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Tech Culture: Ep. 13: All questions!

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Tech Culture: Ep. 13: All questions!

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After a brief primer on how to look good in photos, Josh and Rafe tackle listener questions, including how to photograph kids, how to save the world from overhearing your music, what's happening to Quicken Online's data, and more.

Hi everyone and welcome to CNET to the rescue I'm -- Italy and I'm just -- and this is our weekly podcast were tried to dispel the fear -- turning it out of using tech. By answering your questions this week it's pretty much all your questions we have a ton of them an email we encourage you to call us with your questions right now -- listening to us live. At 888 and 900 CN EP -- 888900. 2638. Will be getting your email and your voice questions in just -- second but I want to start this show. By going over originally great blog post that the dating site okay cupid put up right. They com. Did a study a very interest -- analytical study of what photographs. Of people are more attractive and this is news you can use whether or not your in the market or not I believe. I believe that so in a nutshell Josh what did they do here circular dated it at eleven point four million photos are sorry Olympics were -- opinions from when its members -- -- As -- greater otherwise attractive photo. Today and it took into account 552000. Use your photos and and had its users vote on them so that -- that you'd map that's about twenty votes for picture which. It's kind of a small simple -- than that but it's on the atlas is kind of -- hot or not. Experiment is totally this is but but they where they were correlated what was hot with. Camera type. Time of day -- F stop lighting conditions read all this kind of think that define to decide to to discern rather. What makes for an attractive picture. Now this is just for taking pictures in general or if you're -- -- -- and obviously we're becoming and be an attractive -- people wanna ask out or whatever. And I found that the the data fascinating. I really did and the the the upshot the short answer is. Expensive cameras take better pictures rate below what's released him being here is that the top performing camera on the list that provides most attractive -- autism is -- Panasonic micro four thirds camera you know anything about cameras. That is basically there's Pointe -- and then -- -- arts in these micro four thirds cameras. Or somewhere in the middle that when it's releasing it you're getting better pictures more attracted pictures beats -- this. Eric and in each camera that's that's -- in mass market yet interest thing one of the there's some very obvious things here -- -- -- think about make perfect sense. Don't take pictures at high noon break and don't use a flash -- the golden hour the hours. Dawn and dusk. Are the best that's the most most flattering light they didn't -- by weather but I would also say that little overcast or fog is that that would stand to reason because it softens the features. The other big thing was something that you cannot do easily on a camera phone and even on the vast majority point -- Which is control the depth of field -- amount of the picture that's in focus -- out of focus what you want is what's called a shallow depth of field with something easy to get an SLR. Basically you open up the aperture. So that what's in front of and behind the subject is out of focus of the although the attention of the of the picture is on the subject -- -- dangerous -- thing about that is that the the theory them. The aperture which is actually a small number they had an attractiveness scale that moved up or down based stuff that -- stops though. Once you get down -- that that really you know expensive I -- like that at 114. Button and F one maiden which you get in the more expensive fast -- -- Those are the ones that -- the that's -- pictures. A really we're just the tip of the noses and focus and everything else is low -- that with imagine -- network. Anyway. Really really fascinating story -- -- again. Shallow depth of field. Golden hour. If you wanna get a date. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The breakdown of the attracted pictures itself and how much in the body mission you know balance the Allen's team a study showing that economic BC -- -- photo. The -- that they don't candidates I like that it. Are right so that's a little lose -- key is everybody how to be attractive -- okay cupid and other dating services by expensive camera that's right. I want the sponsored by -- -- him. Anyway we got a couple of road test items -- get your questions again if you have some -- calls 888900. To 638. First of all -- Josh got this thing for fixing -- iphone's antenna gap problem -- antennae which he then made me put on my camera I'm iPhone rather. -- -- -- -- And it so it's really bad habit of buying small inexpensive items from the Internet and this is one of them this is the antenna aid and if it's -- -- -- -- for your phone. And this is marketed as Apple made a boo -- Now make it all better. They claim that this thing is printed on photo paper. They prime minister with some guys garage -- with you take of these things that you put it on. You know the -- forest trolls -- -- the iPhone which is over again as little gap here. And so I did this and I have that I vital via the you still have it yet and -- for a -- -- sitting in my pocket. And did did the try to -- the thing off a week later all the came off with a paper and all the keys with still arms a little hard to get off. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Remover so work relies on this isn't exactly a protest is supposed to be -- to put the thing on it works you know it it it makes it impossible to make electrical connection between the with your finger between the the two antenna bands. But it's that one way ticket and they failed to figure the one thing that bandits deal which is in the middle or an actual problem has been empathy he -- And I think if they'd done that -- little patter stuff via the absorb the blood. Now signal speaking of iPhone for its I still have the sticker on mine by the way. So I order -- an iPhone for and I got the case thing in the case -- -- -- like 345 weeks to get here and I really the case I really want it was and in case. Perforated case which is this -- phone right now 29 dollars. Unless you go to eBay and get it for 295 or whatever it is I'm just saying that -- this just shows that the -- -- these cases as extreme if you're willing to wait like two weeks for shipping like -- I'm actually not sure this is a legal product. But it was -- 95 and eBay and if so many killing up with him probably the elderly you've got some cool stuff and iPad. Yet so IA jail broke which is now legal and I installed Michael brash and what this does it lets you this is really her views -- the ways that. It lets you run flash on your iPad -- iPhone it's the right here we have a website and if he -- you from the camera. But this is Yosemite the -- -- -- parts. And you'll -- that a lot of flash there lot of size made up of flash and so once you install this. If you grind to flash only just touch it and it loads and it it does a pretty good job -- not crashing. I mean it crashes on most sites but things like cars say it's restaurant is ironic that your cramping your wallet try excellent. It works so well just wait just wait ruining rating that we have bad Wi-Fi and yet this is this is basically -- Saturday -- -- by dead zone anyways so I mean this is this is often its work in. Yeah we know you're so yeah it does -- have you seen -- -- games you seem quite competent yes and about half an hour and when Mr. President we -- but -- is that running in safari. It you know it's sparing you can turn on and off. Right it's very handy. Let's get to some questions we have -- whole line -- of real interest -- questions here first of all from John -- -- says -- that the camera questions most consumer level digital cameras it's such -- -- point -- hold still for three or four days. And then the pictures finally captured I think -- -- exaggerating a little bit to make point. I mean really come -- -- a tripod put the -- and go make. Making -- to sample for the picture snaps. My wife and I attempted to go back using traditional 35 millimeter physical film camera just so we can actually -- -- picture of our toddlers before they -- away. Are there any consumer level Digi cams that don't have this -- -- problem. Like most parents of kids under three. Budget is a major concern hundred to 200 dollars is reasonable but anything more than that means the little -- one won't get her formula for a month or two. Which does not really an option. So this is the very fair question and to be you know I I this one resonate with me because when my son was born right where it was Warner -- and I bought his bullets are. For this exact reason but in wanna deal with the pre focusing in -- the -- like issue now. You can with most point and shoots pre focus. Which means you hold the shutter down halfway -- that he -- there. And in bic camera will focus and set the exposure and then when action happens you press all the way down it should take it instantly now. Lori Grunin who is our camera expert back New York says. To that and pre focusing can be -- with children because they tend to move an unexpected ways and out of -- on a focus. But they haven't try to they should they they being John -- the writer here. Also at that he's using complete auto auto focus which needs to determine what the subject is the forty from begins to focus he should be using Centre point focus instead and then -- impose -- focus -- done. He also shouldn't expect the camera to focus as quickly in low light as a bright like some point and shoots though are faster than others. Sony tends to have some of the faster cameras very few fast ones are under 200 dollars though. She says the the truth is that cheap snapshot cameras are still pretty slow and ill suited for shooting kids pets and sports. Which is what most people want them for its catch 22 now. Real Cisco Iran from photographer Mike Johnson who who explains you know -- spend 4000 dollars up front and at really high and -- friendly to let's -- -- with a fast. Lands and just be happy with they can -- -- saving more money. And in in the next eight years than you would if you just kept buying points -- then thanked which -- about this next file this next -- next model which is kind of true. Yeah I have been I have now four year old Nikon. But I still use it when it got it boats that -- this because it handles that -- takes pictures fast. And by the way if you are in the market for this solution anyone that's camera -- a used -- and now the it's still more than 200 bucks if you get when new you can find them new even if the like that. -- should be able to get a decent four year old DS LR with lands for about 250 bucks the series and islands and on the sensor and in the -- cameras you can bump up that I have real real nice to get some. Really