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The 404: Ep. 1301: Where we're beyond reasonable doubt

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The 404: Ep. 1301: Where we're beyond reasonable doubt

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Tune into this episode to hear how you can win $404 in our Comic-Con 2013 SuperWeakness contest! Today's rundown also includes a discussion of Jay-Z's business strategies, the real wealth of popular hip hop artists, and a creepy smartphone app that lets you see what you'd look like with plastic surgery.

-It's Thursday, July 11th, 2013. This is The 404 Show. Thanks for tuning in. I'm Jeff Bakalar. -I'm Justin Yu. -I'm Ariel Nuñez. -What's up, everybody? Welcome to our show. It's called The 404. That's great. Hey, do you like money? -Why are you talking like weird talking to a bunch of people that haven't heard the show before? -I don't know because maybe the money thing. -Okay. So, let's talk about that so they can just get this out of the way and stop listening after. -Right. Hey, do you like money? -Yeah. -Cool. You can win $404 by participating in The 404's SuperWeakness Contest starting today and running all through next week, while Justin and myself are in San Diego for Comic-Con 2013. It's a lot of money I know. It's a lot. And it's the biggest budget we've ever had, right? Let's be honest. That's the most money we've ever seen. -Yes. -It's a-- that's a lot of money. -Uh-hmm. -Right? You can call it that. We can use that word because that's how much money it is. You can enter by going to the404.cnet.com or cnet.com/the404, whichever you want, it works either way. All you gotta do is sign up and become a member of CNET which is totally worth $404 in itself for the amount of spam you're gonna get, right? So, do that and then once you do that, comment no the little blog post and tell us what your SuperWeakness would be if you were a superhero or would it just this in your normal life. Like for me, my SuperWeakness is the ocean at nighttime. I think that's the most terrifying thing imaginable. -Interesting. -Right? Don't you find that-- -No bonfire. -The bonfires? -Yeah, you never once done bonfires in college or anything? -I-- oh, on the beach? -Yeah. -No, that's a West Coast thing-- -Okay. Okay. -Yeah, in my face. -You never do that? -No. The beaches in New Jersey aren't wide enough for a bonfire. -Uh-hmm. -You'd have to do it on the boardwalk and then walk to the ocean. -Yeah. -Still terrifying. Terrifying. I'm also scared of-- I'm really scared of like closing doors on my fingers. -What? -That's like a huge fear of mine as well. -Yeah, oh. -What are you scared of, Justin? -Not getting likes on Instagram post within the first 5 minutes of posting it. -That's pathetic. -If there are no likes within 5 minutes, you must delete so says Instagram gods. -Really? -You didn't know that rule? -So, you're saying-- we're really going off the rails here. You're saying that when you post something to Instagram, -Right. -which is a useless service-- -That you are subscribed. -Which I am most certainly a member of, but essentially useless. -Right. If you post a photo, -Yeah. -and that post goes unliked for 5 minutes, -For 5 minutes. -right at that 5-minute mark, you must delete and then repost again. -Ariel, you're like the king, you're like the resident king of Instagram. -Uh-huh. -Even though you cheat on. -That's why I never have that problem. -I don't cheat. -Even though you cheat. -I do not cheat. -Yeah, you're a freaking cheater. You're a freaking cheater. Yeah. -I don't cheat. -Yeah, the only guy with an SLR iPhone. -Yeah. -Cheat son of a bitch. -[unk] iPhone letter boxes on your phone too. -Yeah. -It's like a white [unk]. -Right. -Yeah and for some reason your iPhone takes 15-megapixel which is awesome. -Yeah. -All right. We're gonna have [unk] too. -But what are you scared of? What's your SuperWeakness besides getting you know, called out about-- -About my Instagram, that's one. Anything that gets close my neck. -Really? -Yeah. Like even-- I can't even have people touch me. -So, that's your SuperWeakness. -That's one of Super-- -Even your fiancee. Your fiancee comes up and starts touching your neck-- -Oh, she's okay now but at first, she was like-- -Is it a ticklish thing? -No. It's just because of all the movies that people like getting their throat-- -Throat slash. -Like ever since I was a little kid, like I was-- I never want that to happen to me. -Right. Oh, I mean, you talked about reasonable fears and that's number one. -Yeah. Yeah. It's not Instagram. -Okay. -Okay let me give you a real fear. -Why don't you get a real SuperWeakness, I mean-- -Yeah. SuperWeakness, right? -a real SuperWeakness. -My SuperWeakness are the basement grates that you see walking around New York City that are half opened. -[unk] fair. -Yeah. Do you know what I'm talking about? -Of course. -There are basements underneath every building in New York and they all have these grates. But the grates look like they've been bashed in by a superhero. -Yeah. -So, they're kinda like half exposed. There's a crack inside there and you almost balance when you step on it. -Yeah. -They're like mini trampolines. -Yeah. -Yeah. -Everytime I step on one, I'm afraid I'm gonna go into it like Mario Brothers. -No. No. You're not heavy enough for that. -It's terrifying. -You need to weigh 70 pounds more for that to happen. -Yeah. -All right. So, you enter the contest. The week after Comic-Con, we're gonna announce the winner who's gonna win $404 and after taxes you're gonna walk away with like a buck eighty. So, good for you. No. I don't know. Do you get taxed for something like this? -Probably. -Yeah. -Eventually. -Eventually. Somewhere down the road, go get you. Now, here's the cool thing. You can enter only once because you have to sign up and only, you know, one entry per registration, but if you're gonna be in San Diego during Comic-Con, you can double your chances to win by stopping by the base station that will be the GameSpot and CNET base station located at Lou & Mickey's which is directly across from the convention center in the