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The 404: Ep. 1297: Where we shoot the moon

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The 404: Ep. 1297: Where we shoot the moon

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As we look forward to the upcoming 4th of July weekend, we'd like to offer a piece of advice to our listeners: if you own a gun, don't shoot it in the air. Not just out of respect for your neighbors, but also because the police are using new technology to pinpoint the source.

-Oh, yeah. Get excited. Fourth of July tomorrow. -Yay! -Happy Independence Day, America. -You call this free. -Yeah. Good night, everybody. -Welcome to The 404 Show on this Wednesday, July 3rd, 2013. I'm Jeff Bakalar. -I'm Justin Yu. -I am Richard Peterson. -Richard Peterson, Justin Yu. -Yes. -You guys excited for the 4th of July celebrations that are gonna take place tomorrow? -Yeah. -Yeah? Okay. Well, let's-- don't get too enthusiastic. -No. Guess what I'll get to do. -What are you doing? -I'm going to the official White House Lawn Party Firework Day. -What? Is that-- -Yes. -Where is that? -It's almost at the White House. -It's literally on the White House lawn? -Yes. Yeah. -On the White House lawn. -Wow. -How did you get that hooked up for yourself? -So, I have a friend who is friends with the White House Social Secretary. -Uh-huh. -So, he's the guy who plans with all the party, -What? -banquets and stuff. -How do you get hook up with that, man? -I don't know. I just met this guy who just happen to be friends with the Social Secretary guy. -Wow. -So, he's like-- hey, I got invited to this party and I could bring people with me. So-- -What? -Yeah. -I'm assuming Obama is gonna be sitting on the lawn with his dog, kids and wife for and [unk], right? -He can be grilling. -Yeah. -May-- well, apparently, there's still a lot of people. There's like a few thousand people to go but it's still pretty exclusive. -Yeah. -You have to give your name beforehand so they can do background checks and stuff. -Oh. -Wow. -Yeah. -How's your background? -It's pretty good. I don't know. I had-- they passed us so, let's see. -Would you pass a background check? -No. Based on the stuff that I've actually admitted on the show, probably not. -That's not included in your background check. -No. I have-- oh, definitely. I'll just-- -Even the NSA is not listening to this show. -No. -No, yeah, of course I passed. -Yeah. -I've never been convicted of anything. -Have you ever been arrested? -No. -No? -No. -I don't believe you. -Have you? -Maybe. -Let's move on. Don't bring your own fireworks to the White House, right? -Yeah, it's probably not-- -They probably have that already figured out. -I would imagine you get that confiscated at the door. -Right. -Yeah, yeah. -They're like, I'm sorry. You can't bring in this M-80. -Yeah. You definitely have to go through security. -Yeah. -God that is sick. -That is pretty cool. -I know. -That's incredible. So, are they gonna like, do you know where they're gonna do the fireworks? Is it over the Washington monument or where is that gonna-- -I'm not sure because-- -Right on the roof, right? Right on the roof [unk]. -Because I think there's another fireworks like for the public at the capital. -Yeah, right. -And so I think this is just shop or maybe behind the White House, I don't know. -That's crazy. -That's awesome. -What are you doing for 4th of July? -I mean-- how can I follow that up? -I think you can follow it up if you're-- -I'm not going to-- I'm going to a friend's backyard barbecue and maybe watching-- -Lame. -Yeah. Yeah that's-- what else I'm gonna say? -Cool story, man. I can't wait. -What about you? What are you doing that's so exciting? -I mean, I go to this semi-annual-- it's not really annual but like it happens a lot. My childhood neighbor, -Uh-hmm. -and buddy Matt and his wonderful family put on this amazing barbecue with the likes of like 75 people. -Oh, wow. -And it's just anarchy from like 1 to 1, basically it's how long this party goes and we have all these fireworks and it's pretty kick ass. So, I'm looking forward to that. What am I not looking forward to, the freaking hotness the holds like 9 million degree weather that's supposed to happen tomorrow. -Yeah. -It's gonna suck. -It's gonna suck. I can't enjoy myself when it's 49 million degrees