Caspian of cheap -- Yeah but any talk about in hundred dollar camera towards the new ones yeah I'm -- is you know the -- he would need for six months. Right which would kind of slow it down. Okay we'll gonna do come back soon and we have a headphone question from -- that. -- -- David student from Dallas says I like to listen to my music rather loudly. On long car trips when I'm listening to my iPod the others in the car get angry at me because they can also hear my music. I was wondering what were the best pair of headphones that had good -- -- and let the music out and cost less than a 150 dollars I don't really care about noise isolation for me. But for everyone else from my music. Now have two things as -- First of all I assume your passenger in the car not driver as if you're the driver in trying to -- at the world you suck don't do it. That's that I asked this question of our audio expert here rightfully and Donald bell and the -- -- low light. This great. Cooley said this -- is serious there's only one choice the cost pro for a a vintage look right price and they rock like hell. And -- that I like -- suggestion that he's the student though he should probably assume that he will not enjoy that celibacy. The Koss headphones impose on their users because -- are they ugly. -- you -- we'll put a priest called complicate it. Donald -- with any ear headphones you can't want -- like prepare -- -- but you get rates aren't without knowing everyone around you. And he has a couple links the Klipsch image S four of the monster turbine turbines and Apple in years. And -- things that he thinks sound PE -- ones you can -- remarkably high quality headphones are very low price the key here is the isolation -- and he -- closed. -- phones not open hands like. I mean a lot of them where they sound great but. Radiate out as much -- and brain where she'll let me let's place studio headphones -- this answer HD 280s and those -- -- -- five -- my bottom and there. There -- a ton recordings he has used it problems they're they're ugly it's -- -- -- where the maps street. They basically come out lake. Like this yeah perfect kind of retro cool I mean -- -- -- -- -- -- by DR you've got that the you know that will bowler hat on Israel and about it because they're on their professional grade -- you can basically take them apart and put them back together there's a problem so -- did end up having a connection problem and you can just take a screwdriver and fix it. Yeah and you know most have now know we live and disposable society. Are right. Run -- -- us I haven't heard you comment on this development but into it is officially killing quicken online at the end of the month. They're trying to migrate -- quicken online users to mint which they purchase last year. The problems are that a into it is importing the -- -- oil data into mid for the users and to make is missing some of the stronger strongest features that quicken online has like better iPhone app. The -- it's up recurring transactions that are. For existing users are starting to light at the sport forms but mean and into -- are being silent. Mint has prettier. I mean this prettier and has better reporting features but with an online released a stronger more functional player. Not an interesting point here so what I did was eight. Sent this email to -- -- Who was this CEO of -- and it's not a right -- price president and general manager of the personal finance republic to it. Went into it bought -- Aaron went over and is now running quicken Stephanie much no attempt he should know he wrote that he said to me quicken online is shutting down the end of the month yes. Mint dot com is the stronger product with more features Android iPhone -- -- find savings track investments etc. it's also much better retaining users and keep him engaged. He says users can input all of -- quicken online data eight year to date. By setting up a mint dot com account and adding quicken online as -- bank. Teicher quicken online username and -- an intimate and it will pull all your transaction history across there's a link which put in the show notes -- shows you how to do this. I sentinel follow up saying wait a minute only year to date just to -- And he -- in the only year today right now yes I push my engineers on this and they convinced -- would be too much load to pull everything across. Year to date at least gives you everything you need protects its -- for some like he's been using quicken burden. Since quicken -- -- -- years your photos TP images that you know and nine no I'm not because I don't use -- online I use quicken on windows for my finances and I -- meant more for quick chickens. -- -- with an online TV this is a reason likes like. Option well I think it's Newton well yes and no I mean I think if you're used equipment on line and the features on and doing the actual banking. On a mobile app or on the online version then you're -- -- satisfied with this because mean it doesn't have the same features. But. The other still quicken software and -- I mean. Into account support to online apps rent and one -- gonna go way and it's gonna it's -- like that -- -- element is gonna survive. And eventually over time I hope -- -- gets the message to sort slayer and some of those features. My I actually haven't I and I mean fear of the future of Quicken Loans as -- that has you know literally two decades of my financial history on it. And I want it that -- to keep going that is becoming. Online. Financial software like -- Is becoming a losing game for its -- companies and I'm worried about the future of