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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1308: Maladjusted mustache guys sniffing your data

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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1308: Maladjusted mustache guys sniffing your data

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On today's show, it turns out that people and not just computers are looking at some of the super-private data you give to Google. And some of those people are hipsters in ironic t-shirts. Yeah, scary. Also, the new Twitter debuts, and it's better than the iPad version. Plus, IE 9 and Nokia's new attitude (and personnel): too little too late?

Today's Wednesday September 15 27 it's now not everything when I'm Darren Kitchen I'm Hollywood's love and a buzz out loud in it but get -- -- Determine a link that episode thirteen hundred and eight and you would not even leave it -- what we have got a vehicle that was why you -- yet every ounce of Lyle. It's starting the show is just sitting there like possible whenever we get achievement points just because we're here that's right that's -- have aligned. Orally they have it and follow it should be said we have in -- started the show so good job us and let's go no let's let's go what could possibly go that was fair warning we are well. Tomorrow we will bring you the news of what happened at the subcommittee on crime terrorism and Homeland Security where apparently -- a representative of Craig's list although not Craig Newmark -- -- McMaster. Is being called on the carpet in I am certain. Extremely dramatic fashion -- -- -- and in this bombastic even of things not working. I couldn't get that streaming link from congress to work in any browser had -- meeting there there and that's -- talk about our supposedly a live stream and nobody can get it. Nobody could get it working but -- -- hearing on domestic miners extracting trafficking there had been some rumors that Craig Newmark would be called on -- Testify then but. But he sent apparently he blogs and of clunky and then we'll let you know any news comes out that there was -- on in Africa yesterday -- in the tech world. -- all huge news. But don't be -- used to get burned out on Twitter news of LA it's not again however that blow out again and there's a whole new Twitter. A -- -- twitter.com. And in yet another development of Twitter. On doing the apps makers. They're doing -- -- twitter.com which would do cool things like. Put expand photos and video links and maps in the right hand side bar. When -- on twitter.com actually looks like pretty cool. Update to Twitter the Twitter site. If you've used to the iPad Twitter native -- then you've already -- this. Yet it's very similar to that end it really they obviously were kind of like testing out -- that model on the iPad. Because it has the pains that slide out so I actually prefer this to in line. Images and video because you can see them bigger right away and it doesn't sort of push a bunch of -- yeah -- absolutely and you see what you want to see instead of having your whole thing -- group. You know yeah it's optional so he -- something spiffy it in your Twitter feed as you have on the left hand hand side as you currently do. See if you were to click on one of those that had an embedded like -- a twit -- core video from YouTube -- -- just show up on the right hand column and you can just watch you right there and never have to go over to -- -- dot com check out their advertising. And it's interesting because what they did was. Well that's true that say it's whats gonna happen here with Twitter did deals with sites like copy -- -- -- YouTube video in YouTube videos. Flickr and twit pick for pictures etc. so but you don't caveats. But that is super interesting get back into the part where they did -- -- they actually have great partners -- display properly in that display -- And there then there are people who make it might like -- fraud. Who dude you know twit picked style uploading who apparently will not appear in the detail -- of course there the complaints today that -- screen developers again. Because they hand picked. Partners the screw and some develop its strength on another external -- -- not not deviant -- daily with Flickr pick and -- and then they also select e-commerce sites that will cause the product image to display and indeed helping so I had indeed that's like some others. That's that if I understood the twit pick and you stream in the -- that made perfect sense to me but then you through -- at sea and I mean -- Iran wants and you know. -- Well this and why a -- and why not you know Amazon I got it and uliassi -- Vanilla that it's okay I know they. I actually don't have the complete list of -- the -- partners that that could include. And that one might be that they're turning it more in the future and it will confusion that the things that I'm curious about is if they open this thing up so there is like a format. For embedding functionality. In Twitter. So when you go to -- -- who knows what's gonna have her -- for -- videos maps pictures and hash tags which will give you