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Ep. 1307: Where Chromecast doesn't know its own strength: The 404

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The 404: Ep. 1307: Where Chromecast doesn't know its own strength

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Google's new Chromecast is a big "finally!" moment for anyone looking for an easy, cheap way to move content wirelessly from your computer to your TV, and we have one for show and tell today. Tune in to see why the Chromecast is a game-changer.

-Hey. What's up, everyone? It's Thursday, July 25th, 2013. You've tuned in to The 404 Show. I'm Jeff Bakalar. -I'm Justin Yu. -I'm Ariel Nuñez. -Oh, yeah. -Got a little show-and-tell for you guys today. -Yeah. Well, it's kind of exciting. -We-- -This is actually the first announcement that I've been excited about in a very long time. -Yeah. -And it's weird because-- -Like every time Apple announces something new, I'm like, whatever. I probably won't buy that. This, I'm definitely gonna buy. -Right. -Right because it's really cheap. -Uh-hmm. -And you're poor. -Super cheap. -No, we're all poor. -Yeah, of course. -We're talking about Chromecast. -That's not how you pronounce it. -Yeah, it is. Chromecast right here. -Had some more Is in there. -It has few Is, a couple of numbers perhaps. So, here it is and we've already set it up. It's plugged into our TV over here and if we switch to the overhead, you can see that I'm actually streaming it off my tab. See that and I can move it up and down like that. -So, this is-- -That's it. -That's all the explanation you're gonna give. -That's all it does. Yeah. -It's basically just an HDMI dongle. -Right. It's pretty-- -You know, like right now, if you wanna get your computer on to your TV, you have to either have like a hardwire connection with an HDMI cord, -Uh-hmm. -and a bunch of a different adapters if you have an Apple computer. Well, now, Google came out with this thing called Chromecast that's basically just a little mini dongle, picture of it is right there on the box, and plugs into your HDMI on the back. -Right. -And that's it. -That's it. You're done. -It automatically looks it up. It actually adjusts the resolution for your TV automatically as well. -You see, how freaking exciting. -Yeah. -It's awesome. -I'm really excited about it. -Just $35 thingy. It's amazing. -But it's awesome though. -It's amazing. -It is awesome, dude. -No, it's cool. It's cool. I'm not taking anything away from it. The only thing I am gonna take away from it, -Oh, here we go. -is that it's really relying on your internet. -Right. Uh-hmm. -And as we found out in these very few minutes, you know, I thought we had a pretty decent connection here, and the video is working pretty well but it's totally tethered to the fact whether or not you have a good reliable internet. -Uh-hmm. -And if I know the status of internet around the country, it's not really awesome. Like nothing-- -You know, it'd be really-- -I was-- nothing is ever gonna replace-- well, right now, there's nothing that will really replace hardwiring computer to your TV. -Right. -Which is why I'm confused about why Google then just put an Ethernet adapter into the side of it. -That'd be sick. That'd be sick. -Because right now, it's not-- -But then it's this whole big jalopy with all these wires sticking out of it. -But it's-- the thing is, I think when they were announcing it, everyone, including myself, assuming that it was gonna be totally wireless-- -Right. -like there wouldn't be any wires coming out of it at all. You just plug the dongle in and then it automatically plugs and plays. -Right. -But it's not. You actually have to run, and we have it here, you can't because it's behind the TV. -Right. -But in order to power it, there's no battery inside. You're gonna attach USB, a mini USB-- -But it was flashing when it wasn't connected, right? -to an AC cable. -Does that mean there's a battery in there? -No. I don't think it charges. Doesn't it? -Do you-- It should, right? -That's what I thought. I thought it charges, yeah. -It should charge. I don't know if it does. Do you know if it does? Look it up. -I don't know. -I don't think it does. No, no. -No. I don't think so. -I hope it does. It should. -It's supposed to-- they were demonstrating it, yeah and plugging it into your USB port on your TV to draw power from that source. -Right. All right. -But they weren't recommending that because, you know, not sure about your TV. -Yeah. The diagram here when you open it up, it does say, make sure it's plugged into a USB thing. -The wall. Yeah. -Or a wall. So, you got it. You open it up, there's this thing. There's an HDMI extender, -Uh-hmm. -and then there's a USB-- a micro USB cable with power adapter and that's it. -So, how do you set it up because you are the one that looked it on your computer? -So, it's super simple. You plug it in and once you plugged it in, you go to a website that will sniff that downloads and application. -Uh-hmm. -That application will sniff out the Chromecast dongle on your WiFi on your home network and then it just talks to it for a couple of minutes and then before you know it, you got yourself a streaming thing. -Uh-hmm. -Now, you gotta do the same thing on a mobile phone, you gotta get like the app to do it and for Chrome to use it as a Chrome sort of-- what are calling this? Like a Chrome broadcaster. -Uh-hmm. -You got to install an extension which is-- you can't see because when you do extend it, it only takes what's ever in the browser screen. And also, what we're noticing too is that you can't see your mouse-- -Uh-hmm. -on the screen. Now, for me, I think that's kinda crappy because you know, I wanna be able to use this as a monitor for my computer. -Right. Yeah. -You can't do that with no mouse. It's all kind of-- you're blind there. -I don't think that's where there should-- -Also there's a delay. -Yeah. -There's a significant delay. It's about-- -That's for the WiFi. -Yeah, it's about-- I mean, right now, delaying is pretty good. It's probably about, you know, a second of delay. So, I mean, it's cool for like video, you just hit play and let it go. Let's see if I can do a full screen here, can I? -The thing is it only mirrors one tab on the browser that you're looking at on your computer. -Right. -Which is why I feel like, oh, you broke it. -No. There you go, it's full screen. -Oh, there you go. Full screen. -That's pretty sick. -So, the point, I think the point is that you're supposed to have a laptop or a mobile phone on your lap while you're browsing, right? -Right. -And then it just mirrors one tab so you could continue browsing on your laptop at the same time. -Yeah, you can do that. -And then whatever you wanna watch, you just like, put that on to your TV. -Right. So, now, what I'm doing on my computer is I have another tab open and this tab is still broadcasting. -Right. -And I'm just going to-- .com. -Right. That's it. -And it's working. -Uh-hmm. -Yeah. -So, it's pretty sick for-- -Beautiful. -I