this I really don't think the online it's offered those enough. So but anyway I just want it to read that email from -- to show -- we're going on this that's there there is kind of -- -- -- solution -- technical. Sure. So this is from Jacob. I've been a single ethernet -- the back my television but I was looking for its -- because I have an Xbox and Tivo both of which connects by ethernet is there any way to split the ethernet connection. -- -- -- You get a network switch like you -- for thirteen bucks a new way and probably elsewhere as well. The wanted to point to here which I forget who makes it anyway the low end ones the cheap on the Mac that at a hundred megabytes a second. If you're doing a lot of in home transfers and you have a Gigabit Lan you might wanna go for switch that's faster. You can get those -- like 2530 dollars. But for all you're doing Internet streaming hundred mega bits is gonna be way faster than the ISP signal you're getting -- anyway so that'll be enough so would you recommend just going with. As many places you need are getting some and has more. More plugs than you think of the -- I'm always on the side of getting more. For the case of dropping something in your behind your stereo cabinet I would go for one of these four port devices because. You know you need to and you have forced us prices many -- need and it's small and doesn't as a small power -- And that's that small it doesn't get in way. And it's cheap these things are really cheap these -- these things called hubs. But nobody uses -- anymore try to find them and now everybody uses switches hubs basically. Electrically. Split the signal name so -- end up with collisions. Which -- re transmissions that not that big -- deal for most cases switch is actually. Electronically. It's split the the ethernet signals to you don't -- collisions in the faster and -- try to keep -- -- their. Next yet never had this from because I used by routers it has enough spare plugs -- where about it yeah likewise but so I have I ever outer. -- -- my office and stereo cabinet than every now and then you find that you've -- -- device in one location you run out of ports so then you get a little cooking switch. To extend your network that -- it's hub and spoke. Com. -- -- minutes let's go to one after that's -- Michael. Michael says he's currently the market for an external hard drive -- second -- the -- college student. So that might be able to back up my laptop and save it files on it -- -- on it seems great it's called I'll make a select one terabyte USB 2.0 external hard drive 3450. 97 whatever. -- will be great because that's lot of space and it is cheaper than I realized that I don't know what to look for when and by an external hard drive any help you can offer. Is the strike any good should I be looking for specific things in every -- I appreciate your help. I don't know the -- But I have kind of generic advice on buying a backup drive in particular. Which is that -- is -- All tries eventually fail matter of time and unless you see reviews of the drive in question from a lot of people who say that it never works I say go for. Or backup drive you don't need it to be 100% reliable if it fails. You've lost the -- that. But you still have your data because it's a backing track and you have your original data. Of course if it -- the same time as your primary machine name you're really up the creek but chances -- that are very very small. And that's -- there's cloud backup services or -- apps like windows I think which is free. I just be sure you tester -- drive from time to time to make sure that still you can still read data from. -- -- so I've had good luck with a lot of external -- actually it by about fifteen in my lifetime. I usually just go Western Digital C again never actually I don't crash which is and it's statistically scary isn't -- -- here I played there all night ago. So a potentially cheaper and smarter long term solution. Is to get a USB or firewire powered external HTV -- these are basically like the toaster things -- drives in. They're little plug and play closures you don't need a screwdriver you don't -- sort of power supply. You just drop it and so the Y got I it was like forty bucks and does -- to an advance or three -- and so that's laptop and desktop hard drives. At the same time. And so you can get these really cheap drives from places like Costco or new -- and just drop the -- you don't have to worry about getting locked -- that one little unit. Newton and I find that so when she's in and -- -- -- -- cloture and with any -- -- those drives lying around. -- -- there's a lot of dangers to clearly you wanna have it and only plugging in when -- use it and injected and you know wrapping up opponents say place in and it's and I ecstatic that button. So it's not perfect solution to this as soon back ups you know once a month there are once -- -- they have -- -- have rotating cheap drives exactly and and please -- -- sane and you can throw that thing your -- it's. It's a done deal. We have another related question from Matt is that I've decided -- my XP machine to Windows 7 but I don't want lose all my data. I've got about a 150 gigs of music movies it's that are looking for way to back it all up before switch but I don't want but I -- -- get away cheapest possible. It seems to me that I could sign up for free -- with like Mozy and do it that way but I'm worried that it would not be that he's -- wrong. -- second related question while looking at the services I was thinking maybe I should actually use them to back committed a long