kind of what's happening around that hatchback. Products replies I mean if it's not just links it's stuff on Twitter so the whole. Experience becomes one of diving deeper. Yeah whether to to a person or -- a concept or whatever. Now it's not just between its though it's the twitter.com homepage when you're signed in the other complain of course that developers have this morning is what they're trying to get you away from using line from desktop clients that they want you to be on the website which of course there's a few hours because and they -- -- have a minute. No brainer. Right and and this there's no question that that extends their ability to do marketing -- that details paint to pick partners to maybe have. The leads model that we've talked about so often like this is your chance. That they okay with Dell there are partner and then you can immediately see like a purchase and you can click through and Twitter organic you know -- there's. A lot of of opportunity is built into the interface but I like about -- the best. Is that unlike the iPad version. Of these little -- -- These ones on the website apparently have clothes -- all right thank you very. Open like not of them and be stuck with them like what do I do to get it over there that -- in the -- that we highlighted and I can't make it stop error that's a design -- that at a depth yet. So this one -- much better. I'm moving on scary news coming out of Google today I think that gawker. First reported it had an employee at Google employee was fired a few months ago and then reports came out. That he was. Fired for. Using his he was an engineer and he had access to basically the most the treasure trove at a pretty -- chat email. All of that and he was using that information to pull up like detailed. Personal data on people and then also her -- Some teenagers write that he was apparently in an engineering group where he was -- that he was a -- reliability engineering these are the people who have. If we need to be able to get into everything. To make sure it works that was that was his job and he was he was. Start friendships with some underage people apparently there was no. Does nothing nothing sexual -- and we're but but they work they were minors. And he would start friendships and then they would say you know leave me alone and then he would unblock -- -- from Google Talk and yeah either call logs you wouldn't otherwise locked himself yes. Very very harassing behavior he finally got -- Apparently likes a friend asked him what all he could view it Google he was really -- -- -- flaunting his power so he was able to pull -- that person's email account contact list chat transcripts Google Voice call -- Any analyst of other Gmail addresses that the friend had registered but didn't think that was. Would link to that that person main account was showing off and went way too far and what's what's disturbing about this is a cable. The idea of kind of socially. Less than gifted engineer types having. It access to this kind of did a little bit scary not to fit it all engineers like I've been arms and make sure there are certain personality types out there that you kind of -- didn't have access to all of your lonely -- will voice call logs and your email -- you chat log. And in fact they do like we've sort of excused Google's collection of data -- I think it's mostly machines reading it. No turns out it's Mal adjusted mustache -- David Barksdale. Well it is mostly it's not -- you know 1020000. Engineers they're not all gonna be saints and you're gonna have this problem I mean that there -- going to be a couple of people. Who abuse the privilege -- question is how do you monitor them what do you do about that you can't lock them up because their -- to -- it. Moon and the people who -- the even need to see any of that stuff to begin with a mean as a what current and still systems administrator. It lot of times -- and dealing with things like exchange I can actually. Read a lot of the stuff that you would think that I to have access to I can't even I don't know your password and set it for you I couldn't tell you what it is right. Yeah so let that's a good point like what act what. Level of access to these guys really have to have a site reliably -- ability engineers they're certainly not responsible for retrieving your country you know or flaunting to fifteen year old boy Google as an unbelievably complicated system. And there's gonna be ways to get in one way or the other I mean they could re design from scratch so was completely. Encrypted and obscurity everybody except the people have the you know the password system -- -- accounts but. Google has been being built for what. How many years. A lot. Many years and -- out of my head this -- why we're shared our Google and there always will be people who need to have. So -- level of access and that's reasonable but that question is what is Google doing it because they are -- there collecting. Because of the complexity they're collecting an unprecedented amount of personal information and and so what what. Safeguards are in place are they doing like -- an -- there -- like maybe they -- -- or maybe -- -- the only -- get -- is when you're working with somebody LT don't know that well you know so there's like a buddy system. -- cells in had a or but the really the fingers and this isn't. The reason this is -- scary story is not just one bad Apple it's the entire Internet I mean whether it's Google or FaceBook. It's these sites have so much information about you and you just realized that all it takes is some reliability engineer something who's trying to show off to his buddies is like only the -- This information that you you kind of you you have this you suspend disbelief that somebody can see your information every time put in something and -- it's like alright. You know security through obscurity or whatever security physical machine or nobody caring or just -- the keys. He exact conversation on the show where we that it only machines in the interest in who cares yeah and it turns out that sometimes -- people and then. Because we're not gonna re architect the Internet we're not gonna stop putting your personal and -- mean you know a lot of this is their services that we like -- the we use that Google needs to get. Super transparent. Super fast about all of the ways that they are securing your data and they're not doing that an expert they wouldn't even respond to comment about the story and and well Google has. And they're in trouble already over the -- -- -- with engineers and have it running. Doin' it getting data they shouldn't be happening -- -- -- has a brewing problem. Here yeah get senior they've -- VP -- -- Google made the statement that wasn't really reassuring to me to be honest it just basically said that they are. Are increasingly working to limit who has access. -- limit the number of people who have access that kind of stuff and it's just like. Okay I was hoping that you'd say you know something about are now passing your stuff so that only the account holder can -- it. Or -- -- or here's our exact profit -- -- the list of people who have this accessory I mean it's definitely. If it does not an open and help and you know reassuring response. In other Google news today it Google is increasingly at odds we'll they have having the -- and actually there you know. -- -- ever buddies India that's in some ways but. That has not stop Verizon from starting to accept submissions -- its forthcoming V cast Android apps store. Well go ahead here ahead of flipping through a market on Android phones that run on Verizon and even further headaches like well the current defended it but I certainly come around terrorists but -- -- on the one with a blank. But that opened its grade eight he had the opportunity to have all these -- Who -- a million flowers bloom but then you get this we've got a -- over here and the met over there and they don't interoperable worry -- Dell and if you're developer what you do. Yeah I love the I love the -- to the idea of the open app store. -- little -- -- it couldn't hurt no and the thing is if your developer. And you don't want to to slippery slope and in predicting more notice I say I -- tired no I'm not saying you take away that I love the the anarchy that is the app store in its current form an Android however. Another app store but doesn't you know replace this one I welcome that. Well actually let developers developers if it's a moderated app store -- of the Charlie do you do have the choice right you have the choice between the open unfettered. Marketplace that has everything including elapse meaning that in there and you have to our master -- security and consumer -- what -- and developers -- -- developer anyway here's -- -- happened -- store and can -- what if you're gonna want to use -- store because if you go and get vetted by Verizon you're more likely to get on -- -- -- -- promoted -- right so this is -- the thing for develop -- places are better right but what this is really is Verizon trying to lock -- all other Google Android. Carriers -- think the best apps for Android an open platform are on Verizon. When -- asked me what I won't I won't be the case because it'll just be that they had a list you know selection. In their little icon what it does not to -- -- -- they have terms of service that they can have your Apple -- and I'm against that looked like it didn't. -- because the way that it sounds right now let's say like I have just like I get this all atomic emails like you what are your favorite apps and elected you know I've published like my top ten got to have apps and what ever Verizon won't see you there substantive that's cool. They're gonna have there they're going to have an approval process similar to Apple's that's going to be a lot more restrictive and I would be. Unfortunate wouldn't -- the president they did say you can only have your app in the vcast store like I just think that that. What dump what Android market needs is -- better you lie a better discovery process and perhaps a better recommendation algorithm but I'm not sure that it -- a whole other. -- more restrictive store because that just continues to further the impression among consumers that lockdown is better because it's easier. You know I wholeheartedly agree with