice skating at Central Park. -Oh, that's nice. -It was nice. -Yeah. -Dude. -And then he waited to propose and what he likes to say the right side-- -Uh-hmm. -of the city back in New Jersey. -Uh-hmm. -It was freezing out. -You have to pull up this photo, someone just threw in the chat room. -Okay. -The-- it's the cover of my new book. You see it? How to Escape the Friend Zone? -It's pretty good. -How to Escape the Friend Zone. -I mean, nice. Wow, that was fast. -Yeah. -That was fast. -Scary fast. -Super fast. -Like how young you are in this photo? -Yeah, I'd rather use a different photo. -Yeah. -And he's like, why am I wearing a headset? -[unk] friend on. -It doesn't matter. And friend is not wrong. -Come on, man. -Not to the end. It's not to the end. -I'm [unk]. -Come on, friends 'til the end, man. That's how you remember that. No? -Man, a little too fast. -A little too fast. All right. No worries, right, guy. I appreciated that. Yeah, you know, that's the story. -Jeff has his soft side. -He's got sadly moments? -Yeah. -Yeah. But I mean, he is who he is on the show. -Yeah. -Like everything he says is true to form and his-- all these opinions are truly Jeff but-- -Right. -But when he's home, you know, and he's with his family, he's got a soft side. -Uh-hmm. -Yup. -Around Marty. Around Marty. -Yeah. I just love that-- -We got Marty and now he's a big fat. -I just love that guy so much. -Uh-hmm. -He's awesome. Yeah. -Yeah, what I love about hanging out with the two of your guys, is that, Jeff is always so negative about everything, right? And I feel like on the show, I'm like you know, I'm like you probably at home. I'm like his show wife. I have to like be positive, right? -Yeah, yeah. Beyond straight. -I have to be like this positive person. -Beyond straight, you're the wife. -Yeah. -And like you can even out his negativity. -That's good. -And Stacie is sort of, you know, like when you guys are around each other, I could tell that you're pulling out of his breath sometimes. -Yeah. Well, we're complete opposites. -Yeah. -He loves the winter, I love summer. -That's the way-- that's why it works. -Sunshine. -We compliment each other, right? -Right, right. -Like a yin and a yang. -I like that. -You got it, right? -Yup. -Sweet. All right. Let's go in-- I wanna answer some questions. I wanna have some fun here. -Oh, okay. -I wanna laugh a little bit instead of cry. -Okay. Let me ask you guys some of these questions. -All right. -Because I haven't-- and just to be fair, I've skinned over some of the Reddit ones, -Uh-hmm. -so that's why I've seen a few of those. -Uh-hmm. -I don't think there's any there that you can't do. -Yeah, okay. -So, whatever you want, man. Let's have fun. -Okay. I like the one-- oh, so, someone asked, has Jeff ever said anything on the show that really pissed you off? -Oh, that's good. -And I like that you listen to the show everyday. So, you have a pretty good grasp about what we talk about. Aside from the Valentine's Day stuff. -Yeah. -Yeah but thank you for that one. -That's a good question. -Yeah. -Is there any-- you see, I'm sure he doesn't lie about stories of the show. -Well, -Oh. -Jeff does not lie. He's just an exaggerator. -Look at how scared Jeff when you say that. -Frozen. Give you that like [unk]. -I do come home and I do correct him a lot of the times but I've never come home and eventually angry. -Upset. -Right. -No. No. -No, I think you're right about that. -And nothing's been-- nothing angered me. -Right. Which is pretty freaking good. -Maybe like you said the Valentine's Day and-- -Right. But like-- -It's probably because you know she's listening to the show-- -I like to call him out. -so you're on your best behavior when it comes to that. -You know what I'm thinking about that. -For some reason that's not-- yeah, that's not on the back of head. -No? Okay. -Clearly, now it is. Whether sitting 7 or 6 feet away from you. -And our mother listens to this show too. -Your mother listens to the show. -Yeah, her mom. -She's listening right now. -I didn't realize that. Wow. Okay. You wanna say hi to your in-laws then? -Hi. She does-- my mom does most of the time. -Yeah. -Cool. -It's you know, but I don't-- you know, I don't wanna even-- keep that in the back of my head. Oh, I have nothing bad to say about them anyway, so, there's nothing to worry about. -Yeah. The thing that does happen is, I'll come home and Jeff will wanna tell me things, -Uh-hmm. -and I've already heard. -Right. -I'm like, don't tell me. I already listen to the show. I already know. -Sure it's all about news and things. -News-- -So, I'm just not-- -Any information -So, I'm not entertaining when I get home. -Yeah. Which is the boring sack of crap. Sick when I get home and that's that. -Speaking of home, here's another really good question. Someone asked when you moved in together, the first time, was there one thing that really, really bothered you about each other. Both of you guys can answer this question. Was there something that kinda surprised you about each other's home life habits like hygiene or organization? Anything like that, maybe Jeff's massive collection of toys-- -Nothing-- -Well, that's growing. -that's hard to accommodate. Yeah. -But I like collectible stuff together. -Nothing really bothered me out of the gate. I was very quickly I was blown away as to how much hair woman shagged. -Jeff. -You know what I mean? But like not like gross hair but like