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The 404: Ep. 1306: Where it's safe to drink the water

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The 404: Ep. 1306: Where it's safe to drink the water

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Aunt Jill's back on the show today to make sense of Apple's positive third-quarter earnings despite falling iPhone sales in China. She'll also answer some listener questions, so thanks to everyone for submitting!

-What's up, everybody. It's Wednesday, July 24th, 2013. Thanks for tuning into The 404 Show. I'm Jeff Bakalar. -I'm Justin Yu. -I'm Aunt Jill. -I'm Ariel Nuñez. -Welcome to the program and Jill Schlesinger, how are you? -I'm fabulous. Hey, which camera we are looking at-- -It doesn't matter. You pick it. -The top one? -Yeah. -All right. I love it. If you only guys could see the studio with the Jerry Reed box, -Yeah. -that the camera has to sit upon. -Yeah. -I mean, it's really awesome. -And you know what's funny? And then when we complain and we like bring people in here, where we could probably make changes, they're like, "That's not so bad." -Right. -And like, "Oh, no. I don't know." It's kinda-- -It looks like a Chinese takeout box that's literally holding up the entire Podcast view. -I love it. I love it. -It's all put together with duct tape, hopes and dreams. -Oh, yeah. -Yeah. -Mostly regret. -Yaeh. -And said, oh. -You know what, there's low energy in this room. -No there's not. -I'm pumping you guys up. I am pumping you up. This is my job today. -Thank you. -Ariel, you're the only one who doesn't seem that low energy. Although, you're not-- -I'm always low energy. -I know. But for you, you seem okay. -Yeah, it's normal, yeah. -Right, right. -Right, right, right. -You know what it really is when it comes down to-- and this is-- -You're hot. -Yeah. I'm hot. -What? -It's the freaking truth, man. -Like temperature hot? -Yeah. This weather just brings me down. If you notice, if you were to somehow chart my enthusiasm over a 12-month period, the September, October, November, all the way through, even I'll give you a hell, I'll give you a freaking April. -Yeah. -All right. Yeah. -It's at all time high. The level-- it can't go any higher. And then as soon as June, July rolls around, it's like a valley of death. -I mean, come on, the last couple of weeks the heat has been intense. -Yeah. -I will admit that. -And it makes me ornery, it make me very like bummed out. It slows me down. It makes me tired. -Yeah, I agree. -I feel like we have good energy on the show but it's always pretty negative energy. It's high negative energy. -Oh and-- but that's fine. -Which is not necessarily a bad thing. -Of course. -Right. -We never have low energy. -Yeah, that's fine. -It's just varying degrees of negativity. -Right. Also, cynicism is good. You are New York-based. -Of course. -I mean, come on. -What would we be without our cynicism? -What is the most disgusting part of the summer in the New York Metropolitan area? -It's the-- -Yeah. -Well first, from-- -The smell [unk] you have. -It's the hot garbage smell. -Yeah. -It's that like hot putrid of how long has that bag of fill has been sitting there, disgusting smell. -Uh-hmm. -What about you, Justin? -I think it's the way everyone else smells. No, I mean, the street smells really bad. Trust me. I live in Chinatown, so I've lived there before, I know how it smells. -Yeah. -Right. -But the people smell way worse. -Sure. -And it's not even-- because I don't even ride the subway so I know it's bad. -Yeah. And-- -I know it's worse there. -Ariel, do you have a vote? -It's the smells. -It's the smell. -Yeah, it's definitely the smell. -I have a little particular ornery thing that makes me nuts. -What's that? -I do not like seeing people's feet. -Yeah. Good one. -I'm into that, yeah. -I don't want people to be wearing flip flops in the summer. It's disgusting. -I agree. -It's totally gross. -I think I don't like human toes either. -I agree. -I think they're-- -It's just so dry. They're so dry and you get that like white stuff in between the toes too. -It's disgusting. -No. We don't like looking at that. -Also like men's toes. No offense, guys, but guy's toes-- -They're ugly as hell. -are ugly. -Yeah. -Like if you wanna wear flip flops then go get a pedicure. -Exactly. -I mean, that's fine but it's disgusting. -Shave your toes. -Make them presentable. I've seen some pretty disgusting feet. -Oh, horrible. -They're strange. Yeah, like that. -Yeah, there are some gnarly ass toes regardless of the gender. -And let me also say that in the gym where the air conditioning is pumping, you check or just wearing like basically bra tops and you're not awesome-- like you don't have the best body in the world, stop it. -Yeah. -Right. -Like really, I mean, it's not that hot. I don't understand like, you put on a regular shirt in the gym-- -Yeah. -where it's air conditioned. -Yeah. -You don't have to wear your bra in the gym. -Exactly. Right. -You're not on the beach. -Really. -Hey-- -I'm glad you're saying that. Not us. -Yeah. I really appreciate to hear that. -But seriously, but I mean like-- I mean, I don't get it. I really don't. -You're doing a favor on both sides of the gender aisle. -Yeah. -Absolutely. -What about these maniacs. Have you ever seen these maniacs in the hot somewhere they're wearing like a hoodie like you? -I don't get that. -Like what is that about? -I don't know. -Like you're inside which it's air conditioned in here. -Yeah. It's cold in here. -I get it. You're frail, you're cold. I understand that. -Frail. -No, you're not frail. You're just cold, the cold. -No, the point is that-- -I didn't mean frail like you're-- -Now. I have to have this long lengthy explanation but it gets 60 degrees in the lab. -Oh, yeah. -In the lab and he's in the lab. -Yes, of course. -Right, right, right. -They have to keep it cool to keep the equipment. -I don't want any other thing like Justin [unk] just sick and you can't-- -Yeah. -No, it's fine. -No. But in the freaking outside, -I know. -I don't-- I just-- -Oh, you see people wearing beanies in the summer time. -Oh yeah. -Yeah. -What the hell is going on? -And really thick wool beanies. -And not to mention that these people who are sitting outside of restaurants when it is 9,000 degrees-- -Yeah. -Yeah. -and 100% humidity. -Oh, my God. -You feel like saying like, what is your problem? -What is-- yeah. -Like this guy asked me the other night. He's like, "Do you wanna sit outside?" It was literally the height of the heat wave. So, it had been, you know, 103 heat index during the day. -Right. -I looked at him and I said, "Are you insane?" -Like, are you crazy? -"Are you