you on that point because yes it definitely needs more features to filter and find the good stuff and maybe maybe that's what it is maybe just tag the Verizon approved stuff not necessarily make -- -- different -- -- -- -- going now and come around and -- -- yeah. Yeah yeah. You -- our long term long term this may not be good for Andrew the Android may not be good for Android. Yeah well lie I don't know about that show her -- let's not -- rendering block if they can't hear it better breaking -- it's not the pride you know generated another problem. Retreat. Yet because way way back this. Are we all agree -- -- I think we are and we're also exists and I'm gonna Arafat has that the we're blue in the face let's let's so did you guys hear about -- Yeah and of Blu-ray. Big Blue. -- Says that them if -- -- enemy be. Browser disappear which is -- to be a little window so when you open it up actually there is no. But the sites apps whatever comport right dialog boxes are it will become much -- -- so they won't block you from doing things that pinnacle it's kind of ironic that I think it I don't know with today or yesterday I think it's -- that there. That to launch and to announce I. We send people to those who don't well mind you -- It is an unwanted attention thing that CNET does this is good policy doesn't Microsoft give the rite -- -- -- over the -- product they walk you through it. It market definitely. I used to get the tech net events for sysadmins gig and -- madness and. London Twitter reports about IE nine people are saying that and the data is extremely fast but one thing that that about and union and a review about it. Apparently being shows html five whether and I now with little animated clouds which is really pretty important look -- the -- Used to have -- -- clouds in one point oh and 2.0 used to be the little windows logo that was flying through the clouds and you. Now the that the actress or I don't know what they call on the box magic box whatever. Is apparently very very smart. As you type in kind of instant -- yeah it drops down with the search suggestions things you've recently been to my performance data like whether if it's in your search is relevant though. And inline images in which -- chemical yeah it's the got a little. And an auto fill that apparently it also has this new feature called pained shortcuts they can treat favorite website and that there -- an -- like certain in here exactly like you're doing -- Right yeah kind of -- them. -- yeah I mean. Which great Writely -- you're gonna make I. -- -- -- That's brilliant yeah the. I am I the only one that thinks that you know it was too little to -- nice seven and I. So you know I. In amerasians html five analyst I'm a I'm a real -- I'm gonna switch browsers every year to enact whatever and it'll it'll act like I'm them with you when they get you know. Flock Firefox Chrome mighty whatever it's fast it's you -- commitment issues with your browsers or will what's the deal let's get to the heart of this problem. Totally now we have no time -- that a happy thanks Monica. And Nokia has managed to -- even as people are leaving out one or they're bringing in people. Via another -- one of -- -- -- -- The former palm design VP who apparently. -- was in charge of that nineteen deputies the Palm Pre and whatever else you think about it is pretty and he designed the trio the trio before that the -- that to me. Good job -- yeah I love my Treo. That was gonna sexy. -- -- so Nokia is getting all these the finally do some real imports from over here it Eli opens Gilman. Yeah I mean and and they Bennett Nokia world this week disorder either -- counseling and they're definitely thing like look we. They're not apologizing -- thing -- we're not sorry that we're not Apple and we are going. We're getting serious now and -- getting serious but their their head of the Smartphone division left button which is actually probably not a bad thing. And so hopefully they can bring in people who can make the deal with -- carriers to get seventies and Tanzania that have been hammered out with them and -- really pushing -- which is an -- the next couple years I think -- plus some better industrial design because -- -- on the phones are full featured an incredible but they don't look that pretty they're still pretty clunky and if they can bring them the design into the modern world let me go. You know as a legitimate operating system. I still think that might be too little too late but. You know at a -- when you -- little Nokia. The NAV. Commission this -- the National Association of Broadcasters we last discussed them when they proposed. Making it. Mandatory. They proposed that congress should make it the law that also on should include an FM radio so I -- Obviously we the Consumer Electronics Association and and right thinking people everywhere -- there ever loving -- about that idea. But so then any -- went and they said well we're gonna get data and they commissioned Harris poll. That found. That 66% of all adults would use a cell phone to access local radio station. 