her hair like on the-- -Right, like in the tub. -No, not even there. Like on the couch. -What? -It's just everywhere. -That's it. -Well, you also have a dog. I'm sure that-- -No. -No, no. This is before we had a dog and it's not-- -Girls just have a little-- -That's what it is. Girls just have a crap load of hair and it's just everywhere all the time. -Okay. -It's not like she's shedding, you know what I mean, she's like-- -Yeah. -Oh, my God. You know, and anyone who's lived with a girl knows this. They're just like copious amount of their flowing hair. -Right. -You know, in your food and in your-- -No. -No, I'm kidding. -You gotta love it, though. -Yeah. You love it, I guess. Yeah sure. -When we first moved in together, we both were not very tidy. -Uh-hmm. -And since then, I've become more of the organized one. Yeah. -I don't know about that. -Yeah. -I don't know about that. -It's true. -I think the jury is still out on that. -Yeah. You guys have like a chore wheel and-- -No. -No, we don't have a chore wheel. -Yeah. -This one-- she acts like-- it's just so absurd like they'll be things that I do. I live like a hat on the coffee table or something, -Uh-hmm. -or whatever it is. -A hat or 12,000 video games and accessories. -Whatever. -And stickers. -All right. And then like, you know-- -And toys. -when you walk in, there's like a coat hanged like then you sit on to put shoes on. And then like it's filled all her crap. -Uh-hmm. -But it's okay if my craps-- -It's pocketbooks. -It's okay-- yeah. How many pocketbooks do you need? -A lot. -Crazy lady. That's insane. -It's absurd. -How many toys do you need? -A lot. -Video games? -A lot. -Yes. -Oh, that's-- hey, that's work. Hands off. -Yeah. How does the video game thing work? -Yeah. -Does that bother you because he's always hugging the TV? I know we've talked about-- -No. -I mean, you guys have like, you know, different ways to watch TV or like a computer and stuff that he's playing. -Yeah. People ask me this a lot and they say, how do you deal with someone who plays video games all the time? -Yeah. Right. -And the truth is, it's his work. -Uh-hmm. -He's doing work. So, I can't really complain about that. Some of the games I watch. -Yeah, she likes some of the games. -You know, if there are good games, BioShock-- -Yeah. -That's better. She just likes BioShock. -Yeah. -You're a spectator though, you like watching games sometimes. -Sometimes. What does get annoying is while he's playing and I am browsing the internet, he's constantly saying, "Look at this, look at this, look at, look at, look at this." -Yeah. -I just want her to appreciate what's going on. -Right. -You know what I mean? Like there-- you know, I'm clearly passionate about games and stuff like that. -Uh-hmm. -And there's times when you play a game, for someone who's a serious gamer like me and works in the industry and you know, you're like, "Oh, man. This needs to be experienced by someone else." You know, she's the sort of like being the ambassador that I am. -Yeah but you have to understand-- -But he-- -that if Stacie is gonna-- -That doesn't give a crap. -No. Stacie is gonna watch that stuff with you, then you also need to watch Real Housewives of whatever county. -And I do. -He does. -And I do. -With Stacie, you know. That's only fair, right? -I watch it. I'll admit it and you know, -Right. You have to make a mutual appreciation. -It's on, some of them I can tolerate more than others. -Yeah. -Sometimes, I'll just up and like stamp up because it's so absurd, right? Yeah. -Yeah. You like the shows, don't deny. -I know, I mean, something that are watchable, you know. Look, I'm married to it. -Right. -Like, there's no escaping it. -Well, here. We do have a good balance with the intelligence. He plays his games, I'll go in the internet. -Uh-hmm. -The only games I don't like are the ones you can't pause, like Call of Duty or when he plays NHL because where I said I have-- -We're playing live. -That's what I said. -Yeah, online, yeah. -Yeah. -Yeah. -So, when I have to cross the couch, I have to pass the TV and that freaks him out because you know, he can't see, so he could lose a goal or like a guy. -Right. -Like it's part of the game. -Right. -I'm an obstacle. -Yeah, I don't need that obstacle. That's your obstacle. I don't need that. -That's a challenge. -And then when it's my turn to watch my shows, he'll sit on his computer. -Uh-hmm. -But it depends on the season too. Sometimes, it's video game season. I get that. -Yeah. You know, to work, you know, work is gonna take [unk]. -But I do know when you've already written the review for the video game so then he should-- -Yeah, so, if I go back and like stop turning it again, -Oh, that's checking CNET to see if the review has gone out. -Yeah. -But you don't tell-- -No. I read his reviews. -Like, sometimes I play a game again, right? -I'm a fan. -You're a very supportive wife. -Sometimes I play something I wanna like explore another part of the game again, -Right. -and if I'm playing it again, she goes-- -What the F are you doing? -Yeah. -You reviewed it, it's over. -Huh. -And she thinks like the second the reviews filed, the game cannot be played again. -Right. -And that's just not how it works. -But I just-- I think that the fact that you are so supportive of everything that Jeff does, and you fall away, you know, like I've dated girls in the past that knew about the show and they just didn't give a