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The 404: Ep. 1305: Where we still haven't quite recovered from Comic-Con 2013

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The 404: Ep. 1305: Where we still haven't quite recovered from Comic-Con 2013

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Check out today's 404 episode for a round-up of all the news, celebrity sightings, cosplay characters, and free giveaways at Comic-Con 2013!

-It's Tuesday, July 23rd 2013. From the internal world of the Ghostbusters, we're back. Welcome to The 404 Show. I'm Jeff Bakalar. -I'm Justin Yu. -I'm Ariel Nuñez. -What's up, everybody? It's great to be back with the band all together here-- -Yeah. -in New York City. Post Cominc-Con 2013. So that happened. How's everyone doing? Did you miss me? -Yeah. -Yeah, man. -Did you miss me? -Saw all those pictures and those videos, I was getting jealous. -Were you? -Yeah. -All right. Well, next year we'll get the band back together and we'll all tackle San Diego as a threesome and we'll do that the right way. So I guess-- I did say threesome, probably. And so, I have like a-- I got a lot of stuff to share with everybody. -Yeah. -Thanks to everyone who came out to the meet-up in San Diego. It was awesome. If crowded and a little annoying, a lot of people there. -Uh-hmm. -Let's just start off with talking about that real quick. -Yeah. How the hell was is? -So, it was good. The problem, and I kind of feared this from the beginning because you were there last year, you saw what that base station was like. It was 3 times crazier this year. -Uh-hmm. -Because there was no video game kiosks. It was just basically a restaurant that GameSpot and CNET took over and it was just anarchy. And when you have literally tens of thousands of people exiting the convention center and where the first place you see, -Uh-hmm. -not to mention it says like free stuff, -Yeah. -free drinks and music and food, you're like, all right, I'm going there even if I've never heard of GameSpot, I'm going. -Right. -And use the bathroom. -And you gotta pee. -Yeah. -So, Saturday rolls on and it's about-- so I got there a little early and I could tell right away, I'm like, people aren't gonna be able to get in. -Okay. -So, I'm kinda freaking out a little bit and I'm talking to some of our like production people and I'm just like, "All right, well, we'll just see what happens, you know, we'll just see how it goes." -Was there as separate section for 404 meet-ups? -No. -Because last year, we were sort of getting pushed out into the bar area. -Yeah. -This time same thing. -I don't even necessarily agree with that. I just think we sort of like, we-- there were just-- it wasn't as crowded last year. -Yeah. -It's simple as that. It just wasn't as crowded last year. -Right. -This year, it was off the hook and I was talking with one guy for a while and before I knew it, it was like 5:00. -Uh-hmm. -And I'm like, "My God. I've only seen like 6 people." -But you tweeted out that you were gonna show up at 4:30. -Right and I was there. -You were there. -And I was there. So, if you were walking around you could see me but I started getting tweets about people saying, "Because line is too long I can't get in." And I'm like, "What do I do? Do I go outside?" Either, long story short and we got a few e-mails about people saying they were a little upset about it. -Uh-hmm. -And you know, I'm sorry, you know, it's just unfortunately the-- our little meet-up is not anything like official. It wasn't on like the schedule for them, so no one really knew about it besides a couple of the production people, myself and you know, maybe like Brian Tong. -But it was official, though, right? You told me that they had cards placed out like little posters before the competition and-- -Well, no. That was-- yeah, that's the contest. -Right. -So, that has nothing to do with our meet-up. -But people didn't know what-- I mean, those two things should have kind of gone hand in hand, right? Like people were there to meet-up with us and enter the contest. Weren't they supposed to? -I mean, it sounds great on paper, man, when you say about that. -Yeah. -It's just-- -Just like-- -and we have to apologize for something before we get to the fun? -In reality-- -Yeah. -it just wasn't easier. -Okay. All right. -So, long story short, what I proposed for next year and I don't know if we'll get this, we can't do the meet-up at a different venue because San Diego's bought and sold for Comic-Con for the next freaking century. -Yeah. -Right. -So, what I propose, I know we're gonna have Lou & Mickey's next year, I think. What I'm proposing is that we section off a section of the restaurant just for us for those two hours. -Uh-hmm. -And we have it so that people can just go to a certain section of Lou & Mickey's, -Right. -and just party with us. Okay? -And then you have 3 fans that show up. We'll just have a few drinks. -Well, no. I saw about like 25 people. Yeah. -Yeah, really? Twenty-five people showed up? -About-- oh, no. Apparently more did, I just didn't see that. -Right. That's great because that's more than what we had last year. -No, I think that's about what we had last year. -A little less than that last year. -Either way, what I think we should do, I also think we should have a separate line going into the bar. -I mean, that's more of the bar, yeah. -No. That's locked, dude. We're paying them, I'm sure, an absurd amount of money. -Okay. Can we just get to the good stuff now? -I'm just saying. -I mean, stop apologizing to everyone. -I'm not apologizing. I'm just saying here's what I'm proposing for next year. -Okay. -So, let's-- I wanna do that and maybe we'll work out like, I don't know, I don't know how you would legitimize standing in The 404 line, right? -Yeah. -You know what I mean? -That's like baseball. We don't-- -So, we'll just figure it out for next year and make it a better experience for everybody. -Yeah. -Okay. -Because I was pissed off too. It sucked that you know, I wanted more-- -Well, how was it for the people that actually showed up and were able to meet-up with you? -I mean, it was cool. I got-- we go to give out a bunch of t-shirts to about 20 people, which was really cool. -Uh-hmm. -And I took home a bunch because I know a lot of people who want t-shirts weren't able to be in San Diego. -Uh-hmm. -So, we'll go do that. -Okay. Cool. -Yeah. -You got a few photos from the night here. It looked pretty cool. The t-shirts turned out really well. So, we'll have a few of those to give away here, probably to the people that weren't able to make it in, right? -Right. Like how I just said. -Yeah. Sure, right now. -All right. So, you wanna go through these photos and we can-- I can give you a little like show and tell for my