GasLamp District of San Diego. Why are you looking at me like that? -No, I'm not. -Freaking me out, man. And just a little additional note here, the best time for you to stop by the base station is gonna be Saturday, July 20th. That's a week from this Saturday coming up. That's when The 404 is gonna have a San Diego Comic-Con meet-up from 4:00 to 6:00 PM at Lou & Mickey's in the GasLamp District of San Diego, right across the street from the convention center where Comic-Con is being held. -Uh-hmm. -There's great food, there's fun prizes, there's great drinks. If you wanna come have a beer with us, me, you know, watch, you'll have like Shirley Temple. Come by. We've got t-shirts for the first time in 404 history. Oh, we've had t-shirts but like massively produced t-shirts. We're gonna have a lot of fun. We'll do whatever you'll want us to do. And while you're there, you sign up and double your chances at winning $404 from us at The 404 Show. -Quick note, though, you also have to be 18 or older to enter, and then you also have to be either a resident of the United States or Canada excluding Quebec, you know why? -Because they're-- -I found this out from our contest previously. -With a French order there? -Yeah. Because if you're gonna post a contest in Canada and make it available for Quebec as well, -So-- -you have to post the rules in French and we don't wanna do that because no one here speaks French. -There's no way that's-- -That is the reason why that's-- -There's no-- -You can be a Canadian resident unless you live in Quebec then you can't enter. -And what if you read English and live in Quebec? -Sorry. -That's-- -Sorry. -You're kidding. -Yeah, seriously. Monolinguist only. -I don't know if I believe that. -That's real. -All right. Craziest thing I've ever heard of. If you wanna really get to know the fine print, head over to cnet.com/the404 and you can read the fine print for yourself. Click on The 404 SuperWeakness Contest. -Yup. -That's starting today and it ends on the 20th as well. -Uh-hmm. -That's when it goes to. So, come say hi to us. We'll keep reminding everyone, we wanna triple the amount of people that came out last year. And there were a lot of people last year, a lot of babies too. A lot of babies came. I remember there was one baby there, -Yeah. -which was the cutest freaking baby I'd ever seen. -Yeah, bought me a drink. Nice guy. -That-- right. Yeah. It was darling. A darling baby. So, make sure you say hi to us at the base station and we'll do what we can to get Justin [unk] crap out of it too. -When is that again? Next week? -That's July 20th. Saturday, July 20th. Lou & Mickey's in the GasLamp District of San Diego. -Yes. -I like this entry. We already got a bunch of them on the blog but-- -Yeah. There's about a hundred. -Fat to the Core says, "Cats. They are awesome and the best creatures. I would do anything they ask especially if they could talk." -That is so weird. -I like that. -There's gonna be a lot of cat responses on this blog contest. I'm sure about that. -Uh-hmm. -I'm watching the numbers go up. Excellent job, everybody. Thank you for participating in our contest. We do a good job with this one. We get to do more of them. -Uh-hmm. -So, please partake. -God. You know what my SuperWeakness is? -Yeah. Like everything. -It's a lot of stuff. -Yeah. -But most importantly, -Gravity. -there was like 10-minute video compilations on YouTube, -Supercats. -of dogs-- of soldiers coming home to their dogs. Did you ever watch those things? -Yeah. -Yeah, that's sad. -Sometimes I would just be watching a music video or something like that and it will pop up in the side bar for related videos. -So, you're saying, you're like-- -And I can't help but click on that. -Right, right. -Yeah. -I have no option to click on it and I would never watch any other 10-minute videos. I don't think I've ever watched more than 2-minute videos. -Okay. -But my only exception are these damn soldiers coming back to their pets. -These goddamn soldiers. -Yeah. They're so good and then I end up crying at the end. -They're very emotional. -Yeah. -Because dogs are man's best friend. -Yeah. -When the soldier comes home from Iraq, the cat doesn't go in his arms. -Yeah. -The cat is like, you're back, feed me. -You're right. Yeah. -Because they suck. -They're hard to watch. -And it's emotional for sure. -Halfway through all these onions start popping up everywhere around me, I don't know what to do. -And you just start bawling. -Yeah. It's hard, man. -I would love to watch you cry at a video like that. -We'll do it together after this. -Okay. Sounds like a plan. Also, we wanna thank every single person who subscribes to our Reddit. Guess what guys, we hit 1,000 subscribers on our subreddit. -Sweet. -That's more than like every other subreddit on Reddit. -Cool. -Awesome. -No, it's not. There's a lot-- there's like-- there's subreddits like millions of subscribers. -To celebrate, we actually have a present from one of our listeners. Do you wanna do that now or later? -Yeah, yeah. -Oh, let's do it now. -Okay. -So, we got this package yesterday. We didn't wanna do it on the-- well, I was gonna do it with Scott Aukerman here and then he's like, dude-- -And he'll make fun of you. -He's like, dude, that's the worst idea I've ever heard. He's like, no wonder no one watches your stupid show. -Yeah. You're gonna open mail on the air. -Right. -The great radio, by the way. -We're gonna open it today because he's not here. -Right. -And so, this is the nice like celebratory 1300 episode, 1,000 followers on Reddit. -Yeah. Uh-hmm. -And The 404 $404 SuperWeakness Contest. So, this is from Volken, right? -It won't show his address there. -Oh, I did do that [unk]. He sent us some amazing chocolates from Columbus, Ohio. -Uh-hmm. -Thank you, sir. My God, he's just trying to make me fatter than I already am. -Yeah. -Look at this. So, are we gonna pass this around maybe? -That's cool. We're gonna talk about sweets more often. This is in response to last Friday's conversation. -With the Hi-Chews. -We spent like 15 minutes just talking about Japanese candies. And so, these are apparently mocha chocolate