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Ep. 1293: Where it's in that place where I put that thing that time: The 404

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The 404: Ep. 1293: Where it's in that place where I put that thing that time

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We're finally able to use today's show title, thanks to a new Kickstarter campaign about new kiosks in 7-11 stores that keep a record of your house keys for when you inevitably lose them in a drunken mishap.

-It's Thursday, June 27, 2013. Thank you for tuning in to our fine program, The 404 Show. I'm Jeff Bakalar. -I'm Justin Yu. -I'm Ariel Nunez. -What's up everybody? -Great. -How's everyone doing today? Great, I'm glad you're doing great. We've got a few stories to talk about today and I guess we're just gonna hop right in-- -Uh huh. -Because there's really nothing else going on, we're sort of schmoozing about. -Yeah. Yes. -Right. This is like a-- -This is like a normal Thursday. -Yeah. -The plain old Thursday. -Yeah, that's okay. -Fine. -We got some good stories to talk about regardless. -Okay, cool. Let's do it-- started up the nasty. -Yeah. Let's talk-- Let's talk what happened on Monday night 'cause I know that you're into the story. -Uh huh. -Okay, I read about this too, but I let you intro it. -Okay, and yeah, 'cause we didn't-- You know, anytime-- Look, anytime hockey and tech collide, I'm gonna freakin' cover it. -Of course. -I'm gonna make sure we cover it much to the chagrin of my co-hosts. I'm gonna-- I'm gonna freakin' do it. -But this story is an interesting combination of both of our interest-- -I think so. -that I think we can all speak on. -It involves my interest of hockey and your interest in pornography. -Our interest. Don't act like you're not into that stuff. -I mean, you know, take it leave it, you know. I have a very creative mind. Anyway, on Monday night, everyone knows the Bruins lost in shocking fashion in Boston when Chicago-- the Chicago Blackhawks basically, you know, beat them for the Stanley Cup in like 50 seconds. It was-- It was-- It was crazy. -Uh huh. -So, apparently, after the game ended, roughly around the 11:00 o'clock hour at night in Boston, there was an unbelievable spike in traffic for the website Porn Hub. Now, you can only equate such as spike to the fact that they lost in such stunning fashion, -Uh huh. -and the only thing I can sort of take away from the data here is that all these Bostonians saw what happened on TV were so mortified and distraught over the events that took place and then fold-- unfolded right in front of them, but the only way to sort of rectify the situation was to pleasure themselves. -Yeah. -Uh huh. -They needed some cheering up. -I mean, when the chips got you down and, you know, life hands you a bunch of crap, you got to-- you know, rub one out I guess. Is that-- Am I crazy? -Yeah. -I mean like that and you can't argue with the data. They threw up the graph here, a very convincing graph right there. -Oh, there's a spike happened. -Uh huh. -Look at that erect spike in the middle there. -Inversely to the traffic for citizens in Chicago went down. So, they're probably all out celebrating, right. They're probably getting late. -Yeah. -Or because the orgasm was the winning of the cup. -Right. -They were down by them. -This-- That was them smoking cigarettes in relief-- -Yeah. -Uh huh. -because there's no reason to be down. -Yeah. -No reason to, you know, open up your-- your shame browser-- Uh huh. -and unload of some of that, you know, streaming naughtiness. -I'm surprise the people of Chicago didn't do it too. They're just like, "You know what, forget it. I'm happy now. Let's get happy." -Yeah. -Well, it's funny 'cause-- -How can you put a cap on your happiness? -Well, you know, Porn-- Porn Hub serves purposes on every emotional play. -Yeah. -Happy said, "It doesn't matter. It will solve anything." But it's kind of amazing, right? -Uh huh. -And I wonder what the-- like-- So in the graph here, it's only Chicago, Boston in the entire U.S. -Uh huh. -I'm sure there's other cities that had spikes-- fluctuating spikes as well. -Uh huh. -Yeah, if you wanna read more about this fascinating story head on over the Puck Daddy-- -Uh huh. -Our body is over there and they cover this fascinating tale of regret and loss and sadness. -Well, let me ask you this