time in San Diego. And if you haven't seen any of the videos that I did while I was out there, number one, screw you. What the hell, man? I thought you're gonna follow me while I was in San Diego. That's not cool. But you can go to CNET.com/comic-con because if you just write comiccon, the internet won't know what to do with it. So, you gotta do comic-con and that's where all the videos are or you can look up on the404.cnet.com for all the videos as well. And I think that it went out into the feed as well, so if you subscribe in iTunes or an RSS solution, they'll be there as well. All right. So-- oh, man. I'm gonna lose my mind. I can't remember this. I think his name is Lou, something like that. So, he looks-- I mean, come on, he's giving me like a Fonzie sort of like thumbs up thing there. -Yeah. -Loving it. We gave-- so we're able to give out a bunch. So, this is-- these were the 404 placards and what's cool about these is you could put-- if you had an NFC phone, you could put your phone up against this little plastic placard, -Uh-hmm. -and it would automatically bring you to the contest [unk]. -Oh, nice. -So, that was really cool and thanks to [unk] for setting all that up. So, that was rad. So, those were everywhere. This-- I took this, it was a little sneaky photo I took up someone wearing 404 shirt on his back. -He's wearing it backwards or he like taped-- -He just got it draped over like some sort of I don't know, superhero. -Like a superhero. Yeah, yeah. -Because we're at Comic-Con. -Yeah. Makes sense. -Yes. So, that was a lot of fun. So, can you start in the beginning? From like, this isn't in chronological order. -Yeah, this is ordered by date. -All right. So, it had Sons of Anarchy robes. -Right. -Is that cool? I couldn't tell if that was cool or not. -Is it made of suede? -I don't-- it was made of-- -Probably really uncomfortable. -Yeah. -But it's made of pleather. -Oh, pleather. Nice. -No. It wasn't. It was super heavy and I was like, "You know what, there's no way I can comfortably wear this thing." Plus it was $100. Does that seem like a lot for you? -Yeah. -Yeah? -Hundred bucks-- -Yeah. This is the one show you're gonna wanna watch because there's a lot of photos from the show floor out of Comic-Con. All right. What else we got? Oh, my goodness gracious. This was a-- this is probably like 2-1/2 to 3 feet tall statue of Sauron from The Lord of the Rings. -Uh-hmm. -Manufactured by a company called Sideshow Collectibles, which we actually did a video for. This thing is out of control and I think it's like $900. -Uh-hmm. -Or you can buy that. -You could buy that. Would you-- is that something-- -Let's go in. I want. -You wanna go have this Sauron statue? -Yeah, yeah. -The craziest thing was when you interview the woman that was bringing you around this area, she was mentioning that they actually got the real props from the movie and that's what they based the replicas off. -Yeah. -So, it's really precise in terms of the detail. -Absolutely. -That's really cool. -Yeah, they get unbelievable access, which is really cool because-- -Yeah. -you know, the-- when you buy the license to a major, you know, property like that, the content makers want you to emulate it as good as you can. -That's awesome. -So-- -It looks so realistic. -it's sick. This was my favorite. They called this the legendary edition. -Uh-hmm. -So, these are the ones that are just so absurd and so over the top. These are the ones that get the white gloves service for sure. -There was actually a 10-year-old inside of this costume, right? -Yeah, just staying super still. -Standing in there, scaring kids as they walk by. -He was good, man. So, these are The Scissors from Edward Scissorhands. -Oh, cool. -Uh-hmm. -Those were going for $12,000. Yeah. So, this is an original clapboard from The Shining. -It's really cool. -That was already sold. So, I had no place doing that. -Uh-hmm. -Yeah. -Last year, we saw the [unk] from Fifth Element. -Yup. Yup. -Which, by the way, Fifth Element makes a really awesome cameo appearance in the cosplay video that was shot-- -Oh, yeah. -Yeah, that was rad. That was super rad. -So, speaking of costumes, I mean, I know you have a few of them in here and we'll talk about that as we look at them but what were some of your favorite costumes? I remember last year, we saw a lot of Harley Quinns from the Batman Series. -Yeah. There are a lot of those. -Right. -There are a lot of Deadpools. -Were there a lot of Supermans this year-- -No. -with the new movie? -No because people are over Superman. -Really? -I'm telling you, man. Superman sucks. -Okay. -And we could talk about Superman and Batman coming together like that was a big announcement for Comic-Con. -Uh-hmm. -I've never not given a crap about anything as much as this one. -Even-- okay, so, the big news that came out of Comic-Con this year was the directors announced that there's gonna be a Superman- Batman crossover-- -Which is opposed to-- -right for the next movie. -Which I heard is supposedly going to be like the precursor to the Justice League movie. -Oh, really? -Yeah. -Okay, yeah. I read that it was supposed to follow like the Dark Knight Returns. -No way. -Yeah. -No way. -Because if you look at the-- here, I brought up a photo of it but-- -No freaking way. -If you look at the keynote address they were doing, it brought up two logos and then put them together. The Batman and Superman logo, but the Batman logo is the old Frank Miller one from the old comic books. Look, check it out. This is what they showed. This is a screen shot of what they showed. -That's pretty tight. -Can you explain to me the Frank Miller-- -That's awesome. -Superman-Batman thing? -What do you mean? -So, he wrote that, right? -Yeah. So, Frank Miller wrote Dark Knight Returns, which is what this movie is supposedly gonna be based off of but the Batman in this movie is not Chris Nolan's Batman. It'll be a much darker, younger Batman. -Okay. So, that's it. -Yeah. Uh-hmm. -I don't know, man. -And they're gonna fight. So, maybe you could just [unk] for Batman to kick Superman's ass. -But why-- he shouldn't. Like that's the thing. -What? -Superman should never lose to anybody and that's why he sucks. -Yeah. -So, I mean, how is Batman gonna beat Superman? -I don't know. -Okay. So, here's how Superman-- he put-- he throws a building at Batman movie over. -Uh-hmm. -Because he can do that. He's like, oh, I'm gonna spin-- and you know what he does? -Yeah. -He flies around the earth 30,000 times. -Uh-hmm. -Stops the earth's spinning, so time freezes, -Uh-hmm. -and then just like stamps Batman a few times. Like it's just so-- it's so silly to me. -I know. That's gonna be ridiculous. -How are they gonna-- right. -Lucius Fox will come up with something. I don't know. Lucius won't