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Ep. 1302: Mark Hurd's soft landing: Buzz Out Loud

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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1302: Mark Hurd's soft landing

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On today's show, a rousing discussion of scandal, sex, and giving cover to wrongdoers. And that's just Oracle hiring Mark Hurd. In other tech news, Craigslist gets rid of its adult services section in the most passive-aggressive manner possible. Google Buzz costs the Goog $8.5 million, the Nokia N8 costs roughly the same, and we decide to eat the bear.

September 7 when he ten. Hell I recommend I'm Molly Wood and welcome to buzz out loud enough podcast of indeterminate length -- episode thirteen hundred into that and don't worry it for the tech news. Jason has something that he would like to tell us all -- book. That's rates. -- -- I have to announce that my last news CNET and on buzz out loud will be this Friday September 24. That is three. And don't say we this Friday like okay yeah this is -- not this -- know credit where forgot enough as a kid ray high now it's it's hard to make this now all -- my enemy we will miss you might also like to announce what I'm doing from here I'm actually starting. Two produced shows on what's. I've been now hired TV -- producer actually for the twit network. -- members -- right -- man oh man -- the I'm back in the day yeah. So -- starting Monday September 27 I will be recent shows with with the -- you guys are becoming quite the unit. And yeah. I mean hey I'm really excited about the opportunity obviously. It's -- with sadness because I gotta say absolutely love everybody here. I've gotten really close to a lot of fans and the chat room and its its. Yeah it's it's a win lose I think because site video I mean -- like I'm really looking -- the opportunity it's going to be a lot of fun and really think we can do cool things I'm gonna miss you guys. Conservative -- in the show. You there's -- Good luck yet you. I think you're gonna do well there but not for another three weeks so let's not -- let's not speak to that again we -- until you allow me okay give -- Nomar and tell your last day Kelly I'll and yet really. Blitz blitz that that -- the -- movie come out by then but -- Sullivan today. Yeah parents let's do some tech news selling -- Craig's list is finally had enough of not only the bad press but the constant -- is coming from various district attorney of the district's attorney. And they have decided to shut down. The adult services section of Craigslist although they have done it in -- remarkably. Passive aggressive manner. I thought Vietnam yet the adult section -- service is now instead of just not being there or having their explanation -- -- little black bar over this that's answered. Yep it's Saddam centered. And it's this not applicable it's just not there it's gone there's no explanation -- just off. And after -- this was hit by that CNN story and. In you know actually I think it was the result of my my tech enter a month CBS radio about how they needed to however it's time. For them to become better citizens of the Internet you think this has become making them a better citizen because there's and there's a counter argument. This thing that Facebook's openness and their efforts to. Give information when necessary to law enforcement agencies is actually making the adult business. More transparent and safer well FaceBook had supposedly been doing that as well they where they they tell -- they shut down erotic services they renamed it adult services. And they were supposedly. Manually monitoring them. Submissions and making sure that they weren't in fact solicitations for prostitution. And that they were also -- -- Portman now down granted law enforcement didn't feel like it was enough. And but it didn't take an idiot to look at these listings and go look half of these -- for prostitutes. Or. They're I mean there that I -- one article actually aired tweet from somebody -- that they had a sex worker friend. There's -- look we all know that the Craigslist adult services section is either all cops are all stamps right. Like it's not actually. You know it it -- it at this point it's not even a reasonable outlet for her. For sex worker activities are showing in my -- -- -- -- doesn't do exposed to do anyway I think they might as well and I also think that I I think that there are better ways to potentially be working with law enforcement. Then. Then becoming a haven for what ultimately because the thing I think the things that may -- -- widget that we're getting posted there. -- the worst sort of really the worst sort of like kind of human trafficking. And stuff and you just I'm sorry like what if they're not gonna be there -- where -- -- going to be bigger because the gonna go somewhere underground and this was the least the argument says somewhat visible. Somewhat transparent -- and -- I guess I'm to the point now where I'm not term and -- and I don't I just I don't think that it created some sort of -- space that had oversight that you know Craigslist obviously wasn't willing to work with law enforcement to the extent the law enforcement felt that it was helpful. And I I don't I don't think it's a pro I think it -- -- -- kind of a I think it was a black -- and on the whole thing hmm -- I do I just was never an and I. Believe me I've heard I've heard those arguments and that and I understand that that there's even you know the counter argument that like. That that it did create a safe space for sex workers to go because it exists and it's not going -- legal or not and so at least it was somewhere that that could be more visible and and made it -- on both sides -- and arguably they can get out