based on the New Jersey Devils performance this season, how do you think the graph for New Jersey would look in terms of Porn Hub's access? -I think it's gonna remain static. -Really? -I mean, we never horse in this race. -What is that mean? -What is that-- You never heard that cliché? -While you didn't make the playoffs, but how did you guys doing this season? -Not too great. -So then it would probably be like a growing thing, right? -You know, I mean-- no, they did so well last year that you can't really be upset about, you know, the layoff in the following year. -Right. -I mean, there were 2 games away from winning the Cup so-- -Uh uh. Just the average amount of porn viewing then maybe. -Just like, you know, the standard status quo of porn watch-- watching you know. -Yeah. -Also like-- I think the bigger story here is that Porn Hub has statisticians-- like statisticians working for them. They just look at this kind of thing. -I guarantee you a hundred-- at least a hundred people work for Porn. -That's awesome. -Right? -Yeah. -Yeah, that's true. -It's like the most-- the most visited porn site in the world, is it not? -Yeah, I guess so. -I don't know. -Uh huh. -There you have it. -You guys know anyone that-- that works at porn websites? -No. I know-- So check this out, I have a friend who owns like a hosting company-- -Uh huh. -and a lot of these clients are porn sites. -Ah, yes. -And they do like tech support. So, you know, they get calls all the time were like, blank, blank, blank, blank. -Right. -Is it blank or whatever it is. -Uh huh. -Can you blank, blank, blank. I mean, there's a lot of blanks. -Yeah. Yeah. -But you fill those in if you will. -Yeah. -And that's how it works. Yeah. They-- He hosts porn sites. -That's awesome. -Is it legal? -But only other websites too, right, not just porn. -Yeah, I think. I don't think he's like a specialist in just the porn hosting. -Yeah. -I had a friend in San Francisco that used to work at a company called Meta Interfaces. The same deal. -Uh huh. -Like they host websites. -Uh huh. -One of the websites they host is Videobox.com, -Right. -which is one of the huge porn websites. -It's not really as popular as Porn Hub. When I visit him at work one time and he was a network engineer, I believe, and it's crazy. Just walking in to his office, everyone just had porn on their huge monitors and it's all engineers too. It's all like programmers, -Right. -a few customer service guys, QA engineers, but there's one guy that I met who's job was to just right the description for every clip that was uploaded to the video in the site. -Yeah. -He would like watch every one of them tag it and then write the description based on what was in it. You know, you gotta hand it to the people like that. You're really just taking your work home with you all the time I would imagine. -Yes. -I don't know. -I ask him if he-- -It's a tough industry to work and you become desensitize. -Yes. -No. You see that's the thing. -It's no more fun. -I asked him like, oh, are you like desensitize to it. Do you not watch porn anymore? And he's like, "Nope, watch more than ever like I watch. I like work at work and then save the fitness that I wanna watch for it later." So, he's supplementing himself. -It's just kind of cool, you know, like how massive is his forearm, like how massive. -I thought you're gonna ask how massive was his hard job. -Was he-- Is he like Popeye sort of shit like is that how massive we're talking. -I think-- I think he's a switcher, yeah. He probably goes for both. -Oh, he's ambidextrous. -Yeah. -All right, he's a switch-hitter. I like that. -That was it. -I like that. Yeah. For me, I don't know. You're just completely out of hands with these people. -Nobody-- -Where were we? Was it LA or SF where there's a gigantic? Where was that rather where there's like a gigantic porn presents? -It's gonna be SF, right? -Wait. What do you mean just porn in general? -Like the one I was out there. I remember someone I was with and he's like, oh, look, that's where like Kink.com or something like that. -Oh right, yeah. You must have been at the armory in San Francisco. -Yeah. Yeah. Someone's like-- -And then there's also the Power Exchange. I don't know if you walked by that. You've been there. -I know. I know what is that-- -Yeah. Yeah. -Power Exchange's sex club. -Uh huh. -I don't know if these were legal, but