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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1295: Web Exclusive

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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 1295: Web Exclusive

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Outtakes from episode 1295.

Things. I Allah Somalis. -- -- -- -- some of the picture. Would you like it back but it's not like. -- -- -- They can take interactive that is gonna bring up there every story how you're sitting in -- Rahman damn -- -- without it's not room I'm sad and they weren't -- care. Silly chicken that was -- Justin Bieber song and -- not joking when I say that can you tell them that. -- Justin -- song called you smile. That the right title for it slowed down 800%. No actual affiliation with -- in beavers. And it's the only Justin Bieber solace into another slide here that need deputy. That's chemically and again I'm turning -- -- -- -- I didn't do it doctor -- only just as believers on some deals did it I don't own Justin be released. And is now I invite you to look at my music catalogue and you'll not find -- beat him. They know -- All I've never actually heard it -- free seems a constant. -- I'm -- The hundreds India in -- chat room now and -- happened. And then add to Japanese. Just and I've never even heard it Justin -- on the planet earth some of them I don't like them if they like oh -- -- -- If any McCain -- -- fever. I got a -- -- -- for the sound of -- were fit to fit that into. And the only solution is -- Bebo. Now the only thing you -- only solution and a good. -- -- -- -- -- -- It hopefully -- albeit the rumba. Like -- I don't know didn't happen festival other world outlook and stimpy. -- -- -- and you look at the only solution is -- the good. -- I think -- all set up with these cameras. And -- Yeah yeah yeah. Licking. Today I'm not touch anything are that would -- -- -- hello we that's right take -- you you know not only mainly captain's chair but I am I ended of the dominant height. I've gained an extra foot I'm Molly -- Blue moon IRA I can only doing -- dude. Dragged into them. And we can. -- hilarious. When I moved to the big -- in like a bad -- not happy get them over years of not a is that you know. And an -- -- program apologize. To every story but I will not move -- -- -- it will not move. I got here first. In bed I would -- other avid here I don't. That's what happens we all signed the contract that's that if you get here first you get a chair and I got you literally disappeared dink around put make up -- As government usually on the one put on -- I'll lose out on the seat belt makes up -- -- technically make -- Make a ethnic look at that. I eliminated here -- your -- -- a total of my seat equipped with no it beats me to the C. No yeah or LA. -- no the I have always end up in this seat content. Now I rarely was -- and there. Thanks Brent her. Blue. Eyed -- like -- -- hippie hair. Make -- be -- had been hit him and and look -- who's who's with me. -- that's done let's that's forever realize how the team building. Out again. Haircuts and -- -- or eight people can vote you know. On what kind of haircut get today -- actually people can those horror crowd -- -- -- how that are extensions is not an option. -- -- an extension. Yeah haircut -- you know. And I went -- literal. -- -- people won't crowd sourced the overall haircut that you get but -- -- so like watching on the live stream. Hairdresser is there they say okay what do I do on the next one and only one I want you to actual line in the side of your head yes -- -- -- Natalie asked. Steps you seven. And -- -- the boys in the hood yeah accepts. -- was -- -- with a actually pull the cop no would not -- but to be that you don't quote me -- and I. And I present it -- at that it. If your husband's body with -- -- That's. Shoo. In I love the banana. But only like this -- and then me. And is now I am perfectly and it does she have -- the -- generation assuming you like a lot that I in the collection and -- And then -- admitted yeah. Here because kids and I look on what's the -- is telling me to shut up. And instant bananas to -- hosts. And. Yet T -- -- -- from Oakland. -- Don't read it at. Represent -- all said and we wouldn't. I. Know in life but to be -- Don't -- me boy. Because. I instead. Of up. I remember I I -- dub. Easy. A sixth grade like where's the -- for the -- workman. And years click well the hook up fluently but in all night. That was the underground right there is -- -- -- That was right when made the parental advisory like -- way. You know you have a wholesale and that's something illegal oh -- that tape that was that was equivalent of my grade school let out drug peddling it really. I don't know if I -- right there with the late two live crew and easy ET -- your friend's. Like I can I will we listen to this accumulated I want my parents are -- back -- -- really quietly today -- the we will not know about that. -- -- -- -- -- The group -- -- vice president and island that's -- that's. It it now up from me. In the