outside. Right? -Yeah, just cut your shorts shorter. -That's not how it works. -Oh, no. -And there's even a pool and you're like, oh, let me just cool off in the pool but the pool is outside. -The pool is boiling. -And in the sun and it's heated. I don't know. I just hate it. I just hate it. I just-- I can't-- -Yeah. Why don't you get some real freaking problems, man? -I guess but you're right. They're not-- no, they're real problems. That's a real problem. Being like a pasty [unk] like I am. -Yeah. -Going to a party. -Being under that oppressive sun. -Being hot. Yeah. -It's like Africa hot there. It's crazy. -No. You can't say that 'cause you've never-- -Sure you can. -Have you been to Africa? Or you're just assuming-- -Yeah. I've been to Morocco. -Really? -Yeah. -Oh, that's right and stopped off there in a-- in midway in a flight, right? -No. I was there on my own-- -You did not stop. Stop lying. -I've been there. -Stop lying. -It's really hot. I know what Africa hot is. Therefore I could compare America to Africa hot. It's hot. -As we move on to the 4th of July weekend, I'd like to give some advice to everyone that's gonna be enjoying the holiday. And this is my one piece of advice. If you own a gun, please do not shoot it into the air. -You dumb-ass. -Right? -What? People do that? -Yeah. -Where do they do that? -Places where it's legal to own a gun or places where it's illegal too as well. -It's legal to own a gun in every state. So, where did they do it? -I have no idea. That's everywhere. -Texas. -Texas, yeah. -New York I'm sure. -This is how Richard just said it under his breath, he's like-- Texas. But they do that in Texas. It just seems like some people would do. -Seems like they would do that-- -Yeah. -I would imagine you do where there's not a lot of people. There's a lot of people in Texas. -Yeah. Yeah. -Maybe it happens in a more rural areas. -Like Africa. -Yeah. -Rural area. -You know, like in a-- in like Mississippi, I would imagine no one lives there. -Of course, Arizona. Who the hell cares? -No. I know people live in Arizona but there's a lot of dessert. -Yeah. -You know, so is that-- -Tennessee. -Is that a-- because what I understand is, you know, people shoot guns into the air. -Uh-hmm. -Bullets gotta go somewhere. -Yeah. They don't just continue-- they don't get pulled by [unk] gravitation. -They don't enter space. -And then just keep going. -That's what I used to think. -Event then you don't have to worry about satellites getting shot. -How old was I until I was able to admit that? -Yeah. Like 13 years old. -That I thought that when like Yosemite Sam was firing bullets into the sky. -Yeah. -They just entered space. -Yeah. -And went on and on forever. -I love it too. -It goes in. -Right? -Yeah. -You're like, oh, bullets, you know, they don't-- they can't come back down. They're too fast and they're too aerodynamic. -Yeah. -I would just think there were like little mini rocket ships that just-- -How far do they go though? -That's a great question. I don't know. -Do you think it was as high as those airplanes? -I don't know. -Am I showing my ignorance here? I don't know. Do you know? -No, no. Well, an airplane goes 35,000 feet. -How high does a gun go? -It depends on the caliber of the gun. -We don't know. -You know, birds definitely need to watch out. But airplanes-- -Birds, I'm not worried about birds. -What if an airplane got shot out of the sky? -With a bullet? With one bullet? -It could happen. -Time out. Can we get a scientist? There's some sort of FAA member here. -How do I Google this? So, when you shoot-- -Chatroom. How high does a bullet go when you shoot it in the air? We know conclusively it doesn't enter the you know, the orbit-- -So, somewhere-- -It doesn't orbit the earth. -So, it's somewhere between the ground and orbit of earth. -And the sun. -Yeah. -I'm sorry. The moon. But somewhere between and that's-- because when I was growing up, I watching that Cheech and Chong movie, right? The guy goes, "Shoot the moon." Right? We were saying, "Shoot the moon. Shoot the moon." -Right. -I was like thinking when people aim their guns and shoot them in the sky they aimed at the moon. -I just looked it up into the air like a total amateur Google user, -Yeah. -I typed in, how far do bullets go when you shoot them into the air? -How far? -And the answer is one mile. -Okay. So that's