term basis. Assuming I'd do decide to go with scientists -- -- -- surface you guys have any recommendations. Are any of these services that able to do remote streaming or. Let me view my files on an iPhone whether music or movies or something that hadn't realized I need. The most the idea is decent but it won't work because and Mozy and other online backup services -- space limited as of the free trials of space limited. If you pay for -- you get unlimited but there and then it's not free. So that plan doesn't work. If you can if you're getting it a second machine. I you can put your new and year old machine and networked together and -- -- windows -- migration tool called easy transfer. There's that guide how to -- For backing up one machine to the other. I've referred -- in in in place back up. -- of any of -- on that. Sure I mean I think and it'll fashion external hard drive -- a great solution one thing it's faster BO complete control that in where it is and it's your worried about security on a services. And it's also a speed issue so if you -- when he's back -- with something like a firewire hard drive which has really fast throughput. Compared to USB two you know you can -- that -- done a huge huge you know it's six -- seven terabyte backed up in and day. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- CMOs the is slow. I mean a lot -- slow probably right. Over long term I've heard that. -- people have reported throttling on the back -- serves as wanna get you know fifty gigabytes or something right right slowdown since he you know a pivotal -- -- as 250 gigabytes I'd say go for it but it -- -- monster machines with three. Three drive -- -- two terabyte hard drives you know the local yet. Totally. And to the second question most backup services don't offer streaming. The ones that are have our. All you can store. There are other services I use sugar sync for example that does have those those features. But it's -- tiers of storage and it and when you get up to several hundreds of gigabytes it actually begins at up on price. Right so if you want to -- full featured look at drop boxer -- thing but many have to be prepared to pay by the bit. Right and even done that they give you some sort of pre and the can use streaming the live streaming in the background -- iPhone for you -- -- on windows. And who. Let's see Eddie has question on elite televisions he says in the market for a new TV because whales have anyone inched GOP decided to -- -- that. So once again now I know I wanted to know should I wait for CES in January to see what new technologies and -- are coming with regards daily TVs. And even 3-D televisions because I really don't want to buy treaty last but by people my family. Also if I were to buy and now which LED is the best out there are looking in the range of 55 inches or higher with regards to size. I sent this to our TV geeks in New York. Opponent Katzmaier. And Leo as the list of the best LED lit LCD TVs. And their recommendations are. Not the link they -- is the LG in India 55 LE 8500 which looks like it's about as. Seen as. A razor blade look at that having -- -- -- with only 2500 bucks. -- -- -- One of the things though that -- Condit asked is why buy an LED TV when you can buy plasma you get better performance -- lower priced. And they're the best -- -- overall they out ranked you know he's in the LCDs. And Katzmaier says that -- points unless he is intending to buy a high end model and is willing to wait until at least port you know the second. Quarter of 2011. It's not worth waiting until after yes he does wait. There's a small chance -- -- see something significantly better and 22011 but I wouldn't count on it. You know that's as the core problem about buying technology totally you queue to wait and hope or you can buy county -- and you can ostrich and stick your head in the sand and not pay attention what comes out after you buy something. Man totally. You know there is a value in enjoying your products now. And there will always be something better coming along always all -- Let it's go to our comments here. We will take the other interest in questions that we next week if we can. But here's the -- comment. From. Walter would who has a friends ask me about connecting itself -- the wired phones in this house. I checked these out found that they these products that may allow you to connect itself from your home wired system -- -- products available. He talks about the X linked Bluetooth Gateway that -- cell fusion Bluetooth. The -- phone. You 118 cellular -- Gateway and one that I'll add to his list -- -- including here which is a V tech. LS 645 phone which just basically a cordless phone. That lets you attach a cell phone to it via Bluetooth they can pick up your cellphone from anywhere in -- as long as your phone is with a Bluetooth range of your base station I think one of enhancements. He says all of these use Bluetooth to connect your cell phones and then route the call for wired on. This allows you to put -- on a charger near the Gateway device menus -- regular wired house phone to make and receive calls oversell. Most -- to retrieve cellphones the pair up from the collection of regular -- -- connection. In addition to the cell -- costs are prepared to 100 dollars and -- have been introduced several years ago but not updated. Now are you familiar with these product he says are they -- can you make recommendations. Now I haven't used any of these products. And I'm gonna throw this out to the to our listeners this thing is anybody pair of these things let us know call us