crazy?" -Are you mental? -Like-- he's like, "There are people sitting out there." I said, "They're tourists. They're idiots. I can't help that." -Yeah. They think this is a thing. -And by the way, you're not on the [unk], you're in goddamn Columbus Avenue. It's disgusting, you know, there's big trucks running up. -Yeah, oh, so gross. -You know, oh my God. -Yeah. -I don't get that. -It's so freaking gross. And I mean, and what about-- and then these people in the sun, in the 109 degrees sun, -Yeah. -smoking their cigarettes. -Oh. -Yeah. -How do you smoke a cigarette in the sun like that? -Yeah. -In the baking hot, disgusting sun. -You know what, you have to want that drug bath like-- -You-- -Really, you need that drug. -That is-- like, I'm a big believer of addiction is a choice but if there is some personification of addiction, it is that. -Yeah that's rough. -It is exemplified best-- -Uh-hmm. -in the hot sun, smoking a-- oh, my goodness gracious. -It sucks. Anyway, so, it's been rotten. But today is better. It's not so bad today. -It's all right. Yeah. -I was sitting in my apartment this morning with radio heads and I realize, I'm like, oh maybe I'll open the window. It's not so bad. Hey, but we're just fine like it's 5:00 in the morning, you open the window. -Sure, it's probably breezy, nice, yeah. -It's so good. It's fine. Okay. Like one hour until I'm like sweating. -Yeah. -[unk]. -Yeah. -I'd say forget about it, back on the AC. -Right. -I'm ecologically huge offender. I overuse air conditioner. I am. -So do I. -The worst people are the ones that claim that they don't have to use an air conditioner. -Yeah, right. -Hate them. -Like one of my friends doesn't even have an air conditioner in his room and he's like-- -What? -Oh, humans survive for thousands of years without air conditioning. -Yes. -I was like, well, now they exist. -Yeah. -Right. We also-- we-- yeah. -So-- -We also went to the plague and you know, -Right. -Yeah. -so maybe he doesn't take penicillin if he gets strep throat. -Right. And he hunts and kills his own food too. -Yeah, right. -These are the same kinds of people that are like, I don't own a TV. -Yeah. -Oh, I hate those people. -Yeah. -Worst people. -I hate those snobby people. -And do me a favor next time you see your buddy, slap-- -Let him burn. -I had somebody come visit us at the beach and so, she's like completely insane. It drives me crazy. She drinks bottled water. I'm like, oh, my God, this girl drinks [unk] a bottled water. I'm like, well, I have a filter in my refrigerator. -Uh-hmm. -She's like, that's not good enough filter for me. -What? -And I said, what about British? Was that baloney? That's nothing. -Oh, my God. If she knew the kind of water that comes in a bottle sometimes. -Right. And so I said-- well, she said-- -It's the same thing. It's tap water. -So, I said, "No." But she's like, "Oh, you know, Poland Spring is the best, blah blah, and I'm like, but you know, your carbon-- I totally said carbon. I said, "You're drinking all this stuff and it's like the plastic bottle, isn't that bad?" Anyway, okay. So that goes by and then you know, we're at dinner and I see her start eating french fries. I wanted to put my head through a window. -Yeah. -I'm like, yeah, that's better. You're right. -Who is this person again? -A friend. Old friend -Yeah? An old friend? -Well, not my friend. Jackie's-- -Not anymore huh. -Well, she's not watching Podcast. -All right. -As far as we know. -But I have-- I literally have fights with her. I'm like, "Why do you have to drink this water? It's so expensive." Like the reason I have a bottle-- I have some bottles of water, -Uh-hmm. -is, you know, like if someone wants to, you know, go out or they're going home, for some of the guys working in the house, give them a bottle of water. -Sure. Take one for the road. Right. -Not to drink 6 in a day. -What the hell, man. -Just refill the bottle. -Yeah. That's what-- -But it's not good enough. -And take a lighter to the cap so it like melts back a little bit. -That would be good, right? -You should. -What? -Nice. -Yeah. -Reseal it like a bottle of water. -Wait. Explain that. -Just like reseal it a little bit. -Is that supposed to keep it fresh? -No. -No. -It's to create the illusion that it's a new bottle of water. -Okay. -Yeah. -To be psycho. -Oh, let me open that for you. Right. Click. -Yeah, let me get that for you and as all you need, that one little-- and you're fine. -Wow. -Yeah. -We could start doing that with guest's water because those things are expensive. They're $1 each time we have to get one for a guest, we can just reseal it anytime. -What happen to our 50-cent sodas that the-- -No. That's everything but the water. -Yeah. -Oh. -Yeah, the water is $1.25. -Get him a seltzer. -Yeah, yeah. -Oh, my God. So, Apple reported earnings yesterday. -So, this was-- so, I saw this and they said that-- they're like, "Oh, hey. We did better than we thought we would." So, they-- -Here's like the version of Wall Street. Here's the headline. Ready? Apple earnings fall 22%. You think that's terrible, right? -Yeah. -But it was better than expectations since stocks up like 6% to 442, 43 bucks share now. I did notice that your colleague at CNET, Donna Tam had some crazy stats. -Do you know Donna Tam? -Not at all. -I had met her before. I don't know her personally. -You met her? Or she's based out of us, huh? -I think she's in San Francisco. -I don't think I've ever met her. -Okay. What did she say? -Anyway, she's got some fun facts. -She got some fun facts here. First of all, there were 31 million iPhones that were shipped, that was up 20% from a year ago. So, people are still loving the iPhone. -Yeah. -Not so much the iPad, they were down 14%, 14.6 million iPads shipped, they're down. -Uh-hmm. -Macs, down. But here's my favorite. Fifty billion apps downloaded from the app store in the quarter. -How much of those are paid apps? -I don't know but she said developers have earned $11 billion from sales. That's kinda good, half of that. So, $5.5 billion earned by developers in the last year. That's like a cottage industry. That's awesome, right? -It's nice. Nice, yeah. -It's cool. A billion TV episodes, 390 million movie downloads. That's kind of crazy. And retail stores, probably fan boys and girls out there, they're still making money, $667 million, 48 million visitors this year in this quarter. Let's see, 48 million visitors. You walk right at Apple store. Not everyone is buying. -No. Oh, my God. They're in there totally just jerking off. -Choosing, looking, right. -I mean, they just go in and they're just like, "Oh man, look at this?" Right? -Yeah. -I really hate going into the store. -It's like almost like [unk]. Right? -It's terrible. Yeah. -Yeah. So, when-- -It's a Times Square everywhere. -It's so true. -I wonder what the least-- the worst performing Apple Store in the nation is. -Oh, I wonder. -I wonder which one that is. -They closed a couple and relocated them. -Yeah. -I did that. -That's interesting. Which ones were those? Do you remember? -I don't remember. -Yeah. -Oh, where's Don? Send Donna and-- -Yeah, Donna Tam. -Donna, are you watching? Which ones is the least because-- -Let us know. I'm curious. -I thought that was kinda cool. -And then I wanna know the best performing one. -All right. What do you think I would guess the flagship store on 5th Avenue? -Yeah, I would say that's the best performance. -Because they get all of these amazing tourist who come fly-- -Of course. -All those people who used to go to department stores-- -Yeah. -not going to the Apple Store. Right? -Right. Yeah, they came from-- -Best Buys. -you know, like Omaha, Nebraska. -Yeah. -Yeah. -Or wherever. And they come here and they're like, what's the first thing you wanna do in New York? I wanna go to the Apple Store. -Right, right. -Unfortunately, yeah. You feel like they wanna do that. -I know. -That was one of the first places I went when I moved here. Yeah. -Yeah? And you're like, oh my God. I gotta check out-- -It's awesome, man, that cube. -But wait, isn't there one in San Francisco? -Yeah but it's not cube. -There is one in every-- it's not the cube. -Yeah it's not a big glass cube like-- -I feel like there's an Apple Store in every mall in America now. -Oh, I think. -Right? That's how I feel. -Probably. -It must and kiosks too. They have those as well. -Yeah. -Why do you think iPhone sales have dropped so much over the past year? -No, iPhone were up. They're up 20%. -Oh, really? -But iPads were down. -Wait. I read somewhere that-- I think Chinese customers were down-- -Chinese down but worldwide-- -That's down with 40%. -Yeah. Worldwide-- because you know why? China is slowing down. That's why. -I thought it was because there were so many counterfeit iPhones going for sale in China-- -Could be. You may never know. -that they're buying that instead. -It's not-- yeah, it's not hurting it. -But I mean, it's amazing to me that there were 31 million iPhones that were sold in a quarter. That's pretty awesome. -The live iPhones and are they all the 5? -No. -What's-- okay. -Total. -Well, what's crazy to me about that is we are right on the edge of a new one. -Yeah. -And I just-- to me it's just like-- I'm surprised. Usually you find that when you're on the precipice of a new one, you sort of-- -Everyone's waiting. -stop the buying and you just wait until September when it's probably gonna come out again. -Oh, I just feel like it's never a good time to buy an iPad, right? -What? -Like an iPhone. Unless you're within 3 months of a new one coming out then you probably should not. -Right. That's when you buy it. -But let me ask you something. What about-- I mean, Samsung-- isn't Samsung overtaken iPhones worldwide? -Yeah there's more-- yeah, I believe so. -But not here in the U.S. -I don't know. -I don't think so. -Yeah but it's-- I mean, it's definitely close. -You know me. I'm like-- I'm just stuck with my old stuff. -You know what's happening, it's like the Samsung is now becoming like the cool phone to get. -What? -I'm telling you, it is. -That's why I'm gonna stick with my iPhone. -[unk] guy with the Samsung phone, right? -Yeah. -No. Dude, that's-- I'm not happy about that but it is. That's what's happening. I feel like I talk to all my-- a lot of my buddies who work in a, you know, Startup Offices and stuff and they're all-- I guess they're all ditching their iPhones for Galaxy. -Really? -Yeah, I'm serious. -I can't be bothered with learning anything new, you know that. -It's not hard and-- -So, a phone can make you cool if you're not. You know what I mean? Like-- I think that's the business of it. The marketing is that this phone is gonna make you cool but-- -Right. -It's just a phone, you know, like-- -Yeah for sure. -It doesn't matter. -You're already cool with that. -And so is this one. This is so cool. -That's a cool phone, yeah. -Well, I have this phone, by the way, I had a Nextel phone when it first came out. -You have the little Push to Talk? -Yeah. I loved it. It was great. My office used to call me all the time. It's great. -Your construction office? -No. It's-- you know, because I would be out on appointments and if you lost and they like, you know, whatever. So, it was great. But I don't know. I'm just very comfortable in my iPhone 4. -It's fine. -I'm just gonna wait until like the 10. -Yeah. -I'd go for that. -Just gonna wait in like half a decade. -Yeah. For all the people who wrote in after last week's show, there are two things. Number one, I had not yet purchased a computer. -Yeah, what the hell? -Well, because Scott kind of blew me off, number one. -No, what do you mean? I was right there with you. -You're right there and we're talking and then I sent him some stuff and then I'm like, well, down it's down to this versus this and he hasn't e-mailed me back. So, Scott-- -Oh, after this we'll go knock him-- -No. I'm not even talking to him anymore. Not with that. -Really? -Which is the one that you were thinking about getting? -So, the Sony VAIO Fit versus now, I'm back into Jeff's idea which is the Dell XPS, the 14-inch one. And Jeff, someone left me-- sent me an e-mail who works at Dell. -No way. -Who said to me like, let me know. I can usher this through, you know. -Like a listener? Yeah. -Yeah. -Sick. -Right. Isn't that cool? -Anyway-- -What the hell is wrong with favors? -Yeah. I need one too. What the hell? -So, I'm not saying I want them for free. I'm just saying that he was like, nice guy. -Sure but he'll take care of you. -Yeah, yeah, yeah. -Okay. Cool. -So, I think I'm gonna get that one and I'm gonna get it going because I gotta make this happen. -All right. -All right. Both got good ratings on CNET. -Hold on a second. -Yeah. -They both got solid four starts on here. So, I think you're good either way. -That's the one-- I took that one to E3 and Comic-Con with me. -Uh-hmm. -This one we're looking at right here. The XPS-- 14. -Dell is a reliable computer. Yeah, this is the 14-inch. -I don't know if I wanna see if they're reliable. I just feel like, so far so good. -So far so good. -Yeah. -That should be their slogan. -Yeah, yeah, yeah. -Right. So far so good -But if something goes wrong, the problem is you don't have someone really servicing it because it's Dell, -Yeah. -and everything is done directly. But okay, fine. Whatever. -All right. -You know, I'll have to hire some guy like you to come and fix