like 6-- -One mile. -that's like 5200 feet. -So not nearly high enough to get into an airplane and to orbit. -Right. Basically 7th of what-- -Yeah. -an airplane does. Is that true? Are we sure about that? -If you could shoot down an airplane with a hand gun, all hand guns will be banned. -Time out. You could never do that. -There's no way you can shoot. -You don't have-- -You couldn't aim at it. -That's what I'm saying. -Right. You'd-- -That's still an accident. -Like we know a lot of-- we know a lot of data here, right? -Study shows [unk]. -If planes are going 500 to 600 miles an hour. -Right. And when you see them in the sky, you think that you should-- that's going so slowly. -I think I got it. -There's no way you'd ever be able to shoot. -Is that it? Just a mile, just a mile. -One freaking mile, man. -Dose that seem like a lot or less? Did you think that would be less or more than you thought? -Way less. Way less. -You thought it way less, you thought they would go like 18 miles in the sky? -I don't know. It depends. Fifty cal, those are pretty big, man. Go about 10,000 feet high and take 58 seconds-- -Ten thousand feet? -Yeah. -That's 2 miles. -Yeah. Some say, okay. So, a 0.3 to 0.6 cartridge or yeah, will go 10,000 feet high. -All right. -Nine millimeter which is what most hand-- most pistols are. -Oh, really? -Yeah. -Mr. Charlton Heston, you-- -Yeah, 9 millimeters or 45s and you have like a 50 caliber Desert Eagle in your house. -What about a desert eagle? -I don't know. It only says 9 millimeters. That would go about 4,000 feet and only take 37 seconds to come down. -So, they come down-- -And they'll split your right and half and can hit you in the skull. -Man, isn't that scary though? Isn't that real-- -What about the smaller planes like little [unk] or whatever. How high do those-- -I mean, you can-- I mean think about it. You know, when they're landing, you can-- -Yeah. -You can hit a plane. If you look by an airport-- -Yeah, forget about that. -Don't shoot. -Or a helicopter. -With a place to come down, they have land, right? -You're right, you're right. So, if you're standing on the Tarmac and point your gun-- -We're gonna go to jail. We're talking about shooting planes in hand guns. I was a little nervous. -I don't own a hand gun. -Neither do I. -The chatroom is asking who's a drunker, me or you? -Oh, we're both wasted. -In the movies, people are always shooting at helicopters and it doesn't work then. -What movie? -No. They always do. -Like Con Air, right? -No, no, no. What? -That's it when they're taking off from-- -Bruce Willis shoots at a helicopter in Die Hard 3. -Right. -Yeah. -But that's like-- -That's because it's like right there. It's like 20 feet. -Yeah. It's just right above his face. -Yeah. -Yeah. -Yeah, he does that. -And he doesn't do any billing. -So, what have today? -Okay. How high do planes fly? -Thirty-five thousand feet. That's like cruising out. -Right, right, right. -Yeah. -So, there's no way that a bullet would get even close. -Super high. -But still regardless, we're talking about this story because you shouldn't be shooting your guns up in the air. Now, because you're afraid to shoot an airplane but because when they come down, you could kill somebody. -Of course. -Right and that's what happen. -Bullets come down. What goes up must come down. I've heard that. -We've learned so much of today's show. -That's what we learned today. The show where whatever goes up must come down. -Yeah, that's the title. This year, there's even more of an incentive though. Not just to protect your fellowmen but also because you might get caught by the cops and there's a stronger chance of that happening this year. -Why is that? -Because cops in about 75 towns across the country and I'm not gonna tell you which town. -Texas. -All of them in Texas. -They are all in Texas. -And Mississippi. -They're using something called the shot spotter. Say that 5 times fast. -Shot spotter, shot spotter, shot spotter, shot spotter, shot spotter. -That actually listens for gunshots through a network of sensors around the city. Right? -So, like sonar. -Yes. Well, yeah, basically and then they'll try to angulate where the gun is being fired. But not only can they pinpoint exactly where that's happened. They can also tell if it's being shot from a moving vehicle and they could tell how fast the