apparently they're in California. You can go to one. Yeah, there's a lot of sex shops too in SF. -Uh huh. -Yeah. -A random strip clubs-- -Sure. Yeah. A great city. -Yeah. All right, well, there you go. That to be filled the porn quota for June and we're good. -Speaking of hockey, though, did you see Andrew Ference's video on Vine of him shaving his beard? -That was in the rundown yesterday. -I know just joking out. -You're son of a gun. Can you throw that up there and show people? -This is really cool. -So, when you grow a beard if you have the means when you're in NHL playoffs and Stanley Cup playoffs, is it up here on the screen? -Yeah. -Are you happy? And there's Mr. Ference, the defense man for the Bruins and-- -So, you have to grow beard? -You don't have to, but if you can it's a tradition. -Uh huh. -And grow it real long. You don't shave until you either win or lose. -Uh huh. -And, you know, as depressing as it is for the team that makes it to the final loses, the more depressing because when they all got shave their beards and Mr. Ference made a pretty creative Vine video of him shaving and let's watch it right now. It's pretty. You'll have to put the audio on it. It's not really that audio intensive. Look, there he goes for this-- What kind of eraser is that by the way, an eraser? -It just sneezes off his moustache. How cool is that. -That's red. -So, give it up to Mr. Ference, a fantastic player. And my god, good-looking defense man, is he not? -Nice. -Pretty good. Excellent job. -All right sweet, we got all that hockey taken care of, all that porn taken care of. -Yeah. -I'm feeling great now. -Okay, let's move on to another type of media. Let's talk about music for a little bit. I don't wanna play game with you guys about music because-- -Okay. -I know we're just like doing there, right. We're like talking about musical this time. -Yeah. -We do. We do. -Yes, so there are some songs that exist in the Media Cannon and you really can't listen to without contouring up specific scenes and movies, right. I wouldn't say that these songs have necessarily ruined the movie, but they really make the scene and it becomes an unforgettable thing in your head. You always associate the two together, right? -Sure. -Uh huh. -And there's a music site consequence of sounds that are really good music blog. They've collected a bunch of them that are pretty caused permanent damage for everyone whether it's disturbing-- -They basically-- -disturbing or just enlighten the scene, whatever. These are cosmically connected for the-- for the rest of eternity. -They're saying that-- -And I wanna go through a few them. -They're saying that these songs have ruined the source material or the source material rather had ruined the songs. -Yeah. Ruin-- The word ruin I think here they're using it like it's just associated. -Okay. -Yeah. -All right, well, let's get through some of this. -So, don't look at them-- -I'm not. -'cause I'm gonna ask you some questions. -Okay. All right. -Based on which movie you think the song came from. -All right, I'm not gonna be too good at this, but let's-- -Really? Then, I think-- I think you will be. -Maybe, maybe, maybe. -And the first one you really should because it's two songs that have been ruining about the same movie. One is "We are the Champions" and the other is "We Will Rock You," the Queen song. He should know this. -We are the Champions. -You-- -I should really know this. -You obviously, obviously know this. See now. When I hear those songs, I don't associate them with the film. -You don't? -No. So, they have been ruined. This site is null and void and it's awful. -Yeah. Let's move on to the next story. -No, no, no. Give me a hint. -No. Isn't that Wayne's World? -No, that's Bohemian Rhapsody in the car. -Oh, yeah, yeah. -See, that I immediately associated with Wayne's World. -Yeah. -Uh huh. -What decade is this from"? -The 90s. -We Will Rock You. Why-- Oh, probably a sports movie because those-- -Uh huh. -those are-- -Then look at the chat room 'cause they got it. -I'm not looking at the-- -Shame on you for not getting this before the chat room. -We Will Rock You and We are the Champions-- -Just got done talking about a huge clue. -Oh, Mighty Ducks. -Yes. Yeah, the Mighty Ducks. It's sports. -Yeah. Right. Okay. -So, in the Mighty Ducks at the end, they celebrate by playing both songs back to