shit. -Yeah. -Like, yeah, "Oh, you're on the radio everyday?" Yeah, be sure not to listen. -Yeah. -Does your fiance listen, Ariel? -My fiance listens. -She listens everyday? -Yes, she's really into what I do. -That's wonderful. -Great. -That's all that matters. -That's why it works. -We're lucky. We're lucky. -Yeah, yeah, we are, we are. -Right, right. -Yeah, for sure. -And I used to play video games. -More. And then you grew up, right? -I used to. -All right. -As a child. -Yeah, as a child, yeah. -And then when Jeff and I started dating, Atari here was very popular at that time. -She dug that, yeah. And she still-- -The first game I ever beat totally was God of War, the first one. -The first one. Yeah. -Oh, wow. -Yeah. -You could give that to me. That's what I do. -Hence, our turtle's name was Kratos. -Right, right. -Yeah. -May he rest in peace. -Bye, Kratos. -RIP. -I got a question for you guys. Just more advice-- -Okay. -For a guy about to be married. -Oh. -Oh. -So, they're so-- I mean, I think it's fair to say there was gonna be times where you guys kind of-- are sick of each other, like you just don't wanna be around each other, you know, like-- you know, that's natural for anyone, a roommate or anything. -Sure. -Like you just surround each other all the time. What do you guys do about it? Like if you need sometime alone. Like is it understood? Is it something you know, it's taken personal? -Well, I mean-- and this is something my mom always said to me too, but I just found out it happened too organically. There's nothing wrong with like being away from each other. -Uh-hmm. -Obviously not for months at a time. -Right, right, right, right. -But you know, like she goes away with her girls sometimes. -Yeah. -They do, you know, girly crap. I go with my guy sometimes. You gotta keep doing that. Would you agree? Would you think that's the right way? -Yeah, we do make our own plans with our friends. He does go away for business trips, which you know, makes me sad. So, I miss him. -Yeah. -For sure. -But honestly, I don't really get sick being around. -So, you're basically saying it's good to have your own personal time as well. -I think so, for sure. -Yeah. -And even like when you're-- even if you're in the house. -Uh-hmm. -You know, like we have a pool at our condo, so during the summer, on a weekend, if we got nothing doing, she'll be out there for like 4 hours. -Yeah. -You know, which is great for me. -Because he wanna stay inside. -Because I wanna be cold. -With the curtains closed. -Yeah, she wants to be hot and sweaty. -Yeah. -And I wanna be cold and gaming. -Gamy. -And that just works. -Right. -You see that just works out for everybody involved. -Yeah. -Marty would like to have it another way but yeah-- -That's cool. -Chat room is asking this. Who takes care of Marty more? -That's you. -Yeah. -Yeah. -Uh-hmm. -He's my shadow. -He is obsessed with her like obsessed. -I'd imagine you to be the task master and then you're more affectionate with him. -No. -Is that nothing like this? -The task master like do the dirty stuff. -Like disciplining him. -Yeah. I think it's equal. I think we share that. -Well, in the beginning, it was Jeff acting that way but we learned about dogs, how you have to be the alpha in order for the dog to respect you. -Caesar Millan, right? He always talks about that. -Oh, we had some guy come and visit. -Yeah. -But yeah, that's like general rule. -It's a saying mantra. Yeah. -Right. Okay. -Dogs like structure and if you don't act as the one, -Uh-hmm. -[unk] bail in that position. -Making sense then. Right. -So, when Jeff used to be the one to only reprimand him, now I do. And now he respects me. -Sure. -Uh-hmm. -Yeah. -And I feed him mostly everyday. So, whoever is the source of the food as who is gonna-- -And she does the morning walk, you know, she does the long morning walk because you know, Stacie likes to-- she wasn't always a great morning person. -No. -And walking the dog in the morning, it helps her with that and I take him out at night. -Uh-hmm. -But he, you know, and I hear this from a lot of people who owned dogs, they have this sort of like maternal, you know, desire that just have like, not necessarily like the-- but to place that on someone and I think sort of naturally, he is just-- I mean, he is obsessed with her. Don't get me wrong. He loves me. -I give a lot of affection. -He definitely loves me. -Yeah. -And the greeting I get is amazing everyday when I get home. But if she is like gone for like 20 minutes and comes back, this guy freaks out. -Oh. -He doesn't even know what to do. -Yeah. -It's amazing. It really is amazing. For sure. -Yeah. -Oh, that's very cute. -All right. You wanna go back to the Reddit thing? What do we got? There's so much stuff. -Yeah. Let's see. So, you know, this is sort of a question about how much you guys know about each other and some wants to know, what is your spouse's most commonly used phrase? And just from hanging out with Jeff everyday, like he's got a ton, right? -He's got so many. -He's always like, at the end of the day, look-- -I'm not gonna lie. -Look, I'm not gonna like. Look, at the end of the day. Or he'll be like, I'll blow that dress. -Oh, yeah. -Right? -Yeah. -I'm not even drunk. He says that all the time. -You know them, Justin, office-- -Yeah. Hundred percent. I'll blow it at your ass. -You guys need to go have lunch and get the nails done. -It's ridiculous. -Look at Armani's