from Columbus. -Oh, my Jesus. Look at this. Whoa! -Oh, my God. I'm assuming I've hit the jackpot. -Wow. -Yes. -That's a boatload of chocolates. Thanks, Volken. You're the man. -Awesome. -Yeah. [unk]. -Really appreciate it and everyone, you know, give this guy some daps for sure. -Yeah. -Okay. So, we're gonna pass this around maybe. You know what, I'm just gonna keep these I think. -Okay. You could do that. -On my desk. I'm gonna keep these right here. Wonderful. -Are we coming up on another milestone? I forget we're at 1301 episodes right now. Didn't Buzz Out Loud record 1500 episodes? We're almost eclipsing them. -Yes, so-- -In the amount of time this shows through the year. -Do you know what we should do? -What? -So, what they do, 1589? -Somewhere like that. -Is it 1588? -Yeah. -I think it's 1588. -Okay. -Let's do 1589 and never do another show ever. -Just stop right after that and-- -Just stop after we break their record. -Pulling prizes right, huh. -That would be the best. Wouldn't that be hilarious? -They'll be so mad. -Am I the only one who thinks that's funny? -They'd have to come back and do another episode. -And then we just had this cat and mouse game-- -Right. -of just terrible, terrible one upping. I love it. Let's do that. Let's do 1589, -Uh-hmm. -and stop. -And they'll just-- -And like literally just never do another one. -Yeah, all right. -Deal? -Yeah. -Yeah. -When is that? That's like sometime in 2014, right? -Yeah. We'll be around for that, definitely. -Yeah. I guess we will. -Okay. Let's get into the show. Shall we? -Yeah. Before it more disturbing this comes to life. -Let's do that. -So, we can finally talk about Jay-Z. Like we're all together now. -Uh-hmm. -You know, Ariel, you're gone for a while and I wanted to bring this up on Monday but you weren't here because your flight was canceled. -Yeah. -So, I wanted to talk about this now because over the weekend, man, everyone went crazy for [unk]. -Everyone did, yeah. -And I don't think I've ever heard more thugs asking about the Google Playstore that I did over the weekend and all the 4th of July parties away too. -Uh-huh. -But it's crazy. Did you hear that a lot? Like people just legitimately asking like where I can get the Samsung phone from? -It's brilliant. It is. -What time does the Google Playstore open? -It's the most brilliant thing, I think, that rap music's ever done. -For sure. -Yeah. -Because you know, the conventional music sales is completely off the rails. -Yeah. -You know, I bought the Alex Winter, you know, laid it out to us. -Uh-hmm. -It's a crap show now. -Yeah. -And this was like the smartest thing I think I've ever seen. -Yeah. -With in terms of like proprietary and releasing something. -I agree. Yeah, this is what musicians now have to do to promote themselves and it's kind of using social media as a weapon for that. So, basically, what happen was Samsung bought a million downloads of the album before it was even released. And then gave it away for free to the million people that were using this like Samsung phones that they were promoting. -Uh-hmm. -Which basically made him a platinum selling artist just off that out and alone from-- -Yeah, sales. -Which is pretty cool. Did you have a chance to listen to the album yet? -I did. I think it's amazing. -Yeah? You liked it? -Yeah, I think it's a really good album. -Yup. -It makes-- what's the other guys? Kanye West? -Uh-hmm. -Yeah. -Look like a damn fool, right? -Yeah, yeah. -It makes him just look weird because I like-- -It makes him look weird. -He makes some weird music. -Yeah. -But I mean, I can appreciate Kanye's music but it's not easy to digest if you like. -Right. -But Jay-Z brought Jay-Z on this album. -Yeah. That's nice. -It sounded like the album was made 10 years ago to me. -Yeah it's old. -Like it sounded like a reasonable doubt. -But it still sounds new also. -Yeah. -Yeah. This is a weird thing, though, is that-- did you download the album through a phone? I know you don't have a Samsung phone but is that how you got access to it? -No, no, no. I had a friend who sent it to me. -Oh, okay. Yeah. So, the deal was that, you know, if you wanted to get it for free, you basically had to download this app on to your phone. -Right. -And it had to be a selected Samsung phone but a lot of people got pissed over the weekend over privacy concerns. -Uh-hmm. -Because did you guys ever download an app and then you always have to approve these permissions-- -Yeah. -for them to access certain things on your phone, right? Like-- I don't know, like your phone call list or whatever. Your notifications and things like that. There's always one or two. It's a pretty small list. -Yeah. Yeah. -Well, the Samsung app basically ask for tons of permissions. So, why don't we just go through them right here. -Okay. -This is the full list of everything that Jay-Z wanted, if you wanted to get his new album before it came out. -Oh, my God. -Hey wanted to access to modify and delete contents from your phone, prevent the phone from sleeping and view a list of all running applications. Location via GPS. He wants full network access, he wants to know who you're talking to on the phone for it to run on startup. Test access to your protected storage, control the phone's vibration and view-- -Yeah, yeah, yeah. I'm sorry. -And view all of the accounts that you currently have set up on your phone. -So, I get this because to me it's like if I'm a diehard Jay-Z fan, I don't even read that. I just go, okay. -Right. -Right. -And-- -And the app doesn't do anything. -Jay-Z is not stupid. -Right. -He's not dumb like all that data's valuable, man. -Right. -Right. -You know, and I don't know if whoever advised him like okay, we're gonna freaking mind the hell out of all these people. -Right. -And then in turn sell that information to someone else. -Yeah. I would make fun of it if no one actually did it but they sold out of the million copies. -Oh, my God. Are you kidding me? -In minutes. -Of course. -It is ridiculous. -Yeah. -So, I can't get mad at that. Plus-- -Well, how did it work? Like would you download the music and it goes into your music section on your