vehicle is moving when the person shot out of it. -Shot spotter. -That's pretty cool, huh. -That's pretty--- it's cool, the technology is cool. -Yeah. -What it's used for is not necessarily cool. -No. Apparently celebratory gunfire has caused plenty of deaths. -I know. I don't understand. Oh, it's 4th of July. Let me just unload my freaking-- -Yeah. -gun into the sky and hope for the best. -Careful. -No. -I'm like that. -Did you guys buy fireworks this year? I mean, I know it's not [unk]. -The state where I will be, it is legal. -What state? -Well, let me back track a little bit. -Pennsylvania. -Tomorrow I'll be in New Jersey and it's not legal there. -Yeah. -But Pennsylvania where I'll be this weekend, it is legal. -Nice. -And I will be celebrating the independence of my country by blowing up small portion of it and take a quote from A Simpson's episode. -Very nice. -Yup. -Which kind of fireworks you're gonna get? -The loud ones. I like fireworks a lot. -Yeah. -And there's something about it. There's like a little danger. -A lot of danger. -There's-- it's like controlled chaos. -Yeah. -You never know what's really gonna happen. -Uh-hmm. -I find that attractive, right? You're like, oh, well, you know, this bottle could tip over right before it launches. -Yeah. -Shooting a rocket directly at us. -Uh-hmm. -Test your reflexes. -Be sure to shoot the firework with a gun in order to set it up. -That is the-- the police recommend you just point it straight at the ground instead of up in the air. -Picturing that is like the trashes. It's so funny. -Like in a desert. -Or just like, "Come on now, shoot down firework." Like right at the firework, that is so stupid-- -It's working. -and hilarious. -Please do that. -Yeah. -Yeah, that's the problem though, that this shot spotter thing, 5 times fast go. -No. It ain't already. -Okay. -The problem with the shot spotter is that there are other sounds that happen on the 4th of July that could easily be mistaken. -Right. Like a car backfiring. -Or a firework. -That could be mistaken for gunshots. -Oh, my God. Yeah. -So, that's gonna be a big thing in the way I'm using the shot spotter thing. -Right. So, this is also the year where they find out that shot spotter is completely ineffective on 4th of July. -Right. -In 75 cities around the country is rude. But no, they're supposedly using like digital filters and then human aid as well to sort of like figure that out and still gonna be in fashion and someone calling the cops when they hear a gunfire. Right? Because not everyone just calls the cops immediately when they hear gunshots on the neighborhood. -Right, right, right, right, right. Well, luckily for me I just used a stick of dynamite instead of anime. -You are Yosemite Sam. -I just get straight up TNT. -I think you should be Yosemite Sam for Halloween this year. You sort of look like him. You got the red beard. You just need that funky hat. -And to be 2 feet tall. -You got that. Almost-- you're almost there. -I got that. All right. Very good. What else we got? -Speaking of things you're not supposed to have-- -An Echo boom. -Echo boom as well. This is kinda crazy. So, I guess the TSA, the Transportation Security Admission, they've been running a blog for a few months and on this blog, their social media team has been posting photos of things that people have tried to bring into TSA checkpoints at the airport. -Okay. -And have gotten them confiscated as a result. And since the TSA is up on their social media and since everyone is joining Instagram, TSA actually got an Instagram account and they're putting a lot of those photos from the blog onto their Instagram. So, I thought it would be fun if we just went through a few of these things because some of them are just kinda prediculous like what people try to bring through airports and it just got started. So, a lot of them are really crazy. Let's check this out right now. You can follow along with us at instagram.com/TSAblogteam. -Kinda such a stupid name for their social-- -What? -TSA blog team. -Yeah. -That sounds like someone's first day on the internet. -It's so corporate. Yeah. -You know. -Yeah. It might as well be we are the TSA Blog Team-- Instagram Team. -Instagram TSA.com blog. -So, yeah. Here we go. Look at this. This one is really insane. Grenades. -What? -One of the recent blog posts on TSA's blog, it