from underneath whatever intermediary illegal intermediary they were impressed -- potentially can get rid of -- and have a better place to kind of you know. Put up your services. But I don't think that that was happening on Craigslist I mean I think that what what was what they ultimately found was that the adult services section was either. Really like. The bad camps with like -- teenagers that smart -- him you know that you are Moab and marketing engine with teenagers or it was scams or it was just not safe you know after the Craigslist killer and that -- -- I'm gonna. Look whatever the arguments for the social change may be on Craig's list was not going to be able to continue to have this this. So what's next and that's a really curious thing this whole sensor thing there is just is passive aggressive -- prickly read this thing you know. -- -- this -- but this is our way of saying that. We're doing it under protest we -- we've been censored when in fact you know they're they're. Buckled to public pressure not any. Yeah -- court order I personally I just I think -- -- -- What encryption. Just take away you're gonna take it away and take it away -- -- -- second Avian like I just think that that is you know -- people don't this isn't. This is a nice thing to have on Craig's -- period so whatever the social arguments are about visibility in improving the plight of of people. We need to improve we need to work on that yes as a society. But it but Craig's list. And this section. It didn't it was it didn't need to be there it was a lot of scandals lot of cops it was it was -- -- and and what was there was illegal. Right -- the stuff that was actually advertisement for. Or you know inducement to prostitution is illegal. And over Craigslist act like dollar does whatever -- couldn't pollutants I think is just really -- -- -- I would think that they can't leave that such a thing up -- -- all well -- -- -- Eventually I think eventually they'll take it down -- -- but I mean what it did think that the dirty little secret about is that the reason Craig's list and shut it down for -- -- -- had nothing to do with the First Amendment. It was about the fact that that's where they made the bulk of their money oh absolutely and so -- to act like -- being sent there were being so put upon it's just like. I'm sorry -- that I'm sorry that not being able to advertise and illegal activity is cutting into your bottom line. Where -- those paid ads on the -- it's the -- I thought I thought that I felt like you know when you put a line or -- it's it's free bonus on motorcyclists free -- I don't let you know. You know. Now though -- petition that tonight the paper that forget that those are paid ads and it's not as if Craigslist was ever standing up -- -- shining light in dark places either they or break -- -- -- and I think they've been and it's frankly I just I'm turned off by Craig's -- about the way that back that at all law. Let's move on lets you find other growth -- that explores and prostitution. Oh now now yeah. Not so. Maher -- the -- I can't believe -- -- -- the former CEO of Hewlett-Packard and arguably very successful CEO of Hewlett-Packard was bounced out on a harassment charge. Has been found a new job a soft landing -- -- work. At Oracle on -- line I'm sorry failure line I'm sorry about that -- it's my full credit Molly. So it Larry Ellison CEO Oracle was very very critical of HP for bouncing. -- heard out and he hired him. You -- -- money where his mouth as you said that he thought it was the worst decision the board had ever made because market and a brilliant job at its peak. And so he has hired him on as co president. At Oracle. And apparently because it does get even this year in order to make room. For Mark -- at Oracle he also. Balanced Charles Phillips the previous Oracle co president. Who had appeared a lot of woman named -- Bonnie Wilkins on a series of billboard well against his wishes he had -- -- right because of money put it still has former mistreated. Mr. Mister it's getting -- she put it there. She put up billboards. Basically. I mean it's outing and slamming him and ruined his chances to get some fancy new job I think it CA. And he had stated he was still an argument and I finally decided okay this particular scandal is -- yucky right but her and scandal is okay so we're gonna go and also to steal your line talk about a boys' -- I'll tell I mean it you know this guy is -- CEO. And -- like back in the corporate offices of the couple weeks later when not just because of because Blair elephant life. Not just that not just any corporate office Oracle's Larry Ellison yeah. Well known as you know. Womanizer of the year award I mean it's it's it's amazing it's I mean he due to his point what you gonna back -- of the planned today as he actually well known as -- it's been well reported okay. Such allegations. Yes allegations saying Q many many of mania words written and to that extent I will back -- nonetheless. Now on -- rail yard you pick if it if it. Anyway Mark -- is that article and it's you know regardless if that -- because -- taken both sides of the story we talked about how HP. May. HB sort of reacted incredible Easter lead to what appeared to be sort of minor is accounting errors like it wasn't that -- you know they didn't find that he violated their ethical standards of anything. They found that he am. Had. Falsified or exaggerated some expense reports and we -- -- like you like you're gonna posture shareholders twelve billion dollars. But then on the other -- you have this kind of does Oracle attitude of just like this -- an attitude of like whatever you know I was doing a freaking great job lucrative. And though it's it the little bit of like the two sides -- the corporate world happening here. But it's an interesting