or Patty's. -But when he says I'm not gonna lie, I'm like, "Why would you lie?" -Yeah. -So, I'll stop you right there. -It's pretty good. She-- no, she's heard some of these idioms so much that she has these very well-manufactured you know, comebacks that are pretty good. -Right. -But if anyone knows us and hangs out with us, Jeff and I have our own language like, we have so many inside jokes and so many sayings that's part of our Philly vernacular. -They know some of them. They know some of them. Yeah. They know some of them. -Yeah. -So-- -Again-- -Again-- -[unk] and dips. What about you? Is there any-- -But even movie quotes, like that's part of our daily. -Yeah. -Oh, yeah, 100%. -Sure. Yeah, yeah. -What do you-- is there anything that's unique to Stacie that only you would recognize? -That she says? -I mean, she [unk] as much. -Yeah. I mean, a lot of like the way she responds to certain things, you know, whenever like she can't hear me, she does this funny little like, huh? Like that. So-- and where she just like-- -Who doesn't do that? -Yeah. -But it's such a very specific sort of like, you know, I don't know. Yeah. It's a funny like hiccup, yeah, yeah, yeah. -Definitely do that, but then your eyes cross for some reason. -Yeah. -Like that. -Something like that, for sure, yeah. There's a lot of little things. -Yeah. -Absolutely. -I don't know if there's like a-- dude, I don't know if there's an actual phrase that I hear all the time from you. But-- -I mean, when you know each other for so long and you hang out everyday, you kinda just start talking the same-- -Yeah. -Yeah, you do. -And then use the same words. -You do. But I think there's enough variety that things get and mixed up and it's nice. Yeah. -Yeah. -Right. Jeff likes to say, like his grandparents. Hey-- -Oh, yeah, yeah. So-- -When he's complaining. -Yeah. So-- -Says-- -It's almost like in all in the family sort of thing. -Yeah, yeah. -I had a grandpa who would-- he would yell at his wife and the wife's name is Beatrice. -Uh-hmm. -But he would just go, "Babe" like that. So, that sort of rubbed off on me. -Taken that. -And I'm sort of-- you know, translate it into our-- -Yeah. -That's fun. Yeah. -I have a question for you guys. This is a personal question. -Okay. -And it's kinda serious. So, feel free not to answer if you don't want to. -Feel free not to answer. What-- -Or just think about it before you give me an answer. -Okay, man. I used to do that with every question. -Yeah. This is what I wanna know. -Yeah. -Is-- do remember the first time that you guys farted in front of each other, who's the first time to like passed gas? -It's so early. -Day one. -I mean, typically, I think it's like it's, you know, the man that who starts it first because man are kinda gross. But you know, things are changing a lot. I wouldn't be surprised if Stacy told me, "You did it first." Did you guys remember the first time? -I think that when Jeff farted on me first, I was like, game on. -That's a big milestone in any relationship, right? I mean, we're joking but it's huge. -Laugh and joys are open. -Yeah. I'm not gonna lie. -We're not shy. -I don't know what it is. I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that we are friends before and you reach a certain level of comfort with that sort first when you are with them prior to being in a relationship with them. -Right, right. -And I think that really eased things. I don't know though. I can't really-- I can't really put my finger on the fart date. -Yeah. -But it was-- -You didn't write it in your diary? -It was not-- it was very early on the-- like it wasn't-- -Too early. -I don't even think it was a thing. -Yeah. -I know some-- -I really don't even think it was a thing. -some of my girl friends who were dating, that would never happen now. -Yeah. -Because they're trying to like make things work and they don't wanna get too comfortable but-- -Uh-hmm. -we were so young when we started. -I mean, it just doesn't matter. Like that's the thing, like-- -Yeah. -And this is-- and this maybe can fall into the advice category as well. Maybe it's a personal thing too because some people just are completely offended by an air biscuit. I get it. Okay. But at the end of the day, it's such a freaking human thing. -Yeah. -It's not even an issue. And I truly believe that when you let your guard down with that, with your bodily functions, -Uh-hmm. -and your weird little crap that you got wrong with you. -Yeah. -Oh, you got a weird thing on your leg-- -Right. -or you have a thing to do with your jaw, or something, whatever it is, just believe me, those are the least of your freaking problems in a relationship. -Yeah. -Let your freak flag fly. You're not even-- that's not even weird. -Uh-hmm. -You know, you're little quips and your little farts and your little burps and your little hiccups, -Right. -believe me, they're all welcome. But I mean, I get it, some of them-- if like-- like if she coughed every 30 seconds I'd freak out. -Right. -Of course. -Jeff doesn't like it when I'm sick. -I'm just saying like, like that's, you know what I mean? But all that other stuff is-- -Okay. I wanted to just go back to one thing. I also have a very crude sense of humor. -Uh-hmm. -So, maybe it depends on the girl, -Right. -Like I grew up with Beavis and Butt-head and ran in-- I-- -So, you probably though it was funny. Yeah. -find humor in this. -Yeah. -Where maybe some other girl might be