back. -Yeah. Right. -Incredible. -Can you just-- It's very good. -Yeah, it's awesome. -All right, I'm one for one, let's go. -Yeah. -Do you really quack at the principle? -You've-- We, ducks are what? Yes, we're ducks Emilio. -Just feel it. -Oh, I love that movie. -Who doesn't, right? -Next one is pretty easy. Goodbye Horses by Q. Lazzarus. -What? Give me the song. I can't draw the-- -That's the song. -All right, but let me hear the song. -Goodbye-- I don't have a cue up here. I don't have-- -Show it up, man. You're the mediate guy on this program. -Goodbye horses. -What? -No? Okay. -Can you play it for me? -Hold on. Hold on. Let me get to the-- -Oh, is that song, goodbye-- -Yeah, let me hear, louder. -Goodbye horses. -That was 80s. -This is like a John Hughes movie? -You don't know that-- This is iconic. -No. -Is this Breakfast Club? -No. Much more disturbing. This is one of the disturbing scenes that it's associated with the happy song like that Jack's position in the-- -Right. Is this is like 16 Candles or something? -Oh, I can't even watch this clip 'cause it's so gross. -Is it Heathers or something? -No, no. -What is it? I don't know. -I guess if you know it, you know it immediately. -It's Silence of the Lambs. -Oh. -It's that scene with Buffalo Bill by the infamous stop back, right. -With the skin, yeah. -Right. -And he had the skin and he goes with-- -Right. -It puts the lotion on-- -[unk] -Yeah. -Yeah, so that's that scene when the song is playing. -That's-- Yeah. I don't associate with that either. -Right. -Yeah. -And then the dog is coming. -Oh, it's girls. So girls-- -No one in the chat room got it either. -Nasty. -All right, keep going. This is fun. -Okay. The next one is another one of these creepy songs. It's Singin' in the Rain. -Clockwork. -Yes, well done. -Right away. -Yeah, of course. -And I'm singin'-- Oh, is that a miss that scene. -That singin'-- -Yeah. -It was that ball game-- -Okay, you don't go through the detail you creep. -It also remind me of another one, which was Stuck in the Middle with You by Stealers Wheel. -Yeah, I don't know that song. -But what movie is that from? -I don't know. -God, are you serious? -Yeah, I'm dead-- dead serious. -You're the reference guy here. It's from-- -It is now working for me. I don't know. -It's from Reservoir Dogs. -Oh man. Yeah. Yeah. -Stealers Wheel's song that plays when he cuts off-- -Right. But there's something like-- I don't know. -And he like dances a little bit before. -If you play that full fiction song was the like the surf rhythm in the beginning that bam, bam, bam. -Bam, bam, bam. Yeah. -Yeah, I would know that. Yeah. -Like that there's-- -What's the-- -I think this just sucks. -No, this is a good list. -I would have gotten all this. -Go-- You know-- You know what song-- I'll give you a good example. There She Goes, right, is totally, "So I Married an Axe Murdered." -Oh, okay. Yeah. I guess so. -Right. -That's when [unk], yeah. -I'm just-- But all those films are classics and I've seen them one million times. -Uh huh. -Keep going. I wanna hear-- -Okay. So, this one is actually from a TV Show. -Okay. That was fun. -I think you'll get it though. -Let's hear it. -It's a-- -Can I hear it? -Well, you'll know the song. -Song. -It's Working for the Weekend. -Everybody's working for-- I think Zoolander. -No. -Because that's in Zoolander, isn't it? -The song that ruined Zoolander is not that. It's Wham. -It's-- Right. It's the-- -Wake Me Up. It's Orange Mocha Frappucino. -Wake me up before you go go. -Yeah. -This one's Working for the Weekend. -Everybody's working for the week. -Uh huh. -Yeah. -Is that like Fresh Prince? -No. No. -Dancing-- Is it very-- -That's what he does. The song that ruined Fresh Prince is Tom Jones, It's Not Unusual. -Right. -No, and also Tonto. -Yeah. Right. It's Jump on It. -By Sir Mix-a-Lot. Yeah. -I'm getting like everything. -Yeah. -Now, I'm really disappointing me here. -What the chat room said, now let's see. Let's see. Yeah, this really sucks is what the say. -This is good. Working for the Weekend by Loverboy is from-- -Okay, give me-- give me-- give me a hand, give me a hand. -Okay, it's a skit. -Everybody's working for the weekend. -It's a skit-based show. The only skit-based show on television, which skit-- -Oh, oh. Is that the Chris Farley scene. -Yes. -With the Chippendales. -Yes. -Yeah, okay. -That's really-- That's really-- Come