be in this movie because he has nothing to do personal with Batman. -I'm telling you man, it better not. -Yeah. -And even if Nolan is like an executive producer, -Uh-hmm. -on this thing, it's still not gonna be Nolan Batman. -But even with someone as much-- with as much hatred in their heart is, you can appreciate two superheroes on the screen that are fighting like that? I mean, it's gonna be incredible. And if you read-- I don't know, I don't wanna spoil it for you but read the comic book, the ending isn't what you think it's gonna be. -Is this the one where Batman is like old and he comes back? -Yeah. -Yeah. -Yeah, it's-- -It's really like a while ago. -It's an awesome comic book. -Yeah. -But what are the costumes you did see while you're there? Anything that really impressed you? Or what was the worst costume you saw? -So many-- -Because I remember seeing a lot of people in spandex that made so much detail on their-- -Yeah. -[unk] you know, down to like the gauntlets and things. -Uh-hmm. -But they just neglect it to work out at all. -Yeah. -You know what I mean? Like that's arguably the most important part of the costume. -Right. -It's looking good inside a spandex. -Step one. Yeah. -Yeah. But they didn't do any of that stuff. You know what, let me add another bejewel to this. There was a-- yeah, some-- like, you know, as hackers put it, spandex is a privilege, not a right. -Yeah. -Okay. So, there was a lot of really jacked up spandex. -Uh-hmm. -And I don't know, I just-- you know, people like that but that's sort of the beauty of Comic-Con. -Yeah. -That everyone, like zero Fs are given. -Yeah. -Like everyone is just like, I'm a freak and I'm proud of it. And you know what? That is such a better mentality than anything else. -Right, yeah. -You know what I mean? Like this is the place to party. -Uh-hmm. -This is a good group of people. You never really hear about anyone like beating anyone up. -No, no offense. -You never hear about anyone getting stabbed. The only-- -There's no world star Comic-Con. -Yeah. The only people that kinda deserve to be stabbed, they're the people with the Jesus placards, right? -Yeah. -Those are the only ones that really cost any of the friction. -Right. No one's laughing at each other. -They were super aggressive this year. -Oh, really? -Like getting in people's faces like, I guess Jesus had a bad year so they're like, oh, we're gonna be-- we're gonna up our game this time around. They were super aggressive and then there was like a resistance to it. That's a story for another time. But yeah, but you never hear about anything, anyone getting purely hurt. -Yeah, very positive. -If anything, it's just a small trampling on the way to the exclusive toy line. -Right. -Something like that. -Uh-hmm. Or line cutter, something like that. -Not great, great exclusives this year. -There was a My Little Pony exclusive that looked-- -Right. -pretty looked great. -And a lot of people on that line wearing masks. -Yeah. -Okay. Because would you want your identity to reveal that you're in line for 7 hours for the exclusive My Little Pony? -Very oblique. -Very upsetting for sure. -I remember that last year the best part was seeing all the crazy detailed costumes but the character is not in character. You know what I mean? Like you'll just be walking and you'd be like, man, like that's an awesome Iron Costume the Gunter has come out, -Yeah. -and everything. And then he'd turn around, he'd be like eating a churro at the same time. -Right, right. -Like, "What are you doing? Iron Man doesn't snack." -That's what happened. Right, he doesn't-- oh, he does as Tony Stark. -He's gonna watch his weight though. -But the best part was there was a really good predator. -Yeah. Just like checking yourself off. -Uh-hmm. -And I'm just like, God-- -It's so great. -It's so funny. -You should have had that photo series up, right? -Yeah, yeah. -Costumes not in character. -Yeah, I know. I should've done something else while I was-- -It's funny. -let's add another piece of crap on my pile here. -That's incredible. Okay. So, what other bad costumes did you see? Lazy costumes. -I just hate people who just ear like a tiara or something. -Uh-hmm. Yeah. -Just like something on their head. -Yeah. -Like, oh, I'm a princess. Like, oh, you're not. -Yeah. -You just got that for 99 cents somewhere. -Uh-hmm. -People who just wear masks and nothing else. I just-- -That they probably purchased at the show. -Yeah. Yeah. They're just [unk]. -Yeah. -There was a really good Bebop. -Oh, from Teenage Mutant show. -Yeah. Really good Bebop. -Yeah, I saw that in the interview. -I saw a few really respectable Casey Jones as well. There were-- oh, there's a bloody Casey Jones, right? -Yeah. -With like a bloody hockey stick or something like that. -Yeah. -There as amazing, amazing and I have a photo of this two, of like a hobbit on horseback or like muleback or something like that. I interviewed the dude riding a dinosaur which was so-- -Yeah. -Oh, God. This kid just had nothing but amazing stuff to say. -You know what's incredible as that? When you get those interviews, you know, you kinda do a pre-interview to make sure you screen them, you know, see if they're good to talk to. -Yeah. See if they're on the level. -And you can tell right away that they're so awkward, right? Like-- -Well, not that they're awkward. They're just very committed. -They're very committed but they don't have a lot of social skills, you know, like you could tell that they're gonna be strange on camera, -Well-- -but they're still so willing to talk to the camera. -Yeah. -And that's best part of that thing. -Yeah. -Just so proud of themselves. I like that. -Someone did you an amazing and I didn't see him there but someone did a dark helmet from Space Balls. -Oh, from Space Balls, yeah. -And it was absurd. -Uh-hmm. -It was perfectly done-- -A giant helmet. -from the photos that I've seen. -Look at this one. I love this White Spy. Where is the other one? -So good. So good. -That's great. -He did like 13 poses for me. -Uh-hmm. -And he did like the peace sign like Spider Spy also debuted the peace sign a bunch. -You know, a costume is only as good as the pose you do with it. -So good. -Yeah. -I loved it. I'm like, "Dude, you're the man." And we had lunch together. -Yes and you're [unk] with him the whole time. -That's it. I was just staring at his big pointy nose. -The Joker, this is probably another one of those turning-- -So, this is the hot toys. -Yeah. -This was the joker from the 89 original. This is him-- it's called the mime audition. -Uh-hmm. -If you recall Jack Nicholson dresses up like a mime, -Right. -And he kills someone with like a [unk]. -This is when he goes into the art gallery. -Cool pen. A cool pen. No. This is not the art-- this is