a little more prim and proper. -Right. -Yeah, I think a lot of-- -I'm-- -I think a lot of people, not just girls but a lot of guys too, don't wanna cross that threshold because they're worried that if they do something that, yeah, they may think is gross, that may-- it may see them as less attractive. You know what I mean? I think that's the word. -I can understand that. -Like, oh, if this guy farts in front of me or if I fart in front of this guy and he thinks it smells and he's not gonna be as sexually attracted to me anymore. -Right. I get it. Like first date you're taking out a girl. -Yeah. -Really nice restaurant. Okay. You're not gonna be like, hey, hey, Jessie, hold on one second. -Yeah. -You stand up and you fart in your suit. Like I get it, -Yeah. -like you just can't do that. -Right. -I understand. But at the end of the day too, though, when you're by yourselves and you're in a car, you're in, you know, the house. -Uh-hmm. -Come on. -Yeah. -It's easy. -And if you're living together, eventually one person is gonna get sick and gonna have to take care of the other. -Right. -Oh, yeah. -Yeah. -There's gross in that too. -Of course, of course. -Okay. -Absolutely. -Well, that's good. -Yeah. -I'm proud that you guys are able to do that. -We are. We transcend that. -Except when I'm sick, he'll stay as far away from me as possible. -Yeah. -What? Really? -He is not the kind-- -Oh, just not gonna work too. -You better not get me sick. -Yeah. -Everytime someone is sick and can actually come to the office to do work, he gets mad. -He gets mad. -Like, "Why you're even in here right now?" -But-- you're important with that, though. -That's true. -Yeah. I get that. -If someone is sick, who do you come in, in the office for, you jerk? -I know but just being around people that are sick doesn't make you sick. -No, no. -You know, you need to wash your hands a lot. -You gotta make out. -Otherwise, doctors will be sick all the time. -Right, right. You gotta tongue kiss that. -Right. Exactly. For sure. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Absolutely. -Okay. So, here's another question. This is a hypothetical, kinda weird but someone in the Reddit thread asked it. A meteor is headed for your house. God forbid. You've saved your family, your pets, your photos, you have time to save one more item. What will you each save? And I want-- this is an addendum. I want you to answer for the other person. So, Jeff, what do you think Stacie would save in the house? -So, we're both safe? And Marty's safe? -Yeah, you're both safe, Marty's safe, and you have your family photos. Stacie, what do you think Jeff would take out of the house? -I don't really care after that. You can replace everything. -Nothing? Just leave it all? -Everything is replaceable. -Yeah. I guess so. -I don't know. If there's-- -What is the most valuable thing to Stacie in the house? -To Stacie, probably her jewelry. -Jewelry? -You know-- -That's what I was thinking. -Yeah. Just take-- and she got this one gigantic jewelry box. -Uh-hmm. -I guess some of that stuff you can't replace because-- -Well, they're valuable. -Because she's got some of her like grandma's stuff in there and that you can't replace, -Uh-hmm. -or find anywhere. So, yeah. Sure. We'll take the jewelry box. -Yeah. -You're gonna have a hard time answering it for me. -Because I'm really not attached to anything. -I don't think it's hard. -What is it? What do you think? Because it's not-- I know-- all right, well, [unk]. -Hey, you let her answer. -I'm sorry. -I mean-- -I don't know with this one. -Right now I would think it's his hot toys. -No. -He'd save the Joker doll. -No. -The Batman and Joker. No. -I-- at the end of the day, if that gets washed away-- -Yeah. -I know. You don't care. -Just buy it again. -Yeah. -You know, it's there. -Hard drives, you don't have anything like that? -Maybe the NAS. -The NAS. -Yeah. -Oh, no. -Yeah, but everything you could get. -Yeah, get back. That's the beauty of-- -The cloud. -Yeah. -You know, kinda living in that world, I guess. -Do you guys have a safe-- -Put pictures? -Pictures are already safe, yeah. -Oh, he said? -Yeah, they're safe. -My photo albums are not safe. -Yeah, they're safe. Oh, no, hypothetical scenario, they are safe. -Oh, he said? -Yeah. -Yeah. -Do you guys have anything hidden in the house? Maybe like weapons or anything like that or-- -A couple of guns. I got a couple of guns. -You have a couple of guns in the ceiling? -I got like atomic gun. I'm like an old-- I'm like at 30's but automatic machine gun enthusiast. -Yeah. My dad used to have a bat next to the bed. -Yeah. -I think that was he would do. So, then he would also have like a big knife inside the kitchen for some reason. -Holy-- -Like hidden in the cupboard. Yeah. -That's odd. -Do you guys have anything hidden in the house that I guess maybe you would-- -No. Nothing's hidden. -I would feel safe. -Nothing you wanna admit, right? -Yeah. Nothing super-- -Yeah. -We just have a lot of boxes of all technology. -Yeah. We have all our crap. But that's all in storage. -That needs to be thrown out. -Yeah. A lot of stuff in storage. -Empty. Yeah. -Yeah. -Yeah. -Nothing hidden. -No, yeah. I wouldn't run back into a flaming house for anything like that. -Right. -As long as we got Marty and her. That's all. -Okay. -Yeah. -All right. -For sure. -By the way, I haven't been over to your guys' new spot yet. -Yes you have. -No, I haven't. I