on. I know-- -That's pretty iconic. -The Patrick Swayze. -Yeah. -You're right. -Yeah. If you like-- That's from 80s. -Yeah, those guys are both dead. That's messed up, but listen-- -That has messed up. -Yeah, that's crazy, huh. -Did you ever read about-- -That's super specific. -Did you ever read about how Chris Rock actually came out years after Chris Farley's death and said that that scene was instrumental in killing him? He said that like scenes like that made him feel like he had really bad self-esteem. -Really? -Because it was essentially, there was no comic twist on that idea. It was just. Oh, he's a fat-- -Oh no, the comic twist was just dancing. -And it was definitely-- Right, but also he's fat and look at his gross body is the joke. -But-- -But-- If you have-- -Chris Rock-- Chris Rock-- He's back. -How does Chris Rock-- -Christ Rock knew that 'cause he was friends with Chris Farley. -Uh huh. -He said that he was doing it for a laughing. You know, his jokes like that. That sort of ended up drawing to alcoholism. -I think we knew Chris Farley. Obviously, it's impossible to-- But, I wouldn't you imagine that, you know, part of his appeal was the size of him. -I guess. -Yeah, he exploited that a lot as part of his comedy. -If he was just some skinny guy doing the schtick that he did, it wouldn't be funny. -I know. -But it was like kind of self-deprecating humor that you're supposed to laugh at. -And he was-- he was funny-- -But I'm sure he didn't feel great about it at the end of the day. -And don't get me wrong, he was hilarious without him being fat too. -Right. -I'm just saying it-- it helps when he would like breakthrough frontage and stuff like that. You know what I mean, right? -That was some of his best-- -He had some good stuff. -He likes to jump on the table. So good. -I can't believe how long he has been dead. That's crazy. -RIP Chris Farley. -Yeah, for sure. It looks-- -Okay, here we go. Two songs that you better get, otherwise we're not moving on to the next one. -Okay. -The Power of Love and Johnny B. Goode. -Oh come on, freakin' Back to the Future of course. -It's not-- Again, not ruin though. -No. -Huey Lewis owes his life to Steven Spielberg and Robert Zemeckis, does he not? -Yeah. -He is in the first one. Who is he? Huey Lewis has a short cameo in the first Back to the Future. -Is he in the-- Is he part of the band that plays Johnny B. Goode? -Nope. -Is he one of the guys that checks on for the wallet afterwards? -Nope. -[unk] for the water if he gets caught? -Nope. -Really? I didn't know that he was even in that movie. -He is. He's one of the judges in the talent show in the beginning of the first one with the boy and he's like-- All right, that's enough. -Wow. I didn't know that. -That's enough. -It's awesome. -Also, Little Easter Egg. I was watching this and I watched Hook, right. -Okay. -Hook was a great film. -Awesome. -No songs that have been ruined by the film, but there's another popstar. Popstar like a star who plays a police officer detective after the kids are stolen out of the room. -Wait, wait, wait-- -So after-- after Jack and the girl who-- -The two were just screaming. -Yeah, he's like, hey. And then the marble's guy is all like, -Right. -Yeah. -I got to fly. I got to climb. -Yeah, right. -And then the detective, the Scotland Yard guy who comes in-- -Wow. -said-- he says, all right, let's just figure out what happened here and get back to-- -I have no idea. -It's Phil Collins. -Really? -That's Phil Collins. -Wow! -Yeah. Yeah. -His bald and everything. -No. Phil Collins was never like superboy. He just had like that combed back, like slicked back-- guy. -Wow, that's awesome. -Yeah, that's Phil Collins. -I didn't know that. -Yeah. The Boo Box. -Yeah, exactly. -What a great movie. -Great flick. -I got to watch them. -Great freakin' flick. -He's doing a pee. -He's doing it. -We could have Hook for this year's holiday special. We could do an entire episode. -I don't know about-- I don't know if Hooks are in it. -Yeah, we could do Hook. -Uh huh. -We could do Hook. -I owned that VHS when I was a kid. -Yeah. -Who didn't? -I was just to fastforward to the part where they were eating-- they're like eating that fake foods. -Yeah, like all of a sudden it just became whip cream for some reason. -Plato. Yeah, the plato food. -Yeah. Yeah. -It's so good. Okay, more songs. -Yeah. Yeah. -Oh, this