mean, for 35 bucks, buy 15 of them. -Right. -Right? Just one for every freaking room in your house. -Yeah. You know what's really funny? I was getting dinner with a friend yesterday and he just bought an Apple TV. Right? And that's $100. -Yeah. -And it was awesome for him. He loved it because he has one of the latest MacBook Pros, so he can mirror his laptop screen onto his TV wirelessly, which is great and he was like, "I haven't seen porn on TV in 10 years. And the largest screen I've seen porn in the last 10 years is like 13 inches." Whatever his laptop screen was. But I feel like this is not only gonna [unk] your porn experience but whatever else you're watching, you know, it's really cool because Chromecast already has apps built in for Netflix and Hulu, things like that, right? -No. It's always about porn. -But no. I mean, you don't really need any of those apps because with the mirroring, you just go to any website you want in your Chrome browser. -Right. -And you can look it up through there. -I still think, you know-- look, I like this product already just because it's so freaking cheap. It doesn't even have to work perfectly for it to be worth it-- -Yeah. -as far as I'm concerned. But you know, there's gonna be some sort of-- not necessarily deal break because for 35 bucks, nothing is a deal breaker. -Uh-hmm. -But there's gonna be something that's a little wonky. -But don't you think people that bought Smart TVs-- -Oh, for sure, like-- -are probably kicking themselves in the ass right now because it's $35 versus the extra 2,000 they spent. -Oh, my God. They're total dummies. Yeah. Like we don't realize but this just like destroyed so much stuff. -Totally. Yeah. Totally. -It destroyed a lot of stuff. -It's really cool. -And yeah, I mean, we were talking a little bit about like-- so, my buddy Jared said he just got Apple TV for his birthday. -Uh-hmm. -And luckily it was yesterday, the same day, Chromecast came out and he's like, "Dude. I'm returning that." -Right. -"I'm not even opening it." -So, yeah. It's kind of amazing. -Uh-hmm. -Game changer, man. I'm telling you. Game changer. -Game-- God, Ariel, just everyone's feeling it. I'm feeling you guys feeling it. That's what I'm feeling here. -It's just so cheap and easy like-- -Oh, my God. Totally brain dead. Yeah. -You know, anyone can use it. Yeah. -Super easy to set up. I would even bet like a relatively of mine. -Exactly. -You were like, "Oh, I don't know my mom or dad-- -Right. -will probably set this up for sure. -Yeah. -In about 6 to 7 hours. -Uh-hmm. -The only thing that I wish it also had, though, and I'm sure maybe they'll address this in the next version, is an audio hook up, right? So, right now, you can only hook it up to your TV. -Right. You call. -But you know, if you wanna listen to music, high def airplay is definitely still a better solution that-- -Sure. -Because a lot of third party manufacturers like Logitech, for example, they make these speakers that make it so easy to just hook up airplay connection, something which don't even need WiFi connected to it. -For sure. -Which is really cool. So, I'm hoping the next time they'll have something to plug into a speaker. -Yeah. It's kinda-- that was the one thing because the second we plugged it in, the ad on the website was playing on the TV ad, crappy TV speakers, -Right. -sure like, "Oh, man. You wanna be able to you know, take away the audio, play shift that audio." -Right. -But unfortunately, the way it's set up right now, it's not gonna be able to do that. -Well, I wonder if you have TV-- -Unless you have some like a receiver. -Yeah. If you have like a TV-- if you have your TV putting out-- -Right. -audio. -To switch the audio. -Somehow, you might be able to get around that. -Right. -But yeah, this is tight, man. Super tight. I didn't-- the thing I didn't love yesterday when it keeps showing, it was like, they would just show with no wires sticking out of it. -Uh-hmm. -The thing needs power. -Right. -Uh-hmm. -Right? So, let's not totally mislead people. But it's so cute. It's behind the thing there, so we can't really show you guys, -Yeah. -Right. -but it's super small and super adorable. -Uh-hmm. -It's what it is. -What about HBO Go? How you think this will effect to HBO Go? -No. Well, no. You just go to HBO Go on your website. -But you still need the HBO Go account, right? -Right. -In order to go to the website. -Yes. -That's not changing anything. -So, that's not gonna ruin anything for them. -No. It's not gonna ruin any-- -But I wondered how it's gonna effect the content. -It's gonna ruin things a little bit. It's gonna make a dent in the armor-- -Right. -of Roku a little bit� -Oh, yeah. -And perhaps Apple TV. -For sure. -Uh-hmm. -You know, just because-- and the thing is you know, we haven't even talked about the fact that you can hook it up to your cellphone, to your mobile phone. -Uh-hmm. -Right. -You know, so you do that, like how many times have you had all these pictures on your phone? You just wanna show everyone in the room, you know, like, oh, how do I do that real quick? -Right. -Say from, you know, uploading them, if you do like auto uploader and going to your Google Plus page and on your computer, -Uh-hmm. -on your TV, now you just, you know, sling it over there using the Chromecast thing. -Right. -Which is kind of smart as well. There's already YouTube and Netflix built into it. -Uh-hmm. -And Google Playstore stuff, how to go legal thing as well. -You know what's also really cool too is that, if you have this hooked up in your house and you don't want the music or whatever audio to pay on your TV, you could just put headphones into your laptop, -Right and-- -and then it'll take that as a source and so now you don't really need Bluetooth speakers. -Would that work? I guess that would work. -I think so. Yeah. I wanna test it. -Yeah. -But that's really cool. You don't need wireless speakers plays with your music. -For sure. Actually, can we test it right now? Let's-- -Yeah, we can. -I feel like we can test it with this. -Yeah, you just unplug-- -We will put the audio up on my computer here. Let's see if it's working. It should work, right? -Yeah. This is great radio. -Well, no. I guess maybe-- oh, no. It's muted. And now, yeah, I don't know if it works. -You may have to choose the source in your settings. -Yeah. All right, either way, you'll try it out when you guys get it. Believe it or not, this is the one we ordered yesterday. -Right? -And we got it already today. -Yes. So, yesterday, it popped up on Amazon and if you had a prime account, you could get one day shipping and get it today but I think it's sold out now for the next few weeks. -Yeah. -But it should be coming to, I think, Best Buy, Amazon and the Google Playstore as well. -Sweet. -So cheap. We're all gonna buy one, right? -I'll buy one for all of you, guys. -I'm gonna get one. -Yeah? -It's on me. -Cool. Thanks. -I'm shaking. I'm shaking. I tell you that. -Yeah, no. I guess I'll buy one. I'm not really like, you know, waiting