like a press conference. Yeah. -Oh, that's right. Yeah and he danced there and everything. -Right and he killed someone with a cool pen. -Yeah, yeah. Okay. You actually ended up buying the other Joker hat toy, right? -Oh, I have the Jack Nicholson hat toy, the original-- -No, no. Oh, I thought you have the Heath Ledger one. -I do. I have both. -Okay. You are-- -Yes I do. I have both. I said it. -Well, while you were here, I remember before you went, you were talking about trying to look for a display case. You got one at IKEA but did you get inspired by anything you saw here? -No because everyone has the IKEA case there. -Oh, really? -Yeah. They all rock it. -What's it called again? EKTORP or something like that? -No. It's like Detolf. -Oh, okay. -Yeah. D-E-T-O-L-F. -Right. -Detolf. I don't know how you pronounce it. Let's go through more of these photos here. There's-- -Yeah. Can I ask you why you took a picture of this girl's butt? -Okay. So, I was really taking picture of the fire hydrant, -Yeah, we all know-- -No, no, no. I took this for Stacy because it's from ABC's Once Upon a Time. -Uh-hmm. -And it was Alice in Wonderland branded pedicab. -Oh, oh. I couldn't even see there's a cyclist in here. -Yeah, there's a cyclist. -With a helmet on it. -Yeah. There's a lot of that. There's a lot of that. -That's really cool. -I thought we are doing this in order. These are all out of order. -Well, I was trying to find the-- more cosplay photos we're talking about. -Here. So, go up to that one. Okay. So, this was-- that's Bumble Bee, right? -Wow. Yeah. That's incredible. -He did a great job. -Does he transform? Does he actually-- -He does and he transformed into a corvette and just drove away. -Nice. -It was really weird. I was like, "Wow. That's amazing." -Spin off. -Just spin off. And you know, he like hit people too. It's actually totally inappropriate. -Nice. -The one above that is pretty cool. It's back to the future art. -I thought that's a BTT fart. -No, that's the same thing. So, that's cool. I got a couple of t-shirts from a company called Series 7, -Uh-huh. -that makes, you know, geek-inspired clothing which I dug. -Yeah. -I thought it's really cool. -Do you remember last year when we were at Comic-Con? We saw a Marty McFly but he was posing with one of those really old phones from the 80's? -Yeah. That's really good. -You know, like the giant Zack Morris phones. -Yeah. -And he was totally in character and we looked at him we were like, "Wow. That guy looks just like Marty McFly down to the phone." An hour later, same position. -Yeah. -He's just like-- yeah. -He's just like really committed to that character and like, okay-- -And he's looking at his watch too. -Even the original Marty McFly didn't want a cellphone bill that day. -Right, right. -And he hang up the phone, man. -Yeah. -You're losing on your mind, it's crazy. Like he was in that position for an hour at least. He totally was-- the best was like that iconic staring at his watch. -Right. Yeah. -Yeah, that's great. -He was committed for sure. All right. What else we got? What's this here? -This is just a giveaway that we're given at the basis. So, okay. So, you remember last year. What it was like? -So, this is in front of Lou & Mickey's, right? -This is right in front of Lou & Mickey's and I mean, look at that, man. -Yeah. -A sea of nerd. It's amazing. -All trying to meet you. -All-- they were all in line to meet me and-- -Yeah. -I was like, there's only so much Jeff they can go around. -I noticed this year from one of your videos that they had the same Walking Dead nurses and zombies-- -Yeah. -which is like giving off flyers and stuff and those were really interesting last year. I saw on the video and they were here again, right? -Yeah. There was also a strong Sharknado 2 campaign and there's only like maybe 20 seconds of it in the video but I was talking to these guys for a solid 7 minutes. -God. -And I was just like complaining about the movie. -Yeah. -And I was just like-- I was like no but really, who can I get in touch with and complain about this? -Uh-hmm. I'm sure they've heard it all. -Yeah, for sure. -I think what's funny to me is that, you know, it's called Comic-Con. It's supposed to be a Sci-Fi convention but there's so much there that's very loosely comic nerd related. You know, a lot of it just has nothing to do with comics at all like, I was just looking at this photo. Here's a drunk uncle bottle opener that you found. -Yeah. Not bad, right? What does this have to do with Comic-Con. -But it's-- you guys have thing though. Comic-Con cast is a really wilde net. -Right. -It's anything that can be-- it's really a pop culture thing. -Yeah. -It's really what it is or maybe an obscure pop culture thing. -Yeah. -And anything that resides in the realm of obsessed ability, -Uh-hmm. -I think Paul is within the perimeters of Comic-Con. -Right. -Like you can be anything. It could be video games. I mean, they were all kinds of cosplayers -Right. -from all walks of life as obscure as you could possibly imagine. And that's the beauty of it. Is that-- it really is a freak show. -Uh-hmm. -But when I say freak, I use that in a very loving demeanor. -Because you're also freak yourself. -Because I'm part of the freaks, man. -Yeah. -And I think it's really smart. -Yeah, I remember when I went last year, I was really hoping for the Chasing Amy experience. You know, like I wanted to be in some random exhibition hall and just have like a bunch of artists sitting at their booths and things like that. -Yeah. -But Comic-Con is actually a huge experience like you can spend an entire day just in one hall, like Hall H for example. -Yeah for sure. -Where they have all the panels and stuff. -And if you wanna pull up this video of me walking along the line of-- or maybe, I don't know if it's there but I'm walking along a line-- -Uh-hmm. -of people who are camping out. The video was taken at like 2:00 in the morning. -Uh-hmm. -And I walked, I'm not joking, like 2,000 feet of people just asleep in line. -Do you know what they were waiting for? -They were-- I think the people here were waiting-- and this is like the end of the line by the way. -Uh-hmm. -And they were in line for-- it was just the Fox panel. So, anything that deals with Fox-- -Oh, so as X-Men I believe, right? They were announcing X-Men Days of Future Past. -That's Fox? -Yeah, I believe so. -Are you sure about that? Isn't that Marvel? Isn't that Disney? -I remember reading something about Fox presenting the movie. -Maybe-- yeah, I don't know. -Maybe it's the production. -I don't know what it was but like they're-- I mean, people fell asleep next to their iPads. -Uh-hmm. So, you stole those. -So, I took those. Some people had air mattresses. -Oh, I thought air mattresses were