it. -Yeah. -Right? -I don't know. I'm not cheap. -I know that. -I am not cheap. -Then the second thing to tell you is that I have lost my headphones again. -I don't understand. They're not the-- -You need to have those grafted to your head or something. You lost a lot of headphones. -I know, right. -What happen? -You lose a lot of stuff? -There's something wrong. -You lose like a lot of your crap? -Only things that-- or auditory evidently. -I guess. -I lost my headphones and then I lost my thing for TV. -I feel like you just don't have an emotional connection to these things, you therefore write them off. -I think this is gonna show up -You know what? I think you need to spend more on headphones. -No. -If you spent $500 on a pair of headphones, you would never lose them. -You would never lose them. You-- how about this-- -Look at this little backup ones that I brought. -What the hell are those? Did you get them out of a vending machine? -Practically. -Now, these are-- what are these? Oh, it's called candies. -You know, I-- because I had to buy them at an airport. So, that was when I realized, uh-oh, where are my headphones? -Right, yeah. -Oh, did you get them at the Best Buy Express thing? -Yeah, yeah, yeah. -The vending machine? -Yeah basically. -I don't know. I always walk by-- I've flown a little bit the last couple of months. -Uh-huh. -And I always go by the Best Buy Express sort of thing and there's never anything in there worth buying. -Well, if you have no headphones, a pair is fine. -Yeah. That's worth it. -I mean, you could buy an iPad off one of those guys. So, it just seems like a weird contraction. -But let me ask you something. -Yeah. -So, the thing is-- that Justin-- when I was really excited about these, there were like earbuds and I could use it for running and I was psyched. -Uh-hmm. -But Justin identified the critical issue which is the whole control-- -Uh-hmm. -of the move that you could switch songs and volume-- -Right. -was so high up that it kind of like jiggled and-- -Right. -And waved down-- right? -That's a legitimate critique that I have with a lot of headphones. -Right? -That the remote is in the wire on the one side of the-- -That's it. That's exactly right. -on one side of the headphones and so the wait starts pulling the earbud out of your canal. -Thank you. Maybe it fell out. -Well-- -Maybe that's it. -Yeah. -We're talking half an ounce. We're talking-- -No. It makes a big difference. -like one gram. -All I'm saying is, it's not like the biggest difference but when you're running, you know like when you're running and you got to groove on-- what-- are you going somewhere? What's happening? -No. I just-- -I see you're checking your watch. -Well because like I've been playing around with this Pebble Watch that, speaking of, Scott Stein gave me. -Oh. -And it vibrates all the freaking times so I'm just always looking at it and I'm like what he hell do you want? -Okay. All right. Well, So, anyway, when you're running and you're in your groove, -Yeah. -Right. -when the things start jiggling in your ear, you're like, what a-- -Yeah. I think with earbuds, what people want is just versatility. -Yeah. -You know, like they wanna be able to use them when they're walking and not have to worry about it falling out. -Yeah. -But the way that the company should be doing it is like this. -Where these-- like where the Y comes together. -Yeah. Where the Y comes together. That's where the remote should be. -Yes. -So, it's not pulling on anything and these in my hand right now are the headphones I think you should get next. -Why don't you just give them to me? -And they're less money-- because these are my personal ones. I like these. -I'm totally kidding you. -These are the ones that I listen to in the bathroom so you don't want these. So, these are the V-Moda Remix Remote, right? -All right. Hold on a second. -I'll send you a link to these. -Send it. -But they're actually cheaper than the clips-- -Okay. -that's 4 eyes that you bought before. -Yeah. Remember those? -It's 79 bucks. Yeah, you hated those too. You ain't gonna like anything. -No, I like those. I like those. -Yeah. -Can this switch the songs? -Yup. Yeah, it will switch the songs. It's got 3-button remote, so it can change the volume as well. And they sound good too. They're the same company that makes the headphones you're wearing right now. -What about when you're on the phone? They sound on good on the phone. -They do sound good. Yeah, no complaint so far and the best part I think is that V-Moda really pays attention to durability because headphones break after a while. -I heard. -A lot. And so they have all this rubber at the articulation points. -Oh. -That's really nerdy. -That's true. -I like that you said articulation points. -Yeah. -Yeah, I see. -So-- -Articulation points. -I think these are the ones you should get. -All right. Send that to me. And last but not the least from last week's-- last time I was on, which was a whole month ago, unbelievable. -Yeah. It's true. -Now is the show when we were celebrating the Supreme Court of returning the Defense of Marriage. -Right. -We got so many nice e-mails-- -Yeah, that was great. -from people who were really so supportive in it so much and Jeff, tell about the e-mail that we got from the guy who is the conservative dude. -Yes. So, we got an e-mail. I'm not gonna say his name but we got an e-mail from a guy who is a self-declared altar-conservative sort of guy. -Christian conservative. -Christina conservative and he came out and said, you know, I don't necessarily agree with all your politics or whatnot but I'm very happy this happened and I want you to know there are some good guys on this side of the fence. -Isn't that nice? -And we're just gonna have to take his words for it so that-- -Yeah. He is-- at least one. -There's at least one. -We got one. -There's proof that there's one. -Anyway, I thought that was so nice. -It's very nice for him to write in and see that. -Really was, right? -I thought it was very tasteful and classy. -Yeah. Definitely -Absolutely. -All right. I'm done with all. Any-- that's it. I talked nonstop. Are you feeling my energy? Feel enough? -I feel it and we're feeding off of it. I wanna bring something up real quick because we talked yesterday about the kind of cluster F that was our meet-up out in San Diego during Comic-Con. And I'm kinda psyched because we have a dude who e-mailed us. Did you get this e-mail address? -Maybe. -Maybe. -Yes and failed to discuss. -We have this guy Howard. He e-mailed us and he said, hey, guys, the San Diego lawn bowling club is about 2 miles from the convention center. If you would like to use it for a meet-up next year. I will