in line for it but I'll buy one. -Yeah. -Why not? You know, it's good for like maybe bringing on vacation with you and stuff. -Uh-hmm. -Yeah. You know, it's really cool. The demo where he showed like a laptop playing Netflix and onto his TV. -Yeah. -And he paused it on the laptop and then loaded up the Netflix app on his phone and then walked around the kitchen and then fast forwarded it on the TV using that app. -That's cool. -So, you can joggle between multiple devices. -Right. It's like a cool remote control sort of feature. -Right. -Sick. All right. So, there it is. We're gonna have a review. I don't know who's reviewing it. Do you know? -Well, Jessica Dolcourt already has a first look up on CNET. -So, she'll probably review it. -So, you could check out that first impression but I think she'll probably be the one to review it. But Bridget also has one as well. So, look at CNET Update today. -There's gonna be 7 CNET reviews. -Yeah. -Uh-hmm. -Because that's how these guys roll. They all wanna do it. -Oh, we're so excited about it. -For sure. All right. Cool. What else do we got today? -I'm also really excited about the short documentary that I watched today and I think if you have time, you have 8 minutes of free time today, so you should definitely check this out. It's a short documentary, it's called Pixel Painter. Let me see if I can bring up a trailer for it. But it pretty much tells the story of this 97-year-old man, right? And his name is Hal Lasko but his nickname is Grandpa because that's what he is, a grandpa. Lasko is legally blind. He was in World War II, super old. He was in World War II and his job was draft maps for the army. -He's blind? -He's blind, yeah. -Or like Guttenberg blind, like legally blind. -He's not fully blind. He suffered from this thing called wet macular degeneration. -It's sounds-- -Which basically means that the center of his vision is sort of blurry, but he still has peripheral vision and so works. -Right, right. -So, he retired in the 1970's but you know, after he retired he started picking up computers and got interested in things like that. And after a few years of using the computers, his grand kids introduced him to Microsoft Paint. Do you guys remember what Microsoft Paint is? -I do. I do remember that. Yeah. -Of course. -Yeah. Right? It was like on Windows 95. It was like this really amateur Photoshop program that lets you draw and manipulate on photos. -Yeah. It's great. -And so, he ran with that and now he's been making these masterful works of art, just using Microsoft Paint, and it's really cool, the process that he uses to do it. And I wanted to show some pictures because it'll help me explain how he does it. -Oh, my God. -So, there's a whole documentary on this guy and you should watch it, but what we're looking at here are a bunch of photos that he made. And you could actually see the individual pixels in the painting and so what he does, since he can't really see very well, is he goes to the paint application and he magnifies it 5-- 600%. -Right. -He magnifies it directly on to a specific part of the painting and that's how draws from the inside out. So, it's sort of like a pointillism, right? -Right, right. -Where you put each dot down at a time to make a bigger image. -Uh-hmm. -It's sort of like that plus 8-bit drawings the same time. And so, it takes him months to complete one photo. -It's kinda remarkable that he's spending that kind of time. -Well, people don't really have-- -They don't have much going on. -That's what happens-- -Yeah. -Just starting pointillating. -Yeah. I mean, this or puzzles. -Right or Sudoku. -Right. Isn't that stipley or something? -Pointillism. -Pointillism? -Pointillism, yeah, pointillism, the form of art. But yeah, that's basically what he does and the level of detail here is awesome. Look, check out this one of the trees and the bushes and all those leaves. -So, does he have like source material? -It's incredible. -Or he's just doing this-- this is how he paints? -This is just what is inspiring him. -That's amazing. -Yeah. -How did he do that? -It's awesome. -Yeah. -It takes a very, very long time and after years of doing this, it's funny. Like, in the movie it shows him going to Kinko's and they interviewed the manager of Kinko's about the first time he came in and talked about-- he wasn't really sure how to operate the machines but he printed them out eventually on to big canvasses. And years later, he's actually opening up his first art exhibition and so the documentary sort of goes into that in his first opening day. -Oh, that's cool. -It's very, very cute. -Very nice. -Yeah. So, you should all go check out this documentary. We'll put a link up on our 404 blog, cnet.com/the404. -What's it called again? -It's called The Pixel Painter. -Pixel-- -Hal Lasko is his name. -Hal Lasko. Yeah. -Cool. -Ninety-seven years young. -Yeah. -Awesome. -That's amazing. -Yeah. He's legally blind. So, that doesn't mean it's like-- yeah, it's not like you can't see. -Well, yeah, he's just-- he won't be behind the wheel anytime soon. -Right. Hopefully. -But instead, he'll be in front of the screen, making beautiful art. One pixel at a time. -Rock and roll. -That's so cool. -Yeah. It's so-- -Do you parents do that? Do they like zoom in-- -My mom does it all the time. She always has it like 18 font, 22 font just to see it. -Yeah, my dad just gets really close to the computer. -Yeah. -I'm sure that's not great for his eyes. -Not be good for him, yeah. -There's just a bunch of like nose rubbings in the middle of-- -Yeah. -Oh, my God. That's so funny. -Yeah. -Can I tell a story about my mom, by the way? -Do it. Of course. -Yes. -Oh, my God. So, I got a text message from my mom the other day and all it said was, I stabbed my hand and needed two stitches. That's all it said. -That's it. -And so, I was freaking out, right? This was like at 10:00 at night. -She had plenty more characters to use in that text. -I know. It wasn't a tweet, Mom. -Or she's crying in a lot of pain. -Yeah. Like with one hand probably. -Right. -Not that bad. -So, what happen to her? -So, I called her back immediately like freaking out. -Yeah. -And she's in the emergency room getting stitches. -Oh, my God. What is with this person? -I know. So, here's what happened. This is why you don't let old people retire because-- -She's not old, your mom. -She's not old but she is retired. -How old is your mom? -Fifty-seven. -And she's retired? -She's retired. -How are you guys complaining about? -I know. But this is what happened, okay? So, she retired-- well, she's not yet retired but she has a lot of free time in her hands right now. -Sure. -She's watching TV and she was watching a commercial for avocados, which is something you only ever see in California, right? -Uh-hmm. -You never see commercials for produce in New York. -No. The avocados are great, man. -But-- -I get all mine from Argentina. I'm not joking. -Directly from the source? -Yeah. That's from fresh direct, get some. -Oh, really? -Or some other place that's