one is good. It's kinda connected to Huey Lewis as well. One of the other movies that has a Huey Lewis song in one of the morbid scenes. -Okay, what's the song? -Yeah, even shows-- The song is Hip to be Square. -It's hip to be square-- -In this movie, he actually shows the casette tape, oh no, I think the CD of Huey Lewis's single. -Oh, is it American Psycho? -It is. -Yeah. -Well done. Give me 5 for that one. -I am killing it right now. -Yeah, I like that. -Bring it on. -Let's see-- -If you notice-- If you're watching live or the main my eyes have not left Justin's line of sight. -No. -Yeah. -Uh huh. -I'm not cheating. I'm not doing anything. -Right. -This is all legit. -Yup. -So, okay, this one is a two part one. Actually, it's one part 'cause this is pretty obvious for the first to answer. -This is by the way is the most one that we've had in the very long time. -Okay. -Just for those who see a lot for our show. -Just for the record. -It's a Crying Game by Boy George. Obviously, it's theme song to the Crying Game movie, but what is the other movie that's actually a comedy where the crying game plays this kind of theme. -Can you play the song for me? -You don't know how the Crying Game is? -I do, but I wanna hear 'cause sometimes I just need to hear it for it to really sink in. -The crying game-- Okay-- -Yeah, I know how-- I know-- Thanks. Thanks. -Well, I try to load it up here. -The crying game-- That's your best voice. -I like George's impression. This is the advertisement which plays-- -[unk] -That was-- -Just laughing out. -Nice. -Oh yeah. I've watched this movie where the song is from the comedy way more than the Crying Game. -Okay. -Ace Ventura. -Well done. -Oh yes. -Well done. -The shower scene. -Yes. -With the plunger-- -That's when he finds out that Finkel and Einhorn are the same person. -Right. -Your gun is digging into my hip. -It's so good. -Roger. -Good actor. -Oh man. -If I ever was like a superbig criminal, I'd use the alias Roger Podacter. -Right. -Roger Podacter. -Or Ray Finkel. -That's so good. -Finkel is Einhorn. -All right, we're gonna do-- How long-- We only have 20 minutes of [unk]. -The best part of Ace Ventura is when he goes to Finkel's home and meets his parents and his parents go, "Are you another one of those hard copy guys?" look, a little football. He's like, "Sit out." -Yeah -What a sports nut, huh. -Yeah. -Oh, man. Okay, I think that's all I got for this game. -We got it. -All right, cool. All right. -Round of applause to the game-- -Yeah. -that was-- that was fun-- -It was a good game. -that was fun-- that was fun. -Good game. -Cool, man. All right, well, what else do we have? -Okay, let's talk about another really cool start up that's happening on Kickstarter right now. -Okay, and then maybe-- -Really cool. -this will be it, because-- -That other stories not so-- -Yeah. Let me get that other one. -Yeah, we've already met our [unk] quarter for the day. -Yeah, for sure. What do we got here? -So, there's this really cool start up. It's kind of a baking off the idea that a lot of people lock themselves out of their apartments when they're out drinking at night. -Right, it's banking on idiots. -Yeah, and there's a lot of them in this world. -Sure. -And you can make money off those people. So that's-- actually a really good idea, it's a kick starter that's funding a company called KeyMe, and this is actually happening in Long Island. So it's happening in Manhattan as well. They're opening up kiosks called KeyMe in four 7-Eleven locations in Manhattan and these kiosks basically store a copy of your keys for free. -That seems really safe. -It's free. You just put your key in there, it scans it-- it has copy of it, right? And then in the event that you lose your keys at night, and then you get into your apartment-- you don't call a locksmith because those guys charge like hundreds of dollars, right-- to break in. You go to this KeyMe kiosk and they'll print you out a copy of your key for cheap, for 20 bucks. -That's not cheap. -Yeah, that's cheap compared to a locksmith, who would break your door and then you'd have to buy a new lock. -Well, no, you could probably get it-- well-- but if you were making a copy of a spare, it's like $4. -Right, but, what locksmith ser open-- I mean, when they're late-- -Right, I understand what you're saying. -like that, they go out [unk] you have no other