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Crave: Ep. 13: Gundam vs. Wolverphant

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Crave: Ep. 13: Gundam vs. Wolverphant

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This week, Crave branches out onto our friendly neighborhood tech blogs to bring you a super fantastique, ultra huge, raver-friendly digital turntable thingie...and a bottle opener. Don't be too let down by that second one: it's over-priced and attaches to your bike, so it still has some cache. Also, Donald and Eric get extremely excited over a glorified statue, an electric Datsun leaves a Nissan GT-R in the dust, and a giant robot arm is put to good use. Plus, Jasmine squeals over an elephant with some monstrous dental work, and we take a look at a camera lens <strike>cleavage</strike> coffee mug.

It's Tuesday August 10 and the -- plus watching the free podcast I'm gonna press I'm Donald bell an inner ring and you know how hard it was me to keep quiet during that interactive I monitor -- -- so wow. Can't -- you add it might think you are a room one this is a second enthusiastic and only second day -- -- Four. Oh man well. Let's let's get to it. -- -- -- let's not even beat around the bush or whatever the -- version of that would be a special treat you got that yeah we're actually branching out. Yeah we branched out we would that last time with that in in studio -- allies are testing -- Printing out this is like on them from others for either crashed or did like this is the feature. And hey I appreciate this. I know what I'm going to show you right now is going to probably not change your life but it will blow your mind it. This is. Touch screen extra extra large tablet DJ station running. Native -- -- software on the gigantic so touch screen. At this -- -- -- Pablo Martin has kind of clues together himself it's basically like a a project like a rear projections system. That is being project -- that can sense. An actual I think it's probably using passive technology is using. -- can kind of sense do the shadow -- -- -- handedness actually orphan multi touch screen. Well it's it's actually just like a really super fancy piece of glass that has a projector. Project -- the image onto it -- then camera. That senses where. You think there's your fingers on the screen feeling of the touch it really. Now but that -- -- -- it it's awesome I mean it just it oversight needs of its share it's pretty outstanding as just the basic designs -- the colors and everything looks really cool. -- -- I want. Yeah that's really cool the -- not even into that the agency -- -- -- -- -- Now and it is totally like you can imagine like written some science fiction the moment they're gonna cut -- in -- -- exactly like the late in the year 2070. Right. Okay and how. Have that I totally -- oh they will have that voice over Internet. But it'll be this guy you know the game and then yet that -- -- little peek into the future and I've. Been guilty of predicting the way things will go for -- Like get a little too happy about -- -- and usually very wrong the editor -- -- -- kind of I users try to. Predict what they mean what what's coming -- yet. You didn't see that's -- I mean as much as I'd like but to say right now like oh this is the future of the game -- I think it's really just the -- for DG Pablo -- Right now it's -- now is that I'm very DJ's who can actually -- and probably the future for like. You know. Las Vegas dance clubs that want some anchors and kitchen -- shared that night I gotta go to see I've got to go to club thing they have -- -- with a camera Natalie as Paris Hilton man. But they've got -- giant. Jumbotron and touch screen -- station and it's you and -- all that Leo at LA LA LA actually maybe New York somewhere. I will predict however the future. Of -- bicycle it's terrorism. Right now is it over appropriate. And that if I hope it over to hit. -- -- one it's the road Popper. It is a -- bottle -- -- that. Taxes for the back -- your your bicycle seat. And you can get it right now it's it's forty bucks which seems insane and and any you know -- school hipster. That's -- -- on them are already gonna have like that bottle opener key chain and bottle opener was that you can show you how they can open a bottle with their eyes are unit -- pay forty dollars depending on their fix it if if the show -- I -- yeah. This is critical this is -- -- this is one that is from wired gadget lab is actually by way of kids notice though. And they would agree that -- RQ is -- -- -- removed from it's got to plug it. It's it's here and it's pretty cool the the does that require a full forum tend to notice operate yet you have to have -- that's exactly that absolutely. You probably can also use its sleeve -- In drag race -- Segue into. -- -- Knowing that they usually have tedious and visually and -- -- -- -- is actually yeah yeah. This is an electric. 