arrange it for you. -Oh. -Oh, I love a lawn bowling club. Sort of Bocce. -So, this is like outdoor bowling. It's like Bocce Ball. -Sounds like it. -I mean, I'd be down. Two miles is far believe it or not. -Yeah. -Yeah. -You know, because you want-- -You might be advanced. -Yeah. I might have to get like a bunch of party events, doing shuttle service back and forth. -I like that. -I don't know. I really appreciate it and we'll definitely be more in talks about this but yeah, it's really-- -Why? What happen? -Long story short, it was just too many people, it's very crowded and it was tough to make the-- -So popular. -No. It's not that everyone was there for us, it was that everyone was there because they saw like the free booze and the music. -Oh. -And it's sort of interfered with the people who were there to specifically see us. So, I think we need to figure out a way to make that a much more seamless experience for the people who wanna see us because it's not really fair to you know, advertise to people to come out and then we kinda jack everyone because it's such an S show over there. -Right. -You know what I mean? -Right. So, Comic-Con, CES, is there anything else that you-- -E3. -E3. -Yeah. -Any other events? -We might be doing something in September that we can't talk about yet. -Yeah. -For the high holidays? -Yeah. It's gonna be the Rosh Hashanah 404 Tour. And then we're gonna go from Rosh Hashanah to Yom Kippur. -Whoa! The days of all, there you go. -And we're just gonna have like the whole high holiday Jewish 404 Show. -Great. Fantastic. They come very early this year, I understand. -Exactly. Justin is gonna wear Yamaka for 19 days straight. -I already wore Yamaka at your wedding. -That's right. -That's right. -It was good. Your Aunt made them by hand. It was beautiful. -Hell yeah. Look at this guy, he knows the stuff. -Yeah. -He's in. -I'm actually looking a the San Diego Lawn Bowling. -Are we laughing at it or are we happy with it? -And this just doesn't seem like our dermographic. You know, there's a lot of old white people wearing-- -You're kidding. -white visors. -This is a joke. -This is not a joke. This is San Diego Lawn Bowling. -That's awesome. -Is that-- is lawn bowling have nothing to do with bowling? Is he just-- -No. I think you're sitting on top of some-- there it is. -Oh. -Yeah, so this-- these are the 404 fans that we'll be interacting with over there. -Look at these guys. That's great. -Holy molly. -It's like a Jerry [unk]. -I didn't realize you can just sit the whole time while you lawn bowl. -[unk] didn't know it's a spectator sport. -I was-- -Let me see some action shots. -I was expecting-- -These are only the action shots. -That's it? -I was expecting ten pins and I'm just simply not getting it. It's called Bocce Ball. -But it sounds like Bocce or it appears to look like that. -The ballooney, right? The little ball is the balloney, right? -Yeah. -Bocce Ball is awesome. -It's cool. -And I don't know. -Into down the shore but it's-- -This one-- -There you go. -it's the best photo ever. -All right. Put this. -So, now we know what happening. -You were there. -We were there. -Yeah. Yeah, apparently, these people mount each other while they-- -You know, this is-- this is the first thing that's wrong. -Awesome. -My goodness gracious. -What the hell has happened? -Like a [unk] look. -It's a party. -Look at the common look on their faces too. -She loves it. -It's like she's using a tool or something. Anyway-- -Well-- -Well, thanks for the offer Mr. Howard. We'll have to a little more. -Maybe. Howard's grandparents are probably-- -Yeah. -it was hard to remember. -Yeah, Howard. How old are you, bud? -He gotta be younger. -Let's get this corrected. Yeah and plus it's outside so, you know, that's like a deal breaker for me. -Well, not in San Diego. -You're right. -It's really nice. -It was absurdly gorgeous there. -Right. It's beautiful. It's like oh it rains 3 days a year here. -Yeah. Tough life. -I know. But there-- you know, still, it's a boring town. I think. -You know-- -I mean, super boring. -It's my second time in a row, outside of that Gaslamp, it's like-- -Nothing. Even Gaslamp is like [unk]. -Yeah. -Were you pretty close to Tijuana in San Diego? -There you go. That you're talking about. -Well, that's a different country. -Right. -That's not San Diego. San Diego is not allowed to take credit for Mexico. -No. But-- -Right? -That is by proximity. -Yeah, exactly. -You know, like they can absorb that. -It sound like a suburb-- -Yeah. -It's a-- yeah, go to Tijuana suburb, perfect. I got some financial questions. -Yeah, let's get to-- -Do you have others-- do you have a real stuff to talk about or should I do this? -Yeah. We could get to review, that's for sure. -We're good? -Yeah. -How's my time? -We're good. -All right. Good. Because Justin started late. I don't know what was happening. Cameron wrote that-- is Cameron a boy's name or a girl's name generally? -I think it goes another way. -Goes on both. -It's either. -Yeah. -Uh-hmm. -It's like Morgan. -Yeah. -Morgan goes out-- -I don't like those-- I wish I knew. Anyway, Cameron just watched our latest appearance on The 404 and would like to know where I can find a recording of the show. -For us? -No, my radio show. -Oh, okay. -Anyway-- -I was like, if you listen to us, thanks. -I'm curious. So, remember last time I was talking about this girl who wrote in about getting credit card she was going to NYU. And so, Cameron says, "I'm curious to hear your advice in getting a credit card during the first year of college. I too am going to be a freshman this year at NYU and I feel like getting a credit card. If handled responsibly, it would be a great way to build my credit score." -Yeah. -True. Hard to get it though. So, here's the thing. You really-- most of the time you have to cosign it with your parents. So, if you wanna start building your credit card in credit score while you're in college, the way to do it is you get a secured credit card, which is kind of-- it's sort of more like a-- it's like a prepaid card and you put a bunch of money, let's say, you know, your parents say here, you can use $500 for the semester. You put $500 on the card. You load it up with $1,000, you use the card and then basically it's you know, whatever you spend is against the thousand dollars you put on it. -Right. -Now, the only good reason to use this, because it seems like a lot of work for not a big payoff, is that it does establish a credit score and you do need a credit score to borrow money in the future. -Right. -So, okay. I'm cool with that. So, way to go, Cameron. And then Cameron also wants to know what about investing in T bills or municipal bonds as