went to the old one. -No, dude, you were there the day before Sandy at the Halloween party. -Oh, that one. Right, right, right. I have been there. -That one. -Yeah. -I forgot about that. -Totally blacks out. -It's a long night. -Yeah, it was. It was. -I think we beat up your car actually. -Yeah, we did. -We did like a Street Fighter bonus round on your car. -Yup on the old Buick. -Yeah. -Nice. -That Buick seen better days, man. -Sweet Harriet. She just passed inspection. -She passed inspection but she's-- -Muscle tough. -She's fallen apart, man. She's fallen apart, dude. -I don't know we named the Buick. -Oh, yeah. -What's her name? -After my grandma. Sweet Harriet. -Harriet. -Yeah. -Okay. -That's her, that's her. -Okay. -She's a scratchy old bitch but she gets [unk]-- -Hey. She's very comfortable. -No. Not my grandma. I'm talking about the car. Jesus. Man, oh man. -Next question. What item of clothing do you secretly wish would disappear from your spouse's wardrobe? -Oh, my God. That's so funny because I answered this last night. -Oh, really? -I was wearing it last night. -Okay. -Oh, no. -Check this crap out. -No. Be gentle. She's here right now. So-- -Bring it on, Jeff. -But this-- you already had the pre-curse. You understand that kind of relationship. -That's not a surprise. Okay. -Stacie has this so stupid-- she has this like-- well, how do you call it? It's like this purple-- is it velvet? What is it made of? -It's like a house dress. -It's like a house dress. -Okay. -She wears and she instantly turns into like Little House on the Prairie. You know what I mean? It's like this ugly, very unflattering just like ugly as house dress. -It's like crushed-- -What is a house dress? -Purple velvet, looks like-- -Yeah, it's like purple velvet and it just like-- it just looks very uncomfortable. -It's very comfortable. -You know what, she looks like Violet from Willy Wonka-- -Yeah. -when she wears it. And I'm just like, what are you wearing? -It's like shapeless and everything. -Yeah. It's so ugly looking and she-- -It's comfortable. -And that's like for her it's totally comfortable fashion. -Yeah, yeah. -Especially if a house dress that she never wears out, she's [unk]. It's awful, get rid it of it, burn it up. -Velvet. -Give it to Marty. Let-- -You fancy. -Crushed-- it's from Agent M. It was like $5 on clearance. Like oh, so good house dress. -Yeah. It's hideous, I hate it, get rid of it, throw it away, good night. That's it. -All right. -Uh-oh. -I'll do it. -Yeah please. -You will? -If you really hate it-- -All right. But what do you want me to get rid of? What's my-- -Well, you just threw all of your ugly old shirts in a bag. -Yeah. -So, we kinda-- -Uh-hmm. -took care of this. -But there's nothing like that I have that you would be like, "Oh, man, I hate when you wear this. You, stupid idiot." There's nothing-- you don't feel like that about me, about anything? -I mean, if I see I don't like what you're wearing, you could change. -Yeah. She tells me right. If she doesn't like what I'm wearing she tells me. -Yeah. -I don't really hate too many things that you have. -Yeah. -I mean, what do guys wear? You guys wear t-shirts, -Yeah. -shorts, pants, polo shirts-- -Yup. -Jeff does his own shopping too. -He just went shopping yesterday. -Yeah. -He's got a nice new wardrobe. -Yeah. -Uh-hmm. I did that. -Yeah. You and I have been shopping a few times. -Yeah. -That's how I know that Jeff does his own shopping. He's not this kind of guy that like, you know, has his girlfriend buy things for him. -No, no, no. -No. Jeff just-- -I mean, when I was growing up, when I was a little kid, you know, my mom would buy my stuff. -You just need to get your socks in line. That is off the most. -Yeah. My socks are-- yeah, my socks. -Because they're just not matching and they're all over the place. -Well, yeah-- -Your socks-- -No one will see that. -But I feel like everyone has that problem. -Yeah. Who doesn't-- -Who doesn't have that problem? -Yeah. -I mean it's first world sock problem, right? -What's that new watch you got on your wrist, guy? -Uh-oh. -Well, this is a-- Scott Stein gave me a Pebble to wear for a little bit. -Oh, I didn't know. I just noticed that. -Yeah. This isn't my Pebble. -Okay. -This is Scott Stein's Pebble. -I thought they like finally come through. -You're not allowed to look at it, Justin. -I know. -You can't even try. -Yeah. Meanwhile, we told you he's gonna be here on October. October 7th, Eric from Pebble on the show. -Yeah. -Rock and roll. -I got another advice. -Please. Oh, yeah-- you're-- I mean, you're right on the press pitch of the rest of your life. -Because this one, actually I'm kinda-- this one is-- I'm kinda worried about this. -Okay. Nothing to worry about. -So, so, money. -You know. -I know that could be like an issue like you guys' incomes are kinda combined now. -Sure. -Your money is shared. -Yeah. Basically my money is her money. It's a one way street. -Really? -Really. -So, I mean, any tips on like-- because I like buying whatever I want, whenever I want. -Yeah. -It's nice. -Yeah for sure. -You know what I mean? And I know I'm gonna have to compromise if I marry. -Absolutely. Absolutely. -Any like tips? Like is it better for one person to manage the money or is it, you know-- -That's a great freaking question. -That's a joke question. -Because that's like-- because that can really get between people, money, you know. That's a serious