40% of cell phone users would strongly consider paying thirty cents extra for such a cell phone. And another 36% would probably consider paying extra and -- 73% of that it was -- -- very or somewhat important during emergencies that itself on built in radio. Momo is just thirty to thirty so -- What made them products people can totally choose to go buy it -- -- -- -- and FM radio on it but it doesn't mean it's -- it'll lock it should be a law. That if I spent 300 dollars for phone that for an extra thirty cents I can get one with a happy you have to for 300 dollars and thirty something. They're thirty cents first of all. That's specious and whatever -- who are here's a quarter put itself an -- -- I'll take it right but first about thirty cents extra won't even begin to cover the cost of the tariffs -- I mean this. I'm pretty sure we're not paying I was I would -- -- -- -- like no this is a joke if you can't be serious it felt like it -- for the Consumer Electronics Association CT IA all came out and is that that's not the point like no matter -- -- you know what. That calls for competition and choice in the marketplace not a lot. That mandate that's ridiculously outdated technology in front of you want it in your -- and go buy a compliment doesn't care if it's an emergency in any event I am radio go sit in your car and if the market -- -- everyone -- radios then find out why on earth. Why on earth would be alive and then Michael Patrick on the General Counsel -- CE -- he emailed me the full page ad that they took out that's running today Oliver Washington and in response to this and -- apologize to your users but it into place. They've got like a picture -- that -- -- with I am a quarter -- and test it and and it says what is congress had required that every car come with -- earth. You know I think that's a made up carbon emitted when I get this big because math anyway I don't know -- apartment anyway ethnic eight bit. Every one who seems to have anything to do with consumer electronics. And or is that consumers -- this is patently ridiculous like how can you even competitive and it'll ever happen and it'll no it'll happen in six years right. Right and there are so many phones right now that have at the -- is in the market is answering this issue with just move on and -- let -- go and maybe you're just thinking is that -- kind of embarrassing moments earlier. I love a week in tech news when Apple -- -- -- -- A tabloid report that Steve Jobs attempted while in Japan to -- -- ninja throwing stars under the -- privately. Which. Astoria never think about it. It's. Apple is denying it down like that did not happen -- tonight with Steve Jobs that I never coming back to Japan -- ever he did not only throwing strikes take midget throw eggs are under the and one of the main. Which is why couldn't he do that. Because in Japan may have different boarding process -- for private planes -- -- do here here if you wanna take. You know. And armory onto your airplane as private. It's your airplane in Japan the Japanese -- different. SPA that that he was detained while attempting to board his private plane and that an official discovered throwing stars. A bunch of them I -- In his carry on luggage and they said that you can't take -- on. And the SPA stories as an argument ensued in which jobs claimed that he was hardly likely to hijack his own plane which -- And that he would never return to Japan and in many people but that -- about it but -- -- And then he pulled the -- -- publicly over his head with little ninja -- and written disappeared yeah. Did -- the CEO of the ninja and model. Most often story ever. I -- you are voicemails a we have cute today first an unhappy birthday or personal. It goes through games to build -- -- from Michigan. On that I yesterday's episode -- you -- seven you mentioned Jack booted Microsoft attorney. And eight to ten years ago I -- Tuesday it -- piracy. And got to me at Microsoft hurting. During separate she -- yeah -- -- stories. -- she spends her free time. Busting bars and restaurants for playing happy birth -- wrong. So that's kind of fun Microsoft people out on the side. Of the reboot -- but. Didn't we didn't write it up today it Jason. Graduation -- -- Well thanks. They go around and their spare time. Wow you can totally picture this heroes much simpler time going out to the -- in Munich you know you know. You're actually violating copyright the and that we are -- and that -- -- it is again you could be sent via. Look at me yeah -- -- wow thanks for that look and our next caller. Frankly. It doesn't even matter what he's column out does that we've tried to listen we drive we have done is I've -- playing anyway you'll see what happened after. I don't know Irish. Ignored. -- I love that anyway so I know Apple while you're going -- -- -- -- So we call birth control yeah that is our buzz out loud PS they for the day we did them don't dude don't do it. Like the cry baby alone will make you crash your car right and then don't also make your call and then and then why would. -- aliens please -- over the content. -- -- Don't call be well while you're driving now wait a diagram and it and McNally tele town and -- does -- have an art we got a couple of trackers that you