banned. -No. -Oh, you like to have one? -There's one coming up like a king-sized. -Wow. -Nice. -Yeah, people were not joking around. -And look, people have like camp pads and things like that. -Oh, yeah. Oh, it's no joke, man. And the best was like the hard asses like you know, the 20-year-old dudes who are just like, "Whatever problem, just sleep outside." And they're just like completely-- -They were comfortable. -[unk] asleep next to his iPad. -Right. -And you just like-- you've just gone and these guys were just lying on the concrete-- -I appreciate that. -with their eyes close like I'm just gonna sleep with no pillow, with nothing. -I mean that's real fantom, right? I don't have anything that I'm passionate about and I'm gonna be willing to do this for. I mean, you know, and what's the payoff? Like to me, that's what I don't get. It's not sad because it's gorgeous out and it's just like whatever, you're sleeping outside and you're having fun-- there's an air mattress right there. -Yeah, it's awesome. -And they're just sleeping outside. To me it's like this crap is gonna be online in 24 hours. -Yeah, I know. That's what I was thinking at first too. -And you're gonna have-- -But it's more about being with a bunch of other people that are interested in the same stuff. -I supposed, man. -It's like going to watch a movie on opening night, you know, you can see it probably next week but yeah, it's the experience. -Look at the size of this air mattress right here. -This guy is doing it right. -Right -Right? This guy has clearly waited in line for a lot of-- -He really made it worked. -Professional. -He had like a butler too that came around very half an hour. -Oh, look at this tent. That's like a giant poor person [unk] in tent. -It's amazing. -Wow. -It's-- like-- and the funniest part is when we got to the end, we're like, oh, this is the end, and we looked across the street and it went on. -Wow. -It continued forever and ever and ever and-- -So, I'm not-- -it was just amazing. -I'm not turning the sound on this, although it does look like you're just walking by and not saying anything. -Oh, no. I'm saying-- I'm saying-- -I'm pretty sure you were heckling every person-- -Well, this was-- so this was after and this is what I wanted to talk about as well. This was after this Amazing Assassin's Creed party of that. -Oh, so you were drunk. -Yeah, I was drunk and-- oh, here's the dude, just like I'm so [unk] lying on the concrete with nothing. -Yeah. -And it's not all dudes either too. You could see-- -No. -a wide [unk] with those kids and stuff too. Awesome. -And that's the beauty of Comic-Con. It's pretty much 50-50 guys, girls, which is great. So, the party I was at and there's a few photos in the slideshow as well. So, Ubisoft through a party at the sort of dock there. I forgot what they call it. And it was in honor of Assassin's Creed 4, Henry Rollins' Black Flag. You don't get that joke because-- -Just Black Flag, right? -It's called Black Flag. -Yeah, I know. -I'm sorry. Like, well, how has he not suing them over that, right? Can you just call your game Black Flag and just not got get-- and just get away with it? I don't know. Anyway, there's a couple of photos from the party as well. So, this was amazing. It was on a pirate ship or maybe not a pirate ship but it was on a boat and they designed it like a pirate ship and there were three levels in the head, you know, guys from the game dressed up as like Ezio and walking through the crowd, and there were plenty of like-- here are fireworks next to the ship as well. There's a gigantic Assassin's Creed on one of the flags. So, this is what the bar area looked like and you just got on the boat and there was a bar and it was very exclusive, it took a really long time to get in but I didn't even see someone I knew. I probably would have had to wait even longer. And there were like four levels of partying on the ship. -Awesome. -So, like all the way at the bottom was like a dance club. The second one was like game demos and stuff and then a bar, and then on the third one was the deck and then you could even go higher up-- -Uh-hmm. -and really have like your own, you know, Titanic moment where you're king of the world just for a second. -Awesome. -Nice. -It was beautiful, so I had a really good time at that party as well. And then when we left, obviously, I mean, my buddy Dave were a little, I don't know, inebriated, is that the word? -Uh-huh. -And you know, we're kind of-- we weren't making fun of the people camping out. We were just vocally expressing our confusion with the whole thing. -Making comments. -Making comments. -So, when you said earlier that Comic-Con is such a positive experience and there were no fights, -Yeah. -that was until you got there. -Well, no. I was-- look, I was not saying like, "Look at this loser." -Yeah. -I wasn't like pointing like that. I was just-- I was making remarks that I thought were tastefully, you know if-- -Yeah. -there were a little jag but they're funny and like no one was like, "Screw you, man." -Gentle bullying. -Yeah. -Giving noogies and-- -It was-- yeah, it was noogie us. -Stop hitting yourself. -Yeah. -Stop hitting yourself. -Well, no. See, I-- even that's more aggressive than what I was doing. -Yeah. -I was-- it was all straight from the heart for sure. -All right. All right. -For sure. -Let's talk about stuff. -Yeah. -What the hell did you bring back? Because you don't have anything here. We got some posters but I heard you got something for the news set that's come. -Yeah, I did. I got some art. I got some-- I got a lot of art. -Uh-hmm. -I got something from a video game that I'm really psyched on. -What's that? -So, it's from Arkham City and-- yeah, oh my God. So, it's like this neon light Riddler Trophy. -Uh-huh. -So, if you've played Arkham City, there's a company called Triforce that made an exact replica of these things called Riddler Trophies. -Uh-hmm. -There's 440 of them spread-out in the game that you have to find. So, I took things a step farther and I was like, all right, I want one of these things, right? So, I got it for the news and we can put up and it lights up. It's pretty tight. -Right. -It sounds like a steam punky sort of a-- -That is cool. -you know, Riddler Trophy thing. Really awesome. The company's name is Triforce and they make amazing video game replicas in the way that Hot Toys does like movie replicas. -How big is it? -This is big, man. This is about-- this is almost 2 feet talk. -Uh-hmm. -Yeah. So, this is really sick and these guys are actually based in New York too, so we have that going for, gave us a nice little discount as well. -I was gonna say, so that's not like a type of-- -No. We didn't pay that. -the prices, yeah. Okay. Yeah. -We didn't pay anything near