question. -Jeff and I can-- -No, it's-- but it's a good one. -Like when we got married and we combined everything, we kinda have equal sides, right? -Yeah. I mean-- -It came from the same type of-- -Right. But I think more than that, you're talking more about like when you're married and your money is together. -Yeah. -Who-- like who should take control of the bills and stuff like that or-- -Or any tips. Like for example, like, I'm sure, maybe there's some times Jeff wants to buy another toy and you're like, "You just bought one." You know, something like that. -We consult each other. -Yeah, we consult. -Uh-hmm. -Like I honestly think-- like if I'm spending more than like $1.50, -Uh-hmm. -I'll be like, "Hey. Just so you know, I bought this Batman thing." -Uh-hmm. -"It's cool so," -However. -Yeah. -I'm the one that pays the main credit card bill. So, I know what's just being scanned. -So you know what's being spent. Yeah. -I know what can be spent and cannot be spent so-- -I mean, you just gotta be smart about it, you know, like you'll know right away within the first couple of months. -Right. -Like, oh my God, we've been buying this or she's been buying this or I've been buying this and it's out of control. I think-- -We're not excessive spenders either. -Yeah. I think you-- -We save a lot. -Yeah, you just kinda like be realistic about it and you gotta be like-- and for me it's like I think about myself, I'm like, man, should I be spending? You know, like would I wanna do this? -Right. -And then-- -You know what you do though? You make a Google Doc-- -Uh-hmm. -of your income and your budget and everything you have to pay and then at the end you could see how much you could spend each month or each week. And then if you don't spend that much money that week, you could spend it the next week or you could put it into savings but-- -It's-- yeah, that's a good idea. -That's what we do and it's been working for us. Before we were married, we have like an ongoing doc of who owed who. -Yeah. -And then at the end it just-- -Went away. -Yeah. -There's some-- does that help you? -No, that's perfect. Yeah, yeah, yeah. -Okay. Good. I want-- can I get some of these chat room ones? I like-- -Love [unk]. -Yeah, yeah, yeah. For sure, for sure. -Don't say no all the time. -You gotta be fair. Gotta be fair. -Oh, yeah and don't get me wrong like there will be times, not recently, but you know, we've been together for freaking ever. -Uh-hmm. -There's been times where I'm like, "Really? You're gonna buy this bag?" -Yeah. -It's $400. Like, do you need this bag right now? -Yes. -And the answer is yes. And you know, you make it work somehow. -Yeah. My fiance buys like everything off of infomercials. Like she's-- -Oh, really? -Yeah. She gets sold on every informercial. -Oh, that's not a good thing. -Yeah. So, that's gonna be a problem for me. -That really is. So, she's buying like the Dent King. -Yeah, everything. -And she's buying like hose, like the water sealers, you know that stuff? -Yeah. -Really. She's got the snake hose? How many snake hoses does she have? -I think she does have it, yeah. -Yeah, she does have that. -She likes front yard? -She's like living in New York. -Yeah, yeah, yeah. I need this. -No reason to have it. -I need this. That's awesome. -Okay. So, this is interesting. People wanna know, has there ever been a guest-- this is from Dual CIT. Ever been a guest that you've gigged out over Stacie that you were like, "Oh, my God. I can't believe you're getting that." -On The 404? -Yeah, yeah. -Danny DeVito was kind of outrageous. -Yeah that was fun. -Yeah, that's cool. -I mean, because who doesn't know Danny DeVito when you grew up with him? -Right. -I'm like, Jeff, you're meeting Danny DeVito. -Yeah. Biggest star we've ever had on the show. -Yeah. -For sure. Hands down. Not even close. -I work for Comedy Central. -Uh-hmm. -For those of you who don't know, I do production management for comedies like in [unk]. So, Jeff has a little connection now with the Comedy Central folks and I was a huge fan of the Ben Hoffman Show. -Uh-hmm. -I know it didn't get picked up again but I thought he was hysterical. So, I was happy to see him on the show. Michael Showalter was kind of amazing because-- -That was a good one. -I'm obsessed with Wet Hot American Summer and [unk] and Michael Michael. -Yeah. -I just love him. -Uh-hmm. -Who else have I gotten? Hodgman was pretty awesome. -Yeah. That's a good one. -Yeah. Hodgman was-- he was a great guest. -That Bang Bang guy was good but I wasn't like-- -Scott Aukerman. -Jeff freaked out over Marin. -Yeah. -Oh, my God. -Yeah. -But we all know that. -Not that it's a big deal for me. -Yeah, yeah. -For sure. -Oh, my God. -You know what's funny, it seems like you guys have a very similar sense of humor. -Yeah. -And was that something that was constantly there right when you first met? That was with attraction to each other or was it something that you guys had to sort of learn over time? -I don't know. I think-- -Because both of you guys have a very distinct sense of humor but it's kind of-- it seems like it comes from the same pipe. -Yes, yeah. I mean, I think it's just the kind of like person you are and you know, like you meet even people you don't have relationships with or people you're friendly with. Like when I was in San Diego, you meet someone and like talking for 5 minutes you're like, I get-- we get it. We're on that same level. -Yeah, yeah. -And