phone and you know. -That's a good question. -Yeah. -It was actually-- this is the good part of it, is that after you did all this stuff and approved it, and then had to post links on Facebook and Twitter to get all the music, -Uh-hmm. -Once it did that, you basically got a DRM free album, put right into your music folder. -Right. -So then you could delete the app. -So you could delete the app, you could transfer the music to your desktop or send it to your friend like what your buddy did. -Right, right. -It was really easy. So, the fact that it was DRM and it was-- I mean, they could very easily only had access through the app, -So, you're saying there's no DRM. -There's no DRM. -Oh, that's great. -DRM free music. -High five to Jay-Z. -Right, right. -Why-- I freaking-- -One person download it and they just put it online and anyone else followed. -Yeah. I don't necessarily love his music but I like him. -Yeah. -Yeah. -I think I like him. -Totally, totally. -You don't even have to like his music to be a fan of him-- -Yeah. -It's just like-- -because he just makes great business move. -Right. -Yeah. -I wanna hang out with him. -Yeah, totally. -I wanna party with you, Jay-Z. -Yeah. -I wanna party with you so bad. -Where's that from? -Silvermoon. -Right, in the crowd, right? -With Neil Diamond. -I wanna party with you, Neil. -That's the way those guys felt about Neil Diamond. -Yeah. -Just the way I feel about Jay-Z. -Right. -And the great thing about it is this transparency too. Like right here-- I think historically he's never ever been shy about calling his listener's customers. Because not only are they buying into his stuff, they're buying into his brand like the label, you know. -Yeah. -His whole businessman line is so true. -Uh-hmm. -In fact, he even has songs that say you're a customer. -Yeah. -Right? -It's true. -That's-- I don't know if I love that. -There's a song called You're Only a Customer. -I don't see-- I don't know. -I'm pretty sure, right? -Yeah. -Like there's a song on some album, oh it's at The Streets is Watching album called You're Only a Customer. -I'll see then, I'm like now I don't wanna party with him anymore. -No. Now you don't want to? -Now, I just wanna like shake his hand. -Yeah. And then even in Roc Boys he's like, I wanna thank you the customer. -Yeah, the customer. -Yeah. He's not shy about calling you that. -He's not-- -But it's fine because the things he's rapping about aren't things that you-- I don't know, they're not like values or anything like that. -No. I just don't-- I don't wanna be treated that way. I don't wanna be called a customer. -Right. -You know, there's some level of talking down-- -Yeah. -in that sort of vernacular, right? -I agree. -Yeah. That's my only problem with the [unk]. I think on a lot of songs he talks about like subverting the man, you know, but Jay-Z is the man. -He is. -He's the man, totally. -He is the guy now, you know, -Yeah, he really is. -like no one's out to get you, dude. -Yeah. -Yeah, yeah, yeah. -Like you-- if anything, you own the cops. -You're out to get me, yeah. Yeah, you're out to get us. -Yeah. So, I mean that's the only part that I don't like but whatever. -And then there's like a lot of stuff where he-- yeah, I think that's the one thing I don't like. He kinda talks down to everyone who likes him. -Yeah, welcome to rap music. -Is that how it works? -A lot of people kinda do. Like just talk about how great they are, you know, how-- -And they're not curing cancer, dude. -Yeah, yeah. -They're just rhyming. Right? -Yeah, that's true. -That's true. -Also, well, this is-- the thing is that Jay-Z's right too, like in the album he talks about like a lot of rappers that talk about how much money that they make but that they actually like don't make shit. -Which is true. -Yeah. -And to prove that, Bloomberg Business Week, the foremost authority and all things Jay-Z and hip hop and that in [unk] too. -I can't believe they did this. -Yeah. They actually went and made a chart showing alleged wealth through rap-- popular rap lyrics versus their actual wealth. -That's funny. -And so only a few rappers that they listed here which includes people like Pitbull and Nas and Lil Wayne and Jay-Z, only a few of them actually own up to how much money they make and they don't lie, they're being truthful about it. -All right. We have a lot to talk about with this graph here. Number one. -Yeah. -So, Pitbull. Pitbull is the most flagrant liar out of all-- -He claims that he's worth a billion dollars. -Yeah. -But he's not even worth like $10 million. -Right. -Well, I thought he was making a lot of money. -Well, he's whoring for every brand out there. -Right. -Uh-hmm. -He does Bud Light, he does Pepsi. -Right. -What else does he do? Tampax. Right? What else? -Oh, no. Yeah. -It's unbelievable. -I'm not sure. -I don't-- it's crazy. -Nicki Minaj is up there too. She's only slightly more of a liar. Less of a liar. She claims to be making a billion. First of all, a lot of these rappers are claiming they make a billion, obviously that's a lie. -So-- -That's exaggeration. -So-- -But she's worth $15.5 million. That's nothing to [unk] because she just came around a few years ago. -Man, I just don't like this sort of vanity that these guys have. It's insane. -Well, like a lot of hip hop relies on like the fake it 'til you make it type of thing. -Uh-hmm. -Oh, yeah. -Right? It's like an image. -Is that the slogan? -Yeah. -Is that on the rap flag? Fake it 'til you make it. -Yeah. -Right? Like that's the equivalent of don't tread on me. -Yeah, yeah. -Nicki Minaj-- so, what's cool is when you hover over the bar graph here, -Right. -they quote a lyric that sort of says, you know, how much they-- where they made the claim. -Yeah. -Right? So, when you hover over-- -I want you to read the Diddy one in your best white guy voice. -Yeah, I'll get that. And Nicki Minaj, she says she makes a billi like a big goat. -Big boat. -Big-- it says goat here. -It says boat. -No. It's-- yeah, the second line, I'm in Saint-Tropez, is that how you say that? -Saint Tropez. -Saint-- really? -Saint-Tropez. -I don't know. -You've never heard any rhymes. -No. I