that. -Wow. Okay. Good, good. -Don't worry about that. -Yeah. -Don't worry about that. They retail for-- there's only-- so what was cool is there's 440 hidden trophies in the game, -Uh-hmm. -and that was the limited run. They did 440 trophies in there. -Uh-hmm. -They go for 350. I said I don't know [unk] for that, that's a little much-- -But worth it. -But totally worth it. -For die hard [unk]. -And they also-- they make like unbelievable Last of Us stuff. They had unbelievable Mass Effect and Gears of War Replicas. They had the huge sword from Darksiders for like $750. These guys are no joke. They make amazing stuff. You could check them out, Triforce is the name of the toy manufacturer there. -I wanted to ask you about something video game related because when I was reading about Comic-Con while you're away, I saw that they had announced a Knighfall skin for Arkham Origins. -Yes. That was so cool because-- -Very cool. -the Knightfall series with Azrael and everything was one of my favorite comics when I was growing up. -Yeah. -So, now, you can actually play as either Azrael into his costume that he made to be Batman. -Yup. -If you're familiar with the comic or you can be Adam West Batman. -Right, which is really cool. -Very cool. -It's funny to see these two pictures together here. I have the photo up here. -That's so entirely different. I mean it's like-- -Yeah. One is like whacked out alternative realty Batman and the other one is like-- -Right. And the other one is like cheesy. -Super cheesy Batman. -Sixties Batman. Speaking of which, you ran into Adam West kind of-- -And to a dude who was doing the Adam West voice so well. -Can you do that impression? -No. I never really tried but like that dude spent days and days-- -Yeah. -Maybe months crafting this Adam West voice. -Yeah. -And I interviewed him at the end of the Sideshow video we shot. -And he had Robin with him too. -He did. Yeah. Really, really good. And what's really cool is Hot Toys is making the 1960's Batman replicas and they're doing basically like that version with the old school Batmobile. -Uh-hmm. -And you know, like Hot Toys, they give you a lot like hands, and they have-- one of them is meant to carry that absurd time bomb like that flare bombing. -Oh, right. The one in the movie? -Yes. And they have the bombing to set too. So, it's-- -That's awesome. -And it's like shark repellant. -Right. -There's a lot of cool stuff in that one. -It's none [unk] that it is the one that throw the bomb on top hill. -Yeah. It's like [unk] of ducklings and stuff. -Yeah. -It's pretty sick. It's gonna take a lot of will power to not pull the trigger on that one too. -Wow. That's-- -But man, the Hot Toys and the, what you might call it, the Sideshow Collectibles Toys, they're just on a different level. They're just so above and beyond anything that's there. it's kind of absurd that it's just-- they're just in a different category. -Yeah. -Yeah, here's another replica here of Galactus, right? -Okay. So, this is crazy. Now, if you look super closely at-- this is a legendary Galactus One. If you look right on his right arm, you can see the Silver Surfer. -Oh, here. -The Silver-- -The Galactus scale. -Yeah. The Silver Surfer is like just-- it's like the buzzing of flies to him there. -Right. -It is ridiculous there, yeah, it's right there. And so, Galactus' eyes light up, his chest piece lights up and then the base he's sitting because Galactus is supposedly like 30 storeys tall. -Right, right. -And he took a lot of [unk] in high school and that's why he's 30 storeys tall. So, yeah, sick. -He looks like he's melting this king's brain. -He does. The photo lined up good enough. -That's pretty awesome. And there's a Doom behind him too that I really wanna see. -There's a Doctor Doom behind him and then behind Galactus it was a yellow and blue and black X-Men Wolverine. -Oh, okay. Very cool. -Yeah, really because you could see like the tip of his head next to his chin. -Yeah. -Yeah, I got you there. -Really-- I mean, it's just-- it was so-- like the whole video-- I'm just drooling the whole time because I'm like, I want this in my house. -Yeah. -They had a one-to-one scale Boba Fett, one-to-one scale Han Solo in Carbonite, -Uh-hmm. -and a one-to-one Darth Vader. The cheapest of which went for about $5300. -I mean, I get that this stuff should obviously be in a museum, right? -It should be in movie theaters. -The quality should be in movie theaters and-- -Yeah. -welcoming you to museum. -Should it be in your house? -No, no. -Yeah. -They should never, never show up in a house. -So, I was talking to this very nice woman, Robin, who's the vice president of marketing for Sideshow. -Yeah. -And she said, they have a lot of collectors from all around the world, -Uh-huh. -but there's one from Italy that just buys whatever they make. -Yeah. -It doesn't matter. -Yeah. -So, this is the guy who probably just has like a floor of his house-- -Right. -dedicated to Sideshow and Hot Toys Collectibles. -That is terrifying. -It's terrifying but it's also kinda cool. -Imagine walking to that guy's house in the middle of the night to get up and go get a drink of water, -Yeah. I don't think you take-- -it's terrifying. -I don't think you'd go down on that hall. -Yeah, Jesus. -And I think you should, you know, I think you'd skip that. -Yeah. -Yeah. So, it's pretty sick. I mean, I had-- you know, when you're there, you just reach this like nerd sort of you know, -Right. -nirvana. -Everything is normal when you get there. -And you're just like, man, this is the only place that I'm just not ashamed to enjoy what I'm enjoying-- -Yeah. -and geek out. And you know, everyone is there, everyone is super nice, it's fun. -Uh-hmm. -It's a great place to be. -This is probably my favorite replica that you saw-- -Oh, I looked at the trap, Ray. -It's so cool. -This is the original trap, one of the traps from Ghostbusters II. -Uh-hmm. -And I think this was only going for about $2400. -Oh, what? -So-- but it was an auction. -Okay. -So, you-- so, like you put in that bid and then they get in touch with you and say, well, someone outbid you. -Right. -So, I would imagine this is gonna go for a much more than that. -Yeah. -So, that's the original from the movie. -That's an original prop in the movie. Look how good is it. It's great, yeah. -Yeah. It's all weathered and stuff. -Looks really awesome. The best is the yellow and black stripes. -Yeah. -Let's see now. -Yeah. -What do you do with this? I mean, if you saw that in someone's house, you'd be like-- I don't think I would put this to Ghostbusters if I just saw this in someone's house. -See, I-- I mean, I just know. -Really? -I just know right away. Of course that's the trap. -You just walk around town, throw away this in front of homeless