not here. -That was the sticker says. -Yeah. You know, you just trust that sticker and you're like, oh, this apple came from Guatemala. Great. -So, she was watching this commercial for avocados and in the commercial, they showed someone with the end of a knife, a pointy end of the knife in the pit, right? -That's how you're supposed to do it. -No. And no, you're not. -Oh, no, oh, no. You're supposed to like-- -Anyone that's ever-- yeah, anyone that's ever used an avocado is, you're supposed to take the knife, right? And then slap it against the pit, -Right. -and that will remove it or use a spoon to dig it out. -Right. Of course. -That's the safe way. -Right. Not stab it from-- -Not stab it like you're a American psycho. -Perpendicular. Yeah, yeah, yeah. -Uh-hmm. -So, my Mom in her infinite ways though, she usually digs it out with a spoon. -But because she saw this on TV. -But because she saw it on the commercial, she was inspired for some reason and tried this new way to remove the pit from the avocado. -Oh, Alice. -And so, she took half of an avocado that she was just eating at that time apparently. -Yeah. -She had this light bulb moment, she like had a knife in her hand, she's like, "I'm gonna try this." -Yeah. -But when she did it, she held the avocado horizontally, like this. -Nice. -And then was gonna stab it like this. -Oh-- -When she moved, the force made the avocado pit drop out automatically, -Right. -and she stabbed her hand. -Through the avocado. -through the avocado. -Oh, man. It's like a movie scene. -Yeah. And she started bleeding everywhere and my stepdad had to take her to the emergency room. -Two stitches. -Two stitches. Go back to work, Mom. -Yeah, seriously. The forehead slapping moment of the day brought to you by Alice Yu. -Yes. Stop watching TV. This is what happens when a woman who's never seen TV before, all of a sudden-- -That's unattainable. -Yeah. I think you can sue the commercial for that. -Yeah. -You could sue avocados for that. -I think you could sue the [unk]. -Yeah. -The evil avocado incorporation. -Yeah, let's sue avocado. -Yeah, let's do that. -It's for you, California. -Right. -You hurt my mom. -You bring the Guacamole industry to its means. -Yeah. Thanks, Justin. -Man, I love Guacamole, though. -Yeah. -There's nothing else that I can-- sometimes, when no one is looking, I'll just take like my hand and scoop into the Guacamole bowl and just eat a nice pile Guaca out of my palm. -Yeah. -Is that weird? -Nice. -Visualizing that, it's disgusting. -And then sometimes I will take a tortilla chip and scoop it out of my palm-sized Guacamole. Is that weird? -It sounds intimate. -Yeah, yeah. -It sounds very intimate. -Jesus. -That's what I like-- -It's real, man. -And then, Guacas where it's at. What's Guac's biggest-- -That's really good. -What's Guac's biggest fail flaw? -That weird putrid green part on top of it. -What? -Yeah. Sometimes you get an avocado that has that like-- -Talk about Guacamole. -Oh. -It gets brown super fast. -Yeah, that's what I'm talking about. -It gets brown super fast. -Yeah. -How do you combat the brownness? -Eat it all right away. -A, that is the solution one. -Yeah. -What's solution two? -I've never been able to really keep it like green. -I think you gotta add lemon juice or lime juice or something like that. -Uh-hmm. -It will preserve the green integrity of the Guacamole for an extended period of time, for a naturally long period of time. -Wow. Good, high tech. -It's a Guaca. -Yeah. -It's what it is. -I like that. -So, put that in your book. -Very nice. -All right. This is what I'm here for. -Yeah. -Culinary tips. -Uh-hmm. -Right? That's it. -Love Guacamole. -We need a cooking show. -We-- oh, we do. -Let's start a cooking show. -Like a 404 cooking show segment. -Yeah. -That we roll like once a year. -Exactly. -Which is making things like Guac sandwiches and stuff. -Yeah. Like you can heat up a processor hard enough to boil some water. -Yeah. -What's your guides as go-to meal? You know, if you have to-- ever have to cook a meal for your significant other. -Something-- -Something nice, you know, not like spam and eggs or anything. Something like-- -Dish. -Yeah. Good. What would you cook? -I cook tilapia. -Oh. -I'm a big tilapia guy. -Nice. -I mean, any kind of fish will do but I really like tilapia, like salmon. What I'll do with the tilapia is, I'll put it-- sometimes I'll dredge it with some egg. -Uh-hmm. -Usually, that's kind of fattening, so what I do is I'll just-- I'll dip it in some bread crumbs, I'll put a little lemon juice on there, some parmesan-- like shredded-- not-- grated parmesan cheese. -Right, right. -Right. Throw some pepper and then the secret ingredient, right? Sesame seeds. -Oh. -So, I'll sprinkle that right on top some pepper right and so, what else is on there? Garlic. Put like-- just straight up garlic on there. -Yeah, I like that. -Hop it in the oven for about 25 minutes at 375. You got yourself a nice little tilapia delight right there. Yeah. It's freaking awesome. -That sounds good, man. -With a side of sweet potato maybe, some broccoli. -That sounds great. -Yeah. Come on over for dinner some night. -I wanna get the hell out of that. Yeah. -We do it every week. Yes. -Really? -Yeah. I mean, I will triple my tilapia order. -Let's do it. Tilapia Tuesdays. -To accommodate you guys. -That's awesome. -Yes. No more Tuna Tuesdays. It's now tilapia. -It's upgraded. -Hell yeah. -How about you, Ariel? -Although tilapia is arguably cheaper than tuna, but anyway, -I make salmon. -Yes, salmon is awesome. -Yeah, yeah. -And salmon is good. -And it's very similar the way you cook it but a lot of lemon juice, -Yeah. -and then garlic and then oil on the bottom to make it kinda crispy. -Yeah. -Put-- and then sometimes I put capers on the top. -Okay. -Yeah, just to add a little color. -Sure. -Yeah. Put that one in the oven, 375. -Three seventy-five, man. That's the-- -That's easy. -That's the magic number. -That's ultimate fish cooking temperature. -Yes. -Yeah. I didn't forget it. -That's it. Set it. -Yeah, I know that. -I mean, you just like clap your hands, shake them back and forth like a black jack dealer and you're rocking and rolling. -Done. -Yeah. You're ready to go. -Yeah, it's awesome. Then just eat it right out of the cooking utensil. -Yeah. -Right then. -Don't even-- -Exactly. -Don't even serve that. -Yeah. One left dishwasher. -You know what freaks me out, freak Stacy out too about the Salmon, is like the gut on the bottom. -Oh, right. -You know what I mean? -Uh-hmm. -Like-- sort of like the open cut steak. -Right, right, right. -It's that weird, gray, slimy bottom. -Yeah, yeah, yeah. -Not a fan of that. -No. You gotta take that out. -We gotta start, you know, engineering salmon to not have that. -Right. -I'm gonna-- -Or get some salmon steaks by the same-- -Yes. That's where it's at. -Yeah, yeah, yeah. -That's awesome. -I love-- oh, in San Diego I had raw ahi tuna. -Oh, that's delicious. -That's the way to roll, man. -Yeah. I like that. -Just rare. Oh, dear. Maybe