option. -I know. I get the value-- I get the value. I get it. -For 20 bucks and it's free to store too. I know a lot of people probably worry about security like you mention but-- -Sure. -but they say that there's a high level encryptions and there's also a fingerprint scanner in the kiosk to make sure that it's actually you plus they don't store your address that the key is associated with. -It just store your print? -Yeah. -That's it? -Yeah. So, it could be for anything. I mean, you could be, you could store your work key or your house key, whatever. -Yeah. -I think it's a pretty good idea. -It's a good idea. RTdog goes, won't the 7-eleven be closed by then though? -That's true that's-- I get your point. -No, don't they-- aren't they open 24/7? -Yeah. -I think a lot of them are open 24/7. -Yeah. -That's-- that's why they put them in there. -Right. Right, exactly. -Yeah. -Or you can just do the old thing about making another copy and giving it to a friend. A couple of my friends have copies to my keys. -Right, yeah. You could do that. Whatever happened to hiding the key under the mat? -I have keys hidden around the city. -Lots with the chair and so-- -Do you do that? -Really? -You're full of it. -Not too far away from my house, not like-- -You're full of it. -on top of the Empire State Building. -You have a key-- -Maybe. -that anyone can find? -Perhaps. -It's hidden in a false brick? -It's hidden inside a magnetic box that I have-- -You're full of it. -attached to a metal something. -You're full of it. -I am not full of it. -Go-- just make a video and show me this. -Okay. I can do that. -You're not gonna do it. -Why wouldn't I do it? -Where did you get a magnetic box from? -They have those at every single locksmith you go to, because they know that a lot of people wanna hide their keys around the house. -So it's a box that's magnetic? -A lot of people put them underneath their car, for their car keys, if they break-- if they lose them. -Oh my god. That seems so-- and it doesn't fall off 'cause it's so magnetickie? -No, it's like-- the thing is maybe-- -Superstrong? -about half the size of an iPhone, so it's like [unk]-- -That's a really strong magnet. -it's-- the whole thing is magnetized. -It's a really strong magnet. -Yeah. And so, I don't even-- I don't even take the box off, I just opened it. -And it's just somewhere in the city? -Yeah. -Somewhere in the city. -That's not cool, man. -And it has my address on it. -Really, no. -[unk] does not that. -Yeah. -But that seems-- I feel like the city would be upset if you-- if like-- -Maybe. -You're not supposed to put things in the city. It's like-- -I mean, the city doesn't care about that. If you look around-- all these like poles have, like bike locks around them, no one ever cuts those off. -Right. -You know, the same deal, except no one's ever gonna find this thing 'cause it's so well hidden. It's not like on a sewage crate or something. -Where the hell is it? -It's inaccessible to the public. -Oh, you have to like-- -You have to do something, yeah. -You have to climb through something? -And you use it. -No, you don't have to climb through anything. I-- well, I've used it. I haven't like used it yet, but it's there. I check on it-- -Can you-- -every few months. -All right. Well, are you willing to like change the location if you just spoil it for the video? -Uh huh. I'll tell you where it is after the show, so we're about-- -Cool, great for me, sucks for everyone else. -Well, I don't-- I mean, it's good spot. It took me a long time to find it. -Does anyone else do this, let us know. I wanna hear about this. This is kinda crazy. -It's a fool-proof method because it doesn't have any personal information. -It's just-- it's kind of suspicious though. -If someone just found the key, they'd have no idea what to do with it. -I under-oh, that's not the suspicious part. The suspicious part is like, "I'm attaching magnetic objects to things in New York." -Yeah. It's like Geocaching. -This is a very-- yeah, I guess this is a very, you know, city on edge-- -Yeah. -with, you know, danger. -Well, look around New York City, there's plenty of places to hide stuff. -There is. It is an urban maze. -Yeah. -Urban labyrinth. -Uh huh. -I can't wait to find out where it is. -Yeah. -All right, fine. So don't tell us where yours is but maybe tell us a good location for one to put something like