shows that in the last week, 44 firearms, 35 of which were loaded at the time they were confiscated were found in airports across the country. -What the hell is wrong with people? -And as we're looking here, the TSA also finds hand grenades on a quote weekly basis. -Weekly basis. -Is that terrifying? -Live grenades? -Live grenades, although, not sure why the pin has been pulled out of this one. -What-- so, you're getting ready to go on your trip, -Uh-hmm. -and you're packing your carryon. Well, let's see. I've got my toothpaste and toothbrush, 14 pairs of underwear and my pack of grenades. -Right. -Because no one is gonna have a problem with me doing that. -It's crazy. -That's so terrifying. Yeah. -I put-- like those people should be just not only, you know, ask to have like a background but they need to-- -Yeah. -understand why it crosses someone's mind that this would be okay. -Yeah. -That's what-- to me that is the more terrifying element of all of this. Is that someone thought, yeah I could probably bring my collecting of live grenades on to the plane. -Right, right. -Because that makes sense. -Right. -That's totally fine. -Or the fact that they did-- yeah, you're right. The fact that they did so little to try to hide, the fact that they're carrying these things. -Grenades. -Where do you think this grenade came from, Rich? -What state? -Texas. -Yes. -It was Texas. -Austin, Texas. -I knew it. -Yeah. -Of course. No. -That's where you get-- yes, that's where the grenade came from. -No but I'm saying like not all the idiots are in Texas. -Majority, yeah. -Only a lot of them. -So, here's one that's kinda crazy. This is a stun gun. Check this out. Disguised as a pack of Marlboro cigarettes. -With an extra L. -Yeah. -Marlboro. -Did give away. -Oh, God. -Yeah. So, here it is. It's discovered in Cleveland. They put hashtags too. -Ohio. -This social team is kinda getting a little ambitious with their hashtags. -Yeah, I think so. I think the cutoff is at 5. -Yeah. No one's trying to hashtag webstagram or instacool and trying to see this stuff. But anyway, yeah. -That's weird. -Really crazy. So, yeah, there's all manner of like guns and more knives, derringers, those tiny little guns. That's used in 20s. -That was like one round gun. -Yeah. -It's like what [unk] tried to shoot duck at the carnival with, right? -Yeah, yeah exactly. I don't know but apparently someone is like-- -A little pea shooter. -Yeah. Trying to shoot one person with one bullet, one bullet. -Well, you know, I thought-- -One shot kill. -I knew I couldn't bring my Glock. -Yeah. -So, I thought maybe my derringer would work. No, I'm sorry. -Scary. -Terrifying. Here's a credit card knife discovered in the Miami airport. That's got like a serrated edge and everything. People are insane. -Oh, I don't like that. I don't like that at all. -Yeah. -It's like Beretta on there too. -Yeah. -The hell, people? -Scary. -Thirty-five loaded guns discovered in USA airports last week. -Thirty-five loaded guns. -Thirty-five loaded guns, 44 firearms total discovered last week. -Fine. So, 44 total guns found in the airport. Now, how many got through? -[unk]. Yeah, that's true. That's the scariest event. -Like one has had it gone through, right? -[unk]. -Doesn't that make you feel good? -Yeah. -Speaking of which, did you book your flight, be ready for Comic-Con? -Yes, I did. -Okay. Excellent. -Don't forget the grenades. -Yes. -All right. let's switch gears for a little bit and since you bring up Comic-Con, let's talk about buying comics. -All right. -And you still do that, right? You still use what? comiXology? -Yeah, I use web apps. I very rarely buy hard copies anymore. -Yeah. So, I didn't realize this because I don't use my HP TouchPad anymore. -Your what? Did you say an HP TouchPad? -Yeah. That word hasn't been used in the past 2 years I think. -Pathetic. -Do you remember that? -I do. -I got it for $50. -And now I don't think you paid-- I think you paid more than that. -No. -I think you paid like $200 or more. -No. -Yeah. -I paid $50 for it. -I think there's like a weird shipping thing because it was coming from like Sam's, you know, pay for like a membership. I think-- -Regardless. -I think you paid a lot more than $50. -Regardless. I should use that. I should fire it up when I get home. -Yeah. -Anyway, I didn't realize that digital comics pretty much