a little like on each side of the pan for about 15 seconds just to get it a little darker. -Yes, a little bit. -Panko crusted. -Yeah. What the hell are you talking, man. I'm so hungry right now. -Wasabi, sashimi. -I know. Ridiculous. -That's it. That's it. No. For the record, Ariel is no longer vegetarian. -Oh yeah, yeah. Yeah, yeah. -Clearly. -I haven't done that in a while. -Chat rooms scratching their head about that. -Yeah. I love that. -You guys missed some episodes apparently. -Yeah. -There's a problem here that I wanna address right away. It seems like someone in the chat room has never had Guacamole. -What? -Get out of the chat room. -How does that happen? -Get savvy. -How does that happen? Where's the cabbage? -I think-- you know, I think some people's stomachs are really sensitive to Guacamole. -What? -You think Guacamole-- -Yeah. -irritates people? -It can be. -It's like the easiest thing to thing. -I thought because it's all mushy. When I've eaten so much Guacamole that will give me a stomachache. I don't know if it's because I indulge-- -You probably have like six pounds of Guacas, will do. -Yeah. I had a lot because I really like it. -You gotta take it in, you know, stride, man. -Small doses, yeah. For sure. -You know what it is? I think that-- -Not even small doses. Just like only-- -A sliver. -Yeah, I'd say like what's-- -Half of Guacamole. -Half is like-- -Yeah, cut it in half. That's good. And you can have that as a snack. -Yeah. We make-- -With some Tiscuit crackers. -When we make Guac, we do two full avocados. -Yeah. -Yeah. -Whole for the beginner. -And I would eat the whole thing. -Yeah, I'll eat that. -I'll that in two days. -I think the consistency, if there was a lot of people off, because it is kind of slimy. -Uh-hmm. -It feels like ice cream a little bit sometimes. -Right. -But you know what you have to do is, make it into a shake. Have you ever done that before? An avocado shake? -I haven't but I've heard of it. -Oh, they're so good. If you ever go to like a Thai restaurant or Vietnamese restaurant, they always have an avocado shake. -Like ice cream? Yeah. -Like ice cream in there? -Yeah, yeah. -It sounds weird but it's really good. -I'll try it. I'll try it. -Anything once, man. -It's not just sweet. -I'll try anything once. -My go-to dish is spaghetti carbonara or a Bucatini Carbonara, right? -What's Bucatini? -Bucatini is like thick spaghetti. -Oh, okay. -Right, yeah, yeah. -It's a type of pasta. -Yeah. So, you boil the spaghetti. It's really easy. Boil the spaghetti and then dump like have of pound of grated parmesan inside of it. -Yeah. Okay I figure out how you do that but-- -Yeah. -I like carbonara, maybe a little chopped up bacon in there. -Prosciutto. -Prosciutto. Same thing, right. -I always use the prosciutto, yeah. -Or-- and then chop up some olives in there too. -Uh-hmm. -Get some black olives up and then mix a little bit of pepper. -Capers work well on there too. -Yeah. Oh, yeah. -Super easy and it-- -I'm starving. -Man, oh man. -How do you eat like that with thick S freaking F, what kind of sauce was it? Carbonara sauce? -Carbonara sauce, yeah. Yeah, like two eggs and a bunch of cheese. -And you still maintain that girlish figure? -Yeah. -Hey, you know what? Sometimes I even fire up some spam and put it in there too if I don't have-- -Shut up. -Yeah. I just put some spam. -Yeah, because prosciutto goes-- -High and low. -Yeah. The spam isn't totally acceptable and it substitute for prosciutto. -Sometimes, you have it. Other times you have spam. You gotta use what you have. -Maybe throwing a couple of bowls of fresh mutz in there. -Two if you're feeling really frosty. -Yeah. Put some Crisco in there. -Man, oh man. -I love olives, dude. I become a huge olive guy. -Yeah. -Yeah, I do too. That's weird because it's something I feel like you like when you get older. -Yup. -Yeah. -Yeah, that's the way because I used to hate them-- -Because they're in Martinis. -Yeah. -And you're like, oh, well, that's like a big boy drink. -Yeah. -That's like an adult drink. -James Bond eats them. -I don't wanna-- -Yeah, yeah. Oh, he's old as hell. I can't be bothered with that. -Uh-hmm. -And then you turn 26, you know, like holy shit, -Yeah. -those are awesome. -Yeah. I'm ordering like plate of olives for appetizer. -That's it. -Like as if-- I would never worry. -It's a Mediterranean-- what do they call that dish, where they throw it out? -With oil on it. -Yeah, yeah. -Yeah, right dude. -And it's a pasta. -Yeah, yeah. -Sure. Stuff like that, absolutely. -I love it. -This is just a food podcast. -Yeah. And we've been talking for two hours about it. -It's Chromecast and food. -Chrome and food. -It's Chrome and good [unk]. That's all it is, man. -Yeah. -That's all it's become, dude. It's what it's all about. -How do we transition from old people using MS Paint-- -Into olives. -to olives? -Yeah. -I don't know but somehow we did it, hence, the majesty of our program. We only-- only we can do that. -We cover it all. -Yeah, for sure. We're actually really, really in bed with the Al Corporation. -Yeah. -Thanks for sponsorship of spam. -Thanks, spam. It's all you. All right. Let's file this last story and we got an e-mail or two. And you know what, I wanna play these voicemails as well because it's been way too long. They're old as crap or whatever. I don't want these people to have their voicemails, you know, fall into the abyss of the internet. So, let's do this last story. E-mails, voicemails and say goodbye. -Okay. The last story is about 3D printing. We haven't talked about 3D printing in a while but this is something that's kind of bad news. And your 3D printer, you know, that machine that you spent way too much money on that you just print toys with, -Uh-hmm. -that thing is actually gonna make you sick. -What? -It's gonna give you asthma and you might die from having it in your house. -Time out. I haven't read this. -Uh-hmm. -I think I know what the hell you're talking about. -Yeah. What do you think I'm talking about? -And hindsight 20-20, but when Rich Brown has his freaking 3D printer run in 24/7, -Right. -in his little office, -Right. -it gave off this weird burning plastic smell. -Yeah. -But every time I'd walk by, I'll be like, there's just no way this is okay. -Who would have thought that burning plastic two inches from your face will be detrimental to your health? -Who would have thought? -No one could have seen this coming. -Who would have thought? -I was reading this magazine Atmospheric Environment, right? And it had-- -What's that? Is that just like air quality magazine? -Yeah. -Is that what that's about? -Yeah. Read every issue, it's a bi-weekly. -Yeah. Okay. Fair enough. -Atmospheric environment, I was reading it the other day. I have this really interesting article in it. It was about a couple of scientists that were measuring airborne particle emissions from popular 3D consumer home printers. -I can't believe this wasn't even a consideration before-- -Oh, this is crazy. So, the scientist-- -We just