people. -Yeah. -And like, catch yourself a bomb. -Yeah. -I don't know, man. I just-- I don't know. I just see that. I mean, look, I'm a gigantic-- -Yeah. -Ghostbusters nerd. -Uh-hmm. -So-- anyway, go to the picture below it. This was the guy, this was the hobbit on horseback. Do you see how crazy is that though? Come on. -Why are your legs so short? -Because he's a hobbit. -I know but it just-- it looks weird. -It does look weird but it's an amazing piece of cosplay. -Yeah, I know. It's incredible. -Amazing stuff. I mean, there were so many amazing things and maybe if you wanna make like a little gallery for the show. -Yeah. And the pony is wearing Uggs too. -Yeah, the pony's got original Uggs on there, specialized for ponies. -[unk] the twine. -Listen, most impressive on where this guy sorts his twine. He really did a good job. I mean, I think he was being Frodo. He's being Frodo Baggins. -Something-- oh, I don't know. It just looks weird. -It is weird but that's part of the fun. -Yeah. -You know, creepy is good. -Uh-hmm. -For sure. -Okay. -Oh, there's the-- yeah, there's the Shark-- Hot Toys-- -Look at the hands-- it's so funny. -It's ridiculous. It's totally absurd. -Speaking of celebrities, you know, Comic-Con is always packed with celebrities. Remember last year, we saw Jonny Lee Miller. -Yeah. -Right? And we also saw Lucy Liu. -Yeah. -They're at the CBS booth promoting their TV show. -Yeah. -Did you see anyone cool this year besides fake Adam West? -Oh, I didn't tell you this. I like-- I ran into a lot of celebrities. -Really? -Yeah. -Because you're a celebrity yourself. -No. -They're like, "Hey, Jeff." -So, okay, I'll try and remember every single person I saw. Okay. I saw Arya Stark. -Uh-hmm. -Like right up next to her, said, "Hey. What's up?" -Yeah. -David Duchovny. -Right. -Said, "Hey, Dave. How are you doing?" -Where was David Duchovny? -David Duchovny was in the Hard Rock Café as was Arya Stark. -Eating by himself. -No. He was with a whole-- he wasn't with like an entourage but he was with like his publicist and you know, very nice because this is obviously his molder. -Uh-hmm. -He has a long shattered past in the realm of Comic-Con nerds and stuff like that. -Of course. -So, that was awesome. Who else that I run? Ran into Glenn Howerton, -Uh-hmm. -who plays Dennis on Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Ran into-- oh, so GameSpot has a couple of guys that do their coverage. -Uh-hmm. -So, Rob Benedict who you've probably known for the movie Waiting. Got to hang out a little bit with Josh Meyers, -Uh-hmm. -who's Seth Meyers' younger brother from the Saturday Night Live. -Okay. -There are more. Well, I'm forgetting them. Ethan Hawke was there. -Wow. What was he there for? -He was at our booth signing something. -Huh. -Think. Was it ours or not? Yeah. -Okay. -There were others. There were others. Oh, I saw Simon Pegg. You know Simon Pegg. You don't know who Simon Pegg is? -No. Not-- -Hot Fuzz, Shaun of the Dead. -Oh, okay. Yeah, he's one of those guys? I don't think I know him by name but-- -He's-- he played Scotty in Star Trek. -Yeah. Okay. Uh-hmm. Uh-hmm. -Right? -Yeah, yeah, yeah. The shaved head. -Yeah, yeah. Trying to think who else. I saw so many. It was really crazy. Just the amount of times we're just bumping into people. -Yeah. -And I saw-- who's the girl, the female actress who's really attractive and she always dresses up? And she was there. She was like the Black Widow last year. -Oh, the one in the reality show? -Yeah, yeah, yeah. What the hell is her name? -It's Peter Brady's wife. -Yeah. -Right? That Playboy Playmate. -Yeah. What the hell is her name? -It does-- -It's Adrianne Curry. -Yeah. Adrianne Curry. -She was dressed up as a Mortal Kombat character either Mileena or-- what the hell is the other girl's name? -It's Kitana. -Kitana? -Yeah. -She was the one with the size. I think it's Mileena. Look it up. I bet you could find it. It's here-- you found it? -Yes, I did. -Yeah, pull this up. Oh, no. Is that-- yeah, that's her on the right. -Jesus. -Sick, right? Just sick. And we're not looking at her size. -Yeah. -Anyway-- -Is that scorpion? Oh, no, no, no. That's the skinny one. -No. That's the other-- so there's like Kitana and Mileena. -Kitana, Mileena. -The one on the right I think is Mileena. Anyway, we could stare at this for a couple of hours. -Yeah. -I'm just gonna leave this up on the screen for the next hour. -That's fine. -[unk] in your home with this. -It's much better than looking at us. -If you could see-- if you could have met one person there that you knew was in attendance, who would it be? Because I really wanted to see you with Peter Dinklage. -I saw Brian Posehn as well. -Yeah. -I saw-- -Kevin Smith. Did you see him there? -No. I didn't see him. I don't know. It was really like an overwhelming and it was so cool because we just ran into people. -Yeah, yeah. -Like we just, you know-- -They're not elevated or anything-- -I got to see a Patton Oswalt Comedy Special. -Uh-hmm. -That was really good as well. If there was one person I could see and just hang out with, probably still one of the guys from the Sons of Anarchy panel. -Oh. -I keep missing it because we leave so early on Sunday. -Uh-hmm. -And that's when they do it. -Next year, we gotta leave later. We gotta leave a lot later. -Yeah. Have an extra day. -You know, -Uh-hmm. -just so we make it happen. But that's, you know, it's tough to wrap up those four magical days in just a half hour show but that was it. -Yeah. -That was the fun, man. -You know, I thought it was really cool. Last year, it did seem like there are a lot of people just hanging outside of the convention center that didn't have passes. You know, like no one-- a lot didn't have those lanyards outside on their necks. -Yup, yup. There was a lot of that. -Which proves that if you live in the area or even if you wanna travel from like LA or San Francisco, it's totally worth the trip just to hang outside of the convention center and see people coming out with the costumes and stuff. -It's a total party. -You don't have to go inside. -That Gaslamp area goes bizarre. -Yeah. -And you just lose it and even if you're just there to have fun like you can party there. And I mean, you know, it's kind of was a little too much at one point because it was like, there was a point where I leaving the convention center and I was like, "My God. Did something bad happen right now?" -Yeah. -There would be people who trampled just because it was so inaccessible and so crowded and so claustrophobic. -These thoughts just popped into your head. -I'm just saying like-- -Walking around, people having fun, you're like, "There could be a disaster right now." -Right but like you never know and it's-- I'm sure there's someone taking that in