don't know anything. On a big boat, go on my way to make a billi like a big goat. Man, Ms. Minaj, you-- -I've been saying she said, go on my way to make a-- -Yeah, yeah. -Right. All right. Well, let's still gonna count that against her. And she only made $15.5 million in 2012. You're freaking liar. Go get a haircut. -Read this Diddy one. -Diddy, oh my God. Ready? Here's come white guy Jeff. Here's the quote that used for Diddy. Dipping in a Gotti, billboards in Tokyo. Worth about a billion and still run the city. What city do you run, Diddy? And he-- well, he made a boatload of money in 20-- -Yeah. He's the richest one on this list. -He's not worth-- he's over half a billion dollars which is just mind blowing. -I thought that Diddy-- -How was Diddy worth more than Jay-Z? -Yeah, I don't know. -Jay-Z owns like Brooklyn. -Ciroc, right? It's gonna be all the Cirocs. -A ton of Cirocs. Yeah. -Who? -Ciroc alcohol. -What's that? -It's alcohol. -Alcohol vodka. -Oh, he's in the booze game. -Yeah. -His alcohol. -He sells booze. -Yeah. -Sells drugs. Jay-Z, like these rappers rap about all the shit that I do really. I'm like really half a billi, really? You got baby money. That's from the song HAM. -Right. -Of course. Which is Kanye West featuring Jay-Z. Now it's recorded in 2011 and Jay-Z's net worth is shy under half a billion dollars. -Uh-hmm. -That's still a lot of freaking money. -Pretty close. -You know who I think the saddest person on this list is? Ludacris. -Yeah. -Because Ludacris has been around for a while. -Yeah. But he-- I feel like he's got the most integrity. Right? -Yeah. -Well, he was in Fast and the Furious too. So, he has like a lucrative acting career. -But he was also in Crash. -Yeah. -He is great in that movie. -So, what happen here, because he says he was worth millions, he's only worth $10 million. -Well, no. -Granted that was back in 2009. -Yeah and that just says he made, he earned $10 million in 2009. -Right. -So pimpin be easy, quit catchin feelings because you're worth a couple hundred grand and I'm worth millions. So, that's pretty accurate. -Yeah it is. -Way to self represent-- you know, -Yeah. -appropriately, Luda. -Well done. -Good job, bud. -So, what is Dr. Dre? He actually makes more money than-- -So, that's the best part. So, Dr. Dre is all the way at the bottom of this graph and he's sort of, you know, what he emanates, what he says he's worth is so much less than what he's really worth. -Right. -According to this graph. -Well, that's because the last album he put out was-- -Was in 2000-- -Yeah, it was 10 years ago. -Yeah, yeah. -Thirteen years ago, sir. -Wow. -Right? Like 2001, The Chronic came out in 2000. -Yup. Yup. Yup 2000. -Right? -Uh-hmm. -Man, that's a good record. Yes, dude, it's so good. -Yes. -Holy ball is that good. Right? -Yes. -It's-- you don't think that's a good record? -No, of course I think it is a great record. -Oh, it's so good. -Yeah, it's great. -Don't-- Why? Am I not allowed to like it? -No. I just was surprised that you liked it [unk] with you. -Oh, my God. I love everything he does and I love him. -Well, you don't love his headphones, though, right? -No. -That's not everything. -Well, he didn't make the headphones. He just lent his name to it. It's not my fault that a half a billion idiots walk around thinking they've got the best headphones on the planet. -That's true. Well done, Dr. Dre. -You've successfully fooled an entire generation of people to think they need more bass, when in fact that's not what they need. -[unk] $50 million. -Good for him, dude. -That is insane. -He did it and basically owns HP, right? -Yeah. -Isn't that the deal? -Wow. -So, yeah. Who's-- who the hell-- I got a question for you. Who the hell is Gucci Mane? -Gucci Mane. -Never heard of Gucci Mane. Who's that? -Gucci Mane. Like-- -Yeah, it's Gucci Mane. What do you want me to-- -Is that a-- -He's a rapper. -He's a rapper. -Yeah. -Yeah, he's a rapper. So, I see-- -This is weird. His quote is, "And a bitch can't call me cheap skate. I'm worth 20 mil on eBay." Right because those two-- because cheap skate and eBay rhyme. What does that mean? I'm worth 20 mil on eBay? That doesn't even make any sense. -Yeah, I don't know. -Right? -Yeah. This is why you should never actually read hip hop song lyrics. -Because they're complete absurd nonsense. -Yeah. -But wait, how much does Gucci Mane worth? -He's worth-- -The least. -Well, he's-- okay. I guess he's saying the most expensive Gucci Mane item on eBay was an autographed microphone is listed for $200, which is a lot less than 20 million. -Yeah. -On eBay. -That's hilarious. -It doesn't say how much he's worth but it's less than like 10 million bucks. -That's right. -So, he says he's worth 20 million. He's lying. -Yeah. -I can't believe how little money 50 Cent has. You know 50 Cent was like going nuts. -Yeah, he has his own headphones too. The SMS by 50. -Yeah but no one buys those. -Yeah. -Yeah because they suck. -What-- like wouldn't you be like, hey, you know, I think Dr. Dre has really cornered the market with-- -Yeah. -rapper, you know, -Electronics. -or like you know, you know rapper sponsored, endorsed sort of-- -Yeah. -Beats by Dre headphones. Why would you go and try and prompt that? -And 50 Cent has vitamin water too. -Yeah, exactly. -He has like the-- what is it called again? -Triple X? -Yeah, Triple X. -Yeah, Triple X. -He has a Triple X flavor of vitamin water. -What's that? -Uh-hmm. -Oh, I thought he has a steak and vitamin water. -No, he has his own flavor of vitamin water. -Yeah. -He called it Triple X. -That seems not as cool as having a steak in the entire vitamin water corporation. -Yeah, it's true. -Yeah. Not only if [unk] part of it either but-- -They keep getting sued though. Have you heard about that? -I know. -They keep getting sued because it's not vitamin water. -Yeah, no-- -They're like the name of their product is not accurate. -Uh-hmm. -Yeah. -They should just call it what? -Sugar water. -Sugar water. -And then he called it sugar water. Just like that guy from Men in Black. -Men in Black, yeah, called Edgar. -Yeah, Edgar. -He's lost everyone-- -Yeah. -Oh, the