live in such a shoot first then ask questions later. -Yeah. I mean, the fact that we selected for Best of CES two years ago and now may kill people. -Now, it's gonna kill everyone. -See? These scientists were measuring the amount of Ultra Fine Particles which are actual scientific terms. -UFPs. -UFPs and they are-- you know, they basically just printed out a small little classic item using ABS plastic. -Uh-hmm. -And then they measured the UFPs that came out that as a result. And listen, that's the rates of those UFPs. We're from about 20 billion particles in minute for the smaller items to up to 200 billion particles-- -Oh, my God. -a minute for ABS. Right. It's [unk] that. -How do you measure that? -I don't know. -It's unbelievable equipment. -This is the scariest part though, is that those emission rates were in line with the rates measured in previous studies that resulted in things like strokes, things like asthma. -Oh, yeah. -And stuff like that. It's on par to burning a cigarette indoors. So, I'm not sure if it's for each little plastic item equals one cigarette. I don't know what the ratio is, I'd imagine you have to print a whole lot to get that. -Oh, now it's just [unk] in the mess. -Right. -Man, we're just gonna wear a mess. -And you could probably 3D print that out yourself. -Right. Exactly. You'll just have to suffer for the printing of the mess. -That's right. -And then after that you will-- -Yeah. -Yeah. -You know what these things really need to have, is a fan or an exhaust system. Right? -Or what about like an enclosed printing area. -Yeah. -Oh, like a box. -Yeah. Like just keep it in this plastic box which of course, you print yourself as well. -Right. -Input there-- you know, and have the-- all the printing going on inside that little vacuum sort of thing. -Right, right. -Why not do that? -But then, how do you-- just it just like fart out the emissions that it needs afterwards? -[unk] farted out. -Like it would have to-- the emissions would have to go somewhere, right? -Yeah. I mean-- -You just have like a bag that you then smoke. -You just develop some sort of like exhaust system the same way a vacuum sucks up dirt. -Right. -You have the bag. You know, I'm sure like-- I'm sure that exists in the vacuuming world as well. -Right, right. -You know, with the UFPs. -Uh-hmm. -So, you just have that suck into a filtered bag. -And you take that outside. -Through your place. -Yeah. -And then you throw it in your plastic printed garbage-- -Right. -that have been and you're rocking and rolling, man. -Yeah. -Because you live in the house-- -Yeah. -where everything was made from a 3D printer. -Bring yourself a gas mask. -Right. -That will work. -Right. It's self sufficient. -Yeah. -So, there you go. We figured it out. -Easy. -So, now tell MakerBot, what are they under, third version of it? -I think second version. -Yeah. It's-- okay. Well, those are the cancer-causing versions. -Oh. -Now they need to do-- now with-- now cancer-free will be like the big like blammo sticker they can-- -Yeah. -slap on the third version of it. -Right. -Yeah, yeah, yeah. -And we'll all be in much better shape. -Those-- -Look, it's only been a few years. So, you know, -Yeah. -it's not-- it' gonna be like little cancer, not the big cancer. -That's what you want. -That's what you want, tiny, tiny cancer. -Oh, those [unk] MakerBot employees, if you go to the store, there's probably 20 of those things just lined up-- -Ripping and rolling. -in 10 by 10 studio. -Man, oh man. -Goodbye, guys. -I just see now like the political cartoon of like a freaking like 3D printer being ashed into an ashtray or something like that. -Yeah. -You know what I mean? -Yeah, yeah. Or behind bars. -Yeah, exactly. Yeah. With the SARS mask on. -Right, right. -Sorry. -Yeah, throw those things away already. You don't need that door stop-- -No. Yeah, yeah. You know what, go buy yourself a chest piece replacement. -Yeah. -You'll be fine. All right. Thanks for those stories, sir. Let's switch gears into e-mail time. We haven't read e-mails in a while. Pick one of these and we'll read it. -Okay. I actually wanted to read this one. Yesterday, we were talking about lawn bowling-- -Right. -As an alternative establishment for holding our next meet-up, right? In San Diego. -Right, in Comi-Con. Yeah. -And I don't-- do you remember who told you about this? -Yeah. So, it was this guy. It was this guy Howard who-- -Oh, it was Howard. -I guess he runs the lawn bowling club in San Diego. -Right. And he heard our show yesterday. -And he's like, dude, he's like, "You guys, I'll totally set it up for you next year if you wanna have your meet-up at my lawn bowling place." -Yeah. So, he heard us talking about it. -And then I'm like-- and then we saw photos of it online and it was a bunch of like older people-- -Old people, like-- yeah. -You know, mounting each other. -Hanging out, yeah, right. Nothing's wrong with that. -And then it really was that and then we're like, "All right. Well, I wondered what kind of dude Howard is." He heard the show, wrote us back and told us. -This is great. He's like, "I'm a 60-year-old nerd that has been watching your Podcast for many years. Not from day one but pretty close. I'm sure that none of the rest of our members would even know the source of your name, which is awesome." -Which is-- yeah, I guess. Is that bad? It's probably bad. -No. It's great that Howard is such a smart guy. -Yeah, yeah, I know. -He's so hip. -Yeah. He says, "Lawn Bowling is different than bocce ball. It's much harder. The balls are not round so they must curve. It's like curling on grass. You need to check it out on YouTube." -Yeah, I'm gonna have to watch that. -Right. And he says-- -You have to mow the lawn. -Two hands. -Instead of like sweeping the ice, you have to mow the lawn as the thing makes its way down. -He says, "We do have a small clubhouse where Jeff can protect his untannable skin from the sun." -Thank you, sir. -I know that's your first worry. -Yup. -"But it would be fun to see how coordinated he is with something more than a game control and I would love to see that too." -Well, he forgot I play ice hockey. So, there is some coordination there. -This is the best part though, is that, his signature says, Howard sent from my Samsung Tablet. -Wow. He's not even an iPad guy, right? -That's great. -I love it. Him, you know, him and-- what's the dude from Florida? Arnie. -Yeah. -They gotta hang out. -Uh-hmm. -They gotta hang out with some scotch and cigars and make their own Podcast. -Yeah sure. -Because I would freaking listen to that. -Yeah. -They'd be like those two old men Muppets in the theater view, you know. -Yeah, yeah. Exactly. Yes. Exactly. -Maybe like commenting on our show. -[unk] that will be great. -Or like bore oh snore. -Yeah. That would be awesome. I would watch the hell out of that. -Please. -Maybe-- yeah. I would love it. I would love it. All right. This is from Shawn. He says, "To hold it down for all those who don't have a TV, I have a 27-inch monitor plugged into a