use the same publishing model and subscription model as like Amazon, -Yeah. -Kindle's bookstore. -Yup. -Right. So, I guess you download the app, like comiXology for example, and then you pay for the comic $399, $299 whatever. But you don't actually get to download a copy of the comic book. They don't give it to you in CBR form. They basically just give you a license for you to read it-- -Exactly. -through the app. -Yup. -Which is kinda BS, right? That's like-- that's total DRM when you're paying for something that-- -It is-- -cost not much less than the hardcopy in the first place. -Sure. -I know, I-- -There's-- yes. What? -No, you're right. Go on. -You got something to say? -No. No, no, no. -You wanna fight about it? -No. There's nothing to fight about. -Okay. So, yeah. we're all looking forward to Comic-Con image just announced that they are now the first comic book publisher to offer DRM free titles. -That's pretty sick. -Yeah. This is really cool. So, they're also gonna be a-- well, they're still gonna be using the comiXology model but if you want, you can now pay $399 and download one of their comics directly from their site onto your desktop or your mobile app and they come in a variety of extensions like CDR for example. -So, is that the same price it used to be or is it more money? -Same price. -Okay. -You could download it in a PDF. -That's great. -ePUB, CBR or CBZ. -That's great. -And then you'll own that forever. You know, that will be a local file on your hard drive. -It's-- -That's really cool. -It's great but I know the pirate scene is gonna explode now. -Yeah. -Like it's already very popular with comics, like the pirating comic scene is huge. -Right. -Because they're also small, like the files are really small. -Right. -And now that someone is gonna have like a DRM free CBR, -Uh-hmm. -it's-- I mean, look. If people are buying it, that's great. I just-- I hope it-- you know, if-- and I-- you gotta respect the held out image for doing it. -Yeah. -And you gotta respect the fact that they're making it so damn easy to pay for comics as well, -Uh-hmm. -and get it right away, right when it comes out. -I'm pretty impressed with their stance on piracy. They're basically taking the whole-- well, if we put out bad entertainment then no one is gonna pirate the stuff. -Right for sure. -If it's good stuff, then always tend to do is better benefit from the marketing that it causes. Right? -I mean, if you get a lot of people downloaded the stuff, that means word of mouth is spreading. It's possible that more people will buy the book even if they illegally downloaded it because they like the stuff. -Right. -Right. You're reaching like a bigger audience. So, I like that. -For sure. -That's a good way-- -I'm in it. -[unk] trying to put so much negative effort into stopping piracy. -Yeah. No. I have a lot of image subscriptions. I love using it and I'm very excited about this. -Yeah. Walking Dead is on image, right? -The Walking Dead most certainly is. -Yeah. So, anyway, hopefully we can try to talk to someone from image about that while we're at Comic-Con. That'd be a good conversation. -Yeah. For sure. We'll dig that. -Oh, look at you. I like that. -Yeah, right? -Yeah, for sure. -Having good ideas. -I'm into it. -Right. Okay. Let's finish up the day, the week two of game. I like playing games. -I do too. -Me too. -I've been playing a lot of games these weeks. -Play some games. -You wanna play game, Rich? -Yeah. -Okay. Let's play game of What's the Verdict. You guys ever do that when you were kid? There's like these books that basically laid out court cases and then you had to decide what you think the right verdict would be. -Right. -Yeah. -And at the end of the book, you know, flip to the end, -Sure. -find out what the real verdict was. -Yup. -We're gonna play that right now. -Okay. -So, earlier this week, the UK had sort of faced this divisive topic of mobile phone etiquette. -Okay. -And that's what this hot topic issue is about today, right? It's a question of smart phone etiquette. So, here's the case and I'll just explain it to you guys, tell me what you think after. -Am like gonna [unk]? -Yeah. Get the [unk]. -Okay. Get your robe on and everything. -Yeah. Yeah. -A 26-year-old woman named Jo Clark was shopping in a grocery store earlier this week called Sainsbury's in London. -Uh-hmm. -She