Edgar. -Keep along, guys. Keep following along. Go get it, you'll get it. -Idiot. -Think of Men in Black reference. -I mean, well that's the thing. -I need sugar water. -Sugar water. -Okay. Well, I don't know how we can transition away from that. -We can't. -Well, let's get back to Jay-Z here, because there's more stuff to talk about. -Really? -And he's been promoting his album in different ways, right? It's kinda strange. I like the album. I don't know. Yesterday on Twitter, though, Jay-Z all of a sudden just popped up and started answering questions. He started responding to his Twitter fans. -It's the first time he had free time in 16 years. -Ever, yeah. -Yeah, he's never on Twitter. -He's never on-- he never post anything on Twitter and all of a sudden he just went on Twitter for 6 hours and just started an AMA, basically responding to everyone's tweets. -Wasn't better than [unk] issues no way. -No but-- -No way. -John Malkovich and Jay-Z, probably in the same camp though. -Oh, I would totally rather hear like knock to each other. -They're probably next to each other. -Yeah, they're back-to-back-- -In the same cabin. -In a library somewhere. -Yeah. This is crazy. So, all of a sudden he started answering questions on Twitter. Couple of things that we learned about Jay-Z through his Twitter answer session: He doesn't know how to use Twitter. Like for example, he's tried to use hashtags for #mylaugh #factsonly. Ariel, can I get a Jay-Z laugh impression for me? -I don't know how to do his laugh. -Hey, you do. -No, I don't. -Yeah, you do. You just don't want to. -I don't know his laugh. -How does he laugh? -I don't know. -Yeah. -Does he have a weird iconic laugh? -Yeah, I thought he did. -No. -Is it like-- is it something like that? That's how he laugh. -He kinda sounds like Amadeus. -Oh, yeah? -You know, he does like-- -Really? -Yeah, yeah. That's how-- yeah. -I'll take your word for it. -Anyway, so, he doesn't know how to use hashtags because instead of using the hashtag, the alpha numeric-- -He wrote the word hashtag? -No. He put an asterisk in front. Yeah and he did that for a bunch of times before-- -Oh, man. -Which is cool though because then that's how you know it was really Jay-Z answering the questions and not some PR. -Right. -Or it's a dummy. -Yeah. -He has better things to work on than tweet. -Yeah. -Right. -Which is great. -For sure, yeah. -He answered really mundane questions like what's your favorite cereal. What do you think that is? -Is there one made of like diamonds? -Yeah. Cap'n Crunch. -Okay. -Oh, [unk] to that. -Yeah, yeah. I don't know why. I don't know. -What made the captain just pop in your head? -Yeah. -This is the first cereal that popped in my head. -Yeah? -Yeah, it's a good one with Crunch Berries too. -Oh, no. It's Kashi & Diamonds Crunchy Cereal. -Right. -Kashi Diamonds. -Kashi Diamonds, part of a balanced record. -Right. -Yeah. So, this is the craziest thing that goes. Someone asked him if they think that Magna-- if he thinks that Magna Carta Holy Grail is his best album. -And he said no. He said-- he was pretty honest. He said, "It's hard to beat Reasonable Doubt, Blue Print and the first-- and The Black album." Which is kinda crazy. He said, "Yeah MCHG can battle it out for number 4 in the spot." Isn't that kinda cool? -Okay. -I appreciate that. -Sure. Honestly, he's great. -Then, this is the weirdest part. Someone asked him if he plans on making music videos for some of the songs on the album. -He's like, what are those? -He said, "I have five pieces of art planned and yesterday we found out what the first one was." And this is the weirdest thing. I've never heard of a rap artist doing this but he showed up at an art gallery randomly. -Where? -At the Pace Gallery in New York in the West Side. -Oh, I know where that is. -He showed up in the art gallery and lip synced the track, the Picasso Baby while on camera for 6 hours straight. -Is that hard to lip sync? -No. It's not hard. It's just weird. -What the hell is going on? -I've never heard of a rap artist doing performance art to promote the album, which I think is really cool. -Yeah. -Because basically, they knew that people would show up with their phones and start using things like Twitter Vine, right? -Okay. -And Instagram video to post it up. It's free marketing. It's genius. -Well-- -So, look. Check this out. -Why is it genius? -Because he's using-- I mean, it wasn't his idea. Obviously he has a crew of marketing people and doing this for him. -Right. But what-- -But it's still a good idea because it's basically, you know, making a video go viral without having to produce it. -Uh-hmm. -Without having to even do anything. Just Jay-Z, show up here and do this. And then everyone else does the work for you. Right? Like look, you look at all these Vine views that popped up. -Right, so what-- but what was he doing? I don't-- I just don't get it. He was lip syncing. -Yeah. Lip syncing. Look, turn the audio up on this. -Yes. -But why he's lip syncing? Okay. -He's just lip syncing. -Now, I get it. -And then he invited people to come up and lip sync with him and they posted photos and video. It's great. Look at how many phones right, it's a sea of smartphones just recording. -It's basically a live music video shoot. -Yeah, exactly. -Oh, and maybe what he'll do is-- -He's gonna credit together. He's got cameraman. Yeah. -That's the genius part. -Yeah. -Okay. -Crowd shares his video. -Okay. That's smarter. And that's what I get. It's not-- I mean, okay. That's not bad. And there's someone on the segway. -Yeah. Brando. -Right. -He's gonna make the video. -That's very odd. -There's a cast on. -All right. Let's-- -And then Marina Abramovic, the famous performance artist that did her thing last year at MoMa showed up and had an awkward exchange-- -And they did-- -They're just looking at each other. -And they did the Mamushka or something. I don't know. -She made Jay-Z cry I think. -That's really weird. -Yeah. -That's interesting. -Six hours straight huh. -Six hours of this. So, he has five more pieces of art plan. -All right. -This is the first thing. I don't know what the rest-- -You could