Roku, which is now obsolete. I've been watching your Podcast since I bought the damn thing two years ago. I'm getting Netflix through the mail so I'm not missing much." He's talking about how he's unplugged. -Uh-hmm. -And he says, we are his television. "If I could get a TV like normal people, but I live," he says, "I could get a TV like normal people but I live in Detroit where there's no TV." I don't understand. Do you understand that? -No. -Is that-- Anyway, don't feel like committing suicide due to the need to be informed. So, he's being like really settle here. He's saying that the news in Detroit is so depressing. -Oh. -That he hasn't wanna actually get a television. -Oh. -and then they just filed bankruptcy, it's like not a great time to work in Detroit. "Anyway, love the show guys. Keep it up. Love, Shawn." We'll write back at you, bud. Thanks for writing in. I appreciate that. Rock and roll. Don't be sad. -He makes me sad. -It's not-- look, -Just buy one of these Google Chrome dongles. -In the future, Detroit will be like the great, you know, it will be like Atlantis. -Right. -Like, oh, remember it used to be a-- -Will rise. -Yeah, Atlantis rose. -No. I'm saying Detroit will rise. -Yeah. -Oh, you think it's gonna come back? Yeah. -Yeah. It's gonna take a lot but I think they will. -It's gonna take a lot of Eminem and Clint Eastwood commercials for that-- -Exactly. -Where we'll come back to where-- -Maybe another RoboCop or two. -Something. Right? -Yeah. -Maybe like, they should just do Beverly Hills Cop 4. -Yeah. -And take where-- where he's from Detroit. -A lot of really good hip hops come out of Detroit. -Yeah, sure. -From struggle comes great art. -Yeah. Absolutely. Art needs to come from a place like that. -Exactly. -So, I say, we keep Detroit the way it is, -Yeah. -and they're making good music. -Nothing but talent arrives from the depths. -Yeah. -And you know, in Detroit, that'd be cool. All right. Calls from the public time. It's been a while. This is like the first post Comic-con calls from the public session. Let's do it. -Time to show the love. -Call me. -866-404-CNET. -The 404. -So, again, these are way before Comic-Con and some of them are good, oh, they're all good but there just might not be timely. -Okay. We'll run through in them. -We'll run through them. Let's hear the first one. -Hey, 404 bros. This is Chicago from Evan. I'm a big fan of the show but I haven't been able to listen for a while because I'm in grad school and you know, stuff gets busy. So, I've been driving between Chicago and New York, a bar college in New York and it's the longest drive I've ever made and you guys and Jim Gaffigan have been keeping me awake and preventing me from falling asleep at [unk]. So, I love the show. -Yeah. -Keep up the good work and thanks for the laughs. See you. -Right on, dude. We're in good company with Gaffigan huh. -Yeah, yeah, seriously. -That's sick. Love being mentioned in the same breath as that dude. Next call. -Hey, what's up, 404? It's Paul from Brooklyn. First of all, I wanna just say that Jeff, you're rap game is mad-tight, bro. Mad-tight, mad props on that. So-- -For real. -The other thing was the guy that called in about how not to look like a complete, you know, [unk] tourist. -Oh, right. Remember that guy who's coming in New York? -Yeah. -Okay. -When they visit New York. The one thing you're gonna do [unk] was you know, what to wear, you know, what specifically put your-- -True. -on your body. But my advice is do not wear white sneakers. Okay? That is just the dead giveaway. -Yeah. -Like the big, kind of chunky white-- -New Balance. -sneakers. -Yeah, yeah. -Like the walking shoes. -And then-- -Yeah. -Don't wear your mom jeans. That's the other thing. They always tells me their tourist is-- -Dead giveaway. -You know, the little bag here kind of stonewashed mom jeans. So, don't-- -How do you-- -I would argue that if you're in a certain-- -Mom jeans. fashionable parts of the city, -Yeah. -stonewashed mom jeans are 100% back in style. -For sure. -Right. But that's so-- it's two layers of like trendiness. -But you have to have the rest of the outfit on complete. -Yeah because those-- -Yeah. -People he's talking about are also rocking fanny packs. -Right. -Yeah. -You know what I mean? -Yeah. -And that's more for the kind of the baby to hold or maybe the parents and you know, -Oh, said, the older parents. -Yeah. -just stay away from that. Get yourself a decent pair of jeans, you know, a little thinner cut and some decent looking shoes that are comfortable to walk in, -Uh-hmm. -and you know, you fit right it. So, thanks, guys. Good luck to the guys coming to visit. You'll be fine. You'll be in good shape once you get here. -Yeah. -Thanks. -That's a good advice. -Don't wear-- yeah, don't wear a polo shirt underneath a t-shirt too. -Yeah. -That's always a dead giveaway that should be European. -Yeah. Right. -Right? -Oh, my God. So many-- -That's the worst. -Is it the Europeans? They all pop their collars? -Uh-hmm. -And I know we talked about this but when they popped their collars, there's like text written on the collars. -Right. -Right. -And just as like-- or whatever it is. -Yeah. -You know, and you're like, what the freak is going on? -One collar at a time. Right? -You're right. -Don't put two polo shirts on. -You've seen double collars? -Oh, yeah. I've seen three collars before. -I've never seen three. That's crazy. -Yeah. -That's almost like science-- -Now you're [unk]. -Well, you're in that area. -Yeah. -Yeah, I'm in the East Village so I see all the manners, switch bag-- -So, I mean, we all agree, right? Like jail. Right? Jail. -Right. -Oh, yeah, yeah. -Jail. Top a [unk]. -Yeah, okay. -Ten years per collar. -I just wanna make sure-- turkey, yeah. -Yeah. -Or that's 4 collars, 40 years. -Yeah, get out of here. -What are you in for? -Four collars, man. -Four collars. -They got greedy. -All of them popped. All right. Final call here. -Hey, guys. This is Tim from San Diego. I met you guys last year, last year here at Lou & Mickey's and-- -All right. -I hope to see you guys again this year. -Well-- -I wanna let you guys know how much you guys have become like friends and family to me. Last week, there were two incidences. One, there was a fire in New York City's Chinatown. -What? Do you remember that? -Yeah, I remember that. Uh-hmm. -I hope Justin is okay and then-- -That's nice of him. -That's nice-- -Oh no, because you live in Chinatown. -I don't live in Chinatown but I appreciate that. -You just said you did yesterday, by the way. -I said I used to live in Chinatown. -Right. So, that's what he was-- that's what-- I know you don't live there now. -But he heard this-- actually he didn't hear that because this episode, or that voicemail is left two weeks ago. -Right. Yes. It's all-- it doesn't work out. He's just being racist. But either way, now, he's-- -Not all Chinese people live in Chinatown, dude. Although I have before, not entirely. -Right. -Or it's just so funny like image I have now, I was like, welcome