a college student? -I mean, if you're-- -If this was 1980, -I mean, it's okay. If you wanna have something really safe, that's okay. I wouldn't do T bills. I would just use like CDs. I wouldn't use municipal bonds which are great except that it's all about being in a high tax record. So, if you're not in a high tax record, you don't need municipal bonds. So, I love that Cameron says, "I fully recognize my undergraduate education is a greatest financial investment I can make at any age." That remains to be seen, depending on the job you get, right? -Yeah. -But as your quicker way to build credit and make money that can help pay off unsubsidized loans prior to graduation. So, you know what I say, Cameron? Stop worrying about saving money. Just pay down the loans. -Yeah. -That's it. -All right. -That's easy, right? -Great advice. -All right. -Great advice once again. -Easy. -Two questions from Aaron who wrote, "I just heard you radio program for the first time the other day and I was intrigued that there was someone who actually could answer financial questions. -What? Jeez. -That's not what our program is normally about. It's not like we're doing a bad job. -He made me laugh because I think what they're talking about-- what he's talking about is that like-- -Wait. Say that again? I need to hear that again. -Yeah. -I was very intrigued that there was someone out there who could answer some of my financial planning questions. So often I get vague answers when I ask local advisers. -Oh, okay. All right. -This is great. -But what's funny about it is that, I will hear this often because many people on the radio who talk about financial stuff are just selling stuff, right? So, it sounds like a show that is a calling show but they don't really answer our questions. I say, oh, and you know, you should buy insurance. You should buy an insurance. -Right, right. -Okay. Here we go. Twenty-seven years old. Pay attention here. It could be you. -Yeah because I'm not 27. -But it could be you. My daughter will be 3 months old this week. -And plus my 27-year-old buddy and my daughter. Oh, I'm not-- -Well, I'm just saying. -I have a lot of time. -But if you have a daughter, trying to figure out the best way to save for college. So, young people saving for college. That could be you. -Right. -Soon. -Sure. -Oh, my god. We'll make so happen. -The only-- oh, my-- -You are so nervous. -Okay. The best two suggestions are a 529 Plan or a Roth IRA. What-- basically it's a long story here but whatever. What's the difference? Okay. So, a 529 Plan offered through states. You can go direct to your plan and you can save money for college. Or using a Roth IRA, you can basically save money in a Roth IRA and later you can use that money to pay for college. The thing is, if you're not 59 and a half when your kid is in college, the Roth doesn't make so much sense, right? -Right. It's pointless. -And his concern is that maybe the 529 is-- what if I say for college and in the 529 isn't that counted against me for financial aid? Yeah. It is but you know, most people-- you can't worry about that because you're probably not gonna get so much financial aid anyway. -Right. -So save and if you-- so, if you don't use the money in the 529, let's say your kid is a genius, gets a 4-year scholarship like Ariel. -Yeah. Of course. -Like you know what I mean? -He got-- he actually was offered 7. -Right. -Yeah, right, right. He was offered 7-year plan. -Yeah, to be a doctor, to be a doctor. -Right and he said, no, I don't want-- -He said, hell no. -I really would rather work for CNET. That's better. -Yeah, yeah, yeah. -I kinda would though, than be a doctor. -Yeah. Yeah. Well, I don't know. I think being a doctor would be cool except for the blood. -Right. The blood. No, thanks. -So, the thing is if you don't use money on a 529 plan, you can either shift it to another child. So-- -Do you get penalized for that? -Not to shift it to another child but if you end up taking it out, then there is a penalty which basically works out to the tax savings because money you put into the 529, you put it in an after tax dollar. I make about like clear 75 cents. I put the 75 cents in. -Right. -When the money grows and you take it out for college, there's no tax when you take it out assuming you use it for college. -Right. -Okay? So, the only thing you lose when you take it out is you get a penalty which is basically hey, you know I didn't use it for college so I don't-- you don't get that tax break anymore. So, I say 529 Plan, go direct-- go direct. Do not buy it through a broker. Do not buy it through a broker. Oh, there comes a call for Justin. And the second thing is this 27-year old has been putting money into a Roth 401K. Is a 401K a better bet? So, the Roth is-- -Roth is not a 401K. -Well, you can have a Roth 401K actually. -All right. -Companies are actually using them. -Okay. -It's just a difference between putting money in pretax or post tax. -Got you. -Regular 401K pretax, you get a deduction today, right. So, that's fine. -Of course. -You take the money out later, you get taxed on it. -Okay. -Roth 401K, you put an after tax dollar in today, later on down the line when you take the money out, no tax due. So, -That's nice. -to decide whether you should use the Roth or traditional, whether it's an IRA or a 401K, if you are young and probably going to see your tax rate rise over time, choose the Roth. If you are old like me and your tax record is not going to probably change, -Right. -you can use the 401K, straight up 401K. -Rock and roll. -Rock and roll. There it is. -That's just simple good stuff to follow, I think. -Yeah. Absolutely. So, when are you having a kid? -Excuse me. I don't need that right now. -All right. I'm just wondering. -You know-- -You don't have to have the baby. Remember, she does. -It's not even that. You know, yeah. I have a dog and he's awesome and we are a happy little family. -Justin. -We have Stacy in the studio right now. It's fun. -That's fun. -Yeah. -Oh, speaking of that, would you wanna do something like-- I feel like I-- because she has been bugging me that she wants-- -You wanna have Stacy in the show? -Yeah, I mean, I don't know. What do you think? -Oh, I got it beyond for that. -What do you think? -Over my dead body. -Really? -Yeah. Don't wanna do it. -I was just kidding. No. Of course. I was the one that suggested that, I can't-- -Yeah, yeah. -I love that idea. -Yeah, I would love to have her in the studio. I'm surprised it hasn't happen already. -Oh, it did a while-- I mean, way back when. But I think we should make like a game out of it, right? We should have some-- -Make a game? -Or do some sort of funny thing like I just don't