do whatever you want, Jay-Z. Everyone's gonna like it no matter what. -Yeah for sure. -I think it's pretty cool. -Yeah. No, it's not bad. I like Jay-Z I think. All right. What else do we got here? -Okay. Let's move on to something a little different. -Totally different. -Let's talk about selfies. Jeff, I know how much you love taking selfies. -Oh, you know, I've become a big selfie guy-- -Yeah. -ever since, you know, camera started having front-- lenses that face the front. -Right. -So, I do selfies. -Yeah. -Mostly when I'm showering. That's when I do it. -With that waterproof iPhone case over there. -Yeah, exactly. -Well, speaking of faces-- see that transition? Yeah, speaking of faces, there's a new app in China that lets people basically do a live Photoshopping on their face and it's come to a little bit of controversy because parents are afraid that it will make their children wanna get plastic surgery even more. It's called Beautiful People Camera, which is a web translation-- -Yeah. -of what the Chinese-- -Super rough. -Yeah. -What is really? Don't you read Chinese? -No, I don't. -I thought you did. -No. I wish I did. But there's a-- here, you say it. It's right here. -Why do I have to read it? Because I'm-- oh. -I don't know how to pronounce it. -Okay. So, it's-- so, the translation is obviously Beautiful People Camera. -Beautiful, right. -Or Mei Ren Xiang Ji. -Yeah. That's probably right. -That was fair. Did I offend anyone? -That's fine. Yeah. -Oh, it's good. -Okay. -So, yeah. This is live Photoshopping basically changes their features to make them look prettier. But by prettier, it's sort of just more Caucasian looking. -Well prettier is the subjective sort of-- -Right. It's like the American definition of pretty, which is basically making their eyes look bigger or putting a fold in their eyelid to make it look they have that surgery, right? -This is very troubling for me. -It is. It's very disturbing. -It's disturbing, yeah. -So, we're looking at two girls right here that, they had their selfies. I wish they publish the before picture but they kinda just look like anime characters. They have big 'ol eyes and their noses are really round because flat noses are apparently unattractive in Asia. Their skin is lightened up and their eyelashes are super long. -I think I am-- and correct me if I'm wrong but I think the American interpretation of the cultural oddity that is this in China is that they want their eyes to look bigger. It's also in Japan too, right? -Right, right. Yeah. -And Philippines, like a lot of Asian countries. -Yeah. -Is that really weird to you, guys? -It is weird. -Or it is-- it's like they want their eyes to not look-- -It's not a-- yeah, it's weird but it's not as weird as the more specific eyelid surgery. That's so popular and you've heard about this, right? -Right. -Like-- look change of Jeff's camera. I don't know if I have it but yes, don't do that. -That's scary. -Just do your normal face. See those folds in your eyelid right above your eyelash? -Beautiful. -Yeah. -Apparently, a lot of East Asian people don't have that eyelid fold. -What do you mean? -Yeah. -They don't have what? -Yeah, they just-- do I have it? I'm not sure. -Where? -I think I actually do have it in one of my eyes. -No-- -Just one of them? -Yeah. But they'll get surgery to put that fold in their eyelids. -Yeah. -I see what you're saying. -Which is such a small little detail because I don't know if you've ever been at-- -Never really looked at your eyes' little thing. -a club and met a girl and you were like, oh, you don't have that eyelid fold? I don't even need this shit. -Your eyes are crazy. -Are we gonna kiss right here? -No. I was gonna say like-- wow, all right. -They're beautiful. -Well, because you know, people make fun of me because of my eyes. -Right. But you still have the fold though. Yeah. -Right. Still got that American white fold there yeah. -Yeah. -Yeah. -So, that's weird. Like people will get a surgery and I think the most popular place-- the Asian country that is most obsessed with plastic surgery is Korea. -Yeah. -Where a lot of girls will get plastic surgery as a gift for graduating from high school. -Oh, that's sad. -And it's really, really young. -Is it sad? Is that what it said, right? -I think it's sad. Yeah. -It's not good, right? -Here's-- you know why I think it's sad, it's because the amount of plastic surgery that some of these girls are getting augments their face so much that if eventually they have kids their kids aren't gonna look like their parents. -Yeah, it's totally different. -That's true. -And that is the saddest part of it to me is that, why does mom looks so beautiful and I am so ugly? -Whoa. They're beautiful-- -You know, not because they're legitimately [unk]. -I get it. -Because they think that maybe, you know, they're freaks because they don't look like their parents. -Right. -And like it's sort of adjust their idea of beauty at an age when they're not prepared to. -Well, you know, it's not just the-- that Asian community that's gonna be faced wit it. What about all the freaking Botox-- -Yeah. Oh, yeah any kind of plastic surgery. -in, you know, in our country. -Uh-hmm. -We have like 58-year-old woman with no wrinkles and it's crazy. -Right. -Uh-hmm. -It's freaking crazy. -Right. -And I mean, obviously when you know, usually a 58-year-old doesn't have like a 3-year-old that doesn't understand what the hell is going on-- -Yeah. -but still strange. -Yeah. I wish 58-year-old woman would just look like 58-year-old woman-- -I know. -instead of trying to look like 24-year-old woman. -Right. -Because they never end up looking successful. Right? It's always like some weird Muppet looking character. -What I-- when I'm blown away by is how we've already in the brief history of Botox and all these radically common plastic surgeries, -Uh-hmm. -and augmentations, that they have somehow become the Nor. -Yeah. -Where it's like you watch TV and you see like a 63-year-old and they look by any other generation standards completely crazy. -Yeah. -And completely like alien. -Yeah. -Yeah. -Or reptilian. -Yeah, it blows my mind. -They look