1970s. Vintage dots in 12100. That's been outfitted with an electric motor is drag racing against. And Nissan GT -- -- yet these and -- and look at that thing this thing takes off like late either think zombie is an awesome -- -- and because electric engines have no gears is have -- -- -- and it's -- instant on like hundred or I can just take off on a -- out. And this guy just goes like a bad at a how to -- -- getting smoltz mrs. There and they really it's as unfair they they're not gonna happen -- -- cars like it might look at -- competition I think and it's okay if if it -- well let's that's under ten seconds to get for the quarter mile. Eight point nine. Wow it's awesome but it's also lost in the beat Vegas they need to put it like a -- that the can cards spectacles that would be -- that's the best part about a yeah I I tend to agree though this is another one this is over on this is on cnet's crave with a son try as -- -- our heart -- blog and -- a dad. It's honor her and it now and -- podcasts -- So -- yeah. Well that it's -- yeah but this is that there's a large longer version of this on wired I don't Columbia house that kind of like an eking behind the scenes of how. The cart with a belt -- the battery technology. It. Just pretty dope that's it's it's my hope. That we're gonna Timor bottle and he writes rocket. Drag racing electric car that -- rights record that. Inflammatory that's pretty Mellon -- element. I. I have -- disagree adamant that that it. Say it -- from -- -- from that but not from Bay Area that's kind of turn them and then when I got here you know giving you that battles so. Well me and you'll be inflammatory for some batches and him hook listen to this box is -- you'll care. Now -- -- -- that the last the united Arab voice my -- was her for somehow being too much of an Apple lover. So this'll well not only -- an Apple don't we all get that voice and help -- car it's -- that bold faced racist. I am -- listening to this podcast anymore nor am I watching it or get any women or black people -- show. -- I don't go to hide your races -- figured. It is -- and we get we don't want last week he knows exactly token you know always you have to look a little swollen yeah a lot great. That's both weekly meet the artist logging in time -- now. We really Donald I can't I now he can't. Wait it and it hipster types dudes. -- -- He and -- and -- that the liberal east bay living exactly the parents. I needed economic time intensive this -- show children how parents is that. I was going there yeah yeah and McCain we talk about the that there are active. Larry arm applicants today unit that makes Morrison in the town you can it gently remind my -- total it's got the robot it's it's different -- aren't that don't. It's ugly and let's get to the excellent okay so we'll go back the other robot but this is a for a he he. -- not a Ferrari are mixes a robot arm that has been converted into a virtual. All Ferrari F one -- yeah he had have a lot of trust for the robot arm to get up in that I like edit paint. The robot arm that's what she notice. Like I didn't realize until it is not huge. And as a person up there since then I've that was. It isn't gonna robot arm and he might not it's a puppet. I think in -- they -- awesome dragon -- Now this is this is I use is -- he's what -- here on the if you guys know raising his designer. He -- to say that about today he did by Daytona and built like an amusement type racing -- back in the day memorably you can drive in those games that might. You could go like RP six the Olympian -- -- Moscoso this is like what he was envisioning happening. Now and it's happening now but it's not for consumers and someone and now it's just for scientists I didn't keep it how how -- scientific -- he -- -- -- and -- for our recently addressed -- -- you flip your car I guess is this conflict you over to cause otherwise. It's. It seems that look -- More control and I would think would be necessary for Democrat -- -- about -- -- he. And you don't really want to keep that injury and actually what you know how long what did -- want simulator to be. Place to be in -- in -- didn't die in the seven simulator endless tunnel -- telling me. Because it you could turn -- the safety -- -- the danger room. That's what happened all of that those those you know smog laws of robotics rate at and T and robot -- can. -- except that there were about at around. Yeah there is video is a -- hey around and those. Story sometime down the smart robot quite so well I know I could be broken exactly. More robots morrow I -- robot's right here gotten them. In Japan giant. Like one to one reproduction. Of the begun to grow by an enemy that it is in little time lapse -- ego got in areas. -- -- great time lapse video themselves and then when he gifted to dawn or dusk. That's just -- engine. Ahead and kind of really sevens and rotates around and it should smoke -- -- its back -- -- -- it's so great -- -- like. Such a small thinking that it's doing what it's I mean it's it's actually the economic workplace that you really does not really a robot that this so yeah -- -- kind of sold on this diet with Clinton there it that is gonna walk around in like mean people that -- that coconut salvage and fortunately but dabbling in. This is this is -- around where I'm ray camps throughout the announces that counts. South of Tokyo there's gonna keep this sculpture up until. Through the end of we -- -- march 2011. So yet this is this is amazing and I think that she's and you will pave the way yeah. For more -- him robots -- giant robots in general. Keeping city state 10 add -- there's actually more features yes. Without it and its arms I mean much halo isn't -- it keeps the Barlow. Okay well -- ahead impress you are the next model have lasers exactly next -- after that -- -- wrote rockets or something really build a pickle plant in the you know you don't want to start out. -- to -- yeah because he wanted to be you want to inspire the -- to have shared a next level up rove yeah culture. I'm happy about this never happened and now -- the wrote that American bird. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Who would it be at -- ink well I think a battle tech that's kind of -- Americans that or maybe exterminators. Yeah yeah the thing I like it -- salvation they had giant commuters. Insert off. Yeah -- is -- don't look nearly as cool as. These people -- terrifying meant nothing a metal still this is -- Here's let you know it would it would keep your -- and -- it. -- -- -- -- Those of you who -- You're copying and love the idea of keeping a -- on you at all I'm in love the idea of writing cleavage and haters but he's gonna show that hey it is efficient PC side and now. -- -- And -- what some -- pants and helpful if a little -- shows this photo of a cat a good way that's all I'm saying. So you can get it and shot it a camera went on copy mud at do you know. Actually privacy now -- -- meg Messina they go photograph Wii is so woman on woman crying we'll jazz man he really -- this feature did tech like yet six had -- -- Few -- doing so what do you get you get a mug for like what was around thirty dollars. It's a 24 dollars photo Joe Joe can't -- I like on his sunglasses. Guns mug or sixteen ounces. A fluid. And Michael Koppel could be -- you were -- my daughter created here's one where I think it's in my pack. Yeah there's a tropical theme and lovely and that's optical I don't know is this the natural like. The commission can run it looks -- who -- really. If they. That's pretty cool I think bits and pieces. Camera nerd tech chairman has the -- have to keep your beverage you know -- win here and many listeners something here at two. We got one more one more and diet thing that this is often violent animal I am also of elephants I want almost elephant I didn't I. -- -- almost added it but I didn't because these media I think you're right that the photo alone it's worth. The Otto alone is worth the often -- now this elephants used name is. Spike while he is -- in -- but he goes by it. Because he has them had some tooth decay of the tunnel -- diary and he just recently had to get the caps -- place like like if they do caps for -- And they broke the record for the largest dental work with it's 46 pound stainless steel I -- Steel fortified yet -- caps -- caps basically. Agassi broke one off like playing with the time has he got very excitable he was playing you explained Iraq -- he broke went off. You -- talk about your kids and if so I came up -- -- pretty much like how I talk about my cat yeah this is go back to admit they they -- -- They could have gone one better and actually like. Gold -- -- he's got no -- he's got the right -- samurai easily sharpness yes the academy they deliberately maybe as late -- little as possible or -- -- others probably get a reason for -- fancy it would be super -- if you had like a trained killer elephant with samurai -- -- gesture. That you know you go on and on top of and control one and many -- him a little mini L looking at it just totally kill validity and right well let's review myself but they were mini pro life says he's -- will -- the elephants and so. Ten hits in America but it that they constantly come out when -- -- read exactly. He'll he will -- the medals in -- skilled skeleton underneath his and I went with one yet okay this thing happen. And -- it pretty out yeah I'm I'm I'm an elephant. They just needs you now just five yes genetic science isn't generally finally -- Genetic the genetic engineers and got out metal -- that and many others -- I -- funny. -- pursuing human light sabers yeah me -- wounds. -- say that -- again. -- -- -- Adding that it that's okay yeah. The what do people wanna get hold of us if they want Obama -- -- jerky is obviously it about the -- -- let everybody. You can than a -- -- show at cnet.com org of the call. 870 -- CNET that's 263 and I keep forgetting them while numbers for some reason it it it yeah. Yes that will let of that reason I can called -- them -- remember the thing it -- Baseless and. --

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