or write to it's rescue if you -- -- -- Or send us a -- no comment at. 888900 to 638. And let us know because I'm I'm in the market for this I think a lot of the peak my interest in this as well I wanna know how did -- 31 that period of thirty dollar one is compare it under no one. -- some -- -- phones some of these little Gateway devices that that's sit in the middle. And -- a second here. We call we do call okay I don't see them on my board here sorry about that people from calling waiting. Line one tie from ever -- I can't hit the button here someone else that it. We humility this. In a technical problem here. Supply you with us. Thanks for waiting -- we help you. Okay. My computer's gonna have a problem knowing pages. And which -- song -- that link inside page and like two to three five minutes. As far too long day. -- still. So I asked that's what browser you on and you -- Firefox correct correct and this is -- Vista. It's also happening. My intimate. Good to central. Interest thing I was gonna say tried booting in safe mode but it sounds like it could be a problem looking around or using. -- -- And can name the -- is I SP. Yeah I'm thinking -- cities and with the matter in science the prime probably the routers and anything they could have your reboot -- the -- Not how long has -- been on. Months and years. You know went back to -- it to impact bottom. Two -- It was it Sasser right after you reboot it no it was fines of up about. To have you run a speed test on it -- Speak is this because dot net. Yes because -- press because dot net if it's slow slower than what you're paying for call your -- I -- sent people to -- -- -- tech support but if you said ahead at speed test. On my a on my a connection and it's the you know 110 -- -- campaign for. They'll send somebody out all have -- also is this a laptop or desktop computer laptop attack have you tried using this in places besides your house and -- it's always happening on every every place you go. Everything I don't know them -- about. -- -- Again with festivities this year ISP or you're actually seeing as security to -- -- a coffee shop for prints out the Wi-Fi network if you're so -- that's slowdown it's obviously something in the system. Okay. You said you've already run a wireless there. -- virus scan on it too right. I had some bars we get rid of -- And a million bank and the -- -- -- -- few moments -- one exactly well. And since it's -- usually call your -- -- and if you don't you're having this from the can walk you through your settings and if they find the reason is they can actually access for -- I'm not sure how much we knew from here. For those things. Are configured solve that one on the spider. -- like here. We'd like to thank our sponsor of the show Blackberry messenger you can send your tech questions to -- the rescue from your Blackberry use the pin code. 2482. EE 89 that's 248. To -- Bravo 89. The black -- question from lack last week from -- -- inch. AK -- case says that -- on cable management one thing I have to be curious about you suggested replacing longer -- the shorter ones when possible. What should you do with the longer cables I've got bags full of old cables that I'm tired of holding on to. I know you did a whole show and -- recycling old gadgets but I've yet to hear recommendation on this. I'd like to see if I never makes money from them or recycle them without leaving him in a table and just hoping somebody takes them rent. Says that treat about this is that there's not a large market for used cables unless they've been made with precious metals so if they're -- out of gold or silver. You're sitting on a and apps live gold my answer. However copper cables in your recycle them and there's actually some -- -- uses for cables which are deathly worth delving into if you have an RG 5:8 -- -- people. It can double -- with the Internet tells me is incredibly good speaker wire. Really yes ethernet for speaker -- yes 'cause it's the same thing kind of wiring in the can just -- and and it has the right hands and apparently works on the aren't there's that. Another good thing before actually recycling them is putting money -- Craig's list as a basically a lot. So what you do with a big pile of baseball cards or -- you just put a lot there you give people idea what -- -- like maybe some of the cables that are included. And they might even buy them the sound suspiciously like -- bag of crap -- selling -- -- there might be Sony given there. So it difficulty that that's that you know if you do on -- -- this and get them to come pick it up from your house you don't have to go anywhere. But my -- solution yes -- we have a that -- like this in the show notes but it is they how to get from the site mother Jones about turning your all the computer cords into coasters. Which certainly somebody greatest city you know a -- the whole project if your friends detail involved in -- -- you know when you're done turn him around this holiday gifts. Yet I'll go over real well. But it is a way to use a couple of feet of extra cable definitely protect your priceless. Would at the same time right. Are right well thank you mark for that interest in question -- back next time this time next week that's Wednesday noon Pacific time. You can send us your questions to rescue at cnet.com. You can see the show notes for this and get all the links we talked about -- cnet.com slash rescue follow me on Twitter I'm -- are a happy and I -- Josh you know I think. And until then. Happy computer folks again next week by --
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