know. -- for the new but talk about -- thing without the baby in the -- JR wrote -- to our email address which is bug that cnet.com and -- after the. -- to your discussions on Google instant search I was left wondering one thing. How many people still go to the Google home page to search engines -- to -- -- save me a few keystrokes on the Google home page but I do -- searching from the search bar whichever browser I'm currently on. Even with instant search it's gonna take me longer to go to the Google home page to search when you can instant search directly from Omaha -- cited. Now what's interesting about this is I completely agree with JR -- on this except here's the thing. If you search from the search from your browser -- -- whatever it is. And then you have a result once you're on the result page then you're in live search. So you're gonna start using live search even if you never go to google.com -- Well they end up actually I take just it just to refine your search -- neat yeah right then you're then -- electric and and and the on the Internet search and get rid. Right away. No I I also have the same thought because I've with I don't ever go to the homepage but they said that they -- bringing browsers to Portland there was like acumen after their their -- things. And totally -- mobile which is necessary and now I'm really looking for that from my my -- -- -- it. That omni bar and the crowd and yeah I just make -- dependable it register the Milford for calling problems thing Yeltsin markets are Firefox are Firefox yet they eight me. Whatever. What's Mike -- obstacle that. And Ballmer bar anyway -- Jason from Boston says wanted to reply regarding FaceBook the FaceBook movie is Molly asserting that Zuckerberg will lose this seat -- CEO of a privately held company because -- highly fictionalized. Movie version of they've been metric book I -- -- 21 when it came -- or turn it off because of how Hollywood butchered the story it's a movie. About a book the metric couldn't even get an interview was Zuckerberg for. It's not even close to being a documentary -- think that Zuckerberg comments about trust will do much more to damage his reputation. While the does he wanna answer -- think. In a word yes. Now ball -- -- -- I think it's funny -- FaceBook -- that it now that and it's a good point it is not a documentary but no one will know that a normal care like I can guarantee you that where FaceBook a public company. There's no -- -- That he was -- the movie because then there would be like shareholder pressure -- the stock present drop or trail in the bubble but I like if you have a company that is so kind of great man theory operated like this is big diet behind the company but. That of that -- -- trust in that guy continues to -- at the rate than it has been -- -- visa visa -- Then any damage -- -- to become too much. If FaceBook -- public company and was. The valued highly and the stock was continuing to go up the movie wouldn't make a difference FaceBook the lawyers would sue the -- Jesus out of people made the movie. They're not. No they're not because they're not China they don't want to call attention to it. But they are calling attention to -- that's what I mean like obvious that's the reason that I think this is gonna be so bad for Zuckerberg is that based but it's clearly. Concerned about it they have him on any PR tour doing interviews trying to mitigate the damage and every -- he doesn't doesn't it's worth you know with the New Yorker article. -- -- Well that's my prediction. I'm sticking to it. And very rates tend to say hey Murray just -- but that's gonna be sniffed and -- in particular I am curious to hear. What you think about the Dell Inspiron duo notebook slash tablet. -- may -- a little gimmicky but. I was thinking that it might be just the form factor for many professionals and even Molly. If -- were to be constructed next you do well and he goes on to explain that is -- the traveling rep that could totally use something like this and that he hopes it's not a -- It's. Another convertible but it it -- totally different. Yet it it flips it and do what what's that gonna cause you who are -- want not watching the video. The it's a convertible clam shell and when the screen -- it's not -- the tablet. That's what -- it's a tablet it's a tablet convert -- -- and I call it a -- and the screen instead of being on a rotating hinge that the screen inside the frame actually rotates. On site in ages. -- anyway so I think you don't have a keyboard I think using a ten years ago when it was called a convertible tablet yet. It is gonna be the gadget that we can Buzz Report which both actually looks -- well it looks pretty cool but it's evolutionary. You if you aren't listening to this and not watching you can find that video as well as all the links to everything we talked about today at our blog the -- does cnet.com. You can email us and try to explain how this bill tablet is not a convertible laptop -- that -- manhunt com. And you can -- us with the baby in the back of the car 1800 think once they Tuesday. -- -- tomorrow everybody and I.

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