wanna be talking to her like, hey, remember last night when you know-- like, you know what I mean? Like, what am I gonna talk to her about? -I don't wanna talk-- -What kind of game? Like-- -I don't know. -maybe we should do-- wait a minute. Justin, maybe we should do like a newly wed game-- -Yeah, there you go. Something like that. -where the-- our 404 fans come up with questions that we ask, -Yes. -That's a good idea. -See? -Jeff and Stacy and we see who answers it-- -Yeah. -and we will make a little buzzer. -There you go. -Right? -Yeah, yeah. -That's what I'm talking about. Little creativity. -Yeah. -That should go. -All right. -The loser has to have the baby, right? -Yeah. It's just-- -We have to come up with something that is meaningful to each of them as the loser. -Yeah. -Right? -Yeah. -Right. -Like it's like Jeff, you know, you have to seed the-- -No video games. -that you have to seed the remote control for a week. -I'm okay with that. -Yeah. -I can work for that. -But it would be hard for you. -It will-- I don't know, what would be hard for me. -To give up video games. Or we go, what would you want her to give up for-- -Oh, my God. -What about like cooking? -We have to go like bravo list for a month. -Okay. -And what would your-- but then you gotta give up something. -No because it can't be games because that's work. -Hockey. -Oh, no. That's insanity. -That's exercise. That's exercise. -What about who cooks usually? -It's-- I'd say it's 60-40 in her favor. -So, maybe it's whoever wins doesn't have to cook for a month. -Yeah, that might work. -That's a good one. -And then no one will eat. -No. -Because that's gonna [unk] of happening. -I think that'd be a good one. -All right. -I like this idea. -Yeah. -And then we'll make something happen there. -Don't look so comfortable over there, Ariel. -Why? -You're next after this. -I know. -We're gonna have a follow up game with you and your fiance. -I think it's Ariel next month. -Oh, my God. -Yup. Is-- -What is your intended do for a living? -She works for HR, she's a recruiter. -Really? -Yeah. -Yeah, he's jumping off the-- -So, she's got a real job not like us. -Right, basically. -Right. -Yeah. -That's good. -Yeah. -Some stability. -Yeah, some stability but she's coming out here with no job. So-- -That's cool. She'll be fine. -CNET is hiring. -Really? -She'll be fine. -How did you-- you really must be something else. -He is something else. -You convinced her to come out here with no job and is her family out there? -Yeah they're all. -Oh, wow. -Oh, my God. -This guy, huh. -Yeah. -Get a little of this guy. -I'm kinda scared for her right now I have to say. -Why? -I don't know. Aunt Jill is getting that little protective moment where I'm thinking-- -I'm sure a lot of people are. -Really? -What scares you most? -I wouldn't move. I think it would be hard for me to-- I don't wanna make proclamations. I think it will be hard for me to move without a job. -Uh-hmm. -Okay. -Because I'm very uptight about this thing. -Sure. I understand. -But don't you think HR is like a job industry where you could probably get one anywhere? I mean-- -Yeah but you know-- -There's always gonna be open-- -it's so hard to do it. -Yeah. -You know, [unk]. -It's scary moving to anywhere. -Right, right and landing the job is here. -Yeah. -So, I don't know. I just think that takes guts. -The thing is she has a home to move into and someone that could take care of the bills until she finds a place. -Oh. -Yeah. -Do you know what I mean? -Take care of the bills. -Like a lot of people that moved to New York don't have anything. -Yeah, yeah, yeah. -That's true. -That's true. That is true. -They just got like, you know, a dream and a lot of-- -A valor dream. -That's it. -Exactly. -That's it. So, but Ariel is gonna hold it down. -That's one more person depending on the success of the show. -Oh, my God. I'd say-- -You don't need that. -I [unk] anxiety. Before we leave, can we talk about Anthony Weiner for a second? -Yeah we can talk about that. -Does anybody care about that outside of your work? -Yeah, it's very upsetting. -No. They do-- I guess they do. -What's trending right now is Anthony Weiner trending on-- -Yes Weiner was trending earlier. -Yeah. -Like I saw it today. -I think-- I was very surprised to see that the Wall Street Journal, The Daily News, the New York Times all said like, get out of this mayoral race. -Uh-hmm. -Like three different publications. Anyway, so Anthony-- -But he's leading in the polls though. -Barely. Just barely-- -But that's-- -Yes. -I mean-- -I don't know today. -He's leading by a tip. -Yeah. -If you will. So, Anthony Weiner was-- -Please call him Carlos Danger. That's what his name is. -Carlos. -It's Carlos Danger. Okay. -Where the hell is that from? -That's his name. -On Twitter? -When he was texting the girl-- -Carlos. -Yeah. -he used the name Carlos Danger. -Yeah. -That is so awesome. -Yeah. It's sick. -You can't make that up. That's amazing. -No, you cannot. So, does everyone know the story that he basically was a congressman from New York and then-- when did he actually resign? Like two years ago? -Yeah. I think two years ago. -Yeah. -So, he sexted-- whatever, he sexted-- -He sent a photo of his like junk-- -Naked photo. -A naked photo. -Was it naked or just-- -Yeah. -Yeah, yeah, yeah. -It was his member. Yeah. -Yeah. -Oh, his PP. -Yes, PP. -His PP, yeah. -His PP. -His PP. And then he resigned and now two years later, he like just jumped back into the New York mayoral race but then text are merged, -Uh-hmm. -that were new. Not new like this minute but evidently he was doing this for a full year after he resigned from congress. -Yeah. -And you know what the most disturbing thing? -Well, because he probably figured like, well, you know-- -I'm done. -I'm done and might as well get my money's worth. -Except maybe [unk] marry. -Yeah. -The disturbing part was all those people magazine photos that came out around that time that he was still engaged in the activity. -Yeah. -And yet he has these photos in people, it's like a multipage spread of him and his wife and his new kid. -Yes. -And they are just smiling big and-- -Yeah. -everything was fine and the outside is creepy. -Okay. My least favorite part of this story-- -Go, yeah. -was seeing his wife-- -Yeah. -yesterday at the press conference. -First time talking. -First time talking like now you're gonna talk like this guy is disgusting. If you wanna stay with him that's fine but why do you have to inflict him on the city of New York? I don't get. And I felt like it was so weird that this was the time she was talking. -Uh-hmm. -Uh-hmm. -I don't know. It's very disturbing. -It's a strange-- -But I hate Eliot Spitzer