consideration-- -Yeah. -just because-- I mean, you know how that area is set up. It's kinda bonehead, right? -Uh-hmm. -You got the train tracks and then like a very highly traffic road, -Right. -and then two freaking staircases that lead up. -Yeah. -They need to fix that. They needed to be much more wide open. -It'd be very easy to not recognize someone that would maybe a threat. -Yeah. -Like remember last year, there were people just walking around with like guns. -Right. -They're like straight assault rifles and you could barely see tiny orange dot on the end-- -Yeah. -Right, exactly. -that prove it wasn't real. But other than that, they just look like a SWAT team-- -It really is terrifying-- -Yeah. -when you really think about the vulnerability of it all. Either way-- -We don't have to get there. -not gonna get there but it was a great time and I can't for next year and we're gonna-- we're definitely gonna change things up in regards to our meet-up. We have the-- the t-shirts are coming in this week and we will figure out a way to give out some of them to people who want them. -Uh-hmm. -So, and again, a couple of our buddies who weren't-- who were at the meet-up but I did not see, we will take care of you guys as well. -Yeah. -And that's about it. We're still waiting on the official winner of The 404 SuperWeakness Contest. -Uh-huh. -So, the second we have that, I thought we'd have it by today but maybe not. I guess we'll announce it tomorrow when that information comes in. And yeah, that's it. Comic-Con in the books. -Yeah, that's awesome. -So, if you wanna check out Jeff's appearances there, you should go to cnet.com/the404 today. We'll post the links to all the videos that Jeff shot there, as well as a slideshow that's set to put up, -Right. -of a lot of the cool costumes there. -Absolutely. -Maybe they'll be a few of yours as well. -Sweet. Do that and check out all the great people here. And you're right. I wanted to finish up here. Let's wait another minute. I totally forgot. This is completely unrelated but they just came in today and I must take a minute or two to talk about it. So, this is-- these are coming from a company called The Controller Shop and my buddy Jordan at The Controller Shop, controllershop.com, -Uh-hmm. -thecontrollershop.com, he got in touched and said he wanted to make some 404 custom video game controllers. And I said, "Are you kidding? Of course, sir, you may." Well, guess what, guys. They came in today and they are over the freaking top insane. Check this out. This is a 404 exclusive limited edition PlayStation 3 DualShock 3 Controller. -Nice. -Are you serious? -So cool. -Are you serious? -Yeah. -Look at this thing. Look at the buttons. Look at the 404 buttons. Look at that custom shiny paint job. -That' so sick. -It's all glittery and stuff, it's kinda hard to tell from the camera but yea, there's like tiny little specs of glitter all across it. -Uh-hmm. -Pretty-- -This guy is good. bad ass. -And he did all by hands. This is all like spray paint job. -It's all hand. So, what they do is they take the end-- even like the-- even that PlayStation button in there is custom. -Uh-hmm. -What they do is, they disassembled the controller, -Uh-hmm. -and do the paint job. They change, they do like customize buttons and whatnot, put it back together and bam, you got yourself a working controller. Not to be outdone, we also got an Xbox 360 custom 404 controller. -Oh, it's really cool. -Which is really, really bad ass. With the 404 buttons, with the customized Xbox guide button, the top of the 404 antenna. Look at that custom job with a glossy paint. I mean, I just-- I'm just blown away. Look at this, unbelievable. I want to thank Jordan from The Controller Shop. You can go to thecontrollershop.com and get your own customized PlayStation or Xbox controller. They're gonna be doing PlayStation 4 and Xbox One controllers as well. -Uh-hmm. -So make sure you do that. They get-- like it's absurd the amount of customization they offer. -Yeah. -So, again, thanks so much to those guys. I'm gonna do an interview with Jordan and put up a post on CNET as well about all this and how they do it, -Yeah, cool. -and how they came to be, but they do an unbelievable job. They can also use like the casings of bullets and make them buttons too, -Nice. -which is really, really cool. And these are totally functional. They work. -Yeah. I mean, I'm sure they've tested this. -I'm never gonna use them. I'm never gonna-- -Oh, you're not gonna use that? -I don't think so, man. They're too cool to use. -Oh, not even once? -Yeah. -What's that? -Try them once. -Yeah, maybe we'll try them once but I just wanna keep-- I'll put these in the News Studios-- -So we can-- -[unk] later all over his face. -Oh, no. That's the thing. -Yeah. -And they smell like paint, -Yeah. -which is the best part about them. No, but they're sick and the back is like a really nice sort of a rubberized coating. It's great. -Yeah. -These guys do unbelievable custom work. -Yeah. -So, we extend a thousand thank yous to Jordan and the rest of the crew at The Controller Shop. -It's awesome. -Go over there. Tell them we sent you and get yourself a custom controller because that's pretty kickass. -How come I don't get anything like this for my Beat? Maybe I get some like custom printer cartridges or something here. -Yeah. -Even if you could get that-- -Record needles and things like that. -Nice. -I mean, we can't be [unk] with free gifts on the show. -You got the [unk]. -Yeah, you got-- hey, man, you got these guys. -Yeah, that's true. -Right? -Yeah. -I don't wanna give these away, though, right? People in the chat room were like, oh, my God. I want it. -We're getting it outside of the CBS building right now. -I just can't give these away, right? We gotta keep-- -No. I don't think-- we need some more set dressings. -Yeah we do. -So, we'll put them up. -For sure. These are so sick. I'm just so blown away. What an unbelievable job they did. -Yeah. -Anyway, that's gonna do it for us. Thanks for tuning in to the Comic-Con wrap up show. We're back here tomorrow. I think Jill is coming on. -Okay, cool. -All right. So, that's gonna be fun. And give us a call 866-404-CNET. E-mail us the404@cnet.com, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, all that good stuff. Thanks to everyone who participated in The 404 SuperWeakness contest. Thanks to everyone who came at the Comic-Con even though it's kind of a messy situation. We really appreciate it and if I didn't get to see you, don't worry. There'll be another time and another place. Until tomorrow, we'll see you. I'm Jeff Bakalar. -I'm Justin Yu. -I'm Ariel Nuñez. -This has been The 404 Show. High tech, low brow. Back again here tomorrow. Later.

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