to New York City and by the looks of you, you belong right-- -Yeah, yeah, yeah. -You're headed this way. -Let us show you into this box with like docks in the window. -Yeah. -We already made a bed for you. -Yeah. -Right next to the docks and the chicken feet. -You'll fit right in. -Yeah. -You'll have your own walk whack-a-bowl-- -Yeah. -All right. But it goes out to this boy here. -As a hockey fan, I heard that Ilya Kovalchuck, -Oh, yeah. -is going back to the Soviet Union and leaving the New Jersey Devils and-- -It's called Russian now. They call it Russian now. -So, yeah. So, he just wanna say that he appreciates us and he considers us family. -That's great. -I think he goes on a little bit, a little bit more here. Let's here what he says. -As a hockey fan, I heard that Ilya Kovalchuck is going back to the Soviet Union-- -Yup. -and leaving the New Jersey Devils. -Yes, why? -And my first reaction then was, poor Jeff. I hope he's gonna be okay. -He's so thoughtful. -So, there you go. I care about you guys and hopefully we'll see you at Lou & Mickey's. -Well, I hope we did. I don't remember if I saw this guy but I hope I did. I really do. -Tim? -Is it Tim? All right. So, maybe I met a Tim. There were a lot of-- there was like-- it wasn't a terrible amount of people but it was a lot in a short amount of time. -Uh-hmm. -If you didn't get a shirt, Tim, write us and we'll send you one. The last thing that I wanted to show was something from our buddy-- a guy from Trinidad. -Okay. -And you probably know what this is right? -I don't know man. -So, he recently got amazingly enough a Pebble Watch. -He got a watch? How did get a watch? -He got a Pebble Watch. I don't know if he buy from Best Buy-- -I can't even get one. -Or if he had pre-ordered or what but he got one and he designed version 1 of his Pebble Watch face and check this out, it's The 404 logo. -Oh, I have seen that. That looks great. -It looks really good. -That looks excellent. -So, you can design-- is the API out there for designers, make their own? -I think it's like some sort of SDK. I think, yeah, I think you can do it yourself. There's also-- for my short time with the thing, there's like websites that you can use that will help you create it. -Yeah. -So, you don't even need to be a savvy programmer. You can sort of go on this website and it will do the tough and nerdy work for you. -Yeah, that looks so cool. Hopefully-- oh, so guy from Trinidad, if you go to our Reddit page, the404.reddit.com, scroll down and you can actually download for yourself. And he has it posted there in his Google Docs. So, thanks guys, from Trinidad. -Fantastic. I believe his name is Marly. -Yeah. -Well done, sir. Always a pleasure to hear from you and thanks for doing all the dirty work for us because you know there's no way we would have any kind of time or we source-- -Right. -We need the watch first. -Yeah, we do. -That's gonna take years. -And that's just-- yeah. Oh, by the way though, speaking of Pebble, I did talk to the co-founder Eric yesterday and he's gonna come on the show October 7th. So, you have-- so you have about 2 months. -Two months to retract everything I said. -To just do your homework. -Yeah. -I gotta get my hands on one full time. The one I have that Stein gave me is like the kick starter one, the battery died in like a day. -Yeah. -I heard the new ones have better battery life. -What? Is it gonna come with gifts? -I don't know. I'm not expecting it because apparently, they're pretty tough to manufacture. I don't know if you've been to BestBuy.com lately but when you see like a Pebble Watch and then pick up in store, it tells you, okay, see you in a couple of years. -Yeah. -It's just simply not a thing to do. I'm not even sure there's one Best Buy store in the country that has one in stock. -Really? -Yeah. -Oh. -It's like that. -That's cool though. That's good for them. That means that they have a large production-- -Well, yeah. I'm just a little bitter than I pre-ordered mind in like January. -Yeah. -And then some-- off the street walks into a Best Buy and buys it and I'm still waiting with my thumb up my butt. -How did you meet the CEO? Just in the street? He's [unk]? -No. I'm sure he's doing fine. I got introduced to him through a mutual contact. -Oh, okay, that's-- -Yeah. -That's critique, right? -What the hell that was-- -Oh, I can't tell you that my sources and the way the web of information makes its way through my inbox. -Well, good. I'm glad he's gonna come on the show. We haven't seen for that for a while. -Yeah. So, I'm gonna butcher his last name totally but his name is-- let me-- it's Eric what? What's your name, bud? Eric-- it's Eric Migicovsky. -Oh-- -Migicovsky. -Migicovsky? -No. It's Migicovsky. Yeah. Migicovsky. But I think I'm-- it's Russian and I think it's [unk] or something like that. Pronounce it-- well, as I'm gonna do. Is that right? I'm sorry, our name or all our last names can't just be two letters. -I just like watching it squirm. -Yeah. -Oh, that's not squirming. -Migi-- what? -What? You don't [unk] for us? All right, man. Enough with that. That's it for us today, guys. Tomorrow on the program, you know who it is. You know who's coming tomorrow. -No, I don't. -The gut man. -Oh, okay. -The gut man's back-- -Oh, yeah. -to melt your brain into a fine paste. All right. So, look forward to that and that's now we'll finish up the week and yeah, rocking and rolling-- -Awesome. -along through the summer. It's gonna be a few dates here and there where we're taking off, coming up but we'll let you know about that. 866-404-CNET, follow us on Twitter and follow us individually on Twitter as well. That'd be nice if you could do that. Check out our Facebook page and our Subreddit that's kicking all kinds of ass. It's getting really popular and I love interacting with that. So, that's a lot of fun. Please participate in that as well. -We'll be back tomorrow, guys. We'll see you then. I'm Jeff Bakalar. -I'm Justin Yu. -I'm Ariel Nuñez. -This has been The 404 Show. High tech, lowbrow. Have an awesome Thursday and we'll finish up here with Steve Guttenberg tomorrow. Later.

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Get ready for rolling BB-8 toys. The droid in "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" is a real robot, based on the technology in Sphero's toy...
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CNET Top 5 - Crazy looking smartphones
3:36 April 17, 2015
Round, curvy and two-faced: five phones that broke the mold and dared to be different.
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Faster Roku 2 masters the streaming universe
1:45 April 17, 2015
A nearly perfect mix of speed, features, price and ecosystem make the Roku 2 our favorite streaming device yet.
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The Garmin Vivoactive is an ultra-slim smartwatch with a few hiccups
2:15 April 17, 2015
CNET's Dan Graziano gives you a first look at Garmin's first smartwatch
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