story but it certainly it's what's. What's also very next thing about this of course is that Oracle and HP our competitors in many regards and this is Oracle real leg up on fighting -- In business -- exactly accounts from them. Ellison and heard as a teen to sell against HP are going to be here -- and that that's it's. All the other stuff aside for. Oracle to pick up HP CEO this absolutely brilliant -- he put out just just on paper. It's just as a business move it is it is remarkable an -- it's a pretty deceased or there's no question of the -- like movie that we can show it. We're going through not take a break we're does give you keep it -- that's right. -- blow up buzz it cost Google the trust of literally tens of tech journalist. And also now has cost them eight point five million dollars the fact that it's fast enough to bankrupt cable right I have that's -- -- -- -- million -- dollars that's a rounding error on -- rounding -- yeah -- is for Google -- -- That said does that really cover the costs and I mean it's like a lot of money compared to what it probably -- the development anyway. That is that what they will pay to settle privacy lawsuit that was filed after the Google does launch which you may remember. Opted a bunch of people into your email. Right you Gmail users -- hit -- filed the suit and finally after the lawyers get the cut the rest will be available to class action. -- current class action. People in the lawsuit -- Thus ending and in glorious. Chapter and blue -- history of really had that makes you wonder that is any -- -- the plan. Set down doesn't go back to the primary well they have I mean they're they're they're killing bugs in their thing if you want that the code here it is you -- you -- really bitten this is so not really no way related but and you look at the comments on my favorites that is -- out of them honestly. Probably less than their monthly electric though I mean let's be split in parliament. And I totally and -- yeah exactly are -- will not be -- new balls to the ball pit for three home I always end up all they're gonna riady acting kind and a confusing doesn't -- -- by the still have a -- facilitation. But it does it it puts a dent in Google's social networking feature because it -- when they don't have a lot of trust. And again don't seem to be very good -- and that seems we were all the momentum of an elaborate than the mutually. Also in Google land that Texas has opened an antitrust investigation. Of Google over charges that it manipulated search results in what is that apparently a similar case to one pending here. Not too surprising to see this happening and we. It was a suit against. Google founded by some people -- put up with some people who were close to Microsoft saying that there commerce. Links were further down in the results then -- and me expected this come back on them in the US and here it is finally Texas. Filing bird those who think Allen Texas about the. Quick update on the Mark -- story according The Wall Street Journal and our reporting that HP is suing. Mark Hurd. And they guest is that HP made anchored violated a non compete. By taking a -- -- -- it's fascinating that -- areas developing. Non compete clauses in contracts of course notoriously difficult to enforce especially in California -- hello -- I think they're they're legal. However. If they don't come on that they'll probably get him on trade secret violations we'll make something some. I mean it's such a short turnaround that is really that is really -- than usual had a direct competitor like that so it is it yeah. And if they gave him I mean they may have unceremoniously dismissed him but they also gave him means. Huge settlements that he was not fired in the real traditional sense that -- -- severance and a packaged -- and those packages almost always come. With paperwork. Yet you don't get the money -- only sign in the style of up that line there exactly. That he had a 4050 million dollar -- which means he almost certainly find some cinnamon and it the way to refuses to become a -- CTO it really is I mean -- bounced out with these. Packages ran -- earth. Google has been going crazy with the logos lately the last the last little bit of Google news today which is -- more fun they have the really cool but -- Logo. For the 25 anniversary of the Mikey -- it discovery which I think -- on Friday. And I'm it was this interactive like spinning cool thing and then now they have one -- today right that it isn't just like. Pages it's so if that that it avoids the mouse click your whole load of its Google logo done in don's. And if you roll the mouse over -- based on my mouse is invisible Dedham. You can don't. -- -- don't get -- and I'm -- get -- -- file. I think I can get them flip it -- I cannot members machine lets -- know it's called the particle with them. Anyway it's. It's very cool and it's all done in html five and if you look at the page source you can actually see them the very. Clever and I would not say compact but certainly eight code -- -- and then pave the good. Now here's the cool thing about this though. Speculation around the offices they're promoting H you know by the -- however. It doesn't work and any touch screen device -- no idea of this mouse hover. It only works on full browsers works in safari works in Chrome haven't tried -- nineties but it's important parts -- well yeah it's really pretty active. It's -- and it's lovely and they've that led they'd. And don't need -- -- -- million dollars and now -- -- camera -- for the -- I. I have to they have a whole there's no there's a really great story -- news.com today these check out at about how it's an entire band of artists. The do -- And that is their hold job. While they come up -- does Google logo and their friends. Are wrong. Anyway