more, just FYI. -Why? Because he likes the [unk]? -No. I don't mind him liking the [unk]. -Yeah. -I only mind that he was you know, the Chief Legal Officer, -Right. -and the governor and he broke the law. -He's-- -And everyone seems to think like oh, it's not-- oh, just because you go to a court it's not a big deal. Well, you did break the law-- -Yeah. -and you are actually one of these people who was all about law enforcement. So, he is a 2-faced liar. -Yeah. -Notice by the way, his wife never ever, ever has said a word. -Right and they're still married? -They're still married. I mean, these hicks, man, -So weird. -they are tough. I don't know how you stay married unless-- -Well, how did Hillary stay married to Bill? -I don't know. Maybe this is like she had-- like her eyes on a bigger prize maybe. -Which she-- -Seems to have gotten. -Seems to have received. -Uh-hmm. -But I'm just saying like these women-- and I think they all say like, oh, it's for the kids, right? I got 3 kids. I don't want a [unk] life. -Yeah but the damage is done, you know. -Yeah forever by the way. -You know, like the kids aren't immune to the fact like, oh, Daddy was getting Bee Gees all the time. -I feel like some of the other candidates must be really upset that they don't have a controversy of their own. -I know. -Because I feel like they're getting so much press right now. -Yeah. -And that's probably, you know, it's not good or bad necessarily for their campaign but all these other guys like John Lou for example, you never hear about John Lou's anything. -Oh, what about him? He had a scandal also. -Yeah. He had something but it was-- -So, how this-- I mean only in New York, maybe not only in New York. Everyone's got these like crazy places. -You have to have one. -But like they're all these-- like this is the best slate of candidates where we can get even like gay girl Christine Quinn I love. I love her to be the next mayor but you know, she completely slept with Bloomberg on the 3rd term. You know, she basically said, all right. I'll get it to the City Council but you gotta support me when I run for mayor and now everybody is pissed at her for doing that. -They're all sliming. -They are. -They're all dirty and they will have you know, shattered-- -But I want my slimy, dirty, gay girl. -That's the best one [unk] right now. -If there's one slimy one I want the lesbian slimy. Yeah. -Exactly. If I have to live with all the slime, let's just, you know, would be the first female mayor of New York City. -That would be so rad. I'd be down for that. -Slimy lesbians. -Exactly. -That's gonna be somewhere in the show title today. -Yeah. -What's going on with like the fact that you're not popular unless you have a scandal attached to you? -Yeah. -I don't know. -So, we were-- -It's a sad state of our world. Isn't it? -It's a very weird, it's a weird set of circumstances right now. -It's not good. It's not good. It's not. And you know what it's sad to me, that in all these, like the political arena, there were usually a few people who were sort of above it. They did seem to be above the prey. -Yeah. -I don't see those people anymore. -No. -Where are they? -Yeah. -Yeah, where did they go? -Where are like those kind of like good guys who like, yeah, I'm privileged and I got a lot of money but I do want the best for the country. -Of course. -Uh-hmm. -What happen to them? -What happen to them? -They saw the writing on the wall and they moved to Bermuda. -Yeah and said, you know what, I'm out of here. -Yeah. -I mean, shocking. We'll see. Even though I did not agree with Romney at all, I didn't think he was like-- I didn't find him slimy. I didn't find him like so-- -Yeah. -I felt like he actually cared. I mean, he's just a huge really rich dude. I didn't agree with anything he said but I actually thought he cared. -Sure. -But that's it. -He seems genuine, right? -As much as you could, it's higher to walk up on top of the court. -As much as you can be. Right. We're just so backward, it's crazy. All right. Well, that's a good way to end it. -Yeah. -I'm down for that. -Will someone please be-- maybe we could have some 404 fans run for political office and could get behind on the 404 platform. -There's a bunch of people waiting to go. I mean, we-- they just listen to whatever we say and they do whatever we tell them, right? -Uh-hmm. -Justin. -Yeah. -Ever since we were talking about Anthony, you know, you've been handling that banana. -[unk] in the camera shot. -It is. -Yes. Does anyone else [unk]? -That's strange. -He's got a firm grip. -Yeah. My goodness. So, he's a little-- -Strange coincidence. -Yeah, it's weird. Let me just like go with this thing. -Yeah, right. -That's not a slime and yeah. That's [unk] and stuff. -There we go. -Jill, he certainly had a firm grip on that. -Oh, but a punch. -Right at the base. Right at the base. -He did right at the shaft. -Yeah. -Anyway-- -Okay. Let's end the show. -Hurry up. -We have a lot of positive [unk]. -That is all, kids. 866-404-CNET give us a call. Follow us on Twitter, Instagram, all that junk, send us an e-mail the404@cnet.com <mailto:the404@cnet.com> and we'll be back here again tomorrow and we'll have a great show again. So, make sure you tune in. Thank you to Jill Schlesinger. Go to jillonmoney.com and follow her on Twitter @jillonmoney. -I'm totally stuck at 8500. I need 500. -Are you? You need 10K is like a nice milestone. -Yeah. -Let's do that. -Yeah, let's get there. Let's get there. -All right. Let's do that. I feel like everyone who-- is that what you feel like you've plateaued? Is that your problem? -Maybe. -No. -You're not verified yet either. We gotta get you verified. -Yeah. -So, how do we do that? -Yeah, let's do that. -I don't know what that means. -We're gonna talk to our social media guys. So, next to some popular accounts, there's a little icon. -Oh. -Look, I think Jeff, you have one, right? -Yeah. I believe it too. -So, how did you get it? -I don't know how I got it. -You have to talk to the social media guy that works here. See this little icon, that little badge? -Oh, yeah. -That shows that this is really Jeff Bakalar. -Yeah. -Okay. -Not that anyone who ever tried to impersonate Jeff Bakalar. -Exactly. -I'm-- -What-- talk about pointless verification. -Yeah, right. Let's try to do that. -All right. Well, tell me how to do that and I'll see what I can do. -All right. Rock and roll. Chatroom says, you're great. They love you. -Well, thank you. -We'll see you guys tomorrow. I'm Jeff Bakalar. -I'm Justin Yu. -I'm Aunt Jill. -I'm Ariel Nuñez. -Thanks again to Jill Schlesinger, always a pleasure. And we'll see you guys tomorrow. Later.

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