was on her phone the entire time, walking through the aisle, shopping for her groceries. Not at a loud volume, at a standard talking volume. -Right. -Right. Not disturbing anything. -Yeah. I was gonna say, I got no-- like people who are on the phones all time. -Right. -A lot of the annoyance has to deal with or has to do with rather the volume of which you're talking. -Oh, 100%. -So, for some reason, people have the tendency to like scream when they're on a phone. -Right. -They're like, "What's that? No." -What? No. Just talking into a microphone. -No. No one can hear me in this movie theater. -Right. -Right? But then when people go a little quieter and like, yeah, okay. -Uh-hmm. Yeah. That's not so bad. -It's not so bad. -Still irritating though. -A little. -She was on her phone the whole time. Not really talking too loud and she finished her shopping and headed towards the checkout line. -Yeah. -And she waited in line for a while all of the time on her phone and finally reach the clerk. She was ready to check out. Still on her phone. -Okay. -It was at this point that the Sainsbury checkout assistant denied her service. I don't know if the assistant, the checkout girl there was irritated with her the whole time or just having a bad day in general. Either way, she came out and said I am not gonna continue helping you until you hang up the phone. -I like it. -Now, Jo Clark said, okay, you know, she was so taking it back and offended but she just hung up the phone. You know, just wanted to get through this uncomfortable situation but complained about it afterward. Sainsbury afterward sided with Jo, the phone talker. Saying that it's not their official stance to deny service to people on their mobile phones no matter where they are in the store. -Okay. -So, it was wrong for the checkout assistant to do this. -Right. -She was reprimanded and Jo, the talker, was given vouchers to shop for free at a later date. -Got you. -Now, that's the company's official stance. Right? That's what their PR people say. But after the story was published, a lot of people came out in defense of the checkout clerk. They're saying that, you know, Sainsbury should have sided with her 'til they finished. They should-- she should have, you know, hung up her phone because it's rude. It's bad manners and bad manners are obvious that shouldn't have to be part of the corporate policy. What do you guys think? -Unfortunately, I think it's still-- you have to unfortunately rule on the side of the customer. -Let's take a look at the customer first and-- -Well, not what she looks like? -Yeah. -Come on. I'm not gonna-- -We'll judge her look-- -Judge her based on her looks, though. -Oh, I would be like, oh, she's ugly. -Because she looks pretty annoyed. -Yeah, look, just check that out. She looks pretty annoyed. She has like big old sunglasses on, she looks like she's probably-- -See, this is not fair. -Yapping it through her phone and really loud volume. -You can't do this. You can't judge a book by this cover. -She doesn't look like a meek person that's like quietly-- -Oh, my God. I can't believe you're doing this right now. You sound a bit-- -No. I'm joking. -Okay. -I'm joking. -So, you're like, let's take a look at her-- -But in all seriousness, -Yeah. -have to speak. But no, I know what you're gonna say, Jeff. Right? I mean, like I-- and I feel like I have the same opinion. Right? That good manners are commonsense. -They are and I'm not saying this woman isn't a damn fool but at the end of the day, there's no corporate policy. -Yeah. -There's no sign on the door when you walk in that says, if you're gonna be a-- obnoxious douche bag, -Yeah. -we're not gonna give you service. -Right. -There's nothing like that on the door. Should there be one on the door? Maybe in this dane age there should be. -I think the theory is that, you know, when you're being helped by someone, you know, it's important to just acknowledge their presence by not doing something else at the same time Right? Like it's important to just show your appreciation for what they're doing to help you out, even though they're getting paid for it. This is how it explains to the woman. Like, you just shouldn't be doing something at the same time. You should be acknowledging her presence because she's a human being and not a robot that's checking you out. Right? Like