isn't good for them. Okay I swear this is the last bit of Google news but Google TV is launching in the fall. And it. It is it is happening -- Schmidt said the service will be free to Google TV service now we've been expecting you for awhile but the last week you send. This is that it's really it's really coming they're following Apple TV thing -- -- and it it will start the -- to roll out guns to knives and and like I think the personal the command maybe September. The other Logitech product will come out that these things connected to it Logitech bucks come out with this network DVR and -- be it sits in front of your DVR does. Basically put your your TV on the Internet. I think the Google though has a bit a public advertising or marketing challenge ahead of -- -- and they've got Google TV product managers. Saying things like. You would never want to buy a computer without an Internet routers so soon you're never going to want to buy a TV without it and Nat routers really the -- like opening out of my TV. I mean Google makes these incredible products. By engineers for engineers and Apple says we're gonna do one thing and we're gonna do well. And all the other stuff forget it -- give you this and you're going to love it because that match Google doesn't get the magic they get the technology but they never get the magic. I just I don't know people are gonna use -- The joy of the product that the way the deal with the -- they feel of Apple products well as much is that parts of. I think you'll be average. Advertisements differently than the product managers I mean I don't think that they're gonna put out ads that talk about getting in there routers and also it's gonna be an embedded kind of service them. That is pat partnered with TDs and so what you're gonna -- is. The the Sony magic of the Samsung LG thing like well accuses TV in -- on the Internet with Google -- there's anything you associate with the Internet and it's Google I'm gonna -- -- mountain. I think these are not. Apple's to Apple's products which and but. -- -- -- But you know this is just a layer that that is gonna lay on top of your TV and I think that it -- I cannot imagine why the value proposition is not gonna make -- -- -- it has built into -- to keep up with open like Android is probably yeah and it's free via the service itself is very. They don't have to pay any extra for and then you just get -- at the onion. Product news today -- senior manager Nokia says the N eight as launching September 30 I don't know if your member -- about the ending but it went something like this whole -- How -- has a lot of stuff in there. Really and -- -- go. So it's the first Migo product which is their new kind of Android competitor operating system. That's gonna be more open source -- have an app store with that it will be the milestone. Product. I think it and it the specs are like insane I think -- -- you know 100 megapixel camera and a the head cultivates. It may mean it -- -- who's gonna be -- it yet nobody. For 800 dollars these other things about the Nokia as we get so low excited about the -- -- Eminem has all this up it's got the frequent time it's early. I think it's a 1088 or ten megapixel camera it's does it's a super super tricked out on beta amazing and and and yet another platform that developers have to worry about maybe 999. 999. Dollars and -- -- -- then people are up its own. It's for a little computer or whatever yeah it has multitasking. Now I mean at that it's a ludicrously priced that having reverts nobody is get a bad thing that converts he had this. I don't know if they're part of it area. We are -- -- little drama and. But the net and they need to watch out because it's like it's -- but but. The phones on the horizon and I you know I have the fight with Verizon this week Bradley can't get the buried -- getting to upgrade to break the -- in -- ruling now. Public by anyone here anyway to too many cool both are coming out ya like didn't -- -- didn't when Samsung's newer ion processor will offer. Dual core power and phones -- switched. -- you need to arm cortex -- nine cores running at one -- -- obviously -- -- -- are you break into any me obviously you need that because like you said there computer they totally you need this you need to run your phone and although voice recognition and -- -- Atlantic reality plus all the stuff -- and the music streaming in the. -- -- what is your new computer there's no question that that. And the biggest complaint that I have vomit are -- know that it's too slow and I think increasingly that's in you know we've totally talked about like -- are concerned benchmarking well. And then this is just another step. We've all gotten really used you've already here -- speak for myself got very used to just keeping my phone plugged in. The majority of the time -- Running and I on its -- all that well I'm sure it does and then. Exactly there are right and we secondly we talked about we -- dual core processors -- -- -- -- the -- we talked about -- you know -- the big argument -- about whether it can -- one hour battery -- -- -- and I -- -- going to be. They're gonna be more energy efficient than it will probably actually improve battery life is they'll they'll put the power where it -- it will be marked as powering it off. And then they also say that or Ryan specifically has 45 nanometer. -- -- -- -- nanometer -- Power processor technologies and that'll make -- -- -- you -- -- you know what I would like to -- this -- -- -- like -- -- -- developers write applications -- don't -- like sixty megabytes to do one thing. I don't know what's going on -- but Apple and the application but people are just taking manageable the processor -- store stuff and writing sloppy apps -- like the tighter -- and phone. -- -- Apple Apple phones. Iowa