like 47-year-old snakes or lizards. -It's crazy. -Yeah. -And you're like, oh, she looks great. -Yeah. -But no. She doesn't look great. She looks crazy. She looks like some med scientist, took a scalpel to her face. -Yeah. -Right? -That's true. -It is sad. -What the hell is going on? -It's also-- it creates this culture of clones basically, right? Because I mean, -Yeah. -all the plastic surgeons have the same idea of what-- -They look-alike. -beauty is. -Yeah. -And so they'll do the same exact procedures for thousands of women. I'm afraid that if it becomes more popular we're just gonna be a nation of the same looking people. -It's just like this very smooth and shiny-- -Yeah. -and just, you know what though, you can never fix the eyeballs but you can fix the areas around the eyes and you could fix the crow eye-- -Yeah but you're never gonna fix this. -But once you're like looking to some really old person's eyeballs, -Yeah [unk]. -you can see like the decay behind the plastic. -Right. -And you'll never be able to fake that. -Yeah, I remember reading this story from earlier this year. It was about the Miss Korea 2013 contest. -Uh-hmm. -There's a pageant, right? And there were 20 finalists and someone was watching it and they made a GIF about how similar all of them look because they all gotten facial plastic surgery on their eyes and on their noses, and they basically made a gift of like one photo after another. And it just all look like the same person down to their hair. I'll try to find that GIF. It's pretty good. -So, this app is available and yeah-- -Yeah it is. -I would like to see the pre-- the before photos. -Look, here it is. These are the 20 finalists for this year's Ms. Korea 2013 pageant. -They're exactly the same. -And I'm an Asian and I could say that it's not just because all Asian people look-alike to those outside of the country, these women really do look exactly the same down to the width of their eyes. -But they have the eye augmentation. -Yeah. They all have widened eyes, widened noses because, you know, no flat noses-- probably collagen injections into their lips and the same exact perfect teeth. -Someone needs to do like a documentary on this. -It's scary. -Yeah, totally. -Someone needs to really understand why the Asian world is trying to change the way they look. -Yeah. -It's the media, man. -I don't think this is the majority though, right? -No. Definitely not. I don't think so. -That's the-- -It's just the wealthy. -Yeah. People who can afford it. -Right. The cash can do it. Right. I guess. Why do you wanna-- -They just need to come into America because we appreciate what Asians look like originally. -Yeah. -We do. -We do, man. Like we like the native-looking Asian here in America. It's crazy. -We do. -Yeah. -But it's like-- it's grasses always greener situation too because I feel like Americans envy that Asian's [unk] beauty-- -eactly. -because oh, they have [unk] features or I love like their eyes aren't as big or like, you know, like-- it's those little things that people just want but they don't have. It's body dysmorphia. -Yeah. That's true. -It's kinda sad. -It is sad. It's very sad. -What the hell is going on with our race? -I'm happy with the way that I live. -The human race is so jacked out lately huh. -Yeah. -But I mean, I think the problem is that, it's a gray area because you get braces and those are common place and it's fine, right? Like that's the thing that's socially acceptable. You can change your eyes to make you know, you put contacts-- -Right. -if you don't want to wear glasses. Or you know, you can get-- -That's not, that's not an augmentation. -You can get acne tanning to cure your acne, you know, which isn't necessarily a health issue that's more cosmetic. All right. There's a million things you can do but then for some reason we draw the line at this nebulous area where it's like, oh, you can't get the eyelid surgery. Or another thing that's really popular with older women is getting tattoos for their eyebrows. Did you hear about that? -Right. -Yeah. -Yeah. -Like a lot of my family members have that. And it's-- I think it's fine. I have no problem with them. I can call them out but-- -Well, that's fine. -it's a very fine line that's my point. -But that-- I don't know how fine that line is. -Getting a tattoo on your face? -It's makeup. -It's not makeup though, it's a tattoo. -But it's a tattoo to look like makeup. -But you still have to put the makeup on over the tattoo. -No, not necessarily. -I don't understand. -That's the point because you don't have to put a makeup. -No, you do. You still do. It just fills it in more. -Okay. -I have it. I know. -But the eye thing is a pretty large, you know, jump-- -Right. -from tattoo makeup. -Yeah, yeah. That's getting something slit. -Knife to the face. -Yeah. -You know, I mean, you're really completely changing what you look like. -Right. -The makeup, people have been wearing makeup forever. -Yeah. I guess so. -You know. -It's just confusing. I don't know. What are we teaching our kids here? -I don't know. We're confusing the hell out of them though, that's for sure. -Yeah. -Not our problem. -Yeah. -Their problem. All right. We gotta get out of here. Thank you so much for tuning in. Again, don't forget, enter The 404 SuperWeakness Contest for a chance to win $404. You get it? -Yeah. -You get that? Head on over to cnet.com/the404 and enter for a chance to win. And if you're gonna be in San Diego, if you're gonna be in the GasLamp District, you're gonna be near Comic-Con 2013, head over to Lou & Mickey's. -Uh-hmm. -You can enter anytime during the expo. But we're gonna be there July 20th for The 404 the now annual, the second annual 404 San Diego Comic-Con meet-up. It's going 4:00 to 6:00 PM at Lou & Mickey's in San Diego. -Yeah. -All right. That's it. We're back tomorrow. Have a great Thursday and stay out of trouble, everybody and think of a SuperWeakness. Enter the contest. We'll see you then. I'm Jeff Bakalar. -I'm Justin Yu. -I'm Ariel Nuñez. -This has been The 404 Show. High tech, low brow. We'll see you tomorrow.

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