patent get excited about this -- ride -- too. Never the I don't know that hard for technical -- you do it like like out of tune in fact -- -- well somehow leaked out of your -- now that that eight. -- -- My extreme is fully that -- -- -- daughter and that his show on that note. Start this -- let's get. Of the passengers are the -- I'll ride. I'm good tease them them to own new line of people didn't you did just double rainbow and you -- it does this have a little leg. -- shelf right but yeah ethnic. -- -- -- -- -- -- Frontline you lucked out not didn't take them out typo. Because -- Connery I know it starts here. -- -- -- -- That's never looked at it again -- -- all you know the magic in this one day than. Joe Joe Mac that'll make you a jolt -- Daddy Mac America. And a all right. I've read like Nathan and extremely TV -- -- They also have a song called miss the bus I believe. Did this -- into I don't know but I gotta teach it -- I like my bike like I heart my bicycle. Console like adjacent do that out then he doesn't know. He had men of literally. The what else they're like oh yeah they tell you might ask feel okay about and I knew that back and night it. The cool 209 chat room Leo yeah I'm not the only one that -- that are you also coolant. Did -- that the no. -- unidentified. There is there and I missed the buzz. One thing -- anti environment -- backwards. So yeah and -- I don't know what a -- -- -- I saw this morning. It's yellow cardboard stack. Plus -- -- right now. I need through the park avenue and -- It they are you -- -- I'll never ever ever do again that is why adorable now let's -- song here -- -- I've missed the bus and that's something I'll never do again. Did he just said irregular and that's not the. Let's boring but if you sing and rap -- -- -- -- its it would give me as backward here and back. Weirdly enough any probably miss the bus because you couldn't walk and yeah that's -- like my -- thing that I could run after the but -- and -- -- -- yeah -- -- -- -- -- but they -- not on my face plate movement at the turns -- there's a reason have a but I don't miss the bus and work is you know I -- deal -- front about got in the wings for my fault now that -- yeah I'll never ever ever ever ever do that again. I give in my sandwich. My mommy for me at lunch for Linux. -- I'm and it's been through it and -- -- in about ten minutes I'm going to want to whose business it. About -- -- that's what I was born to do. And it Angela -- -- -- a front but. How we're doing is enhancing our natural. I'm having a little separate combo. It about a negative ignorant Nancy any. I -- definitely repairs. -- enhancement and activists -- there -- so -- -- -- my enhancement to the -- -- I've brought my. Okay got a -- for a -- yeah. I basically -- -- -- front but. No. I'm not and if it. -- Aren't ready to -- It would. Increases but all the -- with these effects. Now -- -- know -- and it's like you're -- president of their actual -- -- with -- and those people on him. Yeah it's true. If that they think this is the but. We think that's I don't when. If if the ugliness. And -- -- -- yeah and face but knows where you missed them -- Mean. -- about in given short shrift to the out from Australia email. I had read had enough to know that that PS was like longer and not work at all -- to do nothing and that's an about a bit. The PS and a broadband cap and it's gonna take longer than it needs to be and -- -- talking about now they've bell and that -- I. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But I did -- any mention primus that I realized he wasn't talking about the band I was so confused. Yeah this is to to. -- -- -- I'm hungry. You can -- you. It. This way you can the in room and fitness assistant that on today's show how to say your parents where you were -- -- -- out and find out who it. A future generations how to lie to your children about the socialite he never had. No we cooled I -- if you really were on board with other people -- -- in places. And a service he could pay the -- -- seem like the other social life. Yeah Donald -- that -- last minute to check it. -- over that the club until 1 o'clock in the morning yeah and had Donald -- that when -- friend you have that's -- really social goes out all the time just make a deal with that friend always -- wherever they -- and and ethnic. We adding you know what it strip club tech in necessary yet to be very specific about socialite people. -- That's -- to be some ground -- there. -- today I didn't realize that there was -- remixing someone submitted and I did not see it so. How about a yeah will play it tomorrow it'll be kind of like our our intro for the next week. Right. -- true. -- -- -- He lived for the remakes -- red. -- Yeah and nothing but remixes -- next week. -- -- -- remakes mashup. I'll look forward -- -- This feature group for all of. Don't know what you should do she did think like a week. You should think one buzz out loud -- episode and -- slow it down 800 times I -- out entirely. A -- area. Love. Either.
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