saying hello. -Right. -Yeah. I'm with you, man. Like I'll-- -Saying thank you afterward. Treat her like a human being not a kiosk. -And I think the majority of people who go to stores and shop wouldn't act like that. -Uh-hmm. -Every now and then you get people like this, you know, you just move on with your day. -At the same time, the checkout clerk probably should have asked her politely to hang up the phone while she's in service. I mean, like, could you please hang or at least put the person on hold for a few minutes while we-- -Right. -while we check out here so we can move things along smoothly and as efficiently as possible. -Right, right. -I agree. What do you think, Rich? -Yeah. I think that's definitely an annoying thing that she's talking on her phone while she's trying to go to check out but it makes sense that the store would side with the customer. -Right. -Unfortunately, assholes have rights too. -Yeah. -That's where it comes down to, right? -Yeah. I guess so. Living in a-- -Can't just take away all the A-holes' rights. -Yeah. -And everyone would lose their rights. -Yeah. -Right? -And the checkout girl was flagged afterward too publicly. -Oh, my gosh. -Is that okay? -No, that's not okay. -That's not okay. -Finally, before we leave you for the extended 4th of July weekend, we will show you a photo, right? Of the Darth Vader man. What is this? -Yeah. This is a really short story. I didn't know we were gonna get this one or I show you a photo of Darth Vader. No, this is ridiculous. This is just a man named Johnathan Rice that for the past 4 years has been running a mile in Death Valley and what he calls Darth Valley Challenge because he wears the Darth Vader suit the whole time. -And he's dead now. Great. -Yeah. -So, that will just do it. -Yup. -Story. -That ends the story. -He survives. He did survive. -Yeah, he did it in about 6 minutes and 36 seconds. -What's wrong with this guy? -Nothing wrong with me. He admits that it's kinda foolish and silly but he's been doing it for a while. -What was the reason? Was he trying to like raise money or something? -Nope. -He's trying to raise Star Wars awareness. -Yeah. None of the people know about Star Wars. -[unk] are people too. -Yeah. -Stupid. All right. There you go, 129-degree heat. Let's go jogging in a Darth Vader costume. -Yeah. See, it could be worse than your 4th of July weekend. -It could. -In a Darth Vader costume. -It could be. All right. With that, we will leave you. Again, no show tomorrow, no show Friday. I will personally be back Wednesday when we also welcome Scott Aukerman to the program, the host of Comedy Bang! Bang! On IFC and the Podcast. And Justin, you have shows on Monday and Tuesday. -I-- me and Rich. No, me and Ariel, I believe will be back next week. -Yeah, Ariel will be back. -All right, cool. So you guys are doing shows. -Yeah and then I will be running the hell next for you. -Cool. -Just for Monday and Tuesday then you'll be back Wednesday. -Just for Monday and Tuesday. I'll be back Wednesday. -That should be fun. -That should be fun. -It's gotta be Mark or someone else coming against coming against [unk] with us. -Yeah. -Richard-- -I have all the faith in the world in you and when I say that, I mean the exact opposite. -Oh. -I think the show is gonna fall apart. -Rich, come on. Have a little faith in me. I believe you and I have done the show by ourselves. -We have. -Yeah. -I think. -That will get us all in here. We'll get the entire office. -Yeah. -All right. -It seem like we could be a good fit in here. -Cool. I won't be watching. -Cool. -Have a great 4th of July. Be safe. Be smart. Don't do anything stupid and don't do anything I would do. Okay? -Good advice. -Good advice? -Yeah. -Enjoy our holiday. Stay cool. Don't go into the sun too long because it's really bad for you. -Wear sunscreen. -Thanks, grandma. -Wear sunscreen. Great advice, Richard. Always with the Gems. -I love it. -Again, have a great holiday. We're back on Monday. Until then, I'm Jeff Bakalar. -I'm Justin Yu. -I'm Richard Peterson. -This has been The 404 Show. High tech, low brow. Next week, also don't forget we'll announce more details about The 404 Super Weakness Contest or you can win $404. -Yay! -Yay! Money. Free money. All right. We'll see you soon. Have a great weekend, guys. Later.

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