after. Huge them. And then in viral advertising news the latest at the latest. Company that we're getting a free advertising through has eleven a couple of is clogging the tubes basically what -- news hunters shoot the bear. Viral ad that you can actually play -- because the price originally it have a lot of cuss words it it. But it's kind of like subservient chicken so -- -- being managed by -- parenting and ballot initiative and that you can decide if you -- that are doesn't and then how the story and and it is all weirdly enough. An ad before we get a video reveal nothing but see here I'm choosing don't shoot the bear. What -- the bear noticed you marriage and yeah. I don't -- -- -- yeah. It -- he -- a thing of -- out why and how. -- out one. Pretty thing ever it is also. -- irate what I would -- type in there. Try eats. You so hunter eats -- hundred there and that a hundred the manner and when I try it for yeah now. So that meant that there is making -- -- evil stuff there them. Totally. -- taken but it is also an ambulance or Al it also into effect it's having heard of place. I haven't heard of them but I've seen them of the real state that that like these are huge in the real estate industry does aired constantly waiting but and I actually like a little -- Eighteenth it's not as popular white helping -- kind of like obsessed with -- is that these. The -- super cool you should set a podcast. And on and I -- my iPod. This week it up and it's also extremely well integrated with YouTube if -- I felt for my thought on pop girls or something and I. Not thick or under -- Patrick what kind of like oh my god -- I've -- -- -- -- Donnelly got several. Genius. -- the voicemails you can call us that -- -- 10616638. Our first caller -- all the way from the UK. Atom my -- I'm calling. On -- England. Just -- the problem with. Options I tried to download the custom options -- Intel. From watching and -- but and that -- -- Trying to Apple to -- I changed Canon does not support our. Customer and -- -- blinking object and I'd like everything can -- into. All I -- obstacle on Monday in the United States 8773880. 79. Extension three. It's preventable if that's another -- -- like they don't -- him to call that number. -- yet anyway also. What yeah that's one of the things that little bit under reported that Apple took out of iTunes and iTunes and is -- to make I I buy ring tones out of your music. You know extract them at least in my -- and I think. Yeah that's -- now. Well it's funny because we used to say that's totally silly and ridiculous and why would you charge people get with the double charge basically -- you buy the song and you pay for -- on. -- be like oh come on you could just make your own. But -- like. And you can't have that you can't put a feature in an app and then taken away. Without anything happening more and more actually asked when it -- -- like please. Feel free to take some crap out -- that while that's true yes there have. But I mean doesn't this just encourage people to that -- make their own I mean you know how hot it detrimental -- -- -- it's very seriously big by the thought they should be able is it. I'm just -- -- surprise -- that you know the the music -- that made this decision yet taken out or whatever like it's incremental costs like he said in -- Like why would you want -- isn't gonna its next. Yeah and if if there's a hook and a song that I really liked. I don't wanna figure out how to make it and cut out this page and the dollar for one thing it's worth the drive the nuisance -- the part I'm surprised it's gone. You know had to -- I was just really popular. Maybe. We got email from rent to says hey -- those curious as to why have made angry birds on Android that only crashes on -- It was a story and the release a week earlier before running web OS version was not is it because one. Molly only wants talk about -- she can use right. To -- wants to scorn his ex lover palm -- right. Or three Jon Rubinstein and -- are the only ones using web OS devices thank you rent and -- three -- yeah Larry pretty much. And you lay it out let's kind of like it's two little words market share also I talked to the guys are Rovio and they said the the reason they -- web OS the marvelous work for us -- it was easy right now because they think but there was so much. Or yeah. -- -- Van aided the right thing in and says hey let's good boys and girls over and Mac life specifically Robbie Baldwin have a fix for the vertical ice horizontal red yellow and green buttons on the full screen of iTunes. If in terminal command and -- -- it defaults write com dot Apple dot iTunes bowl hype and window I can one. Then when you restart iTunes of the familiar horizontal arrangement I find it my normal I would describe how much time the world has spent on -- -- -- from -- link that third fix that -- -- -- -- will you can read that he can -- about this way but I don't get is why Apple it is something that's true gimmick it's so easy to undo it. It's like make up your mind. If you're gonna screw with -- just -- I -- our Blackberry sponsorship has ended for now but we want you to know that even though we don't have them today we are going to tomorrow we're gonna wrap up. All of that quite the answers to the questions that we were asking last week we were just leaving -- But police. -- that's Mario can -- and it was -- because I think he's the keeper of the black. You know I don't and I couldn't I couldn't remember the opinion like I have only there were somewhere I can find that written out all right -- -- blog -- -- dot cnet.com. You can email us with your thoughts -- at cnet.com and you can of course call us at 180616. -- -- -- -- -- Please feel -- what these days fusion thing when -- about.

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