I think that we had a similar sort of experience, right? -Yeah. -I mean it's not the same as when you just meet someone randomly but I think it evolves and you just get so intertwined in your own crap. -Right. -That it's just this impenetrable sort of thing. -Well, I think, with Jeff and I getting to know each other, we were so-- when we like a movie, we don't just like it. We obsess over it. -Yeah. Yeah. -And he and I obsess over a lot of the same movies and we watch them again and again and again. And so, I feel like when we were young and getting to know each other, that is just what really brought us together. -It's just the vessel. Yeah. -Uh-hmm. -It's a vessel that really helps. -And then you know, like I said, we recite movies all the time to each other and I just think we have fun together. So, I don't know. I think the sense of humor just-- it just works out well. -Yeah. -And then we have a very large group of friends that all have the same sense of humor too. So, it just kinda perpetuates. -It's almost kinda weird because you're just in your own world. -Yeah. -Yeah. -You know, especially-- well, I mean, we have a group of friends like-- probably like 15 to 20 people that were just all on the same page and we have this like language and it's just-- it's a good thing and I think it's nice to be able to share that, you know, and then confuse normis, you know-- -Outside of the group. -Outside of the group but you know, it is what it is. But-- I mean, hands down and I think a lot of people can relate to this. It's all about you know, having fun and laughing. -Uh-hmm. -And Jeff makes me laugh. -Humors are huge part of it. -Right. -Like if you don't-- -He's the funny one. -Yeah. -If two people don't connect in things they find funny, -Uh-hmm. -it's not gonna work. -Right. -It's just not gonna work out. And you know, you can deny it all you want but I would be really surprised to see a couple married for 25 years that don't find the same things funny. How could that be? -We locked out too. -Locked out for sure. But that's-- yeah. -Yeah. -But that's it. Yeah. We've been going awhile. -Yeah. -Yeah. -I think that's it, man. I think we have to say goodbye now. -That was fun. -This is fun. -Yeah. It's good. -All right. Maybe-- -I didn't embarrass him enough. -No. You didn't. -Well, you can think of anything. -Yeah. -You definitely call in. -I'm actually ending it while I can. -Yeah. -So, I can save myself. -Yeah, seriously. -But I seriously wanna thank every single person that participated, asking questions, hopped on the Reddit thread. This is like one of the most popular threads we've ever had. -Uh-hmm. -So, thanks everyone who did that, who e-mailed. Thanks to Jamie for sending along that little intro in the beginning. And thanks for everyone for tuning in live and asking questions as well. This was a very, very successful showing. -Uh-hmm. -I'm happy about it. -We're still married. -We're still married. We're gonna keep-- yeah, what I was saying, I didn't get red enough today. -Yeah. -Which is a good thing. We'll keep it going and maybe, I don't know, maybe we'll do it again like over, like a holiday or something. -Yeah. -You know, when we really let our hair down. -You're next to Ariel. -Yeah. -Yeah, seriously. -I'll bring my wife in next time. -Hey, it's gonna happen. -Yeah. That'd be awesome. -Dude, this is not just me. This is not just gonna happen to me. I refuse to let it just be me. So, yeah. Thanks to everybody and thank you to my wife, Stacie, for being on the program. -Oh, you're welcome. -Isn't this so special? -Love you. -I love you too. -All right. I'm gonna go, I'm gonna go vomit. -We're back again tomorrow. We're gonna have a 4-week of shows. Something rare. We haven't done that in a while but this is it. We're gonna have a 4-week of shows for a while. -Yeah. -So, drink it in while you can and enjoy it. We'll see you tomorrow, 866-404-CNET, that's the number. E-mail us Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Instagram, Pinterest, we're not on Pinterest. -No. -All right. But we'll start one today. And the Google Plus community, I keep forgetting to mention those guys, but thanks. And also, congrats to the winner of The 404 Weakness Contest. -Oh. -We did get a winner. Did you hear about that, Justin? -Yup, yup. We got one. Do you wanna announce it right now or wait 'til tomorrow? -No. I mean, she won already. She knows what's up. Her name is Marlyn and she's from Canada and she won. -Yeah. -So, congrats, Marlyn. -Well, what's her weakness? -I don't know. That we should find out what her weakness is. -Yeah, we'll find that out. -But congrats to Marlyn from Canada. Way to go. -She wasn't from Vancouver though, right? -No. -That was the only place you could not be from since we-- -Right. No, no, no. She's from-- yeah, no, no-- -She's from Calgary, Alberta. -Right. She couldn't be from Quebec. -From Quebec, yeah, that's right. -That's the French part of Canada. -Yeah, right, right, right. -Yeah. So, congrats and it's sick because $404 is worth 1,000 in Canada. So, congrats to you. We're back tomorrow. We'll see you. Chat room says you rock so one of these days. -I agree. -We'll see you guys tomorrow. I'm Jeff Bakalar. -I'm Justin Yu. -I'm Ariel Nuñez. -I'm Stacie Bakalar. -Yeah. -She went a whole lot to do that. -404 Show. High tech, lowbrow. We'll see you guys tomorrow. Later.

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