that. -Okay. -In the city, so say it. -Oh, I don't know. -Like just piggy back off your thing. I mean come on, Justin, no one's gonna find your thing. -I guess, if you like go behind-- okay, say you go to like a park, right. There's always like generators that are hidden inside those large steel containers. Just put it on the back side of that container, the other side is probably a bunch of bushes and stuff. Just go there and do that. -But what if someone finds it and-- -Then you're key is lost. -Right. -And that's the-- you're out-- -That's what I'm saying. -$2 for the new copy. -Right, but that's what I'm saying, like, you know, you've put it in a place that you only want yourself to find-- -Yeah. -but then some like mechanical guy is gonna come in and be like, "You see this box attached to this generator--" -Yeah. -trashed now." -They probably would just throw it away. -And then you come back drunk from what-- -Which is why I have three 300 keys hidden around the city [unk] various objects. -I believe it, man, yeah. -I thought you were gonna say like, "I have fake owl in Central Park." -And you know-- -Oh, man. That would be a good one. -It's really good. Fake owl? -Summer in hand. -It's weird but it's not a bad idea, I think you should do it. This is what you have to resort to when you live by yourself. -Sharon just thinks you're freaking weird, man. -Or you can just get a neighbor to hold on to [unk]-- -That's scary man. -How about you trust another human? -I don't trust neighbors. No. -My friends also have keys as well. -Okay. -Yeah. -That's-- it's wacky. -Yeah. -You should probably go get it and then just put like a little piece of paper in their-- -Uh huh. -with your name, address, social security number-- -Yeah. -and $20 and just be like, "If you find this it's mine-- -It's mine. Yeah. -here's where I live, [unk]-- -[unk] back to me. Just go and feed the cat and then live it there, all right? And then we'll, then we'll be friends. Keep the $20." -It's a great idea. Good. -Yeah. It's-- I don't know about that. I don't know about that. But nevertheless, we gotta-- we gotta get out of here. -Okay. -That's gonna do it for us today, guys-- 866404CNET is the phone number to call or you can reach us through email the 404@CNET.com <mailto:404@CNET.com>. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and don't forget about our little old Google Plus page. We've got one of those. We've got a lot of members and these guys want to you to know and we want you to know that it's a very popular place to hang out if you're a 404 listener. So head on over to the Google plus page, official page-- -Uh huh. -is that-- or it is a hangout page. -I don't know. I'm not sure. I never-- I'm never on Google Plus-- -I don't understand Google Plus. -Yeah. -And we've tried and I feel bad for these guys 'cause we always wanna, you know get involved in that, but we're really involved in the [unk] thing and we're involved in the Google-- oh, it's a Google Plus community. -All right, all right. -Community. Community. That's what it is. All right, are you fixated on something? You wanna talk about it or you're just-- -No. -Okay. You got the number, you got the email, make sure you stay in touch. We're finishing up the week tomorrow and next week is a short week, the show's only Monday through Wednesday. We are off Thursday and Friday for Independence Day. If you call this free, I don't. -Oh, you're gonna be gone next week? -I'll be gone all next week, yeah. -Why, man? -In LA, my bachelor party. -Oh, that's right. -Living it up. -Rock and roll, man. -You're definitely gonna lose your keys that day. -Yeah. -Yeah. -You gotta-- -Forget it. -Justin is gonna give you a magnetic box. -Yeah. -Yeah. -to leave it on the side of the plane, so you're gonna get back and you have it. -It's in that place where we put that thing I went today. -Exactly. Oh, this could be the show where it's in that place where I put that thing that time. -Finally, we [unk]-- -Yes. -All right, I thought-- and you're not using gum to attach anything there. -No, no. -You're actually using the [unk] magnet. -Real legits, yeah. -Respect. All right, guys. We'll see you tomorrow. I'm Jeff Bakalar. -I'm Justin Yu. -I'm Ariel Nuñez. -This has been the 404 Show, high-tech lowbrow. Have an awesome Thursday. We'll see you tomorrow.

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